“If I win HOH I’m putting up Jack and Michie BAM lets do this again I’m so at the bottom of this it’s fricking pathetic “

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Cliff
Have note are: Tommy, Christie, Jackson, Kat
Nominations are: Jack and Jackson Bella
Power of Veto Players are – Cliff, Jack, Jackson, Sis, Sam, Kat
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson used the Veto on himself Cliff nominated Bella

Powers in the game

Christie – Panic
At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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1:10 am Cliff and Bella
Cliff – I wanted to send Jack home and it became obvious that she would use the power
Cliff – I would love to see Jack still go home If you can make it work more power to you .. You are going to come off as a champ if that happens (like you’re a champ Cliff)
Sam joins them.

Cliff – this wasn’t a plan to backdoor her from the start I wanted Jack out .. I don’t vote at this point it’s out of my hands I will talk to them as much as I can and you tell me if there’s anything I can do to help

Sam – work on kat.. if she can flip to last minute it’ll be a tiebreaker
Cliff – if it’s a tie-breaker I will do what I need to do

Cliff – I just couldn’t do it even though I know it hurts our game

Cliff – you need Jess, Kat, and Nicole
Sam – ohh she’s (jess) thinking she’s working with the Jack now

Cliff says Holly and Sis have been working on Holly a lot
Bella is going to talk to Nicole this is there

They agree they’ll get picked off.. (Cliff being the last one picked off)
Bella working on her campaign angle .. she’ll go up next week, they’ll get picked off one at a time, Jack’s a HUGE player

Bella says it’s so bizarre that Kat trusts Michie
Sam – because they did stuff
Bella says the only person I would try is Michie because he needs to get Jack out this would be a perfect time
Sam – I highly doubt it you can try
Cliff says Michie and jack are tight
Sam – you have nothing to lose
Cliff – yeah whatever it takes

Bella – based on the previous evictions I’m looking at what worked .. I don’t want a Kemi situation Nicole did it eloquently but she waited last minute ..

Cliff says one on ones might be a little nerve-racking pull in 2

Sam – so Michie and Holly .. Christie went out of her way to get you up and Sis is a waste of time
Cliff – I Would start with them
Bella – should I wait
Cliff – I would give it a little time. everyone waiting for nick or you to blow up
Bella decides to spend the day thinking about what to say

Sam – I was trusting Christie .. we said hey if you make a big move here do you have our back .. I went to Christie and was like Hey if he makes a big move do you have his back.
Sam – she’s like .. 100% as long as it’s not me I’ll do whatever Cliff wants so what was that?
Cliff – that was not the case
Sam – don’t try and hug me and say sorry bud .. get the f* outta here
Bella – Tommy, and Her

Cliff says if Christie didn’t use the power she would have all the 6 shooters “B1tching at her”
Bella – if Jack does leave this week it’s Jack’s game.. this will decide who wins Big Brother

Cliff – people are playing out of fear of the other side

Cliff – If I was a betting man
Sam – you’re going home
Bella says she’s going to be positive.
Cliff offers up the HOH room for Bella’s campaigning “if you all want some cuddle time”
Cliff – we were so close

Cliff – I’ve heard more stories and spins about how I’m the most loved person in the house. That I’m just going to win America’s favorite player. no one wanted me as a target sending me home last week was nothing more than this elaborate plan to keep me in the game
Cliff – like Cmon guys. Anything you can imagine.
Cliff – I’m still convinced she would have used it
Bella – at this point I wish she did
Cliff – for purely selfish reasons I was able to extract safety and I took it.
Bella – numbers side what the f* you have to win everything
Sam – what if Nick wins next week put up Jack and Michie she uses her power puts me up.

Cliff leaves.

Sam – you know how the vote flipped it was 100% me then I got shafted.
Sam – I was up late talking to Nicole we were in the kitchen and Cliff was there.
Sam – Christie burned me flat out.

Sam goes on about how Christie claimed to have known about the flip to evict Cliff just moments before it happened. He knows this wasn’t the case based on him giving Nicole the lines to say when she campaigned to Christie and Tommy.
Sam – you guys f*ed me .

