Power of Veto Ceremony results “noms are locked, Christie is going unless Sis blows up “

Head of Household Winner – Jackson
Have note are:
Nominations are: Christie & Sis
Power of Veto Players are – Christie, Sis, Jackson, Nick (Christie pulled ), Holly (Sis pulled), Cliff
Power of Veto holder – Jackson
Power of Veto Ceremony – Jackson did not use the power of veto

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11:55 am Sis sand Christie.
Sis going on about wanting to win the HOH and put Holly/Michie on the block.
Christie calls Nick a snake.
Sis doesn’t think she can beat Tommy later on.
Christie – Nick is going to last as long as Nicole is in this game. He’s taking Nicole. I mean maybe he’ll take you I don’t know

Christie – you make one BIG move you’re good.. you win ONE HOH everyone wants to make a deal with you
Sis – I can’t be here without you, I can’t
Christie- Yes you can, don’t say that
Sis – I don’t talk to Nicole and I don’t talk to Jess. I don’t want to be around Michie and Holly.

Tommy walks in and gives this face.
Christie – I knew he wasn’t going to take it (their deal)
Sis – I hoped
Christie – it was too late
Christie – I see the course of the game and how it’s going to happen. I see it. It’s just disappointing. I can see what happens.

They start fantasizing about who they would put up
Christie – who would you put up
Tommy – Cliff and Nicole
Christie says Michie, Holly, and Nicole are working together “You don’t have to believe me. what the f* do I know”
T – What makes you think that
Christie – Kat saying it to me a couple of times before she walked out the door. Feeling so comfortable to continue to throw HOH’s

Christie points out that last week Nick was about taking Holly/Michie out now he’s not mentioning it
Tommy reminds her everyone tried to make a deal with them this week because they were HOH “it just makes sense”
Christie – I’ll be rooting for you guys so hard. Everyday
Sis – I love you
Christie – I love you to
Tommy – Love you
Christie – You guys are good for the next couple weeks the only guys that will take a shot is Cliff
Tommy doesn’t agree he thinks the will continue to be targets.
They talk about the deal Christie offered Jackson, Something about getting rid of Nicole, Nick and Jess as some sort of 6 person alliance.

Sis cannot understand why they were didn’t take their deal.
Tommy says if they don’t win HOH it’ll be the two of them then Nicole.
Sis and Christie seem to think Michie/Holly will now win the game.
Sis says she doesn’t see Nicole winning HOH, “Cliff wouldn’t go after Jackson”
Tommy – I got a feeling it’s me vs Cliff this week (this weeks HOH)

Sis – please big brother can it be a double with a jury buyback or something
Tommy – I’m sorry Chris
Christie – it’s ok
Sis – it’s all that matters you f*ing tried

Sis – I could go crazy and go
Christie – Michie wants me gone. I’m the bigger target. OIt’s all good what are you going to do .. I just wish it wasn’t you. I would campaign the f* outta this week..

Sis – you still can if you want to campgian please go do taht. IT’s a game you only get one shot at it.

Noon Cliff, Holly, and Jackson
Cliff warns them that he was outside chatting with Nicole and Jes came out and made a comment about there being 5 people left in the game that were all once part of a group
Cliff – implying it was the three of us VS all y’all (Jess, Cliff, and Nicole)
Jackson – I’ve given you my word that handshake I got is all I got. I don’t have deals with Tommy, Nick, Sis all I have is deals with you and Nicole and that’s me being honest.
Cliff points out the only deal he’s made against Michie/Holly was the one to save his own a$$ when he was on the block
They agree the next couple of days will be relaxing.
Jackson – noms are locked, Christie is going unless Sis blows up and puts a HUGE target on her back… and everyone flips”
Cliff and Holly don’t think the house will flip to get out Sis “It makes no sense”

12:21 pm Dead fish

12:24 pm Christie crying and Sis laying in the sun..
Christie – My mind is like not stopping I’m so frustrated..
Christie – everyone feels so safe with Nick. I got you I got you.. he’s running this hole game.
Christie – my mind won’t stop.. I’m sorry

Christie begins to spiral about Nick “It’s so annoying” “it’s beyond frustrating to me.. I literally cannot look at him I can’t stand him”

Sis says she’s going to find out if Nick is telling him things.
Christie says the entire hose is protecting Nick she won’t find anything out.

1:05 pm Christie, Jess and Nicole (I get the feeling most of the posts today will be Christie meltdowns )

Christie whimpers “I don’t know what to say”
Christie – it’s frustrating. really really frustrating. I get it I get his perspective. I’m frustrated because I see the path pf this gam and I just.. I feel like everyone is blind.
Christie – I’m just mad. I want to be here I want to change this f*ing game .. I want to make moves I want to do things I just don’t want to be protected
Christie – it’s just not fair. I feel like everyone is just blind everyone is under a f*ing spell

Christie – I just want to go to sleep until Thursday .. I also don’t want to be the depressed and Annoying person that lays in bed
Nicole – you can’t help how you feel you have the right to be upset and frustrated.. It shows how badly you want to be here and how driven you are
Christie – nothing is sacred nothing is private

