Dina “Don’t play me! I’m not a fool! They’re trying to convince Lolo to take the fall.”

9:30pm Bedroom. Ricky and Tamar. Ricky – if you won HOH would you put up Dina and Tom? Kandi and Tom. Tamar pauses for a long time. Tamae – I don’t know who. She won that damn veto… when it mattered. Ricky – she did. Tamar – well they voted his a$$ out.. to be honest about it. I’m going to keep going but I can’t risk us fighting. Ricky – I say if they’re going to figure it out, then let them figure it out. Do you think whatever they figure out we can get Kandi and Dina on board? Tamar – not Kandi. Tamar goes to get Dina.

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“The next couple hours we are going to be called to start the veto ceremony “

Celebrity Big Brother Spoilers roundup..

Ryan is the Head of household
Jon was auto nominated due to twist
Ryan nominated Tom and the mooch
The mooch quit the game. Kandi tossed on the block up in his place.
Kato won the Power of veto plan on using it on Tom
Sounds like Jon is the target,

9:40pm Tom and Kato
They’re trying to figure out when the Veto ceremony is..
Tom thinks in the next couple hours they are going to be called to start the veto ceremony

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results “The song we just made is called The Real Tyler”

4:17pm Jc and Kaycee are working on a song. Something they’ve been working on it all day.
Kaycee – the song we just made is called “The Real Tyler”
JC – by Jc and Kaycee
She, she’s just so beautiful, she fills up all my soul.
Tyler you know that I love you so much
She.. She walks into a room, sometimes I just can’t breathe .. maybe it’s her perfume
She.. she loves to fliping her weave when guys look at her they call her Ai Mammi
ai Mammi
MMMMMMM.. chex mix is all she eats while standing on her feet

She.. she loves … flipping her weave when guys just look at her they call her ai mammi
Ai mammi
mmmmm.. chex mix is all she eats while standing on her feet.. wearing her dirty “shot glass” ?

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“You’re pretty much sitting pretty for the week.. and after this week you will be alone”

***** UPDATED *****

Big Brother Spoilers KAycee did not use the veto Fes and Haleigh remain on the block. Fes will be evicted on Thursday. There will be a battleback.
10:50am HOH KAycee, Angela and Brett

Laughing about KAycee telling FEs she’ll use the veto if he proposes to Kaycee
They talk about Brett’s GBM..
Angela – don’t worry fes I’ll take good care of Haleigh
Brett mentions if they are not in a showmance he’ll look like a idiot
Kaycee says Fes is totally in a showmance with Haleigh they mention to Brett how uncomfortable he gets when Brett talks to her.
Brett mentions when he was swinging on the hammock with Haleigh the other week Fes and Rockstar would walk out side like 30 times to see was it going on outside. they were the only ones out there at the time so it looked super awkward.
K – it’s the most obvious thing.. I don’t know if he’s trying to be sneaky about it
Kaycee says the thing that will get under FEs the most is he’s leaving Haleigh behind with Brett, “you were one of his targets and he left before you” (wait until Scottie comes back ;0 )
Brett – I don’t do anything.. I don’t know how he’s going to act in the real world

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results “I’m A-OK”

Big Brother Spoilers Brett used the power of veto on himself. Fes nominates Kaycee in his place.

10:09am JC and Fes
Fes – it’s going to be smooth right
JC – yeah ..
Fes – you always freak out before the vote..
JC – everythign’s going to be okay
Fes – you don’t want to keep Scottie
Jc – no, What the f* why would I keep Scottie

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Power of Veto Ceremony Results “F***ing Spoiled b1tch.. such a b1tch.”

Big Brother Spoilers – Tyler used the power of Veto on Angela. Haleigh Nominated Kaycee in her place.

10:00am Rocks and Sam backyard
Rocks grabs a smoke “Stupid b1tches.. Stupid b1tches”
Sam – Stupid b1tches, why .. everyone?
Rocks – what if.. Angela was the hacker.. freed Kaycee and Picked Tyler because she knew Tyler would take her down (LOL)
Rocks – they have a final 2
Sam – I guess it’s possible I don’t know.. I wouldn’t think that
Rocks – I want Tyler to take me down
Sam – calm

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“Nobody said this was going to be fair.. Throw her [Rachel] under the Bus Hardcore” – Angela

Big Brother Spoilers It’s still super early but it’s not looking good for Rachel.
3:14pm Angela, Brett and Kaycee

Kaycee about Rachel “she’s struggling”
Angela – dude, she comes at me she’s like .. basically it’s not fair
Angela snorts – “nobody said this was going to be fair
Kaycee – the sh1t already happened there’s no going back
Angela – she’s like Am I supposed to be OK with this
A – do you think Brett’s ok with this .. do you anyone that’s been on the block is ok with it
Angela laughs..
A – she’s like (snarky voice) I’m not ok with it
A – I’m like i don’t even know how to respond to that comment (LOL you had a final 2 deal with Rachel and a elaborate plan to fool the house into thinking you two ere enemies.. )

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“in my mind no questions about Tyler I trust you completely like we’re so good.. you have no idea.”

**updated*** Big Brother Spoilers Tyler did not use the power of Veto. The nominations stay the same with Brett and Rachel eligible for eviction ON Thursday.
12:03pm Tyler and Bayleigh
Bay – thank you
T – I told you bay…
Bay – how do you feel
T – I feel good.. I told you that’s what I want to do
Bay – and you did and now I have no doubt in my mind no questions about Tyler I trust you completely like we’re so good.. you have no idea.. . it’s done now we can chill for 4 days

B – now you have to win HOH
Tyler sys whoever stays this week will be coming for him
B – if Rachel stays she can try to cvom for you is it really going to work
T – no.. probably not
B – and with BRett .. if Brett stays he’s got a lot of people to go for he doesn’t like ROCKS he probably doesn’t like me now

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