Jon YELLS “That’s Five b***hes in a cup .. THAT’S Homo$*xu@l f@gg*ts!

POV Holder: ? Next POV ?
POV Used ? POV Ceremony March 24
HOH Winner: Racehlle Next HOH: March 27
Original Nominations: ?
Current Nominations: ?
Have Nots Adel, Sabrina, Heather, Arlie

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 14-02-56-540
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5:10pm In the kitchen the house guests are all standing and sitting around the kitchen bar laughing and joking around. Jon is flicking a small item similar to flicking a coin. Jon flicks it and then says “Five bitches in a cup .. THAT’S Homos*xu@l f@gg*ts! All the house guests GASP in shock! Jon apologizes and says he’s sorry. They all reassure him that they know he didn’t mean it and that it just came out. Sarah tells him that they all grew up in an age when stuff like that was said. Kenny says that a few days a go he said “the g word” and didn’t mean anything by it. They all know that it wasn’t intentional. Sarah says that sometimes we say things without that intention.. Trust me, Canada knows that’s not your intention. Jon feels really bad and is upset that he said that. He leaves and heads up to the HOH room. (** JON is a really great person and it was VERY clear that he didn’t mean to say what he said nor did he mean any harm by it.)

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 14-09-50-402
Neda joins him and talks to him about what just happened. He is really upset with himself and says that in no way does he think like that. He says that he’s worried about it being shown on the show. Neda tells him that they wouldn’t show that on the show. Jon wonders if he should go into the diary room and make sure they don’t show what he said. Neda tells him not to. She tells him that its on the live feeds already. Neda tells him to just say sorry Canada. Jon says sorry Canada! F**K ME! Neda says compared to last year when the house guests said things that were so much worse and didn’t have an ounce of remorse about it.. If anything people might have been a little upset that you said it on live feeds and then once they saw your reaction they felt better about it.


5:40pm – 5:55pm Big Brother puts the house guests on another backyard lock down. Most of the house guests head over to the pool area to hang out and talk. Sabrina and Rachelle go out to the Hot Tub room to talk game about her nominations. When big brother ends the lock down most of the house guests head inside. On the living room couch Adel reassures Jon that he knows about his friends and that he isn’t anything like that. Jon says I appreciate that.

6pm – 6:20pm UP in the HOH room – Ika talks to Neda about trying to get Andrew back doored. Jon comes back from taking a shower in the HOH bathroom. He tells them that he just finished mast*rb@ting in the shower. Ika and Neda are disgusted and shocked. Ika leaves the room. Rachelle joins them and they tell her that Jon just mast*rb@ted in her shower. Rachelle says eWWW! Jon asks what?! I think that’s normal. Jon says sorry. Rachelle says its okay .. it can be the masturbation station. Rachelle and Neda head out of the HOH room and Jon asks if he has a green light to do it in her shower whenever he wants…
BBCAN2-2014-03-21 15-12-59-416

6:45pm Kenny, Adel, Rachelle, Arlie, Andrew, Sabrina and Heather are all sitting around the living room couch talking about random things and joking around. Andrew starts singing to get Rachelle to dance “booty pop, booty pop, booty pop..” Rachelle comes over by them and dances a bit for them. Jon walks by and Andrew asks if he ever goes over to his friends house to take a s**t and ma$turb@ate? Jon says some times. Andrew says yeah that’s what the HOH room is like .. people away’s come over to take a s**t and ma$turb@te.

BBCAN2-2014-03-21 15-56-18-312

7pm Rachelle and Ika are in the HOH room talking. Rachelle asks about Adels power. Ika explains it and says that she thinks if we leave him alone we’ll be okay. Rachelle says yeah, I’m not putting him up. He would be stupid to use it because he would need it the next week. Ika says yeah and I believe him that it runs out after next week. Ika says that everyone thinks I have something with Adel but I don’t. He is just one of the nicest people in the house to me. Ika tells Rachelle that she loves her and that she was pulling for Rachelle to win the HOH. If we didn’t win it, I am pretty sure it would have been Neda and me on the block. Big Brother switches the cameras to Arlie and Sarah in the hammock.

7:15pm In the hammock Arlie and Sarah have a conversation about the first five and everything that’s going on in the house that is affecting their alliance.

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great… just what we needed


no matter what, jon is a good guy and I love how much he cares and how bad it feels, it just shows that yes, people make mistakes, but he owned up to it immediately

we still love you jon!


he feels **


I actually cant take Rachelle’s stupidity.. i actually cant.
Can someone explain to me Sabrina’s fake logic that she’s drilled into Ro’s head as to WHY its best for Rachelle’s game to back door Ika??
Like I’m trying to put myself in Rachelle’s shoes… First of all Ika has been nothing but loyal to her despite all of the petty bullshit fights. Second- Ika is clearly a huge target for the scary “powerhouse boys” who cant even win any competitions. why do their work and get rid of Ika for them?? to gain trust? what trust?? They are not working together in an alliance :S I cant deal with this… And to top it off Sabrina keeps saying “theyre not going to vote me out and get rid of me”- that statement combined with her protecting kendrew should make a light bulb go off in Rachelle’s head that Sabs is aligned with them… Ughh i actually cant.