1:30 pm Christie and Tommy
Christie continues to spiral .. goes on about how Miochie and Nick are working together. She brings up key points of her campaigning to Tommy.
Christie – I am a player I am not a floater I want to be here to be everyone’s biggest threat.
Christie – I’m putting up Michie and Nick if I stay
Christie – Keep me as a target .. if you want me on your side..
“I’m winning mental comps moving forward. I’m a shield, I’m taking shots”
Christie – Sis is one of the people that is being protected by other people. She’s safe no one is coming after her. Keep me to be a target and to fight”
Christie – Me, you, Cliff, Nicole Jess
Christie wants to form a new group.. (only 5 members)
Christie – that’s all I got..
Christie – I know I have Jess, you and if get Cliff and Nicole Nick is not protecting them. he is working with Michie and Holly and he will continue to throw things and let people take shots.
Christie – he’s (nick) is going to skate by he makes deals every week
Christie – I love SIS but she is protected by a bubble she will pawn until the end of this game
Christie says she’s not letting Nick win happen “Cliff’s smart we can f*ing turn this around”

Christie starts to cry
Christie – f* them. He’s a snake. he’s feeding you the same sh1t he’s feeding Nicole and Cliff
Christie says Nick was fake crying
Tommy – you got me.
Christie – I hope so
Tommy – are you kidding me
Christie continues to cry. “I know people are starting to see it” (that you’re going mad)

Christie about Nick – He better stay away from me (OMG she’s nuts)


Jess joins them. Tommy leaves.
Christie says she’s “thinking, Breathing, being” right now
Christie – I feel so sad and torn. I hate that I’m sitting next to sis. I love her so much
Christie – I have to campaign. I know what has to be done I know what has to be said
Christie says if she doesn’t campaign she’ll feel like just another person that is “Cushioning her” (Sis)
Christie – going into next week I’m going to be gone. It’ll be Sis and Tommy. Cliff and Nicole. Nick is going to throw another HOH and let them take shots. Nick is going to skate by with Michie I CAN’T ALLOW IT.. I CAN’T
Christie – I really want to stay here and fight let me be a target at least I want to win comps and take a stand and make a move.
Christie – I need CLiff and Nicole.. I know I have Tommy
Jess- do you
Christie – yeah, please don’t repeat this Jess
Christie goes on about Sis, “no one is going after SIS so keeping her here is allowing her to keep going on and on”

Christie – Holly will scoop her right up. she’s cushioned
Christie – I’m valuable to keep here because I will be a number one target. 3 people are coming after me
Christie – I’m taking shots at the people running this game (so funny)

1:52 pm
Christie – I’m going to stay in here for a chunk of the day and relax

2:20 pm Holly and Tommy
Holly – is she ok?
Tommy – ummm I dunno

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A dream come true, indeed

Just sayin

I bet Christy is scaring Tommy to death LOL…he probably can’t wait to get her out of the house before she blows it for him with her big mouth LOL


he should be concerned about her blowing up his game in jury.


Oh absolutely. If Christie doesn’t like Tommy’s behavior once she’s evicted- if he aligns with Jackson, Holly or Nick – she could absolutely blow up his game. She’s completely irrational and borderline delusional…and has zero self awareness. So if she feels as though tommy has “done her wrong” she will seek revenge.


More like a nightmare!!

Analyse the Nincompoop

Analyse must have been the goalie when she played soccer and kick-blocked all the balls with her head. This is the explanation for why she has bird-brained tendencies & her comprehension stays at an all time low. She has absolutely zero in the brain department and therefore nothing she says or does should suprise us.

Just sayin

I think her parents stopped watching along time ago!

Nicks Cousin

She is going nuclear and she is the pawn! Seriously, she is stupid. The terrible game play this week is off the hook from Sis, Christie and Jess. They cannot lay low, and their shock at being on the block after hosing Jackson is painful to watch. Of course he is putting you up!!!

Sally B

Christie: “But, but, but…..it’s so UNFAIR!!!” (I’m assuming her definition of unfair is for once in her life not being able to get her own way….by hook, crook, or double talk, b.s., spin, & flat-out lying.) Yep, she’s a goddess, alright. Just damn.


Her thinking the days getting shorter meant 10pm would get there sooner….. Ummmm…..Too much dumb, not enough pretty.


I would expect a former “star college athlete” to be a force in physical comps, or at least come close to winning SOMETHING. Not so much…

Hearts Reality TV

It totally cracks me up that Sis is always imploring BB to give them a power, or do it this way or that to benefit them. Does she not realize that the 6S and Unde9able made everyone else feel so crappy? Welcome to the bottom of the totem pole, Sis!

Tom is a Canuck

Go and win something D1 soccer player! Stop begging for hand outs. Don’t you realize Murica doesn’t like you?

Hearts Reality TV

Sorry, Simon/Dawg. Flagged by mistake.


Why exactly does it “crack” you up?? Sis and Christie DESERVE A POWER! What is happening to them is totally unfair!!!

g Love

Troll along !

Rantings of a mad woman

LOL …You’re still here?


She will expect a Trophy when the season is over.

Sally B

Oh, yeah. She’s definitely a product of that trendy “everyone gets a trophy” generational scam. Interesting to watch it play out in real life, when these people are confronted with the reality that to win you actually have to play. Smh.


