Power of Veto Ceremony results “I do feel like a mastermind a little bit “

Head of Household Winner – Nicole
Nominations – Christmas and Memphis
Power of Veto holder – Nicole
Power of Veto Ceremony – Nicole did not use the power of veto.
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11:36 am Christmas and Nicole
Nicole – I’m freaking out I don’t know what to do I’m literally still trying to talk things out. I do know that Enzo said he will keep you no matter what. Do you feel comfortable with that or no? Do you trust him?
Christmas – There’s parts of me really trust him but I’ve seen him say whatever he needs to say to the person and the only thing is. Depending on the level of you wanting to keep me.. I feel like that’s a really big risk.
Nicole – UGH I do believe him that’s the crazy thing. You should talk to him .
Christmas – he’s downstairs
Nicole – go talk to him
Christmas leaves..
Nicole – SOS Big brother.. What are you doing to me I’m losing my mind jeeze Luise
Nicole- I do feel like a mastermind a little bit

12:12 pm Feeds on pound puppies.

1:00 pm Feeds return
Christmas – I’m going to enjoy some sunshine..

1:00 pm Nicole and Cody
Nicole – she’s insulting me while she’s trying to manipulate me..
Cody – brilliant play
Nicole – she said sorry a couple of times.. she’s so pushy..
Cody says now the dialog will change it’s going to be Christmas telling Enzo they need to split up Cody and Nicole
Cody goes on about Christmas saying Nicole and Cody are a duo.
Cody says he doesn’t trust Memphis at all “HE’s a snake”
Cody says Christmas is not a threat to him.
Cody says the competition wins for Christmas this season was because of people throwing it to her. Except for that one VETO win
Cody – go be sitting here making yourself out to be this like incredible competition player like you’re not. Memphis does well in comps
Nicole brings up Memphis thinking he’s going to stay.
Cody says he has no clue what is going on. “go to jury get that party started”
Cody says Memphis arrogance is irritating
Nicole – he’s gotta go but both drive me nuts.
Nicole says they tried to get Cody backdoored but thankfully she won the HOH and it fell on deaf ears.
Nicole – imagine getting out up twice on a triple and having two people turn on you
Nicole asks him if he was HOH who would he want out?
Cody – Memphis
Nicole says Memphis whole pitch to her was that he wants to take her to the final 3 because he thinks he can beat her.
Nicole adds about Christmas saying to her if she keeps Memphis over Cody she id guaranteed final three because she is the worst.
Cody – what a slap ion the face
Nicole says she hasn’t done much. “I have but I haven’t”
Nicole goes on about playing some deadly game this season and how she didn’t win comps but played other aspects. Points out that they set her up to survive the triple and she did. “That’s impressive”
Nicole – the odds were not in our favour not one time in this house.. (ZOMG)

1:00 pm Christmas jokes that she will steal the veto..

1:16 pm Nicole and Cody
Agreeing they’re taking each other final 2.

1:18 pm Jerry was right

2:33 pm Christmas and Memphis
Memphis – are you going to start campaigning tomorrow?
Christmas – nope
Memphis – what do you mean no. You better.
Christmas – whatever they have in their heads is already on their heads.
Memphis- you got to at least talk to them
Christmas – there’s no campaign to have
Christmas says they had all the conversations to have before the veto meeting.
Memphis – we missed the mark with us both being in jury
They laugh
Christmas – not smart..
Memphis – to raise hell. Hey mother f***ers
Christmas – neither one of us will be any fun for them.
Memphis – ohh f** no
Christmas says the people she likes the most this season are still in the game.

3:00 pm

4:30 pm

5:51 pm feeds are on pound puppies.

6:34pm Pounds kittens

7:00pm pound kittens
8:15pm Nothing but kitties..

9:10pm Feeds return for just enough time for Nicole to say – I love you Victor. I love you Mom. I love you Dad. I love Jessie. Then Big Brother blocks the feeds again.

