Adel’s Big Move “If I’m against a stallion or a buck I’m going to get kicked in the teeth”

POV Holder: IKA Next POV ?
POV Used No POV Ceremony March 17
HOH Winner: IKA Next HOH: March 20
Original Nominations: Paul & Heather
Current Nominations: Paul & Heather
Last Evicted Houseguest Kyle, Anick
Have Nots Jon, Allison, Paul

10:40pm Arlie and Sarah Hot tub
It’s raining outside so they decide not to stay
Arlie asks her if she’s good with voting Paul out. Sarah says yes she just wanted to make sure the group had a chance to talk it over and she’s glad they did.

Heather joins them but they are already leaving. Heather by herself looks up at the rain says she likes the rain but her boyfriend hates it, “The only thing we disagree about.. like ever” (Ahh.. )

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 19-51-33-259

Some of the house guests are getting ready for bed. Andrew is in the kitchen with Sabrina, Allison and NEda. HE’s happy cause as of right now he’s getting his own way.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 20-06-13-019

11:09pm Bedroom Andrew, Sabrina, Heather, Allison, Kenny and Sarah

Random chit chat. Some talk about Fart in your mouth Girl the hit song for Big Brother Canada 2.

Sarah calls the younger girls “the gremlins” because they are only active at night. Jokingly asks the Gremlins to please leave them alone

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 20-24-08-784

11:15pm HOH Adel and Ika
IKA says if the girls win HOH they will be putting up Paul. IKa adds that Sabrina has been mentioning Adel’s name a lot.
IKA cannot stand Sabrina, says that Sabrina has gotten so paranoid, “She told me she doesn’t want to win this HOH and if she does win she’s playing it safe”
Adel wonders who else beside Paul. Ika says it’s the new girl because the new girl land Andrew are close.
If Adel thinks he’s going up he’ll tell Sabrina he’ll use his power and put up Sarah. Adel and IKA believe that Sabrina and Sarah are very close.
Adel says the second tweet he got when he won the contest was , good work Adel for seeing through Sabrina.
Adel calls Rachelle a “Fergazi” or fake diamond
IKA says she doesn’t have any close girls alliance.
Adel can’t stand any words that come out of her mouth.
IKA says she has to be nice to Sabrina right now because she will turn the entire house against her.
Adel – “She is such a manipulating devil”
IKA – “I Thought she was close to Rachelle but now she is close to Sabrina. IKA though the was close to Neda but know she’s been seeing Neda so close with Jon.

Adel says he’s been talking to Jon and Arlie lots.
IKA – But they talk to Kenny
Adel adds that Arlie, JOn know that the big fish have to go.

IKA stresses that Big Jon is with Kenny he can’t trust them

Adel doesn’t trust them he’s just giving them information, “they are all ratchet a$$ hoes”

Adel says he promised Arlie and Jon that I would vote for them in the jury. He laughs says IKA is the only one that has done something for him in the game the guys have done nothing he’s got IKA’s back.

Adel is worried about Sarah, Ika isn’t worried Sarah promised she is voting out Heather.

IKA – This is the only secret Alliance there is”
Adel – “everyone knows about me and Paul and the other alliance but nobody knows about us”

(At one point IKA hides behind the couch tells Adel this is so if anyone comes in she won’t be seen)

11:41pm Kitchen Sabrina, IKA, Rachelle, Andrew and Allison

talking about Aaryn from last years and all the racist things she said.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 20-45-47-256

11:45pm Storage room Allison and IKA IKA wants to know where Allison is voting so that she can at least prepare what to say if it’s a tie. Andrew walks in.. Ika wants at least 5 minute heads up she promises she will not be mad.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 21-04-26-439

12:00AM Hammock Adel and Sabrina
Sabrina telling him he has to use his power or it’s useless. Adel explains the only reason he told people about his power was in the case where PAul leaves he ha 0.00% alliances in the house.

Adel points out if someone puts him up he’ll use his power and put the person best friend up as a replacement.
Adel would rather face the girls in the end than the boys
Adel – “I know if I’m against a stallion or a buck I’m going to get kicked in the teeth”
Sabrina tells him if he goes up it’ll be solely because the HOH wants to flush his power. Adel says if he wins HOH he’s taking a shot at their crew (BoyS) Sabrina asks him why. Adel explains he’s got no crew in this house they’ve been in the house for 20 days and he’s got nobody. He’s hoping if a big move happens fighting will start in the house and someone will come up to him and say “Hey you wanna join our crew”

Adel again stresses all he’s got is this power and if he goes up he’ll use it to take out the HOH’s best friend.
Adel – “I don’t want to use my card I would rather not”

Andrew joins them picking his nose.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 21-21-36-740

12:22AM Sabrina Adel and IKA

Sabrina and Adel make a deal not to put each other up until Jury house.
IKA clarifies says if we don’t f** with you you won’t f** with us

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 21-32-45-806
12:30AM Andrew and Allison backyard

Allison thinks IKA knows she’s voting with the guys. Allison asks if it’s going to be a tie. Andrew says the vote is 6-4 PAul is going home. Allison hopes Paul goes home other wise they are screwed. Andrew doesn’t think they are screwed just thinks it’ll be a bit tougher.