My thoughts ………… She knows that production/the universe has done things to help people stay in the game and move forward… Based on that.. she is asking for them to do something to help Crusty stay…. All the ” America Help Us” BS .. we all know its production she is asking for them to use their “magic” to pull out a miracle for Crusty to stay… Too late! Noms are LOCKED


First of all…I am thrilled! Obviously! hahaha. Second…Tommy’s pretend, sad, pout-face to Christie and Sis had me rolling. Third…I find it hilarious that when it seemed Nick started legit working with Christie and the other nasties…Christie hates him and thinks this is all his fault. Don’t get me wrong…I can’t stand him on every level…but it is funny how scattered and irrational her and Sis are, and how measured and focused dang Tommy is. He’s tolerable, even though the Iloveyou’s are too much for me…and I want him out!


Yeah I did not think Tommy would take Christie leaving so well, but I think at some point he had said he was worried what his family would think about him working with her after the bad break up with his aunt, so this might be a relief for him !


he’s always wanted her in jury. probably not this early, but i never thought he’d take her to final 2. she should be a vote for him. plus who’s voting for sis? she has done nothing in this game. she’s the perfect goat.


Unfrickinbelievable. Not even joking…Christie needs help! Holy cow! Completely agree wit u about his aunt. I just can’t believe Christie has gone bat-sh%t crazy. Like, she’s gone through all the stages of grief and now she needs a doctor.


Plus she is a loose cannon and you never know when she is going to blow.. I saw an update above where she even said something about Tiny Tim….. and there was another post where she started talking about the distance between where they live and he was saying in the DR ” what are you doing? LOL He is probably glad she is leaving.. the world sure is… Did you see the pics above? I was thinking .. Sargent Slaughter ….

double D

Have I missed something? How is Nick running the house?

Swaggie's Missing Brow

In a different universe…the one that has Crusty’s back.


No, Christie is running it and will continue!!!! (even if she is evicted)



g Love

Someone got so bored with the season they invented an extreme Christie fan to liven up the place, and drive us all crazy with delusions.
Christie’s sister maybe!??? Lol


Her sister should have died weeks ago.

Running HOME

Hopefully when she gets there she KEEPS RUNNING maybe she may end up in a lake or something and start swimming….

Slick Nick -

LOL I was thinking the same thing. .She just needed someone to take out her anger on and Nick is safe and she hates it.. Well I don’t like Nick personally as he is a slime ball.. BUT he is laying low for the most part so he is not MUCH of a target.. Definityely not more of one than Crusty.. Although he should not get too comfy …


Christie Eviction Party coming soon! BYOW (Bring Your Own Watermelon).

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Could things go any better for Jackson right now?

Sure. Crusty could suddenly blame everything wrong in her universe on Nick and Sis can stop pondering what happens to the missing ten minutes and decide to target Nick if she were to stumble into HoH.


It’s actually starting to get comical. lol :p

SD Bird

Tommie 1st
Now Jess – just after Jess had complained that she signed up to play games, not all this emotional stuff. She is right back in the game! Christy should be thinking twice about Jess being her confidant. Esp. since she’s imploring her NOT to say anything.
Christy may have miscalculated who to enlist. It’s a long time for Jess to keep a secret.


hahahaha It really is! (a long time for Jess to keep a secret) She can’t hold onto something for 3 minutes, let alone 3 days!

An ornery mouse

I also love it that Jackson now has in his back-pocket last night’s plan to get Jess or Nicole on the block. He can just whip that out at an opportune moment.

Also, I know Sis has said that Christie should campaign…… but what will Sis’s reaction be when she actually catches wind that Christie is actually laying out to others reasons Sis should be voted out. We shall see, I guess.

Feeds Gold

the season is slowly grinding to an absolute snails pace

most of the cast playing to grodners script to see southerners/angels whitewash the end game and grant phony holly the win in late september

it will be the most boring final 2 alltime…2 of holly nicole jess (i would love to see cliff make it but unfortunately everyone will realize he will win if he reaches final 2)

if ever there was a need for a jury battle back to breathe new life and energy into the game its 10 days from now when the 4th juror is evicted…a jack or christie return would certainly do that

tommie: “if i win next week im putting up michie and hollie”
sis: “me too”
im hoping to see an hoh win for tommie or sis


So funny how so many people disagree. Whether Christie and others were liked or not they still played, schemed, lied, made moves. That’s big brother. Nicole is legit furniture and the others literally just talk in circles


Julie has already showed Jack clips from inside the house, so there can’t be a battle back now or he’d have an unfair advantage.


If the clips he viewed were of things he participated in and already knew it wouldn’t be that big a deal. They get more hints than that in the DR. A second buy back seems unlikely though.


She only showed him clips that he was in.


Those clips were for conversations he was a part of and therefore present for. But there is no battle back coming I agree.

Bullies SUCK

Let the meltdown begin


Mean!! You should support her!!!!


We were wondering where you’ve been today. How r ya holding up?


Yes .. Support her by helping her pack her shit…


The universe sent you a clear cut message today Christie; it said this is what you get when you use my name for strategy.
Then the universe introduced Christie to her newest spirit guide… KARMA.


You’d think with all the fish dying they’d get some advice from folks to see what it would take to keep them alive for 3 months…it’s not hard if you set it up right at the start. They could have the same fish live for years.


