Arlie says Ika’s convinced its a tie vote. Andrew says and it’s 100% not! Correct? Kenny gives a thumbs up.

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

BBCAN2-2014-03-20 05-31-49-481

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9am – 9:40am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. The house guests slowly wake up and start getting ready for the live eviction day. In the kitchen – Kenny, Arlie and Andrew are taking. Arlie talks about how sleeping up in the HOH room he was kept up late with the late night comedy show of Sabrina and Ika. Andrew asks if Ika was trying to convince him. Arlie says she’s just convinced its a tie. Andrew says and it’s 100% not! Correct? Kenny gives Andrew and Arlie a thumbs up. Arlie says I can’t wait to see the look on her face. Sarah joins them and says that they were talking and the girls were saying that if I was going to flip I should tell them. But no right?! Sabrina joins them and wonders if Sarah should tell them. Sarah says no because then this would be exposing me, we want to expose them. Sarah says I am just going to say it was a last minute decision ..which it was.
In the bedroom – Ika tells Arlie that she just want’s Sarah to tell me how she’s voting. She said she would tell me. I just want to know. I want to know now, not two hours from now. Arlie says I would assume that she would tell you if she said she would. Ika says this is so stressful. Arlie leaves.

10am – 10:15am IN the bathroom – Allison comments on how its weird that Big Brother told them they couldn’t dress up for the live eviction tonight. The other girls agree. Big Brother blocks cams 3 and 4. The house guests continue getting ready in the bathroom on cams 1 and 2. Then Big Brother blocks those cams as well.

BBCAN2-2014-03-20 07-05-47-879

10:25am IN the bathroom – Ika asks Allison if she knows how she is voting? You know righ? You have to know now? Because I need to prepare myself. Allison says knows how she’s voting and that she will talk to her after she done her makeup. Ika comment on how they aren’t allowed to wear skirts or dresses. Neda says they didn’t say we couldn’t dress up, they just said no skirts or dresses so maybe we’re standing on a platform where they need to film up us. That’s such a wild guess though. Jon comes in and says so it’s eviction, HOH, POV and HOH again tonight? Rachelle asks you guys think its a double eviction tonight? Sabrina says yeah.

BBCAN2-2014-03-20 07-20-09-569

10:40am IN the bedroom – Sarah and Sabrina are talking. Sarah says that Heather will understand. I feel like you’re trying to take the exposure off you and its not fair. Sabrina says no, I don’t care. I told you since day 1. Sabrina says that she swears to god she didn’t know it was to expose them. God! I told you since day 1 I didn’t care! I thought expose them? What do you mean? Sarah says we need to expose them to Heather to get as many people on our side. So its only the three of them. Sabrina says oh okay, I didn’t know. Sabrina leaves. Sarah says to herself – F**k she’s such a fucking liar!!! I hate his game!

10:45am – 11:10am Paul and Adel are in the havenot room talking about South Africa. Meanwhile in the living room – Kenny, Sarah, Jon, Arlie and Andrew are laughing and joking around about random things.

BBCAN2-2014-03-20 07-51-29-144

In the living Kenny pulls down his pants.
BBCAN2-2014-03-20 08-11-08-143

Jon asks them if they want to see his rabbit? He then gets up and pulls his pants down and say oh, it must have gone back in its hole.
BBCAN2-2014-03-20 08-28-46-483

11:10am Up in the HOH room – Allison is telling Ika that she is voting with the guys. Allison says I’ve made a connection with the guys and I am not ready to break that bond yet. Allison says I do like you and don’t want you to think I don’t want to work with you in the future. Allison says I do want Heather gone. Ika says that she isn’t mad because Allison isn’t the deciding vote. Ika tells her that if she told the girls this they might be mad but I can tell them that I told you to vote this way. Ika says this week, next week or the week after you are not my target. Ika says If I was up on the block against another girl I would probably be going home. Ika swears to god/her kids that Allison isn’t her target. Ika says I am so happy you came and told me. They hug and leave the HOH room.

