“Oh my god Cody I’m going to be eternally in servitude.. I’m serious about working with you”

Head of Household Winner – Cody
Have nots – Ian, Kevin, Memphis, NicoleA
Nominations -Keesha and Kevin
Power of Veto Players are – Cody, Kevin, Keesha, Enzo, Kaysar, Ian
Power of Veto holder -Enzo
Power of Veto Ceremony – Enzo doesn’t use the power of Veto. Nominations stay the same.
Safety Suite – Kaysar & Janelle
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Keesha is the target but it’s early so no need to get excited.

9:05 am Kaysar and Memphis
Kaysar says what Cody is doing is sending David and Tyler down into the house to find out where the vote is he’ll then pull the person that is staying in.
Memphis says he doesn’t know where the votes are going.
Kaysar – I Keesha don’t campaign too hard

Memphis complains that the outside is locked again. “Makes all the difference in the world”
Kaysar laughs says you know when people are on the hammock it’s dangerous.
Memphis says also the pools. You see two people swimming around you know they’re scheming

Kaysar – Next week will define a lot
Memphis – that and this whole suite thing extract a lot of information

They suspect that a lot of people will go for the safety suite next week
Kaysar says “if these guys” win the HOH again they’ll try to grow their numbers
Kaysar says the last two times he was on Big Brother he went out on his Birthday. It’s not happening this year.

Memphis crazy that Keesha spent her 30th and 40th in this house.
Kaysar – she turned 40
Memphis – in sequester
They talk about Season 10 and how it was all about emotion.
Memphis – they picked very dynamic personalities. Like already in this kitchen Reny would be screaming at people.. then you have Jerry or Jesse..

Kaysar says that early chaos allows for the strong players to blend in the back.
Kaysar doesn’t see this season being so peaceful for much longer.
Memphis thinks it will be for a while.
They talk about competitions and how for the most part they are balanced out for different player strengths.

9:42 am Tyler and Kevin (Tyler going for all the final 2’s achievement)
Kevin – not right now but at some point tonight I would love to have a conversation with you
T – of course
Kevin – I really want to work with you
Tyler – I’m in

9:50 am NicoleF participating in Big Brother 22.

10:08 am Cody and Memphis
Complaining about how cold it is.
Memphis – I talked to Dani yesterday I was like what do you think about these names and she’s like I’m all for it.
Memphis – She likes Tyler as an Idea too so today I’m going to talk to Tyler.
Cody – the last one will be Christmas
Memphis says Dani think Bayleigh and Da’Vonne are tight.
Memphis – they’re a package deal. Are they friends outside this?
Cody – no they are super tight in here.
Cody says he heard Janelle and Bayleigh talked before the show. They think Janelle and Bayleigh are teamed up.
Cody – Tyler hangs out with everybody
They agree to replace Bayleigh with NicoleF (This alliance keeps getting better)
Memphis – I can see Taylor err Tyler getting along with her
Memphis says he’ll talk to Tyler today and NicoleF tomorrow. suggests that Cody talk to Christmas.

Cody says Enzo doesn’t trust Ian at all.
Cody – he was freaking out yesterday because I was like Bro you threw the comp.. I was just f**ing with him
Cody – He legitimate freaked out
Memphis wants Ian out as well.

Memphis goes on about how this isn’t an “Aggressive” Alliance “everyone keeps their mouth shut there’s a safer bet we’ll save ourselves”
Cody says he hasn’t had any conversations with Kaysar if he wins HOH he will go up
Memphis says if Kaysar or Janelle don’t win HOH they both will go up, “It’s an easy put up”
Cody – Janelle will put up someone like NicoleA (ZOMG)
Memphis doesn’t think they are in trouble if Kaysar wins.
Cody – his head works like a computer
Memphis – Anyone wins HOH them two might be on the block
Cody goes on about Ian’s win being insane whereas Nciolef wasn’t.
Cody keeps warning about Ian being a beast. He beat Dan and no one is noticing him right now.
Memphis – I feel like if he wins HOH and puts people on the block he’s not aggressive.

10:33 am Kevin and COdy
Cody saying he’s had some conversations and everyone is saying I really like Kevin.
Cody says he told Enzxo not to use the veto and go around telling people to keep him.
Cody – I think you’re going to be good

Kevin – I’m starting to realize people want to do what your wish is because you are the HOH. Oh my god Cody I’m going to be eternally in servitude. It really is a gesture and I’m serious about working with you
Cody – I have a genuine connection with you and I trust you
They start to talk about there being a “traffic way” on the other side of the wall. Feeds switch they get told to not talk about production

As Cody leaves
Kevin – thank you so much”
After Cody leaves
Kevin – was that real? I think that was real. I need to contribute a little bit more of a strategy to the conversation.
Kevin – that was a moment so I’m going to take it. I don’t remember being a crazy person like this in Season 112.. what happened.

