Power of Veto Ceremony results – “why didn’t you go for it?”

Head of Household Winner – ENZO YO!
Have nots – Dani, Tyler, Da’Vonne
Nominations – Kaysar & Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Enzo, Kevin, Kaysar, Tyler, Bay, David
POV Host: Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Kevin
Power of Veto Ceremony – Kevin used the veto on himself. Enzo nominates Christmas in his place.
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1:28 pm Christmas and Enzo

Christmas says Dani, Cody, and Nicole will throw the HOH to her. Adds that the entire house will throw next week’s HOH to her except for David
Enzo – he wants to win
Christmas thinks David will go after her or Memphis.
Enzo – I haven’t heard anything bad about you
Christmas – Da came to me said I was playing a good game and she never heard my name.. I said the same thing to her I never hear her name.
Christmas – Whoever puts my name in your mouth I will guillotine their heads
Enzo – I f***ing love you..
Christmas – I tickle with cattle prongs
Enzo – I’m loyal to the end with you.. If I win HOH I’ll go after anybody I don’t care
Christmas – yes yes
Enzo – look we’re friendly with a lot of people we have to think who to take out so that we don’t get this side too upset you know what I mean..
Christmas says she sees two major options with a really good third option. “So I don’t f**Ing care.. put two up win one put another”
Enzo – we lay low this week take it easy we don’t have to do sh1t .
Christmas thinks that being on the block will mean other people who don’t want to win HOH will throw it to her “Even more” (Zomg)
Enzo – this is your HOH .. and if Tyler wins it we’re good.. he’s going after people. that might be good for me and you,.
They talk about Tyler will be the one to take out Dani.
Enzo – ain’t no more pawns after this week it’s done we’re going after f***ing people now
Christmas – do you think Kevin will make a move.
Enzo – he loves day bay
Christmas – Dani?
Enzo – he keeps telling me Enzo if I win HOh you have to help me I don’t know what’s going oe.. that’s were me and you come in
they think they can talk Kevin into putting up Dani.
Christmas – he has the support of Bay/Day he has me and you.. and Tyler
Enzo – I f**ing love you ..
they hug
Enzo – alright thanks you lets just chill that’s it..

1:40 pm Christmas and Nicole
Christmas – will you let me know if anyone is attempting to flip
N – absolutely
Nicole says this is the best time to be on the block, ‘I’m not worried”

1:40 pm Da’Vonne and Tyler
Tyler – in my two seasons I’ve never I caught someone playing every single houseguests except for her.
They talk about Dani spreading stories.
Da’Vonne – she’s next..
Da’Vonne says she’s a firm believer that what’s done in the dark will come to light. She can just go on the block and we’ll vote her out
Tyler says if it’s one of the slick6 she’ll blow it up.
Da’Vonne – it’ll have to be someone on the outside.
Tyler – I don’t think it’ll be too hard.

1:41 pm Cody and Dani
Planning next week’s HOH. Dani says if the options is not to have Christmas or Ian win they should try and win it.
Cody – yeah 100%
Dani says the one person that cannot win is Bayleigh.
Cody thinks that Bayleigh winning won’t mean two people go up that will force them to draw a line.

1:45 pm Dani and Enzo
Dani – Did Bayleigh and Da’Vonne know you were putting up Christmas
Enzo – yeah …
Dani – I didn’t want to be like ohh didn’t you know.

1:47 pm sun time

1:52 pm Enzo and Kaysar
Enzo – you didn’t like that nom
Kaysar – no, did you even consider it?
Enzo – I did bro, trust me
Kaysar – why didn’t you go for it.
Enzo – I got a good relationship with Dani .. there’s a lot that’s going on in this f**ing house. I thought of every f**ing thing
Kaysar – Okay, well I tried.
Enzo – I know bro I could be out next week
Kaysar – you’re in a good spot who knows what will happen
Enzo – we got a couple f**ing days..
Kaysar – I was going to have an impossible time competing against David.. now Christmas I don’t have the vote s
Enzo – you’re making me feel bad bro
Enzo – I was good with dave I didn’t want to f** that up..
Enzo says if Kaysar and Janelle could have stuck in the house 2 more weeks they would have worked together
Kaysar says the relationships Enzo already had de-railed that from happening.
Enzo – with the codys now he’s with whatever the f**
Kaysar – yeah that got messy and confusing
Enzo – now with the backyard to with Cody and this other one on teh fog horn
Feeds cut

2:07 pm when we’re back Da’Vonne and David are fact-checking about the drama he was involved in last week… it’s on all feeds..