Sam – that’s why it pisses me off with Cliff standing here saying you know we’re going to have to make a big move eventually or like him saying you know Nicole just wants to do what’s best for the house she wants to go with the majority because she’s worried. Well so did you what do you think you just freaking did. You just went with the majority do you really think they are going to save him

Sam – If I win HOH I’m putting up Jack and Michie BAM lets do this again I’m so at the bottom of this it’s fricking pathetic
Sam – I just don’t want to sit in Jury with these people
Sam doesn’t think Cliff will screw him “he’s so keen on keeping his word”

Sma – we got to get Kat to flip and Jess.. so stupid to put up the power and not use the power. I’m at the bottom of this. my game is screwed.. I’ve been lied to too many times and I believed the lies..
Sam says people have looked him in the eyes and said “Straight up no lying”
Sam – I’m like you obviously were

Sam goes on about how Christie swore she would back up Cliff on his HOH as long as she didn’t go up.
Bella – Christie swore on her sister she wouldn’t put me, you and Nick up
Sam says if anyone on that side wins HOH he’s going up with Nick.
Sam says there’s a hardcore 6 person alliance.
Bella – the Tommy thing is annoying he went from Buddy buddy and now he doesn’t even look at me
Sam – you are running the show and you getting out someone that mentioned a name..
Sam – I’m really really pissed.. and Sam being MAD is no fun
Sam – you guys dun screwed up like bad
Sam – Nick will be voted out before me then Jury me and Jess will be the next ones to go .. this is why people cry in jury they see everything implode and they see their game sucking
Sam plans on planting seeds with Kat about the two of them being on the bottom of the alliance.

2:06 pm Bella and Nick
Going over her campaigning strategy She’s going to talk to Michie and Holly and tell them it’s their one chance to get out Jack.

Bella says Sam is the reason the vote flipped He didn’t mean to and they didn’t tell him.

3:32 pm Backyard boring

Cliff and Jess hanging out at the pool because they are now popular kids.


3:52 pm Cliff, Cliff, and Sam

Cliff is surprised nobody approached him with what Bella said in their conversation

Cliff says he knows it’s a long shot but it would be really “funny” to see jack be confident that he’s staying and not even pack his suitcase. (lol yeah would be hilarious if someone got Jack out)

Nick joins them “we need to put up Holly and Jess they aren’t as good competitors”
Nick says they need Ovi’s dream power to be activated

Cliff – I’m glad I came in and took a shot.
Nick – The last 5 people have been nominated by the HOH have stayed in the house

Cliff goes on about all the excuses why he folded on them all. it’s his word and it’s too early to start breaking it.
Bella talking about maybe getting a chance to come back into the game.
Cliff – that’s what they want Drama and unexpected results” (yeah that’s all we wan I wonder what could have given us that.. wish someone had the opportunity to do that)
Nick – I need to win this next one I don’t have a choice
Nick – but if they want me to stay they’ll give us a comp with throwing
Cliff says they just might.
Bella talks about her only chance is Michie and Holly and the angle that they can take out the biggest target in the game.
Cliff – anything that’s done that build suspicions in that group helps
Cliff doesn’t think Christie would give Kat the power

Nick – they must trust her she’s running back to them and telling them everything I told her

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[ Insert Tyra Banks Infamous Rant ]

Why Cliff!!!!!! Why????

I might just be sticking on the site for the rest of the season to catch up I’m so disappointed, plus I have UVerse so extra incentive to not wanna

I probably most likely 99.1% still will because I have All Access tho = /


Cliff just didn’t have the nuts to stand up to the two big boys. Let’s face it, the Jacks rule this house,period.


He couldn’t standup to crusty Christie and Tommy tunes.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Last night was the first After Dark I could stomach. Christie and Bella’s conversation (“like literally, like like I would never, like I know like like…”) fast forward. Jessica, fast forward, Sis (repeat every thing said back to person talkIng but add f*** between each word). Jack and Holy… She should punch him in the face for being so disrespectful and an over grown baby. But she brings him cookie?????? It’s easier to read here than to actually watch.

