SB – “This does set me up with a strong argument for why I should win”

strong>HOH: Sarah Beth
Nominations: BIGD Xavier DX and Claire
Power of Veto Players: Azah, Alyssa, DF, Xavier, Sb and Claire
Power of Veto: Xavier
Power of Veto Ceremony: Xavier used the veto on himself. Sb nomatined DX in his place.

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Big Brother Spoilers – This vote might be tight still looks like DX is going.

1:08 am Ky, Alyssa, Sb and X
Alyssa says BIGD isn’t looking at any od them if he won the coin of destiny
Sb agrees says he’ll put up Tiffany and Claire “I feel pretty good”
X – there’s a stoplight chance Tiffany is in a position to win the coin of Destiny
They talk through scenarios for next week is best if X wins HOH because he’s the third nominee unless he wins that HOH. They go back and forth no it. X tells them let him think it over during his solitary confinement.
Sb – next week we have a better chance of one or two of us not being on the block next to X.
Ky mentions BIGD’s anonymous power as more reason why they won’t be on the block.
X the anonymous person is the HOH that week
Ky – the four strongest players are in this room (after DX the only people that have won a comp)
Sb keeps reiterating that she feels like BIGD won’t put any of them up.
Ky – he would love to be the official 5th

Sb – all we need is one more vote and I’m pretty sure we have BIGD
Alyss a- We have Tiff
Alyssa – It’ll be 6 to 1
X – Hannah won’t Azah may
Alyssa doesn’t think so says Azah told her from a game perspective DX has too much power.

Sb – you guys want to make it official official? (barf)
Alyssa – oh like a name?
Alyss a- you think we should talk to BIGD about a 5 thing
X and Ky say no
X – “You got to remember he’s a talker”

They start trying to figure out a name for this neat new alliance.
Sb – 3 kings and a queen
Ky – crowns
X – the crowns… the kingdom? The castle?
Sb – the monarchs?
X – the monarchy
Alyssa – ohh I like that..
The Monarchy if formed.. Alyssa and X leave.

Sb goes on about how she can mentally beat Anyone but Ky or Hannah and given the physical components in the mental competitions she feels she can beat hannah too.
SB – I’m very grateful to you I couldn’t have made this move if I didn’t have your support

Sb – this does set me up with a strong argument for why I should win (OMFG)
Ky – of course, it does.. of course, it does..
Ky – you took out the best all-round competitor that’s a big deal.
SB – previous I felt you were so ahead of me in the game now I have a HOH and a wildcard..
Sb says she trusts Alyssa and Xavier they should let them win the HOH. “It wouldn’t be too awful for Alyssa to win it would take a little of the target off me.. ”

1:33 pm DX, Claire, Tiffany and Azah
They wonder where Hannah is
DX makes a joke that she’s with SB “I can’t believe we pulled it off”
they laugh..

1:44 pm Ky, Tiff and SB
THey tell her the vote will be 6-1 or 5-2
Sb goes on about how tough it is she feels she didn’t have control of her HOH because of the twists.
SB adds that she believed DX when he told her he wasn’t coming after her but for her this is still the best move.
DX knocks on the door. Tiff leaves

Dx – no hard feelings
SB – it’s zero personal
DX – I appreciate you being honest to me.
They HUG
SB – I want yo to fight of it
DX – I’ll try SB…

1:50 pm SB and Claire
Sb tells Claire she’s going to stay this week. DX is going to campaign but she doesn’t think it’ll make much of a difference.

1:53 pm BIGD and X
BIGD is telling him if they don’t have a plan to get SB out next week then they are better off keeping DX so that he takes out SB.
BIGD – everyone is losing their person except for Ky .. you guys are all working together. you look like the power team couple duos.. he still has his personal since the week she’s supposed to be gone. if he’s not willing to throw the challenge next week and make sure he understands he’s losing his person why would I do the dirty work and get rid of the person that is willing to do it.
Feeds cut.

Please consider a donation to keep the madness going. BIG thanks to the people that have already chipped in.

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Backseat Driver

I think you’re next Sara Beth…….

BB Fan

Sarah Beth is totally justified in taking out Derek X! After everything Derek X did week five Putting up SB and making her not work with her teammates and blackmailing her as a pawn so that she didn’t go home that week And not saying anything during a backdoor of Christian in which their almost was almost a vote FLIP to send SB HOME!

is absolute Karma which is why Karma is a boomerang because it came right back at Derek X and bit him right in the ass!



