[Blank Resume] “I’m Okay.. Every move that everyone has made I played a part in the decision”

HOH: Tiffany
Nominations: Sb and Ky via HOH, Xavier Via punishment
Coin of Destiny Coup D’etat: Claire won and kept noms the same
Power of Veto Players: SB, Claire, Hannah, Kyland, Xavier, Alyssa
Power of Veto: Hannah
Power of Veto Ceremony: Hannah used the power of veto on Xavier. SB and Kyland remain on the block.

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Big Brother Spoilers – Sb going to be evicted unless Kyland continues to piss everyone off. Zzzzzz
Also feeds are cutting every few minutes so double zzzzz

1:26 pm Feeds return veto used on Xavier.

1:28 pm Ky and Tiffany
Ky says he told Sb that they’ll get a good sense of where the votes are going on Wednesday night.
Ky says he’s been tailoring the conversations with SB of she is misguided it’s because of Claire and Alyssa.
They talk about two votes going to keep SB will be Tiff, and Xavier.

1:43 pm Azah and DF
Talking over who should go next Alyssa of Claire. Azah thinks Alyssa because she has proven herself better at competitions.
Azah is worried about going to Tiffany about this because it’ll start another argument.
Azah – between you and me you are not her target
Azah says Claire said her target is X
Azah – BIGD, I have a very very good relationship with her I know people lie in this game but I have a good relationship with her.
DF says if he wins HOH he’s putting up Claire and Tiff.
DF – you can never put up Alyssa and Claire at the same time if one of them comes down a cookout goes up.
Azah – for me putting up Alyssa and Claire at the same time. I’ll tell you why and this is just for my game. My relationship with people in the cookout could use improvement.
feeds flip when we’re back..
Azah is saying she wants to add something to her resume.
DF – I’m okay If I make it to final with nothing on my resume
DF points to his mouth “this here is dangerous so I’m not worried about it”
DF – I’m not worried about a resume
DF – Every move that everyone has made I played a part in the decision. Everything since the beginning I’ve played a part So I’m not worried about it
Tiff joins them. they ask her if Claire won next week what will she do
Tiff says Claire is very intelligent.
feeds cut.. when we’re back..
Tiffany says Alyssa needs to be connected to somebody first it was Christian now it’s Xavier. Whereas Claire is more her own person.
Feeds cut.

2:21 pm Hannah and X
Talking about who can or cannot win HOH next week. Tiff and X can’t win because Claire and Alyssa are their people. Hannah doesn’t want to but will to prevent Alyssa, Claire, or Kyland from winning it.
X says he doesn’t trust Kyland “I don’t want his ego to be any more inflated”
X feels Azah or BIGD would be best.
Feeds cut. When we’re back they are talking about who goes when What happens if Claire wins HOH and Veto. The best case is Azah wins HOH then BIGD, Kyland, Hannah.
Hanan – even though Claire isn’t my person. Me, Tiff and Claire are tight
X says if Alyssa wins the HOH he won’t disclose the cookout. Hannah says if Claire won that veto one of them would go home.

They talk about Kyland’s campaigning for the veto to be used on him
Hannah – to give Sb hope so that she wouldn’t go out unanimously. She has self-esteem issues. I sympathize for her I really do but also I’m not responsible for 28-year-old grown woman’s feelings and she took 5000 from DX and was cool enough to send him home two weeks later.
Hannah – so I don’t care..

2:42 pm Claire and Hannah in the backyard putting up the window awnings. They are talking about what to do if next week is a double.
Hanna – I would.. I dunno if you go with the most obvious target or you take advantage of the fact that it’s a week worth of Big BRotehr within an hour. (Save us all from Kyland campaigning please)
Claire- the most obvious pick is Ky
Hannah agrees says maybe Ky and Alyssa if veto is played, Backdoor X.
Claire – that is a good idea.

Azah joins them.. they play some ball.
(Feeds cutting every minute.. I’m avoiding Sb and Kyland conversations for Mental health reasons)

3:08 pm DF and Xavier
DF – we’re going to get picked off
X – Picked off by who Tiff, Hannah, and Azah?
DF – the cards that were dealt the jury is filled with all women.
DF – in order for this to work we have to all be moving in the same synchronized swim or we’re f***ed. If, not these girls are going to use it right against us and we’ll be looking stupid
DF tells him if the two of them win HOH Claire is their target but the rest of the cookout it might be Alyssa
X says whoever wins the HOH should put up both. “There comes a point where we have to say f** it with that sh1t”
X – if both of them go up they will key on to the cookout.. I don’t really give a f** at that point. They will realize they are the only two nonblack people left in the house and who put them up? A black person..
X – the nomination speech should be welcome to the cookout
feeds cut. When we’re back the conversation continues if they should out the cookout next week.
DF says when they are down to their last “pawn” he will put up that pawn and Hannah.
DF asks if Claire is the last pawn and she’s up against Tiff if Claire wins veto who is he putting up?
Feeds cuts. When we’re back. X is saying they have to put up Azah or Hannah against Tiff to make sure Tiff doesn’t go home. If they put up Kyland he will be evicted.
DF – I got no problem not winning sh1t at the end of the day I’ve played a big part in everyone’s game.

