Week 3 Power of Veto Ceremony Results “Today is going to be wild..”

Quick Big Brother Spoilers

Head of Household: Turner
Nominees: Brittany and Michael Ameerah and Terrance
POV Players: Nicole, Taylor, Michael, Brittany, Turner, Jasmine, (Joe is host)
POV Winner: Michael/Brittany
Veto Ceremony: Brittany/Michael us the veto and Turner puts up Ameerah/Terrance
Havenots: Alyssa & Indy

Lock your ranks in before midnight


Festie Besties:

Turner & Jasmine (She’s also safe)
Joe & Monte
Daniel & Kyle
Brittany & Michael
Alyssa & Indy
Ameerah & Terrance
Nicole & Taylor

How Nominations will work: One pair will be nominated
How the Veto Player Pick will work: Turner/Jasmine, nominated pair, and drawn pair
– If one of the pair wins the veto, the other is also safe.
– If the nominated pair comes off the block, Turner would nominate another pair.
– Eviction: One of the pair on the block will be evicted

10:20 am Kyle and Michael
Michael – I did talk to Brittany about it was was like ‘I don’t care’
Michael – she’s like ‘the girls had an alliance week on’
Kyle says all their dirty laundry will get out this week so they should air it before.
Kyle – Po Pack.. I’ll just say POOCH set up three other alliances.. be ready for that.
Kyle – We just need to get to Joe, Turner and Taylor to share that. Even if it’s just one of us that shares that I think we’re fine.
Kyle – today is going to be wild.. Lets hope it works
Michael – I had a dream he put her up

10:38 am Monte and Kyle
Kyle saying that Ameerah will go to Joe, Taylor and Turner saying they were working with them the entire time don’t trust them.
Kyle – We got to beat her (Ameerah) to the punch and air all that out
Kyle – HAve a little chat with Taylor one on one kinda explain.. If we can do t as a group that would be best. Joe, you should probably talk to JOE. Michael already talked to Britany. Treat it like the Oasis.
Kyle – I’m going to say we had the Oasis that POOCH threw together we had the PO PACK that Paloma threw together. Everything Changed once JAsmine won HOH and they started using us for information and then.. POOCH made a bunch of other alliance apparently I was in that I didn’t know about.
Monte – Copy that
Kyle – Taylor, Joe and Turner we got to tell all three of them.

11:09 am Joe and Taylor (Hard to hear)
Sounds like JOe it warning her “After today they will all start” hounding her for a vote.
Joe – Do what you do best
Taylor – I’m going to lay here.

11:30 am Joe and Brittany
Brittany over heard Ameerah and Alyssa talking they were saying “I wonder what is going on in this house”

11:48 am Daniel and Turner
Turner – I do not think I’m putting Taylor on the block. I do not want … Dude I’ve thought about this 1000 hours in the past couple of days. well not 1000 hours but you know.
Turner – I’ve been in one on one’s with people. The things they say about Taylor is disgusting. Not yourself.. I’m just telling you this cause I f*** with you. You are not going on the block.
Turner – I hope you’re not mad
Daniel – yeah
Turner – people are calling Taylor a b1tch.. they are saying F*** her.. I cannot what people are saying about this gitl
Feeds flip.. when we’re back.

Turner – I’m telling you a head of time you’re the only one I’m telling ahead of time because like.. I don’t want you to take it personally. I don’t want you to think this is random. Whatever you need to do you can prepare for it.
Turner – I cannot add to the dogpile of this girl. I will live the rest of this game feeling like dogshit If I knew I participated.. Dude seeing someone in bed all day!
Turner – I just can’t and even make it 1% worst.. Putting her on the block even if it’s 2 days will give her added stress.

Daniel – whoever goes up we’ll touch base..
Turner tells him he’s not going up.

11:52 am Feeds cut..

12:57 am Feeds return.. Veto was used Terrance and Ameerah on the block.

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un autre nom

whatta…. oy.

BB24 WEEK3.jpg

Which part. His conversation with Ameerah or his conversation now with Monte?

un autre nom

Makes a big circle with my finger including all of it…


Terrence may be blindsided by staying in this game the way he is talking to Ameerah. The game got real for the others now. Ameerah has a right to be upset at being the replacement nominee but why are Jasmine and Indy crying?


Cause Jasmine is just plain drama lol ?

The Beef

Because they are morons? Because they are about to lose the brains of their operation (well, half of them)?

Great move by the Leftovers!

un autre nom

Oh the tears.
I’m loving the tears.
The “I’ve never said anything mean” bullshit.
The blame game starting… how tf did INDY do this? Okay… crackheads.
Daniel… i didn’t have a clue.
Nicole… oh I know baby, of course you didn’t.
I paraphrase… but that’s the basic.
Jasmine: crying. Ameerah: crying. Terrence: crying. Alyssa: trying to conjure tears.
Indy: rubbing salt into her skin????

Guess the next four weeks they had planned out last night are up in smoke.
Alyssa had hints.
Daniel knew.

The boys fell through on telling the POS secret? ugh. Come on.
Nic is happy the line has been drawn in the sand. Um…. put that with the whole she isn’t sorry for anything she’s said shit and file it away for later.


Nicole is a gameplayer and is playing it well even if you don’t like some of her moves. If and when she leaves during Jury, Nicole definitely won’t be a bitter jury member

un autre nom

Nic won’t be bitter?
Believe it when I see it.
And ACTUALLY, I don’t have a problem with bitter juries. If the bitter comes from how a finalist played the game, that’s the finalist’s failure to mold the juries social consciousness of the house and game.
Nic’s game strategy is to gather a mob, scream slander and intimidate. Why would I take any issue with that?


