Big Brother Canada 2 – POST Finale Interviews, Photos, and MORE..

Last night on the finale of Big Brother Canada 2 the winner Jon Pardy was crowned by a vote of 6-1 and took home the grand prize of $100,000, $25,000 gift certificate to the brick and a $10,000 vacation sponsored by Twistos. Sabrina Abbate took second place and left with the second place prize of $20,000. The visually bitter Neda Kalantar walked away with only regrets and disappointment in not being the one to have been able to cut Jon had she beat him in the final part of the 3 part HOH competition.

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Big Brother HOH and Eviction results IKA vs Heather

Rachelle winning Head of Household who would have thought.. Was it really Rachelle that won though? It was actually more like Sabrina with Rachelle being given a front row ticket to watch. Sabrina talked Rachelle into nominating IKA who’s in her core alliance as the replacement nominee. By doing this Rachelle bought herself the 6th position in the first five alliance and effectively hammered the last nail in the coffin of the girls alliance. (Sarah hammered the first nail) Was it worth it? perhaps… girls alliance has always been unstable and rocky with regards to their loyalty.

Initially Ika never campaigned to stay in the house until Big Brother instructed her in the diary room to fight to stay in the house. However even after campaigning to Kenny she still figuring there was no way to convince people and so she proceeded to cause chaos.

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Jon YELLS “That’s Five b***hes in a cup .. THAT’S Homo$*xu@l f@gg*ts!

5:10pm In the kitchen the house guests are all standing and sitting around the kitchen bar laughing and joking around. Jon and Kenny are playing a cups game. When its Jon’s turn he says “Five bitches in a cup .. THAT’S Homos*xu@l f@gg*ts! All the house guests GASP in shock! Jon apologizes. They all reassure him that they know he didn’t mean it and that it just came out. Sarah tells him that they all grew up in an age when stuff like that was said. They all know that it wasn’t intentional. Sarah says that sometimes we say things without that intention.. Trust me, Canada knows that’s not your intention. Jon feels really bad and is upset that he said that. He leaves and heads up to the HOH room.

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Kenny says I think Ika is the best move. Rachelle says yeah, its kind of a big move! She’s going to hate me!

3pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. when the feeds return, Ika, Sabrina and Adel are out by the pool talking. Adel leaves them to talk alone. Sabrina starts crying. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Kenny comes up to talk to Rachelle. She tells him that as of right now its Allison and Heather going up on the block. Kenny says that he still doesn’t know what Allison’s whole deal is.. Kenny asks if I get the veto would you want me to take off Allison so that you could put up Ika. Rachelle says Ika would kill me. Kenny says Ika is crazy. Rachelle asks if I did that would Heather go next week. Kenny asks is that what you would want me to do? Rachelle says I think so.. she is going to kill me. Rachelle says that she doesn’t think Adel would use his power. Rachelle says he swears he wouldn’t use it. Kenny says he does do stupid things some times, look what he did with Kyle and Paul. Rachelle says that Adel told her that he knows Ika is going to go sooner than later.. so why would he use it.

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Sabrina tells Allison that she and Heather will be going up on the block.. You’re the PAWN!

11:30am – 12pm Kenny and Andrew are working out in the backyard while they’re on a backyard lock down. Sabrina and Rachelle are laying on a blanket in the backyard talking. Sabrina tells Rachelle that she really wants to send Ika home. Sabrina comments on how she can’t understand how Sarah did that and is now sitting there laughing with her. This girl has called her a b***h out loud, this girl has voted against her. Sabrina asks Sarah and Ika if they can join them or if they want to be alone. Sarah says something. Sabrina says Ika’s full of s**t, she said she doesn’t want us to come. I really want her gone. She doesn’t realize people can read lips?! Sabrina and Rachelle join Ika and Sarah. Andrew and Kenny finish their work out and join them by the pool as well.

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Andrew tells Heather I wanted Paul gone, it wasn’t your time to go. Now you can work with me. Heather says I’d love that!

8:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bedroom – Ika, Jon, Neda, Allison are talking about when the nominations will be. Ika says the nominations will be tomorrow. Allison comment on how sleeping in the same bed with Andrew, he doesn’t just snore he flails around whenever he moves. She says he woke her up ever time. Ika tells Adel that because of his hair cut he looks like a pedophile. Allison asks Ika if she has any idea what Rachelle is going to do. I am kind of scared. Should I be? Ika says she kind of knows what Rachelle might do. Ika warns Allison to not tell anyone what she tells her because it will get around. Allison says I don’t see why I am a big threat. Ika says I don’t think you are but people see you as being close to Andrew. Ika says I think Heather is her main target. Let Heather sink her own ship because I am sure she will. Allison says by doing that does she not realize she’s taking out the girls?

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Big Brother Eviction and HOH Spoilers Paul Vs Heather

Another week down and a very busy one at that. I remember during Big Brother US season 14 when Willie had Head of Household it felt like an entire season of game talk in one week. That’s what this week felt like, An entire season of Big Brother Canada game talk in one week. Very exciting and revealing of where the House alliances are currently standing.

