“how many do you need 6?” ..”Yeah, I got my team so three.” .. “plus us three you’re fine”

HOH: Xavier
SAFE: Christian, Alyssa and Sarah Beth
HAVENOTS: Claire, Kyland, Tiffany
WILDCARD Competition Winner: Tiffany
Nominations: Brent & Britini
Power of Veto Players: Xavier, Brit, Brent, DF, Whitney, Christian
Power of Veto: Christian
Power of Veto Ceremony: Not used The original nominations are locked.

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Big Brother SpoilersVeto wasn’t used. Brent will be evicted. The backyard is closed until After the eviction. They all suspect endurance because of this. They received alcohol yesterday but left it outside for some reason. Now it’s gone.

10:32 am Brent and Alyssa
Alyssa giving him the update about the meeting last night while she makes a bunch of breakfasts for people. The conversation started late we missed the first bit. She’s sticking to the script and feeding Brent everything they planned on last night.
Brent – what did X say?
Alyssa – he was very vague said he’ll think about it. He seemed about it but made it clear that you are his target
Brent – F*** he’s probably watching this right now (Via HOH TV)
Alyssa – Christian will do whatever X wants to do
Alyssa – I don’t know if the queens are bluffing
Brent – I don’t think they are
Alyssa – I think they are making sure they’re not on the block
Alyssa – I don’t think they would vote you out. Do you?
Brent – I honestly don’t know
Alyssa – if the noms stay the same even if they convince him to do that I don’t think they’ll vote you out I think they are just making sure they’re not next to you.
Alyssa goes to the storage room
Brent – F****
When she comes back.
Alyssa – I just wanted you to know
Brent – I really appreciate it
Alyssa – obviously I want to have your back. Is was just being quiet at the time I didn’t want to say anything against hit
Alyssa leaves.. Whitney is now with him.

Brent – hey.. Whitney.. .. she (Alyssa) just told me so that’s good
(This was all part of his plan. Brent doesn’t know everyone is playing him. his plan If Alyssa came back and gave him intel from the meeting last night then he knows he can trust her.

Alyssa back.. “keep this between you and me, I know you have my back if you want my back you’ll have to have my teams back”
Brent mentions how that will be tough because of what X did to him.
Alyssa – you have to have my, Chrisitan, and SB’s back
Brent asks if X tells them all to vote against Brent, will they?
Alyssa – no, what’s he going to do cry about it. He doesn’t play in the next HOH.
Brent – where will Christian vote
Alyssa – he’ll vote where I say. He trusts my judgment in this game because I’ve watched soo many seasons.

Alyssa – how many do you need 6?
Brent – Yeah, I got my team so three.
Alyssa – plus us three you’re fine.. SB will. You can tell we were all very uncomfortable after that. (During last night’s meeting with X.. )
Brent – obviously the jokers will vote her
Alyssa – IF the queens are telling the truth do you think they are being serious? or you think they just don’t want to be on the block?
Brent – me and Kyland kinda have beef in the past
Alyssa – doesn’t Kyland think the slaughterhouse is a thing
feeds cut

10:47 am Brit, DF, Azah
Brit going over her conversation with Xavier where she asked him to put one of the 8 people that haven’t seen the block for 3 days.
Brit – he said at this point we haven’t heard a convincing argument to pull you off so we’re going to keep you up there.
Brit – he also said. if you are HOH next week you need to take the shot at me and not at my team. he said I think I deserve that shot from you but don’t go after my team.
Brit – In my head I’m like YOU ain’t gonna tell me what to do ..
DF – no no no no.. you’re taking a shot at him and somebody else
Brit – correct, He said if I would go after someone on his team he would like to be home because he put me in this position
Azah – you can puck anybody you want
Brit – exactly
DF – it’s two people from that team.. that’s the play (Kings)

DF – Christian/ Alyssa ..
Azah – you do what you have to do
DF says if he wins HOH he’s thinking any two of Christian, Alyssa, Whitney. I’m rotating through these 3 people.
DF says Whitney wants to go before Jury of she’s going home so he’s going to respect that.


