Power Of Veto Ceremony Results. Da’Vonne uses the veto Ian is the replacement nominee.

Head of Household Winner – Dani
Have nots – Da’Vonne, David, Ian
Nominations David, Kevin, Ian and Tyler
Power of Veto Players are – Ian, Kevin, Dani, Tyler, Enzo, Da’Vonne.
POV Host: – Nicole
Power of Veto holder – DaVonne
Power of Veto Ceremony – Da’Vonne used the veto on Kevin. Ian nominated in his place.
Powers – Christmas, Dani, David
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10:34 am Feeds go down for the Veto Ceremony

11:41 am Feeds return Ian nominated. Nicole says she cried during the ceremony.

11:47 am Christmas and Nicole
Nicole – why did she use it.. we begged her not to use it and she used it so where is her loyalty
Nicole says she’s only mad at Da’Vonne right now

11:48 am Dani and Ian
Dani crying (sounds fake) “you’re are the only person he can leave against”
Ian – Dani it’s not a thing and If I do go it’s not a thing.
Dani – Everyone loves you.. you know i’m going to campaign all week for you to stay. Everyone trust me .. people know about Tyler and all the crap he’s been doing..
Ian – it’s okay.. I need four votes that’s all because you will break the tie in my favour..
Dani – you have it..
Ian know to win this game he’ll have to be nominated 2 or 3 times last time he got lucky and faced the chop only once.
Ian – it’s not realistic you are going to come into this game and not face nomination.
Dani – stupid twist..
Dani – I’m really sorry I really hope you don’t hate me.
Ian says he won’t hate her it’s just a game.
Dani brings up what Tyler was doing last week and the feeds cut…

When we’re back

12:06 pm Nicole, Christmas and Dani
Nicole – Dani, another thing that made me mad.. she’s supposed to be in this group and I looked her in the eye and begged her you begged her and I kept saying..
Christmas – she never came to us and asked us (ohh my pearls)
Christmas – I swear I thought she knew how to play this game much better
Dani says they have to figure out a plan.
Christmas – somebody has to win next week and we have to fricken slay..

Cody joins them. Says that Da’Vonne benefited for one week what she did.
Cody about Da’Vonne – she said she saw untouchables everywhere what are you kaysar watching people’s body language.

Nicole says the only reason she was crying was she was mad at Da’Vonne.
Nicole – I talked to her right before and Begged her not to use ot
Christmas – she wanted to bask in her glory of her tiny veto
Christmas says Da’vonne is playing week to week there’s no longevity in her game.

12:17 pm Dani and Tyler
Dani – I feel horrible.. I didn’t mean any of that.
DAni – it’s awkward because I keep saying I’m after you but it’s not teh case.
Tyler – you don’t have to explain yourself I get it
Tyler – I thought you were going to put Enzo up.. Nicole was gunning hard for Ian.. not to go up.
Dani – I just want to make sure we’re cool

Dani – you and Cody are the closest people in the house.. like truly truly truly the closest people so because of all this I was taken aback.. he’s literally like my top 2 people why would he be doing this..
Dani – I’ve been fighting so hard to make sure everyone knows I’m fighting for you to be here. It’s hard I shook your hand and nominated you later that day.. I have your back and I don’t want you to be coming after me after this because I genuinely ad not coming after you
Tyler – I swear on everything I wont’
Tyler says them hiding in plan site is the best play. They talk about keeping up the ruse they are against each other.

Dani says Da, Kevin and David are going to campaign heard to get you out this week. Says that Kevin is “Such a liar”
Dani – it’s going to be 5 to 3
Dani says if it’s a tie she will send Ian home. She told Nicole this she doesn’t want want Nicole throwing a pity vote to him.
Dani says Nicole can just say David flipped in her goodbye message.

Dani says Tyler needs to really egg David on to target Memphis and Christmas.
They go one and on telling each other how good her putting Tyler up was for their optics “Nobody is going to put you and me on the block together”
Dani says if the committee doesn’t win the next HOH it’ll be two committee members on the block. (yeah you’re like 70% of the house)
Dani fills him in on the meeting last night and her plans to have everyone raise their hands.

Tyler says Memphis and Cody are glad she put up Ian over Enzo.
Dani is surprised that everyone thought Enzo was going up.
Dani says Ian has to go in a few weeks anyway so this isn’t a full lose just a partial lose.

12:52 pm Enzo and Da’vonne
Da’vonne – I cannot believe she did that..
Enzo tells her he was going to vote Tyler out “I don’t give a f*** now it’s different dani’s HOH is a mess if ian goes she nominated 4 people.. she’s playing really messy yo.. it’s a mess up there yo.. ”
Da’vonne – who will vote to keep Tyler..
Enzo – if we were going to keep him over Ian..
Enzo says Memphis hates Ian.. Adds that Christmas will definitely if Memphis does.
Enzo says he doesn’t talk game with Ian ever. “If we keep Tyler he’s not coming after us right now.. eh’s not.. ”
Enzo – Tyler will go after Dani.. yo we have a couple days we can think about it that’s it.
Da’vonne- who will Cody vote out
Enzo – I don’t know.. i’m at the point now where i really need to thin about this.. we have a chance to take out two really good players which one is the best.

Enzo – Ian isn’t coming after me..
Da’vonne – he’s not.
Enzo says whatever Dani does Nicole is in it. Adds that they’re in some whack a$$ alliance “Memphis is in there to”
Da’vonne – shots are going to have to get fired this week.. somebody heavy is leaving..

1:41 pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole is sniffling.. saying that Dani is yelling at her “I can’t even breath in this house”
Nicole – in the last 24 hours she was saying why would you say this why would you say that..