Allison – “I don’t feel pretty here.. theses girls are crazy”
Andrew says he thinks she’s beautiful

Andrew tells her to trust him she is safe next week the only girl that would put her up is Rachelle.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 21-51-37-639

12:45AM Sabrina and IKA HOH Bathroom
IKA saying that she doesn’t trust Neda and Sarah they knew about Adel’s power Jon and Kenny must have told them before the girls did.

IKA thinks she is the deciding vote, She’s a bit worried about Neda. IKA wants Sabrina to go up to Sarah and ask her who she’s voting for. Sabrina thinks IKA should do it.

Sabrina points out that Sarah has been with Kenny all day perhaps she is going to vote out Paul.
Sabrina and IKA agree if they don’t have the votes to keep Paul they need to make sure they stay in the good books with Heather.

Sabrina is going a good job of playing dumb and making IKA think she has no idea what Sarah is doing.

Sabrina suggests if Sarah has flipped they tell the girls to vote out Paul that way Heather is still on their side and so are the boys. IKA – “I really want Paul here”

IKA stresses when Sabrina goes to talk to Sarah to not make it sound like it’s OK to vote out Paul.

Sabrina says she heard that someone told her Adel told IKA about his power. IKA – “I did not know.. he never showed me a card he never told me anything”

Sabrina mentions it was Adel that told the person that told her.

IKA is starting to get scared, says it’s pathetic that only week 3 and the girls alliance is already fractured. “If this happens there was no girls alliance”

Sabrina has noticed that Sarah goes back and forth a lot. Ika says Sarah told her she is good, “Is she lying to us”

They decide to go see if Sarah is up to ask her who she is voting for.

(Video coming.. it’s long)

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 22-22-17-818

1:24pm HOH Arlie Sabrina and IKA badgering Arlie enough about how is staying and going and Arlie gets confused says Paul is going. He corrects himself says Heather.

Big-Brother-Canada-2 2014-03-19 23-37-11-406

2:00AM HOH Sabrina, IKA and Arlie IKA is going over her tie breaking speech. Ika says if Sabrina wins HOH she should put up Allison and Paul.

IKA calls Andrew “Nose Picker” says one reason to keep Adel around is because he cooks and doesn’t pick his nose. Adds there’s another person in the house that cooks all the time and picks their nose all the time.
Sabrina says he’s a manager of a restaurant.
IKA – “I would never eat at his restaurant .. Nose Picker”

IKA tells her they need to get Kenny out of the game. “You have no chance with him in this game”
IKA says Sarah will vote Andrew out.
They run through a bunch of scenarios if Andrew or Kenny win HOH. IKA is worried but thinks Adel is the bigger target.
IKA says out of Neda or Rachelle she would vote out Rachelle because she doesn’t do anything, “I’m not attached to them”.
Sabrina wants to know who Adel will put up.
Ika says Adel will put up Andrew and Kenny. Ika doesn’t like Andrew and thinks the house will vote him out. She tells her “the boy” Sabrina likes is a complete a$$hole and he’s going to go home, “He plays with your emotions”
Sabrina defends Andrew says he’s area really nice guy.
IKA -“He’s only going to get worse moving forward.. Imagine what he’ll be like when his neck is on the line”
Ika asks if Andrew and Rachelle are on the block who will she vote for.
Sabrina = “I would vote Rachelle to stay”

Ika feels bad for Paul because nobody talks to him. Sabrina calls him boring but says she tries. IKA – “The way we are treating Paul.. it’s a little disgusting”

IKa thought Andrew was a good person before and she defended him when Paul called him racist, she takes it back that he was a nice guy. IKA thinks Andrew is a sexist and a bully. Sabrina doesn’t think he is sexist, says “one” thing doesn’t make you a sexist.

2:46AM Everyone sleeping… here’s the picture

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Get Sabrina out and I will be fine .


