“What should I do this week just campaign like normal? Better than doing what Ameerah did and just chilling” **UPDATED**

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household:  Michael
Nominees: Terrance, Monte & Joseph Kyle and Daniel
POV Players: Terrance, Monte, Joe, Brittany, Michael Jasmine and Turner; (Taylor is hosting)
POV Winner: Michael & Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Veto was used Kyle and Daniel nominated
Havenots:  None so far

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine
Joe & Monte & Terrance
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy & Taylor

9:28 am Terrance gave Daniel a heads up that Michael is up. Daniel goes up to the HOH but nobody opens.

9:37 am Terrance and Michael
Michael – I really don’t want to go back on my word I said to MOnte in front of everyone. WE can do one this week one next week. I would prefer I’m not the one that does monte but If I can help out next week I’m on board for that
Michael – I don’t want to ruin my reputation ‘we’ll you made him a promise and went back on it next week you’re just going to do that to us’
Michael – I don’t think me doing it this week.. if next time I am eligible then that’s a conversation I just don’t know if I can do it this particular week.
Terrance – got it. Did you check in with how people would feel if he does stays?
Michael – I hope people won’t be made.. Everyone on Friday told me Get rid of Daniel this week

Michael – Monte is a big threat but it would be different if he was throwing my name out. Daniel has been throwing my name around
Terrance – he has.. OKay we’re locked and loaded baby. Let’s go in I got you
Michael – plus do you really want to pack on Thursday
Terrance- good point

9:56 am Indy, Jasmine and Alyssa
Jasmine telling them that Michael talked to Terrance in the storage room and he’s going to use the veto.
Jasmine says Taylor said out of her mouth last night that she was working with Monte. “To somebody else and they came and told me”
Alyssa – you always have the tea..
Jasmine says technically Michael already broke his word to Monte “you put him on the block”
Jasmine – at the same time.. Like I was told Monte never gave him the time of day the first week now all of a sudden things have changed. I don’t know.. It is what it is I want him to feel good about himself if he really is that torn up about it then don’t. I can’t see you not making that move right now
Alyssa – it would be the smartest thing. Even if he did go back on his word Monte Isn’t in Jury.
Indy – how the house is going to accept him.
Alyssa – I feel like I never talk to Monte in general

Jasmine – I’m gunning for HOH.
Alyssa says MOnte wants her out for some reason.
Jasmine – if he does want you out it’s because he wants Kyle all to himself.

9:56 am Daniel campaigns to Michael. Says he talked to Terrance and he says Turner is “onboard” if the noms stay the same.

10:02 am Jasmine and Michael
Michael – If the house has two main targets getting one of them out this week will be a good move. When I look at them individually, Daniel has thrown my name out, he’s one more comps and I haven’t made any promises to Daniel this week.
Jasmine – follow your heart.. that is what I wanted to come chat with you. I know how much it means to keep your word. If your heat is telling you to get Daniel out then go do that.
Jasmine – I got your back if Daniel is a target I got you.

10:20 am Kyle and Michael
Kyle – I was talking to Alyssa and she was like she was wanting to kiss and do stuff last night. I was like NO we just don’t have any privacy in the house. But She wanted to like.. we kinda agreed we both want to go all the way last night and just have sex. I was like I’ll ask Michael if maybe he would be open to letting us use your bed for a day would that be alrigh t
Michael – I think you’re joking
It was a joke they laugh..

11:43 am Jasmine and Indy

Jasmine – would rather work with Michael

11:44 am Kyle and Turner
Turner – how does it feel being up on that block
Kyle – it sucks. you can’t feel comfortable in any situation when you’re on the block. I feel okay. I feel as confident as I can be as the pawn.
Kyle – he sent it (Michael speech)
Turner – Michael is wild
Kyle – that is an epic movement.
Kyle – What should I do this week? just campaign like normal. Better than doing what Ameerah did and just chilling
Turner – better campaign to me or I’ll send you out of this house.