J e t s jets jets jets

2 things. First if Jackson doesn’t win POV Christie would not have even considered using her power and Cliff could have done his thing. Second the big target and the one that should be back doored is Jackson not Jack. He’s the one with the control of Kat and holly. Get him and you split the six.


Cliff – I just couldn’t do it even though I know it hurts our game

Don’t know if he is a chicken or just dumb




unrelated to this post, but wanted to ask if anyone else dislikes the new music at the end of the nom and veto ceremonies? It is so weak and doesn’t do the situation justice. Why do they always need to tweak stuff like that…..not for the better!

Nick's Dirty Scrunchie

That’s like something they did on SNL after the previous season totally sucked/bombed because of a horrible cast (I mean James Belushi? Really?)

Well instead of re-casting the entire show, they fired the SNL band!


Get rid of Julie Chen moonves. Sick of the sucking up to her the cast does.


Yes, I hate it.


Damn it Cliff ! He should have A) eluded to Christie she might not be safe so that she would have used her power ! Bella would have still gone up, but at least he took her power away . Or B) made Christie feel safe, she doesn’t use her power, and put her on the block ! Now all he’s done is made a deal with the devil, which isn’t worth two shits !
Sam is fricken lost his mind, campaigning to get Jack out is a complete waste of time, and it’s only gonna make him the number one target !!
I do love the fact that Sam will put up the two jack holes if he wins HOH, Simon and Dawg, you will hear me Hollar for joy at your houses in Canada all the way from Texas if Sam pulls off a win in the next HOH !!


Oh but wait… Christie still has the f-ing power to screw it up !! Like I said Damn it Cliff !!!

Joe Kerr

Well, remember…she is the greatest bb player of all time with this move!



Well she definitely played Cliff’s a**. I just can’t believe Cliff is this stupid, I’d be ok if Christie played her power, but to go out like this, freaking dumb. I hope Cliff’s on the block next week, he deserves it, why take a punch if you’re not going to follow through?!?!


I think production got involved. Cliff would have to be completely stupid to think anyone in the 6 would bring him in after voting as a block to evict him and him putting two of them on the block! Plus they’ve lied to him multiple times.

King Silva

Cliff started the week with such big balls and ended the week being neutered.

It really is sad.

Hopefully next week he is put down.


So he needs to win the veto also


That would be amazing !


Cliff went from chump to champ back to chump in a matter of days.


What Cliff could of done was 1. Say use your power or I put up you or Tommy. 2. Say, or don’t use it, give me safety for a week and I put up Holly or Sis. You then get at leadership one of the six put, And perhaps safety.

Just sayin'

I cannot for the life of me figure out why cliff would not let Christie use her power so she doesn’t have it next week??! This week went downhill fast

Arthur Spooner

Once you realize that Cliff is an educated moron it will all become clear.

Feeds Gold

if he wins sams putting up jack, jackson

nick correctly will put up jack, christie

they will need also to win veto to avoid a christie power renom rickroll

Feeds Gold

now nick changes to christie/holly with a jack backdoor

King Silva

I would do Tommy/Holly and pray Jackson/Jack don’t get picked and or suck at the challenge whereas Sam/Nick/Nicole hopefully play and do well but most importantly win so Christy can’t mess the week up again..

Take off Holly (poor thing didn’t deserve the bitchy attitude from Mr. Slop but at least she wasn’t beat up like the last one *praise all the cameras!*) and backdoor Jackson, Jack, or Christy of course.

Annoyed fan

I honestly don’t feel sorry for Holly with regards to how jackson spoke to her. She has seen how he speaks to other women and she still decides to be with him. How many more red flags does a person need?


