“I’m freaking out.. Nick said a million comments this morning about a red flame, I’m going up”

Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household Winner – Nick
Nominations – Jessica Nicole and Cliff
Vote Intentions – Nick wants Nicole, 6shooters want Cliff
Power of Veto Players are Nick, Jackson, Jessica (picked Christie), Cliff, Kat
Power of Veto winner – Kat

Power of Veto Ceremony results – Kat uses Veto on Jess. Nicole is the replacement.

Powers in the game

Ovi – Nightmare (Dead unless he comes back?)
During the night, Ovi could secretly wake up the house and call a new Nomination Ceremony, with the Head of Household naming two new nominees. The original nominees would have immunity for the week. The power is able to be used for the first six Nominations.

Jack – Chaos
After chips have been drawn for a Veto player draw, Jack could force a re-draw for the players. This power could only be used once and is able to be used until there are six players left in the game.

Christie – Panic 

At any of the next four Power of Veto Ceremonies, Christie can turn the Golden Power of Veto into the Diamond Power of Veto and allow the current veto holder pull someone off the nomination block, but instead of the Head of Household naming the replacement nominee, the veto holder names the replacement.

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11:09 am Morning workouts for some.

Kat is tanning the veto medal onto her stomach. She crushes an orange then uses her hair to floss.



11:18 am Tommy and Christie
Christie – Nick’s been asking me weird questions
Tommy – like what
Christie – Like, I dunno.. like maybe I’m being paranoid. Like I think he asked me how I slept like 5 times
Christie – I asked him how you feel and he said EXCITED. He keeps rehearsing the same speech I don’t know if it’s genuine or not
Christie – have you heard anything
Tommy – nothing
Christie says Cliff and Nick have been talking a lot “I feel weird”
Tommy says it’s out of their hands at this point and if they try too hard
Christie – I know I’m not going to say anything
They both feel paranoid with Jess and Kat.

Tommy says he knows Nick is lying. Christie says it doesn’t matter if he goes up they have the votes. She doesn’t think she does.

Tommy – I knew you had a crush on Kat
Christie laughs asks how he would have known that
Tommy Cause I know you
Christie – you’ve only seen me have a crush on one person .. She’s just adorable I like Funny I like people that make me laugh and I’m just discovering it..
Christie – I’m literally dying right now she’
tanning the veto into her stomach and it’s working
Tommy – I’m obsessed with her too

Tommy says Kat asked him at 5 in the morning “Do you think Christie has a crush on me”
Tommy – I said maybe I think there’s an attraction or a crush”
Tommy – She said I kinda have a crush on her too. we were talking in the boatroom

Christie says Kat is insinuating that she wants to work with her
Christie – I just want this veto meeting to be over.. Cliff is creeping me out he’s just lurking from room to room I’m just over it
Christie goes on about how stupid it would for Nick and Bella to pull a backdoor with the battle back this week.

Christie mentions that Bella told Sis she doesn’t like when Nick flirts with all the girls.

Holly joins them. Christie starts going on about having a weird feeling “again”
Christie – first off Bella’s being a b1tch this morning
Holly – if they put one of us up we’re still fine
Holly says they have 5 votes from the 6shooters and she feels good about Kat.

Tommy says if it’s Cliff they vote out they immediately pull Nick and Bella into a room and say here’s the thing we know it’s better for you guys game but for ours …
Tommy – we said Ovi has the power and we blame … if Ovi came back Cliff said he’s going after all of us and you to
Christie – I’ll say I heard them talking about it .. (she shrugs) we can just say we heard them talking about it
Holly – do you think they already know he has the power

Christie – doesn’t matter we pretend like we just found out
Tommy reiterates his big plan. Tell Nick and Bella Ovi has the power and they heard Ciff and Ovi plan if Ovi comes back he will use it on the showmances
Tommy- we’re sorry but you would have done the same thing in the situation

Holly says they will be pissed
Christie – I don’t care I just want to get through today ..

