“oh my god are those condoms .. that’s hilarious”

Head of Household Winner – Holly
Have note are: Cliff, Nicole, and Jess get punishments
America’s Prankster – Nick
Nominations are: Christie & Nick
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Holly, Nick, Jackson, Jessica, Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto
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12:54 pm Jackson did not use the veto. Nominations stay at Christie and Nick. Nick is expected to be evicted.

1:05 pm Tommy and Jackson (planes overhead so parts are missed)
J – how are you feeling going into next week
T – taking it day by day. every day I’m scared.
T – my light is being dimmed with every person that goes out. I got to dig deep and find some new strength. HOw about you
J – Scared

T – it’s terrifying this game. You try not to be afraid of it. I have the same conversations with myself. This is a game the point of a game is to have fun. we play games in lif to have fun.
T – I find myself being scared and I’m trying to cut that out.
J – I’m having a blast. Alliances are f*ing shot
T – As far as I know there are no alliances.. which is crazy
J – Everyone has a plus one
T – I’m grateful being part of the group that ended up staying .. now we have more of an opportunity. with every person that goes out our odds increase.
Tommy brings up checking out the rule book to see how much money 3rd and 4th and 5th makes, “it’s 10, 75. 5 which is cool” (10 grand 7.5 grand and 5 grand)
J – on top of
T – Stipend
J – it is?
T – mmmhhmmm
feeds flip

When we’re back Jackson going on about not knowing what will happen if he doesn’t win HOH, “It’s scary”
J – In my books you’re good man
T – thanks same
Jackson goes on about never going after Tommy and how much he likes Tommy.

They go on to talk about Nick making a mistake with his prankster power saying he should have used it as leverage before going up. They chat about Nick campaign to get Jackson to use the veto on Christie and Nick would put anyone they choose-up.
Jackson says he wasn’t going to risk it Tommy could have gone up. “I would significantly rather you stay”
Nick – he never said names who he would want he said it can’t be you and Nicole
J – between you and him it’s a no brainer. I love the dude but.
T – he’s good Nick he really is.
Tommy says for all he knows Nick is in the DR saying “THis idiot I’m just flirting with him on purpose it’s all part of the act”
T – I wouldn’t be surprised if that happened.
Jackson doesn’t think that is happening.
T – we’re all here for yourself. we’re here to f*ing win we’re here to get as far as we can not only win to get as far as we can. 7 place sounds alot better than 9th place.

They start talking about the Double eviction. Tommy thinks the double has to be coming up.
J – Finale night there’s three people after this week we have 4 weeks left. That’s 4 evictions, 8 minus 4 that’s 3
T – ohh sh1t you’re right there’s no double eviction unless there’s jury battle back.. that’s nice

1:27 pm Nick, Tommy and Jackson
Nick was talking about being on Season 20 but doesn’t want to go into details “I don’t want to get into trouble”
Cliff joins them
Tommy – ohh look all the boys
Cliff – FInal 4 final 4

2:21 pm Christie, Jackson and Cliff
Christie offers them her ice-cold water.
Jackson – I have no bird I have no bush but I have water
Hard to hear the conversation with all the ambient noise.
Christie – I’m really lucky to be here guys
Jackson – same

3:01 pm Backyard Chit chat

Cliff is talking about this show that’s like the apprentice “a knock off. where these people were all competing to try and get an apprenticeship with this billionaire it was a lot like the apprentice except the guy was a complete a$$wipe just a jerk” (as opposed to the regular apprentices head guy)

3:08 pm Condom ballons
Nicole comments that they might not pop with so little water.


3:15 pm they draft Cliff “don’t hit anyone with a mic on”

Tommy – Ambush

Jessica – oh my god are those condoms .. that’s hilarious
Very few of the condoms break they end up tossing them around.

4:35 pm Nick and Nicole
Nick saying in the RV Tommy promised him he would vote for him to stay in the event he was up against Christie. “I’ll throw that at him when I campgain.. he’ll say he didn’t say it like that”
Nick about Tommy “F* em”

Nick – I’ll walk right by Tommy and I’ll walk right by Cliff.
Nick – I’ll hug, Holly, Michie, and Jess. I respect Nicole she’s got my back. Christie, Tommy, and Cliff don’t deserve it
Nicole – I feel like I’m not seeing the big picture here.
Nick – if they survive next week without one of them winning they’re probably both going to get to final 3. so next week will be the holy
Nick – last week was the Holy one for me I needed Sis to stay. Needed it. Absolutely needed it.
Nick – I’m going to throw the f*ing prankster thing in Cliff’s face when I campaign .. he literally told me to my face that his Christie was the target. What kind of man are you if you don’t stick to your word
Nick – If I literally stay I literally have your back and them two
Nicole – pitch that to them as well
Nick – toxic a$$ Christie stays in this game. She’s got no one’s back bro. She’s lying on everything. I don’t get why people don’t see right through it
Nick – I’m going to guilt-trip Tommy bad in my f*ing campaign

