“Four out of Six weeks no ones had to deal with that BUT ME.. what have I done to people”

HOH: Kyland
Nominations: Claire Britini and DerekF
Power of Veto Players: Kyland, Claire, DF, Alyssa, Azah, Brit
Power of Veto: Alyssa (OTEV winner), Kyland (High Roller winner)
Power of Veto Ceremony: Kyland used the veto on Claire. Britini nominated in her place.

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SPOILERS Britini is being evicted.

1:17 pm Brit, Azah and DF
Brit – we friggin made a deal we shook.. we shook on it..
Brit – you lied because you’re afraid of me.. how many comps have I beat him in now.. what the FUDGE.. I’m so sick of being picked on in this house.
Brit – four out of six weeks no ones had to deal with that BUT ME. Four out of six there’s been 2 weeks I’ve been safe. 4 out of 6 I don’t understand.. what have I done to people
DF – he feels threatened by you he feels threatened by me because I told him to go f** himself. Alyssa’s a little b1tch for not using the veto on me and being selfish I won’t forget that trust me for that.. He’s scared of you
Brit – what hell is going to happen now
BIGD – I refuse to kiss any of these motherf*ers a$$ they can kiss my a$$
Bri t -why am I the punching bag in this house. Every single one of the HOH’s in this house has nominated me.. I’m sick of it I’ve fought too hard in my life to feel like that.
Brit – I’m proud of who I am
Brit – I can’t catch a break, people
Brit – I don’t know what’s going on

DF – he couldn’t even give me a fair fight shows me how everybody really feels.. nobody is getting sh1t from me not a damn thing I refuse to campaign against anyone in my team
Brit points out both of Kylands weeks he’s targeted Jokers
They agree Kyland’s speech made no sense
Berit – Personal move
Azah – personal move this week was personal he has some personal insecurities against her everything is personal
Brit – this is my fourth f***Ing week. Fourth.. C’mon
Brit thinks people have been throwing her under the bus.
Azah and Df don’t think that’s the case. Azah says Kyland said in his speech he thinks he can figure the game out by patterns.
Azah – it doesn’t matter what people said about you to him. He feels threatened by you
Brit – I can’t believe of all people Sb was the one that warned me.

1:30 pm Azah and DF
DF – I think I might Sabotage myself
Azah – you can’t do it, babe.. you can’t do it.
Azah – he’s [Ky] a f***er he knows what he’s doing.
Azah – I’m going to vote for you I have to
DF – no
Azah – BIGD.. I can’t go back on that
DF – no.. you can
Azah – I have to I can’t do it
DF – you have to I’m okay I would rather get a pack of Cigarettes and go back home.. I can’t the fact.. The one person I kept protected I had her back lookout for her made sure she was good.. the fact that she kept that chain around her neck and did not use it and didn’t …
Azah – BIGD everyone is out for themselves..
Azah reminds him they voted out Christian last week she doesn’t give a f** about them. (So he’s mad at Alyssa?)
Azah – she’s going to go soon. In this game, we can’t get upset when people make decisions for themselves..

1:45 pm DF, Brit, Azah and DX
DF – his head is on a platter for me.. I’m going to take him out
They talk about Kyland’s questions. brit thinks everyone other than the jokers must have thrown her under the bus.
Brit says Kyland is saying that her answers were so unpredictable if he asked anybody else what my answers would be nobody would know them
DF – just because you don’t like me you put me on the block.. just say YO I don’t like you.
DF – we’re telling folk stories
Brit – thank you for throwing the fact I couldn’t win the veto in my face I appreciate it (Kyu’s speech)
DX – that was the worst part of his speech.
Brit – Jesus Christ I’m so pissed..
DF – everybody is going to be scattered and Hiding in their rooms like a bunch of F***ing cowards (LOL)
DF – because she [azah] said what she said when she got upset. I think he wanted to make sure he took a shot at me because I said whatever.. he knew putting you up would hurt her [Azah]”
DX – why not put you both up?
DF – everyone is out for themselves if I want to hit him who do you think I want to get.. (SB)

1:55 pm Alyssa and the jokers
DF says he’s cool with her not using the veto but he was thinking “damn this b1tch can’t use the veto on me”
Alyssa – I couldn’t do that because if I did that he might get upset with me and put up someone
Azah – he could have put X up
Alyss a- my whole plan was to take Sb down last week and imagine if I had done that and Christian went up I have that fear right now.
Alyssa – after the votes last week I don’t know where I stand with people. It people don’t stand close to Christian than I feel they won’t stand close to me
ALyssa – if Christian would have stayed I would have had more..
DF and Azah says she doesn’t have to explain they understand.
X joins them.
DF – You and X I’ve always looked after you guys.. I get it. It was a game move I was a little bummed.

