Big Brother HOH and Eviction results IKA vs Heather


Rachelle winning Head of Household who would have thought.. Was it really Rachelle that won though? It was actually more like Sabrina with Rachelle being given a front row ticket to watch. Sabrina talked Rachelle into nominating IKA who’s in her core alliance as the replacement nominee. By doing this Rachelle bought herself the 6th position in the first five alliance and effectively hammered the last nail in the coffin of the girls alliance. (Sarah hammered the first nail) Was it worth it? perhaps… girls alliance has always been unstable and rocky with regards to their loyalty.

Initially Ika never campaigned to stay in the house until Big Brother instructed her in the diary room to fight to stay in the house. However even after campaigning to Kenny she still figuring there was no way to convince people and so she proceeded to cause chaos. Getting in a shouting match with Sabrina and calling Heather all sorts of nasty names. IKA soon figured out that Sabrina is a snitch but at that point the only person left to talk to her was good ol Adel. Ika’s Fight post

Arlie is playing one of the stronger games. He’s still in good with the first five alliance and is now forming a new alliance composed of the outcasts (Heather, Adel, Jon, Neda). Having the house split he’s essentially off the radar completely, however, this can all change “with one word” (as Kyle would say) but as of right now he’s sitting pretty.

Deli Meatball seems to be the fans favorite. He’s vocal about going after the power players, he’s wise to all of Sabrina’s bullsh!t and is taking a more relaxed fun loving approach to this game. Everyone loves an underdog and Adel is someone who is drawn to come to the aid of another outcast or underdog. Deli has been vocal about his plans for the HOH and wants his entire alliance to adopt the same policy. He wants Kenny/Sarah up with Andrew going up as the replacement. He’s stated that he will warn Andrew, Allison and Sabrina if the Veto is played Andrew is going up on the block. He talks of threatening them that he’ll use his power (fake power) so if Andrew wins the POV and takes down Kenny, he will put up Allison or Sabrina as the replacement. Ultimately Kenny is the primary target, Andrew secondary and Allison tertiary.

Sabrina, when she’s not picking her nose, she’s scheming with Rachelle or spreading rumors at a rapid rate. In the past this worked for her and garnered her the best position in the house much like the position Arlie has now. Sabrina was sandwiched between the two main alliance, Girls on one side, first 5 on the other. Either it was her fear of losing Andrew or her loyalty to first 5 that caused her to get IKA out this week. With IKA almost out the door Sabrina moves to wanting Adel and Allison out next because they both interfere with her love/Alliance with Andrew. Sabrina is being targeted by a lot of people in the house, She’s annoying everyone which is starting to catch on but luckily for her there are likely a couple HUGE targets that will go before her.

Andrew/Kenny, Everyone but Sabrina/Rachelle/Sarah would try to take these guys out. Their safety rest on who wins HOH and POV not the best spot to be in but as Adel has said “These are TITANS” Kenny seems to have more heat on him than Andrew at this point in the game.

Neda and Jon, They’re in the hot seat right now. If the first five get power again one or both of these players will be nominated. Jon knows something is up, His alliance knows something up, “There’s been rumblings in the house” to get him out.

Sarah, She’s trying to play both sides like Arlie but is really only close to Kenny. She has begun to form her backup alliance with Arlie and it will be interesting to see who she ultimately gravitates too going forward in the game. Her game will rise and fall as Kenny’s game does. She will find likely find herself nominated as a pawn if Adel’s side wins the power though.

Heather, Last week I think I said no need to worry about Rachelle she won’t win HOH.. well she won HOH so the same could happen with Heather. If Heather wins HOH expect her to either pull a Deli Meatball or put up two girls (Allison, Rachelle or Sabrina) with a backdoor option for a big player.

Rachelle will do what Sabrina tells her – It’s a given, don’t expect anything new from her unless Sabrina leaves.