11:25am Ika brings Rachelle up to the HOH room to tell her that Allison isn’t voting with them. Sabrina joins them. They talk about who they would put up if they won HOH. Sabrina says Allison and Paul. Ika says that she wouldn’t put up Allison. Ika asks Sabrina if she is voting out Heather. Sabrina says yeah she said she’s voting with us. Ika keeps asking and Sabrina says unless she’s a really good liar. Sabrina says that Sarah did tell me that she was going to tell the guys whatever they needed to hear. Ika says oh so that’s why they are acting so comfortable. Sabrina leaves. Rachelle and Ika continue to talk. Rachelle asks who Ika would put up if she was HOH? Ika says I would put up Andrew and Kenny. I want to watch them battle it out.

11:40am In the storage room – Sabrina talks to Kenny and asks who should go up if they win a double eviction.. Kenny says Ika and Adel to flush out his power.
BBCAN2-2014-03-20 08-38-08-258

11:55am IN the living room – Arlie comments to Allison that she’s never even seen a live eviction. Arlie says that last week there were 45 minutes of malfunctions. He says that Arisa kept trying to talk to them and they couldn’t hear her. Sarah comments that they had to change the clicker. Arlie says and then it worked. At 12pm Big Brother tells them that there are 4 hours till the live eviction.

BBCAN2-2014-03-20 08-54-12-013

11:50am – 12:20pm Meanwhile in the bathroom – Ika, Sabrina and Rachelle are talking. Ika says that she can’t believe they guys told her (allison) not to tell me. Ika asks Sabrina again if Sarah is voting with us. Sabrina says yes, why don’t you go talk to her. Ika says because she is down there up their a$$es! If it happens organically then I will talk to her. Ika says I hope to god Paul or Adel win HOH. They head to the bedroom to pick out their outfits. Ika tells them that Sarah is always sitting with them, she is up Kenny’s a$$! They talk to Adel about whether or not it will be a double eviction. Adel says that when he talks to other people they always say that the double eviction happens week 4 or 5. What week is it now? They tell him week 3. Adel says yeah its too early. They talk about how they were told to wear comfy shoes too.

12:30pm – 12:40pm In the bathroom – Ika tells Paul that she is the tie breaker and that she’s voting to keep him. Ika says the guys are all voting to keep Heather. Ika tells Paul that he needs to fight for the HOH. If we don’t win HOH then they’ll be putting me up and probably you or Adel. I need you to fight! Ika tells Paul that he is not going home. Paul says I appreciate it.

12:55pm Most of the house guests are sitting around the living room couch talking about random things like kids and pets.

BBCAN2-2014-03-20 09-52-42-772

Big Brother asks all the house guests to gather in the living room..

2pm The live feeds are still blocked while the house guests do a rehearsal of what will happen for the live eviction tonight.

3:50pm The live feeds are still blocked..

4:30pm Still blocked…

5:05pm – 6:20pm No Live Feed leaks yet..

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My week 3 power rankings (I rank based on *likely longevity* in the game):
(Current rank) name (Last week)

1. Jon (1)
2. Arlie (2)
3. Allison (-)
4. Neda(4)
5. Adele (10)
6. Kenny (4)
7. Sarah (5)
8. Heather (6)
9. Sabrina (12)
10. Andrew (11)
11. Rachelle (8)
12. Ika (9)

-This is mostly a who is least incompetent after the first couple. Even Adele played too hard with his power, he’ll be put up to “flush it out”
-I want Sabrina to be last but sadly she is going to last a little longer since she’s in with F5 and girls won’t hate her after Heather stays
-Girls are all playing poorly, I still think Neda will go far with Jon, and Allison is making the right move today but it’s early for her. GET OFF ANDREW DOUGH


Sarah is messing everything up with her flip flopping.

She had game, but now just seems paranoid. Even Kenny was onboard with getting rid of Heather; but Andrew lost his pacifier, and now they all have to placate him.

I really hope Adel gets HoH next. It would be amazing.


