Ika CRIES swearing Andrew wasn’t her target. AFTER – IKA says I deserve an Oscar! DUMBA$$ He now thinks I’m not after him..

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 13-13-11-758
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4pm The house guests are still on an outdoor lock down. Most of the house guests are hanging out around the hammock. Ika and Sabrina are over by the workout equipment. Ika tells Sabrina that Rachelle followers her everywhere like how Heather follows me everywhere. Sabrina says she doesn’t see it. Ika tells her to pay more attention to it. Sabrina tells Ika that Rachelle loves her. Ika says that she doesn’t believe it for one minute. Ika talks about not liking Rachelle. Ika says that Rachelle said that Sabrina is the one always saying it and that she was forced to agree. (Ika dislikes Rachelle because she doesn’t take ownership for the things she says and does.) Ika says that you being able to admit your wrongs made me like you more. Ika says that it makes me look like a lia and a back stabber. I can let things go if you can admit you were wrong but if you can’t then I can’t let it go. Sabrina agrees. Sabrina says that Rachelle doesn’t do anything, she doesn’t try to gain the girls trust or anything. Ika says that Jon and Neda freak me out. They talk about how Sarah doesn’t tell them anything that Sarah says but that Sabrina is telling them everything that Andrew. Ika says just let Andrew work his cold sore lips on her (Allison). Sabrina laughs. Sabrina asks if Ika thinks Sarah will make it to the final two. Ika says no unless she starts doing something. Sabrina asks if it came down to me or Neda who would you vote for to stay. Ika says you. Ika asks who do you think Andrew would put me up against. They think possibly Rachelle. Ika says that anyone against you, they’re leaving.

4:35pm Out in the hot tub room – Neda and Rachelle are talking. Ika and Sabrina join them. Neda says she has a feeling something is going on inside the house because they’re not letting us sleep. I don’t think they want us to be groggy. Neda asks so Adel is 100% voting out Heather. Ika says yes. Rachelle says imagine if Adel made a deal with Andrew and didn’t tell us and really voted out Paul instead. Ika says he wouldn’t do that.

4:50pm Big Brother tells the house guests that the backyard is now off limits and that they have to go inside the house. When the house guests enter the house they find that Big Brother has left another mug with a fans mug shot on it. They speculate on what it means and who it is. They start thinking its the same girl as the first mug. Jon wonders why it took so long for big brother to let them in the house and says that he thinks its because they had a 90 year old man come in and down the stairs and thats why it took so long. They wonder if its a new girl coming into the house. Kenny says if someone else comes in here then this is going to be a long game. We’re trying to get people out of here.


Meanwhile – Ika heads up to the HOH room and talks to Andrew. Ika tells Andrew that she could have put him up on the block with the POV that she won but didn’t. Ika starts crying and says that she would never put him up and never wanted him out of the house. Andrew tells her that he believes her and tells her that they’re good. He says that he isn’t coming after her. Andrew and Ika hug. Ika asks don’t you think if I wanted to make a big move I would have in the POV. Ika says you were the only one that made me feel safe and I wanted you to feel the exact same way. Andrew tells Ika that he can’t give her his vote against Heather. Ika says she understands. Andrew leaves and Ika says whooo..that was work .. I deserve and Oscar! DUMBA$$ Andrew thinks that I am not after him..

5:15pm The house guests are sitting around the kitchen and table eating/talking. Arlie starts using a knife and stabbing it between each finger.
BBCAN2-2014-03-19 14-14-20-601

5:25pm – 5:50pm Ika and Rachelle are talking up in the HOH room about her conversation with Andrew. She says that she got her inner Halle Berry to come out. Neda joins them. Ika asks her if she is going to vote out Heather. Neda says 100%. Ika tells them that if Heather doesn’t go home this week then I am done with this alliance. Neda says for our game getting rid of Heather is best for our game. Ika says if she stays all the things we’ve said about her woudl get back to her. Neda says if she stays she will go over to the guys side. Ika says I can’t believe I had to hug Andrew.. he’s disgusting. Rachelle says I think if we put up Kenny .. Sarah would never vote him out because I think she has something with him. Ika says if we know the guys are coming after us next week ..why are week going after Adel and Paul. Neda says we should go after the boys but we need to be smart about it. Ika asks how do we do it smart. Neda says we back door them. They count the votes and realize we still have the numbers to get them out. Ika says I just think it would be nice to see Kenny and Andrew battle it out in the veto to see who would win it. It would be fun to just friggin watch it. Neda and Rachelle agree. Neda leaves. Rachelle says she is scared someone is going to switch their vote. Ika says if its anyone it would be Sarah..

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 14-53-47-398
5:55pm Sarah talks to Kenny outside the bathroom. Sarah says I think I need to just make a decision and BLOW S**T UP! Sarah says that she is tried of the back and forth sh*t. Kenny says you would be drawing a line in the sand. Sarah says that they are already giving me dirty looks. Sarah thinks she should vote out Heather and not be exposed. SARAH says what if Allison just believes Andrew because she sucks his d**k on the hammock?! Sarah says this game is so f**Ked up! Kenny tells her that she can still think about it more. Sarah says I don’t want to think about it any more. Sarah asks do you think its safe to tell Sabrina and Arlie what I am doing? Kenny says yeah. Sarah says after it happens you need to tell Andrew why and that it was a last minute decision. Sarah says he (Andrew) has no girls on his side other than his s*x toy (allison).

6:10pm – 6:20pm IN the main bedroom – Ika and Sabrina are screaming about how they just found out that they both suck their fingers when they’re nervous. Ika says that at night when she is going to sleep she puts her head under the covers and sucks her thumb. Sabrina says her sister says I am a s*x addict. Sabrina says that some doctors say it means you like sucking d**k but it doesn’t. Sarah says that tastes like dirty b@lls this tastes like my finger.

BBCAN2-2014-03-19 15-19-00-033

6:30pm IN the storage room Sarah tells Sabrina that she can’t vote out Paul.

6:40pm Jon is in the havenot room trying to nap but because he and Andrew are sleeping Big Brother tells them nap time is over. Jon goes to stand up and hits his head on the low ceiling.

6:45pm UP in the HOH Adel talks to Ika about how others were questioning her if she has a deal with Adel. Ika says the only people I can trust right now are you and Paul which is pretty bad considering I am in an alliance with the girls. Ika says that Sabrina thinks your power is good for 3 weeks not 2. Adel says I don’t care, let her think what she wants. Ika says that she’s telling people to leave you alone and let it expire. Adel says that Jon and Arlie want me to use it on Andrew next week. I told them I am not doing anything unless I’ve got a team. Adel says my game is your game. Adel says Neda is 1 million percent with Jon. Heather joins them and Adel leaves. Heather tells Ika that the new girl told me that she has never made out with Andrew.

6:30pm – 7pm Meanwhile in the main bedroom – Sabrina talks to Allison:

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I think Ika didn’t waste her HOH because she would have not had the votes to vote out Kenny and Andrew. Hopefully in a weeks time she can pull another win and finally put her plan into action with Neda Jon Arlie Adel Sarah and become a new alliance!


ika needs to talk less her hoh is almost over … ika told these girls the exact conversation she had with andrew bad move sometimes in bb house you have to know when to hold..


Im praying that Sarah evicts Paul, all I can imagine is Ika’s freak out and all the drama. Please let this happen


ika is in a bad position. who ever wins hoh will put her up with who ever stays.

ika is safe if paul or adel wins hoh on thursday.