Nicole says he’s never played so “micromanaged before”
Cody says that is what Dani does she’s talking to a million people so she needs to micromanage.
Nicole – she says .. you HAVE to vote out Ian you HAVE to
Nicole – they told me I have my own mother f***ing vote..
Nicole now appears to be doing some light crying.. says she told Dani that she will convince people to vote the other way so the vote doesn’t go 4-4 she wants to throw Ian a pity vote.

Nicole – she’s saying YOU HAVE TO.. you HAVE to back me up .. so you look good and I look bad!
Nicole – I just want him to get two votes so he thinks it’s me and you
Nicole – then she runs and tells Tyler we had a meeting.. I feel stupid.. I don’t know what she’s told people
Cody – she plays the tell first game. what she doesn’t realize it doesn’t work with you and me
Feeds cut.. when we’re back
Nicole – I’m frustrated..
Nicole – word on the street is Tyler is telling people that the girls are in an alliance.

1:51 pm Enzo and Tyler
Broing out
Enzo – Dani put you on the block you can’t trust her yo
Tyler – Hell no
Enzo – no matter what deal you can’t trust her
Tyler – I’m going to be really nice to her
Tyler – I deserve it.. yeah
Enzo – whatever you want Dani.. yeah .. your HOH is a mess
Enzo – now she’s getting rid of somebody that isn’t coming after her
they laugh
Tyler points out that Dani put up her best friends best friend.
they laugh
Tyler – she should have put you up
Enzo – that’s what I’m saying what the F**
Enzo says they start this week he doesn’t trust Da’Vonne he doesn’t trust Dani.. “Yo”

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Tears?? REALLY! No hand raising , stomping or temper tantrums. HSSSSSSSS


Could Christmas have blocked it? I see a whole new alliance coming if Tyler manages to stay!


I’m not sure her power could have blocked it. I think her power could have pulled Tyler off and she could have maybe put Kevin back up but I doubt it because Veto is a safety.

Game fan

She can’t pull no one and definitely not choose a nom .
She can block someone as a re-nom
At the veto ceremony.
Why would she block ian?
She can block herself or an ally next week.


Yes she could have blocked Ian. She could not take Tyler off, her powder was for renom. Of Christmas used it on Ian, Christmas would not be safe.


Xmas power can only block a renom – so the only people she could’ve saved were herself, Memphis, Enzo, Cody, or Nicole. David was safe for the week with his blocker power and Day/Kevin were safe by virtue of the POV.

She CANNOT use the power on someone already nominated (ie: initial noms). And, she has to tell the DR before the POV meeting.


So why did David didn’t have to tell DR before noms?

The Beef

Because he had a different power and his power was designed to be better than hers, or more powerful so to speak. With his, he didn’t have to be a prophet in order to use it effectively. With Christmas’ power, she really does have to be a prophet of sorts, and kind of know that either she is going up as the replacement nominee, or the person she wants to protect is going up as the replacement nominee (and I don’t think she will ever use it on someone else, because that would leave her vulnerable to being the replacement herself). Also, I’m pretty sure her power is only good for the veto replacement nominee ceremony, and not the original nominee ceremony, so she can’t block someone from being an original nominee. Feel free to correct me if I’m wrong about that, but I think that’s correct.

another name

because his power was to save a nominee. you have to know the noms in order to save a nom.


His power was different – for “actual nominees”. He got the advantage of blocking the nom after the fact whereas like “The Beef” notes Xmas has to in essence be a soothsayer & figure out when she (or an ally) are in danger & use it prior to the POV ceremony.

I guess they could’ve put the same restrictions on David’s power (use prior to noms)- but they didn’t.


I do too. It could be Tyler, Enzo, Day, Kevin and David. Enzo has been talking to David lately. Tyler has been talking to him from the beginning. David shouldn’t have lied about that power. That will make them not wanna trust him going forward to form an alliance.

Not Lovin' This Season

If Tyler flips to the other side, I think Xmas will go with him. I think Enzo will float to which ever side has power that particular week, but will ultimately chose Tyler over Memphis and/or Cody. Fingers crossed!


I think Christmas power is to stop a person from being a renom

Good Riddence

I see Da’Vonne in the jury house next week.


Lol. I knew Da’vonne would use it.


She would be stupid not to. Day is without an “untouchable” now in the game, Kevin could be that, he’s lacking one as well. And even if they go up next week one of them will still be here in 2 week, and a lot may happen by then.

Day is a Bottom Feeder

It won’t matter because Day will be gone next week.


Did Nicole just ask where Da’Vonne’s loyalty is??
blink…. blink… blink…. blink… blink…


Yessss]! It would have been perfect if Xmas was the replacement!!!


I think Dani was thinking of putting her up, but Day told her she believes Christmas has a power.


that should’ve been even more reason to put her up, force her to flush it.


perfect would have been Christmas block Ian and then put on the block.

Golden Gate Granny

I loveeee this week! Squirm, liars, squirm! Hahaha.


Nicole… I don’t know why she would use it?
The rest of America: Not sure why she would NOT… but OK

Golden Gate Granny

Seriously. With the side irony of she has actually won this game. D’oh!!! Such a BB genius. *eyeroll*


Dayvonne needs to win HOH. Hopefully he is at least told he is being voted out


Well, she’s on a roll…one in a row which is the best record she’s ever had.

Bounce Kevin

Day winning HOH. Now that was funny.

BB Fan also

I like Ian but I hope Tyler stays.


Tyler is a better player too, as long as his head is in the game and not being “home sick”.

All Stars???

