Andrew tells Heather I wanted Paul gone, it wasn’t your time to go. Now you can work with me. Heather says I’d love that!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

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8:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. In the bedroom – Ika, Jon, Neda, Allison are talking about when the nominations will be. Ika says the nominations will be tomorrow. Allison comment on how sleeping in the same bed with Andrew, he doesn’t just snore he flails around whenever he moves. She says he woke her up ever time. Ika tells Adel that because of his hair cut he looks like a pedophile. Allison asks Ika if she has any idea what Rachelle is going to do. I am kind of scared. Should I be? Ika says she kind of knows what Rachelle might do. Ika warns Allison to not tell anyone what she tells her because it will get around. Allison says I don’t see why I am a big threat. Ika says I don’t think you are but people see you as being close to Andrew. Ika says I think Heather is her main target. Let Heather sink her own ship because I am sure she will. Allison says by doing that does she not realize she’s taking out the girls? Ika says I am pretty much at the bottom of the girls. Allison leaves. Adel says everyone is going to lie through their teeth. Is Heather back being friends with Sarah? Ika says I can’t work with stupid. Adel says Rachelle is a stupid little kid. Ika says why go after Heather, she can barely dress herself. Adel says let her put up Heather and Allison. Some of the guys will vote to evict the new girl because of how close she is with Andrew.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 05-53-48-182


In the bathroom – Heather talks to Andrew. Heather tells Andrew that he wasn’t Ika’s target. Andrew asks who was the target? Heather says that if I came off the target was going to be Kenny. Heather says that she thinks they’re awesome. Thanks for keeping me around! Andrew tells her I wanted Paul gone, it wasn’t your time to go. Now you can work with me. Heather says I’d love that! Andrew tells her not to let people get to her. Andrew leaves. Heather hears the house guests scream when Rachelle is called to the diary room. When Heather hears them she makes the face in the photo above.

Out in the hot tub room – Sarah, Kenny and Arlie are talking about Sabrina on slop. Kenny says we are going to have a lot of patience with her. It was literally 2 minutes of her being on slop before she started complaining. Don’t EAT AROUND ME! They head back inside. Andrew gets his pea coat that big brother hadn’t released to him yet. Andrew holds up the pack of smokes that was in one of the pockets and says what now b***hes! Andrew, Kenny and Jon run out into the backyard screaming. (They were all out of smokes and now have a pack.) They head out to the hot tub room and talk game. They talk about how Rachelle said she wasn’t going after big competitors. The guys high five and talk about playing it cool.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 06-46-54-893

9:55am Sabrina and Sarah head out to the hot tub room to talk. Sabrina says originally Rachelle was going to put up Ika and Heather but Adel swore on his Khron that he would use his veto power to save her. Sabrina says that Adels power runs out this week so we just can’t put up Ika this week. Sabrina says the plan now is we put up Allison and Heather and who ever wins the veto then no one uses it and Heather goes home. Kenny joins them. Sabrina says that she is not going to let Ika attack Rachelle like an animal. I am going to talk to Allison and promise her she will not going home.
BBCAN2-2014-03-21 06-53-56-663

10:05pm – 10:25am Big Brother blocks the live feeds .. The house guests think that Rachelle is going to get her HOH room now..

10:30am The live feeds return and Rachelle has gotten her HOH room. Jon is dancing around while listening to her HOH music. Arlie, Adel, Allison, Kenny, Neda and Sabrina are all sitting on the HOH couches hanging out. Adel is reading her HOH letter.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 07-28-58-166

Allison talks to Andrew telling him that she’s worried she’s going up on the block.