Xavier says he has no idea where Kyland’s head is at if he wins the HOH. “I would rather me not win but I would rather win and go ahead take my gamble with Claire than he win”
DF – I get that..

4:00 pm X and DF They’ve been talking about Kyland. X is getting very nervous about Kyland’s game moves as of late. He feels that Kyland is making moves to help his personal game. (Feeds blocking every minute so fun times)
X – do you think this is the only agreement he has within the six
DF – he has something with Hannah and something with Tiff.. I don’t know he doesn’t have anything with Azah
X – he’s trying to get assurances when we get to 6 he’s the one taken..
X – we haven’t seen him on the block since week one now he’s reverted back to week one Ky that’s where I have issues.. this is all coming at you in confidence do not share that with him.
DF – I know
Feeds cut when we’re back Kyland has joined them. (This conversation is a classic wheels spinning in mud)
X – what do you think for next week
Kyland says he would love to win the HOH “it would be great after SB”

They begin the conversation about who should win the HOH. DF wants it to be him or Azah.
DF – no one is f***ing safe when it comes to me
DF – If I win HOH I don’t give a f** I’ll throw both of their a$$es up there
Kyland – that’s fine too
X says there are pros and cons with putting up the two pawns or a pawn with a cookout.
Kyland says Claire is more likely to go “Rogue” and take down Alyssa
X doesn’t think either of them will do it. He thinks the person to go up, is interchangeable.
Ky asks DF if he wins which duo would make sense for him.
DF – Tiff and Claire.. I don’t have a problem doing Alyssa and Claire

X says the one thing the girls will want is for the three guys to take each other out
DF – That is my worst fear.
X says one thing he is trying to NOT have any of their names in his mouth in a negative sense.
Ky – I think I agree with that

X – once we get down to the six people are going to get cutthroat like you said it’s all girls in the jury
X – we have to be transparent with what we are discussing with who
Ky says if one guy is up against a girl the other two guys need to support the guy. The vote only takes two.
X says in the final 7 if Alyssa wins the HOH he can direct her to take out a non-male.
Df – I dunno Alyssa might not do it
Ky says Alyssa is better than Claire

5:14 pm Claire and hannah
Claire says that X just doesn’t trust her in this game. She thinks it’s because she never gives him information.
Hannah – if I win next week my target will be Ky. I’ll throw up Ky and Alyssa or maybe Ky and BIGD.
Hannah – or I would either throw up X send X home or throw up BIGD send Alyssa home.
Hannah says BIGD is ky’s number two Ally in this game. Same with BIGD over Azah BigD number two is Ky.
They talk about double eviction. X and Alyssa are nominated if X wins veto they put up Ky and send Alyssa home. If X goes down they throw up BIGD and send X home.
Claire says Azah told her during her one on one that she is closer to “us” and X is closer to “them”
Hannah – she stands with BIGD and BIGD goes where the wind blows
Hannah – if it was you, me, Tiff, and Azah in the final four I would be okay ..
Claire – that would be sick..

5:45 pm BIGD and Hannah
Talking about losing their person.
Hannah – this experience wasn’t meant to be easy by any means.. that is why the process is so selective only a small number of people can handle this
DF says he hasn’t had a chance to cuddle with Ky since he was HOH. “The longer and longer I’m here the longer and longer I’m looking at this man the more I want him
Hanna – do you think it will help if she leaves?
Feeds cut.. chit chat .. feeds cut.. chit chat.. feed flips.. DF talking about his tik tok feeds flip …

6:30 pm Chit chat, feed blocks and Zzzzzz
7pm Big Brother blocks the feeds..
7:33pm Still blocked..
10:04pm The live feeds returns..

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Earlier Big D & Azah got into a heated exchange all b/c she wouldn’t acquiesce to his preference of Claire going before Ally. He calls her opinion stupid (that Ally is playing a good game). Yeah okay this from the guy who calls himself the season’s mastermind – (he’s seriously suck an asshat). He also told her how she should communicate to everyone in the CO — it came across as more preachy than suggestive & since he wants Claire gone & believes X & Ky will too – that’s the onus of his comments.

I noticed their relationship changing starting the week he was OTB with Brit. Right after he told her she’d have to be the pawn the next time. Since he has no true power, influence or agency in the game I think he tries to overpower Azah as if she’s his rube. Big D doesn’t understand why he is a better pawn which speaks to his lack of game awareness. He only puts in real work with X/Ky & occasionally her. With everyone else it’s lip service spinning the same lies to each of them. Conversely, Azah may not have played an overt game but she built real relationships with each of Claire, Brit & DX while DF just bullsh*tted them.