Nick – Tommy, Supposed to have jack’s back voted him out, Sussposed to have Sis’ back voted her out. Supposed to have my back voted me out. there are 3 jury votes their BIG DOG.. are you loyal to anyone
Nick – if she makes it to the end she’ll beat the majority of people.. Escape the block 3 times. One of the best vote flips in the f*ing game that I’ve seen (Congrats production)

Nick – I’m not going to fault her for them being so f*ing stupid and not see what she was f*ing doing. If they’re that f*ing dumb than She deserves to win.
Nick – right now Michie is the clear winner.. like I say one of them is going to get taken out or one of them will win
Nick – if Michie wins you’re good with Michie there’s no way (Wins HOH) He’ll put up Christie and Cliff.. or Tommy and Cliff

5:21 pm Christie and Jess
Christie – I hope this week goes smooth I really do It’s his time. If something does happen to keep him I just feel like the integrity of the game is f*ed up (ZOMG)
Christie – that just means like something up there just wants to continue to see him play people and that just like takes away like.. the umm.. the.. it takes away the triumph of getting someone out that is playing well. It leats him coast to the end
Christie – I do hope if there’s more prank things or twists it still allows this week to go the way it’s supposed to like things have to eventually catch up to you in this game.
Jess can’t understand why Nick got the prankster.
Christie – I can see it from a lot of different angles.

Christie about Nick getting prankster – I could see it being divine intervention to spice things up (AKA production)
Jess – I’m just so pissed right now I haven’t been called into the Diary room. Nobody cares about what Jessica thinks (you’re right)
Christie – I do but maybe I’m biased cause I love you..
Jess – I have not been in the DR since yesterday morning (AHAHAHAH)
Jess – Nicole has already been in there three times that’s enough for Nicole to get on the block)
Jess – get the f* outta here
Christie – she’s really close to Nick and he’s a nom

Christie – I have a theory and it’s literally just a theory that she is…
Feeds cut .. to HOH where Jackson, Holly, and Nicole are chatting

6:00 pm Christie and Tommy
T – I don’t know what’s going to happen this next week
C – it’s going to be fine. It’s just .. umm .. I mean Big moves gotta be made now its time.
T – who’s going to be the one that does it
C – I have no problem doing it
T – really?
C – This is a game. I don’t have any deals with anyone. I’m out my contract now it’s been a week
T – that’s really good
(AHHAH she’s going after Jackson)
C – I feel goo with Cliff

T – I really hate that Nick is leaving
C – I know and it’s my fault.
T – no it’s not

6:30 pm Christie, Holly and Jackson
C – I feel like he’s the type of player that develops close close close bonds with people that also will in the same breath savagely vote against them. Look at Jack, Look at Sis.
C – I feel he will do what’s best for his game.
J – After this week could very well see the block
C – well yeah I feel it would be me or Tommy
Jackson explains he meant if Tommy wins HOH he would see the block.
C – I disagree… I don’t think so then again I literally don’t talk game with Tommy it’s so weird.. ever since Jack left we’ve stopped talking game. Honestly, it breaks my heart
C – yet I know he’s smart game-wise. He’s always feared Cliff that’s one thing I know..
Jackson thinks Tommy thinks he’s on his own and is like “F* it I’m going to get them back” because they took out Nick, Sis
C – I don’t know I really didn’t think of it because during the entire division he was all about Michie and Holly
C – I think because Nick is here he’s gravitated to Nick but once Nick is gone he’ll come back
Holly – I hope so

7:19 pm Clowns are appearing behind the mirrors.

7:50 pm Food prep

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Who was it that said the biggest Prank will be that there is no elimination this week? I’m worried this is true.


we can only hope! I’m so tired of “respecting the HOHs choice” on who to evict! They are killing me! Holly/Michie are dominating this game, they all need to rally against them


I don’t want a reset… but otherwise there’s no double eviction! That’s my favorite thing 🙁

An ornery mouse

I have no idea whether it’s true….. but thinking about it from Production’s standpoint:

Who in a reset week gets screwed the hardest? The HOH, because that person has to put 2 (maybe 3 if veto) people on the block, none of whom leave the game.

So how could Production mitigate some of that unearned damage to the HOH? They could select another player via fan vote and offload half of the HOH’s responsibility for the week to that person. Now no single houseguest is taking the full brunt of the reset twist….. and everyone is allowed to play in the reset HOH. Also, they get to add one of their beloved double evictions to the schedule.