Totally agree… twenty years of watching house guests kill fish. Sigh.
I won a 10 cent fan-tailed gold fish once at the county fair & that thing lived for almost 9 years, production gives them all kinds of expensive, exotic & beautiful fish & somehow they can’t manage to keep them alive for a single summer??
How hard could it possibly be?
It’s not brain surgery, for God’s sake.
All they have to do is feed them… that’s it!
They don’t even have to clean the tank themselves (which is the most challenging part of owning fish) there’s someone who comes to do it for them!
I’ll bet if they threw a bunch of snails in the tank with them, the fish would live much longer.


Bye Crystie


I wonder if they’ll do a reset week in the coming weeks as they did in season 16. It may be interesting to see where folks line up in the next week or two. Hopefully Nicole wins a HoH so everyone has a win and she has something to lay her hat on and the wins at the end have more impact on the jury as we saw last season. Tyler killed it early on and then coasted while Kaycee slow played and kicked it into gear at the end.


At least a reset week would be something exciting!

BB Casting Call

Not this week.
This week would cause outrage and many fans to turn their backs on the show.
Even Tommy is ready to give up on Christie.


They end Sept 24 (or 25th) with 9 people left usually the 3rd leaves that night there is only time for 1 double eviction. There is no way for a jury battle back


Nicole is not the last one waiting for a win. Sis doesn’t have a win other than the Chicken Suit!

double D

I know we have had many criers over the years, but has anybody cried as much as Christie?


Yep, Dick Donato called her “Waaaa-mber.”




I could not remember her name for the life of me. “Wamber” hahaha. I was wondering where u were Simon, on this glorious of all days. :p

Conspiring Britches

Someone on the feeds said christy is like Vanessa without all the wins lol! I actually think christy is a tiny bit worse in the crying department

An ornery mouse

Vanessa Rousso was more. She’s the one that always sticks out to me as the most emotionally unstable of all the seasons I’ve watched….. this is partly because I knew her from watching TV poker and expected a cool customer.

An ornery mouse

After Sis and Christie’s ceremony speeches, I wish Jackson had said for his decision-speech something like:

“I went to bed last night considering my options. But then in a dream I was in the backyard alone, and a guy in a cape & unitard with a gigantic ‘U’ on the front came flying in from the sky. He called himself Captain Universe, and he told me certain amongst us have besmirched his name….. and for this reason, I am not to use the Power of Veto. It was not my decision.” …..closes the box.


That would be perfect, reminds me of something Bret (season 20) would have said in one of his speeches.

Feeds Gold

to continue the streak of most amount of different hohs to start a season, and to equal the record of 9, next week i want a sis hoh…

hollie/michie blindside nominated by sis

BB Casting Call

Jackson wins POV and Holly goes home! I like it!

BB Casting Call

Then Jackson, Cliff, Nicole to final 3 with Cliff winning final HOH and takes Nicole to finale.



Nicks Cousin

Christie dug her own grave in this game and she is doing nothing to help herself. Talking smack about Nick only solidified him with Michie. Tommy is keeping his mouth shut and Jess is setting herself up for eviction. They probably pawn Tommy and finally rid her from the house next week. Nicole is looking good here as is Cliff.

Just sayin

Does the house know Christy is behaving this way? Is Nick aware of this behavior towards him?


If not, all will be known soon. These people are incapable of keeping a secret.


ESPECIALLY if she is talking to JESSICA.. One of the many that cant keep her dam mouth shut in her quest to try to get into the cool kids crowd …

Nicks Cousin

They know. She is just marking time, and Jess is putting the target on herself. She has missed how close Nicole Cliff and Nick are, and Christie just put all of this together. Too late to save her.


… and their delusion continues…
Can’t wait for Christy to go, her whiney break downs are just too much. Geeze girl. Sis is almost as bad, she’s just dumber. Did her parents pay someone to recruit her for the college soccer team? If she got in on GPA, I would be shocked.


Way to go Jackson !! America thanks you !!!


Lol , and Canada !!!


The entire universe thanks you! Literally…whether he goes to Jury next week…or wins BB….he has single-handedly saved this season!


last night sis told Christie that she would be so mad if Nicole gets to the end bc she just floats by, that she wants to see people that are strong competitors at the end, people that win sh*#, umm sis u haven’t won anything, u haven’t even played a social game and created relationships with other people than 6 shooters so please stop.


OK, trying to figure this out. There are 6 eviction nights (thursday) left until the Finale on September 26th (date announced). There is only 7 on the jury, already have Jack and Kat, and this thursday Christie, so thats 3 with 5 weeks to go and still 8 in the house. To get down to Final 2 there would have to be 2 double evictions wouldn’t there? With no room for a battle back from jury. Sorry my math skills suck lol so help?

BB Casting Call

The last two evictions happen on finale night. Final HOH sends one out the door to join jury and the other HG sits in finale char with final HOH.


It’s 5, I counted to see because they keep talking about jury battle back, this month 22nd and 29th. Then Sep 5th, 12th and 19th so 1 has to be a double to be left with 3 on finale night


From your math skills to the universes’ ear – dropping the mike and walking away!


