Big Brother Eviction and HOH Spoilers Paul Vs Heather


Another week down and a very busy one at that. I remember during Big Brother US season 14 when Willie had Head of Household it felt like an entire season of game talk in one week. That’s what this week felt like, An entire season of Big Brother Canada game talk in one week. Very exciting and revealing of where the House alliances are currently standing.

The first of Five is still strong but the cracks are already starting to show. Arlie is actively talking about getting Andrew out and starting to set up a backup plan. Sarah and Kenny are also aware that Andrew will have to go sooner than later. They are nervous about how close he is with Allison and Sabrina. On the flip side Kenny thinks if Andrew goes the perceived primary physical threats will be him and Jon.

The Girls alliance is toast; Rachelle, IKA and NEDA are really the only members that are true to it and even then IKA and Neda have side deals. Ika is also well aware that she is at the bottom of the totem pole and knows if she goes up on the block against another girl then she would be the one going home.

Arlie is slowly forming a new team that he calls his backup plan which will be born out of the ashes of the First of Five and Girls Alliance. Arlie has asked Jon, Adel and Sarah to join him. With perhaps Kenny/Allison as a distant 5th member.

Neda and Jon are closer than previously thought. Jon is keeping this from Arlie who is his second closest person other than Neda. Both Jon and Neda want Andrew gone soon, they have also talked about getting Sabrina out in the hopes it would push the girls into disarray.

Sabrina is playing all sides of the house and playing very hard, too hard. The other house guests have started noticing her spreading poison and lies. IKA, Adel, Neda, Jon, and Arlie have all said they wouldn’t mind seeing Sabrina gone. Right now her social game is good but every week she becomes more and more exposed and annoying. It won’t be long until she has only a hand full of people protecting her.

Andrew and Kenny, specifically Andrew have become massive targets which requires their team to win the upcoming HOH competitions or they will be nominated.

Allison is in a tough spot being dropped into the game 2 weeks after everyone else which has put her in is a VERY dangerous position. Half of the house guests don’t even know her name and if it wasn’t for immunity she would have probably been nominated this last week. With that said she has started a showmance with Andrew and is now BFF with Sabrina. This is something most live feed fans are finding revolting. Allison coming into the picture really hasn’t done anything to the game except for giving Andrew someone to kiss and Sabrina another person to gossip about.

Heather… A favourite, sweet, smart girl that likes cookies and ice cream and is always in a good mood. She’s not as clueless as everyone thinks but unfortunately for her she has been marked with a Scarlett letter, however, I’ve noticed a few house guests that are starting to give her a chance. Jon and Allison are both putting in time to get to know her just in case she stays so that they’ll reap the rewards.

Adel… AKA “Deli” is a lot of fun to watch but him winning the veto ticket and making deals with IKA has gone to his head. He is loyal, has a good heart and will say what has to be said. He’s not one to sugar coat anything he’ll call bullsh*t when bullsh!t needs to be called. With that said his talks of winning the game for Kyle and Paul are a bit premature.
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My predication

  • PAul goes home 6-4 or 9-1
  • Adel wins HOH

Tweet leaks

(From the audience watching the show)

  • Paul goes home 6-4 – RIP Paulina
  • HOH competition is endurance:
    • The house guests have to hold down a panel on a stand, while being pulled away on a pulley.
    • Heather was out first
    • Sabrina, Andrew and Adel out
    • Head of Household competition was endurance

Spoiler source:@hamsterwatch

Official results

Paul is evicted (6 to 4)
(Arlie, Kenny, Andrew, Sarah, Allison and Jon vote to evict Paul)
(Rachelle, Neda, Adel and Sabrina vote to evict Heather)

HOH Winner is Rachelle

*** Adel’s power allows him to replace a POwer of Veto player with himself. So if Andrew, Jon, Neda, IKA, Sabrina and Kenny are the POV players and Ika/NEda are nominated Adel can take remove Kenny as a player and move into his place to play in the POV.