It also didn’t hurt she made amends with Tiff & they’ve bonded again with her. The women have grown closer & the fact Tiff, Claire & Hannah each included Azah in the decision making actually caring about her opinion resonated. For the most part, the men (other than DX) didn’t include her in the strategizing typically TELLING her who they wanted out (& only after the decision was already made). Granted, part of that is her passive aggressive play. If people aren’t seeking you out to talk game — either be the aggressor. Hamsters this is Big Brother figure out the different personalities and ADAPT!

Tiff also came to comfort her over losing Brit & explained if not for the CO she would’ve rather kept Brit too. While the CO ladies started out as the less cohesive unit they are gaining momentum at the perfect time. And as the numbers dwindle the reality is Hannah/Tiff benefited by making Azah feel wanted and valued as opposed to ‘just a number’. X and her are close but he speaks at her not with her while Ky is straight up condescending toward her.

Let’s also not forget as close as she’s been to DF she’s had to listen to him call all the women “b*tches”, deal with his weekly paranoia of going OTB, & listen to his constant braggadocio of how HE’S the REAL MASTERMIND of the season. Nor was she impressed he straight up went for the money in the POV with X OTB and her in jeopardy of being the re-nom.

Today’s debate is one of many of late that showcase how different their paths are . DF wants Claire gone next (less likely to win & would target men) & she wants Ally (comp threat – more likely to target female — oh & lying around with X — ALL the time). Additionally, we can’t ignore DF is partially motivated to oust Claire b/c of her ties to Tiff. That was punctuated when he said he couldn’t put both (Ally/Claire) up together b/c it would risk one winning POV & then a CO member going on the block. (um dickhead — Tiff is also in the CO & you’re jeopardizing TWO CO members going up if you don’t put Ally & Claire to start).

The other obvious here is the hypocrisy — Claire is his target b/c she “considered” keeping Brit over him — but still voted to keep him & DIDN’T put him up as the anonymous HOH. Whereas Ally elected to leave him OTB once but took him down the second time. So which of these two women put you in more jeopardy? Ally, but she’s the one whose been forgiven. SMDH.

Meanwhile Tiff came in & pretty much gave Azah the backup she needed…

Tiff: She (Claire) was not coming after you. There is a difference in coming after someone and preferring someone else (Britini) at the time.
Azah (to Big D): My dear, what was I telling you?

Buh Bye

Part of the problem is that Big D’ s value in the house has been greatly inflated by the large BB Bucks he got from “America”. He thinks everybody loves what he’s doing …. calling the women “bitches” and “the girls” (they’re fricken women, btw), flirting with Ky, his little sofa show… I think a lot of his big talk is a deep insecurity. If you’re deeply insecure, Big Brother isn’t your game. I do hope it’s a female that takes him out!

The Beef

Your post is filled with half-truths and BS. The real truth is neither one of them has done anything to help the alliance, unless you consider agreeing to go OTB when he was going up anyway, when he was guaranteed to stay, was some kind of noble alliance serving deed by Big D. Other than that, he’s done nothing, despite his grandiose declarations of “running this house” and being the “mastermind” behind the Cookout – even he admits he has NOTHING on his resume’, nor does Azah.

As for Azah targeting Ky, I’ve not heard her say anything that would indicate she wanted to get him out before final 6, nor have I heard her say anything more derogatory towards him than the other members of the Cookout have also expressed towards his attempts to save SB. While they have all made sacrifices for the cause (with the exception of Big D who had no “person”, and X, who fought against the elimination of Christian, but accepted it in the end), Ky is the only one of them who seems unwilling to let his “person” go. That fact has created friction within the alliance, not Azah. It’s HIS fault she doesn’t trust him, and she’s not the only one! Tiffany, Hannah, X and even Big D have questioned his loyalty to the group.

But the question here is Big D telling Azah what’s best for her game, and clearly they’ve come to a diverging path here, as he has decided Claire must go, and she wants Alyssa to go first. TTOTambz did a good job of laying out why they would each prefer the one they chose. I just don’t understand why Big D thinks he can brow beat Azah into changing her mind and why you seem to think that’s okay? Claire will target men. Alyssa will target women. Can you not see how that will benefit Azah to keep Claire over Alyssa?


Azah hasn’t played an overt game & is passive – I’m not ignoring that. You are absolutely spot on that she’s needed to make more of an effort. But to suggest Big D has done more for the team (other than for Ky or X which ultimately benefits him) we’ll have to politely disagree.

Ive witnessed a reciprocal “consoling” effort as she deals with his weekly block paranoia or angry outbursts. Neither is feasting in comps (she’s been close in several) — although he benefited from playing against himself to win $7500. In the same comp she gave up the opportunity to win money trying to save X.

