Sabrina tells Allison that she and Heather will be going up on the block.. You’re the PAWN!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 08-30-52-556

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11:30am – 12pm Kenny and Andrew are working out in the backyard while they’re on a backyard lock down. Sabrina and Rachelle are laying on a blanket in the backyard talking. Sabrina tells Rachelle that she really wants to send Ika home. Sabrina comments on how she can’t understand how Sarah did that and is now sitting there laughing with her. This girl has called her a b***h out loud, this girl has voted against her. Sabrina asks Sarah and Ika if they can join them or if they want to be alone. Sarah says something. Sabrina says Ika’s full of s**t, she said she doesn’t want us to come. I really want her gone. She doesn’t realize people can read lips?! Sabrina and Rachelle join Ika and Sarah. Andrew and Kenny finish their work out and join them by the pool as well.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 08-45-51-144

12pm The house guests talk about the numbers they saw on the living room screens. Adel says that it stopped at 1.3 million. Kenny thinks it has to do with voting. Adel and Andrew think it could have been the amount of viewers that watched the show. Kenny comments on how there were diamonds on the side that exploded and how they must have something to do with it. Big Brother ends the backyard lock down and the house guests head inside to see if anything has changed. Big Brother then blocks the feeds.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 08-54-40-739

12:25pm In the havenot room – Sabrina is talking to Allison about how she will be going up but tells her she will not go home. Allison says that she believes her. Sabrina tells her that Heather will be going up beside her and she’s the one going home. Allison says what if Heather wins the POV? Sabrina says that she won’t win, with her broken knee and everything. Allison says its possible. Sabrina tells Allison you’re the pawn. Sabrina tells her when she talks to Rachelle to tell her that you trust her and that you promise you wont go after her. If you win HOH please don’t go after Rachelle first. Please go after the other two girls first and I dont mean me or Sarah. Sabrina tells her that its Heather first and then its another person. Allison asks ika? Sabrina says yes. Sabrina tells her that Rachelle wants to do something safe. If she listened to Ika she wanted Rachelle to put up Kenny/Andrew. But she’s not she’s listening to me! Sabrina reassures Allison that she is just the pawn and won’t go home. Sabrina says look at my eyes, they’re not dilated. That means I’m not lying. They end their conversation and leave the room. Allison heads up to the HOH room and joins the other house guests.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 09-14-50-137

12:40pm – 1pm Sabrina talks to Rachelle out by the pool and tells her about the conversation she just had with Allison in the havenot room. Allison joins them and Sabrina leaves for them to talk alone. Rachelle tells her that she really didn’t want to put her up but that she promises on her mom’s life that you’re not going home. Rachelle explains how bad she wants Heather gone. Allison tells Rachelle that she won’t come after her. Rachelle says that if you win the POV, use it and I’ll put up someone else. And the person I would be putting up everyone would be okay with going home. Meanwhile Sabrina talks to Andrew outside the HOH room. She talks to him about how Allison is going up with Heather. Sabrina says that Allison is a great competitor and huge physical threat. Andrew says well get rid of her! Sabrina says I promised her she would be staying. Sabrina tells Andrew that Rachelle is her best friend and doesn’t want her to leave. Andrew tells her that Rachelle isn’t even a target for him. Sabrina says just please take out Jon before you go after Rachelle. Andrew says okay. Sabrina heads into the HOH and tells Kenny that it will be Allison and Heather going up. She tells him that Heather needs to go and that she promised Allison was just the pawn. Sabrina asks him to please not go after Rachelle, she’s my best friend.

1:30pm Sabrina, Neda and Allison are in the kitchen chatting. Sabrina pick up a french fry and almost eats it. Neda gasps! Neda says I almost did that a bunch of times while on slop too.

1:40pm Sabrina goes to the havenot room to cry but gets annoyed because Jon is dancing in the HOH room and all she can hear is him stomping. She goes up to tell him that she’s trying to cry but he ignores her and tells her he can’t hear her. She says that she’s going to go to the other bedroom to cry. Sarah asks her if she wants company. Sarah follows her into the main bedroom and Sabrina starts crying about how she can’t listen to Ika’s stories any more. Sabrina says that she misses her family. The conversation turns to talking about Allison. Sabrina says she thinks it might be better to get rid of Allison this week. Sarah says that might be a possibility that we might need to seriously consider. Sabrina talks about how she will protect Rachelle and says aside from the first 5 everyone else can go before her. Sarah calls Sabrina and Rachelle “The Gremlins”.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 10-39-50-067

2pm – 2:10pm In the bathroom – Adel helps give Arlie a new hair cut. Adel finishes and Arlie says That’s bada$$! Adel says you look like a warrior!