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Great post, Simon. It reminded to ask about the last vote (or maybe previous) – I forget. Adel was the only one that voted out Paul. Did Paul question that or anybody question that? It also makes me wonder if Adel will do the same – vote out Paul. Just a thought.


i’m happy the hamster~people think Heather is staying a while longer!!!
i was almost expecting a double eviction tonite but if its only Paul going
out the door, is it a L000000000NG HoH cliffhanger for the poor dears?


Speaking of hamsters; Arlie looks like a gerbil.


Where can I watch tonight’s episode live online?


If Adel actually wins I can’t wait to see Andrew and Kenny’s faces


Love the way you see Heather… I mean, thanks for everybody’s edit, I just think Heather need a fan! lol


She’s my Goddess !
I confessed today !
Now Simon is blessed –
the rest ? Go away !
You too can adore The Baby-Doll Voiced
Mistress Of Cookies, Ice Cream and Cake !

She dropped first from the contest.
What could be smarter?
Now she can watch
all those who try harder
and gauge their strength
and will to go farther.

Johhny (the European one!)

Kenny and Adel carried her in the diary room after her injury; then Kenny assisted her as she came out again.
Kenny offered her to carry her up the stairs.


Nice evaluation and pretty correct. The turn of the house depends almost entirely of who wins HoH tonight.


If the vote did go 6-4 for Paul to leave, I can’t wait to see the reaction from Ika. As well just how Sabrina is going to spin it by trashing Sarah.

Pinocchio Obama

Me too Simon.


LOL Cora! Just choked on a swig’o beer reading your Arlie observation hehe!


I like Kenny but he shot himself in the foot by forming an alliance with Andrew. I hope Paul doesn’t go home. First Kyle, then Paul. I must admit I really liked those 2 in the house. Both of them had more personality then every other house guest combined. Kyle and Paul were pretty funny to watch. Not a fan of Adel, hope he is the next to go!!!

Johhny (the European one!)

I think I’ll need a few years before I can find anything entertaining about Paul. Besides his sheer badness at everything, that is.
His strategy consisted of mimicking a stranded whale; while breathing heavily and loudly. His self-appreciating monologues were on a SHIELD-level of delusion. At least he didn’t scream during his DR sessions like Peter.
How could he, given he knew the DR wasn’t well sound-proofed; he regularly was laying somewhere close, trying to listen in. Another great strategy. Useless even if he heard something since with his stranded whale strategy, he wouldn’t do anything about any knowledge he’d gain anyway.
One of the most useless players I can remember on BB ever.
#this man is the most racist man I’ve ever met in my entire life – it’s a #strategy.


To be fair to Adel, he went from being an outcast in the house to winning a comp that Canada voted on and realizing he wasn’t an outcast outside the house. I’d probably get a bit of an ego for a few days too! Hopefully he brings it down a notch and gets his head back in the game now.


Hey I’ve been lurking here all season long and just wanted to come out of lurkdom and say that this website is really amazing. I live in Australia and at times it has been hard to watch the live feeds because of the time difference, but because of this site I’ve been able to catch up on things I’ve missed while I’ve been sleeping and working. So thank you Simon and Dawg Also I have to say the people who comment on this site also make it a pretty fun and informative experience. After reading the post on Facebook by the casual viewers I have to say you guys sound like f***ing geniuses.

Johhny (the European one!)

I tell ya if Dawg and Simon somehow BOTH made it on BBCAN3, that would be an unbeatable powerhouse alliance right there. It would come down to a 5-4 jury vote between the 2 in the Final… I don’t know for whom though…
Or… would they take each other to the final?!? Or drop their buddy and rather drag a Danielle BB14/GinaMarieBB15 to F2? 😉
This site is THE BEST!


I was hoping for either Heather or Adel to win HOH. I think they might actually go for Andrew/Kenny/Sabrina.


In light of the current post I’m saying, “Go Neda!” I always forget about her, but I do like her.