I would have put holly and sis on the block
To try to have the jacks to not be playing in the veto
Then the chances are bigger for Sam /nick to win the veto and not just avoide the power , but to backdoor jack

Feeds Gold

i doubt nick would nom sis

i could see holly with christie/nicole for a jack backdoor

Feeds Gold

nick: i wouldnt put up sis or jackson…i would put up literally anyone else(other than them or sam)

hes considering anything from jack/christie to holly/christie to jess/holly for a jack backdoor


That’d be sweet if they won veto and sent Christie packing with her power in hand, omg it’d make up for the letdown of this week


I’d put up Jack and Christie and if someone won veto and took one of them down then I’d put up Jackson, any way you look at it one of the three would go home! What a pathetic HOH, and it started out so strongly….le sigh!

Dalia Hobelman

When Cliff shrugs and said we had our chance you dumb ass you messed your self up YOU had a chance to make a big mood come on Sam Nick only hope left


I know and then Cliff has the nerve to say this “people are playing out of fear of the other side”, you dumba**, you Cliff are the one playing out of fear. Cliff had a chance to literally permanently damage the 6 by taking one of them out, he could’ve put Christie up, the one who rallied everyone to vote him out. You can’t make this stupidity up! I can’t blame Sam for losing his mind, he’s the only one with a brain at this point.

Cliff Notes

This is a smart move for Cliff, he knows how to play this game. He just needs to slip into the background now and not win any more comps for awhile, and let these people go after each other.

Feeds Gold

yup and the move to help christie(the most influential player in the house) keep her power will carry alot of weight


Obviously he is a coward not to make Crudty use her power……now she can potentially call the next two evictions.

Jon Bon Ovi

Christie should not have been allowed to tell everyone about her power. Ruins everything. Unless your Cliff…then it doesn’t factor into your decisions. Waste of week. Cliff strategy makes no sense. I can’t believe no one pulled him aside and explained how stupid this was. He handed the game to final 6 and for what? So he can talk to the cameras by himself every morning and brag he lasted longer than Bella???


Telling people about her power would normally move a target to her. For some reason Cliff (probably because of production) figures she’s too powerful to touch.

Feeds Gold

nick: “i could blow up christies game…how she said im not going to the end with showmances…but im not doing that”

please do that nick


Yeah I’m team chaos at this point, blow everyone’s game up


The outsiders are totally screwed…now Christie can use her power during a Nick/Sam/Nicole HOH and the 6S have the majority of the votes. Cliff and Kat completely ruined this week.

Dalia Hobelman

Kat is starting to annoy me


Unless they win the veto, but who am I kidding, the outsiders would f that up too

Dalia Hobelman

Well looks like we got another foutee situation like dejau from last summer

Feeds Gold

looking forward to the eventual nick/sis one on one


Cliff is officially dumb..

Feeds Gold

cliff is one of the most level headed savvy prudent players this season

he won back the trust of the jacks (and their alliance members) after targeting them

and hes still good with the outsiders

he used his hoh to his advantage


I disagree, because he doesn’t have the trust of the Jack’s, they won’t honor their deal and the outsiders won’t have his back as he hasn’t had theirs! He’s screwed!

Feeds Gold

no worries, everyone has their opinion

six shooters are cool with cliff for a while

and christie is hugely appreciative he allowed her to not waste her power…being on the good side of the person who is most controlling/influential is critical

to me hes in a much better position now…had he tried to dupe christie or put up holly, he would have been targeted next week or next…but now i see him lasting alot longer, plus he is injured, lessening his threat

hes also proven hes a man of his word, which helps him long term


I guess that could be true if the 6 kept their word for once, but honestly I feel he would’ve been better off getting one of the sh*tty6 out. First, he gets a 6 out taking them down to 5, I had hoped Christie wouldn’t have used her power, then Cliff puts her up and they vote her out nullifying the power. Second, the outsiders would have a solid majority and Cliff would be their leader- like their Jack but a million times less douchey. Third, what if one of the outsiders win the next HoH, then Cliff is smooth sailing this week and they take out a Jack or Jackson. The outsiders would have a real nice advantage and then Cliff is back playing for HoH again. I feel that scenario beats being 7th in line (who are we kidding, he’s lucky if he makes it a week). I just don’t see this as a win for Cliff, he played the much weaker hand in my honest opinion. I guess we’ll see how everything plays out, but I’m betting Cliff will regret this move by the end of the week.