As for throwing comps Big D spent today pitching Ky & X to throw him F8 HOH. The comp you’re referring to occurred when CO agreed Ky would throw HOH so SB could be targeted (he confirmed 5 secs before double crossing her) & Brit left that week. Yet, had no problem blatantly throwing OTEV for Ally.

Azah tried to have a mature conversation with Ky to gain clarity about the comp & he was condescending. She asked a direct question “why?” and he talked for over 40 minutes never completing one linear thought. She asked a second time and he went off on another “Kyversation” tangent. This circle talk routine is purposely vague to frustrate her all while he seemingly enjoyed abusing her in this manner. Prior to their initial fallout she tried multiple times to talk to him but he constantly blew her off.

Yet, he sure had no problem speaking directly as he called the CO members MoFos for not seeking him out to give him updates. Funny how people react when the shoe is on the other foot.

Big D can be amusing as heck but he’s selfish, boorish and has treated all the women in the house with disrespect on more than one occasion (and not b/c of misunderstandings). He’s called every female in the house a b*tch (Brit more in jest)

Perhaps I’m taking umbrage with Big D calling Azah stupid (three times today alone) or saying her opinion was dumb. At one point they had arguably the closest duo in the CO but if he keeps treating her so disrespectfully she could get a lucky HOH win & end up being the one who takes him down.’

Then again, that would be apropos — b/c you know what they say about karma… its a b*tch!

No fave yet

X, Hannah, Tiff planning out the next week weeks……..meh
Big D/couch is fine with his do nothing strategy. Someone will give him HOH to be fair….meh


X will throw an HOH to DF. He knows that DF is on a Couch Crusade to get the women evicted.


X will also drag him to F2 for an easy win.


DF is technically telling the truth. He has lied a bunch to help the plans along. Will that help him win Big Brother? Depends on who is sitting next to him and how many bitter jurors there are that would make sure that the person sitting next to him didn’t win


So Big D is the mastermind behind EVERY move, not just the Cookouts?
Delusions of grandeur??

Another Dixie

Waste of the oxygen he breathes. Delusional.


Bye bye Sweet Sara enough of her and Ky all
Over eachother

Buh Bye

SB’s epic meltdown and beyond bitter jury vote upcoming when she learns all of Ky’s flirty behavior was just game play.

The Beef

I hope she has a lot of money to pay for all the therapy she’s gonna need after all of this is over. Likely her GF dumps her on top of everything else.


I’m glad X is off the block but scared he’ll be there next week next to Alyssa. Both Claire and Alyssa probably figured out things so both need to go but I’d like Ky to win so he can’t play in F7 HOH. Sometimes it sucks to watch your winners pick up so often. Can we just skip to F6?

Lorrene Kohnhorst

Yes I think a DF is still playing is actually a buffer many times


K and x are getting on my nerve with their attitude and complaining to the D Room.
Also I quess I am predigous cause I don’t want a lawyer to win, my bad.
I am rooting for Tiff at the moment


When did Kyland complain to the diary room? I know that X has some issue with the production staff (don’t know what it is) and have a feeling that they aren’t too thrilled with him either

another name

The first time houseguests talked about Ky complaining to D/R was week 3 when Xavier was HOH. Both X and Ky were said to have complained in the D/R in weeks 5-6.
Ky and X were both noted to have been fighting with production, but for Ky it’s been multiple mentions on different weeks.


And yet I haven’t seen Production make a subtle move against Kyland (maybe they feel like he will do himself in) like they seemed to do with X (you can’t convince me that Alyssa choosing X as the replacement nominee via that “roulette” wheel after that 1 casino game was pure coincidence)

another name

Alyssa choosing X and the ramifications of veto punishments were a false inducement of adversity in order to get fans to believe that he had to overcome struggle. In terms of storyline arc, it gives him a more hero rising appearance when in actuality he faced no danger or consequence.
Noted that when it happened.


If anything the solitary confinement served to lock in DX leaving since neither Ally or Azah wanted to flip without giving X an opportunity to discuss why.

The Beef

X is in total control of that house. Tiffany is the only “wild horse” remaining to be reigned in. Well, there’s Ky, his true competition, but we all know he’s the one he’s going to have to beat to win. Once he gets him out, it’s smooth sailing to the end.


Yeah, and then DX not getting picked to play the Veto, right AFTER production made every possible effort to push him into playing the roulette comp. VERY suspicious! Kinda seems like it is all “scripted” and predetermined. . . in which case DF will win because he covers multiple diversity goals (black, gay, obese). I am surprisingly ok with that!


OH no CO not getting their way and have issues???
imagine that

another name

We already knew there was a 2 hour episode on TH-SE-16.
We already knew there is NO episode on SU-SE-19
There is an episode added to the listing. FR-SE-17 @ 8pm.

Just throwing that out there for everyone watching episodes.