Ika is stressed out? Lol
Sorry girl but you did it to yourself. Even production tried to clue her in on more than one occasion but she’d much rather listen to Sabrina.
Total waste of an HOH and VETO


Totally agree. She was so worried about putting up Kenny and Andrew because they would be coming after her next week. Guess what……they still plan to and you didn’t even put them up!


How did production try to clue her in?
I don’t disagree with your assessment – but i must have missed the production bit.


Bud, you don’t have to agree with my assessment but the fact remains that the morning before Ika got her HOH room, she was talking to Sabrina (that’s before they confronted Rachelle) and Ika goes “whenever I tell them that I trust you in DR, they always ask me ‘are you sure?’ And they start making me doubt you”
And Sabrina acts totally shocked and said: “you don’t trust me? You thing i’mnplotying against you?” (Which should have been a red flag to Ika considering she never said anything about anyone plotting against her)
You can tell that production are the ones making Sarah so unsure of her decision… She was totally on-board … Goes to DR and comes out very conflicted.


I meant i agreed that Ika was worried about Kenny and Andrew going after her next week; but i had missed the production bit. So thanks for filling me in there – i totally missed that bit (about production asking her if she’s sure in the DR, etc)


If Ika gets wind of heather staying, the girls will flip and vote paul out too.


I hope this happens

Johhny (the European one!)

Oh, c’mon! It’s much more fun for us to watch if Ika, Rachelle, Neda, Adel and Paul are blindsided! 😀
The following days will also be much more… “crispy” if Heather gets to know what really happened, rather than just “you see Girl, it’s as I told you: you were the pawn this entire time”.


if it’s 6-4, ika wont even have the chance to vote, paul will go, exactly as she told heather it would happen. sabrina, rachelle and neda will the ones who are screwed if heather wins hoh (and adel, no matter what), but that’s IF heather figures out that they voted her out. if the girls are smart, they will think fast and DENY DENY DENY. i would think heather would assume adel and the boys voted her out. maybe she might blame rachelle or sabrina, but i doubt she’ll think neda voted her out, unless it all comes out about the girls plans.

heather is a really forgiving person (as seen with ika this week lol). she may forgive the girls and still go after the boys, or even play it safe and nominate adel… adel, neda and heather are the only hope a boy would go up. i would say rachelle too, but she’s so far up sabrina’s ass she’ll prob be convinced to put up allison and adel…

since it sounds like it’s endurance tonight (proof: they cant wear dresses, must wear sneakers and it’s clearly a tough vote so they’ll do an endurance as a cliffhanger), i really do hope one of the girls (not sabrina or sarah) or adel pulls it out. kenny and allison might do well at endurance too 🙁


Things are looking good for the first 5. If Paul goes you just have 3 in competition next week neda, adel and rachelle to oppose them, not the strongest competition


the F5 are screwed. kenny and andrew are already HUGE targets, sarah will be exposed to the girls alliance after tonight and arlie is already planning other alliances, wants to take andrew out. sure, if adel, rachelle, neda or heather do not win hoh they might be safe this week, but it just takes any of those plus ika to win the following week or for the rest of the game and either kenny or andrew are going up. in 2 weeks time, jon or arlie could even put them up!


I hope that Ika now realizes she doesnt have the votes after talking to allison……i would love if she gets the girls to all switch to paul and see the look on the guys faces instead! LOL


I SOOO want to see IKA’s face when Paul gets evicted. Please let it be a surprise. She deserves it so much after her awful HOH.


Omg they are all so dumb. If this week is endurance hoh, one of the fit girls will win, Rachelle or Heather are the most likely. Heather is a much bigger threat than Paul. This will be the demise of Sarah…. The boys are playing for their game sarah, wake up first 5 is really just a boys first 2 with Andrew and Kenny. Sabrina might suspect this and she will NOT like that they are screwing her play both sides work which has gone pretty well from a strategy perspective. Sabrina has social power and could really change everything.

I don’t think the vote is solid yet. She might be able to think up a plan…ie. She has the most to loose in the scenario…so I wonder if she will expose the final 5 to Jon,..all she needs is 1 vote to switch. Or even talk to Allison, who probably already knows.