Allison, This years first flop? The vast majority (Over 70%) of people on our poll agree. She hasn’t done anything other than kiss Andrew. (Seriously WTF) To add insult to injury she just recently professed her regret into the microphone to her boyfriend that she left back home. Saying “So sorry Aaron, it’s a game. I miss you. F**K! I hate myself. I’m a terrible person. A terrible f**King person.”

Where do I see this game going? No Idea but I can tell you once I know the HOH winner.. Tonight is going to be big night!

Twitter Spoilers
From people who attended the filming of the episode.

  • Ika was evicted 8-1 (Adel was the only one to vote to evict Heather)
  • Viewers are Head Of HouseHold – voting will be open until 10pm Friday

Spoiler Source: @hamsterwatch

My Predictions
IKA goes home with all the votes against. (Maybe Deli will vote to keep)

Confirmed results
Evicted house guest ?
Andrew, Sarah, Arlie, Sabrina, Big Jon, Neda, Allison, Kenny vote to evict IKA
Deli meatball votes to evict Heather.
By a vote of 8-1 IKA is evicted from the Big Brother Canada House.

New HOH is ?

New Twist Canada is the HOH.. it’s the second twisto twist of the season..

House guests are told about this twist!!!

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little mouse

oh we are hoh i am so happy we get to put them up ..i wonder do we get to replace as well..lets put up sabrina and kenny


I’m with ya, my vote is for sabrina and kenny too!


I don’t understand why Adel is fourth on the poll to be nominated, can anyone explain this to me please?


because there are some dumb racists out there still… those are the ones who voted for Adel. This man has a heart of gold.. shame on all those that pick him … geeesh


That is just rude and way out of line to accuse people of being rasist just because they don’t vote the way you do everyone is entitled to who they like that has nothing to do with racisim. Personally i have’t voted for anyone yet but adel even though he seems like a nice guy he isn’t my fav i don’t really have one on this season the way i did on the first season but to accuse people of racism is just plain dumb


It could be that Sabrina, Andrew, Sarah and Kenny’s fans are targeting him so that it would protect the first five. Normally I really hated that ‘outsiders’ have control on the house but I’m really happy with this one HOH, just so as to break the monotomy and momentum of the first five. Please let me see Sabrina on the block along with someone from her alliance. Her freaking out, crying and realizing that her alliance is hated would be so golden on the live feeds. I can’t wait to see her turn against Andrew and Kenny.


I voted for Adel because he has had conversations with people in the house describing what is actually going on but there is no way anyone without insider knowledge could ever come up with. It seems he is either being fed information or he is not very smart when he comes up with Rachelle planning for the POV to be won by someone who would allow her to nominate Ika as the replacement? This is what he told Ika. Yes, this is what was going on but it was absolutely ridiculous and insane. Even with someone trying to influence her how does he come up with Rachelle would do that. Everything about Rachelle doing that was wrong for her and she had shown no issues with Ika at all. He did it before as well caling the secret plan of a tight group when it was impossible and no way any rational person would believe that was the plan. He floats below the radar which is why I vote for people like Arlie, Neda and Adel. imo, the meek do not deserve to inherit the earth of Big Brother.


If Sab and Kenny go up there’s a possibility that Kenny some how gets the veto or someone like Andrew takes him off and some random gets evicted instead of Sabrina. BIG MOVES i.e KENNY AND ANDREW COME ON CANADA!!!!!!


were do u go to see the polls

voting kendrew

love this site
defenitly need to vote the kendrew duo since theyll just pull each other off n if we one comes off put up sabrina or sarah
were can u go to see what the polls say


I’m voting Sabrina and Kenny as well. Not sure who I want out more though: Sabrina, Kenny or Andrew.


We can’t forget to vote for SARAH as well. Andrew, Kenny and Sobrina are going to be top three, but we NEED to secure SARAH as FOURTH place. Think about it…first and second place go on the block..if third place wins veto and they take first or second place off, then fourth place goes up instead. If fourth place is Sarah, then whomever is up against her will go home. Andrew, Kenny, Sobrina and Sarah HAVE to be top FOUR!