11am Big Brother tells the house guests that the house is off limits. Rachelle and Sabrina head out to the hot tub room to talk about her nominations. Adel then joins them and Sabrina asks him if he would use his veto power to take anyone off the block. Adel swears that he won’t use it this week on anyone. He says as long as I don’t go up, then I won’t use it. Rachelle and Sabrina promise him that he isn’t going up. Adel says next week is my last week to use it and if I am not up on the block and if the whole house wants me to use it to make a power move then I’ll use it.
BBCAN2-2014-03-21 08-02-21-073

11:10am – 11:30am Ika and Sarah are sitting by the pool talking. Ika is explaining to Sarah how she wanted to go after Kenny but that the other girls were too scared. Sarah tells Ika that she knows Ika and Adel have something.

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Wooooow. Sooooo ika and adel plan on lying about his power actually might work in their favor this week…


Ika or Adel need to win POV this week and HOH next week are they are screwed because of Sarah and Sabrina because they are the puppets for kenny and andrew.


It might work this week, but what’s going to happen later when he uses it to play in a veto and everyone finds out he lied?


Personally, i think the smart move would be to nominate Andrew and Kenny. Then at the veto ceremony, have Adel use his power to prevent Kenny from competing. That way Andrew can only save himself. And if Andrew does win, and takes himself down, then put up Allison.

I think the smart the smart players would move Kenny out; though Jon, Andrew and Sarah would probably keep him.

Best case scenario is Andrew doesn’t win POV and the nominations stay the same.

I doubt any of it will happen though, unfortunately.

It is ironic that Ika is telling Rachelle how to use her HoH, after complaining about others trying to use HER HoH.

She didn’t want to make big moves when she could; but now Rachelle should.

It’s pretty lame. As long as the First Five stay strong, it’s a boring show.


Clearly, there’s a Goddess of Golden Awesomeness there.

A Golden Eagle among crows.

Caw! Caw! Caw!

Let them eat roadkill at roadside.


This house is crazy. Crazy for keeping arrogant losers around who will burn everybody in the long run. I guess it’s easier to see and judge from the outside (watching the show) but we all KNOW what happens in the Big Brother house. We all know that people scheme, people lie and b!tches be crazy. Get the crazy out, get the strong players out. Seems logical doesn’t it? I think the problem a lot of players have is they get instantly buddy buddy with fellow castmates. It isn’t very smart to get emotionally connected or overly trusting of ANYBODY when you’re in this game. Fake it and play it. I don’t understand why that’s so difficult for everybody. Why are people so co-dependent?!?

If I was on the show (which would never happen because I don’t like people enough to be surrounded by morons in such close quarters), I would be skeptical of everything but keep that paranoia at a minimum in front of others. You can play this game without blatantly lying and being mean spirited. I really don’t like the tone of this house. I hope the contestants’s families are ashamed of them.


I don’t think it’s easy to say what u would do when your are in the BB house. The formula is: deprive them of sleep, food, put them in cramped quarters (that is why each person does not have a bed) and give them limited group activity. All this equals a house full of people ready to explode!


It’s very easy for me to say what I’d do in the Big Brother house, should I have the opportunity (which again, is something I do not want).

I’d be annoyed. A lot. I’d keep to myself, a lot. I’d laugh to myself at people who think they’re love sick with a fellow contestant and I’d find females who do this (unless they’re entirely faking it which would be cool) useless and dumb. I would be paranoid about what people at home and online are saying about me. I’d worry I look ugly on camera. I wouldn’t want to do what the Producers of the show encouraged me to do for “drama”. I’d probably accidently call people like Sabrina a hypocrite if she started giving folks a hard time about eating and “gaining weight”. Probably call her an ugly cow actually…make her cry, then get in a fight with her friends about it. I’d only be mean to those who are mean to others, it would be initiated from them. Maybe I’d quit on my own accord, I could see that happening. So, it wouldn’t be worth it being in the home having my personality type and distrust in the others.

Regardless, Adel is my favorite for the time being. Neda is maybe okay as well? Really hard to read this cast…no front running favorites.


You sound like a feminist.