11:34 am Veto Tanline

11:45 am Kitchen Nick, Holly David, Ovi, Cliff
Nick asks Ovi if he gets his power back if he returns from Camp comeback

Ovi says he does it’s just on hold right now.
Holly – wait what is this common knowledge
Nick – you didn’t know
Holly – no

Ovi goes on to explain the power gives him a third toilet upstairs.
Nick plays along “do you have safety”
Ovi – no just a toilet
Nick to Holly “can you cut a flame out for me.. I’m just going to burn that area” (they’re making stencils to tan into their bodies)

Holly – I can brand you
Nick – you’re not branding me
Nick – I’m getting a red outline on the side of my Ankle because that’s where Christie wants it and that’s where I’m getting it
Christie – yes sire
Nick – unless you f* me over then you aren’t getting one
Christie – why would not f* you over
Nick- I dunno
Christie – I’m in love with you in a nonromantic.
Nick – I know you don’t have to explain yourself
Nick – that’s the whole meaning of a red flame

12:18 pm Kemi and Christie
Kemi – is Nicole going up
Christie – I don’t think so
Kemi – you don’t
Christie – no I don’t
Christie – Nick is being so weird
Christie thinks she is going up

12:18 am Christie and kat
Christie – I’m going up
Kat – are you serious
Christie is crying .. Kat I’m going up.. I’m going up …
Christie – Nick is making comments to me all day.. Holly was carving a heart in the cardboard and he goes carve a flame a red flame and I’ll light it on fire
Christie – then he turns around and goes to me Christie, you would never f* with me right
kat – no
Christie – Kat, I’m going and they’re going to get me out because they think the 6 of us are a team .. I wish I could talk to Jess right now too. Look they are putting me up Kat I have to stay calm but I know they are putting me up .. I’m positive. I heard him and then I went outside
Kat – should we talk to him
Christie – no no the decision is made
Christie – I heard them I’m freaking out.. I don’t trust the boys they are all in on it ..
Kat – you can’t you have the numbers
Christie feels like all the boy are in on getting her out.
Kat – If I take Jess off if you go up ..
Christie – I don’t have six
Kat – I will fight for you I don’t care if it’s the sword I die on
Christie says she heard yesterday that Bella doesn’t like the way she and Nick act together.
Sis joins them
Christie – I’m going up
Sis – no you’re not
Christie – I’m going up
Christie – Nick said a million comments this morning about a red flame
Christie – I’m freaking out ..
Kat – if you are going up I won’t use it I want to make sure Jess will be safe
Christie – can we talk to Jess

Christie is going on about how Nick and Bella are coming after them. Nick and Bella are going to try and run the house and get Ovi, Nicole, Cliff.
Christie says Ovi probably told them he has a power and they realize they can take down, Me, Sis, Jackson, You..
Christie bawling .. I’m going up I’m going up
Christie- I know I’m going up .. they have it all planned out.

Jess comes in
Christie – I’m going up
Jess – WHAT
Christie – I’m going up

They re all freaking out you are not going up we have the numbers ..
Christie – I’m going up (she says this about 400 times)
Christie – and they think they are going to blindside me too
Sis – I dare them to do that (LOL or what you’ll give them a HJ )
Kat – Kemi needs to go Kemi needs to go a week ago

Christie – I know you guys keep telling me I’m not but I’m telling you right here I’m going up
Christie – I can’t trust the boys I feel like all the boys are working together
Sis – – you went up on the block they don’t have the numbers
Sis – they have Nicole, Bella, Sam
Jess – you have a solid f*ing five
Sis – 7 vs 3 .. there’s no way

Kat – you can f* me over and I still won’t vote to evict you.. truly (sigh)
The four girls keep telling her she’s not going up or going home. Christie doesn’t listen “this is what’s meant to happen”

Jackson joins
Christie – I’m going up.. they’re mad because Nick tried to make.. Nick insinuate a few times that me, Nick Bella Sam and Tommy work together and he knows that I said yeah and I didn’t take it seriously and I told a couple people about it (a couple?)
Christie – and now he’s pissed about it. he probably heard us talking about it with
They tell her nobody likes Ovi to ally with him
Christie – Cliff does he’s been talking to them… I’m not stupid I’m going up he’s butthurt because I made a mockery of his alliance he wanted to start