Sabrina and Kenny are getting my vote – a million percent, as Adel says.


This was a very well written update! An excellent read! Thanks so much!

Now, where do I go to nominate Kenny and Sabrina? Hopefully not Facebook because I don’t (and N.E.V.E.R. will) have an account with them. Twitter maybe? It’s not on the BBCanada website. At least not yet.

Actually, how about putting Andrew and Sabrina up and backdooring Kenny??? Andrew will get himself voted out easily so I REALLY want Kenny or Sabrina (or BOTH in a double eviction!) to get the boot!


Jack, go to and it should be right on the main page telling you where you can vote, i’m not sure if you can vote without an account as i already had one but if not then it doesn’t take long to make an account.


Thanks! It was there. It turns out that I have an Extension on my computer that was disabling the voting for me so it didn’t appear. I fixed it and voted for Kenny and Andrew to let them battle it out and then have Sabrina put up as the replacement if they win the Veto.


Help… how do I vote…. I stumbled into the page by accident and get can’t it back…


Totally agree!!! Then backdoor Andrew if we have to. THANK YOU BB!!! OK people lets do this and make sure it’s not even close! Sabrina and Kenny! Now it’s our time to make this right! Lets do this for Adel!!!


All you have to do is clear your cookies after each vote.

I voted Kenny and Andrew.

Then did it again for Andrew and Sabrina.


and you can vote more than once if you use a different web browsers each time 😉

voting kendrew

love this site defenitly need to vote the kendrew duo since theyll just pull each other off n if we one comes off put up sabrina or sarah were can u go to see what the polls say


I normally hate production interference but this is BB Canada they are so shameless. lol I hope Andrew/Kenny/Sabrina are nominated.


You’re going to find BB interference in every single country that has a Big Brother show. Every one. There is SO MUCH coaching and manipulating done in the diary room that the audience never sees and most don’t know about.

That’s why you never see Live Feeds from the Diary Room.


I hope the twist is true. By making the viewers the HOH, the first five will have to finally sweat it out. Best case scenario, Sabrina goes out this week while on slop. :))

Persian Princess

I think it’s going to be hard to get Sabrina out this week bc if she is up against Andrew or Kenny, the house will vote one of the boys out. The only way to get her out would be if she was against a weaker player, which honestly I dont think will happen bc canada seems to dislike her, Kenny and Andrew the most…


Yep I really want sabrina gone, even more than kenny or andrew, that’s why i voted for sabrina and sarah because I doubt anyone would even vote out sarah at this point in the game.


Yeah, I voted Sabrina and Adel!! I hope Sabrina is gone!!!!!!!!!!!!


Don’t vote Adel!!!

Persian Princess

Soo Exciting!! Im hoping that Canada votes, the 2 with the most votes goes up, then there is veto, if one is taken down, the person with the 3rd most votes gets put up!! This is only what I’m thinking. And maybe what they were building in the backyard was the have/havenot competition, bc there was def something being built earlier today.


Since I already knew it was Canada’s HOH at the time of the building sounds this morning, when I heard it going on, my guess was that they were building a competition that would give someone immunity from being voted on the block by Canada OR they were pumping fake building sounds into the house to throw them off. Jon even says at one point in the kitchen that it sounded as if the racket was coming from the PA system. Hmmmmmm…


Also, in addition to it maybe being an immunity challenge, the winner would probably get HOH privileges like the bedroom, photos, letter and goodies…since Canada isn’t using it…unless they make Marsha the HOH and put her up there to mingle and Canada just votes for her.


Have not comp maybe


Oh, please God. NO IMMUNITY! Give us free reign to shake up that dead house! Let us do what every HOH talked about doing but didn’t have the Donkey Donuts to do!

I want Kenny and Andrew gone but as long as Sabrina goes on the block, we are all going to be rewarded to one hell of a paranoid performance that will have her running scared! The crocodile tears will flow so fast and heavy, the BB house will be in danger of being flooded again!