10:51 am Sometimes I feel sorry for Brent. Everyone does a good job of keeping Brent thinking he’s safe. Kudos to Hannah and Alyssa for even making me think he was.

11:28 am Alyssa, Christian, and DX
Alyssa giving him a rundown of her morning talk with BRent
DX – I don’t know what it is but my enthusiasm for Brent right now.. I just can’t fake it.. I’ll just stare at him
DX – I don’t have the energy to fabricate this entire story
Alyssa – because he’s leaving in 3 days
Alyssa – you know how he made that alliance with Ky and them (Queens). So he expects me to be honest with him that’s why I have to tell him. I was like I don’t get why Ky would do that he has to be working with someone why would he just be doing that.
Alyssa – he was like yeah I don’t know maybe he wants to work with you guys
Alyssa – so you’re (Brent) f***ing lying to my face and I’m supposed to be your final 2 yet I have to tell you everything.. BYE
Alyssa – you want me to be honest with ou and you never told me you made an alliance with the queens.
Alyss a- I’m going to keep my distance I’m over it to
DX – he walks around. sits next to you. I’ll ask Hannah how she did it.

11:50 am Christian and Xavier
Xavier telling him keep his Speech simple
Christian says he wants to honour his team members’ week, not put any more blood on his hands. I respect and love you both however I choose not to use the veto

12:20 pm Feeds down for Veto Ceremony

1:03 pm feeds back Veto not used.

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Is there a twist this season that the HGs on the block have their IQs lowered by 47 points? Cuz Brent and Britni are both proving that to be true.

P.S. – Britni hasn’t done her “due diligence” until she sleeps on the seadoo.


I’m not a fan of Brent, but dang …. I can’t help feeling bad for him.


For some weird reason, I feel kinda bad for Brent

MDW-Gilbert AZ

Please, Please put Britini back on the block next week. I’m so over her attitude thinking she has done her due diligence, why is someone who is safe and not going to be evicted freaking out so much. I’m sick of her thinking she has skills to be a great rapper, she is always saying she is going beast mode for a comp, and she loses.

Please let any other team win HOH on Thursday, put Brit and Azah up on the block. I did like Azah at the beginning, but she seems not to understand in BB you have to lie, deceive and plot to go further in the game. BigD, Azah and Brit, they can go. They don’t win, BigD and Azah hang out in their room, I really don’t see any of them winning a comp unless it is given to them.

Brit is annoying as HELL, please get her back on the block this coming Sunday, and this time tell her the house wants you out, we are tired of the crying, whining, you are just too annoying to be around. BigD sayin that he will go off if his team is nominated again next week, who cares if he goes off, he has not won a Damn thing since he’s been in the house, who’s afraid of him ? Put Brit and Azah up, if Brit finally wins a comp, put Big D up next to Azah.

They have the right team name, they are Jokers, and they really don’t do a great job playing BB. I’m so tired of Brit, you are not the target, so shut the heck up!!


Nope. How about she wins HOH so the question “ Will she still complain about things that the other houseguests have every right to do now that she has power?” gets answered


Britni’s self-entitled rants about “due diligence” and “contingency plans” are going to get her evicted pre-jury. She’s so annoying this week that I wish they’d flip the vote and keep Brent. And I never, ever thought I’d speak the words, “keep Brent.”

Game fan

Agree. The jokers are really bad at this game . Then Whitney can go .


Yes! I would love for Brit to go up every week and watch her meltdown. Brit might get so mad that she self evicts!!


Is the place getting really dirty in some areas again? A raid bottle has been featured prominently in Derek X’s conversation with Kyland.

phillip komada

If Brit doesn’t want to keep,going on the block thenn she better start winning some comps!

Ares 124

I really feel like Brent would have never went after Xavier … he could’ve helped x game down the line .. just because someone is annoying doesn’t mean they can’t be beneficial for your game


He is making no enemies by going after Brent, that’s why he is an easy target. X just want to end his HOH and blend back in with the rest. I think he made a good decision, right now the only person thinking about nominating X is Britini, and it has nothing to do with game.