YUP – they played Cruel Chef like a fiddle today (using her & EE as part of their strategy) and I think it went far better than their greatest hopes.

H/t to Turner (I didn’t see it coming) & Joe – in fact, while Taylor (poetically lay outside sunning & whispering “Leftovers” to the live feeders) each of her six side dish partners played their parts to perfection.

I thought I’d pee my pants with Michael & Britt kicking it off in the room with Amee, Jas, Ally, Ter, & CC (no EE interestingly). They both were so believable as the caring allies.

I can cite moments from each of the six that served to enhance the moment, increase the angst of the opposition & definitely shone a beacon on the fact that side of the house will be F’d when their glue Ameerah leaves.

Clearly, the Leftovers entered the day prepared but what made everything fall in their direction was the emotional outbursts & inability of the OS/GG to deal with adversity AND Ameerah being in a state of shock.

Again, kudos to Turner who did clarify to Indy (and someone else) that EE/CC were the worst offenders (bullying) but wisely wordsmithed EE/CC knowing they would use that as confirmation it not only wasn’t them but they were innocent! I didn’t know until today he was a victim of bullying (with a horrific incident at home with his own family) so when he kept saying “not the worst on the spectrum” to Evil & Cruel you could tell he wasn’t clearing them of guilt he was pointing out the fact they were on the spectrum at all was a moment to dive internally, own their actions and rectify.

There is one scene that is gold in which Cruella is ranting about “WHO BULLIED HER- WHO WAS IT as the camera keeps panning in on Milk my inJASry as she remains quiet. Then finally someone (maybe Jas – sorry tired) says well we know it’s not Brittany or Michael or you or me.

They seriously were seeking a scapegoat instead of doing that internal check to find their humanity and hey how about going to deliver a sincere apology to the person you’ve bullied all season that you KEEP making apologize to you FOR YOUR INDISCRETION!

Meanwhile, the Leftovers sit back & watch the destruction of OS/GG. Better still, Cruel Chef at one point shifted to wanting to keep Terrance (which you know Evil Elvis wants b/c he’s tired of splitting his personal CC time with Ameerah & knows he’s like seventh or eighth on her end game list). There’s no way those two completely abandon that concept (even if they inevitably vote to keep her). Which means she’ll be credited for Ameerah’s eviction allowing the Leftovers to retain their anonymity & gain a stronghold majority position in the game!

As it is EVERY ONE was blamed, or attacked (EXCEPT the 7 members of the Leftovers!) INSANE!

As far as blindsides go this was an A+!

So much more to say –but I haven’t slept in over a day b/c I just couldn’t stop watching & my brain is too foggy to extrapolate my thoughts

Anyway, I loved EVERY minute of it! (and it’s not even over yet – think I’ll pull out some leftovers 😉 watch the end-of-day feeds then crash.. WOOT


I didn’t hear Turner say he was bullied but actually when he was announced as a player his sister said he is a huge bully. She went on a Twitter rant about him and how terrible of a person he is.


Wow, that was a crazy rant. Did you go to her twitter page and see what was posted about her! Yikes, clean up your twitter before airing all that.

The Beef

Yeap, she’s a player, as is Ameerah, and they both just got checkmated by the Pound alliance and the 3 outsiders. How bitter she’ll be or won’t be depends on how the rest of the game plays out. If Ameerah does indeed go this week, and Daniel next, she’ll basically be alone in that house with Jasmine, Alyssa and Indy. Do you want to play Big Brother with that team?


Praise the Lord!

Max Max

and add an AMEN!


Notice Kyle needing to wear sunglasses inside while lying his ass off. Brittany is playing it off better.

un autre nom

The way the mob is now saying they were not part of any dogpiling.
Oy gevalt. They are all mashugana in the head. Feeds. Live feeds. d’oh.

Jasmine spin. sideye. How much of the Jasmine spin is real since we didn’t get the whole conversation with Stinky? Big question in my head.
It puts Daniel in doodoo. Don’t mind that.
She’s now on a mission to find who the other 2 that knew could be… unless she’s distracted and needs to lie down again. I mean, what IS a Jasmine investigates gonna look like? Everyone is brought one by one in to Jabba, who drawls silliness.. until she gets a confession?

Max Max

Nope…..whoever offers her the best snacks will get off!




Good job leftovers, Get Ameerah out of the house and then focus on Jasmine and Nicole

Palm Oil’s Meds


un autre nom

While Jabba, Dic, and Ameerah are spinning:
SO far Alyssa, Indy (two voters to KEEP Ameerah) have been yelled about.
Daniel has been fingered as knowing.
Suspicions are running wild.

Oh yeah… this blindside is working out well.

So girls girls… yeesh.
So Oldskool… yeesh.

Turner now knows about POS. Monte told him.
Joe and Taylor are the last Leftovers not in the know.
Indy is the last houseguest that doesn’t know. Playing / not playing, right?

Monte is adding fuel to the does Alyssa have loose lips talk.
This is good and bad imo. Realistically, if the Leftovers have Alyssa as an unwitting mole… use that for another week. The jump is odd… but then it’s the only pair without a leftover.
Still, I think Michael, Taylor and Britt will want them to target Daniel. If the boys say Alyssa? problematic and back to the issues in POS (talked at not talked to, given marching orders).

WHO ARE THE THREE? Daniel, Alyssa, Nicole.
Who does detective Jabba think? Daniel (provided for her), Taylor and ????
So despite the wheels… she’s not Ironside.

Anyone asking “Do you think Ameerah is the target?” Uh. Really?
So the furniture is the target? Second hand Couch or Ameerah? Gee. Let me think.

Nic is flipping out that she in NOT on the chopping block. Think about it.