Reaction-wise, Kenny is the other person I want to get that shock. But Kenny really needs to get back-doored to make it sting.


Lol…called it on the sound effects! Jon is very perceptive…

Persian Princess

I wonder what the best vote would be to ensure Sabrina goes home?! Can`t wait to get all the details about how this works


Sabrina and Sarah on the block will push Sabrina out the door. Apart from that I don’t see her going. I can’t wait to see her go bonkers this week. Sabrina not in control will definitely be fantastic to watch. :)))

Persian Princess

Exactly what I was thinking! Im just hoping that at the very least she will be on the block and see what Canada thinks of her! Then again knowing her she will probably blame it on her edit… Funny part is, her edit is much better than what we see on live feeds


I agree with you simon. Kenny has to go. Sab’s is another day.


Yeah, but lets make sure we put Sabrina up so she knows what Canada thinks about her!


Twitter is blowing up with the news that we are HOH. Apparently there are some who think they will be voting for who they want to be HOH rather than voting for noms. I am having a flashback to BB15. While I believe there are many who want Sabrina on the block, I think I would nominate Kenny and Andrew so that they couldn’t use the veto on each other if one wins it. Sabrina is not likely to win veto and she could be a replacement if Kenny or Andrew win the veto. I just hope that Adel doesn’t get too cocky when he sees who Canada wants nominated. That could be his downfall. Good week to be HOH as Adel won’t have to use his power unless he wants to prevent one of the F5 from playing in veto but they will know he lied so probably best to keep it in his pocket. Should be a fun week. I wonder if the HG know that we are HOH.


Yes! Both Andrew and Kenny need to go up. If not, the one that is not on the block could win HOH and save the other, then neither goes home. Don’t waste your vote on Sabrina, I would rather she stays so we see her melt down when one of her guys go and she realizes she picked the side that Canada hates.


Normally I hate twists like these but because it’s so in my favour I will be hypocritical and say I love it


I have known about this for over a week now and am so glad it is finally here. I didn’t want to say anything in case the rumor turned about to be false. Do you know if it is also true that you can only vote through an account on the Slice website and not social media? I think there are ways to upgrade your status in your account on there to give yourself more voting power, but I’m not sure cause I don’t have one.


Moon3K, you have already seen by now, but it is set up through your account on BBcan, similar to when you make a prediction on who wins HOH, etc.


Thunderdome Strategy

2 men up. 1 man goes.

If Andrew/Kenny or friend wins POV & uses it, one of them is still up.
Then put up Sabrina so she can’t vote.

That leaves only one of Andrew or Kenny, Allison, Sarah, Rachelle to vote for the save.
Assume they’ll all vote to save. Maybe they won’t. Allison might flip.

Adel, Jon, Neda, Heather & Arlie vote to evict. 5-4.

Arlie won’t pass up the chance to boot Andrew or Kenny with no blood on his hands.

With Andrew or Kenny gone, & Arlie a defector, a new alliance can form short term to boot Sabrina before Jury, then Rachelle.


Yeah, I have to admit, that looks like a great plan. The only part I don’t like is that not putting Sabrina up right away will mean the viewers will miss out on one hell of a reaction from her! She’d be so shocked and scared that Canada (and me in the U.S!) put her up that we’d get the performance of a lifetime! One of utter fear and paranoia!

But, you’re plan really does sound best.


Believe me, it will be better to see her melt down with her two boys on the block. She will have to pick one, that will really mess her up. Kenny and Andrew campaigning against her. If one of them is saved in the POV, then she would go up, who else would Canada pick? I think its perfect!


If the viewers are dumb enough to put Sabrina up, I predict that she will go and the team testosterone will still be there. Please Canada, don’t mess this up!! Without the boys, Sabrina is all bark and no bite, everyone else in onto her. I would like to see her outed and shunned like she has been doing to others. Don’t vote your emotions, vote smart. Kenny and Andrew.