If he is the better player, that’s a reason to vote him out.


if he’s the better player then they shouldn’t realize they should vote him out.


These are not Mensa members that we are talking about.

The Beef

Two of my favorites, but if I have to pick between the two of them in THIS game, I choose Tyler to stay. Why? Because he’s the one that will most likely go after and get OUT Dani and Snakeole! Those two are at the top of my list for who I’d like to see walk out the door next.


Sssscole says she cried during the ceremony (fake tears…)
Scole – why did she use it.. we begged her not to use it and she used it so where is her loyalty
Ssssscole says she’s only mad at Da’Vonne right now ssssssss
Scole is not only bad at lying but faking she cares about Ian lol
We all know Sssscole is pretending so hard she cares about Ian cause she is more worried about losing her brands due to her bullying than apologizing ssssssssssss

Dani crying (sounds fake) “you’re are the only person he can leave against” LOL you can tell Dani and scole have no future in the movie or tv industry they are bad at acting lol


Nicole wants to vote to keep Ian so as to get his jury vote. Plus Ian’s a target for her to hide behind.. Yup. She has no doubt she’ll be final two with somebody.

Michele Smith

Please please please vote out Ian!!
Go Tyler!!! Come on! Get your head in the game! He’s absolutely the ONLY person still in that house that I care about. Next would prob be Enzo. The ONLY female ALL STAR in that house was Janelle, in my opinion. She & Keesha were the only females that I could root for & they’re gone so is Kaysar so that leaves Tyler, who I love. But he went through something weird the last couple weeks. I need the season 20 Tyler to start playing this game. Btw: I really love Day on a person level. But she makes so many mistakes when playing this game. I like Ian but not to win. Used to kinda like Cody but the pre-game alliance & making plans just doesn’t seem fair to me. Kevin is doing well in comps this year! But his cockamamie ideas throughout this season is killing him (and me!).

Save the All Star Season

Vote Ian out. Now Snakeole and crew have Tyler to put on the block against David.

Queen Janelle

If they don’t vote Tyler out you will see Dani and Da’Vonne on the block next week. The Bottom Feeder alliance of Dani, Day and Kevin is going to be decimated over the next couple of weeks.


I hope Ian realizes this was the worst case scenario and he is the target. From her logic he’s the only person Tyler would leave against is BS because Ian is a former winner. The best case scenario would’ve been to guarantee Tyler is evicted would’ve been Enzo or Christmas to secure Tyler’s eviction. I hope it’s a 4-4 even split where Dani has to break the tie, to not only show her she is being played but she too is expendable and the bottle of the totem pole in her own alliance.


I don’t think David votes for Tyler to leave, Tyler developed a better relationship with David than Ian, and he’s not that close to Day. He might believe that with Tyler he has a better shot at moving forward. Tyler also didn’t target him during his HOH, and was his “ally” when David was on the block.

C. D.

David had a conversation with Kevin and Day. He knows whats happening in the house now. He knows they are all in an alliance. At least that is what he told Day. He was right on the money. The only way he doesnt vote to keep Ian is if he didnt really believe what he was saying to DAY, which would be unfortunate because for the first time he was 100% correct.


That’s the ONE thing David has always done well. In his brief appearance last season remember he told Kat about the big alliance? He had it ALL figured out (except of course that Kat was part of it).

So it isn’t that surprising he has this season figured out.


Finally someone is playing the game!


Yes, Dani by ruining her game with this HOH.

The Beef

LOL – She’s really screwing herself into the ground! Messed up her alliance and now many of them are getting pissed at her. She IS a good talker, but when your actions are a 180 from your words, they pass like water through a sieve and fall flat onto the pavement.

She’s got a pretty good chance of finding her ass on the block next week.


Yessssss!!!! Finially looking forward to watching an episode. Im becoming a davonne fan.

Rockstar's Daughter Birthday

Funny I voted her a one but only because I couldn’t vote her a zero.


Nicole: “Why did she use it.. we begged her not to use it.” The world according to Nicole is that houseguests have to do whatever she begs them to do. Geez, why did we have to get her for a third season?

Ian/Tyler on the block may be marginally interesting. But losing either one is a loss for the feeds IMO because they are two of the very small number of houseguests that are tolerable to watch.

All Stars???

Begging her not to use it shows their hand. If they were all going after Tyler and he was really being evicted, then it wouldn’t matter if she used it. These “All Stars” are idiots.


Good on Day! Why should she bow down to the egomaniacs to further their game. Either way she will get the boot before the six unless this should cause a good shakeup.


That only happens if it’s 4-4 and Dani boots Tyler. No more Committee and new lines are drawn, but then Dani uses power and plays in the next HOH, and one of Dani, Nicole, Ian, Day, Kevin, David have to win HOH so they can get another number of the new other side out. Nicole wouldn’t want to win HOH if she wants to maintain the facade that she’s not with the other side, so she wouldn’t runs into a Dani situation. However, Dani will not break the tie in Ian’s favour because she’s too close to Cody and doesn’t want to upset him at this time. Dani truly unnecessarily screwed her game this week, because moving forward she showed the most cards of any HOH and ruffled feathers of her strongest alliance, the committee.

C. D.

She should have just put up Enzo and sent Tyler home. She had a reason because he blew up her game. He also have been complaining about going into Jury.. bad sport. Also wanting to go home.. even poorer sport. And he told her he understood if she put him up and sent him home. No hard feelings he said. And he is a BIG TARGET. Her position to most people in the house would have remained the same.They dont really like her anyway. The same people coming for her would have stayed the same with 1 less, Tyler and she would have gained a little more trust with Ian, Day, Kevin…Oh.. she would have lost Christmas but .. so?