Soft HOH:

Brina- no rocking the boat, maybe Ika maybe not but Adel yes
Sarah- ask Kenny he’ll be calling it. Kenny a fan of the backdoor. Heather/Adel a spot to backdoor Andrew… but no!
Neda- throwing HOH
Jon- Throwing HOH
Arlie- If he isn’t throwing it shock. His pseudo alliance isn’t ready
Rachelle- Find a mirror you useless….
Allison-toughest call as she may feel she needs HOH or might feel “Andrew cozy”. Girl HOH she might have a problem.
Heather- out already

Hard HOH:

Adel- all guns blazing, he might not like the house vote next Thursday as he goes second evict IMO!
Kenny- I think he’ll tank as it’s to early to backdoor Andrew. Could HOH and put up softballs like Heather, Ika, Adel
Andrew- the angry white man part 2 would really grind on his target and bully for votes. That and add Ika on the block it could be pure joy for BB regs everywhere!

I should mention Andrew showed some of his temper at the thought of keeping Paul. Kenny was pretty intimidated IMO. I can’t see Kenny coming head on at Andrew during a Kenny HOH. I think he’ll tank tonight. even if he does win HOH I can’t see Andrew as a backdoor on his HOH. He’d be scared sh*tless for 3 days. Kenny needs Brina and Sarah on board fully as well. Getting the rest of the votes pretty easy to evict Andrew.
The HOH sounds like a combo strength/endurance as a few F3 endurance comps have been lately. My gut says Andrew or Allison. I think physically she’ll do well in endurance type comps. If strength is part of the comp tonight good by Brina, Neda and Rachelle plus Sarah. Maybe Brina as a dark horse… I’m not putting a fiver on that horse personally!!! A guy in the HOH we are going to see a lot of nose picking I’m afraid in the next week. He really is disgusting. Is production so cheap they can’t buy a couple boxes of tissue and have the nurse explain how to use it.


Simon live stream link plzzzz


Link to the live streaming of the episode ??


Rumor Rachelle win HOH. Blah if true another boring week she put up Heather.


Why the heck does Jon talk so weird??? What is wrong with him…


I don’t hear anything other than an East Coast accent.

bb is a house full of crazy

Is this a serious question?


Jon’s “weirdness” makes the live feeds interesting. Without him the house would be so boring!


I’m confused how are the people out of the HOH competition??? can someone fill me in and i will truly appreciate it.


question on rule clarification regarding adel’s power. If say, kenny and andrew are nominated for eviction initially, is adel allowed to replace kenny with himself? because wouldn’t that kind of fair for a nominee to have no chance at the veto?

Johhny (the European one!)

Initially, as Adel read it out loud in the last episode, the ticket was simply to “allow him to play in a POV comp of his choice, even if he’s not picked”.
Therefore, just like the comp beast Shane Meaney in BB14, he would have been the 7th veto player in that comp.
This ticket was simply to avoid being backdoored.
Then, BB realized that Adel hasn’t won a single competition so far, and that he really needs better odds, so now they increased the power: he can REMOVE a player of his choice. So he can remove the most likely to beat him, and he’s left with only 5 weaker competitors.
BB gets their way. I bet the weights aren’t 100% accurate in that HOH challenge, bb has their faves they WANT to win.
Trying not to sound bitter. Let me know how I’m doing.


Go Neda!! If Kenny wins, I’ll cry myself to sleep.


Goodbyes – I guess some people are just natural born a**holes – Kenny, Andrew.

Kenny and Andrew Need to Go!

Never seen such a bunch of assholes such as Andrew and Kenny, could you be anymore arrogant and pukey? Hey though keep digging that grave with those mighty attitudes of yours.


Heather might be more useless than Rachelle…She can’t get by on ‘cute’


Ugh it sucks the episodes aren’t on YouTube like last year..I wanted to see Ika’s face when Paul left!

Miss M

Richelle won HOH
Sabrina, Heather , Arlie and I don’t know the forth are have nots


Sabrina is a have not…..this should be interesting


Well with Paul gone the First Five have screwed themselves. Now they will be the targets of everyone else too soon. Jon is playing a good game laying low and making everyone else call the shots while getting info.- Neda on one side and Arlie on the other meanwhile kenny and the nose picker in between! I expecy things to heat up and a lot of fights to start happening in the house now. Can`t wait to see who wins HoH.

Diamond Power Of Veto

Rachelle winning is Ika’s shot at redemption. SO GLAD Ika has confronted Sabrina about her shadiness. Jon wants Andrew up this week whether it be a backdoor or straight up nominee… This week is going to be massive fireworks.