9:17pm HOH room. Nicole talking to the feeders. All four cams. Nicole – They needed their space. Cody has been real quiet. I am just letting him have his time. He’s been real quiet and I think he has been studying maybe. He studies in his head which is why I think he has been by himself because we think the next veto will be days. So he’s been studying. Then Memphis has been really pleasant even though I put him on the block. Christmas has been really pleasant even though I put her on the block. Honestly, yes.. everyone has been really pleasant lately. Do I get annoyed sometimes .. absolutely. Am I annoying .. absolutely. Am I going to be upset if people say I am annoying and I am this and I am this .. no because I am and I can be. Its fine. I guarantee everyone in this house was annoyed by me at some time. She then talks about the evicted house guests. David one of my favorite people. Ian was exactly how I thought he would be and I loved spending time with him. Day, I loved Day. She has the best personality hands down. Bay is so so so so sweet. She is very sweet. NicoleA was very sweet. Dani I love Dani. Love, love, love Dani. Kaysar was really nice. He had kind eyes. Enzo and Cody are great. Tyler and I didn’t vibe much. I thought we would but we didn’t. I just didn’t trust him. Keesha was super super sweet. That’s about it right!? Big Brother blocks the feeds.

10:51pm Kitchen. Enzo and Nicole.
They’re talking about how hard it is to get onto big brother. Enzo – you just have to keep trying and trying. Nicole – its not that they don’t like you, its that you don’t.. Enzo – you don’t gel with this years cast. Nicole heads up to the HOH room.

11:08pm Big Brother blocks the feeds again..

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That was probably the last chance to get rid of Cody (if someone else wanted to win the $500k). He has played a respectable social game and been the comp beast of the season. Everyone else is now playing for second place. (just my opinion)

Denise Beuford

I think Cody may get the bitter vote as Paul did. If he’s next to Nicole or Christmas yes but nit Enzo. Enzo Social game was HELLUVA.


Don’t think the “all stars” will vote bitter. These are not your Matts (S19) and Chef Joes (S14)

Game fan

unless christmas can win the next 2 hohs (actually is not toooo out of reach) or the pov when enzo is hoh.


Hope Enzo wins but he hasn’t been good at comps. Maybe if they do a “Lose The Hair” comp, it will happen.

Game fan

j.c won the final 4 hoh. its usually some questions that no one really knows
and they guess.


He has played one of the best games I have ever seen. What makes it even more impressive? This is freaking All STAR.


nothing impressive about these so called “All Stars”


I totally agree. It’s unbelievable to watch the so-called all stars let that happen. Since no one has the guts to play to win, he hands down deserves it.


I agree with this. These boobs have known since nearly the very beginning (wall yeller #1) that Nicole and Cody were a pre-established duo. The fact they sat back and picked off the “other side” instead of immediately taking out Cody or Nicole is absurd. Memphis (3x), Tyler (2x), Christmas and Dani (1x each) had the chance to put Cody and Nicole up on the block together – but none of them took their shot. So they’ll all most likely end up in jury and Cody/Nicole will take the top two spots. While I’m so beyond disappointed at this season…so unbelievably boring and predictable…these “All Stars” have no one but themselves to blame for letting it happen.


Exactly!!! Like my grandpa always said “work smart, not hard”. So why in the heck would someone leave all of the strong players to battle at the end?
The strong players would have left the house first, and then the winners.
So Enzo, the wall yellers did nothing for ya?
What about Cody & Nicole talking about their Mom’s talking to each other; nothing?
What about Cody & Nicole never mentioning putting one another on the block; still nothing?


nicole must be happy with 2nd place , if she wanted to win 1st she would’ve had to take a shot at Cody


Whiney nicole never takes the shot. She sits in other players shadows. Nicole thinks shes a master mind HARDLY. Cody will be laughing all the way to the bank. Nicole is such a scatter brain. Enzo, the yoyo meow coaster never did anything memorable. A sad BB Allstar season just sad.