12:10 pm Brittany and Taylor with Turner snoring off to the side.
Taylor says that Kyle really likes Alyssa he asked her what he should do.
Taylor adds that Kyle is worried that they will think he’s not able to separate the two things “he’s nervous that he’s giving us a reason to distrust him”
Taylor – The fact you are even considering that is enough.
Taylor – I told him to go for it. especially if you are going up on the block. Kiss her. Have a summer fling”
Brittany feels that same way.

12:49 pm Indy, Alyssa and Kyle
Mostly chit-chat going on throughout the house. Indy is talking about meditation crystals
Kyle – do you think we should distance ourselves this week?
(didn’t hear the answer)
Indy says the backyard closes at 6am tomorrow.
Indy leaves.

Kyle – I might go home this week.
Alyssa- don’t say that..
Kyle – it could happen look at this season. I’m getting backdoored.
Alyssa – you have Me, Indy, Jasmine, Turner for sure. Brittany maybe? Taylor?
Kyle – Who knows

Kyle – what should I do? Should I talk to everyone or organic?
Alyssa – Organic
Alyssa – the entire house is going to vote out Daniel.

Alyssa – Jasmine said that last night Taylor said she was working with Monte. Slipped up
Kyle – really. that would be an interesting dou considering they were at each other for the first half.


They start to kiss…

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un autre nom

I wondered how Jasmine would try to make Taylor somehow responsible, or get the target back on her.
She’s made up a story where Taylor told “someone” she can’t remember who… that Taylor said she’s working with Monte. Now Alyssa has gone to Kyle with the story.

BB24 WEEK 5a.jpg
Christime Ahrens

Troubmaker Jasmine is next.
Two face ppl this season.


A leftover implosion would make this season 10X better. Monte and Joe going soon would flip the house and be amazing. Monte hopes it becomes a boring season. Michael and Brittney being snitches to the pound won’t end well for them. Those two are the real convenient stores.


You’re the best Simon. Appreciate the encouragement for wanting a change.

Dementia Joe

It is only a matter of time until they start to eat their own. I was hoping that Michael would pull the trigger this week.

Taylormade Victims

Let’s hope it happens within these next 2-3 rounds


Daniel out first.

Christime Ahrens

I dont like either and Britney is riding gravy train she be out or Michael vuz he Gantt be hoh as of thirsdsy.. better watch his back

Let’s Play Fair

Hallelujah! Evil Elvis will have left the building by Thursday….

Game shows lover

In this order next: Jasmine, Indy, Terrence and Alyssa, Alyssa is messing Kyle’s game up and wanting him to have sex with her anywhere in the house?
She made have to go sooner than that order.

Christime Ahrens

I dont like alyssa and if Kyle was smart he’d do her


I want Alyssa and Kyle in the jury house. Then they can have their summer romance in private and we don’t have to watch. Ugh


Jasmine has got to go!! The muffins, then the fake foot bump, omg I am so sick of her.

The Beef

Last night she added a new word to the list of one syllable words that have become two syllable ones when she said “Sometimes I just need a pastry to make me feel good.” and pronounced “good” as “goo-wood”.

I swear, she gets on my last nerve. She claims she can’t hardly walk, but had no problem going all over that house trying to find out who ate half a damn muffin! It’s been three and a half weeks since she experienced an ankle injury so slight, any athlete who had it probably wouldn’t have missed more than a game or two (like out for four or five days) yet here she is 25 days later, still hobbling around as if her leg is broken! It’s pretty disgusting that she would milk this so-called injury like this, just to stay in the game, as it’s obvious that’s what she’s doing, and the others are letting her get away with it, IMO.

Christime Ahrens

Jasmine is phony dont like her

Just me

It’s time for Jasmine to put her damn foot in her mouth. Chew on that.

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

On the feeds she speaks more naturally with just a southern accent. I HATE the fake exaggerated twang. I hope Turner keeps messing with her to keep her rattled.


Although it’s predictable, I’m 100% onboard with Daniel being evicted this week. I can even handle one more week of Leftovers domination if it means Jasmine goes to jury first. From there, may the fireworks begin as the Leftovers turn on each other.

P.S. – For a bit of personal news, I’ve been MIA most of this season as I’ve been moving. I’m no longer a “San Diego Gal” and I’m now a “Colorado Gal.”