2:00 pm DX, Alyssa, Tiff and Hannah
Alyssa mentions how DF thought she would use the veto on him. “I said to them you three could have changed the vote and now you’re the number one target because the number one target is gone why are you mad at me”
Alyssa – he’s saying you could have taken me off had my back.. You didn’t have my back last week None of you guys had my back last week so what are you talking about.
DX – he was saying I don’t get it I had Alyssa’s back since day one I’m the only reason she didn’t go home first week I told Frenchie to keep her in this house
Alyssa – if you guys had my back you would have kept my number one ally

2:09 pm DF, Azah and HAnnah
Hannah says the only reason SB told Brit she was going up was so she can get into their good graces. They start talking about how long Ky’s speech was.
Hannah says Ky is becoming the house target this week or next week and in order for them to protect him they will need to show their cards.
Hannah – it’ll be hard for the Cookout to not be exposed
DF says he wants to win the HOH and put Ky/SB up but he’s worried about the Roulette
Hannah – I have enough money to play
Azah pulls out candies to show them her plan with the roulette
Hannah says Ky thinks of them as fools.

Azah says if a cookout member wins HOH they put two cookout members on the block then a cookout member wins “this” (veto)
Sb joins them.

2:21 pm Jokers lair.
DF – you’re going outside still?
Azah – yeah I’m going to change
DF – change into your swimsuit.. ok ok
DF – do you want me to give you some time Brit alone?
Brit – No I probably shouldn’t be left alone right now my thoughts are going to go real dark
Df – Okay I don’t want that.
Brit – let me grab my swimsuit
DF – yeah yeah let’s go outside..

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It’s not F-A-I-R!!!!!! – Says Britney and whoever is next to go to jury and has to spend a week with her alone.


“Like WHY Oh WHY MEeeeeee?????” Never mind that I was each time not really the target, I whine like I AM the target! ……wait, am I the target now?

Also, the OTT reaction to getting the $100 bucks made me wince in pain. She’s so hard to watch.

Would love to see Azah throw Brit a vote and accidentally send DF home.

Oh and Simon & Dawg– this is a GREAT Screenshot!!


I hope it’s Kyland. She would drive him nuts! Really, I would rather BigD goes on to jury. Seems like all he wants to do is lay around and smoke cigarettes anyway. I mean, what good is he?


cmon the cookout is F6


I’m sick of Brit crying and playing innocent. She lied about the deal with Ky. He never agreed to it. He just listened to her pitch. Bye Bye Brit and Sorry whoever is next in jury with her.

Ghost of Frenchie

This cast is all about proposing a deal, deal not accepted/confirmed, then crying because “he knew what I wanted”. Whah!


YEAH, Francois Fantasma! A deal is where two people agree to something.

Not one person throws out let’s say “Jokers are safe, too” the other person doesn’t acknowledge that and yet that is considered a deal?

OR Azah, “I want this HOH, throw it to me.” No one says, OK, you’ve got it — but then she’s mad that it doesn’t happen…and she doesn’t win it herself.
Tiff at least said he tried all he could and that she didn’t get the answer right.


The irony of Big D getting mad at Alyssa for not saving him when the 3 of them could have had her back the week before and chose to vote out her number 1 ally is comical. Not saying they shouldn’t have voted out Christian. But you can’t vote out Christian and expect his girlfriend to have your back the very next week.


Well said and it’s absolutely true; Alyssa owes them nothing! They’ve shown time and time again that they didn’t care about Alyssa and have said numerous times they want her out.


Got to hand it to DF for at least the acting he is doing with his fellow Jokers….Now if he can only do more


Really interested to see how Brit reacts when she finds out about the cookout. It feels like Azah and DF need to start thinking about jury management, right? Maybe it’s too early in the week for that? I don’t know. It just feels like Brit might cut off a ton of people when the dust settles.


See, that’s the thing about the Cookout. They have ensured that so far anyone evicted is a non-POC. These people will see video of what goes on in the house while they are away in the jury house, so they are not going to vote for anyone in Cookout as a winner. I know that TC are trying to ensure that they have enough POC to win the final vote but they are forgetting one pivotal point…
this is BB and anything can happen (and I hope it does!)

Hopeful for a Good Season

Allysa owes the jokers nothing. They evicted her number 1 person.

Hopeful for a Good Season

House guests evict DF then Tiff next week.

The Beef

Hahahahaha! Only if the Cookout really f@ck things up! They’ve got 4 votes to save BigD this week, which is enough with Ky being the tie breaker, and that assumes everyone else votes for BigD to leave, which I doubt happens.

But if it did, and Azah voted for Brit to stay, thus voting out SmokingD, I would be ROTFLMAO! I just don’t think DX or SB will vote against Ky’s wishes, which sucks because they are just digging their own graves by going along with their “handlers” commands. I don’t think Alyssa will go against X either. Hell, we’re mad because they treat these people like pets, but they’re acting like pets, so it’s easy to see why they think of them that way. OPEN YOUR EYES, and see what’s going on around you people! How can you be this stupid?