To be honest, for some reason I think their pre-gaming had other deals in place. Like how they will divide the money. Lol. On the live feeds, Cody keeps saying I wonder what Derrick is saying right now.

John alfred McNally



As Julie says, “All the votes are in. Let us give the news to the house guests. Houseguests, the votes are in. When I reveal the vote, the evicted houseguest will have just a few moments to say goodbye, gather his or her belongings and walk out the front door. And remember, you are leaving the big brother bubbles, so please put on your mask, when you exit, By a vote of 2 – 0, Memphis you are evicted from the big brother house”. 🙂


PLEASE blindside Memphis!


Its not a blindside he is expecting it


Usually at the end of the BB season we are in now, there are soooo many great post to read and discuss. Not this time, apparently the curse of 2020 hit the BB house too!

I am so disappointed this year


Players came in alliance up …not excited


I think that is what ruined it for me. It would have been nice if they signed the DNA as soon as they got the call they were entering the house, it would have brought some surprise. Maybe also only let players that have played once to go in, less likely to know as many of the HG.

Guy From Canada

They do. I signed one for bbcan and there is fines if you break their no disclosure agreement.

Where’s Janelle

Nicole proved herself to be an
All-Star Big Brother player and that her win in Big Brother 18 wasn’t a fluke.

Pajama Boy

By not taking a shot at Cody she proved that she needs to be carried to survive in the game.


Cody is getting rid of Memphis for playing the same way — making multiple F2s and being a “snake.”

He won’t get Memphis’ vote after this.

And when he cuts Enzo, same thing will happen. Nicole is going to win this because they let her survive a triple. So stupid to keep her around. Now she’s winning comps after throwing them for a month.

The Beef

Memphis will vote for Cody because Cody deserves to win. Memphis is a gamer and gamers recognize game. Enzo will do the same thing. There’s no way he votes for either Christmas or Nicole to win over Cody.

And there’s still three comps to play in which everybody plays (except Nicole in the next HOH). I expect Cody will probably win two of those three comps, further padding his competition win total. Is Nicole winning an individual timed comp at this point in the season really a surprise to anyone, when she needed to do so in order to protect the production favored fair haired child? I don’t think so. I think she threw the OTEV comp when only Cody and Enzo were left in it, but that’s about the only one she truly threw, as she didn’t like coming this far without any comp wins, and she made that point very clearly known.

She may win because she has friends in the jury (Ian, Dani, DaVonne and Cody), but only if Cody slips up and gets “clipped”, and even then she’s going to have to find a vote somewhere to beat Enzo. Christmas, yeah, she may beat her, because nobody likes her, but I can’t see her beating Cody, and I don’t really see her beating Enzo. It would be really sad if she does after doing nothing until this week in that house.


I wonder what the preseason deal is. I have no faith in the integrity of these people and I would not be shocked to find out there was a splitting of the money agreement among the alliance.

Houka Inumuta

Wasn’t I right?

I called it!

Pajama Boy

Nostrahouka. Are you predicting the sun to come up in the morning?




could nicole be any more delusional?? She’s in for a surprise when she gets out, Karma!

Bb fan

Nicole is great at Big Brother- it is undeniable how good she is at playing this game.

Pajama Boy

She is the new Victoria.


Victoria had better hair.

Where’s Janelle

Well if you remember Victoria had serious hair extensions that literally made her head hurt causing her scalp to bleed because she wouldn’t take them out so I guess not…

Bb fan

Nicole being referred to Victoria as a player is completely wrong and insane!

Nicole won the HOH And Veto this week to take out Memphis.

That is something that Victoria couldn’t even comprehend!

Victoria was worse at competitions than Davonne! And a reminder it took Davonne three seasons to win a single competition.
Victoria Only won a Veto because Caleb the 1st place finisher in the soccer knock out Veto competition decided to take $5,000 as his first place prize instead taking the Veto. While Nicole won 3 HOHs in BB 16.

