Andrew Jokes to Sabrina that women are emotional and only good for giving birth!

2:20pm UP in the HOH room – Adel asks Jon what’s going on? Jon says what do you mean. Adel says I am not even worried. If anyone attacks me I am just gong to use it. Jon says I don’t think anyone is going to attack you. I think you are going to get a chance to use it how you want to use it. To your advantage no matter how you want to use it the second week you know what I mean. Adel says I just literally want to stay off the block and not use it. I want to see where the house divides. Adel says I don’t know if it’s 50/50 if Paul is going home or not. Jon says he thinks the house is undecided at this point.

Meanwhile in the living room – Andrew and Sabrina get into an argument about a comment he made about her being emotional:

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Big Brother Canada 2 – Sarah says “Throw me a pen!$, I can’t handle this v@gin@ s**t anymore!”

12:20pm Arlie, Andrew and Kenny head out to the hot tub room to soak in the hot tub. Andrew comments that all the girls are in the bedroom having a POW. Kenny says good, I like it when they all get together because then they come back with more information. Kenny says that Ika did literally nothing with her HOH. You say that you’re all about big moves and you made a neutral move. Arlie says that with Sarah going against the girls for the vote it will lose some trust with them. Kenny says its all about deny, deny, deny! They talk about Allison and how they will have to wait and see if they can trust her because this week she has immunity. Andrew says that she convinced me that she is voting with us. Heather joins them and the conversation ends.

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ADEL enacts his plan to bluff the other house guests with his Canada’s VETO Power..

9:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bathroom Jon complains about how he has lost 15 pounds in 5 days on slop. Sarah says that she wishes she could lose that much. In the living room Allison and Kenny are talking about how Yoga is an amazing workout. Kenny says that he loves Yoga. Hated it at first. He says at first I thought it was a big pu$$y workout. Jon heads to the living room and tells the others about how he was 231 pounds and now he’s 216 pounds. Paul says that’s impossible! Sabrina comes down to the living room and asks Allison if she already got ready? Allison says absolutely not, I slept in these clothes. Kenny says Hi little Gremlin.

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Arlie and Jon Clear up the vote “6 to 4, it’ll will be so funny for IKA..she’s going to be such a b!tch”

12:34AM Arlie and Jon

Talking about using Adel’s power to get someone out of the house and not have any blood on their hands.
Jon – “Right now we’re jury house guaranteed”
Jon says everyone in the game is being stupid, He cannot believe that they goit all these people together that are messing p so much.

Arlie explains they have been flying low on the radar because everyone likes them they are the fun loving guys the goof balls.

They agree once Andrew is gone they can pull Kenny in but not too close. Arlie mentions how Andrew and Kenny thought they were going to run through this game and it doesn’t happen like that just like last year with Tom.

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Arlie pitches his Alliance plans to Sarah “I think we should keep Paul”

9:41pm Kenny and Sarah Bedroom
Sarah wants him to be honest with her and let her know if she votes for Heather to leave will it screw them up.
Sarah – “How can I trust someone I literally only met 3 weeks ago”
Kenny says he loves gordo, Jon and all the guys but she’s the only one he fully trusts.
Kenny is hearing that Jon is spreading sh!t all over the house about Andrew.
Sarah – “As crazy as Sabrina is.. I can’t deal with her grade 9 sh!t.. I know I was grunting at the table but the things she (Sabrina) does”
Kenny – I know I know.. i’m a big giant baby with a beard… theres a level and a line and she … ”
Sarah – We’re being idiots and she is being real
Sarah says Sabrina reminds her of her kids.
Kenny thinks Sabrina is very emotional and very intelligent, “:That makes her dangerous.. I’m glad she’s on our side.. sooner or later she’s going to have to choose which side”

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Allison “I told IKA earlier today I was going to vote for the majority… I am the majority”

7:03pm Poolside Kenny and Allison

Allison is telling him how shitty her position is now that the house is split and her vote is important. Kenny understands mentions how Allison has to make a big decision based on little information. Says they have 2 weeks of history with the house Allison doesn’t.

Allison – “HEather is a bigger threat to me immediately.. I understand what you say about if Paul going”

Kenny points out if Heather stays and all the girls had voted her out she’s not going to stick with them.

Allison says none of the girls have tried to get to know her. “They haven’t approached me until today”
Kenny – “cause they want something from you”
Allison “I told IKA earlier today I was going to vote for the majority… I am the majority”

Kenny says that IKA has lied “Hand over fist” to him. She swore to him that she wasn’t talking about getting him out and he knows that she was. Kenny explains that IKA was scared to take a swing because if she misses she has a lot of people coming after her.

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Ika tells Paul I’m not going to do the guys dirty work! I need you here!