2:25 pm Cody, Tyler and Enzo
Enzo – we’re all in a good spot right now.. we don’t want them to make the move first
Enzo says they extended an olive branch to David and he “F***ed us”
Cody is backtracking from wanting Dani out. Going on about them not letting their numbers implode.
Enzo – I want f***ing Dani out
Cody – there’s a way to do it there are so many weeks
Tyler says he’ll be the one that takes out Dani.
Enzo asks if Nicole or Ian win HOH who will go up?
Tyler doesn’t thin it will be Dani or Da’Vonne
Cody says Nicole will put up Bayleigh
Tyler and Enzo don’t want Bayleigh to go
Enzo – I don’t feel bad getting rid of Dani and Day
Enzo – these girls are going to try to make a big move YO because they know they can’t win sh1t
Tyle r- we need to get Dani before she gets us
Enzo – they don’t believe in the alliance they don’t trust it.. if it’s not this week it’s the week after that. Dani and Da’Vonne have to go. Dani cannot be trusted YO sdhe cannot get trusted.. She knows too much about our game.. Nicole knows and Ian.. she told Ian
Cody doesn’t think it’s gone that far.
Enzo – in the next weeks a BIG move has to be made 9If only you had a chance this week)
Enzo – we’re in the three strongest in this house yo

Tyler – we can’t make that move too soon, Dani doesn’t make it (big move) next week or the wone after neither will Day
Tyle r- I will be the warrior to go to the front lines I don’t care.
Enzo says he’s bothered that the girls know about their game but they have no idea about the girl’s game. “Nicole’s with Ian”
Cody – F** it we’re riding through it anyways
Enzo keeps repeated that Kaysar has to go because he’s targeting Tyler and Cody.
Tyler says Ian will do what Nicole wants and Nicole won’t want Da’Vonne nominated.
Cody – F** that
Cody says all they got for winning the HOH and keeping the girls off the block is Paranoia ..
Cody complains that he tried to pray last night but his mind kept drifting off to gameplay
Cody says he’s going after Ian if he wins HOH..

Enzo munching into the microphone.
Enzo brings up Kaysar coming up and he told him “I hope you know what you’re doing”
Enzo – “You don’t know what the f*** is going on”
Cody laughs

Enzo’s idea is to get Kasyar to blow up Dani’s game on his way out..
Tyler leaves..
Cody going back to telling him he doesn’t want to get rid of Dani too early.

3:52 pm The duck has died (and so did the computer I use to make these posts)

4:42 pm Enzo and Da’Vonne
Enzo – I said yo.. it’s over yo.. he was trying to force me put Dave up ..
Da’Vonne – yeah he’s done
Enzo – it is what it is whatever
Da’Vonne – yeah .. he’s a mess.
Enzo – I told him straight up it’s a wrap.. I wasn’t trying to be nasty .. he was like I know this sin’t your HOH I know they’re running the house
Da’Vonne – he was calling you a puppet.. yeah.. terrible
Enzo – he went against Tyler and Cody .. that’s it you’re outta here
Enzo – I got you .. that’s all I have the slick 6 ..
Da’Vonne says she heard that Dani is coming after her.
Enzo – I”m fed the f** up yo.. if the time is right yo.. I’ve had it yo.. I love you I love Bayleigh. Yo.. we’re killing each other already.. like yo.. yo all we have to do is stay strong that’s it. Yo .. .Yo

Da’Vonne – how did you find out that she was saying she’s coming after me
Enzo – Tyler yo .. Tyler said something yeah.. he said Yo bro this f***ing sh1t I went here we go yo here we f***ing go
Enzo – what the f*** is going on yo
Da’Vonne – it makes no sense..
Da’Vonne – they could be telling her a$$ i’m com,ing for her.
Enzo – I think if Dani wins HOH .. If she comes after you she knows the whole slick six is done it’s a wrap
Da’Vonne says she likes Cody but she’s losing trust.

