Kenny to Andrew about the vote “We’re back on track”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 16-12-15-295

7:10pm Allison and Sabrina Bedroom
Allison asks her if she knows what power Adel got.
Sabrina – “He has Canada’s Veto he gets to veto a nominee and he can put someone in their place” (This is not what he has but what he’s been telling people. Allison should know better putting a power like this in a game early would be highly unusual #POwerSh!t))
Sabrina – “It’s the ultimate backdoor weapon I’m not going to lie to you but you, Kenny and Andrew are his targets”

Sabrina says she’s worried that PAul will win HOH.
Allison – “We’re all screwed”
Sabrina – “Well we’re not all screwed 2 of us are”

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 16-19-25-986

7:15pm Kenny and Andrew

Kenny is telling Andrew about Sarah’s worries with voting out Paul. Says that Sarah exposes herself to the girls and becomes a target. Kenny thinks they should force a tie and have IKA get up and vote HEather out. It’ll damage IKA’s game and Keep Sarah safe for one more week. Kennt only wants one more week.
Andrew – “Logically bro this doesn’t make sense to use”
Kenny – “This doesn’t makes sense for us”
Andrew points out that the biggest threat in the house is Kenny and him the group should be concerned with keeping their members with the most heat safe.
Andrew – ‘With no alliance there is no strength”

Kenny again explains the logic behind getting Heather out this week is better for the group but not as good for their game.
Andrew gets pissy says “OPK.. Cool.. Well I’m going to start making decisions that benefit me next time I win HOH … this is what you are telling me”
Andrew – “Why haven’t we discussed this.. Last night Sarah was voting out Paul what happened”
Kenny says they are discussing things right now that is what they are doing. He adds that Sarah was up in the HOH with the girls and it has her worried.
Andrew – “This is not the best decisions”

Andrew – “This is an emotional play.. I’m not fighting with you this is an emotional play”
Andrew asks him what does he want
Kenny – “Paul out.. but”
Andrew – “I have new girl freaking out wanting to vote the right way.. she’s going to vote out Paul she should just vote out Heather”
Kenny – “No don’t tell her that yet”
Andrew points out that Sarah is not in with the girls she hates them why is she doing this.

Jon comes in says if Paul goes we have the numbers
Andrew – That’s not happening
Jon – Why
Andrew explains that Sarah is giving them trouble
Kenny says he’s still talking to her, “This is the first big move”

Andrew says he wholeheartedly disagrees with the decisions to vote out Heather.

Andrew and JOn really stressing that Paul staying in the game is a massive risk for them. He explains if Paul stays and Paul, IKA or Adel win HOH one of them three are going home. Andrew adds Paul will allways vote out one of them whereas HJeather they at least have a chance to campaign.

Kenny says the plan still stays as is Kenny wants Andrew to calm down, ‘This is just preminlany talking.. she’s a mom she freaks out.. let me talk to her again it’s not a big deal yet”

Kenny warns Andrew to being so hot headed abotu the vote flipping becuase it’s already flipped 3 or 4 times.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 16-51-05-048

7:40pm Kitchen Jon, Kenny and Andrew

Going over the possible scenarios if Paul stays or Heather. Sounds like the 3 guys all wants to vote out Paul but Sarah is flip flopping.

Jon Leaves

Kenny says he can get Sarah to flip back solid he just needs to have a conversation with Sarah after talking it over with Andrew and Arlie. Kenny adds that Sarah wants to make sure that the entire group is in on it because she is taking a risk.

Andrew says he was talking with IKA and she cried. They agree IKA knows something is up, ‘She’s F***d”
Kenny – “I can’t wait to see IKA’s face when Heather stays”
Arlie joins them.. They ask him if he’s talked to Sarah.
Arlie – We talked a bit earlier and stuff”
Paul join s

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 16-55-23-483

7:54pm Arlie, Kenny and Andrew

Kenny asks if Arlie is 100% for Paul
Arlie confirms he is voting Paul out. Kenny mentions how Sarah is flip flopping but he’s going to have a good conversation with her today and explain what teh group thinks.
Kenny – “Basically she is saying talk to them and then talk to her.. She’s making her decision tonight”
Sarah walks by and Kenny goes to talk to her.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 17-00-06-944

7:57pm Kenny and Sarah

Kenny tells her about his conversation with Andrew and how strongly Adnrew wants Paul out, “Honestly I think he is right”
Kenny adds when the vote comes out 6 to 4 they’ll HAve Rachelle, Neda, Adel and IKA pissed but if they keep Paul they’ll have 5 people after them. He thinks by exposing herself it’ll only really be for one week.
Kenny -“It’s way more detrimental to the first of 5 to keep Paul in this house”
Kenny stresses he thinks the best thing for them is to vote out Paul.
Sarah – “Ok i’m on board with that.. I’m all for it 100%”
Sarah says if Kenny is feeling good about this so is she.
Sarah says she is going to be the only person tomorrow that has that awkward feeling with people pointing and whispering

Kenny says the girls are going to do that regardless. Sarah agrees.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 17-02-53-879

8:03 Kenny tells Andrew

“We’re back on track”

Votes at 6-4 to evict Paul as of right now.

(Adel, Neda, Racehlle and Sabrina vote to evict Heather the rest evict Paul)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 17-05-03-634

8:00pm Paul making HUGE game moves in the have nots with Adel

8:10pm HOH IKA, Rachelle and Neda
Talking about how shocked Heather will be when she is evicted. IKa doesn’t think Heather will hug her. Rachelle is worried about Allison voting out Paul and forcing IKA to break the tie.

IKA says whatever Allison does is a loss for their group. IKA says Andrew controls Allison, Her vote is Andrew’s vote.
IKA mentions about the water works she had when talking to Andrew.