Jackson – it’s going to be one of two ways .. they’re either putting Nicole up and shit hits the fan or you go up and shit hits the fan.. you are not going anywhere.. they are either going to draw the line in the sand now

Jackson – regardless of what happens it won’t change the outcome.. I’m doing simple math..
Jackson counts the votes tells her she’s not going anywhere

12:53 pm Kat and Nick
kat – whats the plan
Nick – aren’t you going to Jess off. Listen do what’s best for your’ game I literally don’t care either way

Nick – will Jess be mad at you if you don’t take her off.
Jes – I don’t know
Jess – are you putting Nicole up
Nick – Yes I swear to god.. why did you think I was going to put someone else up

Nick says he wants Nicole to go home but if Kat doesn’t use the veto then Cliff goes home and Nicole goes next week if she uses the veto Nicole goes home this week and Cliff next week
Nick – you won the veto it’s your call.. Nicole is a threat I don’t want her n the game but you won.. shoot your shot

Nick swears he’s putting Nicole up that’s his target, “Do what’s best for your game I respect your decision. I do want you to use it though”

1:00 pm Bella reassures Tommy that if the Veto is played, Nicole is going up.

1:08 am Christie, Nick, Holly, Bella
Christie – is everything cool
Nick – are you kidding.. why do you think I’m putting you up
Christie – well the idea would never have crossed my mind in a hundred years but this morning you’ve made some comments to me about red flame like you said something about red flame and you looked at me and said you would never mess with me right
Christie – I’m just confused by it If you are trying to blindside me that’s one thing you got me.. I love you I’m confused..
Nick – are you serious
Christie – yeah a little
Nick – why are you second guessing me ..
Christie = I’m not at all
Nick – you just did
Christie – well yeah..

Christie and Nick talk through all the paranoia ..

2:21 pm Nick telling Sam, Jack, Holly, Sis and Tommy he’s 100% sticking to the 9 then they can dook it out
Nick – if you want to get me get me I am going to be naive I am not doing anything until 9 I don’t care if the whole f*ing house knows they’re not going to win on of the f*ing HOH’s. We have 4 more HOH’s to win before the game f*ing starts.. FOUR.. I’m f*ing doing anything to any one of you
Nick says he questions jack last week and “you guys” question him this week he doesn’t want that anymore

2:25 pm Nicole and Kemi

Nicole plans during her speech to tell the house everything she said about them was true so it’ll be interesting how it all shakes out.
Kemi asks who she thinks the target is. Nicole thinks it’s her.
Kemi mentions how Christie was telling her earlier that she thought she as going up but now she’s upstairs with Nick, Tommy and Bella “it’s weird”
Nicole – very weird

Kemi – Christie wants Cliff out, I’m wondering if that’s your in

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Sakura haruno

Jackson seems to have a lot of issues. He obviously has toxic masculinity. I mean he always wants to prove he’s tough. He’s obviously have low self esteem that he tries to hide it by being a egotistic. He has anger issues and can get aggressive. He talked about being suicidal and taking medication. I hope when he comes out he’ll go to therapy to get better.


Jackson kinda reminds me of Caleb at times


Caleb was a much kinder & respectful man.


CALEB was an honorable veteran with respect for others


Plus he’s a complete fake. Kat was good enough that he was having sex with her like 2 days after meeting her! Then when he saw someone he thinks he likes better, dumps Kat a week in, & goes straight from having sex with one woman he barely knows to having sex with another woman he barely knows like a week apart! Annnd he is incredibly disrespectful & cruel to Kat since dumping her! That alone is enough to show me what an immature, jerk he is.


she took her panties off and enjoyed the ride ! i find it interesting that you don’t have an issue with these women having sex with a dude they JUST MET ! you have toxic femininity!


toxic masculinity << NON SENSE

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Jackson is a dirt bag, but I gave you a thumbs down for “toxic masculinity”.


Add that to his arrest for domestic abuse…


Christie is not paranoid or afraid she’s going to be backdoored. She’s acting, and doing a lousy job of it.
On the other hand if it prevents Nicole from going on the block. Ok.
It doesn’t make sense her sudden freak outs on HOH or veto. But then again it does.
It’s getting boring though.
I wonder if anyone will catch on to her little tricks?