Right?! What a hold of a girls alliance


Thanks autocorrect…


all-girls alliances tend to not work lol


Jon’s still my favourite


Sabrina is very smart! <3 her




Kendrew LOL


Really not cool that he said that – you wouldn’t blurt something out that’s not part of your vocab. BUT at least he was extremely remorseful about it. Too bad Adel wasn’t in the room; he should’ve seen the reactions of the others and maybe been educated.


As a member of the aforementioned group of people, I would like to go on record as saying that while not appropriate, I am not at all offended by Jon’s outburst and I totally and completely forgive him.


Why you think Adel is homophobic? Has anyone heard him say anything negative about gays?


He was mad and called the guys “fuckin f****ts”. No reaction/remorse like we saw with Jon.


Damn. That’s unfortunate. He was my favorite up until now.


I can’t with this season… everyone is so stupid here… unless something changes really soon… I will stop watching… Plz…I hope Adel or Neda win HoH next…


neda is smart to not push for kendrew to go out. she knows ika will push for it and just asked jon (with arlie and adel) to push for andrew to be backdoored. anything she says to rachelle will get back to sabrina and then will get back to everyone.

i still love jon even though he said that. it was clearly a mistake. even kenny said that he often uses the “g” word. dude cant even say the word gay??


Kenny called Ika a “ghetto” bitch and a savage beast/bitch. That might be the g word he was referring to.


Jon is an athlete, its locker room talk and he feels bad about so carry on people..nothing there


This is Sabrina’s logic she told Rachelle.

“If Ika stays this week and wins next week, she will put up the guys. Than the next week the guys will win and take out her, than that just leaves us left”

So basically what she is saying is, “Just take Ika out for kenny & andrew this week, the guys will come after us next week”


You can tell he feels bad, who hasn’t said something they shouldn’t say as a joke. He is a GOOD guy watching the feeds the dudes where pink nail polish I am sure he is comfortable with his sexuality he was just rubbing his gentles on Kenny. Still one of the best house guest in the house.


the 5 people alliance are playing a great game, because they are trying to get rid of the people who are coming after them one by one. They did not get rid of heather because she was not going after Andrew, and how she is hated by all the girls, she can be a vote with the guys. I can just see this season suck! no one is willing to make big moves. Sabrina is playing a good game, trying to turn Rachelle against IKA because she is against Andrew and Kenny. Once they get her out, all they have left are Neda, Jon and Adel. Then Heather and Rachelle can go home and then Allison. Then its the final 5 left. Like seriously i dont see any big moves happening this week either! lame people in my opinion.

IM ON TEAM NEDA, JON, ADEL AND IKA – perfect alliance!!!


Alison was pick to do the Marsha challenge?


I wouldn’t mind supporting Sabrina if she:
1. Wasn’t such an insecure bully
2. If she had a back up plan that didn’t involve the final 5.
The way she is playing, she might as well give the cash to Kenny and Andrew. Her and Sarah should really think about the Brigade and how that ended for Britney.
Such a shame.


relax people things will change next week…the powers that be will not let this turn out to be another brigade type season…. something major will happen next week.. after all its a tv show… good tv means power switches back and forth…… the powers that be will put another twist in there next week to shake things up….. they will penalty nom sabrina for sneaking a pizza in her bed and eating it…


Brigade season: Best Season Ever! So far in loving this season


I loved the brigade Season to.. we’re a rare breed of BB fan


I would like to see once or twice this year that after the POV has been used and before the new person is to be nominated that production speaks up and tells the HOH that they will not renominate the new person till seconds before the eviction starts. That would keep people on their toes right up until the night of the eviction.


I’ve been getting all of my updates here, so I was curious……..How is Sabrina being portrayed on the show?


Stooks, they are not showing her machine-gun mumblemouth talk. She is clear spoken. They are not showing her villainy. They are not showing her psychopathy.

Johhny (the European one!)

Just for me non native english speaker, could someone please explain the context of Jon’s statement?
Thanks for the video, but I still didn’t get it.
Was “Five bitches in a cup” something like “I beat you all! Losers!”? and so the other thing was meant as “losers!” or sth like that?


This site is amazing! Thank you so much for keeping those of us who can’t catch all the live feeds up to date. Don’t know what I would do without this. I also have to say that “most” of those commenting are a pretty perceptive and intelligent group.


LOL Kenny :”Vagina are perfect”! LOL

Big Brother Canada Fan

I don’t understand why Jon would randomly blurt out a slur word, “Homosexual F*ggots,” unless it’s something he says with friends. At least Adel didn’t use the F word in a gay context.

When I play a game, I don’t randomly yell out “That’s Black **slurword** or “That’s Indian **slurword**.”

Jon obviously picked it up from his buddies which is unfortunately a common insult with ignorant jocks in the locker room.

Jon didn’t realize how bad it was until the other houseguests cringed and Sabrina slapped his arm, telling him to apologize. Then Neda reminded him about Canada. I think John felt horrible because he got caught saying that on video and he was afraid of the possible criticism he would get from BB fans.

If Jon was having a private conversation with his friends back home, I’m afraid he wouldn’t have had the same reaction and felt guilty.


I completely agree!!


Not sure how what Adel said could possibly be construed as any better. Adel said it in anger AND directed it towards the guys. And neither he nor Ika showed any reaction to it, which is also disappointing.