Welcome back. Enjoy Colorado! My nephew and his fiancé live in Denver. I am hoping that Zingbot is Jasmine’s birthday present


How do you like your new locale?


Love it. Traded palm trees for pine trees. 🙂


TPTB are obviously waiting for a double eviction to send Jas out the door. She’s such an itty bitty little thing that would certainly need someone to go with her. She’s just helpless, bless her little heart!
I just can’t with her. Not a favorite of mine from the beginning. Won’t be sorry to see the ass end of her.


Welcome back was a Colorado guy for 12 years then Montana now boiling in Texas heat lol

Biscuits & Gravy, Y'all

Hey Girl. I was “Like Literally” but couldn’t remember log in. I missed last season because we moved from PA to TN. I hate moving. Hope you are getting settled.

un autre nom


  • still not convinced the leftovers don’t start imploding before eviction. I’m not Totally saying they evict Kyle. I’m saying a couple of them are going to figure out Kyle’s messiness and it’s going to cause problems and plans within plans for next week.
  • Episode totally skipped Kyle’s messiness and his BBQ alliance theory (reason Michael entertained getting out Monte).
  • Episode also skipped HOH letter for the first time this season. That one is just an odd hm sideye about CBS/Editing. Though his letter was oddly about his cats for the most part… and i kept thinking is this code?
  • I’m surprised they haven’t been cleaning Daniel up more yet. But clown edit will work too. If this was the clean version… oh dear.

The Muffin Mystery was more entertaining to them I guess than his letter. They sure spent 10min on that damn muffin.

un autre nom

Yeah. That’s not why.

  1. “Daniel goes up to the HOH but nobody opens.” ——>Ha Ha, Elvis isn’t welcome in the building.
  2. “I was like I’ll ask Michael if maybe he would be open to letting us use your bed for a day would that be alright” —–>> EWWWW Joke nor no joke – that’s just gross.
  3. Question: Why did Terrance give up Tyler in #MufffinGate? Is she still mad about it?
un autre nom

Terrance gave up TURNER in muffingate.
Turner had moved something of Terrance’s and Terrance was pissy about it, so Terrance told Jasmine that Turner was the muffinman.


LOL I guess for me un autre nom for Turner (Matthew?) is Tyler! Doh! Thank you though for explaining how he gave him up. I wonder if we’ll see it & how she reacted to his Muffin caper!

un autre nom

Yeah, I keep calling Kyle Nick and having to go back and correct.


I keep referring to him as Tucker & usually catch it in my read through edit before posting lol


I think Terrance is just a wimp, he betrayed Turner to make points with annoying fake accent Jasmine. I’m hoping Indy and Alyssa are getting tired of her, I for one am tired of Jasmine, she really has no game play whatsoever.

Taylormade Victims

To see anyone outside the leftovers win would be enjoyable

Game fan

i can see them doing like fessy and his friends. they would put one of their own


I would like to say I TRULY DO NOT LIKE TERRENCE! Ok, carry on….

bleacher creature

Somebody better start going after the big fish. Nobody is going to beat Michael if he hangs around.


Jasmine is SUCH a bad liar — she made up that entire conversation about Taylor/Monte working together.

So according to Jasmine, she said that Taylor TOLD HER she’s working with Monte… buuuuut then she changed it to saying that she didn’t hear it directly from Taylor, she said that Taylor admitted to be working with Monte to “someone else”… and then THAT person told Jasmine about it. ????

Uh, huh… right.
Sure, Jan.

Game fan

half of the house is working with both tylor and monte anyway.
the others are against them anyway.

un autre nom

I think someone said the back yard closes early morning Tuesday.
Speculations about a big build HOH. One speculation is wall. Doubtful they’d slip/slide because Jabba the Nut is still frankenstein walking.

Q: Did the alliance and Kyle ever say which group Kyle should choose?
Q2: Did Daniel ever say which group he would have joined?

Last pair standing is why I’m asking. Comment Julie made when the Last pair reward when announcing the twist.

OBSERVATION: So the house was saying can’t nominate Scootie Bootie because of her foot. Anyone… at all… showing the same concern for Turner or Britt? I haven’t see it.
OBSERVATION2: The prodo made backup showmance plan b participants REALLY need to stop saying that Production is green lighting them. Taylor has said it 3x. Joe just said it for the second.