A recap episode? I think they’ve done those on Friday nights in past seasons? (Although I’ve hardly watched the actual show these latter seasons). DE/TE is coming way too late. Three long, painful weeks to evict SB, Claire, and Alyssa, and then no time to watch the CO strategize against each other.

another name

Triples half way through jury are scheduled by production to be so late in order to guarantee a certain houseguest (the prodo choice player) gets to the final 4.
In the canadian triples it was usually juror 2, 3, and 4 that were outed by triples. This would be jurors 5, 6 and 7? That’s some high grade production manipulation on a meta level.


Production manipulation has been heavy-handed since BB16, but it seems to have hit a whole new level since BB21. It’s never been a “game show,” but it’s not even a reality show anymore. It’s now scripted fiction.

another name

Seriously, Avoid Season 6 of bbcan. I called the entire season including the order of evictions leading to the winner during the premiere before the feeds started just by the way they edited. (okay, I had two women, Liv and Maddie transversed in the order but otherwise exact).

The Beef

The more I read here, and more aware I get of the manipulation that goes on with this “game”, the more disgusted I get with it. What I don’t get is why I still love to watch the hamsters, and why I still show up here day after day, even though I know the whole thing is orchestrated and planned out from day one?

I feel like such a fool. lol

another name

I choose to look at it a completely different way.
If i chose to view it as a game show, I’d have torn my hair out years ago.
Instead, I view it as looking for the clues, and watching the narrative play out. It’s not about who is going to win, but how is the story going to get them there.
If the story makes sense, they’ve done their job. If the story has obvious alterations and fixes…. they aren’t as successful.
Part of the reason I’m happy to be skipping the season’s episodes is because the glaring differences between feed story and what they edit together tends to piss me off because they tend to fall into the less successful category by week three. Then I’m on here bitching about EVERY damn difference and how it should be changed.


whats the point. ill take a quadruple eviction in one episode and finish this boring season already.


That must be the “Reminiscing” episode that always happens at the end of every season


I am actually entertained by DF’s delusions of grandeur and self-congratulatory inflated view of his own game. What annoys me about DF is his condescension toward the women in the CO. Please, BB gods, let it be one of the CO females that puts DF on the block and the remaining females that vote to evict him (after X & Ky are out, of course).

X is in the best position to win the game, but I’m personally rooting for a Tiff/Hannah/Azah F3. Claire and Alyssa are toast, and the CO guys are a trifecta of condescending know-it-alls who whine to the D/R when the dice don’t roll their way.


I’m with you on this


What if the Final 2 ends up being X and Tiff? Who do you think would win?


That is my pick for F2.
X & Tiff
X & Hannah

Not thats who I want but with this season you get what your given.

The female CO member who
is in F2 wins.
Ticks all the social acceptable boxes.

The Beef

This here post makes a lot of sense!


Hmmm… X vs. Tiff… My guess on the votes:

X – DF, Ky, Azah (vote for her crush), Alyssa (his pawn till the end), SB (bitter)
Tiff – Brit, DX, Claire, Hannah

X wins. Tiff beats any other CO member in F2. She needs X out now.

Sir Kirby Williams

She may get Azah’s vote as she works more with her and makes Azah feel valued. Azah crushes on X, but I could see her vote against him because she is just a number to him.


All three males are condescending to the women – although X is the least egregious. I’m 100% with you on your F3. I’d even like for Claire to survive this week then find out F7 is a triple & have her win & take out both X & Ky (how funny would that be?)

As for Big D -nothing would make me happier than for him to be OTB at F4 with Tiff winning POV so she gets to be the lone vote & even better gets to vote him out to his face!


From your keyboard to the BB gods ears (er, eyes). Love your scenarios! It could make for some enjoyable live eviction TV and subsequent feeds watching.

another name

Just an out of the box thought.
Yup, as people are already asking about slip and slide again.
So. I’m reading a lot of Ky this or X that for slip and slide.
Sure. But then my brain says wait. Endurance. Are we overlooking a dark horse in the endurance category?
NO I don’t mean couch. We are the ones having to complete endurance comps with him.
What about Azah? Isn’t she part of some bicycle club that does miles and miles every day? Yeah, she’s almost as klutzy as Claire… but in terms of repetitive motion endurance… shouldn’t Azah be at least somewhere in the mentions? What about Alyssa?
I mean… Becky the long distance runner did it. Not every physical comp is a boy comp.
I’ve already given up on the thought that Prodo will provide an opportunity for anyone not cookout to monkeywrench cookout. I don’t see Them adding a safety for the week second option that either Alyssa or Claire could gun for. But if prodo were thinking let’s actually throw adversity, what better way than having that safety option since Claire has to throw HOH anyway and be a sitting duck.
No, the High Rollers were not adversity for the cookout to overcome. Get over that notion. The changing of Coup d’etat rules again dispels that notion. I want to see some adversity.