See. I don’t disagree. She is justified. That doesn’t make it a good decision for her game. For someone who claims to be so smart, she’s pretty easily fooled and seems content to let Ky dictate her fate in the game.

BB Fan

Actually it was a good/smart decision for Sarah Beth‘s game because she gains the trust back of Xavier and Alyssa targeting DX after Derek X put her SB in a horrible position in week five with the kings!




You’re not wrong, but justified does not equal smart.

The facts are we have 10 HGs left. 6 are in a dominant alliance, and 2 of the 4 not in that alliance (1 of whom is currently HOH) are too preoccupied with “Revenge for Christian!” (someone sitting at home likely not even watching the show) to buy a clue as to what is going on around them


Well that’s not obvious– immediately after POV ceremony Ally, Xavier, Ky & SB meet in the HOH room!

Did anyone catch what Tiff said she did last night? “I did something I said I would never do” … but my laptop crashed so I missed what she said/did.

ohhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh — after Big D went in hard on Azah last night about not going against him, Ky & X he does the about face. CLEARLY someone was paying attention when Ally, X went up to HOH room with Ky, SB right after the POV. He obviously didn’t appreciate how that looked & now is questioning keeping DX if Ky isn’t going to let SB go.

Also of note when Ally suggests adding Big D — BOTH Ky, X say no b/c he can’t keep things quiet.

Question: Do the guys really want this four-some to screw over the CO?? Or are they just doing this to appease the females? Honestly, why the F are they creating a F4 with two of the three remaining non CO members who now won’t ever target each other? That seems to scream of them (X/Ky) wanting them to take out Azah, Tiff & Hannah!!! NOT COOL!

And, are they worried Big D will flip if he suspects that 4-some is real?


What is suspicious to me about this new F4 (Ky/X/Alyssa/SB) is that Ky & X mentioned earlier this week about throwing the next HOH to Alyssa. As you said, they know by creating this F4 that Alyssa won’t take-out SB. They know she will put-up the CO women. Yep, their intentions are for Alyssa and SB to take-out the CO women and DF, then they cruise to the end.

moaning myrtle

TTOTambz- Yes X and Ky do want them to “screw this up” so they can get to the end without any blood on their hands! Ky knows he can’t win against X so watch Ky as he,IMO, slyly keeps SB and has someone take out X for him what better people to use than Ally and SB. I don’t know, do you Simon /or Dawg how much the jury sees of the game after and they leave? DX knows Ky is a liar so I don’t think that Ky is doing jury management as well as his ego tells him he is doing.SB wants people “to listen and be obedient only to” her
( Ky plays that roll for her) So yeah, Ky and X are already planning Tiff’s and Hannah’s demise and allowing Big D to think he is the master mind behind it all. Azah’s just a place holder.They are not worrying about Big D flopping because he will do what Ky tells him to. I bet you know why that is to, we all do!!


The jury only sees the competitions. Nothing else. Obviously they talk but I think even that is monitored and controlled. I can’t remember if that is only in the event of a jury buy back or at all times.


Yeah – I guess but Big D is already questioning things & as we learned Ky isn’t exactly great at throwing comps. If Ally wins HOH & puts up Tiff & Hannah (who have a F3 with X) after he’s going on & on about “controlling your plus ones” it will look soooooooooooo suspicious.

I get that it won’t matter if they sail through to the end but I’m not sure X is on board with this plan based on comments he made almost immediately after to DF & then with Azah. I think he wants to keep Ally as late as possible but I do believe he’s fine going F6 with the CO & it’s actually Ky who he wants to cut first IMHO.

Ky I believe would sever the CO in a heartbeat. Big D is the shocker today that he is worried about SB staying too long (partially b/c of CO but I also think Big D might believe Ky would take her over him to F2). All five of them weren’t happy with Ky’s last HOH & how selfish he plays. I’m just waiting for Baby D to hit a day where something strikes him & he comes out firing with all kinds of intel that lands in Tiff, X or Big D’s ears that really turns thing upside down.

I know you asked Simon re: what jury sees — I believe they only get the weekly tape showing comp highlights & noms.

The Beef

Actually, I’m liking this latest development! Anything that might help any non-CO members survive longer and help to break-up the strangle hold that alliance has on the game, I’m in favor of. Maybe I’m pulling an ostrich move here and putting my head right straight into the sand, but it doesn’t really matter since the alternative is to which the CO goose-step straight to the final 6, and I don’t like that one at all.