The fact that Christie in fact didn’t use her power makes my vision for this week totally plausible, which is why I’m so disappointed that Cliff didn’t follow through with sending a 6 out

Feeds Gold

he is ok with many more people now than he would be had he fully gone all in against six shooters

not a single person puts him up next week, or likely the one after

i give him credit for making a big move then having the smarts to go a different, more prudent route for his personal game as opposed to looking at it as side vs side…and if you cant beat em join em mentality

hes in a safer spot…and with some of the big personalities/jealousy/ego anything can happen, and cliff will be seen as a trustworthy guy as a number when people really need that

to me he used his hoh to benefit himself not greatly, but fairly/decently well


I just don’t see it, like what you are saying seems so far fetched to me. If I was one of the 6, I’d cut him quick, he’s won 3 comps now, not only were they comps, they were real under pressure do or die comps (banishment comp, camp comeback comp, HoH to not get sent right back out the door)- to me that makes him a threat. Plus he put two of them on the block, I’d use that excuse as to why I’d put him on the block deal or no deal. If Jack or Jackson wins HoH I guarantee he’s on the block with either Nick or Sam, or maybe a backdoor option. It’s great that he’s a straight shooter and doesn’t lie and proved that he could be trusted, zip-a-dee-doo-dah this is Big Brother, you’ve got to be a little cut throat. He had them in a corner with his guns up and he just let them go and as an added gesture gave them his guns too.

Feeds Gold

i understand your points but everyone plays differently…i respect his move


Cliff sure fu@ked Sam……yeah so smart…..Sam was his #1


He hasn’t won back their trust. He begged and pleaded and did what they told him to do. He’s nothing more than the third person Jackson screwed in the house.

Feeds Gold

hes gone from out the door to 7th/8th position on main groups totem pole and in good with the outsiders

things will happen…i think he can go alot further than people expect

hes now known as a very truthful respected person, not a scheming liar

his injury lessens his comp threat status


He’s the tool the six can manipulate. He took a shot which is more than Nick did. There’s no way he last more than a couple weeks now. He’ll be targeted before Jess, Nicole, Kat, and maybe even Sam or Nick. There is so little for him to work with to actually affect the game he might as well hang out with Jess and wait for them to tell him to pack his stuff and walk out.

Feeds Gold

hes gone from likely pre juror to a lock for jury and with some luck going alot further than expected

being in christies good books is critical


LOL good one @Hmmm…


A freaking moron


Cliff is officially dumb. Why just whyyyyy?!??

Feeds Gold

he wants to get as far as possible and cant play the next hoh

currently nobody is putting him up next few weeks

logical play especially for an old guy outsider


Okay, I’ve got to say it….

Jack is STILL on the block and this week is NOT over. I’m quite sure Cliff is hoping that something happens to flip the majority to Jack and he has already said he will break the tie and vote Jack out, if it comes to that. This granny is hoping that happens. Bella can go next week or the next…..just not to jury. I believe Cliff when he says that. He just wants the numbers on his side. As HOH, he can’t vote, and he has a valid argument for voting Jack out if it comes to a tie-break, which I think he would only do if he could keep himself in good standing with Christie and Tommy. Even if Bella did stay…she makes for a good target and that can be valuable for Christie (she can still use her power to backdoor Bella next week). All Cliff needs is for Tommy and Christie to flip….it’s not impossible (Jack pisses off Christie just once and she will flip). Cliff is lying in wait and hoping Christie’s emotional game benefits him. Besides, she has that power for two more weeks. He knew that her using her power would make her feel weak (having nothing left for herself) , so giving her an option to keep it builds confidence in Cliff’s word; and it leaves Christie feeling strong in the game. Cliff has been the major reminder to Christie that she needs to use that power to benefit HER (which he could spin to benefit him, too). He supports Christie’s need to be the master of her own fate…so he is indeed feeding her ego. When you want to be valuable to people, you have to show your worth. Cliff knows that this is not Jack’s game…it has been Christie’s game since her HOH. Cliff also knows that Nickella could blow up Christie’s game leaving Christie (and Tommy) completely jumping ship with Six Shooters. There is so much more game to play.