The first of Five is still strong but the cracks are already starting to show. Arlie is actively talking about getting Andrew out and starting to set up a backup plan. Sarah and Kenny are also aware that Andrew will have to go sooner than later. They are nervous about how close he is with Allison and Sabrina. On the flip side Kenny thinks if Andrew goes the perceived primary physical threats will be him and Jon.

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Arlie says Ika’s convinced its a tie vote. Andrew says and it’s 100% not! Correct? Kenny gives a thumbs up.

9am – 9:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The house guests slowly wake up and start getting ready for the live eviction day. In the kitchen – Kenny, Arlie and Andrew are taking. Arlie talks about how sleeping up in the HOH room he was kept up late with the late night comedy show of Sabrina and Ika. Andrew asks if Ika was trying to convince him. Arlie says she’s just convinced its a tie. Andrew says and it’s 100% not! Correct? Kenny gives Andrew and Arlie a thumbs up. Arlie says I can’t wait to see the look on her face. Sarah joins them and says that they were talking and the girls were saying that if I was going to flip I should tell them. But no right?! Sabrina joins them and wonders if Sarah should tell them.

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Adel’s Big Move “If I’m against a stallion or a buck I’m going to get kicked in the teeth”

12:00AM Hammock Adel and Sabrina
Sabrina telling him he has to use his power or it’s useless. Adel explains the only reason he told people about his power was in the case where PAul leaves he ha 0.00% alliances in the house.

Adel points out if someone puts him up he’ll use his power and put the person best friend up as a replacement.
Adel would rather face the girls in the end than the boys
Adel – “I know if I’m against a stallion or a buck I’m going to get kicked in the teeth”
Sabrina tells him if he goes up it’ll be solely because the HOH wants to flush his power. Adel says if he wins HOH he’s taking a shot at their crew (BoyS) Sabrina asks him why. Adel explains he’s got no crew in this house they’ve been in the house for 20 days and he’s got nobody. He’s hoping if a big move happens fighting will start in the house and someone will come up to him and say “Hey you wanna join our crew”

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Neda “Ika’s not the one holding the girls together it’s Sabrina”

10:09pm Jon and Neda
Jon tells Neda she needs to spend less time with the girls.

Jon mention how “They” came up to him and asked him if he could get Neda to vote out Paul and he told them no.

Jon tells her the boys are going after IKA or Rachelle.
Neda rachelle and Sabrina are close with IKA

Neda tells him if Kenny leaves everyone will start targeting Jon. Jon disagrees thinks that Andrew would go over him.

Neda says she’s been trying to hang out with people other than IKA and Rachelle but who else is there. Jon says for her to start hanging out with Sarah and Sabrina.
Neda – “Sarah sketches me out”

Jon really stresses that she needs to start moving away from IKA and Rachelle

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Kenny to Andrew about the vote “We’re back on track”

7:57pm Kenny and Sarah

Kenny tells her about his conversation with Andrew and how strongly Adnrew wants Paul out, “Honestly I think he is right”
Kenny adds when the vote comes out 6 to 4 they’ll HAve Rachelle, Neda, Adel and IKA pissed but if they keep Paul they’ll have 5 people after them. He thinks by exposing herself it’ll only really be for one week.
Kenny -“It’s way more detrimental to the first of 5 to keep Paul in this house”
Kenny stresses he thinks the best thing for them is to vote out Paul.
Sarah – “Ok i’m on board with that.. I’m all for it 100%”
Sarah says if Kenny is feeling good about this so is she.
Sarah says she is going to be the only person tomorrow that has that awkward feeling with people pointing and whispering

Kenny says the girls are going to do that regardless. Sarah agrees.

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Ika CRIES swearing Andrew wasn’t her target. AFTER – IKA says I deserve an Oscar! DUMBA$$ He now thinks I’m not after him..

4pm The house guests are still on an outdoor lock down. Most of the house guests are hanging out around the hammock. Ika and Sabrina are over by the workout equipment. Ika tells Sabrina that Rachelle followers her everywhere like how Heather follows me everywhere. Sabrina says she doesn’t see it. Ika tells her to pay more attention to it. Sabrina tells Ika that Rachelle loves her. Ika says that she doesn’t believe it for one minute. Ika talks about not liking Rachelle. Ika says that Rachelle said that Sabrina is the one always saying it and that she was forced to agree. (Ika dislikes Rachelle because she doesn’t take ownership for the things she says and does.) Ika says that you being able to admit your wrongs made me like you more. Ika says that it makes me look like a lia and a back stabber. I can let things go if you can admit you were wrong but if you can’t then I can’t let it go. Sabrina agrees. Sabrina says that Rachelle doesn’t do anything, she doesn’t try to gain the girls trust or anything. Ika says that Jon and Neda freak me out. They talk about how Sarah doesn’t tell them anything that Sarah says but that Sabrina is telling them everything that Andrew.

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