So anything that might tend to bring some chaos and help to break them up, I’m in favor of that. And at this point of the game, I’d love it if one of the stronger players were the ones that got “surprised” and sent home (like X or Ky), and lets see the damn buffoons fight it out for the win. It would be poetic justice for the way this season has been played, as far as I’m concerned.


Hahahah that line from SB was so funny, she actually thinks she can win this game. Even if she made it to f2, would ANYONE believe this wasnt ky’s hoh?? I doubt it

Derek f flipping the vote would be really funny. PLS MAKE IT HAPPEN


I don’t think DF will manage to flip the vote. Also, everyone seems to know SB won’t win except for her. Trying to determine who will be future bitter jury members of the remaining houseguests; DX won’t be a bitter jury member


Baby D tells Hannah: He (Ky) told me after the POV ceremony Ally, X & he went up to HOH & the four of them were like “we kind of control the house if DX is gone”.

What the F is Ky doing? —- Baby D better go & tell that to Big D, Azah & Tiff too b/c THAT should be all the 4 of them need to take out Claire instead!

hmmmmmmmmmmmmm shortly after this ^^^

X tell Azah he needs to makes sure he knows what Ky is telling people moving forward (that feels like X is sort of figuring out Ky has too many oars in the water). Or perhaps X didn’t like Ky trying to insist X wins HOH next week right after the 4 created “The Monarchy” — b/c that would mean he couldn’t put SB OTB after making this new alliance!

Chadda’s Fish Lips

Dumb a$$ SB….. ur next Squeaky! Why the fk didn’t DX play the roulette knowing he was vulnerable? Ugh, this is a boring steamroll…..SB will have that cocky look off her face next wk when she’s sitting OTB

Sir Kirby Williams

Maybe, Julie gave zero info to Britini. I know she’s going yo jury, but I thought that last year’s jury was shown the big alliance before going on their vacay.

edit: this was a reply to Tani, unable to delete it.


So is there a battle back at the 4?? DX and Tiff sounded pretty certain when they were chatting about it

The Beef

They’re speculating. We’ve seen or heard nothing to indicate there’s going to be a battle back, and the schedule isn’t real conducive to that happening, unless they decide to do another triple eviction, which they’ve done, what once in the history of the show? With the threat of Covid out there, I just don’t see them doing that this year, plus they’ve got all of the potential winners they want still inside the house. Why risk messing that up?


Has Big D actually been sleeping with one eye open this whole time?……..nah, lol


Finally DF says something legit. This new alliance is balls. They are protecting everyone at this point and hoping what.. the CO girls step up and win something, do they would take shots at SB and Alyssa. So X and KY keep their hands clean of it so to speak. Wtf nonsense is this. This entire game is up in s*** at this point. Someone needs to make legit moves and stfu about it. I hate this new game play of follow the herd and tell ppl when they are going OTB and being voted out essentially. No surprise, no drama no nothing. Can’t fight without that extra adrenaline. Because being told in advance does nothing they sit about and just let things go where others are lying to their face for a vote. I’ll just rewatch old seasons because DX is getting screwed, albeit by his own hand but was also mislead. SB is a witch that should have left a long time ago. KY can go right behind her as well. Saving his girl because he’s in love. She’s got a girl outside. Maybe…still.. who knows. Part of a game right. Everything is ok til is isn’t. X, Ky,SB can just exit and self evict now pls.


I agree. I’ll be watching old seasons with you. Way better than this scripted for TV baloney!
Especially, old seasons of BBUK. They are hilarious! Loved them all!

mad max

Do they keep the house below freezing? It’s summer and everyone is always walking around wrapped up in blankets and stuff.????????????


I asked Cliff from Season 21. He said HOH is very air conditioned. They may have made it more rooms with air conditioning.

The Beef

I’ve heard the place is heavily air conditioned because of all the lights they have due to the TV cameras needing them, which is also why you see them wearing the sunglasses indoors (not because they want to be cool).

Sick of it

SB – “This does set me up with a strong argument for why I should win”…. hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha… takes a deep breath….. hahahaha hahahaha hahahaha

Big D’s Beard

SB totally disregards that Ky is playing to win, and no one likes her…but she might not know that




BIGD – “everyone is losing their person except for Ky” … What?! Is Couch finally waking up to this? Of course, he’s saying this to X, who is also keeping his person (Alyssa).

I’m going with Another Name’s prediction that DX stays. Couch could be persuaded during the 24 hours prior to the eviction vote (while X is in solitary confinement).


yeah that was really telling – he watched the 4-some march straight to the HOH room right after the ceremony.