Is Kenny’s beard orange/red now? or is that just a bad pic.

just when I couldn’t hate that thing anymore LOL… Jim THE ANVIL Neidhart y’all


Scratch that, sabrina should tell ika that its going to be Paul evicted, get super nice with heather. And disclose their plan.


Sabrina wants IKA out so she wont tell her she wants her to look bad when heather finds out they voted against her


From live feeds it looks like ika will be surprised.


Wait I am confused. Sabrina knows Sarah is voting out Paul?


Sabrina knows everything! She just pretends she doesnt


Brina just playing both sides. she has been in the loop about Paul going. she simply doesn’t want to be exposed. She is the insider in the girls alliance ATM


Heather for HOH! Hopefully she gets clued in about what the plan really was and puts up Sabrina and Ika! I really want Sabrina on the block, and I think at this point Heather is the only one that might do it. But since this is Heather, she would probably put up Rachelle and Adel. 🙁


The only person Ika has Ika-fied is herself.
Too much “I” in Ika, too much running her mouth.

I don’t think Hair-chelle has any real body strength or can win any Comp unless by sheer luck.
If (when) Ika gets the boot, Bore-Chelle will be a liability to whoever she gloms onto, except teflon-coated Lie-brina.

Scared-ah is lucky/unlucky she walked in first 5. She can’t see the advantages of her position or play them.
I don’t “like” her. I hope she doesn’t burn Arlie with Rat-brina.
She needs to focus outside HER needs on game data so she can win something.

Is anyone doing mutual “study sessions” like Emmett & Jillian did? Remember the “who did what, when” practise they did?


Lol, you are funny.

I want IKA out, stop screaming at everybody how you can’t stand Andrew and Kenny!! She is the one accusing everybody The “bark but have no bite”,.she didn’t do anything, she just talked about it!


please let someone that will shake up this house win HOH that is all I am asking for.


I know this isn’t a court of law but Heather’s ‘fall’ looked totally fake. She jumped off the platform early. The ‘poor little-ole-me’ strategy didn’t get her very far in the game. Her false compliments to all the girls didn’t win them over. ‘I really like you’ doesn’t work on people like that are devoid of feeling to begin with. Anyway, onto the next….


Her knee was super swollen after. She was showing it to people on the feeds. While I am all for calling people out on their BS, I don’t think she fake it this time.


why are Kenny’s pants down next to Jon? He figures he has a better chance with Jon now since Andrew isn’t giving in? LOL

no seriously why?


He just finished getting fellatio from the douche (jon) who paints his nails


For the first time EVER I’m done watching BBAD. These people are dumb and dull and I can’t watch anymore.
Andrew – go ahead and pick your nose until your head caves in. When you’re ego finally hits the floor, I hope someone squishes it like a grape.
Ika – you completely wasted your HOH and POV by making a no-move move. You’re as stupid as Topaz.
Rachelle – you are as interesting as an earthworm. How you were cast this year is beyond anything I can imagine.
All of you are wasting hours and hours and hours agonizing over which two unimportant, non-players to kick to the curb this week. Collectively, you are all morons.
The only thing I want to see this season is Sabrina evicted. She is one slimy turd.
That’s it! I’m out.


Ika is playing the best game at the moment. Mark my words she will be in the final 3.


I agree partly; I think she sucks at the social part because she’s telling too many people when she’s fake. She brags about her acting skills and that will not win her allies. I also think way too many people want her gone. Physically though, I think she is a worthy competitor.


Is it a good time to break out the Big Brother translator based on this post?


i’ll try….


BBAD = bad!

IKA = Topaz!!!!



PAUL = Spencer of BB15*u$a

SABRINA = Amanda or SABRINA = Andy


Arlie and Jon are the best players right now. No one is even talking about them. We all know the very 1st alliance you make in the house ( First Five ) never lasts maybe one might make it through or two. Better off having a 2 person alliance so nothing can get out to the other HG’s. Sarah has really F’d up her game if she votes out Heather. If Sarah thought she was on the bottom of both groups now she will be on the outside by herself! She doesn’t realize that she has the most power – vote with the girls you have the boys in the palm of your hand. They will be running for cover. That would be fun to watch.