Bayleigh joins them. They talk about what to do about Dani. Enzo continues to rile them up.
Enzo – be fake..
Da’Vonne asks for clarity did Tyler say Dani was coming for her and Bay or just her. Enzo says it was just Da’Vonne
Bayleigh says they should have picked Janelle instead of Dani but everyone else didn’t want
Enzo goes on about Kaysar telling him that Dani is running the entire house.
Bayleigh – she’s running everything (LOL, these two are totally falling for Enzo)
Enzo says Dani wants Kaysar out “So bad” because Kaysar knows some dirt about her.

Da’Vonne tells him that Kasyar gave her a complete run down of “all our sh1t” she thinks this is because Dani is telling him everything (AHHAHAHA)

Enzo says they have enough votes next week.
Bayleigh – if she messes up our shit (Slick 6) i’ll be pissed
They go on about how much they like their slick 6
Bayleigh says dani is “running up to Christmas’ leg” adds she’s got a thing with Nicole and Ian.
Da’Vonne says Dani is talking to Kevin now.
Enzo tells them that Dani went to J/K to start an alliance but they denied her.

Enzo – lets say Christmas wins HOH yo we bum rush her yo
Da’Vonne – she’s gotta be backdoored

5:30 pm Kaysar and Da’Vonne
Kaysar – one thing I know for certain unless I got it all wrong is that there is a core four, Dani, Nicole, Cody, and Tyler
Kaysar – I think they were using Enzo.. unless Enzo is a incredible actor.. they are using him for this week
Da’Vonne – exactly
Kaysar brings up how Enzo is now good with David ‘When did this happen”
Da’Vonne – over night
Kaysar – he goes David never did anything to me
Da’Vonne – literally over night.. that would have been the golden ticket..
Kaysar said David going up was his only move.

Da’Vonne says this week David had rubbed a lot of people the wrong way “the fire was lite under everybody”
Kaysar – Memphis still doesn’t believe there’s no alliances.
Da’Vonne – you think he’s just playing dumb
Kaysar – no, the thought had crossed my mind. he just has no clue.
They talk about Nicole’s melt down.
Da’Vonne – it was too much
Kaysar – it was a disaster

Kaysar says David walked around the house with his chest puffed out trying to defend Nicole and yelling at Janelle “You wronged her”
Kaysar – what are you doing Bro you don’t even know what’s going on
Kaysar brings up how they went to Nicole first to work with then Bayleigh and Da’Vonne, “These are teh people we can trust”
Da’Vonne – she was going to have a house meeting
Kaysar – about what
Da’Vonne – about y’all .. she said she had a whole bunch of sh1t built up ..
feeds cut
When we’re back they are talking about NicoleA wasn’t ready to come back into the house. Kaysar thinks David as well.
Kaysar – I hope someone does something about this Cody/Tyler nonsense.
Da’Vonne- – the next could weeks. I mean how many friends can you have in this house. It’s going to get ugly because everyone is playing I’m your friend.
Kaysar – they use that whole ti’s what the house wanted it’s not me. You know what Enzo told me.. yo it’s not me these guys they’re cutthroat
Kaysar says the reason they all thought he was coming in hot this season is because he saw what was happening “noone was willign to taek a stand.. saving NicoleA wasn’t about saving NicoleA”
Da’Vonne – it was more about numbers
Kaysar – even if it gave us a 11% edge we needed it.
Kaysar says had they got one HOH this would have been a different story.

6:17 pm Bayleigh and Enzo
Bayleigh says when she gets home her and swags will have a conversations and if he’s down they’ll start “popping them out”
Bayleigh says swagz wants 3 babies but she only wanted 2. Adds that she’s down with having 3.
Bayleigh – If he wants baby’s now he can have them

6:34 pm Nicole and Christmas
Nicole going on about makeup brands she endorses on Instagram.. She says she never sells it people are just naturally drawn to it.

6:46 pm All the life has been drained from this show.. .

6:53 pm Kaysar and Memphis
Chit chat. A plan flies over head. ASks Memphis how full does he think it is. Memphis says he hopes there full.
Memphis – there’s now way ..
Feeds cut.