I Spelled the word “mike” wrong. It was supposed to be “mic”. Sorry


Thanks all

Jan Nan

I’m ready to see how the house dynamics will change once Christie is out. She’s so mad Nick for being good with everyone, but isn’t that the game she was trying to play.

BB Casting Call

She’s selfish.

Wait til she finds out about fans trolling her boutique…I don’t like Christie, but don’t agree with what’s been happening with her boutique….those fans suck.

Jan Nan

I haven’t heard about that. What’s going on with her store


Agreed…can’t stand her…but don’t want things done to her family or property or w/e.


You said it. She’s just mad that someone did a little better at her game than she did. But a few people are onto Nick. It’s still ridiculous that she ridicules people for doing the exact thing she’s been doing. That’s why viewers don’t like her. Nobody likes a hypocrite. At least I don’t.


Maybe Simon should build a shrine that makes Christie totally lose it on Nick/Nichole and gets booted out by production for it (cuz she looks and sounds seriously deranged), then Jackson can put Tommy up next to Sis


That was a huge LOL. You just popped that right in there didn’t you?


Soft kitty, warm kitty, little ball of fur

Happy kitty, sleepy kitty, purr, purr, purr…

strange memories…


OMG how can we forget that??! Thanks for those pics…we needed to see them. :p

Hearts Reality TV

But oh so close! We can only hope . . .


Just read on another site that Cristy is planning on blowing up nicks game this week – and by default other peoples games too. Finally, some excitement – let the party begin!

Swaggie's Missing Brow

Well, she sure did a great job at blowing her own game up and this will/would probably just blow up in her own face.

With the exception of the Jackson – Holly alliance, everyone left has been all over the place when it comes to loyalties, alliances and targets. Their game play/plans have a shelf-life measured in minutes and there have been so many shared/blabbed secrets, angry confrontations and outraged denials/lies I’m not sure any of them have any credibility any longer.


Wow I guess Christie has to blame someone for her downfall, I guess it’s Nick. What has he done to her, sure he’s playing all sides of the house but thats just to get further in the game. Hey Christie your not that loyal of a player you didn’t keep Bella and she was in your alliance, You would have voted out Jackson so fast if he was on the block. I guess she doesn’t like when the tables have turned.


She doesnt like it when she is not in control.


Hilarious, the mental breakdown is so fitting. She dished it but now can’t take it herself. Poor baby girl likes to hit others but don’t like it when she gets hit back! I just love this week. Hopefully Nick will be next one out, just on the count of him being super gross and creepy!!!

Kat's Alien Bitch

Sometimes if you wish for something with all your heart good things happen.

The screen captures are awesome!!!

Not sure if this is allowed, but Dingo is hysterical today.


First of all.. “AYYYYYYEEEE DING DONG THE WITCH IS DEAD” Second of all, don’t get my wrong I love Cliff but he needs to be careful! This morning to Jackson: “Jess and Nicole think you and Holly have a deal with Nick, just wanted to let you know.” Now he’s like “Jess and Nicole warned me about a group of five,” once again to Jackson. Like why???????? If that gets back to Jess and Nicole it looks like he’s playing both sides. Especially to Jess who has already been curious as to why Cliff joined a group of six. It’s great that he’s awesome at pulling out competition wins when needed, but Jess, whether you like to admit it or not, has also exhibited that as a strength. And Jess and Nicole, at least to me, are in relatively the same position as he is when it comes to the game. He needs to choose the proper time to go after them if he decides to do so. Also, Cliff was very, very apprehensive about actually taking out a member of the original six whereas Jess took a shot at them almost immediately. I don’t know, just an observation.


Yea…I think the working relationship of Jess/Cliff is over. We’ve been seeing signs over the last few days. I’m not sure why she’s trying to ruin Nicole though, yet.


Jealousy. Cliff shields Nichole, Nick shields Nichol, nobody shields Jess. Plain jealousy


you’re prolly exactly right…never even thought of that


Meeting Zingbot was DEFINITELY on Christie’s bucket list & now she’ll juuuuust miss him, lol.


She should be glad she missed Zingbot.


“Christie says if she doesn’t campaign she’ll feel like just another person that is “Cushioning her” (Sis)”

Didn’t Christie tell Sis she couldn’t/wouldn’t campaign against her?

In Christie’s universe she is taking the noble path by selflessly choosing not to be Sis’s enabler. When Sis founds out, she will thank Christie endlessly for being the best friend she has ever had!!

I don’t fault anyone for campaigning to stay. It’s part of the game. To act like your above it and won’t do it … then justify it because you’re really doing Sis a favor? Like I said before, in Christie’s universe.


For all those people who believed Christie when she said she wasn’t going to campaign — well that lasted about an hour after the POV ceremony confirmed Sis/her remained OTB. One DR session later Christie’s fully on the warpath. NOW – don’t get me wrong -she’s playing BB, she SHOULD campaign it’s just so funny how hard she tried to indicate otherwise.

Jess really is enamored with Christie as she is the one helping her form her strategy (Lord have mercy). The one funny part of the conversation is C telling J “I have nothing to lose” and J responding ‘yeah, but that’s the scary part’. Could it be that was Jess AHA moment as she realized C could very well spill all the things Jess said about Nicole behind her back. Oops Jess, should’ve thought about that before you crawled in bed with a cut throat player!