One thing that Cliff has been really good at is getting Christie to make some decisions that are HER decisions, not his. Christie is a force to be reckoned with, and Cliff does not want to be on the outs with her.

Essentially, for Cliff’s game, it is best for Bella to stay. Cliff knows that. He just has to spin things in a way that keeps him as clean as possible. I understand that’s Cliff’s ultimate goal, and I respect that he sees the whole picture.

Cliff is getting a lot of negative comments from feedsters and such, but there was no “sure thing” for him if he put Tommy (or Sis or anyone, really) up against Jack. I feel strongly that Cliff is playing his best cards in this scenario, and I hope it works out well for him. This guy needs more credit for what he is doing with his HOH. It’s my opinion he is playing the best game in the house right now.

Just saying….if the vote flips and Jack leaves, Cliff can tell Christie that is exactly why he wanted her to keep her power…..so she can use it later.

Over and out.

Feeds Gold

its a lock…bellas a goner

Hearts Reality TV

I couldn’t agree more! Well said.


I pray you’re right Granny, if he pulls that off I’ll take back my rants about him. Right now I’m just so bummed with how things have played out this week so far


I totally agree! Crossing my fingers that things play out in Cliff’s favor.

Stanley meet Gloria

That all sounds great and I hope it turns out to be true. However, Cliff is all about ‘Cliff Notes’ and telling the cameras all of his thoughts and plans. I know he’s been burned already (Christie) but I think it would be hard for Cliff to not share such an elaborate scheme. Hope I’m wrong!


Granny, I am a granny fan, and I am a Cliff fan… I just don’t think it is going to work out how cliffy boy wants it to.

The real problem he faced though, was bella herself. Even people who *KNOW* its in their best interests to keep Bella want to vote her out. She didn’t just burn bridges two weeks ago… she got out the nuclear warheads and simply obliterated them… ESPECIALLY with the girls…

Now, for NIcole, Jess and Kat to contemplate keeping her, even though they know they are screwed if they don’t…that is how much damage bella did.

Cliff even mentioned that what he did was selfish, but it was still for the betterment of his game. One thing I like about Cliff, he does keep calm, he doesn’t get crazy when the house gets wound up. So maybe he is looking for the exact moment to plant seeds about getting out Jack…. trying to reason when emotion wont do it (like everyone’s reaction to bella, all emotions).

But, I don’t have a path there right now… maybe it shakes out in the next couple of days…


I am so disappointed in Cliff. What an absolute chicken-$hit. Please, do not let him be America’s favourite … he just made one of the lamest BB moves EVER!


I thought Fes putting up Scottie last year was the lamest, but Cliff beats it .


By a mile


Hold on now, lets not go overboard…. this isn’t move of the year or anything, but it is nothing like Fes putting up Scottie… not even in the same ball park…

Fes putting up and evicting Scottie is BB dumb move of the show (all time)… right there with Lewan self evicting himself and Marcellus not using the veto…. that is top 3 …. this move might not even be the worst move of the year….

Cliff could/should have tried harder to form an actual alliance… but since he didn’t, it is just a collection of 6-7 random folks who recognize they are on the outside looking in… and two of them has cancerous play styles making it difficult to want to work with them (nick/bella)…

Feeds Gold

i hope bella blows up christies game in her campaign

bella has repeatedly told nick not to trust christie since week one

Mama Wang

Pot calling the kettle black right there. Bella is toxic and should not be anywhere near jury!…she could have sat in the middle forever but is such a bitchy little tattle tale . Pls stop saying oh, she’s just. “ immature “ she’s an entitled mean girl who thinks it’s hilarious that the DR asked if she was on birth control.. “ that’s so funny since we just f**ked” Jackasses or Bella the bitch can go ……all are self-absorbed and assholes in general

Feeds Gold

i want a bella/christie blow up

and the couples to doubt christie for some chaos

it would be alot more interesting if christie wasnt so comfortable sitting pretty schmoozing and playing all sides


Bella is no more toxic then Christy, Sis, or Holly. Why do they deserve to go to jury but Bella doesn’t? What Sis and Holly did to Nicole was disgusting. They in general are disgusting. But for some reason they get a free pass. At least Bella has enough sense to not let herself be treated like a hired escort on national TV.