I don’t know, just a thought. I hope it’s not true.


When they did the reset in season 16, the same people played in the HoH as the week prior. Which means Jackson wouldn’t play if they followed the same rules this time. I believe it was a rewind and they played the same comps. I could be fuzzy as I have a real hard time remembering what happened in that boring season.

An ornery mouse

Yeah, I don’t really remember either. I just remember that big-ass button and Frankie wanting to push it, and Derrick not really wanting to.


I’m starting to appreciate Jesse’s game. I think she is smarter than she makes us believe.

I predict her for the win and AFP


Who’s Jesse?


Jessie Fessie

Cotton Weary


decent troll post

Christy is Queen

I think you meant to say you appreciate Christy’s game


So right! Jess’ game is soooooo incognito that production doesn’t want to interview her even after kissing their stars Christie’s butt. Most of the house made fun of her for being last to know everything in the house. Yeah her game is fresh!! NOT


What are you smoking????


OMG Hahahahahah .. For a Minute I thought you said Jess as in Jessica…. LMAOOOOOOOOOOOOOO NOT!!!


Seek help, because if that’s what you believe you definitely need it.

An ornery mouse

Now that the veto ceremony is done, hopefully we’ll see some gameplay ramp up.

Nick has an out, he just needs to sell Tommy up the river…. really hoping he does so. And he needs to be in Holly & Jackson’s faces stressing the threat of the Christie – Tommy – Jess triumvirate that will be coming for their heads. Whereas if Nick stays, he can sell to them that he and Jess will still be gunning for each other.

J e t s jets jets jets

Nothing is going to matter. As I said a few days ago this is prank week. The only way they can have a double elimination without having a battle back is to make this week a prank and start all over.


It is only Monday. I hope someone can flip the vote and Christy is sent packing this week. Last week was a waste. Time to let her annoy the Jury House. Nick can go next week, more people will want him out, no conflict of interest. (Looking at you Tommy, and you Nicole).

Ovi's tongue

I guess they don’t make rubbers like they used to.


Did Cliff just say “Final 4” with Jackson, Tommy, himself and… *NICK*??

Ooph, that must’ve hurt Nick.

another name

Is Nick flirting with Tommy as game? Yes. Of course he is. It’s the same reason he jumped into a showmance with Bella. Same reason he was still flirting and cuddling with Sis. Think Alison of season 4. It’s textbook. Doesn’t mean he dislikes any of them, just that he thinks he can play on their emotions to get further in the game. It’ why he became five times more physical and suggestive with Tommy the moment he hit the block. The edit will never show you, but he’s doing it to psychologically manipulate.
Is it better for Jackson to want Nick out? Maybe. while he is already the most physical player, that line of thinking for target is fixed. There would be no removing it. Is it better to take out someone else that does well in physical comps (when they aren’t throwing… call it not giving your best effort all you want, that’s throwing)? Yes. It makes physical comps pretty much a cake walk.
Is it better for Holly to want Nick out? Yes. She’s already targeted him before. for the sake of resume, leaving in her target for a second time is an error. Neither Nick or Christie is trustworthy, but more of the house believes Christie to be untrustworthy than Nick.
In order to play the middle ground they are attempting to set up with their deal with Cliff and Nicole, and their presumed deal with Christie and Tommy? Far better to get Nick out. it keeps Tommy and Nicole from flipping sides to Nick.
Even if Christie survives: would anyone vote for her if she ever made it to the end? With these houseguests making up the jury? Christie would lose against everyone because the jury doesn’t respect her. The jury shares that with the viewers. She is very difficult to like.
Should Nicole voice her thoughts of keeping Nick to Cliff? No. Cliff might foolishly tell Jackson and Holly. Doubt is a bad thing in Big brother alliances, and Holly is already having small doubts about Nicole.

Ovi's tongue

I wonder if that is the first time Nicole has handled a condom?


Ovi’s Tongue, your just bad. LOL

Ovi's tongue

Just asking the questions we all want answered.


Would that be weird? I don’t think that would be odd.


Hahahaha I told everyone Christie is going after jackson after this week…. I hope she succeeds because jackson and holly are morons and deserve it. The only thing that will save jackson now is the fact he has a chance to win every comp that is played.


I don’t know if I believe any of these people when they say they are throwing these hoh comps. If they are they’re good actors.

another name

I can believe that Sis and Nick threw slip and slide. he went out sprint knowing it was a marathon, she has more athleticism than to run in one spot.
I can believe that Jack threw the wires endurance comp.
I can believe that Tommy has thrown 80% of the comps he’s been in.
When they discuss that not giving 100 percent in a comp (phoning it in) isn’t the same as throwing, I disagree.

another name

Production searches for a hybrid bird clown costume to have some p.a. wear into the house after lights out especially for Nicole…
oh you know it’s coming.
Or they just give Holly the old buzzard a feather scarf to wrap around her neck.

another name

How are we supposed to tell the difference between clowns behind the glass and clowns playing big brother?