Can you picture Jess husband post show telling her ‘you know – you had a shot of being one of the most popular & then you aligned with the snake who tried to get you put up in her place, never had your back & on top of it you sold out all your true allies!’ Oh well – in Jess case the phrase ‘you reap what you sow’ could end up being profoundly accurate!

As for Christie’s strategy she intends to attack Nick saying he is safely aligned & between the two trios of Tommy/Sis, Cliff Nicole & also working with Jackson. Nick will just keep throwing HOH’s, float safely through game aligned with Michie while these duos attack each other. She intends to point out how Sis is safe & protected by Tommy/Nick (as that is is true alliance) & has no reason to gun for HOH (bet you Sis will love hearing about her saying that!). Her goal is get Cliff/Nicole’s votes & form an alliance of 5 with Tommy/Cliff/Nicole/Jess & herself & then target Nick/Michie. She already has Tommy/Jess votes.

Hmmmmm – Here’s the ointment in Christie’s eviction campaign salve.

1. For all of Christie’s bantering about being a competitor & winner can we stop for a second and remember she won the first HOH (one that most super fans don’t try to win to stay under the radar) AND the controversial Whacktivity challenge which many questioned if she truly won. That’s it. She’s gunned to win comps and not won them so her claims she’ll win comps isn’t reliable. I mean if she was such a comp beast then why didn’t she win this past POV which was a puzzle & better suited to her strengths than everyone playing? Christie’s true benefit is her ability to flip the house on it’s head & putting targets on people’s backs.

2. Christie is assuming Nick is as tightly aligned with Cliff/Nicole & Michie/Holly as he is with Tommy/Sis. That’s also not necessarily true as Jackson/Holly see him playing everyone. For now he represents a big target for them to have the house focus on which is good for H/M. Cliff doesn’t completely trust him (never has). As for Nicole she came very close to voting the other way last week. Not b/c she wanted Cliff to leave but more so b/c she thought about going deep with Kat/Jess (thank goodness her gut told her that wasn’t a smart move based on how Jess threw her to the wolves this week with personal attacks that weren’t even game related). She also doesn’t like working with Tommy/Sis/Christie/Nick nor does she appreciate how Nick speaks to her at times or how he tries to force his narrative upon her.

3. So this goal to create an alliance of 5 with Tommy/Nicole/Jess & Cliff. I’m confused – didn’t they already tell them last week they would safely get to F6 via the Cliff deal? The only difference here is Jess gets added to the team & they cut Nick (with Sis presumably leaving). But, then in fear Holly/Michie would win HOH they backed off it being more than a one week deal. Soooooooooooo what is to stop her from making ANOTHER deal next week with a different group just like she has all season?

4. Christie is also underestimating her affect on the house & hamsters throughout the game. She laughed when the door was shut in Nicole’s face. Had no issues with either Cliff/Nicole leaving whenever & treated them like they were disposable votes who she could use whenever she wanted. Unlike Jess they’ll be all too happy to wave goodbye.

5. AND – perhaps the biggest one. Christie tried to paint targets on both Nicole and Jess prior to the POV ceremony. Doubtful that will matter to Jess who isn’t able to process logic but for Nicole this is a BIG deal. Why? Because Holly/Jackson intend to sit down Cliff/Nicole on Wednesday and tell them how Christie/Sis (AND JESS?) tried to get Nicole put on the block. Hopefully they also spill that Jess & Nick were pitched first. Since Tommy wasn’t involved (smart guy) in any of the pitches I’m not sure if that will help him or not. At that point H/M want to solidify their 4-some (who remarkably the house is still blind to – b/c it’s been focused on Sis/Christie whoa is me party). They’ll site the fact the other side including Nick is tied tightly to Sis/Tommy. Note how Nick – Jess will target each other but if the 4 stick together & keep this information to themselves they can get to final 4 together.

For Nicole who has rarely (aside from Cliff) had anyone protecting her I believe this could prove as a compelling reason to work in the 4. Since she has been keen to also work with Jess I think they’ll have to dance around how that topic is handled. Hopefully the information Jess told Christie/Sis comes out this week as that would make her decision easier. I’m presuming if those details don’t get exposed by Christie then the 4-some will note how crazy Jess acted this week & while they will keep her as safe as possible (after all she is targeting Cliff/Michie right behind Nick) but they will not tell her any information in fear it gets passed around the house.

To that end, also working in their benefit is Jess saying “5 of the people (H/J/S/T/N) are still in the house who were in an alliance”. The funny part about Jess stating that fact is she’s shining a light on them but somehow fails to see Christie was driving that bus! (I can’t).

So, Christie will wage her war on Nick – shine a light on him as a target (which he already is), keep the spotlight off the 4-some C/N/H/M b/c she needs C/N’s votes and they’ll arrive at Thursday hoping to win HOH or that Tommy/Sis throw it since Jess/Nick winning should ensure one or the other leaves. Ideally, Nicole or Cliff win so they can reinforce the 4-some & take out another big target (Tommy? Nick?).