IKA thinks that Arlie brought the 10 packs of smokes to mess with people. She points out that Arlie doesn’t smoke he claims to have brought them in to deal with stress. She questions Why would you bring 120 Packs if you’re not a smoker 1 pack would be enough. IKA thinks Arlie hid the smokes to mess with teh guys. She adds that Arlie’s dad is a big brother super fan yet Arlie claims he doesn’t watch the show.

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Miss M

SABRINA YOU LYING BITCH! Ika NEVER swore on her kids about knowing about Adels veto
That’s why you got all mad at her in the washroom when she wouldn’t.


She reminds me of Danielle Murphrey from S14. Lying about literally every thing for attention. Hilarious.


i despise every person in the “First Fuckers” lmao


Arlie is actually somewhat cool, the rest suck


Andrew and Kenny fighting…Sarah targeting Sabrina…Arlie jumping ships…I honestly thought the First Fuckers would wait until jury to start eating each other.


Not a fan of kenny anymore.

Sabrina & Sarah are stupid.

Ika, Neda & Adel are the only 3 i can tolerate even looking at in this game. New cast pleaseeeeeeee.

Also, can i mention how big of a let-down Allison is? LOL. can’t believe i voted for that waste of space.


Wonder what side of the bed folks wake up on tomorrow? I think Paul going is better TV potentially. Watch Sabrina work the girls. watch Ika pee her pants. All that do nothing talk to backdoor poor little sweet, lovable(gagging here), baby girl(I mean that freaking voice) Heather comes back on Ika. It should be fun damage control pending who is new HOH. Brina sits perfect this week. Totally immersed in the girls alliance and the guys love her. 😛

Allison still in danger thanks to the Kenny/Sarah talks. I figured Allison was good for jury now Kenny might push to change that. Paul might actually make freaking jury! ROFL Naw Paul goes tomorrow night. hehehe Or perhaps our fair haired damsel Heather gets to the jury. It sounds like fun! ………… I can’t sell this poop! Yeh I said poop! Truth is it’s better than what’s been happening up to now. Hopefully the season starts rolling with potential fallout everywhere and the true fun of a double eviction week. Ika will learn a very important lesson after she leaves the house. Don’t disappoint the hard core fans on the net! She’ll never get a chance to use that in the future…pity! Never and I mean NEVER bring Ika back a second time!


which 4 are voting for Heather?

I swear on myDog

This is exciting… I just hope production can make Adel win HOH. That would be epic!!! because I really want the 1st5 to sweat a little.. I agree with every comment that said. ” Alison is such a disappoint”.

Upsidedown Pancakes

Simon, the house should be very scared as Paul is making big moves in the half not room. I am waiting for him to do something stupid.. Too bad he wouldn’t win HOH next week as he would likely put up Adel and Ika in some kind of twisted strategy move.


Seriously Andrew, get that effin finger out of your nose, I vomit a little every time I have to see that. Yuck!


can’t stand IKA….she is so conceited and condescending…comparing herself to Beyonce….I will LOVE it when she is GONE….even mute the program when she is talking….


I swear the Slice Network sucks ass i can’t find a decent live episode stream without them taking it down, they didn’t give a crap last year.


adel just made one of his pita chocolate, ice cream things and went quickly upstairs to hoh room to deliver it to Sabrina – #1 ass kisser!!!!

Johhny (the European one!)

I’ve got a question:
Sabrina has told Andrew repeatedly that Allison is lying about being a superfan; that Allison messed up in her knowledge of past seasons.
I’ve never seen any such conversations between Sabrina and Allison. All I’ve seen is a while back, when Allison was able to recite all the past BBUS winners in correct order.

Is this yet another one of Sabrina’s several needless lies? If yes, it seems like a stupid lie to make.
Did anyone see anything from Allison that could rule her out as a superfan?


I just can’t get over how IKA wants to use her HOH to get rid of the one girl who is most loyal to her. Sure Heather is annoying but she is in love with IKA.
Really dumb move for her.

On another note Sabrina needs to get over herself. She says she used to be a model and dated a guy who looked like David Beckham. Lol seriously? Who is she kidding.

So to recap some players
Sabrina is a delusional, immature, emotional wreck who thinks she is on the batchelor not big brother
Rochelle has no personality and no game play, she is just there as a puppy dog to Sabrina
IKA has ruined her game by making too many enemies and trying to evict her strongest ally
Sarah is very wish washy and doesn’t seem to have her heart in the game
Heather is just dumb and doesn’t know how to play
Jon just seems stoned most of the time
Paul is a trainwreck. I can’t believe this guy is a motivational speaker
Andrew is an egomaniac, control freak, who is putting too big of a target on himself


Your comments on sabrina are accurate. I would say she could have been a hand model or a plus size model, you never know. She is not ugly per se, if she lost 100 pounds she probably actually have an attractive face underneath that blubber. She could have been one of those baby models you know for those commercials like baby gap, before she was obese.

Heather is not dumb, but rather helpless and a poor player. She lacks awareness.

Heather is not Ika ally she is as piss poor as Paul, probably worse but female version, that is why she is up, she talks smack about ALL THE GIRLS to each other. That is why she is nominated. They feel she is an enemy within. Paul is an enemy from the outside.

I think jon could be a recovering addict, either drugs or alcohol, I’m not sure which one but he does have the look and if you work around them you quickly recognize it.

Paul has had a crazy game but it has worked, he should have went home last week. Some players have made it to the end using his strategy of just being a hated piss poor player.


I have never seen people who pick their noses in public let alone on national TV. Sabrina and Andrew are both so disgusting. What is Allison’s game??? I hope this showmance was worth the game to her but somehow I doubt it.