Terrance is the pissiest Veto off the block recipient I’ve ever seen. Terrance off the block is as pissy as Nic was elated to go on the block. These people.

un autre nom

She’s using her cane… in. the. pool.

Palm Oil's Meds

Joe and Monte calls her walk “the pimp walk” lol


1) Because Terrance realizes he screwed himself unless he is really oblivious 2) The other reason for No slip n Slide is Brittany’s injury and keeping an eye on the injury Turner sustained ( both of whom haven’t been milking what happened to them at OTEV)

un autre nom

I have an odd theory.
The festie besties. when there is only one pair left, that pair will get safety for the week. That could very well be this week leading into a double.
I have no supporting documentation for my theory.
I originally came up with the thought with Jasmine’s foot in mind. But now I’m thinking Britt and Michael?


LOL – see above… I posted similar thoughts a few weeks back & doubled down in my answer to your question – shocker we thought the same – BUT it would require Kyle picking Jas/Turner b/c they are the other duo still standing & there is NO WAY Kyle will pick Britt/Michael as his team they just need him NOT to pick Ally’s team.

un autre nom

disregard my theory now that there is talk of Kyle joining the girls’ trio.
Unless it heads into the rumored safety chain double (that i still don’t believe to be true) and the last pair standing gets to be the first link in the chain.


Hang on — It might actually make sense AN.

The current intel assumes Kyle joins the girls & it’s the wall comp. In recent years they changed the hand holds so it no longer skews to shorter/smaller people winning. My bet is Kyle will die on that wall to win HOH in order to protect Ally (although Joe might not be willing to let him win, lol) & if he gets HOH he’ll put up JasMEAN/Turner citing the fact they are the only people who haven’t been OTB. It’s highly unlikely they’ll win the POV whether her foot is 100% or not & she’d become the first member of the jury.

As you noted – TPTB aren’t being overtly kind in their edits for the phony JasMEAN in the most recent episodes which are in line with the trend that both Cruel Chef & Evil Elvis got the week prior to their evictions. Could that be an omen for the demise of the Injury Milking Muffin Monster?

Then as per the rumors of a double on the 18th and a similar comp to BBCan10 Michael/Britt become the first duo of the safety chain with one becoming HOH (my guess is Michael gives it to Britt). It makes sense TPTB would want to protect Michael in a double where he’d be most vulnerable given his popularity & his torrid comp win pace (with his best areas to compete still on the horizon — puzzles, Q&A, memory, combo physical/dates & those end game comps).

To be honest, the safety chain could either be a complete flop with the Leftovers not trying to hide themselves & picking all seven in order leaving two of Ally/Indy & Terrance as the noms.

OR it could get really messy & cause conflict within the LOs. It’s doubtful Michael/Brit would veer from one of the LOs but WHO they pick could be problematic. My guess is if Britt picked she would tap Taylor but if Michael picked he might pick Kyle (& later tell Taylor he expected the LO to all pick each other & he didn’t want to tip his hand they were a F3) and that’s where things could get messy.

Would Kyle stick with the LOs OR would he save Ally? If he picked the latter then the chain likely goes …Brit – Michael – Kyle – Ally – Indy- Joe – Monte AND he would determine whether Turner or Taylor were safe (& presumably he’d stick with the POUND & save Turner) meaning Taylor & Terrance would be the noms.

Joe could also throw a wrench in things if he picked Taylor instead of Monte – & then she would determine the last safe person (either Turner or Monte) with Terrance definitely one of the noms. I have a feeling she might pick Turner & tell Monte she felt he would have a better shot to beat Terrance.

Michael/Brit could say screw it & pick Taylor anyway to ensure her safety. The issue with the safety chain is there is no time to strategize so it seems highly likely the LOs would all be safe. Still, I think this double will be when Michael/Britt/Tay/Kyle/Ally make a move if the opportunity arises based on who wins the POV.