Ovi's tongue

Judging by the events of the day one might say that Christie had Cliff pegged.


I hate it that Cliff caved just for a promise of two safe weeks. Had I been him, knowing Christie has that power, I would have put HER on the block against Jack. Give the house a real conundrum…vote out Jack, self-proclaimed king of the manor…or Christie, best loved, mouth of the house who will be rewarded for playing with integrity (yeah, right). What would have happened then?

Feeds Gold

christies micro managing almost every single thing that happens and talking at people rather than with them is brutal


Has there ever been a more unlikable cast?


For me…that was hands down the worst season. The vitriol that was spewed was insane. The way Paul pushed his crew to bully, yes, bully people, was ridiculous. There are quite a few not to like this season…but 19 was awful.


So very disappointed in what started off as the biggest move of the season to the worst!


Yeah, big brother lets me down every year. I almost always root for the underdogs and it seems whenever they have a moment to shake things up, they blow it. Every season, every time

Allies Mom

Is there anyone in the house this year that wouldn’t have been in FOUTE last year?

Curt Da Vet

You are all crazy… it will be Nick and Sam sitting on the block. The non movers… Jess, Nicole and Kay are not hungry enough for a win and are coasting. Cliff will be safe and ride out the storm. The six shooters will take each other out. Bella was a drama queen with zero integrity. The girls hate her. Too early for huge moves but the first blood was drawn. Nick and Sam picked wrong time, wrong team and want an honest man who’s word means something to lie… that is their failure mode. Plenty of game left


What woman wears a liner inside her bathing suit? You can see it poking out the side. Maybe just wishful thinking on her part since she told nick or sam yesterday she was worried because she hasnt had her period since being in there (and since Jackson sex)


Jack…she banged Jack. Jackson Banged Kat, Holly and Cliff…

Franks fumes

He banged Cliff raw dog….

A thought

Since our dreams have been crushed with getting one of the Si+shooters out. Would it be to much to hope Sam talks sense gets Jess, Nicole, Nick, himself and now that Holly is single to vote Jack out. Tell Holly this will be the F u to Jackson just to have it look like he’s leaving and we are back to a tie and for the love of Cliff evicts Jack???

J e t s jets jets jets

I’m over 300 pounds and don’t go out without a shirt and show my big fat gut. Seeing Jess in a bikini with her fat stomach sticking out makes me want to barf. Can’t stand to even look at her.

Go ahead and kill me. It’s not a sexist thing I feel the same about guys. If Cliff was walking around with his gut hanging out I’d feel the same way.

J e t s jets jets jets

Is there a problem with this post? People say a lot worse about houseguests than this. Being overweight is not something to be celebrated. I go to classes sponsored by the VA to help me lose weight. Weight loss should be celebrated not being overweight and obese.

J e t s jets jets jets

Is it because you’re in Canada that you can post all this including the pictures or do you have an agreement with them or does it even make a difference?


fair use law is somewhat ambiguous plus cbs suing would probably be a net negative more than a positive. sites like this raise the visibility of the feeds.

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six shooters dodged another bullet

surely julie uses that line on thursday

another name

If. If Cliff had been smart. Just saying if everyone wanted this week to be a jackhole bon voyage party or at least an alliance breaker:
Cliff SHOULD have nominated either Jackson and Sis, or nominated Holly and Jack.
If the goal is to break a couple, put one supposedly strong one supposedly weak up next to each other.
Mixing the genders of the noms cracks the couples more. will women fight for women, will men fight for men… if Jackson still won veto he’d have to choose between Holly or Jack in scenario two (which to pull off the block) IF (big if) he even got to play. THAT choice would have fractured the alliance. Let’s be clear, Christie wouldn’t have used her power regardless. Would Christie have been more or less likely to try to broker a deal given the scenarios? So. In a world with only one Jackass on the block, the other could be the replacement.
Cliff went for the big play. He wanted to make good tv (enter Sabrina bbcan2 screaming at the screen about making good tv). The big move was not the smart move. Sorry. It was flashy with no substance.
Everyone cheering for both Jackasses on the block: wouldn’t it have been smarter to couple break in such a way that it would decimate the alliance? Make one of the guys they are thinking run the show have to decide whether or not to cut the baby in half.
Sorry. I’ve just been thinking there was a smarter way to cause an alliance to eat itself.