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There could be nightly bullhorns, banners in the sky, HOH letters from home telling them who to get out, but if it’s not what production wants to happen, it’s not happening. I think they told Enzo to say all this stuff so they can use it for the episode watchers…to try and make the show interesting. As we all know, especially from this season’s feed slips, the final two were picked before the show even started. So it’s not like these people actually have a say in their own game, it has become a scripted show.


Who is the rumored two to win and where is it from

Golden Gate Granny

Do your own homework. The answers have been (un)fairly clear.


I tried looking up stuff, nothing came up. No need to be rude

Golden Gate Granny

With all due respect, it’s not like that wasn’t a silly question amid such a rumor filled season. By Season 22, all fans know better than to rely on rumors, especially this early in the game.

Logical speculation? Yes. Lots of theories? Yes. Solid rumors anyone would swear by? No way.

Would you have preferred I’d have just said any random 2 HG’s? There’s rumors about everyone.


She is a PoS after all

Golden Gate Granny

Not cool calling ANYONE on here a “PoS.”


Yeah I agree. $500,000 on the line and these people are too relaxed. My friend never watches, and she always tells me, these people are actors.


Yes before the veto, have balls Enzo put Dani up! He could have gotten Kayser later and the real drama would have left 7-3

Feeds Gold

i think yesterdays bullhorn got them all thinking, and planted seeds for future weeks

next bullhorns should be:

“i wasnt joking…nicole and cody are playing everyone…everyone should target them next”


“cody/nicole/dani are targeting enzo/tyler/bay next”


“everyone stop being hesitant to go after nicole…she is not a unique and precious snowflake, shes a snake…evict her”

another name

too many words. bb has a siren that they sound once they realize there is a bullhorn.
you have do a very short burst loudly and clearly, repeat it.
too many names gets confusing when it’s over a bullhorn.
the shorter the message the better.
Unless you play a sound bite from feeds where the target houseguest in your bullhorn message is saying something damning.

Feeds Gold

i know but yesterday they said the message multiple times before any siren

something like “cody/nicole/dani are targeting enzo/tyler/bay next” or “cody/nicole are targeting enzo/tyler next” should be fine

My 2 cents

“Ya’ll SUCK!!” Short enough?


If fans near the BB studio want to voice their displeasure, any time that the HGs are outside on the feeds (and it is known that the yard is open..), a bullhorn of any message involving names of people still in the house will lock the yard up for a few hours.

They only get the yard so much during the week (it also provides more space for them to do nothing game-wise…), so have it taken away from them will cause frustration within the house..maybe they catch on to how sh*tty the season is.

If Kaysar goes this week and Ian goes next, no doubt the best reaction would be to lock the remaining HGs in the house until the end of season, especially when they have to go after their own alliances. It could be reminiscent of Dr Will, in season 2, waiting for and laughing about all the smokers running low on cigs and beginning to have withdrawal and less patience/more frustration = more entertainment.


Could you guys find any more unflattering pics of the franzel? if so, please keep it going lol.


But isn’t it true that production could’ve been behind this fog horn message? It’s been done before.


The Meow Meow is a big puss puss

Actively rooting for Ian and will gladly accept a Tyler win. Anything else would be a disappointment. I want an ALL STAR to win “All stars”


That is what I’ve been saying about the Meow Meow.


Meow Meow must be code for Giant Pussy.


Good lord, your name bwahahahahaha


disgusting but funny as hell

Golden Gate Granny

At this point, I believe it’s best to get him outta there and far away from these All Scars stupidity. He’s too awesome to be stuck around with these amoebas. Let him go back to living the good life surrounded by intelligent people.

BB SmallStars

No truer words said.


Lol. Yes

another name

Why didn’t Enzo go after Dani? cough cough Grod maybe? He got called to d/r a couple of times when he was considering the move throughout the evening yesterday. Enzo is a good little production puppet.

Still thinking the triad of Dani, Nicf and Cody have the Season 18 pass to jury if not further.
They let too much slip when they are talking on feeds.
Discussion of special promises during contract negotiations. Hey, Dani said it.
Half the house keeps saying they don’t want to upset Nicf. Why does she have a protection detail assigned to maintaining her emotional well being?
Cody with his multiple drops of preseason communications. Come on.

Still thinking some of the drop outs were due to hearing about pregaming and awareness that production was aware and / or involved, and didn’t do anything to stop it.