Why aren’t the guys telling Heather that the girls are trying to vote her out? Do they hate talking to her that much? She seems oblivious.

This seems like a terrible move from the HOH. Why would you work so hard to get out a vote for your side? She’s going to regret trying to get Heather out.


i’m missing the war-room becuz it was way fun hearing the three of ’em opine about the live feeds…
i’m also starting to warm up to poor heather more, this is hitting me sorta like how i felt about kyle…
i’m of the opine that paul 100% deserves to go home if he took BB15’s spencer as a BB*C template…

Persian Princess

Im a really hoping Allison wins this endurance comp. It will be interesting to see her make a move, and get to see what she’s really thinking… I know the boys (Andrew) will be in her ear, however she seems strong enough that he wouldnt be able to brainwash her, influence yes, but that’s normal when you are somewhat on the same side as someone else.


Allison doesn’t have a mind of her own! She will do whatever Andrew wants.


Name…you are wrong, she does have a brain and she is playing it smart. She wants to be in the game longer than 2 weeks.


I’m almost certain she will not try to win an HOH. Trying to win it be a terrible move. It would make the target on her back only bigger Right now both sides have other targets in their mind, so it’s much smarter to try to lay low for a while.

Persian Princess

True if a strong player wins hoh, but if a weaker one wins Allison and Adel are very safe ppl to put up without looking bad to either side


Does anyone think Arlie is playing a smart game and if so, how?


I hope Arlie is memorizing more than items in the house. He has made numerous slips and has been fortunate that those times have been around people that are pretty absorbed (self-aborbed) in the moment. He’s been lucky on a few things.


They call her bimbo and cupcake and much too squeeky
with a brain the size of a bird named Tweety !
They think she’s clueless, a liar and fake
(as if THEY aren’t for goodness sake)
but they’re going to find out –
they made a mistake!
I’m drinking blood and casting the runes
and torturing voodoo dolls of those goons !
I’m sacrificing cookies and cake to my beloved Goddess –
(the gentle Heather who is also modest)
and soon you will see her demon side – HONEST !
She’ll be walking tall with two iron fists…
she’ll bat the Boyz balls right over the fence !
Biff ! Crak ! Kapow ! Then she’ll gut the Sow !
Baked Ham anybody ? Lots for everyone ! Wow !
Her every breathe being heavenly Mist
she’ll convince sadsack Sarah too self-evict
she’ll rope-a-dope Rachelle and Jon ? Bodycheck !
She’ll drain all of Allison’s blood from her neck !
She’ll wreck Neda’s illusions of fashion sense
and tell Arlie’s landlord he can’t pay the rent !
She will then remove Ika’s mouth from her face
and addle Adel ’til he prays to HER Grace !
My beautiful demon of Big brother House –
it’s time ! Change to the Lioness from the mouse !


Fun to read, put a smile on my face
Let’s hope your aspirations
don’t turn into disgrace…..
Thanks Dawg for answering about Arlie’s game – he’s quite an unusual guy.


Another amazing work of art! Who are you?!? lol


Paul is gone 6-4


Is it just me or is everybody in the house (especially Andrew and Kenny) playing way too hard for an eviction which basically doesn’t matter. Heather has no real allies in the house and Paul only has Adel. They’re both sitting ducks in the long term game. Why is this vote being made into such a big deal?


You are right they are. andrew/kenny are going to go insane when the vote is actually important.


I know, right? This elimination has turned into a power struggle rather than a significant gameplay. If Paul goes ‘brewskies for the boys’. It’s a pis**ng contest more than anything else.


Agreed, but out of everyone Sabrina and Sarah are make the dumbest choices.

Sarah is going to expose her alliance for HEATHER!?! the girl she hates and called a prostitute?
Sabrina is going to vote out someone FULLY AWARE that they will not be evicted. That won’t look bad on Ika as much because she didn’t vote but Sabrina did vote and voted heather out so that looks really bad on her.