I voted Kenny and Andrew – I want a guarantee that one of them goes – I do not like mean people Both of them are they are poor game players – if they were good they would have respected Ika’s decision to take the money – Andrew was scary mad – Both of them using the finger and cursing at her – “bad behaviour”


yikes forgive my error – cannot edit


Can you vote from the U.S.? Or does it only work in Canada?


Can you sign up to slice BB Can?


go on Slice see if you can I do not know I am from Canada


Hopefully Sabrina, Andrew or Kenny go up with a possible Sarah, if either were to win veto and take themself or another off. I can’t wait to see their faces when they realize they are not liked. More importantly, once Arlie sees that they aren’t liked, he may jump ship right then and there to the Adel alliance for good!


I will be voting to put andrew and kenny both on the block….. can’t wait to let them sweat it out:)


Especially if we put them up. Pretty strong signal to the other HG’s.
But I need more info. If the replacement nominee is is the HG with the third highest votes, than it needs to be someone that is safe within a vote. That seems to leave Sara, in my mind, as most want to keep her.


Also, Adel’s ass will be saved from having to reveal that he lied about his power to the new alliance and that will have them trust him more. He can now tell them…like he told Neda…that his power turned into what it really is, since the Canada HOH interferes with him using it. It feels so good to FINALLY be able to talk about these scenarios…almost slipped up a few times this past week.


Adel could still use his argument to prevent people from using the veto.

Frank Assessment

If we’re lucky, Russia will invade Canada and overturn their HOH powers and prevent this travesty.


I’m sooo happy for Jon, Neda and Adel. And Adel doesn’t have to come clean about his fake power lie! Yay! I was afraid that would end up hurting him.


Andrew and Kenny need to go up first. Then if one comes down …. put Sabrina up.





Sabrina Andrew Kenny PUT THEM UP. AND THEIR PETS.


Man I’m hoping we are HOH. I’m not much for audience voting generally. See Suzette last season as a prime example. Any combination of Sab, Sarah, Kenny and Andrew on the block suits me just fine. Gonna open a few eyes in the house. Narcissist Kenny and Sab would feel it the most personally. The tough part is really trying to figure out the typical non feed voter. Below my stab at rankings for the 2 noms

1) Andrew- getting a mediocre edit and is clearly a douche. Can Canada really like bogger boy?
2) Sab- She has gotten a much better edit in prime time. If it’s hard core fans she almost a shoe in. Though there is a chance she finishes 3 or 4 in the voting. I think she really is a clear renom if veto is played and she is not nominated initially.
3) Kenny- He might finish eighth frankly. He’s gotten a pretty good edit prime time. Thing is I truely think 1/5 gets the 2 eviction spots and Arlie isn’t catching either. Thus Kenny at 3.
4) If it’s a vote based on primetime “actions” Sarah and Sab get the noms. I think her edit has been terrific by production except for having to tell the story on her evicting Paul last week. Thing is Paul leaving was pretty popular outside the house IMO.
This is the line for me. I cannot see anyone else getting a nominated by Canada. Allison turned out to be a p*ss poor player but there are much bigger folks to vote for. Rach is basically a robot for Sab, terrible HOH but again compared to the 1st 4 not even close to going on the block IMO.

I’ll have a heart attack if…. Jon, Arlie, Adel, Heather or Neda are nominated by Canada. Varying degrees of decent, mostly nice people that the cool kids have kicked around to various extents. 🙂 🙂 🙂 And I don’t smile at production often!

Logically we’ll get to name the replacement between Sunday/Monday if POV is won and used. I think POV ceremony maybe Sunday before the show and make the Sunday edit. If not I have no idea who/how the veto replacement is decided. HG’s could mess it up! Some douche bag hopefully doesn’t make the jury. My personal preference leaving next Thursday in order….. Sab, Kenny, Andrew and lastly Sarah.

