Kenny says I think Ika is the best move. Rachelle says yeah, its kind of a big move! She’s going to hate me!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 12-18-22-514
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3pm Big Brother blocks the live feeds.. when the feeds return, Ika, Sabrina and Adel are out by the pool talking. Adel leaves them to talk alone. Sabrina starts crying. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Kenny comes up to talk to Rachelle. She tells him that as of right now its Allison and Heather going up on the block. Kenny says that he still doesn’t know what Allison’s whole deal is.. Kenny asks if I get the veto would you want me to take off Allison so that you could put up Ika. Rachelle says Ika would kill me. Kenny says Ika is crazy. Rachelle asks if I did that would Heather go next week. Kenny asks is that what you would want me to do? Rachelle says I think so.. she is going to kill me. Rachelle says that she doesn’t think Adel would use his power. Rachelle says he swears he wouldn’t use it. Kenny says he does do stupid things some times, look what he did with Kyle and Paul. Rachelle says that Adel told her that he knows Ika is going to go sooner than later.. so why would he use it. Rachelle says if the veto isn’t used I would rather Heather go than Allison. Rachelle says that Heather is a nothing.. it’s not like she’s going to win anything. They agree that getting out Heather this week and Ika next week or vice versa adds a week for all of them. Kenny says I think Ika would be the better target to get rid of this week. Rachelle asks that’s fine with me if you promise to go after Heather next week. Kenny says he promises. Kenny asks where Neda’s head is at? Rachelle says that Neda is very smart, quiet and keeps to herself. She doesn’t talk unless I ask her stuff. Kenny says that’s kind of dangerous in away. Kenny says I think Ika is the best move. Rachelle says yeah, its kind of a big move! She is going to hate me. Kenny says yeah but you’re not here to make friends. No one is going to be pissed off about it. As long as Heather or Ika go. Rachelle says I still think that Ika trusts me and I don’t think she would think I would do this.. Rachelle talks about how Ika was pushing her to make big moves .. but she didn’t make big moves.
BBCAN2-2014-03-21 12-46-04-958
Kenny says that Allison is starting to scare him because she and Andrew are getting pretty close like sleeping in the same bed. I am kind of scared to tell anything to Andrew now. I think its okay to keep her in here for now ..but she is going to need to go. Rachelle asks so do you think all the boys would be down for getting out Ika over Heather. Kenny says yes. I’ll talk to Sarah too. Kenny says I feel like we’re in a pretty good spot this week. Rachelle says I think its a big move but no one will be upset about it. If I went after you guys that would be a big move but a dumb move. Kenny says yeah and I know you’re not after me.. as soon as you didn’t put me on slop I knew you weren’t after me. Rachelle says I should have put Ika on slop. Rachelle says there is no way she stays unless Adel uses his power. Kenny tells Rachelle that she should talk to Adel and word it very carefully that he will need to keep that power for himself. Kenny says that he doesn’t think Adel will want to attach himself to a sinking ship because he already did that twice with Paul and Kyle. They figure this next week will be a double eviction and decide to try and persuade Adel not to use the veto to save it for himself. They end their conversation and Kenny listens to her HOH music.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 12-16-41-606

3:50pm – 4pmOut in the hammock Ika says I would rather turn sh*t up on the block than to be on the block and not do anything. Ika tells Adel that she named the girls alliance “The Stupids!” They both laugh. Adel says right now I don’t think things are getting back to Andrew.. unless that girl Sabrina is a super snitch.

4:15pm Sabrina joins Kenny up in the HOH room to share information about the plan to get Ika out this week.

The living room house guests talk about Dr. Will and The Sheyld:

Up in the HOH room – Jon and Adel have a quick conversation about his power:

4:40pm – 4:50pm In the storage room – Jon talks to Rachelle and says between me and you what are you thinking right now? Rachelle says she’s thinking right now before the veto that it will be Allison and Heather. Jon asks is there a back door plan? Rachelle says that this can’t leave this room. You can’t tell anyone! Jon says he won’t tell anyone. Rachelle says there is the potential to back door someone. Jon asks Ika? Rachelle says yes. Rachelle tells him that it all depends on if Ika wins the veto or not. They head up to the HOH room. Sabrina and Ika join them. Sabrina and Rachelle start dancing around the HOH room.

In the kitchen – Adel tells Heather to lay low this week. I know you want to make alliances and s**t but I am telling you lay the f**k down this week. Heather says I can do that, its just so boring.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 13-48-52-742

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Love this site! Thank you so much.

Ugh its so painful to watch Rachelle’s stupidity!


I guess her “expertise” in reading people is not paying off. (rachelle) Lame as s psychology student. Why is Slobrina friends with the HOH every week!! UGH, I cannot stand her!!


WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOW what a fucking hoe, this boring, vanilla personality bitch wants to BD her closest ally who will always be loyal to her… Don’t get me wrong, Ika is a bitch and I want to see her goon soon (after Sabrina and Andrew) but how is it a logical move in anyway HOW IS IT A BIG MOVE to take out your closest ally in the game

Whatever, with the girls being this dumb it makes me want Kenny to win. The guys barely said anything to Rachelle they didn’t try to work her or anything and she is running their agendas. They should win at this point. Andrew controlled two HOHs he had Kyle go on 1 and had Paul go who he said he wanted to keep for only one week and had to go after.

Rachelle is the worst.


Also Ika is being stupid. She should apologise to Heather and make nice with her. Can’t she see how Sabrina is buddy buddy with Heather even though she ‘hates’ her?! You got to have a nice poker face in this game.
Adel needs to talk some sense into Ika!
I hope Arlie gets rid of Andrew and Kenny before its too late.
Jon likes Kenny and he hates Andrew so he would be on board. Once again I have to say that Sarah and Sabrina are working so hard for Andrew and Kenny. So sad!


Can we skip this entire week and proceed to the next. “Sabrina’s back to back” HOH is frustrating as hell to watch. And seriously, Rachelle, apart from being pretty, is a complete waste of space in the house.


She is not even pretty! She look like a fad vampire with really bad hair.


Actually I’ve avoided this subject all season and I’m not being harsh. Rachelle I have not found attractive from day one. I have to so the reason comes from playing the Elder Scrolls series of games. her face/head shape reminds me of an elf and not in a good way.

As for her game it’s all “Svengali” Brina running the girls HOH’s. Someone mentioned the guys didn’t need to even work on Rach. True that as Brina worked her magic last night. Target the boys DOA and she want’s to chip another girl off. That part I cannot figure as she has more influence than anyone in the house. She should be chipping off players reasonably equally to maintain her control of the season. Let’s see if Rach sticks to the plan! If there is no backdoor expect Allison rather than Heather 60/40 to be evicted 1st on Thursday.

Hurry up Marsha get back on the show!


Adel says right now I don’t think things are getting back to Andrew.. unless that girl Sabrina is a super snitch.

WHAT HAPPENED? Two days ago Adel was talking about the tweet he received that said….. Congrats on being the only one that sees through Sabrina. Now he thinks she’s trustworthy? I knew Adel was a bit of an idiot, but seriously…

jon Doe

Why is everyone in bb history a FOLLOWER? Ika should of nominated Kenny, then persuaded the girls to vote for him,
everyone in the house thinks its a great strategy to ride the guys coat tails…until they kick them out,
why are these girls so stupid, think for yourselves instead of doing the guys dirty work!!
Allison is such a HUGEEEEE dissapointment, watched the show for 11 years and first thing she does is get involved in a showmance….

Just a side note, these people trust to easily..last night on the feeds Ika and adel are talking game right in front of arlie, meanwhile arlie doesnt say shit and is just listening…if that was me i would get suspicious and think he would relay that info the!


last season on big brother HELLEN did this same thing took out all her friends who could of been votes for her ….. I just hate most of these zombie players … why these girls allow others to think for them ….. sabrina trying to to be ANDY from big brother 15 …… honestly no females will be in the final 2 they are all 2 flavours of the same koolaid stupid …… I am so ready for the end game .. one of the muscle will win most likely KENNY JUST write the cheque already….


Psychobrina isn’t trying to be anyone.
She is being herself.
Poster girl for Personality Disorder Magazine.

Rachelle is simply one of Dracula’s zombie brides.

Heather, of course, is a Goddess.


Rachelle will go down in history for making the dumbest move ever!!!!. And after she get rid of her closest ally,no one in the house will ever trust lol


The move itself is stupid. But after seeing Sabrina and Andrew’s convo it’s obvious Sabrina cares about her and the guys won’t target her for a while, so how is this not the best move for her? If she does anything else it’s useless or dangerous.

Upsidedown Pancakes

If only the girls alliance would have won HOH last week or this week they could use the power to make a move.


In BBUS i hated Amanda and now in BBCAN i hate Sabrina…. if you fuse these monsters together you get SAMADA…basically what i am saying is that they are the same person and i hate both of them!!


* I meant SAMANDA


Another wasted HOH!!!!!!

Johhny (the European one!)

GOTCHA! 5:38 pm Allison exits the toilet and does NOT wash her hands. She goes and puts make up on her face instead.
No biggie, I just feel like she feels she’s already lost the battle against the germs in this environment.
Or she doesn’t want to “stand out”? 😉 Next step: nosepicking then food processing; farting in people’s faces and… whatever Sabs does.

What is it that Jon said that he felt so bad for having said??? I missed it.


Didn’t take the guys long to start working Rachelle to do their dirty work. Too bad Ika didn’t back door one of them when she won the veto.


Is Rachelle really this stupid?? It’s a big move to get out one of her 3 person alliance?