It’s crazy how quickly I have gone from super interested and pumped for this week to having no interest at all!

Yes Bella needs to go, but she will always be a target and so will Jack, this was the shot to get Christy and her power out.
Every outsider is now playing to be the third person-swing vote for then the couples begin uncoupling.

At this rate, Christy will put herself up with Dr Will, Dan, and Derrick as best players in BBUSA….it would have been great to see her blindsided and sent home with a power in her pocket…

As these seasons continue where fans are not happy with casting and characters, it would be great to see BB do a comeback season where fans vote in 20 houseguests with 4 leaving (not banished) in the first few days to start the game with a kick.

Who would anyone else wish to see back in the house? I would put a vote for David to return from this season.


I wish Cliff would have given Christie a chance to use her power (it would be stupid to use it on anyone else but herself)

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i love the fickleness of bb fans haha…

cliff blindsided, battles back, wins hoh, noms jacks: cliffs the best!

3 days later, cliff backdoors bella, helps christie keep her power, sides with six shooters: cliffs the worst!


Well it’s because the six shooters are the worst, amirite, and if anyone is feckless that would be Cliff. He had the chance to be epic, I mean take down one of the 6 that just voted him out, that’s like legend type stuff. He started out that way and absolutely could’ve pulled it off, Christie didn’t use her power, he had total control to put another member of the 6 up and out, freaking LEGENDARY, instead he biffs it and puts up Bella who could’ve been a shield for him later on. This week is just meh


Feeds Gold I just realized you said fickleness and not feckless, lmao. I was like why would be feckless, hahaha, my bad

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haha no worries

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Relax, it is just the disappointment after the inevitable betrayal. Somebody looks like they have some integrity and are capable of big moves against the entrenched power and then it turns out they are just cowardly sellouts with all the backbone of a sponge. Not fickleness, just the natural reaction to treachery.

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snackson/holly on the rocks

will be interesting to see his scorned ladies kat/holly team up to plot against him


That would be awesome, now that is something I could get behind

Mama Wang

2 of the “ ladies” are late with their periods…….can’t believe these idiots, hardly knowing each other, then bang without condoms. The jackasses are puffing their chests and probably don’t care, but the women ( Bella excluded) probably will have regrets; Im curious about the crotch rashes; hope it’s not a herpes outbreak.

another name

one of them started her special friend this morning.

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Didn’t Kaycee go through all last season without her special friend?

another name

no need to worry, Christie’s has been ongoing for 4 weeks. 0_o


Well get ready for next week where Nick and Nicole will be nominated with the backdoor plan on Sam. It’s the move we’ve been waiting for all season long! Stay in there Dawg and Simon.
Now, remember our ol’ pal Jerry from season 10? I honestly think Cliff is trying to emulate that guy’s game. Make moves with the house, win critical competitions, and hope to squeak by cause his threat perception is still below radar. He left his testes in Texas. As Spencer would say, “Cliff. 0% chance at winning this game.”


Cliff – “people are playing out of fear of the other side”

Proceeds to try and convince Bella, Sam & himself why he didn’t make Christy (Real Vanessa 2.0) spend her power.

Sam – *makes a logical case for exactly how that will blow up in their faces in one of the following two weeks*

Cliff – *Leaves*

If this season has taught me anything it’s how quickly people’s decisions can make me go from liking them to despising their game play and wanting them out..and wow, it’s quick! Ha


I stopped watching. I’ll catch up on online big brother. Maybe when the 6 start getting voted out