Feeds Gold

i think shes got some issues plus no meds


Maybe she’ll be this year’s Sam?


why is Christie freaking out?


I’m confused, isn’t Nicole the only red head ? So wouldn’t she know he was talking about Nicole ?


OMG lmao….the red flame says it all…cant yall figure it out…REEEDD FFLLLAAMMMME

John Doe

That or she has serious mental issues. Otherwise, her behavior is inexplicable.


she just stupid , ya cant fix that

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Christie is such a brilliant liar that I think she convinces herself that they are true.I think the only one that can see through them is Tommy but he is her little minion.She is positioning herself to control this season.

No Longer Literally, But Figuratively

Christie has the types of personality that sucks the energy right out of you. Emotionally draining.

another name

This weekend’s proposed vote flip will inevitably be dropped because Christie isn’t taking her meds. It will look too staged or suspect, all of the alliance will worry aloud.

another name

I say this while she is spilling her secret power (incorrectly) and revealing Jack has a power. To Nick and Bella. Bella. It will be house news in twenty minutes.

Feeds Gold

i wanna really see jacks reaction to nick knowing she has the power haha

damn christie is playing sloppy


Omg how stupid! I’m against anyone teaming up with Bella or Jackson

another name

I call dibs on narcissistic personality asymptomatic of obsessive compulsive disorder. control freak.
You know we’re all thinking what the hell is up with Christie.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

An accurate diagnosis but she’s using it to her benefit,keeping everyone off balance while ingratiating herself with everyone.

another name

If they aren’t thinking oh i can’t be aligned with this, we got to get her out… they’re dumb.


I’m coming around to Kat…at first I thought I’d not be able to stand her. The more I see she’s funny & doesn’t give too many f’s! I relate to her more than I would’ve guessed..!


She is funny in a kind of annoying way ! I don’t know if it was strategy or just dumb luck, but I’m pretty sure NO ONE will use her as a pawn again just to avoid the craziness they had to endure for a week ! “ you bitches plotting against me”


Haha definitely in a weird sort of way! On the other hand my husband says I’m annoying on a regular basis. In small doses or the rare glimpses I watch!


What I don’t understand is, why does Kat dislike menu so much.


Sigh, auto correct. I meant why does Kat dislike Kemi so much.


Not sure maybe she thinks Kemi’s a threat to her 10th place in the Gr8tful alliance. Or she might have competition for her next victim David…but only one of them can comeback!




Well, Kat isn’t there to play Big Brother, she’s there to build a follower base so she can be an influencer which is why she’s not too concerned about game play.



Not the sharpest knife in most drawers. But in this drawer…

I very much would like Bella to have a repeat of the Paulie/Big Meech exchange where she walked by him telling him his game was blowing up.

It is fun when villains fall.

Feeds Gold

christie: “im so embarrassed this is all going to air”

sis: “i was like, youre fucking crazy youre not going up”

yes sis, she is


Why did you list Jessica as the POV winner?

A thought

And the noms? Did I miss the meeting? I know you’re busy just wanted to check


Simon, I think there’s confusion about Christie’s power. Christie won the Panic power, which enables her to activate the change of a Golden POV to a Diamond POV. She does not own the DPOV [unless she actually wins the veto competition; hence, the veto holder]. Once the power is activated and it becomes a DPOV, the Veto holder makes the decision on who to take down and who the replacement nominee is.

Christie does not own the DPOV, only the Panic power.

Feeds Gold


another name

Word for Word Transcription of Chucky reading the card in the d/r after winning the Panic Whactivity:

You now have the ability to turn the golden power of veto into the diamond power of (squeeling) veeeeto.
This means if you activate the panic power the diamond veto will allow the veto holder to not only remove someone from the chopping block, but (emphasizes) THEY will be able to name the replacement nominee taking that responsibility (speaking in a higher pitch and slapping couch) away from the (screeching) head of household.
ohmuhgawwd she adds in lower tone. This power can only be used once and will be good for the next four veto meetings.