4:15pm Out in the hot tub room – Paul and Adel are talking. Paul says that winning the first HOH was such a curse. I should never have tried to touch Andrew for the first HOH. I should have gone after weaker players. Paul says I am just preparing myself to go. Paul says as much as I think Andrew is a butt head. Kenny is bigger threat. Adel agrees. Paul starts asking Adel about what type of wedding he would want. Paul tells Adel about Chicken George and Evel Dick from the BBUS seasons. Paul says that this game is so much different playing it than it is watching it. Adel tells Paul that he’s been through everything in this game. Paul says I’ve done everything that I’ve wanted to do, except win it. Adel says Canada really helped me a lot! I feel like I have an ace up my sleeve. Adel starts talking about his power and messes up what he will say to the guys. He says there will be an HOH but just remember I have this card if you put me up I’ll battle it out for the veto and if I win then I’ll buy myself another week..

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Jon tells IKA I’ll give you my word – If Paul goes this week and I win HOH next week I’ll put up Heather and whoever you want.

1:50pm – 2pm In the HOH room – Kenny and Jon head into the HOH room to talk to Ika after their conversation outside the front door. Ika says that she is really annoyed about the way Paul is acting and she is starting to think maybe we need to vote him out. Ika says I don’t know if he has caught on or what. They talk about the comment that Paul made to Jon the other day (Paul said now that I know what’s going on, it’s on boy!). They talk about whether its better to get rid of Paul over Heather. Ika says even you (Jon) with your busted a$$ could beat Paul. Jon says that he would rather compete against Heather with her busted feet than against Paul. Ika says that she’s worried if Heather stays people will just keep her around because its just Heather she cant do anything. Jon says I will give you my word – If Paul goes this week and I win HOH next week I will put up Heather and get her gone.

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Ika says if they bring in Alec & Peter into the house I would leave the room. Bootleg copy of Dr. Will!

Up in the HOH room – Jon, Ika, Neda and Heather are talking about how a couple nights ago Paul came up to Jon and said now that I know what I know, it’s on boy! Jon says I just don’t know why Paul would say it to me. Ika says that she doesn’t think Paul was specifically meaning Jon but more the boys. Ika tries to down play it and says she doesn’t think Adel told him about the power. Neda and Ika head to the HOH bathroom. Heather and Jon leave the HOH room. Ika tells Neda that she trusts Adel. Neda says that she does too. Heather then joins them again. They start talking about Big Brother Canada 1 and how Gary came back into the game. Neda says that she doesn’t agree with Gary coming back into the game that late in the game especially after he went to the jury. She says it wasn’t right that he wasn’t sequestered.

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Big Brother Canada 2 – Sarah says its dangerous for our alliance if Paul and Adel are still here.

8:30am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. Heather, Sarah, Adel and Paul are getting ready for the day in the bathroom. In the kitchen – Kenny is talking to Adel about how long Andrew’s diary room session was last night. Adel asks if his diary room session was as long as Andrews. Kenny says he wasn’t sure how long he on the couch vs in the diary room. Kenny says that they started to think Adel had gotten out of the house. Adel says that there’s no chance he would use it on anyone, let alone the worst player in Canada. I would never waste it on him. I am really understanding this game now. I’ve got an ace in the hole.

9:15am Out in backyard – Adel tells Paul to keep playing the slop card and going into the diary room saying your dizzy. Adel talks to Paul about how how last night they already started to pin sh*t on you.

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Adel “I have Canada on my side..what would I prove telling this fat f** slob anything”

10:44pm Adel and Paul HOH

Adel telling Paul all about the plans with “Canada’s Veto” tells Paul to shut the f*** up and stop talking to IKA. (Adel explains his power to IKA and they go over the best way they can use it)

(Adel’s power lets him play in the veto competition if he does not get picked as a player. He is going to flash the ticket to Jon showing just the big black V written on the front. Adel is going to tell Jon he only has two weeks to use “Canada’s Veto” he’ll ask for an alliance with JON if anything happens to JOn he will use the veto to save him. Adel will add that he also has the power to replace the person he takes off the block So basically he’s telling JOn he has the coup coup d’etat)

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Adel explains his power “Canada’s Veto” He has big plans for it

10:00pm HOH Adel and IKA

IKA says after she told Paul he was safe this week he was grilling her about why is she keeping Heather. IKA laughs.. WTF.

Adel – “He’s such a f*** up dude you can’t believe it”
IKA – can I trust him
Adel – “Paul is not doing a single move in this game again i’m telling you ”
IKA counts the votes says they have enough to vote Heather out because all the girls are.
Adel asks if she is sure all the girls will.
IKA- “At this point if they don’t vote with me I’m alone with you”
ADel – I know that
They laugh
IKA – If I evict Paul I’m doing their (Guys) work for them
IKA – “If you guys don’t fight and try to win Paul is going up again”
Adel – He (Paul) can’t be a old bum”
IKA says she’s been blaming things on Heather that Adel did. She says The girls HATE Heather she doesn’t see any chance of Heather staying.

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