The thing is Tyler didn’t lie about what Dani said – all the things Dani is doing this week (micromanaging) are what’s she’s been doing all along. Tyler caught onto it early & b/c he saw he was well down the ladder of Grodner’s pets he tried to shake things up b/c he did want to shift to working with “the others” but instead Day/Bay went and shared the intel.

It was precisely the same thing they did to Janelle, Kaysar & Ian. Every single time someone tried to give them game data in order to work with them they buried that person with the hamster who was really targeting them.

Tyler wasn’t the one in Xmas’ HOH saying Day/Bay need to be on the block – that was Dani & Nicole.

The irony is Enzo & Cody were sitting in the room when Dani went on the rant & stated Day/Bay had to be split so he never lied & they both KNOW that’s the case but they didn’t stick up for Ty b/c of this prearranged alliance & to avoid Dani’s wrath.

Dani plants all these seeds & then she blames others for saying them. Example: she knew Day wanted Tyler out so she lied to her & said he tried to get her to put up Day. (he didn’t) Tyler denied it & said he would go in front of the whole house to prove it. Day backed off b/c she probably also now sees that Dani does that (and also probably heard things Dani pinned on Day saying b/c she over played this week)

Game fan

Ok you guys acting like Danni wanted or planned it to happen

Rockstar's Daughter Birthday

Day’s only hope now is Grodner.


Is Nicole delusional? How can she ask where is Dayvonnes loyalty,lol! What a joke…. None of you are loyal to Day! Especially you Nicole… When is Nicole gonna have to do something in this GAME?


She’s doing a great job up to this point, aside from not being a stronger voice to Dani that going after Tyler now is a good move.

C. D.

Nicole has done nothing but whine and cry and act entitled.

Team Janelle

Well I suppose that’s a step up from her last season where she hid under the covers with Corey for the entire summer

Game fan

She should convince Cody more
Danni would go with it , if he does


So Nicole is gunna gunna vote Ian out and try to pen it on David flipping to the boys. Ugh just get Tyler out already

All Stars???

Ian is smarter than Nicole. Putting that in her goodbye message is not going to fool Ian. He will have a long time to figure it out in the jury house, but will probably not need any time. He will know as soon as he hears her goodbye message.

I know they made fun of his autism, but don’t insult the man’s intelligence.


I’m so confused why Dani keeps harping on Tyler. I understand he went to Day and Bay and told them Dani was gunning for them, which was truthful but what else has he done to her? She keeps saying Tyler needs to go cause all the crap he’s been doing. I don’t really think he’s done a bunch of crap and he owned up to it. Unlike Dani, she bold face lies to everyone. I’ve watched bb from the beginning and Dani could possibly be one of the most annoying players ever.

C. D.

He was coming for her. He told DAY/BAY yes but he was going to put her and Nicole up. He said it several times You forget he was talking to Enzo and Cody about sending her home and they BOTH agreed. It was smart to put him up for her sake but stupid if she doesn’t send him home.

The Beef

What about Enzo also adamantly saying he was gunning for Dani? Cody too didn’t exactly shut down this conversation.

Dani is her own worst enemy. She talks and schemes too much! It’s okay for her to do it, but if anybody else even so much as thinks something like this about her, they have to GO! Sorry, but it doesn’t work that way. She got caught up in her own mess, and has now made it worse by trying to eliminate her own alliance member instead of smoothing things over with him, which she could have done easily enough if she had wanted too. But that’s not how power hungry ego-maniacs work. Her solution was to get him out by blowing up her own alliance, and then forcing them to go along with it by her “slick” words, but things didn’t quite go as planned.

Now she’s up shit creek in a chicken wire canoe.

Game fan

They had two alliances together
One of them with bay and day
And he made them go after each other
She also is a aware the slick 6 had a meeting without her and talked about targeting her .. so he threw her under the bus in front enzo and Cody as well
Saying she had to go next..
That’s not big enough ?!

Game fan

And going around saying to bay and day even on the week they got on the block .. ” i told the truth about her”
Yeah it was the truth , but if he rat her out and keeps talking about that,
she can’t trust him.


tyler and dani are clearly on opposite sides of their own alliance. eventually one has to take the shot at the other, and i don’t think taking the shot “too early” is a bad play because you rarely have all that much power in big brother.

i should note that when you do get power you need to figure out how to cover your ass for the following week. bad players either don’t take the shot to do this, or fail to do damage control. dani is and always has been the fails to do damage control type of bad player.


Because he is the only one that she knows has backstabbed her and wanted her out. She is not aware of the others that talked about it.

Master Plan

LMAOOO watching the feeds right now and Christmas, Dani, and Nicole are really sweating bullets. This is too funny. They all saying they don’t understand why she would use the veto! Because Day is not dumb lmao. Tried to feed her lies all week and expected her to go along and be their puppet. There was never a single doubt in my mind that Day wasn’t using the Veto.

They mad cause the fake ass “Girls Alliance” (that they have ratted out to multiple people like Cody, Tyler, and Ian) isn’t her #1 loyalty after Honda Summer Sales Event put her up last week ?. Did they think she forgot?? After that blowup with Christmas I’m surprised they actually thought Day still believed that was a thing. David, Day, and Kevin HAVE to work together… they are the only ppl not in an alliance or a pregame agreement lmao.

Saying Day made herself a big target this week like they wasn’t finna put her up next week if the Committee won HOH is what’s killing me the most. These ppl are so shallow. If day doesn’t use it, Kevin goes home, and next week Day and David go on the block. Thank you Day for making the game interesting. Truly don’t know who is going home.