Circumstances have to run perfectly for a blindside. I still think the LOs will all save each other & Indy so Terrance/Ally would be OTB. As for the POV I seem to recall the HOH didn’t play in the POV in Canada but they also had three players OTB. If Britt played then the draw would be for the typical three & if not it would be for four (but I really think that might be Canada-specific). Clearly, a good draw would be anyone but Joe/Monte & if Turner played/won they would have to do some fancy dancing to get him on board to take the shot. Anyone else winning would be a no-brainer — one of the noms would come down & Monte would go up.

Even if Monte or Joe played & won Britt could potentially talk them into removing one of the noms (not likely Ally though) saying let’s pull Terrance or Indy back in for next week in case he/she wins & do some early massaging of egos. Then the other one would go OTB.

Ideally, it’s cleaner with Michael, Kyle, Ally, Britt, or Taylor winning the POV & then they just make the move in concert & they have the 4 votes to take out Monte or Joe (although I’m not sure Taylor would be as keen to evict Joe unless he picks one of Monte/Turner ahead of her in the chain). They would only need four votes & would have them with Mike/Kyle/Taylor/Ally & could prob add either Indy or Terrance as well as Turner if they have time to explain it to him.


I mentioned that Julie FB last duo standing comment a few weeks back & wondered if the reward could be as big as safety for the week.

Notably, they’d have to end the twist this week if it was safety b/c otherwise only two groups would be eligible to go OTB & if the one not initially nominated was picked, played, won & used the POV there wouldn’t be anyone else to nominate. Granted, the reward might not be that large – – but it seems logical although it could be something else like that duo automatically gets to play in POV or a slop pass (???).

It also makes sense this would be the last week for FB as BB has typically run these types of twists until week 5 (like last year).

I think Evil Elvis was planning to join Britt/Michael thinking they’d be bigger targets. As for Kyle he originally was going to pick Turner/Jas but then Taylor started saying to pick them b/c then they’d have four competing for HOH & he could protect Ally which seemed to be where he was leaning (of course, we know his thinking is he would gun for HOH in order to keep Ally safe & get time in the HOH room with her). Notably, Monte misled Terrance today saying Kyle would join Britt/Michael presumably to cover in case something went wrong & Daniel stayed so that he too would pick them.

I sort of anticipate the gremlins will give Kyle the heads up in the DR that after he picks his team Julie will announce the FB twist is over as well as note the last duo standing & the reward. My guess is once the DR gives him this hint he’ll talk to Michael about it & if the gremlins haven’t reminded him of the reward I’d bet Michael or Britt will remember & they’ll get him to pick Turner/Jas.

The other options which I doubt TPTB will want to do is something as lame as a coin flip or a quick comp between Michael/Britt & Jas/Turner but again, it seems far more likely they would just give Kyle the head’s up in the DR of what they need him to do.

As for Tactless Terrance, he’s the worst – & after that embarrassing & disgusting YouTube video emerged I think I might have to change his moniker to Crock Pot Clown!


I don’t know why so many rooting for a leftover implosion. It’s the first time in years I’m able to root for a dominant alliance to succeed cause ALL the other underdogs are just plain awful, as players and/or and people. Though I wouldn’t mind Monte leaving either lol

Rachel not Rielly

I wouldnt mind seeing kyle go. I like the rest more than the other half of the house. Turner and Taylor are my favorites


Joe will enjoy it!


I kinda hope Daniel goes nuts and burns Kyle’s relationship with the Leftovers to the ground. I still want Daniel out this week, but Kyle was ridiculous trying to break up the alliance so soon. Wth, why is Kyle asking to use the HOH bed, gross! Bro, just chill, pretty soon you and Alyssa will be in the jury house, my guess by the time that happens Alyssa will have no interest, we shall see. Next week I wouldn’t mind Kyle going, although hearing Jasmine’s DRs I’d rather her leave. My favorite now, hands down, is Turner. I can’t believe I didn’t like him at first, Pooch leaving was the best thing for his game. Turner is hilarious, I love his relationship with the cameras, very entertaining. I hope he’s in the final two. I like the Leftovers more than the other side, but for the sake of entertainment I would like some back and forth between the two groups.