Golden Gate Granny

I think your tin foil is positioned for good reception.

Cu*ty C*nt

I like Kaysar. He’s a great guy. But he sucks at this game. There’s a reason why he never made it to Jury. He plays too hard too fast. And is really clueless at times.

another name

Six there was no choice. it was the season of secret partners. he was nominated week one because… well… don’t bite my head off people but it was a fact that season… they nominated him for being iraqi, and the iraq war was ongoing. His partner in the game was evicted week two because he stood up to the people calling Kaysar a ‘sand n-word.’ There was a huge backyard argument that almost got physical on multiple fronts. There was no choice in 6 but to play hard and fast. He was target number one.
Seven, the four season sixers chosen by fan vote to enter the house were the immediate targets of a known preseason alliance. Again, no choice in playing hard and fast when the four of them were prime targets of the rest of the house.
This time? He walked into HOH chat with Cody and realized he was the first target. If you are the first target on week one, walking into the house with past experience of being prime target in both of your previous seasons… what else do you do?
His mistake to me was being slow to actually make an alliance. He waited until mid week two to attempt what should have been pushed while he had safety in week one.
Playing too hard wasn’t his error this time, it was playing too slow when it came to gathering allies.

Golden Gate Granny

Yup. Yup. True story.

Cu*ty C*nt

Yeah but he was also clueless and played too hard too fast on those seasons as well.

another name

As someone that watched the feeds for both seasons, I have to disagree.
The ONLY choice in six was to attempt to gather a team, and take out the other group that was already blaming him for 9/11 and the iraq war.
His mistake in six was trying to change his game up when voted back in and build a bridge with the other side. He gave them HOH after 13 hours in an endurance comp. THAT was his error. He got played.
In seven? The prime target in week 5 was Janelle. She won veto. he was the post veto nominee. In a house that was still gunning for the season six alliance that had run week 1-4 in a house where 8 of the other 12 started out in an alliance whose sole purpose was take out season 6. Why Kaysar over James? James was a double agent informing on their plans to the other side.

C*nty C*nt

I actually wish they’d brought James back instead now that you mention it. He was waaay better than Kaysar. And he at least made it to Jury. And was hilarious on top of all that. He has totally ripped this season. Too many dipshit millenials.


Cunty C*nt (GOD I hate that word) hahhahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahhahahahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahhahahhahahahahahhah (takes a breath) hahhahahhahahahahhahahhahahahhahahhahahahhahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahahahhahahahahahahhahah

The Hound

The problem with this season. Is too many dumb c*nts.


wow, had no idea. didn’t watch that season. kind of sad


Wow, I had no idea but wasn’t able to watch that season. Kind of sad really.

Jan Nan

I had forgotten about the way he was treated. I remembered he was an under dog in the game but had forgotten about the name calling. Kaysar is the kindest person to ever play this game. Janelle and Kaysars fanbase puts others to shame. You go live your best life Kaysar. Your fans will always have your back

All Stars???

Enzo: “If I win HOH I’ll go after anybody. I don’t care.” YO You just had your chance YO and you wimped out. YO You suck. YO




What you didn’t hear was: “If I win HoH, I’ll go after anyone (you tell me to Cody/Derrick). I don’t care.

Betsy gleckner

Time to stop watching it so scripted can’t stand it


The meow meow has been neutered and Cody has his balls. Enzo talks like he’s all knowing Mr tuff guy but he’s a coward. Just like his season. They are all morons. Clearly the bullhorn didn’t faze Enzo lol he believes Cody’s lame rationale. There’s always Shitmas acting high and mighty. Enzo & Shitmas a match made in toon town.

Dixie Rekt

Hopefully Memphis or Dani will save this season once Kaysar leaves. Say what you want about them. But at least they aren’t sheep and make the game somewhat exciting.

Golden Gate Granny

Hahaha… Grandpa Memphis? Or the REAL evil Donato (that sloppily stabs in the back rather than the front)?
Not. A. Chance.

Dixie Rekt

I love Dani. I don’t care what anyone says. Janelle may be the BB Queen. But Dani is the BB Princess.