Remember the “Bump, Set, Veto” comp? It was the one where they rolled a volleyball over a curved enclosed glass ramp & had to do it 100 times. Azah was way ahead of both DX & Baby D (who were both trying to win) but then she fell & that seemed to take the wind out of her sails.

So that’s a great pick. How tall is she though? Typically slip & slide winner is on the taller side.

another name

I don’t know anything about any of the comps this season if they haven’t been on feeds. lol.
Becky. an alternate brought in just before they entered the house, was 5’8″ and almost faster than a locomotive… in collecting all three prizes in slip and slide.

past winners:
8: zach.
11: kevin (chaos gremlin of 22).
13: jeff.
14: shane. boogie cash, Britney immunity.
15: aaryn / jeremy team.
16: caleb with porkchop winning the luxury cash extra prize (i think porkchop ordered everyone else not to go for prizes because that’s what porkchop did).
17: becky. all three prizes.
18: corey (keep in mind they held off on slipnslide until week 12 that season so he was competing against paul, nicf, and james only victor was outgoing hoh)
19 it was a veto. Jason.
20 fessie (don’t make me repeat my diatribe about changes to the comp for 20).
21 Jackhole and grod had a cattle prod aimed at anyone else that tried.
And yes, X or Ky have the edge. But. there’s those odd ones that creep in and leave you saying how’d that happen??? cough cough season 11.

btw. just looked at the kycomplains hashtag on twitter. they’re calling him kyren. and going into his tweet history of complaints like he’s constantly calling for a manager about something. Ten tweets down and in his past he’s been threatening class action lawsuits against every damn company.


the dude is kinda weird. He’s “the guy” that complains about everything but when he does it, “ it’s different”.

Sir Kirby Williams

The slip and slide also relies on balance and being able to get up the steepness which is where the endurance comes in. Mostly won by players with strong legs and long strides.
I think Alyssa and Azah will take their fair share of tumbles and find it more difficult after each one. X and Ky can power through this event. We’ll maybe get a chance to see if Tiff doing her weighted runs will help her here. She would be my choice for a female to win it.

another name

I don’t know if it was a joke… but if Azah is riding over a hundred miles a week on a bike… shouldn’t she have some leg endurance? That’s why I said waitaminute about her for that particular comp.


Big D: “I’m not worried about my resume because every decision that has been made in the house I’ve had a part in

If that’s true then why the F do you panic every week thinking you’re going OTB even if a CO member wins HOH?

AND — you want some insight into how terrible of a player Big D is….

First he says if he wins F8 HOH he’s putting up Claire and Tiff but follows that with “you can never put up Alyssa and Claire at the same time bc if one of them comes down a Cookout member goes up.”

Hey couch — wtf do you think Tiff is? AND furthermore — if you’re so worried about a Cookout member getting voted out then why not put both Ally/Claire up so you are guaranteed one goes home?


Couch envisions himself as Dr. Will… behind every move. He’s more delusional than Frenchie!


Whoever is running his Twitter retweeted something where someone made fun of him calling himself the mastermind. It was comical shade though so at least his friends (or family) have a sense of humor.


Exactly what I thought when he said you can’t put them both up. If one non-CO is up and the non-CO that is not on the block wins veto, she can pull the one non-CO off the block. And both non-COs will be safe. Which means 2 COs are up and one goes home.

Yes, he’s a real mastermind.

The Beef

Einsteinian thinking by the “mastermind” himself! It’s no wonder the Cookout has done so well this season with this brilliant intellectual at the controls of the alliance! They should just stop the game now and go ahead and award the win and the money to this Big Brother genius!

Just Sayin...

Hmmm. Six women and three men. NOW would be a great time to form a Girls alliance. Send Kyland to jury this week and it would be 6 to 2.


They have a cause. Women have won US BB before. A black has not. They are not turning back now, to let a non-black woman win.

The Beef

Even it they vote Ky out this week, please tell me which “non-black” woman of the two left, could run the gauntlet, and make it to a final two chair against the remaining six black players? They would BOTH have to make it to final 2 in order for a non-black player to win, with the CO having a voting block of 5 in the jury if they didn’t, so all 5 remaining CO’s would also have to be eliminated along the way, which would be a catastrophic event of almost laughable proportion. #1 Alyssa and Claire would have to work together, which hasn’t happened ONCE all season long! #2 They would pretty much have to know and acknowledge the CO exists and is working against them, which they haven’t either done or been willing to do so far. #3 They would have to win competition after competition, which neither one of them have even won ONE so far this year that hasn’t been either THROWN to them, or wasn’t contested at all (Alyssa’s Roulette win).