PS… Note to production; I want a quart of 151 rum(Lambs Navy), Reese’s peanut butter cups, nacho Doritos, all the grape Mr. Freezes you can jam into that basket. By the way no letter from my friends they can’t write worth sh*t! Oh and please add some Hershey chocolate almond bars and for a showmance just add a 20 something hottie to keep this old man happy… I’d settle for a toothless 50 something 😛 hehehe
Bah Bah Bah


I agree with everything you said. Its time for us live feeders to put the votes in and get ANDREW, SABRINA, or KENNY on the block. I would DIE if ADEL, JON, or NEDA end up on the block! OMG! scary just to think of it.
C’mon Canada lets make the right choice here. Lets shift the power in the house! OMG the feeds are going to be so interesting if Sabrina finds herself on the block next to one of her own alliance. Is it wrong to pray for a Sabrina meltdown?


OMG i just had a BB15 flashback and I hope people dont confuse voting for who they went to be on the block vs who they want to be HOH. Can you imagine Canada making a mistake like that and putting Adel & Neda on the block? OMG. People better read the instructions carefully lol




OMG if this is true, I agree put up both Andrew and Kenny, let them both feel the block if one wins the Veto…SABRINA goes up!!!!!!!!!! OMG I can’t wait!!!!!!!!!!


So I just looked at a poll on one of the other spoiler sites and so far people are voting for Sabrina, Andrew and Kenny to be nominated. Sabrina has most votes followed by Andrew and Kenny. The problem with this order of noms is if Sab and Andrew are up and Kenny wins veto and takes Andrew down then if the replacement is HG with the next most votes it would be Adel. (according to this poll). We need to be smart. I couldn’t stand it if Adel goes home on our HOH and not one of the 5.


I am also worried about this scenario…which is why it is so important that Sarah is in the top four to be nominated. It HAS to be Andrew, Kenny, Sobrina and Sarah to make sure one of them goes. I hope people don’t forget to vote for her as well.


Moon3K, absolutely 100% correct.
How do we make this happen?


We have to vote for SARAH! Any of the loathsome-three will go home against her on the block. So having her on the block is VITAL to guarantee this. Everyone else will already be voting for Andrew, Kenny and Slobrina…they will be top three…but Sarah has to be in fourth place. Think about it…if third-place wins veto and takes first or second place off the block, then fourth place will go up instead. If fourth place is SARAH, then whomever is left on the block will go home. We CAN’T forget to secure fourth place!!!




Sabrina and Andrew on the block!!!


YES! I am so happy we get to choose who to nominate. I would say put Sabrina and Kenny on the block and if Kenny takes himself off somehow then replace with him Andrew!

Im glad BB is doing this because otherwise Adel would be screwed with his fake power lol


Ayesha we need to be smarter than this. See Moon3K’s post.


PLEASE has to be the two boys. Chance of one winning POV and taking the other off than neiter go home.

I am not on facebook ….. can someone go on the BBC page and explain this plan ……… Canada we need to be smart. AND THANK YOU BBC! for the power!!!


I keep forgetting to ask this question:
This season twice HOH has said “you’re strictly a pawn” at the nomination ceremony. I have watched every US episode and Canada 1 and I don’t remember ever having heard it before in the nom ceremony.
So this would be a precedent. No big deal and it kind of bugs the crap out of me when it’s been done; 1st Heather then Allison was told the same thing.
Can someone confirm this or am I just not remembering one season where it was done before?
Thanks y’all.


I was thinking the same exact thing! I can’t recall a time when the nominees were being directly told at the ceremony that they are a pawn and the other nominee is the target.


Weird right? Weak move/statement to make IMO.

Frank Assessment

Douchebags are people too. Why do Bedwetters like Adel get all the BB Superfan love? Is it because Superfans are often Bedwetters too? Expand your horizons. Keep the douchebags in the game. Strike a blow for Tolerance!