Victoria was a coaster who had zero agency and strategy, and truly no idea that she was playing BIG BROTHER!

The Beef

Keep on padding Nicole’s competition history. Nicole actually won ONE HOH in BB 16 as the first two were when they had duel HOH’s in the first part of the season (one male and one female) and one ended up being dropped during the week, which Nicole was both times, so she didn’t end up being HOH those two times. Hell, she even ended up getting nominated and voted OUT during the second one, so how can you claim she won HOH that week? I’ll provide the link to Wikipedia where you can clearly see Nicole’s name being struck through during those two weeks, so she didn’t end up being the HOH.

Your description of Victoria being a coaster who had zero agency and strategy fits Nicole very nicely. I’ll admit she knows how to surround herself with meat shields, lay low and do nothing so that she’ll be dragged along by those who know they can beat her. But she’s so far behind in this game, the only way she can win it is by sitting next to Christmas, who seems to be universally disliked by everyone, except for maybe Memphis and Tyler, and we both know there’s no way she intentionally ends up sitting next to Christmas in the finale.


Bb fan

Nicole was still HOH…
Nicole only got voted out because production stepped in and screwed her so that Caleb couldn’t mess with Frankie to throw the competition.

Your obviously the biggest Nicole hater I’ve ever seen to think that Nicole is anywhere near the level that Victoria is as a game player is utterly insane! Thus proves that you are completely inept when it comes knowing Big Brother!

The Beef

Hahahaha – So you’re saying Nicole was the HOH in the week she got nominated and voted out of the house and in the same post say I’m inept when it comes to knowing Big Brother? Son, I hate to tell you, but you can’t get nominated and voted OUT when you are the HOH! It just can’t happen! The HOH is is safe from nomination and cannot be voted out of the house PERIOD, so your argument that Nicole was HOH that week is completely null and void. And if she wasn’t HOH that week, it means she wasn’t HOH the previous week when there were duel HOH’s and she was eliminated as well, which means she won only ONE HOH in Season 16. Read it and weep – facts are facts and revisionist history isn’t going to change that. She’s only good at the meat shield game and playing the “I suck so please drag me to final 2 so you can win game”. Victoria is the perfect person to compare her too.

Bb fan

Julie’s own words in the live show (during big brother 16 and 17) the HOH can still go home !!! Those two seasons had an exception!

It’s been well-established that the chain game is easier to do as a solo person rather than having a partner.
Nicole only left because production interfered literally physical people from production came out during the Battle on the Block and made Caleb sit out and not throw the chain game competition with FRANKIE that is
WELL KNOWN and Zach Rance from BB 16 himself on YouTube even mentions it go look it up with his interview with Kat Dunn because that’s what happened!

I laugh at how much you don’t know this game because you’re obviously a complete jackass to think that Nicole is near the level of player that Victoria is that’s my point at how inept you are literally as I said before because you think Nicole is a level of player as Victoria!!?!?? If that is what you believe then you are a buffoon that is tripping on some serious acid !!! And it’s obvious with every bleeding garbage post that you use it couldn’t be more blatant that you’re upset that Nicole is still there and can’t recognize that it’s impressive as a former winner to still be there and have a chance again with 4 people left!

You are completely ignorant when it comes to big brother!
Nicole has won MULTIPLE COMPETITIONS at DIFFERENT points IN ALL 3 OF HER SEASONS to take people out and to think that you’re saying this garbage when just this week Nicole won the HOH AND VETO to take out Memphis.
The fact that you can’t even see that that Nicole is doing that right now and realize that Victoria couldn’t even comprehend something like that proves that you are an adolescent little child who doesn’t know sh!t!
As James Said himself Nicole would Smoked you like cigarette if you played against her in big brother!