Soul child

Seriously does Enzo and Tyler not clue in that Cody wants dani there for his own game not for them. He knows near the end he can get Dani to go after them and he still will be safe. That’s why he keeps saying he doesn’t want to get rid of her too soon. I hope someone good wins hoh next and starts playing the damn game. Put up Cody and dani or Dani and Nicole.

another name

He definitely wants Dani on jury rather than Da’vonne.


Tyler definitely knows and may do something about it. enzo i think knows but is playing for cody to win and that pregame alliance


Even if Tyler doesn’t know he will figure it out, sooner than later. I think he’s the smartest of the big 3.

another name

Don’t worry. Cody will come in and tantrum spin it to be Tyler and Da’vonne’s fault.
Then he’ll warn Dani.


what happened?


I must be as clueless as David because I really wanted Dani to do well and win this season..Im still hoping for a house shake up and she runs over these idiots like in Season 8 with her comp wins. Sadly, this season the majority of the house are a lot better competitors then her season and also she doesn’t have her Dad to save her.


Dani sucks at big brother she only got so for on s8 because of her dad and she whined the whole time about him. she did do good at comps I will give her that.

another name

Nicf is telling Christmas that it’s really Cody and Dani playing everyone, not innocent Nicf.
Oh. Christmas isn’t going to tell her new best pal Enzo about that. at all.

Cody’s problem with Tyler? Tyler tricked Cody into outing Dani. Cody thought he’d have time to smooth it over. Tyler moved quicker, and isn’t stopping. Cody is losing control.
This is his problem. Look at week one and answer how well Cody did with not having control. He got mad when people had conversations. Of any kind. And didn’t immediately download all info to him. Cody’s problem with Tyler is that Cody isn’t Derrick.


tyler can hopefully save the season and start a group on the other side with tyler da bay Dave and Kevin (not a talented group but at least there will be sides) vs cody nicf enzo ian dani with Mempis in the middle. I can’t decide which way Christmas will go. I think she would be on enzo side.


I hope you are right about Tyler. Will think higher of him if he does something. Need someone in this house to stir the pot.


and this is how meow meow would lose again. He is being used as a puppet by the big sharks. Kaysar is not a threat but Ian, Memphis Cody or Tyler. Why not just make a deal with Kaysar protect yourself and take one big shark like Tyler or Memphis? This losers never learn lol


Simon what’s your thought on this season so far. For me finding is boring to this point,hoping for things to get exciting


It’s about to get exciting as long as cody doesn’t get his was and evicts tyler next week


Da-He was calling you (Enzo) a puppet (to Cody and Tyler).
Enzo-He went against Tyler and Cody so he’s out of here….
Enzo=Pinocchio the puppet!!! Yo!

Also, i am going to make a Yo drinking game…every time Pinocchio says, “Yo,” I will take a drink…it should take me all of about a 15 minute conversation!


your gonna need a lot of booze, enjoy but don’t OD – or drive.


ok I just finished episode 8 of Season 6 and now I get why people were saying Kaysar was really arrogant. LOL wow Well he has mellowed it a bit but I can see it now. haha


Kayser was put in a bad place due to 9/11 in both Seasons… on top of that him and Janelle always had bad social games… Kayser is arrogant and Janelle comes off as a femme bot because all the stuff that other players overreact on she is like “whatever”… it was always their flaw. It isn’t shocking they were targets.

Now as far as the others it is is the same old same old… why do these fools trust Nic F or Dani?… why do they trust Cody? Does Cody wear mist cologne? Is it because he is prettier than the girls? Whats up with that?

I watch the feeds and am beginning to notice Tyler knows it is time to pull a trigger on Cody, Dani, and Nicole and will call out Cody if he pushes a wait another week…. Enzo wasted a week on Kayser… the MeowMeow is a PussPuss he needed to pull the trigger… now he is a disposable playing someone else’s game.

My only hope this Season is Tyler or Christmas wake up (I know… I am one of the few that doesn’t hate Christmas. I actually like her and she is one of my favorites.)

another name

The new school that came after season 16 were given 16 to watch by producers. If you watch the way Cody and Nicf are edited in those seasons, you get the feeling they are good nice and semi heroic figures.
This is why there is an inherent trust factor, and why most seasons after 16 have a ridiculous group think follow the house mentality.
It’s also part of the reason those two are given deferential treatment.