Kevin spends a while talking to the camera.
Kevin – If I can get through this week y’all I want to f** sh1t up. This, we need to have sides this amorphous sh1t needs to stop I need it to be black and white I operate more black and white .. Good bad, I need to separate it. This is du,b this is not my game. My game is when it’s side that’s why I did well on season 11this is meant for super social people.
Kevin – Be charming invest in social energy you can do this.

11:06 am Bathroom Bayleigh and Ian
Ian says he left his job. Keesha whose also in their getting ready. Says she quit her job too.
Ian says he wanted a job more technical.
Bayleigh tells Ian he would do good at what “Chris” does.
Bayleigh – He’s a nerd is really into numbers. he’s really into the charts
Ian – I love charting
Bayleigh – he’s like the numbers don’t lie.
Bayleigh – his favorite one is the Fibonacci
They go on about this.. She says he trades forex and equities but he really likes the forex market he likes it’s a little bit volatile.. ”

11:11 am Tyler and Memphis
Memphis proposing an alliance.
Memphis – I’m thinking people that don’t’ have a prior connection, I’m thinking Dani, I’m thinking Cody because he socially can hold his own, At first, I was thinking Bayleigh but her connection with Da’Vonne is tight.
Memphis – Instead of Bayleigh I’m thinking NicoleF
Tyler – yeah I’m not sure how open working with Bayleigh will be because I burned her.
Memphis – then Chsiratmas
Tyler – she can hold her own
Memphis – it would be me you, Dani, Cody, Christmas, and NicoleF
Memphis – you are the first person I have talked to
Memphis says he’s going to branch off and talk to other people claims he hasn’t talked to anyone else about this. Adds he’ll talk to Dani first.
Memphis – I’m not going to mention your name I’m going to let her mentioned your name.
Memphis – TOmorrow I’m going to talk to NicoleF
Tyler – I’m in that sounds great

(Tyler is in an alliance with everyone)

11:17 am Tyler and Kaysar
Tyler says he just started being a vegan this year. Tyler says Angela was so good at planning these plant-based meals she wrote a cookbook.
Tyler explains his decisions to turn vegan, The Animal cruelty in the factory farms factor, the environmental factor, and Angela’s family always gave her a hard time for being one so he wanted to support her.
Chit chat about Tyler and Angela traveling since BB20 ended. Whistler, Mexico, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Greece, etc etc.
Kaysar says he lived in Dubai twice for 4 years in total. Kaysar goes over how he ended up working in Dubai. Brings up that when he came back from Dubai to visit he found out his dad had stage 4 lung cancer.
Kaysar – once I found out he had cancer I called my partners. I had everything there my apartment with Dubai you have to pay 1 year in advance.
Kaysar and Tyler talk about landmarks in Dubai for awhile.
Kaysar – they gave my dad 3 months to live and he made it! he’s not cancer-free but he’s stable now. it’s been three years now.

11:38 am NicoleF and Memphis
Memphis pitching his secret alliance with her being composed of 6 people that can hold their own socially.
Memphis – I was thinking you, Tyler, Cody, my original thought was Bayleigh but the more and more I see her with DA’Vonne
NF – they’re a pair and obvious pair. You don’t want to go in with a pair
Memphis – the other person is Dani
NF – I love Dani those are my favorites.
Memphis – the last person is Christmas
NF – I love Christmas, a Great crew. (Yeah a real dream team for us watchers)
Nf – I’m good with Ian
Memphis – it’s going to take trust because we won’t be sitting in the same room together.

Memphis – if you’re down
NF – yeah I’m down
Memphis – I’ll talk to Tyler today .. then I’ll say he’s good so you can have the conversation with him.
Memphis – I don’t know who is voting for who, to be honest, I don’t care.
NF – you’re closer to Keesha
Memphis – the way Keesha left this house before I put a knife in her back.

11:45 am Da’Vonne and Keesha
Da’Vonne asking where is Enzo’s vote
Keesha – he said he’s going with the house
Da’Vonne – Who the f** is the house
Keesha says she’ll talk to Bayleigh and Kessah needs to talk to Dani.
Keesha says it doesn’t matter what Cody thinks “he can’t vote or be HOH next week so his power is gone”

11:53 am Bayleigh and David.
Bayleigh telling him to stay close to Kayser “he’s got some plans that man”
Feeds flip to Enzo and Kevin in the Kitchen.

1:13 pm Feeds down for Veto Ceremony
1:57 pm feeds back Enzo didn’t use the VEto.

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I hope Keesha stays… also this next HoH is going to be huge for the dynamics of the game.