Dayum!! Looks like Christie is going to use Tommy to take the Jackson shot. Jackson sealed his fate even more the minute he opened his mouth to Christie n mentioned being scared Tommy would put him up. She’ll cook that into a reason to put Jackson up. She got the bait! Jackson took it Hook line and sinker.
Dont do it Tommy!. Play your own game. Dont let her convince you that her deals off with them so she can jump back to u!!! (Even though that’s her plan)
Plus shes STILL calling Nick out.
Nick was all hugging Tommy n nibbling on his ear. Christie’s says “stop molesting him”
Tommy’s response? It’s not molesting if u want it!
Three more days to game. We need something good!
We need a BB eviction day miracle to get this chick Christie out!

Allie’s Mom

Obviously Jackson and Tommy weren’t math majors. Jackson said “Finale night there’s three people after this week we have 4 weeks left. That’s 4 evictions, 8 minus 4 that’s 3.”


LMAO…. I saw that too!!!


And again I say…H/J flaming idjuts! Can’t see how boldly & badly Christie lies…get her out

another name

When was the last time Holly and Jackson spent an entire day out of their ivory tower HOH? When was the last time they had a game conversation with both Christie and Tommy… at the same time? For all they know, the bond with Nick may be tighter. They believed it was last week. The problem with shacking up in the HOH so often and so long: you miss the interactions going on in the game. Notice the week Nick won, and he and Bella barely got out of bed. They missed everything going on in the house around them. A wary HOH would only use that room for sleep, be the first person awake every morning to see what’s going on, stay downstairs for the entire day every day, and be the last person to go to sleep.


So if finale is September 25th that means we have 5 weeks left, if there’s one eviction each week wouldn’t that still leave room for a double eviction? Unless they just add another eviction episode sometime in that last week.

another name

there are eight people in the house. eviction on 29th brings us to 7. eviction on 5th brings us to 6. evction on 12th brings us to 5. eviction on 19th brings us to 4. Then they usually have a special eviction on the saturday (the 21st this year) that is televised on the sunday episode on the 22nd. leading us to top 3 vying for the hoh between 22nd and the 25th with the last person evicted on the 25th at the finale.
There is no room in terms of weeks remaining and number of current house guests to have a double eviction unless this week is a prank with an instant style hoh in one night, or bringing someone back.


You have just described the scenario that heavily makes me predict that this prank week will be just exactly what we’ve been worried will happen…that no one goes home this week and there WILL be a double eviction. CBS doesn’t want to lose the added revenue that results from double evictions shows bring them. “Follow the Money” is always a good avenue of thought when trying to make predictions about a variety of scenarios, but in Big Brother it is a heavy clue. I can’t remember a season lately that didn’t have a double eviction. IMO, it’s happening. God, I hope that Christie goes home in the double, somehow someway! Another poster has called her a cockroach and it’s so accurate because no matter how she’s caught, stomped on, or disliked…she manages to crawl back to life and they have to take another swat at her.

Franks fumes

Blockhead/Buzzard are ripe for the block after this disappointing week…..Crusty is low key setting this up for the upcoming week with Tommy. Production is probably tired of Holly’s constant complaining on the feeds about her “character” being questioned. Maybe you should have considered the optics of this gross trifecta when you were dropping your granny drawers for Blockhead 24 hrs after he had sex with Kat………it’s just nasty lol.

another name

They’ve lulled themselves into thinking being the showmance means everyone wants to make a deal with them instead of target them. Except Tommy, because they are taking his fauxmance out.
Was it even 24 hours…. i thought it was more like 10.

Franks fumes

The old buzzard loves her leftovers….

another name

the poor stepford buzzard.


Woah! Check out that screen grab of Christie sitting on the backyard couch. There’s a mirror directly behind her and you can see a hand almost over her mouth. That hand isn’t shown in the real picture. Reckon it belongs to one of her spirit messengers trying to get her to shut the hell up?!


Omgoodness that’s freaky! Great observation

Good Catch

Good Catch .. How the heck did you see that.. LOL


The mirror on the wall is tilted down so the angle distorts placement but it does look like someone’s trying to shut her up.

Julie Hansen

I’ve watched this show long enough to know when production has interfered. They want Christie to stay because she’s big on drama and everyone outside the house hates her. I can’t stand it when they do this. She is obnoxious and Nick does not deserve to go home this week with her staying.


Nick is such a nasty little pervert.


Bendy too