This post provided by the Douchebag Anti-Defamation League (DAL) and the Anti-Bedwetter Alliance (ABC).

hahaha @ Frank blabla

Are You a Relative of Sabrina or Andrew LMAO

Kick Out 1st 5

Lets do it Canada. My all 50 votes goes to Nominate Kenny And Andrew


I actually want subrine gone she is seriously annoying and if she is gone she will seriously hurt the boys game. I think it would be good that the power is shifted but i dislike subrine and heather more then the rest but heather is a useless vote but subrine definetly.


We have to make sure Andrew and Kenny are on the block that way if one of them wins veto one will still go home…we can’t do Sabrina and Andrew, if Kenny wins veto he will pull Andrew down and none of them will go home. Sabrina would and I hate her but we need KENNY OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Yes but we need to ensure Sarah and Sabrina also get votes. If we don’t, one of the underdogs might go up, as some will vote them up.
4 people need to be voted on….Kenny, Andrew, Sabrina, and Sarah. And only them.


I believe this is my first post of the season, so I want to start by thanking Simon and Dawg for their hard work in keeping us updated! I haven’t had the time to watch the feeds a bunch this year, so the time and energy you two put into this every season is very much appreciated!

I hope this does not offend the good people of Canada, but I am not thrilled with the HOH twist. Although this will make for a pretty exciting week, especially on the live feeds! I guess I would rather the house guests be allowed to play the game, without interference.

For the record, I think I will be happy with the nomination results, if folks vote the way they are talking about voting.

It will be interesting to see how the first five alliance vote, if any of their own are on the block.


im sure when big brother started in the states( BB1 ), it was ALWAYS the ppl’s vote, for noms and who got evicted,,, am i mistaken ?


I seem to remember season one of BBUS, the houseguests picked the noms, and the public voted to evict. But, it was so long ago.. so I could be mistaken!


yes, and didnt the one legged guy win ?


Ultimately, the purpose of this show is to get ratings/advertisers. If we the viewers aren’t happy, we don’t watch and they don’t make money. So while I empathize with the HG’s that its a little unfair…….if there wasn’t any production interference, the show would be boring and would have been cancelled a long time ago.


I find it hilarious in the article before this it talks about the F5 alliance being loved by Canada.. lol God I love rude awakenings lol

And yeah, I am voting for the 2 boys, both Kenny and Andrew…. one of them will go home.


Sad that Ika left…

Oh how i love production

Everyone at BBCAn production, you all are splendid. We all know exactly what this twist is for because we ALL know how wonderful it will be for Sabrina,Andrew,Rachelle,Sarah or Kenny to go home! I am in love with the way this is being displayed. If Adel won HoH, the alliance of Sabrina/Rachelle/Sarah and Kendrew would be able to PREPARE for the fact that they are going home 🙂 However, they will be BLINDSIDED AND SHOCKED to see how much Canada hates them 🙂

This really is wonderful, When Ika goes home she is going to enjoy watching the next few episodes 🙂


Adel for HOH

PLS VOTE! Early and Often


Soil, we are not voting for HOH. We are HOH!!!! We are voting for who we want to be nominated. This is going to be BB15 all over again. Come on Canada we are smarter than that. Vote Andrew and Kenny for eviction!


Uhmm Canada is HOH and you have to vote for the NOMINEES! Please don’t make the mistake of voting for Adel cuz we don’t want him to end up on the block! Spread the word!


As much as I hate Andrew and Sabrina, I absolutely loathe this twist. This is clearly a ploy by production to change up the game in their favour… I understand that the viewers want to see First 5 disintegrate but at the same time they’re clearly operating fairly effectively within the house without the power every week… and I don’t think they should be penalized for playing the game well.


You want to subject poor Simon and Dawg to the same old boring stuff with no relief? That’s mean. What are all of us addicts going to do if they get bored with the show and cut us off?


TV giving sab an assassination edit !