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 10-56-39-677

Kenny and Andrew head out to the hot tub room. Kenny says that Heather told him that right before the HOH last night she had told Rachelle that she hated her.. so I am probably going up. Andrew laughs and says she told her she hated her. Kenny and Andrew are trying to get the sun on their face. Kenny says I feel like a plant. They talk about the numbers on the living room tvs and wonder what its for. They wonder if they’ll get a dance party. They head back inside and find that the storage room is unlocked and fully stocked. Andrew, Kenny and Sarah start freaking out and yelling about all the food they’re excited about. The HOH crew hear them and think there’s a fight going on and race down stair to see what’s happening.
BBCAn2-2014-03-21 11-17-14-686

2:30pm – 2:45pm Up in the HOH room – Sabrina talks to Rachelle about how she is now thinking that Ika should be going up on the block. Sabrina tells her that she talked to Kenny and made them promise that if you do this and take out Ika .. then they promise to take out Jon before you. Neda joins them. Sabrina says that Ika is making us sound like we are making dumb moves. Ika and Jon join them. The conversation turns to talking about what the numbers on the screens means. Sabrina says that she thinks it something Canada voted for that got unlocked. (It is actually Marsha the Moose that has been unlocked – She will be sending one house guest on a secret mission.)

2:45pm – 3pm Kenny and Andrew look for the secret door. Big Brother tells them to STOP THAT! Big Brother blocks the feeds..

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Sabrina talks too much! She is so worried about other peoples bussiness rather then coming up with a game plan for her self! Smh


Sabrina is always in game mode and it is her game she is ensuring, not others.


That is her strategy.

Willy from Halifax

“Look at my eyes… they’re not dilated so that means I am not lying”
Jesus, I need another blood pressure pill.


Fool me once, shame on you, fool me twice, shame on me, Rachelle should have had a wake up call. Put Sarah, Kenny and or Andrew on the block.

Girls are always jealous

Sabrina is a bi#%%&. She’s always behind the girls. She wants to be the only girl in the bb house. I think she never get a man in her life!


Sabrinas a Pig, barf


Best friend? Pretty sure Sabrina has talked so much shit about her, just as she does the rest of the house

This girl needs to go back to grade 8 where she belongs.


Correction, Slobrina, you are “best friends” with WHOEVER is HOH for the week.


Sabrina talks too much???

Its big brother!!!
Shes playing the game like a champ, i dont get how ppl dont see this! Sure she is annoying as hell, but any true big brother fan should see that she is manipulating the game like a pro. Shes telling so many stories to different people and telling them with the straightest face, its hilarious.

She played Ika like a fiddle, and now shes gonna do the same thing to Racheal. Other then the first 5, nobody knows Sabrina was in on the getting Paul out plan. She acted pissed off afterword and everyone ate it up.

As a BB fan i can respect the game shes playing as annoying as she is…


put Sabrina in a house with Allisons , Jillian, Janelles, Danielle (BB3) , Jun, and lets see if she can handle these WOMEN (not silly high school girls)
once these girls are evicted, Sabrina will join them shortly because she won’t be able to fool the guys because some of them really HATE her “with a passion”


Janelle would tear her up.


It’s funny that she’s doing so well. She’s protecting the biggest threats in the house, and it’s actually working. She convinced Ika and now Rachelle not to put up Kenny or Andrew. Those two guys owe her, big time. Let’s see if she can keep it up while she’s on slop. She already tried to yell at Jon for stomping while she was crying, so ……


Actually Adel is playing like a champ. You CAN get far in Big Brother without having to resort to Sabrina’s tactics.


Yes indeed … she is portraying herself as is in real life!


If I was there I would eat every single meal and snack and cookie in front of Sabrina. I think it’s just a matter of time that Rachelle goes off on her too.


Sadly Rachelle has no brain of her own and ever since she won HOH, Sabrina has been attached to her like a leech.


OMG, IKA, Neda or Adel have to win POV and take out allision…. or they are screwed.


“they” are screwed? Who’s they? Allison was screwed ever since she attached herself to andrew, who obviously isn’t looking out for her.


Sarah and Sabrina are not being smart. By leaving the guys in the house, they are leaving all these huge muscles and I’m pretty Sabrina is not fit and how is she going to win those endurance and physical challenges. As soon as all the girls (Ika, heather,Rachelle,Neda,Allison) are gone, Sarah and Sabrina will follow. Its so stupid. Basically the girls are doing the guys dirty work and basically handing the game to them.
I need Adel or Neda to make major moves.


I actually had hope for about 10 minutes that Rochelle would do what SHE wanted to do/ put up big players.
This season is getting on my last nerve. Bunch of sheep.