Lots to pull for last half hour… Ally/X/Ky/SB create “The Monarchy” with DF as an honorary member (but they won’t tell him — gee I wonder why),

Ky IN FRONT OF SB & ALLY is pushing for X to win HOH (to keep SB safe???). Then immediately tells DX the 4-some recognized THEY are running the house. The whole thing seems like scripting!~

Plus micromanager still wants to hear DX pitch (he’s undecided) & requests he TELL HIM first if he’s going to use targeting SB/Ky in his campaign…. Seriously wtf? Ky just made sure the kid who adores him would get back doored & now he wants him to get an okay on what he intends to say in his pitch? SMDH

Then the Big D about face with comments to X plus X saying to Azah – I need to know what Ky is telling people moving forward.

Entire thing feels “production created” b/c why would X/Ky create a F4 with two of the three people who’ll they need to leave next (and now won’t target each other) — how does that move the CO forward or compliment what X has been saying for 7 weeks?


The production interference here is almost as obvious as Paul’s three weeks of safety in BB19. The decline in Big Brother over the years comes down to 3 things (IMO): 1) giant alliances that create “house” targets; 2) HGs edit their gameplay for fear of the BB Twitter mob; 3) excessive production interference.


Hopefully Big D, Tiff, Azah, and Hanna vote to keep DX. Cause then DX or Big D prob win power. Prob won’t happen but I sure can hope

Hopeful for a Good Season

Not sure Tiff will vote out Claire


Do any of the players know that X is an attorney? If not, won’t they flip out when they find out ? Especially if he wins $750,000? Just wondering.

Irene kerkula

If Tiffany was a male, she will be AFH, Besides everyone in the CO she has been the one playing the most without a win, she is the mole of the planning on how to get the CO to advance with non-CO alliance with her idea of making the CO 12 members in which 6 are to make it to final 6. Coming up with this idea is making the other 6 not knowing what is happening around them. Regardless of all the other ups and downs she is the player so far to me, men always are respected for these kinds of play, but women are called something else for great played even in survivor.DX only took a shot at Christian which wasn’t necessarily because it left him second in line by not just the CO but the kings also, which to me isn’t a smart play to be AFH for one shot that will end his game on Thursday however I like his coolness.


I’m a guy and I’m sad that Tiff’s gameplay gets less respect than X and Ky’s. I understand that she got too paranoid and conspiratorial with the SB targeting, but she is the main reason the cookout didn’t fall apart till now, by settling up duos with the chessboard strategy pre-jury.

I think people are ridiculing Tiff because once DX leaves, Tiff is not a threat at all comp-wise and X can easily cut her at final 6 if X chooses to go with Big D and Ky to final 3 (which could backfire).

Luckily for Tiff, Ky and Azah hate each other now, and maybe will take shots at each other at final 6 instead of their previous stances of taking shots at Tiff at final 6


Can someone tell me who Xavier’s TRUE F3 is with?

He has one with:

  • Kyland, Big D
  • Hannah, Tiff
  • Azah, Big D

Maybe more not sure but I’ve heard him repeatedly talk about getting Ky out at F6 & also make comments about Big D. I got the impression he’d be fine with ANY of the three CO ladies & Big D (although he’s been annoying him lately).

I also find it hard to believe Ky has any desire to go F3 with X b/c he has been told repeatedly X beats him on every front – comps, social, strategy & he’s far more popular. Personally, I think Ky just keeps saying yeah, yeah to getting out SB leaving but does everything to stop it from happening.

What does everyone think?


A number of people having delusions except for DX. 1) Kyland won’t throw it unless it benefits his personal game 2) when the nominations happen next week SB and Alyssa will find out how wrong they were


So typical of Ky to try to already plan & TELL Big D how to run the Coin of Destiny if he wins it. Ky is planning to pin it on Tiffany (WOW – why don’t you just help Big D win the game).

And also very typical of Ky who never gives the women any credence —“I can’t think of ANY HOH or POV they (the 3 CO ladies) can beat us on” I know TPTB are calling the shots but there would be a very loud cheer from this part of the universe if one of the females in the CO took out SB as well as him!!!


Simon, being that the last casino prize is the best prize, do we hope that DF wins that one and not the next HoH?

Just a thought

If 2 CO members make it to F2, then they would only have 4 CO members to vote for them. So the plan can’t be to take 2 CO to F2. It’s also in my opinion why no one is mentioning the alliance to the evictees.