I get what you’re saying that they are dedicated to their cause, and I agree with you, but at this point it doesn’t really matter. Only weak non-CO players are left and the jury is so stacked with CO members it’s a done deal. There is absolutely NO WAY Claire or Alyssa can win this season, unless production loses all control and God himself steps in, and I just don’t think God cares. lol


Ooh cause vs cause.

another name

How long did the D/R visits take today?
Just asking now that Couch has X and Ky thinking maybe the women are trying to pin the men against each other. I mean… sure they want them to go at each other, but those two guys have been after each other on the down low since week 3.
My head is starting to crave tinfoil… it blocks out the Grod.


Feeds went down for extended periods several times but I was in & out so didn’t notice specific DR lengths. BUT – it also makes sense given the argument Big D had with Azah today too.

another name

Daily Nope check:
So while they are discussing Shelly, SB starts to pull away attempting to unclamp from stage 5 clinger Ky.
His response? groping her boob in a reach around and pulling her tighter.
While discussing. Her. Girlfriend.
Cough. mutters nope type curses to self. Eyerolls.


I’m hoping beyond hope that someone cuts one of the 6 before the final 6. That would give me supreme joy to stick it in their racist craws. Too bad production is rigging it to go their way.

another name

Never fails.
I shake my head in disbelief every time houseguests discuss past seasons because 99% of them have only ever watched the episodes.
As SB and X discuss season 17, I’m side eyeing huge. They quite OBVIOUSLY didn’t watch feeds.
They’re saying if only Da’vonne won hoh and took out the alliance.
Da’vonne. Second evicted in season 17 Da’vonne? Da’vonne who went out because of fact checking on three of her own alliance members Da’vonne? Da’vonne who announced the twin thing to the twin’s own allliance Da’vonne? Da’vonne who was IN two of the big allianes of week one and two until she started fact checking her own alliance members? Okay. For everyone sitting anywhere. Da’vonne in season 17 was a horrible big brother player that gave great d’r giffable faces. Period. She and Jason figured out the twin twist. She called out Audrey. And did nothing with the currency that could have gotten her. She was evicted second by her own alliances because she was constantly asking them for receipts. Evicted on day 20somethin, and the last 4 were spent in bed with a bible mourning instead of fighting to stay. Sideye.


Da’vonne was and is a complete dumpster fire

The Beef

Be careful! You’re saying Da’vonne (a black woman) was actually IN a big alliance, before she screwed it up, which goes against the whole “white people alliances never include the black people” narrative we hear quite often to justify current racist game play. Receipts be damned, they voted her out early on, and it doesn’t matter why other than her skin color – don’t you know that?

Actually I appreciate you pointing this out. Maybe people will finally recognize there are other reasons for voting people out other than their race, even if they ARE in your alliance. Bad game play is one of them.

another name

I DO think production has done things in the past that were biased.
I DO think casting in the past has had a bias slant.
I DO think D/R portrayal has pushed stereotypes unreasonably in some cases.
I DO think players in some seasons have done things that were biased, prejudical, and in a few cases racist (i know the difference between the 3 words).
I DON’T think season 17 is the season anyone should point at when trying to say Da’vonne got screwed.
I DON’T think Marcellas belongs on the list either. He may belong on the list when you consider LGBT houseguests that were discriminated against by other houseguests during the season without any ramification at all. I don’t think failing to use the veto in the final 5 when you are on the block counts as anything other than stupid.

IF I’m reaching out and considering the perspective of players this season (not expressing my belief, but reasonably extrapolating worst cases).
This season? What is the WORST thing that COULD be asked by a juror?
They could be asked by a juror to provide an example of racist or prejudicial behavior by any of the non cookout jurors THIS SEASON that necessitated the Cookout as a mandatory vehicle, once the jury phase began, in a season that was cast with diversity in mind. At what point did the jurors as people prove themselves to be acting out of prejudice, so that it was necessary for all of the black houseguests to join together and exclude the latin and asian houseguests… or the lgbt houseguests… or the developmentally challenged. I mean… it’s not like they’ve gotten a free ride with no judgment or bias aimed at them in most seasons.
As far as WORST CASE SCENARIO EXTRAPOLATION… that’s about the worst I can come up with And yes, I’m aware that the other classifications i listed… are the whole jury.

The Beef

“I DO think players in some seasons have done things that were biased, prejudical, and in a few cases racist (i know the difference between the 3 words).”

For the record, I didn’t say there has never been any racist behavior or remarks in the house by white players. Obviously there HAVE been, with season 15 and 21 being the two most widely acknowledged of exhibiting those things. I’m certainly not defending that kind of behavior – far from it. Just pointing out the inaccurate argument of so many who always cry out that zero black players have ever been included in any of the major alliances, and that the black players are ALWAYS the first ones voted out in the game, due ONLY to their race, neither of which is true. Those are the points I think are important, and I damn sure don’t want anybody to think I’m saying past racist behavior did not happen, when in fact it did.

Production can defend themselves, as I’m certainly not going to defend them.

