“that’s not the type of game player I am I don’t make deals I don’t offer things to people “

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Jess and Christie Cliff
Power of Veto Players are: Jackson, Christie, Jess, Nicole, Cliff, Tommy
Power of Veto holder: Tommy
Power of Veto Ceremony: Tommy used the Veto on Christie. Jackson put Cliff up as the replacement.
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12:35 pm Holly and Jackson
J – what’s wrong
H – nothing
H – we’re playing a game right now that is very high risk
J – yeah and I love it
H – I know
J – High-risk high reward. If we pull this off we could win
H – I know

J – we got to make sure none of them get spooked or.
H – I know
J – right now if this works we can take first and second if not we’re 5th and 6th
H – yup
J – we can do it
H – All we have in this game is each other.

1:00 pm Sunning chit chat

2:00 pm Sunning chit chat

3:12 pm Cliff and Nicole
Cliff says Jackson and Holly swore he’s good. He talked to Tommy and Tommy said he’s keeping him
Nicole – obviously you have my vote. I haven’t told Jess that. (don’t bother she won’t know any different)
Nicole – just so you know I’m telling Jess that I’m still thinking

Nicole – I talked to her last night she’s like I’m not campaigning I’m done what Can I offer people
N – I was like, Jess, Speak from your heart. She was like how can I. It’s not worth it. I’m like talk to people. Play your game. TALK TO PEOPLE
Nicole about what Jess said – that’s not the type of game player I am I don’t make deals I don’t offer things to people
C – maybe in some ways. If Tommy hadn’t used the veto at all I would be a little bit more nervous it was him and Michie and Holly.
N – I talked to Tommy on the hammock and he illuded he’s not seeing something and that he feels as though there’s certain people that are good with both side and are making it seem like they are not so they stay in the middle
C – that could be anybody.. the two of us them. Christie told me on the Hammock, Everyone thinks they’re working with Michie and Holly to some degree.

C – the fact that Tommy pulled Christie off tells me that the two of them are back like this
N – yes
C – the two of them, Michie and Holly, we have 3 groups of two
Nicole wonders if Holly wins it who she would put up or same with Christie/Tommy. She’s not sure they will go after each other
Cliff – I hope they go against each other but I can’t take that chance. I gotta try to win it
N – yup
C – if I win it.. you and talk about it.
C – Michie is alot smarter than he’s lettign on
Cliff says Michie has taken the LSAT and he’s 1 course shy of a college degree.
Cliff brings up Jackson calling Cliff the “Fdr of deal-making” shows he knows something about history.

Cliff would still be up against Michie and Holly in mental comps over Tommy and Christie.

3:33 pm soaking up the sun

3:40 pm Jackson and Holly
Jackson asks who should go first, Christie or Tommy
H – I would prefer Christie
J – to stay
H – to go
J – why
H – I feel more personally I have more loyalty to Tommy umm..
J – does Tommy have more loyalty to us
H – I think
Jackson thinks Tommy is more likely to pick Nicole/Cliff over them whereas Christie is more likely to pick them over Nicole/Cliff.
H – Tommy and Nicole are pretty close and that worries me
J – Tommy asked Cliff about a final 2 has CHrsitie talked to Cliff or Nicole about that
H – I don’t know
Holly doesn’t think Christie is close with Nicole/Cliff.
Holly says Tommy is “flighty like a deer”
Jackson seems to think they both can beat Christie and Tommy in final 2
H – I don’t know
H – you don’t think Jacks and Sis would vote for Christie
J – No, not Jack
Jackson says Christie only won that one HOH and she made a deal with them but they’ve been in power for 3 weeks so she’s never been called upon to honour the deal.
J – what has she done? truly? she’s ridden the coattails of other people.
J – you and I at one point faced the entire house .. I won HOH put them up on the block removed a crucial piece got Christie to work with us got Tommy to work with us. Sent Sis out the door
J – you then won HOH got the biggest threat in the game out of the house and I won the veto to keep him there
Jackson goes on about how he then won the HOH so they could make relationships with the other 2 couples and catapult them to finale night.
J – What can she say to beat that? nothing
H – Sis will vote emotionally Jack will vote logically
Jackson says Nick is very vocal and on their side. “he’s the type of person that can turn a jury”
J – her game does not have shit on our
Jackson – the only person that can beat us is Cliff.. but really he hasn’t done a thing since day 30
J – it’s not how you start a race it’s how you finish it and we’re finishing it strong
Holly says they didn’t play hard, in the beginning, they played “Smart”
J – we got rid of the big personalities, Bella, Sam Jack
H – we were in the strongest group and sunk within it. Hid within it.
H – Cliff played really strong because he had to

4:20 pm Chit chat..

5:43 pm nothing to report.

7:06 pm nothing to report.

8:00 pm nothing
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Jackson, Holly and yes Cliff are special kinds of stupid. If they think Christy, Tommy and yes even Nichole wouldn’t put them up next chance they have….MORONS

Roisin Dubh

Cliff’s been playing everyone in that house. That and he’s lucky Jess took out Aquadouche.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Like like like ….ummmm……like.. you know…like like …REALLY!
I just had to get that off my chest.


All that laying in bed with Holly can make a difference https://imgur.com/45wcTgK

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

That’s what happens when you don’t have steroids and HGH.


Oh, wait til he sees that! Does overeating watermelon do that to your body?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

You are what you eat.


Please Jess do something and get yourself off the block.

Your fan club needs you and the next competitions are made for you!

You go girl… Like really like.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Don’t worry she’s just lying in wait.


Don’t worry she’s just waiting to eat.