Person with the best position in the house is Enzo. Dude will Yo Yo Yo Yo the end. He is on NOBODY radar.


i couldn’t have said it better, everything i was thinking. Day was going to be a target no matter what. The alliances the made with her all fake. So she goes out next week, she definitely made the biggest move of the season thus far!

All Stars???

True. At least somebody finally threw a wrench in their plans. And now they are all freaking out. Good.


Someone call Derrick to find out what they should do now.

C. D.

“Honda Summer Sales Event”  LMAO!!!!


this is why they should’ve voted out day instead of bay, bay is way more susceptible to people lying to her. day’s so paranoid she thinks people are lying to her even when they aren’t (though it looks like it worked out for her this time). and her issue has never been that she’s unable to gather information it’s that she draws poor conclusions with the information she has and rarely uses the information correctly. but even a broken clock is right twice a day.

enzo was always gonna be in a good spot. his playstyle is a pretty good way to guarantee yourself about 5th place at which point the game mostly becomes comp based. which didn’t really work out for him his 1st season and seems unlikely to work out for him again as he’s seemingly making the same mistake of aligning with people better than him at comps.


Good read on both day and Enzo. Enzo is all about “competitions” he doesn’t get that these people are going to outcompete him.


The fact that that Cody, Nicole, Dani, Enzo, Memphis, and Tyler are so upset about dav’onne saving an ally says a lot about them. Ian is not part of their alliance and is a bigger threat to their game than Kevin is but yet it’s such an issue. The same Ian, they were so “uncomfortable” by because he rocks to soothe himself which comforts him but discomforts them.

Dani, why is it sooo hard to put up Ian, but it wasn’t hard to put up David and Kevin, you’re closest to Kevin of all three of them and Ian is the strongest player. So tell me what why is putting up Ian so hard? All of this commotion, to keep Tyler (who plotted against her) and for the end result to be the same (the committee alliance Is safe) Because you’re putting a white mans future at risk over a minority’s future.

This is literally the definition of unconscious bias. If you’re going to reply and say “stop using the race card” please take a look at yourself and your own character. The fact the the first white male (Tyler, who literally told the HOH they purposely sabotaged them) was only put on the block due to a power being used, and the fact the whole house is taking such issue to the point they want to threaten da’vonne for them having to vote out IAN (a strong player whom is not in their alliance) is problematic. How does it have to be that the only reason a Miniority is not on the block, and that a white man IS on the block is for all miniorites are safe for the week (Dave with the power, day with the veto and Kevin being saved with the veto)

How is that a group of people that are apperantly so “smart and good at the game” are so disturbed by Day using the power she rightfully won to assist her game, and they don’t even have to vote out their own alliance member (Ian) the sense of entitlement is very telling. Again, there is a mix of conscious bias (on some people’s part in the house) and unconscious bias. People think racism or ignorance is literally saying out loud I hate xyz people. This is a huge part of racism and why it will always continue in our society, because it’s so indirect and people will always downplay and say it’s not always about race. If you are one of the those people, it’s probably because of your lack of ability to analyze information, lack of knowledge, and/or because you have the same character and are afraid that by admitting this is the truth that you are part of the problem. Or even worse, you truly see how you benefit from being white and therefore don’t want to acknowledge it.


Hear Hear! Well put!




As a white person – I could not have said this better than you just did. Ding ding ding..you nailed it. The white privilege being shown by some in this house and the fact that they are all angry that Day did what is best for her game is actually sickening. These people are not all-stars. they are spoiled brats. I hope that next week, one of Day, David or Kevin wins HOH and really shakes this game up because it is boring and sickening to watch right now.


I’m not going to tell you to stop using the race card and i agree with you 100%. BUT….i honestly do not think that they were thinking race here. If kevin was a fat guy and David was an old man they’d have been on the block. I call them the pretty people, they always align and they think they are better than anyone else. I do not think that ALL of them see race as a factor. (i say all b/c i think Memphis is a racist asshole). But the pretty people aligned and their mission was to eliminate anyone not in the pretty people group. It’s like that every season. I’m a fat, white, 60 year old woman…for sure i’d be one of the first to go. Nicole A wasn’t pretty enough for them, Keesha and Janelle although pretty were too OLD for them and too popular on the outside they can’t have anyone overshadow them. That’s what it’s all about. The funny thing is, Bayleigh was by far the most beautiful person in the house and Da’Vonne is going to be the most popular b/c she did what all the fans wanted her to do! Stick one in their side!

Night Nurse

By you saying this it shows your own inability to view the world through different lense. It has nothing to do with being “pretty”. If that was the case then the black people who were in the house would have been included because let’s face it, Bay and David were the 2 most good looking people in the house. The popular kids all group together because they look like each other. That’s it. That is why people of color, old, overweight people etc are always left out of the big alliances.


you make a good point there but i don’t think the consciously said, nope not including them b/c they’re black. First off to be honest white/black purple i wouldn’t align with Xmas for any amount of money in the world, my prejudice runs deep when it comes to criminals. But i see your point

Same Script, Different Cast

You kinda contradicted yourself. The fact that Bay was the prettiest but is not accepted into the all-white “pretty” alliance is because she is BLACK. Also, Dani and Memphis are old too. This pre-game alliance should be called the “cool” group because they do not align with anyone that is DIFFERENT: Black, gay, special needs, outcasts, and the socially awkward house-guests.


Easy there Rodney King, ‘Can’t we all just get along?’
They shouldn’t be upset that Ian is on the block and he should go for the reasons you mentioned, but they’re upset because Ian was not in their allaince but still a vote for them, just like Enzo is. The minority(game players wise) of Kevin/Day/David were able to make the majority to lose a number in a house of 3 v 8 and the HOH is from the 8. Dani in her DR said, “I made the mistake of going after my number in the past too early, and I don’t want to make that mistake again” , but she did.