Adel is getting WAY too cocky. I think he’s starting to believe his own lies. He should have waited to see who was HOH and then lied to them about the power. Now everyone knows and it’s going to bite him in the @$$.


Is Kenny still planning on voting out Heather and then blaming the vote on Allison???


Thanks Simon, keeping up with this crew is more difficult then previous years. They are all over the map. lol


I hope someone other than the first five get the next HoH. i’m so sick of Andrew! Walking around like he owns the game; heaven forbid anyone play for THEIR OWN game.

Reminds me of Amanda last year; couldn’t believe people would make moves that benefited themselves, rather than her.

Andrew is happy because he’s getting his way, was the quote. I hope he is miserable the rest of the game – which i hope is only a week longer for that guy. Getting rid of him will make the show more enjoyable.

Either him or Kenny; if Kenny is gone, there is no way Jon would line up with Andrew – and that might be even more entertaining to watch.


NO, not anymore….. he scared of andrew lol


Ika and Adel are hilarious together.


Who picks their nose more…..Sabrina or Andrew!!!


Why is it Sarah that has to vote out Paul, and not Sabrina?


I was wondering the same thing; doesn’t sarah find that weird….


Brina is top 3 in both alliances so why would she want to expose herself? Sarah on the other hand thinks she is at the bottom of both alliances. She is better off on the guys side with Kenny but her game is turning weak. She missed a glorious opportunity to play a certain role in the house. Sort of a 30 something den mother thing. This is generally very successful in making jury. Also a good fit for gathering info. Instead we have a nasty douche that plays mean, talks mean behind other backs. Production can only cast the stereo types for the house. Cannot take their hand and tell them how to figure it out! Most of these HG’s have no freaking idea who they are.

Keys for Brina at the moment include can she get into Arlie II(possible alliance with Jon, Adel and Arlie). That gives her a second option if 1st 5 implodes or Kenny gets voted out in a power move. The house changes more than these HG’s change their underwear.


I am so annoyed with everyone in this house, whether I continue to watch depends on who wins HOH tomorrow
and why has Arlie been sleeping in the HOH? He’s not even friends with her.


LOL @ IKA pointing how much Assdrew picks his nose! It’s ridiculous, he’s like a 5 year old with his finger constantly up his nose, could you imagine if they had to call BB medical because he got his finger stuck up his nose now that would be tv.

I want some real explosive fireworks this week on BB. If Heather stays Ika can say it was the boys that are of course turning their backs on us and totally get Heather still on their side…. she won’t work with the boys still despite what “THE KING” believes will happen with them flipping the votes…. could you all imagine if Heather pulls an HOH out of her ass should she stay??? oh boy…

I really hope the neanderthal and his boys don’t pull out a win tomorrow,


IKA and SABRINA HOH video : @ 5:18

So funny. Ika freaks out at Sabrina for her freudian slip. She was probably sleepy.


After watching tonight show and watching the live feeds; I think sabrina is going to make a last minute push to get sarah and possibly allison to vote out heather…because sabrina did say in the diary room on tonight show that heather is her target this week and before she went to sleep she made sure that Ika knew that sarah and allison were likely voting with the guys….

I still think Paul will be voted out unless their is another twist.


i dont get this either. sabrina said her target was heather, and she’s talking all this shit about heather, but she knows heather is staying?? i think sarah’s vote could still change, but that would still make it 5 to 5 and ika sends out heather…

also, im so pissed at ika. girl, why are you so sure of sarah’s vote when she barely talks to you and is always with the boys, but you are sketched out by neda, who is solid on your team. and you tell sabrina this, when you told adel you do not trust her. wtf.


Thank God someone in the house (Ika) finally noticed Andrew’s nose picking ways!

Ika and Adel are hilarious.


AD….bathroom Kenny, Adel, Sarah & Jon
Why Jon why?! The dude just poops then walks right out of bathroom without washing his hands. NASTY! ????


Kenny, Sarah, Adel & Jon in bathroom

Why Jon why?! He just finished doing a NO#2 announces it then leaves without washing his hands O_o Gross, Nasty & Disgusting!


Mark my words the downfall of the First Five will be keeping Heather. Nothing good will come of exposing Sarah. She is an idiot for letting the guys dictate to the girls. Too soon to make this big of a move by flipping the votes. You just exposed your alliance idiots all because Andrew is a big baby! Go sit in the corner and pick your nose all the way home Andrew!


I really hope tommorow that IKA finds out sarah has flipped and they all vote out paul otherwise it will be a very divided house which is boring i rather the house all talk to each other but scheme against each other…..there was one season when two sides werent talking it got boring to watch