Spencer wants to Flip on The Moving Company “If we jump ship it’ll be better long term”

1:16pm Spencer and Howard

Spencer says he’s loyal to Moving Company but is more loyal to Howard at some point they have to cut Jeremy loose he’s too big of a target to protect . Spencer: “If we jump ship.. but you and me stick together I think it’ll be better long term for our game, Nick’s a good guy but right now we do have the numbers to get out any person”
Spencer: “Who do you trust more Helen or Jeremy”
Howard doesn’t asnwer.
Spencer: “I trust Andy, I trust Judd, I trust Helen we can trust Candace.. we keep Elissa we control the MVP.. I don’t know if the thought has crossed your mind about flipping”
Spencer thinks he can heal the wounds with Helen and they can work with Elissa, Andy, Judd, McCrae, Helen etc etc to get out Jeremy and his 3 girls (Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin)
Spencer: “This game means to much to me dude”

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Big Brother 15 Last Minute Moves Spencer suggests they flip the vote get out Helen

11:11Am Storage room Spencer and Jeremy
Spencer says Dude I know you are dead set to get Elissa out this week and it’s nothing against the MC just spitballing.. Helen stands a good chance of winning the HOH and MVP if Elissa goes.
Spencer: “she is going to be coming after you week after week”
Spencer says helen is a huge f**** threat he thinks they should consider getting her out this week.
Spencer: “Jessie is flipping her vote and is taking out Nick”
Jeremy thinks they should stick to the plan and get Elissa out. They have enough votes with Moving Company and the shotgun riders. HE appreciates Spencer coming to him about this but he’s got this on lock.

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Andy says that EVERYONE needs to STOP FREAKING THE F**K OUT!

3:15am Elissa, Candice, Helen and Andy are in the havenot room studying the details of what they saw and remember. Meanwhile Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn are up in the HOH room going over what they saw. Aaryn says that she was distracted by a hot dog. Jeremy goes through what he remembers seeing. Aaryn tells them that Nick has already fu*ked up. She says that he can’t remember any of this. In the bathroom – Judd and Jessie are whispering. Judd tells her that doesn’t want to be seen talking to Helen because he doesn’t want anyone to think something is up. Jessie says that they (Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn) didn’t treat her with respect. Helen and Amanda head into the storage room. Helen tells Amanda that Candice was able to repeat the second round of things. She says that she thinks Candice has a photographic memory. Elissa and McCrae are studying in the lounge room. Judd and Spencer are on the couch. In the living room Spencer is talking to Judd. Spencer says that there is something happening that I just can’t put my finger on. Judd says not that I know of. Spencer tells Judd I want you to be 100% honest with me. Judd says he has been. Spencer says that he just feels like something is going on.

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Jeremy says EW.. there’s a monster in the bathroom! And she’s worried about p**ping!

10pm – 10:25pm In the lounge room – Howard, Andy, Helen, Judd and Spencer are talking and joking around. They talk about swearing. Howard says that’s how he and his family talk to each other when they see each other. Like Hey what’s up b*tch! Howard says that his ex-girlfriend used to hate him swearing. Jessie joins them. They continue to talk about random stuff. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Jeremy is trying to blow bubbles with dish soap. Aaryn comes in to the kitchen and asks who’s nail polish is the red one. Kaitlin says it’s hers. Aaryn says good because someone told he it was Elissa’s and I was scared it was. Kaitlin says I wouldn’t wear that bit*ches nail polish either. Jeremy says EWWW.. there’s a monster in the bathroom! Nick goes to look and says oh.. Jeremy tells Howard there’s a monster in the bathroom. He says and she is worried about pooping.. and she looks like that with a face mask on. Gina starts getting mad about how Big Brother let Elissa bring in a dress like that but took all of her clothes away when she has one that looks just like that.

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Jeremy says “YO, Triangle of Thrust needs to Trust!”

7:25pm – 7:35pm In the bedroom – Gina asks would you rather have two girls, or a guy and a girl? Jeremy asks what?! Who would want another guy? Jeremy says two girls. Gina says a guy she won’t name asked her to have a three some with his friend. Elissa asks would you rather have 1 girl that would want it all the time or have 50 girls you could sleep with but you have to work for it. Jeremy says oh man you stumped me. Howard says that he wants to go get Nick ..to run the numbers. Elissa says basically do you want to be married to one girl that is a nympho or be a wh*re. Howard says that he would rather be married. Elissa asks if it only lasted for one poke does that count as $ex? Jeremy says if it pokes, it’s $ex. Elissa says okay that’s gross. Jessie asks if someone has had only oral $ex, are they still a virgin? Jeremy says no only if it pokes in the vag!na or butt. Helen asks hot girl that is poor or ugly girl that is rich.

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Judd says he can’t wait to move into the HOH room tomorrow. I am Big Brother Royalty!