Living 4 Parentheses

“I like don’t make like deals. I don’t offer people like things. I don’t like understand like how Michie could like nominate me. I don’t know how you could like break the rules by like messing up the house for Hide-the-Veto.”

“I DO like know the proper way to like apply makeup. I DO like blame Nicole for like her loyalty, confiding in me about like the alliance. I DO like advocate gender bias, like as long as it isn’t against like females. I DO like insist upon like quietly awaiting the entire game to be able to like align with Christie.”

J e t s jets jets jets

I DON’T win Big Brother!


I like, like your post.


Is she an Instagram fool too or just a diversity token?


This is the first season that I don’t care if I miss episodes!! Worst season ever !!! Production def involved in keeping Christie safe for all these evictions…we look forward to watching Big Brother every Summer…so diappointed!!!


My mom and i look forward to every BB. The BBUK / CBBUK before it was canceled. BBCAN, BBUS / CBBUS. We were saying this is the worst cast and was so disappointed back in week 1 !!!!!!

Just in the last year we had BBUS20, then CBBUK, then the last season of BBUK, then CBBUS, then BBCAN, all those seasons just in the last year were fantastic !!!!

This BBUS21 season’s cast are so dumb, bad gameplay, not likeable, and have tried to make it one big camp BB Kumbaya love fest! i never thought a season could be this bad!

Summer Gowen

I wish Tommy and Christie were over heard talking about sitting on the couch watching BB last year together when they were talking


The house guests were probably told they can’t listen to any conversations they have.

Tired of BB BS

If Christie wins she is putting up Jackson and hollie. and Holly is not going to try to win it. Dumb. There will only be 6 people in house , choose your 4 and get out the other 2. Can’t believe how stupid these people are. That’s what happens when CBS casts young idiots looking for tv exposure

Roisin Dubh

So much for my Holly going up prediction. Jess has a better chance of staying if she would sell her case that Cliff is more dangerous than her. But she already fell on the sword.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

She didn’t mean to fall.


She. LIKE was LIKE trying. LIKE LIKE to tell them she LIKE is NOT a threat LIKE AND didn’t notice that it was a game. LIKE so she LIKE didn’t notice LIKE the sword LIKE on the grown and LIKE tripped on her big ass mouth LIKE LIKE and…… you know what I mean? LIKE.

Last Season was Better

This will be the first Thursday that I will actually watch the live eviction due to double eviction. I have to see these idiots faces when they find out double eviction. Last season i pretty much watched every episode


Jackson seems to think they both can beat Christie and Tommy in final 2
H – I don’t know
H – you don’t think Jacks and Sis would vote for Christie
J – No, not Jack

Quote from post above re: jury votes. I find it strange that ultimately it does seem as the plan will indeed have Cliff/Nicole out, and will be 5th, 6th in their eyes. They want Crusty (yes I’m using the nicknames, those that are bothered by that) out before high kick high kick Tommy.
I think Tommy is more dangerous to them so he IMO should be out before Crusty because I’m not a fan of them as a couple because of their connection but he doesn’t see Tommy as a danger. Many consider that good gaming on Tommy’s part I just wish it didn’t include Crusty as a package and loud overacted enthusiasm.

Those rooting for Cliff/Nicole it’s just going to be a little harder unfortunately I think Jolly would team up with Crommy because Crusty still has that ability to talk her way out of anything including having the watermelon king share his watermelons.

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

So I just turned on After Dark and Holly is lying on the floor in front of the door,I’m wondering if she has resigned herself to being the doormat?

Ungr8ful Bottom Feeder

Oh, they brought a grill into the backyard.So back to being a mattress.

OK,that’s mean but the joke demanded it.Holly actually bothers me less than most of the HGs.


LOL deal!


We appreciate it!


Jess Looks like a beached whale. It’s disgusting plain and simple. Don’t care if others don’t like facts. Get over it.


As much as I dislike Christie (and I really, REALLY dislike her) I cannot WAIT to see the look on Jackson’s face when Christie puts J+H on the block together.
Jackson has been SO arrogant about his current position in the game & thinking he’s got everyone snowed, but in reality Christie & Cliff had a conversation and Tommy & Nicole had a conversation, and now EVERYONE knows where Holly & Jackson stand… playing both sides of the fence. Christie has already said because they’re playing both sides, her deal with J+H is null & void.
I was actually starting to like Jackson, but when he asked Holly who they should evict first out of Christie & Tommy and Holly said “Christie” and then Jackson asked her “to stay??” well, I realized right then & there that Jackson’s been downing that watermelon flavored kool-aid production has been pouring and he is most definitely a lost cause.


Rude. So she’s heavier than the other women. Should she hide under a mumu as not to offend you?
Did you say the same thing about Cliff? He’s not exactly a GQ model himself.


Jess is also a plus size model. Glad the site got the money. Artificiality is weird too. I’d rather see a real woman than someone injected, Botoxed, until you can’t tell they are human but that’s just me.


Guys can somehow get away with looking however they choose without a shred of the judgement & criticism females are subjected to our entire lives.


Tommy is still trying to make an 8 person alliance


I kmowwww. My EYES. We can’t unsee that. Lol.


`Couldn’t agree with you more. Cliff knew or shall we say “suspected” Tommy and Christy as a duo. By “chance” Christie just so happens to be walking by to hear. Cliff also hears in the backyard of Chommy connection yet he STILL does nothing?
Then the something that Jackson says he knows about Tommy?
Now that u mention it about who Jackson lives with, the other night on the feeds Holly was talking about not being like Jacksons ex and all she knew about her. She was getting pissed that he kept saying she was like his ex. I am sure there were other connections but seemingly only wanted certain ones that leveraged “good tv” (having quite the opposite effect)
What happened to the days when they cast people like Monica and Chicken George?