I wish Kaysar didn’t think Memphis was trustworthy. I’m hoping for a Kaysar, Janelle, NicoleA, Ian, (Keesha if she stays), da’vonne, and Bayleigh alliance, at least until they get the others out. I also wish Dani would get over her NicoleA and Janelle issue, I’d rather her be with these people than ratcole and Cody.


Couldn’t agree more!


So if Enzo hates Ian, why don’t they take Kevin down and put up Ian. Seems enough people would be ok with that. What is this old lady missing?
Also everyone flocking to poor baby bird, amusing.
Just saw Janelle on you tube interview, pre entrance to bb. Love that girl, would love it if she won.

another name

… If i’m going to have to watch danandderrick’s dynamic duo team up with dani, whinycole, taylortristantrevor tyler, and Labor day… and listen to them all talk in a group conversation, like, EVER:
I’m going to be needing that bucket they gave NicA last night.

In terms of group dynamic and everyone holding their own: Nicf not surgically attaching herself to someone she’s grouped with? Christmas not scooter strutting and being a bully bash ringleader when she feels a group dynamic she’s in swell against one person? I’d like to see that change…. because I don’t expect to.

(also, Cody talking about ANYbody pregame talking is rich. eyeroll. Cody went on about not knowing who Keesha was, not watching that season… so HOW does he know how Memphis played? It was the SAME season. Guessing the Bay/Janelle talked info came from some combination of Dani and Nicf. Because Dani seems to have a healthy dislike of Bayleigh, and Nicf definitely has a healthy dislike of Janelle – every time they have a conversation one peppers in something negative about either B/J).

I was heavily disliking the Dani, Nicf, Enzo and Cody group as a dynamic, but man that’s a picnic compared to the probable dynamic of this Memphis Cody led monstrosity.

Feeds Gold

tyler to everyone: “i’m in”


He’s going to throw his game away at this rate

All Stars???

Last time it got him 2nd place and America’s favorite.

Southern girl

I am not looking forward to seeing much more of Xmas.. hope she goes very early. And as much as I like Dani, her jealousy of Janelle is a bit much.

Golden Gate Granny

This is why “all girls” anything rarely works. Jealousy.

Inspire. Empower. Many women get it, most don’t. It always leads to better outcomes to lose the Big Green J in any scenario.

Southern girl

So true and so sad. I really wanted to see Janelle and Dani work together. It’s still possible I guess, I just don’t wanna see Janelle get burned again.

another name

Dani tells Enzo that Da’vonne turned on her alliance in her last season.
I’m confused.
I’m trying to remember:
My recollection is Da’vonne turned on her team (the newbies she was leading) after Jozea, Victor, and Paul told her they were targeting vets, and after she’d joined the 8 alliance.
Nicole was in an alliance with Da’vonne in week 6(?), even though they’d begun to suspect each other as being disloyal (in week 5) with Da’vonne sharing her concern with James and James squeeling to Nicole (who had become a closer alliance to Paulie and Cory, suspicious of Da’vonne). Nicole votes to evict Da’vonne after Paul and Paulie decided Da’vonne should leave instead of Brigette. Meech and what was her name started with a z were the only votes to save her.
In this case if Da’vonne turned on her alliance, isn’t Nicole equally guilty of turning?

Good thing Enzo doesn’t seem to have watched or thought about 18. Heck, he didn’t even know Nicole had won until this week. Good thing for Dani, that is.


Not to mention dani has no problems turning on alliances herself


The reality is Dae is loyal to her alliances… but her alliances are disloyal.

Enzo, is shady as hell. I would get Enzo out. He only wins when he cheats in a comp. The sketchy people in that house are all trusted, it is weird.


So many fake alliances and most of them involve Tyler!! Lol

Golden Gate Granny

Keesha will stay. This is All Stars demmit, not “whatever the house wants.” *evil eye*

Granny has spoken.

Feeds Gold

nicole a’s reads are so bad

and she has no cliff this time

another name

Is there an award this season for Veteran with the worst house dynamic read???
Da’vonne and Kevin are both gunning for Miss Congeniality, but right now NicA has the CROWN.


I’m just so glad Paul or Josh aren’t on this season.


I wish Paul was. I really like Paul.


No ? Cody is looking like a C.E.O on his grown man shit since he last played. Losing def bothered him. This season has a lot of my all time favs especially Danielle. Dayvon is my favorite person to listen to in this game, and I hope she doesn’t get emotional.


It’s nice when daddy gives him the company.


I would like to know why he wears girls’ jeans…is skin tight with holes in them the style with his generation or something?


Fantasizing about Nicole F being booted on a Janelle HOH ….. or, better yet , D’Vonne…….Ratcole gets more annoying by the day


Davonne can’t win a competition to save her life. In three season zero wins.