Oh Sabrina…Ika isn’t going after you! You should be going after Allison and or Jon, who are the most likely to get in with Andrew and Kenny. Also, where is Arlie, he must know he is #5 in the first 5, he should be thinking about saving Ika, and targetting Allison,

Johhny (the European one!)

Arlie wants Ika gone so he can have Adel to himself.
Arlie wants Andrew gone so he can have Allison to himself.
Arlie wants Neda gone so he can have Jon to himself.
Might be oversimplifying it, since they all have relations with several people, but basically, that’s his strategy.


can’t stand Sabrina!! I will throw a party the night she gets evicted.


Ika’s story about the fight in the playground: really says a lot about her. She said the mom opened the car door and hit her own kid accidentally with it and Ika laughed. What does that say about her? Low-class bitch.


Mother of the Year, Stouffville’s finest.


Forgot to put my name in – want to own it when I call someone a bitch.


I don’t know any good mothers that would willingly leave their kids for two months to be on a game show. She doesn’t even mention them unless she’s swearing on their lives.


sooooo lookin forward to the meltdown of the on slop attention whore Sabrina, i realize shes playin the game but shes honestly the most pathetic person …


I hate Sabrina and everything she stands for
And Rachelle is even dumber


Only person with ballz in the house to make a
Real move is adel it’s just he can’t win hoh arggggg
I hope he does soon or else it’s gonna be boring




You gotta be kidding? The girls; who hate eachother and don’t have any alliance and don’t even call her by her first name? Those girls? I think she’s kind of stuck right now. Unless she wins HOH or makes a really good deal somewhere, she’s gotta go where they’ll take her and right now the douchiest guy in the house is doing that. Sad.

Who Am I?

Honest to God, Ika please hold a house meeting and get them all out in the open. Sabrina needs to be confronted about her lying ways. How Rachelle even trusts Sabrina is just so pathetic…. Ika had your back more than this meatball ever would have. Just ridiculous how neither of those goof guys are going up, they just get some popcorn and watch all these dumb bitches meltdown.


Ika doesn’t have the communication skill set to get a group together to sort anything out especially when all of them have contradicted and talked behind each others backs. Watch last nights convo, her way of winning an argument is talking over the other person, to the point of frustration then finishing off with a verbal insult to the person. With the language you use in your post I can see why you blindly side with Ika.
Meatball = derogatory term to Italians
goof = child molester

While I do not like Sabrina or Ika for that matter I tend to leave out the racial insults.
I’ll give a pass on the goof remark as maybe you are using it in a different term.


I hope Adel wins HOH next week and puts up Andrew and Kenny.
And whatever happened to the secret alliance of Arlie, Adel, Jon and Sarah? I hope they pull in Neda as well.
Kenny is in the HOH now convincing Rachelle to put up Ika. I can’t believe it.

pretty trickster

…Andy enters


Why isn’t Rachelle clueing in when Sabrina says things like “they will take so and so out before you”…to me that would send up a red flag saying that I’m one of their targets, just not their first target. And in the BB house, if you’re any sort of target and you’re in a power position, get rid of the people that have you on their list whether you’re first or last on it. Allison and Heather on the block, what a joke, another unsuccessful boring week in the BB house.


I wish Scott got into the house instead lol. Allison is just gonna be Andrew’s pet. Everyone thought she would be more cunning then that but it’s not looking like it.


I hope Adel and Ika stay another week. They are the only thing worth watching. When those two get together alone, their conversations are a riot. I cannot stop laughing. On the situation with ALLISON, I think the light has gone on in her head now that she has to be careful hanging with ANDREW too much. She really appeared to get it when talking with RACHELLE, and basically said that things weren`t as they seem.


Omg Sabrina are you serious ! Your telling Jon to stop dancing cause you wanna cry?! Go cry alone no one cares.
Attention F@$king seeker.


If John and arlie had any sense they would flip and vote with adel, ika, neda and take out andrew or kenny or allison because than which ever one was left would only have sarah , sabrina and rachelle on their side with heather having no one……that would be a huge power shift.


The girls are going to wipe themselves out. Not that I wouldn’t be happy to have Sabrina, Ika and Allison gone but they are so entrenched in this high school gossiping drama they aren’t seeing the big picture. Come on girls, get it together!


“Sabrina goes to the havenot room to cry but gets annoyed because Jon is dancing in the HOH room and all she can hear is him stomping. She goes up to tell him that she’s trying to cry but he ignores her and tells her he can’t hear her. She says that she’s going to go to the other bedroom to cry.”

Jesus, Sabrina. She’s so pathetic.


Great pics! Sabrina with her hand in her pants (too much time spent with Kenny and Andrew?) and the look on Neda’s face when Sabrina almost ate the fry. Too funny.