Seriously tho

I don’t understand why Nicole doesn’t get more credit for her game play. Nicole just survived a triple (on the block!) and then won two difficult comps in a row because she knew she needed to win. Nicole may be dislikable, but she is good at this game.

Where’s Janelle

Nicole dominated BB 18 – Nicole was never in danger not one time of going home in BB 18 – kept herself and her number one ally safe until final 4, and this season Nicole is proving why she is an All-Star and one of the best to ever play this game.

Nicole’s survival As former winner in the triple eviction to survive the block twice and not get sent home over a player in David (16th Place last season) especially as a former winner while Christmas and Tyler exposed themselves with a vote and nomination (To some extent Memphis exposed himself putting Nicole up as a nomination with 8 people left and lying about the wise guys to her). To do that an be in great position she is in now and after the week she has had to take out a Huge Fish/Great player in Memphis. Proves that Nicole has remarkable gameplay!

Nicole is great at this game because she knows how position herself by keeping bigger targets in front of her so she doesn’t get evicted while be able to leverage numbers in the house so she doesn’t get taken out!

A prime example of this is how Nicole leverages people that go against her.
Though she might talk negative about houseguests behind their back to her allies – Nicole is great at keeping face and not blowing up on people face to face! This plays to Nicole’s advantage that they made a move against her and Nicole jumps on the opportunity to get sympathy and position herself in a better placement in the house than the individuals that want her out and made moves against her.
Nicole keeps face with those people to better her game potentially using them for later or gather enough allies to take the people out that wanted her gone- further proof that Nicole has remarkable gameplay.

If people still can’t recognize that Nicole is great at Big Brother, then they are blinded by their own hatred for her!

Jan Nan

Nicole can thank Cody for everything you just pointed out. Anytime her name was mentioned Cody talked them out of it. I never saw Nicole try to save herself except to whine and cry during the triple, and that is fact. She even said she would not go to jury. I don’t respect that type of game play. She comes off like she thinks she’s too good to go to jury. Every game she’s played in she hid behind a man. I guess that can be a strategy, but it’s the “ being drug to the end strategy.”

Vic luvs coins

She is only still there because of Cody, not great game play more Pre game thanks to Derrick.


These players came in alliance up ..It was not fun watching ..The only karma that can come at the end even if Cody makes it final two give it to someone else

Miss Impression

Please God(Grod) never do another all-stars.


There have been some bad seasons, but this is the first time we are actually rooting for the season to just end


Cody is acting superior but out of he’s left he deserves to win. I think Enzo is a close second if they actually get Cody out. If these people know the game at all they will try and take Christmas(even though it pains me to say this as I don’t like Christmas) to the end I think all would beat her even Nicole. I think that’s probably what Nicole’s thinking being nice to her.


Someone…anyone….better put Cody on the block next week or the week after and send him out the door sayin…”Go on to jury Codes…and get that party started.”


The HoH comp was rigged! For oh Winnie Nicole to win! Just watch it ! An guess what they knew that if Memphis or Christmas won Nicole an Cody was going up! Just sad ! At they way they have this season set up for her or Cody to win! Not to mention that they had a pre game alliance before!


I was like “her pumpkins don’t bounce like the rest…are they weighted?”

Jan Nan

I said the same thing. Everybody else’s pumpkins were bouncing out at the slightest bump, but hers were not. This game is a ghost of what it use to be and they are straight up playing us.

Frankie’s Pink Shorts

I have to say this. It’s stupid that Julie’s NOT wearing a mask and the houseguests are. It should be the other way around. She’s the one out in the world and therefore possibly infectious, whereas we know the houseguests are COVID-. Virtue signaling over science?


I’ve been saying that all season! It makes zero sense!


I said it everytime an eviction happens!! Zero sense!

Tom is a Canuck

Plexiglass for both would be best since talking is hard through a mask. Use a mask before and after the plexiglass for both.