P.S. the only player this season to play the race card is Day by the by.

another name

There still would have been racial optic concerns because of season 21. Ian refused to vote out Kevin week one and David week two because he did not want the season to have one of the first two evictees be POC, fearing the public would draw the comparison. Ian has said this at least 4 times.
There still would have been a racial optic concern because of the beginning of week two announcement by Memphis that it was obvious that those people (Da, Bay, Kev, Dav) were an alliance. Further the notion forwarded by Dani that they couldn’t bring Bay into the Committee because they’d have to bring Da in too (apparently if there’s two black women, you can’t just invite one into an alliance?).
There still would have been a racial optic because in their quest to appear that there wasn’t racial motivation of any kind in eviction order, they’ve divided the house into caucasian and non caucasian, and now sit in the awkward position of saying but it’s not about black and white.


“they couldn’t bring Bay into the Committee because they’d have to bring Da in too (apparently if there’s two black women, you can’t just invite one into an alliance?)”

No, it was because they were an obvious duo, and Day seemed closer to Janelle/Kaysar. Bay showed it perfectly that she wasn’t a fan of Kaysar during his campaign to her.Day always looked to see if she could be good with the other side just in case they got power, similar to Dani’s game(sans this week) but much worst.

As for the “black player issue”, production should’ve picked BB players that know how to play and not just tick off they boxes for PC reasons. Bay/Day/David were never significant players nor are they ALL STARS, there are better black players than them that played a more profound game ie Ollie, Marcellas, Danielle R, etc.

another name

it was day 4. Obvious duo doesn’t fly on day 4.


What’s obvious is that the 2 winners were friends that’s a threat duo.
Before Bay and Day made their talks official Nicole tried to talk to Day. Why wouldn’t Day and Nicole be an obvious threat week 1 considering she helped give Nicole a BB win?
Bay n Day were a threat before week 1 was over which was suspect considering the other much stronger more serious threats ie. Winners and runner ups.
Dani said she had a top 2 and no one even blinked.

Michele Smith

Memphis is racist, he’s just not shouting it from the rooftops

another name

This season I get the feeling someone could burn a cross in the back yard and some people would say, that doesn’t prove anything, it gets dark at night, he probably just wanted some light.


First dani said it was so hard for her to put up kevin and David as well. She said it to anyone who would listen. Also I don’t think they’re mad Kevin got saved because he is a minority and now a white man, ian (hell the most racist ones Memphis and Christmas would rather ian go) is on the block. They are upset because they know if Kevin wins hoh he will come for two of them. they think ian could have been controlled by Nicole to not put up two committee members thus keeping their entire alliance in even if he wins hoh. I don’t think they are correct in thinking that ian would be controlled by Nicole but that is the reason they wanted Kevin out over ian. It had nothing to do with one being a minority. There have definitely been racial issues on big brother both past and this year but this is not one of them. Coming from a black man i wish everyone would quit trying to make everything about race in big brother (just a microcosm of the real world) because it causes people to become numb when there are real claims like George Floyd, Breonna Taylor, Jacob Blake, or in the big brother world Jackson Michie. There are many real instances of racism that we need people to focus on instead of treating it like the boy who cried wolf because people call everything racism.


Well said.

All Stars???

I think Dani didn’t want to put Ian up because Production talked to her about what the group had been saying about Ian’s rocking/ autism. Nicole has lost a sponsor over it (whether she knows it yet or not). And neither Dani or Nicole want to vote to evict him after that.

That being said, I am in no way saying there are not racists in the house/ big alliance. There definitely are.

Michele Smith

This game would be so much better without production interference! That is ruining this season big time!

End Racism

BB should have an all Black and Korean cast; let’s see how well that works out.


I have heard that they don’t get many applications from those demographics. I believe initially Bay (and others I’m sure) were approached by BB in a quest to make a more diverse cast.


The best comment of the day!!


Would anybody watch an ALL VICTIM Big Brother? I want to vomit just seeing these dumb comments.

Backseat Driver

Bee……you said everything perfect…..thank you!

Sheila Schepp

It’s “hard” to put up Ian because they were caught making fun of him and are trying to look better. Especially Dani. She was warned not once but twice about the way she was talking about Ian. Same with Nicole. She could care less.

Golden Gate Granny

I check the “other” box and always write in MUTT. Have for many years. All superficial judgement sucks and needs to just f*ckin DIE already. Our skin. Our gender. Our age. Our beliefs that cause no harm to anyone else. Knock this incivility shit off, America. We’re “The Great Melting Pot,” remember?

What REALLY matters? Character. Integrity. Soul. Our bodies, by design, are only meant for one purpose: to move our SOUL around.

That’s how America can REALLY be great. This is what everyone should be taking away from this “Social Experiment” of a game with these repeated “in our faces” lessons of sooo many layers of outrage (that gets forgotten in a blink, until the next time it repeats).

So few are picking up on these lessons in the DEEP and it’s not gonna stop until WE ALL stop it.

Do no harm. Take no shit. (That is literally printed boldly above my signature area on all my checks.)



If anyone was paying attention, it was hard for her to put up Kevin. She didn’t have a relationship with David so she didn’t care. So, no I don’t agree with you. Ian is like a little kid to them. I guess if he was black it would make a difference? This is so stupid. The fact that you many of you clap along to this rhetoric is scary! I love all people if they are good people and it’s as simple as that, as all of you should do the same, I encourage it.