The other interesting questions coming out of this will be:
*How will this affect Nick-Tommy’s relationship?
*Will Nick feel like Tommy isn’t an asset given he can’t control Christie?
*Will Tommy decide to abandon his association with Nick feeling it puts a bigger target on him?
*When Christie tells everyone she already has Jess/Tommy’s vote how will that impact how the house views Jess?
*More importantly, once they learn Jess is voting for Christie will someone tell her how they tried HARD to get her put OTB?
*How will Sis perceive this full on campaigning by Christie & will she take it personally?
*If Sis learns Christie is using her in her campaign (how safe Sis is) & that she has Jess vote – will she tell Nicole what Jess said about her using bullying & faking emotional breakdowns? (I don’t know why but I’m DYING for that information to be exposed!).
*Will Sis try to counter & offer Nicole/Cliff safety to keep her? (if she does she’ll probably throw HOH)
*How does Tommy adjust from this drama?
*AND with Sis currently (and stupidly) attacking Nick too does he come out of this week even wanting to work with Sis/Tommy moving forward?

Next few days should provide arguably the most strategy sessions & maneuvers we’ve witnessed all season. Although the season hasn’t been great with highly unlikable hamsters could the Nicole/Cliff/Jackson/Holly alliance provide us with final 30ish days of more interesting game play? Tommy is also proving to be one of the better players; how he adapts & transitions through this week & next will be very interesting to watch.


Everything you said is right on point. Now if all those things could happen, this game could really get interesting.


You’re a teacher aren’t you? Admit it! I don’t want to take test and answer questions thanks anyway. But agree with you on majority 🙂

Hearts Reality TV

Christie, my dear, what is the use of a target if you don’t take aim and fire? Continuing to be a target – WOW. None of us could take your meltdowns and crazy-ass logic every week. That is reason enough to evict you! You need to take responsibility for your actions – and ‘your truth’ isn’t the real truth.


Holly – is she ok?
Tommy – ummm I dunno

Liberal tears

Christie hasn’t cried this much since that night at the javitz center. Trump 2020! Keep America great!


Can Nick really count on any jury votes at this point if he goes the distance?
I mean they loved him with Bella then hated him because of Bella then liked him for votes but then hated him for looking at Sis and being creepy and now back to hating him again.
Surely Nick n Tommy possibly Jess should go up next. Tommy is getting by on his own fakeness and lovey doveyness with everyone and no one is peeping it! Maybe Christie is doing him a favor by pointing out Nick to take the target off of Tommy or will she explode his game wide open? That would suck if she did that however would be pretty hilarious if she did!

Red in Blue

Julie needs to tell Crusty that Jackson was right, America voted for the three least favored HG’s to get the trip.

Crusty, with you getting. evicted, the Universe, all the various gods, E.T. the Extra-Terrestrial, the spirit guides and anyone/thing you can conjure up have all spoken, they all said GoodBye. Say Hello to jack and Kat for us, tell them America misses them more than we’ll miss you.


I’m really baffled why everyone making comments are so against Christie. She’s eccentric etc but is seriously playing BB. Most are not & were hand picked by casting & never watched the show as a fan. I’m not crazy about Cliff but kudos to playing a game. Mickie & Nick are so obnoxious re their alpha male persona. Tommy is a real player even though his I love yous are a bit much. Nicole is scared to go into a room without Cliff or Nick to protect her. Holly talks excessively about mean girls yet she is the only real mean girl I see. Mickie & Holly are on the show to become reality stars & takes very little research to discover that. Right now I want Jess to win hoh & take Nick out. If the show continues as it is now I hope to see Nicole & Jess sitting at the end to show the jury how stupid they played themselves.


Holly is not the ONLY mean girl. The only one who has not shown any signs of being a mean girl is Nicole. Jess is more kind, than mean. Christie, Holly, and Sis have all been mean, more often than not.


Jess blew up Nicole’s game. Spread gossip re: Sis flirting with Jackson to get a rise out of Holly out of context during a time when Kat was flirting with Jack to rile Sis up and so. Contextually it didn’t make sense for Jess to bring it up other than to cause drama. Not very nice of her.

She had not been included in that six so she was going to cause chaos no matter what the cause. Everyone got blamed but mostly Nicole and I don’t know if there is a sort of BB21 amnesia but all forget and think they are playing good clean games.

I don’t think Jess considers herself mean but she is inconsiderate. When she talks to Nicole, look at her face. She often shows a look of distaste like she wishes to be anywhere else. Anyone can show many faces in the game if it’s for game. I myself wonder how much is their real character. There the saying that goes, “Out of the abundance of the heart, the mouth speaks.” There is truth in that IMO


Very good examples. That’s why I said she’s been more kind than mean…but might almost be half & half lol

Gossip queen

Jess is inconsiderate, stupid, petty, idiotic, not likeable, clueless and bitter.. All because she is not part of the ” cool Kids” club. Instead of her trying to integrate herself with the other houseguests she sits on the side and talks badly about everyone and is not even smart enough to realize that 99.9% of the time they (the cool kids) are playing her .. but yet she still kisses their ass every time and craps on the people who are/were looking out for her best interest and were willing to work with her…. She preaches about woman’s rights and all that crap. She, as a woman, should stand up for herself … have pride in herself and do something for herself rather than being the GOSSIP QUEEN / SHIT DISTURBER ..
LOL I am done ranting for the day .. for now

Just sayin

I am not so sure Christie is playing “the game” at all. I get the sense that what you see is what you get. Unless being an obnoxious, self righteous, paranoid, emotionally unstable crazy person is some kind of strategy.