I predict the Comments are going to reach 206 tonight – grab a pint Simon and Dawg.. Fingers at the ready. Bless your hearts for nights like this especially. 🙂


I hate bb edits making it seem like Ika forgive Heather but we all know the tv show is 100% is bs compare to the tv show, i wait for Ika to come out and trash talk Heather and lick Sabrina butt.


Heather says take the money !
Goddess !
Ika SCORCHING them !
Best TV ep yet !
And more to come…


I have watched all the big bro US and Canada – This was the best Challenge EVER played – Ika choosing the money with everyone watching. I love that she shared her thoughts – the true colours of Kenny Andrew came out showed what BAD game players they are. Many think they are good game players – if they were they would have agreed with Ika’s choice. Why would she choose letters when it would not have changed a thing. They are selfish mean spirited people and need to go. BTW I am not a fan of Ika just dislike how nasty people got with the goodbye messages – Andrew the worst. Paul was right about him from the start!


This is so messed up…
Last season Canada gave a POV to Suzette. Now Canada is HOH and nominates??
I still don’t know what people see in Adel. Ok, he’s the underdog, but does that alone make him become SOOOO likeable? Not really.

And why do people want to see Kenny nominated? From what I’ve seen, he has been a really nice person. I understand the dislike over Andrew/Sabrina. But Kenny being guilty by association?

BB seasons shouldn’t have this kind of external interference.


Kenney is behind them duh!! He’s the least likeable after Arlie and he’s nothing without sabrina gathering information on Hg’s. He’s a snake


Kenny? Nice? Are you watching the same feed I am. The man is vile and sick.

Adel, however, has proved tim and time again that he isn’t interesting in bullying. Despite Paul backstabbing numerous times, he did not berate him. He confronted him and let it go. The others, however, persistently berate others behind their backs. It is quite sad really.

Adel has a solid personality and is loyal. The loyalty of the others rests on who they like at that specific moment.


The crowd cheered when Kendrew got his letter shredded lol Seriously, they hate them lol It’s amazing.


So happy Canada is HoH… we finally get to change the game… vote for Sabrina, Kenny and if one come off… put Andrew up…


Ika gets a standing O from the audience

Miss M

So happy I’m at the Diamond level (100x the vote) on the Big Brother online game!
Just happily voted for Kenny/Andrew


What happens if one of them gets veto?

Is there a Power of Veto this week?

Do we vote on replacement nominee also? or the 3rd most voted is replaced….oh wait i just answered my own question nevermind


3rd place in the votes will be the veto pick.


That is why it is important to vote for Sarah as well. Her on the block, as a replacement, is the only way to ensure one goes home…hopefully.


So far the best episode ever as much as loved Ika to stay .but enjoyed watching all those snakes in pain 🙂


Whoa, way to shake it up! IF I were SABRINA, Kenny and Andrew right now I’d be shitting my pants! Did you see the looks on their faces?!

Good for Ika for taking the money. And I gained some respect for Sarah for being honest about Ika’s decision. (though it seemed to fall on deaf ears on most of the HG’s)


where do we vote for the nominations?
i think i honestly would have preferred voting for the HOH directly so that the feeds would actually be interesting with some strategizing and game play and such…


VOTE ANDREW AND KENNY! I’m tired of those two walking about the house like they own the god damn place!


Trying desperately to get my points up before I vote. But things keep getting stuck. Which may indicate a wave of activity on the site. LOL


Hi Simon and Dawg-e-Dawg.. will you all start a poll to see who Canada (and us Americans) want to be up on the block!!!??? Pretty please. 🙂

I think we should put Sabrina up in memory of Ika and her “threat”… Put Sabrina on the block.


Thank you! You guys are rock-stars!


I would be happy to see Sabs and Kenny go up, but I think maybe Sabs and Arlie might be more entertaining…fake tears and drama all around! 🙂


NOT Arlie, Adel, Allison, Heather, Jon, Neda, Rachelle.


Thanks for the heads up on what power we have.
Even better we get to choose the noms.
So many people to nominate in the first five.


where do we vote for the nominations?