Tammie Davidson

I wonder when they switch out the table


I feel that Cody should win. He has great gameplay. But if everyone left he deserves it the most. Memphis is cocky, Enzo thinks he rules the house, I like Christmas but she is just not winning a whole lot, and Nichole……..she has this week where she’s done really anything. She won the game already. Even her season I do t think she deserved to win. Cody is the better player.


Cody got flopped the nuts this season just like Boston Rob of Survivor did a few seasons ago.


That was 19 seasons ago but he did have a very favorable cast. I think the idea was for both sides to have tractable casts so Russell and Boston Rob could go head to head in the post merge. Russell’s group was a little more independent and tossed him early leaving Rob with an easy score.

another name


What a load of absolute crap.
So much tinkly piano. UUUUGH.
So much ego. Yeesh.
Too much. And way too much frog in a trash compactor D/R.
I lasted for 27 minutes of the episode… before it struck me just how much I truly dislike these people. Four out of five are me absolute least favorites of the season, the other one was centre of the pack at best.
Otherwise… D/R was twenty types of scripted crap. Yay? That’s the bright spot.
One of my least favorite episodes this season, and for a completely different reason than usual, It isn’t because it was too unlike the feeds (my usual complaint), but because I just don’t like them… and it’s closer to the reality than most of the other episodes.. but I still find them really unlikeable.
The bathroom scene. Okay. Bathroom etiquette for a state under a water advisory… you know what real bathroom etiquette would have been? One person in the shower not running both showers at the same time? You know… for water conservation?
Will Nicf complain and whine about the hoh letter the way she did in the house? Nope. Oh.
Instead we get the whole Nicf would never repeat what Grinchmas says, because Nicf isn’t sneaky like that…. until Cody enters the room and Grinchmas leaves edit.
Foot stalker story.
Memphis offers a deal. His lack of ability to see another person’s point of view is troubling. He thought he was making a good deal.
For the sixth time we have Nicf mentioning she’s won before (then she shouldn’t have needed production help this season….ooh wait, that’s how she won last time, so of course she did).
We know the noms.
Memphis talks about work he put in? between his two HOH’s… i thought it was possible He’d left the house for days at a time. Work?
Grinchmas talks about not feeling good about being on the block. Gee. And I was entertained by the thought of her going on the block.
This episode didn’t make me like any of them any more or any less than I did before the episode began.


Nicole doesn’t deserve the HoH or being in the final 5


wow eroyic pix of Christmas and Memphis, looks like Memphis wants most!! lol


erotic pix

Barney Rubble

Simon has really outdone himself with the Christmas layout this post. Well done Simon. I had to take the batteries out of my smoke alarm because Xmas is so hot.


It’s OFFICIAL! I’m r-r-rrah-rroo-rrroootttING for Christmas! (Hard to get out! lol) I AM! SOB I hope she makes it far and sits Final 2 and she takes it! Hope she can win HOH next time in order to cement a Final 3. If only CBS were to show this redemption arc for Xmas instead of still forcing Nicole’s whiny, neurotic, damsel sideshow on to us.

All puff and no stuff

Lol I’m with ya. You really don’t want to root for her, and you won’t root fir anyone else. Somewhere in my head the conspiracy elves are thinking that as soon as production knows who we like they take them out so we watch to see their nemesis get theirs. They don’t and we watch hoping. So close your ears production I’ve decided to root for Christmas to take Cody out. She can take Nichole out too. Cody first.


Totally agree. At this point, she would be the only saving grace for this season. Especially just to rub it in their faces.

Tom is a Canuck

Gotta admit that Xmas is working hard for it. Plus being super loyal to Memphis. Memphis is so undeserving of her hard efforts trying to save his ass.


Why the hell was Nicole’s HOH room reveal the only one they have shown on an episode all season?! Talk about BB favoritism. No one elses HOH was ever shown this season.

Miss Impression

Because she is Americas favorite,which is fitting in this current hellscape we’re living in.