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I’ll be glad when this season is over and we’ll have our first black winner of BB US. It’s long overdue, and whoever wins will likely be a deserving winner (we’ll see). Maybe then we can get back to playing the game and picking a winner based on competition and social skills, and not worry so much about skin tone.

another name

I wasn’t trying to offend. The reason I noted I know the difference between the 3 words is because they are so often misused, so wanted to be concise
I still fear that while season 23 will have the first black full season us winner (sorry Tamar), that we’re going to see blowback for a good 3 seasons after. Blowback that will now be labeled strategy in targeting whether it is prejudiced or not. And I fear even more that’s baked in with the intent of this season. Grod paid very close attention to bbcan9, noted that neither big alliance was 100% of any ethnicity, but that the same drive existed for the first black winner. She took what she saw and tweaked it in the best and potentially the worst possible way.

The Beef

I understand you weren’t “shooting” at me, but for the same reason you were trying to be concise, I just wanted to be clear as well about the history of the game and my own recognition of what has happened. I also agree with you that they have opened up a HUGE can of worms, and there’s almost no way they can walk it back since they’ve already put their stamp of approval on this “strategy”. Production being production, maybe they can tell them to just not do it, and wave that contract in their faces, but after this season, I’m not sure that will fly. I’m truly afraid we’re going to get “race wars” Big Brother”, and #1 nobody wants to see that, but also #2 I think that would be the end of the show.


I am curious as to whom Tiff would put up if she won HOH. Claire? I can’t see her putting her up. Obviously she would put up Alyssa but who would the other nom be? And, would the CO be pissed if she didn’t put Claire up?


No she would put up Ally & likely X although she might try to talk Azah into going up so the guys wouldn’t suspect the 3 CO females working together. Likewise X would put up Claire & prob Tiff.

But they are both going to try to throw it so they aren’t put in that position. X was going to gun for it until Hannah pointed out if Claire wins POV he’d have to take out Ally.


Alyssa’s proven herself with comp wins? When? The ones she won she was thrown or only player sooooo… ????

The Beef

Alyssa hasn’t won jack this season. Ky threw the one veto she won to her, and she won the Roulette comp when she was the ONLY person who competed in it. Not only that, she was a fool for playing in the Roulette comp, because she ended up getting her bestie nominated not once, but twice for her efforts!

So she hasn’t won anything that wasn’t intentionally given to her.

another name

Why were feeds down?

  • “somebody: asked to see a manager?
  • a concerned citizen with a bullhorn got past the rentacops?
  • Shelly burst into the house to prove she’s real?
  • somebody noticed they have oreo cereal, thought it was inappropriate?
  • Couch discovered he’s a hide a bed?
  • they’ve changed Ky’s meds once again and this time locked the have not room door because it was not the right change? Oh. You thought he was staying in the have not room as a choice? cough cough season 21 cough.
  • Tiff got a nail file and broke into HOH to get her beyonce back?

They already watched the movie on Saturday.
Dear Evan Hansen I think. Ky and SB cried.

another name

Who tweets that they’d like to speak the manager of Giphy? Who does that?
So I guess we know they brought the bbcan feeds people over to the bbus house?
My gosh, you’d think Breydon was about to speak.


LMAO…”Couch discovered he’s a hide-a-bed?” That comment was great! First time I have laughed at a comment all season! Gotta love your wit!


feeds down a lot tonight on live feed…?????
does production do this if HG saying things they shouldnt????

another name

At one point they were blocking feeds when houseguests would talk about previous seasons. Of this show.
At one point they blocked feeds when Azah started humming the theme song. Of This show.

another name

Coincidences when feeds return after so MANY feed blocks. Nope. No production meeting notes. sideye.

  • Guys are no longer targeting each other openly. The parts of social media calling Grodner and cbs to complain and make them get along until those three girls are gone are going to feel empowered. blink. blink. no. really.
  • now a men v women storyline is being set up *instead of alphaboys war. But that’s been going on for weeks in the heads of the three chauvinists. Note women win everything week and those three go snakey AF.
  • Hannah has changed her mind and wants Claire out next (if it’s a double or not? fuzzy on that part). Hannah being Hannah. Tell everyone what they want to hear allllll the time, and hope nobody compares notes or Hannah’s latest D/R call?
  • Hannah is reminding Ky to wash his hands when he uses the toilet (maybe remind him not to wipe dishes with a rag he just blew his nose in too yes that happened).
  • Hannah, who magically knew the rules to the coin flip hoh before the comp when nobody else did (had to if she came up with the trick claire plan) now says it’s going to be an endurance comp. Point to her IQ all you want, I’ll point out magic alterations to plans post D/R calls.

singsong: somebody’s been passing notes from social media in cla-ass.

Ky’s been called to D/R. perhaps the manager at Trojan is finally answering his complaint.


We already know the ending here and it’s pathetic. Anyone else realize how they cut the feeds more than ever? I’m sure it’s due to production helping the “cause”. It’s not a game, it’s a political statement.


What political statement are they trying to make?