Wishful thinking…

Stephanie Griffin

NO CHANCE of a good season this year!! No matter who wins…

another name

On a human level (who knew I had one of those), I can sympathize with Brit’s level of frustration. If I put myself in her head (odd sensation), she believes she is in an alliance (couch and azah). she isn’t. She believes she has a final 2 with Azah. She doesn’t. She thinks she made an alliance with Tiff and Claire late in week 5, an alliance that can secretly flip votes if they choose. It’s not real. She thinks she has a deal of some kind with Dx. She doesn’t. She thinks she had a deal with the HOH this week. He doesn’t feel the same (but did on Thursday night).
So, she’s thinking she’s playing the game, when the game is playing her.
From a human level, I can sympathize.
I’ve already admitted she’s not the worst BB player ever.

That being said: eyeroll. grimace face. more eyeroll, shake head to the side. sideye. another grimace face. ugh.
Once you admit to pulling tears in order to manipulate, I don’t believe in any expression of emotion. Next.


So, she’s thinking she’s playing the game, when the game is playing her.” Perfectly stated.

I will give Brit credit for keeping her cool as a pawn for DX. Even though DX told her the plan, I still expected her to lose it or blab. So, credit for that at least.

Meanwhile, did anyone tell the Jokers that teams are over?

Big Brother 23 Fan

No one told the Kings either.


Brits decided to make it known, right from the start, she was loyal to to the Jokers and Frenchie. She felt that made her look trustworthy. Instead put a target on her back because she wasn’t aware the of other alliances, Just other teams. In her mind it was a team game, rather than an individual game. After hitting the block a few times, Brit really didn’t step up her social game much. Crying works for some but apparently not for her. People usually love their kindergarten teacher. If she was playing the sympathy social game she should have played that aspect of her life up to the HG. Trued to make them feel like wide eyed kids and she was the adult that was their to guide them. Instead she often reacted to problems like a child with tears.

Game fan

why is it week 5 her only alliance is with aza and big d?
she is not playing the game hard enoght even if you take out this all CO situation
she wasnt a part of the royal flash or even the mafia . thats why you keep going on the block brit.


I feel for Brit. I don’t get why they want her out. She’s not a threat. These people don’t get that you evict strong players first. I’m rooting for you Brit… I’m 20 minutes from the falls. GO NY!!!


I feel bad for her too but it’s because the people in the Cookout are voting based on race – if you aren’t in their racial alliance, regardless of how or if you are playing the game, you are gone.
Someone please stop the madness! Everyone not in that alliance needs to wake up and see what is really going on right in front of them!

The irony

This literally happened in BB22, with the dominant alliance targeting David and Kevin of all people when there were more strategic, socially connected, and physically fit competitors like Tyler, Dani, and Cody left in the house. The cookout is staying loyal to the alliance, just like many alliances have in the past that were previously lauded for it (the Brigade). Not sure why folks are upset now that the Cookout is doing it. Does an all-Black dominating alliance just trigger people that much? Get a grip y’all…

another name

Apparently he was also told to avoid Christie the deleted houseguest.


I don’t really get the hate he’s getting. I liked Christian. I get that not everyone likes him but what has he done to warrant any hate he may be receiving?


Does he know about the stank rumour?

another name

Rumor? They talked about his muskiness from lack of showering on week 2. He acknowledged he smelled when he was campaigning before he took his fourth shower in five weeks (the last two being in the same week).


Seems Ky taking Claire down and putting up Brit helps Tiff, not the cookout or him & SB Plus he told Big D he’d take him down if he won veto. Another HOH that went off the rails. lol .


I can’t believe how SB came into that room interrupted Azah, Hannah and DF’s game talk and then she just sits there and says nothing. Then Big D just starts rambling, I don’t understand why no one said, so how are you doing SB? I mean, she is so obviously Kyland’s little rat spy. I would suck at this game because there’s no way I could just sit there and look at her in those stupid heart sunglasses saying nothing and not call her ass out.


I am getting so sick of those stupid heart glasses. Oh and her whiny baby girl voice. I might have mentioned it before [cough] but that alone would have me booting her out.


Britini can cry her way to jury for all I care.

She is a liar as well as a crybaby.

Kyland did NOT agree to her pitch so no deal was broken.

Plus I don’t really feel bad for her in the sense that she had MULTIPLE chances to ensure her own safety and failed. She played in the HOH and lost, she had a chance to use her money on the Veto Derby and bet on someone and she declined, and she played in the Veto and lost (so this is NOT a true backdoor).

Christian was the one who got really got screwed not her so she needs to realize that she had three chances to save herself (and that isn’t counting the final campaign that starts today).

So sorry not sorry but you can go.