Ma Ma Yo!

Didn’t really buy in to the whole “Nicole favorable edit” conspiracy, but after tonight’s episode….really?! CBS is totally marketing the Nicole and Victor show.

Seriously tho

Because it was mostly about Victor, who was a favorite houseguest.


I’m sure they have set up a TV wedding too!

Tom is a Canuck

They’re desperately trying to. Right now they’re trying to salvage her image after the Ian autism fiasco.


I wish Christmas was still able to use the power she received early on in the season that expired. It would be fun to shake this up. I remember when Rachel and Jordan were on the block during Porsha’s HOH and the power got switched and that was definitely handed out by the BB Gods. At least Christmas legitimately received that power.

Game fan

the power was for the veto ceremony so he wouldnt had helped her.


she would be off the block if she had that power


When you are down to the final five, can anything really be considered a big move?


Enzoo believes there is.

Game fan

if the veto was used to take cody out than yeah.
happend in season 5 . last season almost happend with holy….


Does Cody realize he’s aligned with Queen Cobra?

Miss Impression

She’s his pet snake.


If Nicole some how wins. They should seriously just cancel Big Brother. One of the worst players ever being the 1st 2 time winners is truly a mockery of the game all around. Tired of such bad players getting brought to the end and winning due to bitter jurys. Get this idiot out asap.

The Foosa

Yep and you do have a person or three in the jury that are faaarrrr too emotional about just everything. You have two people in there from the “people like us” alliance and I’m sure they are in contact with BayBay one way or another while they are “sequestered”….

Daisy mae

It’s now down to 5 and time to start playing their own games. Nicole should be thinking of her own game and put up Cody and enzo and the 3 of them vote out Cody, then enzo would be all on his own and maybe have to start playing this game. He has done nothing. Then the next hoh hopefully would be won by Christmas or Memphis and put Nicole and enzo up. I can’t stand Cody and Nicole has won already so be gone the two of you.cody is not taking Nicole to the end he will take enzo because enzo hasn’t done a thing in this game.

Game fan

i do think he is taking nicole. sorry.. throwing it to nicole.
so enzo can still vote for him.


I think his plan is to not be the one to pick this time around…both Enzo and Nicole will pick Cody since they have a final 2 with him.


This is one of the worst seasons ever. I don;t even care if I miss an episode, just don’t care.


The only way to teach derick cody and crew a message vote for anything other than that alliance …If cody wins other big brother players will adopt this mentality of coming in alliance up …If cody takes nicole as much as i cant stand her give it to her ..If cody takes Christmas hope the jury is bitter enough to give it to Christmas….


Cody will probably take his amico Enzo.


Cody is the new Derrick and Enzo will be the new Cody sitting there pretty clueless in how he got to the final 2 IF Enzo makes it to final 2. (While Enzo feeling like he has a shot to win lol)
Tell me Christmas this year being the only redemption getting to the end as a “saving grace” of this season of BB is a creepy feeling?
I have officially entered the Matrix and can’t even wrap my brain around it!

Bic Mitchum

I haven’t been watching the episodes due to already knowing how the season will ultimately unfold, but Is Memphis the target this week or Christmas?

Game fan



I saw on another sight that Memphis and Christmas were seen on the live feeds kissing….Anyone else see this? Its in this article:



Memphis and Christmas in key room. Christmas says across the room “you are going to have to find another way to…” Then Christmas gets up and whispers in Memphis ear “to earn your reward”.


Did he say she’s got jugs people!? Lol

The Beef

He said “She’s got JOKES people!”

Game fan

forgot kevin..nicole. i see why you forgot jannelle LOL


I think if Nic wasn’t engaged to Vic, she would have hopped in bed with Cody the second week……I still see the twinkle in her eye when she “teases” him!


Very disappointing year. Yes they should have taken a shot at Cody. But why is Enzo in this game still. Other than budding up to Cody he has been the biggest floater of the year.