5:50pm Nick and Judd are up in the HOH room. Judd says that he doesn’t think Elissa is a super horrible person but he doesn’t see how she could benefit his game. Nick agrees. Judd says that he just doesn’t have conversations with her and she doesn’t try to ask him about anything personal. He says that after he realized that he didn’t feel bad about deciding to vote her out. Judd tells Nick that he is cool as sh*t. Judd asks Nick if can ask him something. Nick says sure. Judd tells him that he should ask Gina out on a Big Brother date inside the house. Nick says that he would but will wait till he gets HOH. Judd tells him that others were talking about it too and even Aaryn offered you her HOH room. He says that they would wait on you and bring you food and stuff. I won’t do any of that but they will. Judd laughs. Nick says na, I will wait till I get HOH. Judd says what if you never get HOH. Nick says I WILL GET HOH. The cameras switch to Amanda and McCrae in the lounge room. Jeremy joins Amanda and McCrae.

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Aaryn to Amanda “Jeremy has an alliance with Howard and Spencer..Kaitlin told me”

4:14pm HOH Aaryn and Amanda

Aaryn saying she’s not liking Amanda’s attitude in the house that she’s coming across as fake.
Amanda says that Nick is going around saying he’s going to put up Howard and Candace but Amanda doesn’t think he’s that dumb. She thinks Nick planned something with Howard and went around saying Howard is his target so people are suspicious.
Aaryn: “Nick and Jeremy don’t talk”
Amadan: “I thought they were allied”
Aaryn: ‘Jeremy never talks to Nick”
Aaryn says that Jeremy has taken everything away from her HOH except for the safety
Amanda says that Jeremy is doing all the wheeling and dealing. She adds that everyone knows Aaryn would have put up whoever Jeremy says. Aaryn says Jeremy wanted Candace and Elissa up.
Amanda wonders where Candace’s head is at.
Aaryn: “Candace is with Elissa “
Amanda: “I thought Candace was close to Howard”
Aaryn: “maybe now that they’re sleeping together”
Aaryn: “Jeremy has an alliance with Howard and Spencer.. That’s what Kaitlin told me” (KABOOM )

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Amanda’s last minute scramble for Votes “I took so much Adderall and I don’t even feel it”

2:52pm Hammock Amanda and McCrae Amands is scheming hard to keep Elissa. She says if they can get Jessie they have the votes to get rid of Nick, Amanda’s votes to Evict Nick are as follows (McCrea, Amanda, Candace, jessie, Andy, Judd)
Amanda: “I don’t trust Jeremy.. I don’t trust any of those people.. If Judd can make Jessie feel that she’s wanted and is part of ta group.. it’s solid”
Amanda: “the longer she stays.. you and I can make it to sequester guaranteed”
Mc: “Hmm mmmh hhm ” (eating his nails)
Amanda: “Me you Judd and Andy are solid.. if we can make this work”
Mc: “Hmm mmmh hhm ” (eating his nails)

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Big Brother Spoilers Amanda to McCrae “Strategically I’m telling you to vote out Helen”

12:50pm Pool Amanda and McCrea

Amanda tells him she’s thinking about voting out Helen. By doing so it means she’s not lying to Elissa or Aaryn. She wonders who the house guests will pin the Helen vote on.
Amanda says McCrea isn’t a good liar so he needs to vote Elissa out, he couldn’t vote Helen and say he voted Elissa.
After some vote counting Amanda now saying McCrea should vote out Helen.

Amanda: “Strategically I’m telling you to vote out Helen”

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Big Brother Spoilers Votes Flipping “I hope you drop the weights on your face you mother f******”

10:57am McCrea leaves Amanda says her suspicions about Howard are definitely true. Amanda: “I can’t say why.. I just know” Judd says he can’t even look at that f***er (Howard or spencer hard to tell because the water was running)
They move to the Backyard couch to chat, Spencer and Helen are still in the backyard exercising.. Amanda says she wants Elissa to stay so bad. Judd thinks that Helen is going to get MVP if Elissa leaves because her and Elissa are so close. Amanda disagrees says it’ll be Nick or McCrea maybe even Judd.
McCrea joins them.. Amanda tells McCrea that suspicions from yesterday are confirmed (Howard and Spencer are working together). Judd about Howard lifting weights “I hope you drop the weights on your face you mother f****”

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Amanda asks McCrae to swear on their future babies that he doesn’t know about a guys alliance.

1am Jeremy, Spencer, Helen, Candice, Elissa, Nick, Judd, Gina and Howard are sitting out on the backyard couch talking about the different cheap wines and other alcoholic drinks they like. Gina talks about how she doesn’t drink. She says that because she was in dancing school and pageants she never got peer pressured into drinking or $ex. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Judd, Amanda, Jessie, McCrae and Elissa are in the bathroom talking about how they are doing goodbye messages tonight. Elissa asks if anyone has figured out the sleeping arrangements. Andy says that he will have the havenot room to himself tonight. Elissa says that she can’t let him do that. Andy says no he wants to instead of sharing with someone. McCrae jokes that Andy could masturbate in havenot room because he will be all alone. Jessie and Candice head to bed. Jessie and Candice sit on the bed and Jessie does a prayer.

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