The Beef

Initially, I was just going to throw your post onto the trash heap of “just another post complaining of racism”, but as I continued to read it, I realized you really had some good points. I especially hadn’t thought or even realized that not a single white male has sat on the block yet this season until Tyler did.

I’m still not sure I agree with everything you said, but again, you have valid points and you made them well. At the very least you have given me something to ponder and think about today, so thank you for that.


I don’t disagree with the privilege point. However, part of what I think is going on here is that Ian manage to get in tight with Nicole. So the committee wasn’t targeting him because Nicole didn’t want to. And because Nicole convinced them Ian wasn’t coming for them. So he wasn’t in their alliance but was a vote for them.They were going to cut Ian, but they wanted to do it in their order. Davonne put a wrench in their plan.

I think they are just playing typical “safe” BB. Get rid of everyone not in your alliance first and then people not in your alliance but that aren’t “coming” for you.


Took me to church and back! Love this!


Its funny seeing Nicole saying “Where’s her loyalty” when it comes to Da’Vonne. Um why would she be loyal to Nicole when she herself is part of a six person alliance?

Worst season ever

Not to mention she screwed over Day in the last season they were on together. She’s honestly the worst.


It’ll be hard for her to make up with Day as she can’t stroke Day’s ego like she did with Hayden and Corey.


And the girl voted her to win the game when others thought she didn’t deserve it and Day somehow owed her another favor by not using her veto??

Sheila Schepp

Nicole is the biggest liar in the house. And she does it so effortlessly. She doesn’t miss a beat.


Ok Enzo..now is the time to throw away a vote on Ian! Everyone will blame Nicole and not trust her..Dani will be pissed because she will have to show her cards by breaking a tie..would be great


That would be great for Enzo if he knows Dani will vote out Ian, otherwise Enzo loses a better ally than Ian is to him.

All Stars???

Or maybe both Enzo and Nicole throw one to Ian. Enzo just because that’s what he does. Nicole because she wants Ian’s jury vote. As long as Kevin, Day and David also vote to keep Ian he would stay. And Dani will have no choice in it.


I would LOVE to see that except it would mean Tyler goes to jury, by himself, with no Angela.
It would be nice payback tho because didn’t Dani collude with Enzo on errant votes a couple of evictions past? They were trying to pin it on Day/Bay, but it went nowhere.
I truely dislike Dani, she is vindictive and conniving. Nichole isn’t any better. Would love to see them both gone.
Day/Kevin/David have no long term hope in this game. They are stupid players. Wrong reads, wrong actions, ugh. They screwed themselves and only came together by default, let all the others go who could have helped them. Hard to root for.

Lady E

Does Xmas really think that Da will be loyal to her? LOL. Tyler’s on the block and Dani is now telling him to tell David to get out Memphis & Xmas. Sloppy, sloppy gameplay.


I’m so confused by these conversations……are the voting Ian over Tyler?????


Thanks! Hope it stays that way!

C. D.

You think Nicole is really going to vote him out Simon? I dont put it past her, Im just curious to what you think.


Well, the house apparently wants Ian gone…I wish they would stop inviting the house every season.

All puff and no stuff

That is too funny!! Thanks. A real smirker


Nicole lost a Olay endorsement after she was making Fun of the person she’s over there supposedly crying for it’s on a lot of websites she’s losing endorsements left and right I’m so happy that’s karma right there

Lady E

Olay is definitely a brand that won’t tolerate it. I was shocked to hear that it was them because I’ve worked with the brand in the past. They made a good call.

Lipstick Thespian

Let’s be honest, that stuff wasn’t working.

Lady E

LOL your comment was hilarious. Good ingredients, bad packaging (jar containers)

Michele Smith

Thanks for the hearty laugh!! Good one!


I think the most important think Scooole is losing is the good girl sterotyoe everyone thought she was was. From now on she is seen just as another fake and a bully.

Paul’s Beard

She didn’t have the good girl stereotype to loose.

Golden Gate Granny

That’s the only reason Nicole has a clue there is a problem that involves herself and Ian and includes no more speaking of certain brands that gave her the “Oh shit! What’s going on?” confusion. (I don’t think they told her the why of everything)

She had approval to speak freely of those brands she represented on the feeds and now she doesn’t and CBS had to tell her. Every time she mentions a person/product/company now that has pulled their endorsement… we get stars or CBS has to pay $$$. Just like if they sing in the house.

Corporate America is all over that shit, yo. Especially the “Happy Birthday” song owners.

another name

Here is the thing. The “secret” alliance that makes up 55% of the house is mad that someone that isn’t supposed to know the secret alliance exists, is not bowing to the wishes of the secret alliance because they are the majority.

The concept of telling Da’vonne not to use the veto because everyone is voting Tyler out: if Tyler is being voted out regardless, who cares who he is sitting next to. This is the logic loophole.

Nicf begging her not to use it? Christmas asking her not to use it? Da’vonne is aware of how many untouchables Nicf has, and knows Nicf didn’t go to bat last week. Da’vonne asked Christmas for help a week ago. Christmas should be silent. These things were foolish.

The over all pearl clutching going on for the last day has been bewildering. The Slick 6 told Da the alliance was dead (she was cast adrift) and now wonders why she isn’t listening to them. The big alliance is wondering why she isn’t afraid of the big alliance… that they don’t want her to know about. The number of people saying she’s a bigger target now… in her mind she’s number 9/11 on the totem pole at best. It’s not like she had further to drop.

The complaint of Karens meeting: they are mad Da’vonne never came to them as a group in order to get their input…. Each one went to Da’vonne and Kevin individually within two hours of Da’vonne winning veto. So? She didn’t come to the fake alliance that already one on oned her. Oh. the Jezebel.