This is what we currently know for a fact about the power Chutney has been claiming lasts until final six, or doesn’t start for a while but is good for the whole game, or gives her the power to name the replacement, or makes it impossible for anyone to ever nominate her. She has been using production as a strategy. She can tell or not tell people she has it. she can say or not say what it does. she can say or not say how long it lasts. She cannot lie about what it does or how long it lasts if she chooses to answer according to the production as a strategy rule that has forced people in the past to stand up and apologize for lying about what their power does. Bad Crusty.

Feeds Gold

hopefully production force her to clarify

another name

apparently they’ve called her on it, and she’s making the rounds to clarify and correct all of the misinformation she has been giving. Now that she has told almost everybody. And most of them different things. surprised she isn’t trying to get the lizard back so she can correct any universal psychic information she may have got wrong.

Feeds Gold

good to see

Feeds Gold

just one thing…if she uses the power, does the veto holder have to then use it and name a renom, or can the veto holder elect to not use it if they choose that route? if so a veto holder could dupe christie to use her power then just not use the dpov.

another name

i can only point back to what we know officially from what she read off the card, and say the rest is in Grodner’s hands to manipulate any which way she desires.

Feeds Gold

the diamond grodner of veto

Feeds Gold

sis and holly weirded out and majorly doubting christie now

Miss Conception

Since I have come late to this party(watched last 3 years of BB),I noticed that Christie indicated that she had a crush on Kat.
Has there been in the past any gay or lesbian “showmances’? if so,how were they handled by the house guests and were they accepted by the viewing audience? Should Christie solidify this attraction,I believe that to a lot of people it could be a game destroyer.( Not that there is anything wrong with a non hetero relationship.) A very interesting dynamic could be created.

another name

There was whatever was going on between the pink flamingo and Zach in 16. During the seasons i didn’t watch, I thought there was some couples twist and the man paired with the gay guy left before first week ended…. grain of salt that because i’m not sure at all about that one. In bbcan there was the weird flirtation between poker player and superfan with story line making token gay superfan look jealous of poker player and the airhead when they became a showmance. the token was evicted a week later. same season had the bisexual woman making out with another woman. in a weird coincidence, the poker player and the bisexual woman were responsible the eviction of their flirtmance/showmance. One had veto and didn’t use it, the other cast the deciding vote in a triple eviction. two seasons later poker guy returned and led on that season’s gay guy in another semi fake showmance. well. semi- semi fake. the poker player’s game was saved by his fauxmance, and the fauxmance left during that season’s triple eviction, voted out by the poker player that won veto and the season.


I have been watching since season 1. There hasn’t been any non-hetero sexual relationships in the BB house thus far, but I don’t see why it would effect their popularity anymore than having any other sexual relationship in the house.


Christie – I’m literally dying right now she’
tanning the veto into her stomach and it’s working

It was in this moment that I’ve officially fallen in love with Kat hahahahahaha


She’s pretty fun & funny right? She may be immature for 29 but at least it’s in a harmless fun way. I think she’s just got a sense of humor that not everyone “gets”. But, in general, she seems high energy, positive energy, and kinder than most in that house.

Ovi's tongue

I know Christie likes to trumpet it to anyone who will listen, but I’m beginning to suspect she is in a permanent menstrual state. It seems like she’s been proclaiming it for about 3 weeks now and this little panic attack doesn’t exactly indicate an abatement.

Feeds Gold

if production doesnt force christie to completely clarify her exact power and duration then we know who they want to win

Feeds Gold

is christie thinking nobody will touch her because she has a power? shes begging to go straight up on the block sooner than later so her power gets flushed

Feeds Gold

serenity now, insanity later

another name

the three that leave after camp is over will be sitting at home saying man did i dodge a bullet there. Tommy will be running around saying “oh no she’s fine just don’t sleep or make eye contact or breathe or speak or move too quickly or wear anything shiny” while jack sits back and says, “bet i could get her to switch teams now h’yuck.”

J e t s jets jets jets

She has the power. What is she doing? A fake sympathy cry makes no sense at this point in the game.