Peter? Is that you? If so….
Not to worry, Admiral Bittermuch…the disdain you had for your houseguests is coming back to you tenfold from those who were forced to watch you last season. On a positive note, earplugs were sold out across the country from the moment you started screeeeeching your diary room sessions ; )


Maybe just wishful thinking on my behalf but, now would be the perfect time to totally fracture the house alliances. Love to see Adel, Allison, Neda, Jon and Heather secretly band together. The “Misfits” could rule the world!


I’m Canadian. Why don’t the live feeds work for me ? I go to Slice website for live feeds, but nothing shows up. What words should I type in.


dont worry production to the rescue… they will make sure first five wont get hoh next week … we need a coup dtat..


Would love to see Allison channel Charlton Heston
“Take your stinkin’ paws off me you damn dirty ape!”

Seriously tho, will Allison have to work to keep her butt off the block this week?

“Rachelle” and “strategy” are not words you can use in the same sentence
and you KNOW psychbrina will weave an endlessly varying chain of lies right up to the last minute
so will the Boyz Who Would Be Men (that would be Andrew and Ken)
or the Men Who Act Like Boys (Arlie and Jon) shield Heather or Allison?

Or will Rachelle throw up Arlie or Jon, at Sab’s urging?


So funny that Ika is telling Adel that Rachelle is stupid to go after Heather! Was She not your target last week? Did you put someone on the block that you wanted to keep? I really doesn’t like Ika, she should go.


I just don’t see the logic of skinny girls that won’t win a physical strength challenge taking out the people they might be able to beat and leaving the muscle in the house. I really don’t get it. They seem to be playing for jury. They don’t even stop to think that if Adel won the contest, it means Canada doesn’t like the two main alliances. Rachelle winning means a repeat of last week, nominations based on petty schoolgirl jealousy and not on game strategy. I wish we could just reset with all new players. It is becoming one of the worst seasons ever. Sad. They are worried about the guys picking them off, so when they have two chances in a row to take them out, they pick off weak players. Dumb! If Ika had taken out Kenny or Andrew last week, Rachelle could have tried for the other one this week, and all of the girls suddenly have a chance to actually go far in the game. And what’s up with Rachelle putting Adel, Arlie and Sabrina on slop. I get why she chose Heather, but why not put Kenny, Andrew and Jon on slop? Dumb dumb and dumber!


I seriously think only Arlie clued in on Adel winning Canada’s vote. After he won was when Arlie started talking to Adel about grumblings of a new alliance.

Arlie knows what’s up. He understands that Canada voted for Adel cuz we hate the F5.


Her logic for not putting the guys on slop is, if they aren’t taken out, they won’t hold a grudge against her.

I”m not kidding – she said that.


To be fair, in the hot tub convo between the guys they do ask themselves this and realize it means she’s not targeting them, which is what she wanted.


Rachelle doesn’t seem like an intellect to me. She’s a follower, who has good looks, who happened to get casted on a show quite obviously to be the “pretty girl” or “the girl next door”.




Thank you Simon n Dawg.. u guys have done a phenomenal job. I watch the live feed and I constantly get frustrated with these house guest, I honestly don’t know how you guy do it (Plus the ad are driving me crazy).


So it’s the worse season ever becasue the people you don’t like aren’t getting evicted ??? Well if the show is really as bad as you say it is simple solution: STOP WATCHING!

The temple

This is the worst BB show because you have 2/3rds
Of a cast who can’t put 2 and 2 together
And realize that Sabrina is the One spreading
Lies and playing both sides . She isn’t even hiding
It well and these ding bats can’t see it .
Kenny strategy is ok but not brilliant .
Big brother needs to cast stronger
Women who won’t rely on men and aren’t afraid
Of getting rid of real threats . Tired of seeing
Women who are weak and pathetic .
Neda seems to be the brightest bulb in the
House . I’m hoping Adel and Neda join forces
And kick some dumb ass insecure bitches ass’s


The way you type out your comments seems like you’re writing poetry. Or your computer illiterate.


Thank you.


Andrew scratching himself = so nasty ! Ewww