The general reaction of the large alliance not being in control of both HOH and Veto is laughable. Calling a 3 am meeting? Given the numbers and the sleeping positions… at least one person would have been able to potentially hear Dani gathering the alliance after she had already come in to wake Cody up ten minutes earlier. Gee. This secret alliance is getting sloppy and starting to be too egotistical in my opinion…. and that alliance didn’t exist realistically until this week. Two meetings in one week? That’s fear.
Memphis talking out of both sides of his mouth about maybe they shouldn’t go out of their way to make someone look like a nationally viewed idiot, vs. meh, she’ll see it as a spectacular game move?
Christmas repeatedly wanting to go season 19 and threaten and intimidate until Cody tells her to put down the keys to the SUV. *my add he didn’t say that.
Dani telling Cody that Kevin threatened Da with his jury vote… but not telling the alliance. That was interesting.


I am so mad at this alliance. They can’t get mad when someone uses their veto to save their person! I am so glad she used it, these people think they own that house.


Can someone tell me what side Enzo is on? I think he’s with Day, Kevin and David? But pretends he’s not? Because he gets mad because they cannot gain the power. He keeps telling them we have to win HOH to gain power.


he’s with Tyler and Cody. He’s covering himself so Day, Kevin and David don’t know he actually is in an alliance

Christine M Ahrens

Hes in with Cody and Tyler! Plus Nicole and Dani. Christmas too..


Enzo is with enzo. After that hes with the guys. He gaslights day/kevin/david cause he wants to play the middle and have everyone take each other out while he sits back and watch it all happen. So far its been working (in the sense that everyone feels comfortable with him), only problem is that none of the “other side” i.e day/kevin/david, has won hoh, which to him is problematic since he would much rather having both sides win from time to time so they take shots and he can play the middle. If you want to know his real loyalty just see who he hard pushed to get on the block: day. But again what he really wants is to be good with everyone as they take each other out, and its why he CANT win an hoh

Lady E

Enzo: “I’m friends with everybody!” He’s definitely playing both sides, but he’s in a great position. People confide in him and trust him. Cody is his ride or die.


I can confidently say that Dani has tried to undo her past mistakes so badly that she now sucks at this game – I said it from the moment she became HOH, she should have put up Enzo next to Tyler.


So wrong for Memphis to talk down on David like that. Regardless of how he chooses to play HIS game it’s not okay to demean his character and talk so harshly about him especially knowing that you are live 24/7. Can’t wait for Memphis to get evicted, his opinions on others are trash.


So it’s ok for Nicole to agree and take part in telling Day what she “HAD” to do with the veto from most of the house yet Nicole is ready to have a breakdown when Dani tells her she has to do something like vote the groups way?? It’s ok to do to Day but not ok if it’s done to her?
That’s rich!

Who is the “they” that told Nicole she had her own vote? Isn’t that a given in BB or is she giving a a peak into production set up votes?

Sounds the fire alarms! Dani mentioned her “top 2” isn’t that grounds for an “untouchable” nomination along with the micromanaging?
Please somehow, someway make it so that Dani has to renominate!

Lady E

Damn Nicole, you’ve won BB before. Why are you surprised when people don’t do what you want?

another name

Because TPTB made sure that everyone did what Nicf wanted in the season that she won. And for four weeks it was an ongoing concern throughout the house that everyone keep Nicf from being upset.

another name

This post veto whining is ridiculous.
Dani after a d/r says they told her ‘don’t 100% count on whoever is evicted leaving, but we’ll check upstairs.’
Oh. umm. why are they giving her that information?
Nicf is dying to call for the manager. Look at her.
Both ‘sides’ are talking about how to trick the other side and keep Tyler. Ooops.
The least resistant before veto to the concept of keeping Tyler in the underdog side was David, who is now the most resistant (he’s still holding on to Enzo Cody and Tyler initially being his alliance, then being ditched by them). But his resistence is Davidism… because he alternately pro and cons until his allies think he’s being deliberately sketch.
If they voted right now it would be practically a landslide to keep Tyler. What could/would change that? One of the more paranoid members of the large alliance finding out that the underdogs want Tyler to stay.

Vancity Wild

Interesting….always love your insight on here, another name! Has Kevin said he wants Tyler to stay too?

another name

Kevin has been hem haw in what I saw. He was pointing out Ian virtues, and Da was saying he’s throwing comps and lying to us… what good is he going to be?


How dare Day use the Veto to further her own game! Those people are something else. Angry because Day is looking out for her own best interest which is exactly what each and every one of them have been doing since day one. Glad Day used the veto. Hope she wins HOH next!


Unpopular Opinion: Tyler and Enzo are a team I can get behind going forward. Ian getting eliminated is not ideal, but its what he gets hanging around with that snake Nicole.

Golden Gate Granny

Yo Simon? During the Dani/Tyler convo:

“Dani says if it’s a tie she will send Tyler home. She told Nicole this she doesn’t want want Nicole throwing a pity vote to him. Dani says Nicole can just say David flipped in her goodbye message.

She said this to Tyler??? (I can’t watch the feeds right now)

Golden Gate Granny

LoL/whew That was a lil head spinner. Kraken 151 this week fo sho. *noggin’ rubs*

another name

As I’ve made clear before, I think Kevin is a chaos gremlin on every person he says more than one sentence to in this game.
However… a minority alliance calling themselves ‘The House’ is hilariously brilliant in an ironic way. Even if that wasn’t his intent.

Golden Gate Granny

That is pretty funny. =)