If you watched Season 16 feeds you saw a paranoid mob mentality that was flippant and arbitrary. Once they picked their target, after the veto was done… they all avoided the intended victim like the plague. They convinced themselves it was a good move and a crap talked that person for hours… the entire time the intended victim was ostracized until an hour before eviction.
Derrick didn’t do much… he sat around and advised the children to make him the winner.

That game play has lasted for almost seven seasons now. This Season is no different.

Lynn Wheeler

I wouldn’t buy Nicole F’s influencer makeup after seeing that pic of her @ 6:34.
She’d be loved if she had worked with Janelle, but not now, she needs to grow up and stop cryin and baby talkin

My 2 cents

Nicole could find a cure for Covid, and she still wouldn’t be loved.

another name

In what universe could Nicole find a cure for anything but blueballs?


What is the garbage makeup she’s hawking? She looks awful and this is not the first time. How old is she?


It is 68- 65 degrees in Los Angeles and the are complaining about the cold… Canadians feel free to laughing at them. Dani is from LA , they start wearing snow parkas when it hits 60.


Growing up in Milwaukee and now living in Los Angeles for many years, I do still laugh almost every time I see someone over dressed with winter clothing.


It happens all the time… they think 50 degrees is like 40 below.

Feeds Gold

what would be the most effective nom combo pre veto and post veto to evict snakeole?

i think i would nom her with cody (cody then cant save her off block, only himself if he wins) then depending how veto goes ensure she is sitting next to a good social player with influence (cody, enzo, or tyler) on eviction night

if you have any thoughts, let me know who you would nom if she was your target


TBH Nicole will not be going up for quite a while at this point it will be…

(Now it gets tricky)
most likely Dani
(gets tricky again)
best guess is Memphis
Enzo or Tyler or Cody

Nicole F is the floating Queen of BB… she turns on the girls.

If youare in a rush to see Nicole F go… pray for a Bay or Da’Vonne win. They’re are the only ones with a plan to get out Dani or Nicole on the block.

Is is bad I still say Nicole F because I’m always tempted to put a “U” at the end.


I’d put Nicf up with Dani and get Dani out…then I’d put her up with Day and get Day out…then her against David and finally take her down. Let her feel the horror of being a pawn for awhile…then send her out against the stupidest player in the house!

Feeds Gold

but what would you do if you wanted to get her out in 1 round, 1 hoh, not over multiple rounds by taking away her allies first? (lets say you didnt want her in jury and you won hoh next week)

Bye bay

Is anyone else thinking Christmas is leaving this week
Bb 101 never again volunteer yourself (NAVY)


I sure hope so, but then again X-mess for some weird reason has more lives than my dead cat.


Dami and Nicole F have already started to target Christmas… by the end of the week Christmas may be gone. It would not surprise me.

Jan Nan

Enzo, yo lets get Dani out yo. I mean in the next couple weeks let’s get f**kin Dani out. Dani wins next HOH puts Enzo on the block. I wouldn’t feel bad at all. Sending Kaysar, someone that’s not coming for you is your big move. Kaysar’s too good to be left in there with this dumb game play. Go home to your wife and son Kaysar and laugh at their dumb as*es

Feeds Gold

there was a shoutout from tyler to orwell…maybe theres no after dark because they knew it would be a boring season

Krusty the Clown

After watching last night’s episode, I was laughing myself ass off because Nichole is labeled as social media influencer aka bb slut. Who does she influence and how messed up is someone to see her as inspiration? Does she run a how to give handjobs instagram? Was BB trying to get ratings with her cuz if they were then, total miss.


Omg I laughed so hard at this .


What a garbage of a season. Definitely not an Allstars. Should of been called HasBeens vs NeverWas.

#Dr Will best player ever hands down.
#Dan G. best game move ever (Dan’s Funeral) hands down
#JediJani best competitor ever hands down.


Sadly it looks like it will be just like the last few seasons a big alliance of strong competitors vs 2 or 3 people trying to play and get people( floaters ) to join there side but all those people are like No we cant upset the big alliance or i’ll be next , Guess what you are next stupid . its so annoying watching them its like they are all getting line for there turn to go home.


Drink up every time Enzo says “Yo” ?