I agree! I love Turner!

un autre nom

Ya know what…
I’m the person that says there are 16 people play big brother. Well at this point there are 12. I acknowledge that each person is an individual. Doesn’t mean I don’t see race, of course I see every house guests race, I’m not blind. All are human beings and all are playing the game. That’s how I view it.

Take that as a disclaimer if you will.

Kyle is back to his implicit bias theories.
To Alyssa he is saying that Michael and Brittany don’t have that close connection to Terrance and Monte, Taylor and Terrance, and will come to realize they are a dangerous group, and that’s when they’ll realize they have to get close and align with Kyle, Alyssa and Turner.
He KNOWS they aren’t a group because Terrance led the charge with Jasmine to get rid of Monte. THEREFORE he KNOWS what he is saying about them being a group is not supported by GAME.
I can’t.
Teeter on the edge, Kyle… if your dumb ass beats Jasmine to NOPE… see what it gets you.

Rachel not Rielly

As much as i cant stand jasmines fake accent i wouldnt mind seeing kyle go next week before her

New Kid

I really don’t get why everyone views Monte as a threat. He hasn’t really done anything except win an HOH…if anyone’s a threat it would be Kyle since he’s in a showmance and absolutely no one is even mentioning his name due to his strong social game and Micheal who’s won 4 vetos in a row and an HOH plus he’s a very strategic player with a strong social game. Like I honestly don’t get how no one is targeting these 2 guys. If these were smart players they would be considering flipping and getting Kyle out this week instead


Monte is purposely lying low playing a similar game to Xavier. He’s throwing comps, not being too actively seen so as NOT to be looked at as the main house target.

In truth, EACH of Monte, Joe & Kyle have been throwing comps & b/c they weren’t in danger they could afford to throw them. That also meant they haven’t played in as many comps bc they weren’t picked for many POVs. Michael on the other hand didn’t have that benefit, being OTB in weeks 1 & 3 – needed to win in week 2 (after trying to throw it to Taylor) in order to keep her safe & his week 4 HOH was also necessary given Daniel was planning to backdoor him if he won.

The only comp he didn’t need to win was this last POV — however, as it turns out it was probably the most essential of his POV wins b/c of how it blew up JasMEAN, Terrance & Ally’s games while re-inforcing why the Leftovers should remain loyal to each other.

What we don’t know – is to what degree Mo-Jo-Ky are throwing & whether they could beat Michael when they turn it on — most presume yes — I’m not 100% sure bc Kyle went for it in this recent HOH. We haven’t seen OTEV POV yet but presumably, Monte/Joe tried to win. All three guys are intelligent and physically fit so they are perfectly suited to win the end-game comps.

In terms of the trio of Monte, Joe & Kyle I’d rank Joe as the scariest b/c of his social game, connections to the non-Leftovers, & his intelligence. Kyle isn’t really that scary b/c he panics over small things. Michael has already clocked him (although he keeps protecting him) & will take him out prior to F5 if he has a say in the matter. For now Mike/Britt/Taylor need Kyle in the game longer than Monte/Joe b/c Kyle is more loyal to them whereas the latter duo is more loyal to the Pound.

Michael is definitely on everyone’s radar but he’s kept Jas/Indy/Ally safe – did what Jas wanted in week 2 (won POV/didn’t use it). He’s made each of that trio of women feel he would be the one guy that would win comps/work with them to take out Monte/Joe/Kyle. As for the Pound guys I don’t see them striking early like Michael/Britt/Taylor/Kyle would especially after this last week. Although Monte/Joe have always been keen to stay loyal to the Leftovers they are also keen to cut Michael at 7 which is why he’ll need to split up Mo-Jo before they reach that stage of the game.

That said, he’s definitely vulnerable but Kyle won’t turn on him & neither will the ladies, Britt or Taylor. While Monte had all of the non-Leftovers ready to shoot at him- only Terrance would want to take that shot vs. Michael. And, if he went OTB & was in danger with that trio of ladies still in the house & was in jeopardy of leaving you can bet he’d be spilling some tea about the other side & how Mo-Jo want them all out before F7 whereas he would want them all in his F5 (well – not Ally but that’s semantics, lol).

Here for the crowd

I hope they realize that it is better for them to get Kyle out this week