Thank you Jackson. I had almost lost faith in your HOH. May you wake up overwhelmed with so many watermelons that you’ll never want for more.


I always find it funny when people attack someone for throwing comps. Like Sis attacking Nick for losing HOH. Ummm aren’t you supposed to be an athlete Sis? If I was Nick (not that I like the guy but….) I’d say wait so you’re an athlete you know I don’t run but it’s okay to question why I lost but not okay to question why Holly who is almost a decade older than you beat you? ‘

Just saying.

Sis is dealing with Christie saying she’s going to blow up Nick’s game tomorrow at Taco Tuesday. Sis also just told Nick she feels alone which is why she went after him about throwing comp/telling Nicole she would put her OTB. And, that Sis is worried about Tommy pulling away to play his own game (welcome to BB Sis which you haven’t really had to play for 60 plus days b/c you’ve been shielded one way or another).

So Sis is probably feeling a bit chaffed over Tommy not reassuring her she’ll be safe & elects to take it out on Nick – but he did seem genuine in wanting to get to F3 with her/Tommy when he told her that (I still think his desire is to go F3 with Sis/Nicole but we’ll see – as I doubt he gets that far in the game anyway). Regardless, if Sis is really aligned with Nick why wouldn’t she warn him? Unless she too wants to see how Nick responds. That said, by her not warning him she’s putting one of her shields in danger.

While all this is going on – anyone notice how Tommy is doing his best disappearance act? He’s trying to stay out of the fray of Christie & Sis as well as Nick getting attacked. Clearly, his goal is self protection.


That’s because Tommy is a lowly worm and not the kind of friend anyone should want. Oh yeah, he’s right there with whomever wins HOH when things are riding high…but, when his friends are having rough times, he slinks around keeping his head down to try to make sure he is not the next chosen for elimination. If he could disappear he would. Nothing but a kiss-a$$ he’s been throughout the whole game!

Farewell Crusty…glad you’re gone soon!


He’s planning his next big move. Now Tommy wants to get Nicole and Cliff team up with him and Sis to go after Jackson and Holly. Cristy’s big meltdown is making everyone paranoid. Cliff is also saying that he likes Nick now and is ready to snap him up. And Nicole is saying how much she loves Nick’s game (oh brother). They are all getting on my nerves but it is hard to look away from a train wreck.


They may be able to build an addition with all the spaghetti Christie is throwing. I am conflict averse so this week is not as satisfying as it could be. All the yelling and backstabbing and lies. I kinda wish someone would puke on her cause they’re just too full of her chit

Feeds Gold

if christie wants to blow up games and shine a spotlight to make people targets to help tommie and sis, she should do so towards nicole who everyone thinks is sweet and not a threat, and how dumb it would be to bring the showmance any further, and how jess will get dragged to final 2

targeting nicks game will hurt, not help, tommie and sis going forward as he is a number and most loyal to them


They are going to have to shoot her with dart tranquilizer from a distance if she keeps this up. She’s spinning out of control far worse than I thought she would.

BB Crusty Crab Shack

Holy sh!t.. that “ Stay away from me” gif from Crusty is scary! Looking forward to Taco Tuesday in the Big Bro house cuz Crusty is supposed to blow up nasty Nick’s game….Yeeeehawww

Feeds Gold

nick should get cliff/nicole, and tommie/sis together for a final 5 to take shots at the showmance over the next 2 weeks

if the showmance are still together final 6 its likely going to be very difficult to get them out as jackson is so good in comps

and im sick of nicole just skating by…holly just skating by…jess just skating by so easily…its a final 3 i really dont want to see

i want a final 4 of nick/cliff/tommie/sis

Feeds Gold

kat before she left and also jess trying to sewer nicks game via christie didnt work

tommie/sis still believe nick is most loyal to them over the others(this is true)

nick has done well explaining himself to christie(who now doesnt sound like she wants to blow up his game) and sis today

tommie/sis are going to try to get cliff/nicole to target the showmance rather than go after each other

sis to tommie: “i wanna blindside the sh!t outta mickie and hollie like they did to me”

tommie/nick/sis to me remain the strongest trio…they just have to start winning hohs


Christie – it’s just not fair. I feel like everyone is just blind everyone is under a f*ing spell

Why is it only unfair when it’s her on the block. She was laughing all last week at Kat. This little narcissist think they should KEEP her as a target? They’d be the dumbest players in history. And she’s going to win all the comps and come after them. What a joke.

My Thoughts

And if that happens then HOLY SHIT.. If that shit happens.. then I hope she wins… If the rest are too stupid to realize what the f is right in front of their face.. and keep her.. then I will start hoping the universe helps her to win cause the rest JUST WONT DESERVE IT…


Wait Chrsitie, Nick is running the game?? I though YOU were running the game!!???? #Bye


Jesus…I am sure Christie has been in therapy for years. She is so paranoid…and dilusional…and just plain ducking dumb. she is gonna be a target….I’m yeah u were…now ur ducking out that what happens to tArgets in the long run….I dislike her on an epic scale