Jeremy says “YO, Triangle of Thrust needs to Trust!”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy

CBS Interactive Inc.

7:25pm – 7:35pm In the bedroom – Gina asks would you rather have two girls, or a guy and a girl? Jeremy asks what?! Who would want another guy? Jeremy says two girls. Gina says a guy she won’t name asked her to have a three some with his friend. Elissa asks would you rather have 1 girl that would want it all the time or have 50 girls you could sleep with but you have to work for it. Jeremy says oh man you stumped me. Howard says that he wants to go get Nick run the numbers. Elissa says basically do you want to be married to one girl that is a nympho or be a wh*re. Howard says that he would rather be married. Elissa asks if it only lasted for one poke does that count as $ex? Jeremy says if it pokes, it’s $ex. Elissa says okay that’s gross. Jessie asks if someone has had only oral $ex, are they still a virgin? Jeremy says no only if it pokes in the vag!na or butt. Helen asks hot girl that is poor or ugly girl that is rich. Jeremy and Howard both say poor hot girl. Howard says poor girl we will get there together. Nick joins them. Nick asks would you rather move to tropical Guatamala or the desert. Jeremy asks are you really asking where would you rather move? We are asking $ex questions. Nick says sorry I am not 23 any more. They all laugh. Spencer joins them.


7:50pm Up in the HOH room – Howard is talking to Aaryn about how much of a competitor Aaryn is and how well she does in comps both mentally and physically. Howard says that he didn’t want David to leave for nothing. Howard says that it was poetic justice that he left and she won HOH. Howard says let them hate. Howard says that he would like to make an alliance with someone that is off the radar. He says that he hangs out on the other side a lot. Howard talks about how Amanda is preying on McCrae. He says that McCrae doesn’t even have a sack any more. Howard says that he thinks Amanda will try and infiltrate your side. Howard says that Kaitlin isn’t as mentally strong as you. Amanda is going to feed on the weak and create some division on this side. She won’t prey on you because you are strong, she will prey on Kaitlin. Aaryn says that she doesn’t have an alliance, I have a friends that will protect me. Aaryn says that Kaitlin is rubbing her the wrong way. Howard asks if you and Jeremy could get her focused would that help? Aaryn says she doesn’t know. Aaryn brings up how if Kaitlin is up on the block with anyone .. they are going home .. because Jeremy will convince everyone to keep kaitlin just like he did with Elissa. Howard thinks that getting rid of Elissa is better for everyones game so that everyone has a fair shot at the MVP. It’s not fair. Aaryn says that she wants Elissa to go home too. Aaryn thinks that once Elissa leaves they are going to come over here. Howard says they might think of me or Spencer to lead which we can use to our advantage. Howard tells Kaitlin to think about keeping Kaitlin around because she will be loyal to you through Jeremy and she is another vote. Howard heads downstairs.


8pm Jeremy comes up to the HOH room and talks with Aaryn. Jeremy suggests that they make a deal with Spencer and Howard. He says then we can drop them like flies when we don’t need them. Aaryn asks what if they talk and find out we are making deals with everyone. Jeremy says then we drop them before they find out. Jeremy says lets get them up here with Kaitlin and make a fake deal with them. Jeremy says that Kaitlin is cool with it. Aaryn says of course she is, she has no idea what is going on in this game. She walks around this house like she owns it. Aaryn says that other people are noticing it too. Jeremy says that he doesn’t notice it. Jeremy says Aaryn doesn’t need to work with him if she doesn’t want to. Jeremy says I don’t want to force myself on you. Aaryn says you aren’t forcing yourself on me. Jeremy says maybe I should just tell her YO, Triangle of Thrust needs to Trust!” Jeremy says if she is making problems they are going to go after her not us. Jeremy says that he will talk to her.


CBS Interactive Inc.

8:10pm – 8:25pm In the havenot room – Howard is talking to Kaitlin about how she needs to leave the personal stuff aside. Kaitlin agrees. The conversation turns to talking about Amanda preying on McCrae. Howard says that McCrae says that he has her under control. Howard says no you don’t you follow her around, she doesn’t follow you around. Howard tells Aaryn to squash it with Aaryn. Kaitlin says that Aaryn is getting it to it with her and its getting to her. Howard tells Kaitlin that Kaitlin, Aaryn and Jeremy are a strong nucleolus, you just need a few more numbers. Talk to Jeremy about it. Elissa walks in. Howard tells Kaitlin to jsut squash it with her, that’s all I got to say. Kaitlin leaves to go talk to Aaryn. Elissa tells Howard – you know she is making that fight up. Howard says oh really. Howard says that he is just trying to get more votes to get Nick out. Elissa thinks they are making up the fight for more camera time or to get information. Helen joins them and Elissa talks the made up fight. Elissa asks Howard if he is 100% to vote out who? Howard says Nick. Elissa says that they are going to pick us off to have the majority in the jury house. They aren’t going to keep a strong player like you so that you can come back. Howard says lets just worry about to tomorrow, not about next week. Howard leaves. Candice comes in and Elissa tells her she thinks Aaryn and Kaitlin are making up their fight. Candice says I thought so. Candice tells them that Jessie isn’t voting with them. Candice talks about the Jeremy/Kaitlin fight is real. Candice says that Kaitlin was made because Jeremy embarrassed her in front of Aaryn. She says that Jeremy has been flirting with Aaryn a lot. Helen says just so no one knows what we are talking about lets call Jeremy = George, Aaryn = Dolly, Kaitlin = Martha. Elissa talks about the comments that Aaryn has made about Asians and says that it really upset her. Candice agrees and says that especially when we have a black president addressing the country. Elissa brings up how she called McCrae = McGay.


8:25pm – 8:45pm Jeremy is talking to Aaryn outside the HOH room at the chess board. Jeremy tells her that she needs to get along with Aaryn and to trust them. Kaitlin says that Aaryn is starting it. Jessie joins them and asks if she is interrupting anything. Jeremy says nothing important. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Howard and Spencer are talking. Spencer says that next week it has to be either Helen or Amanda to go home. Spencer says that Amanda is bringing McCrae down. Judd joins them. They talk about random things. Howard heads up to the chess table.


CBS Interactive Inc.

8:50pm – 9pm Jeremy, Kaitlin and Howard are talking at the chess table. Jeremy comments about that they should bring up Spencer to make it official. Kaitlin brings up how Amanda was threatening her about not voting Elissa out. Jeremy tells her that she better vote Elissa out. Kaitlin says that she never said that she wasn’t going to. Jeremy and Kaitlin start fighting. Jeremy says it doesn’t matter any ways because Amanda is going home next week. Soon after they kiss and make up. Jeremy says I want to see your boobies. Kaitlin asks what did you just say? Jeremy says he wants to see a movie. Meanwhile the others in the kitchen finish cooking and eating pizza.


9:05pm Spencer joins Kaitlin and Jeremy. Jeremy says I wish we could all talk together but we can’t. He says so everyone is on board, we will all protect each other. We will protect you and you will protect us. Jeremy says we will take this game by storm. Spencer agrees. Spencer sits and watches Jeremy/Kaitlins chess game. Jeremy leaves after he beats Kaitlin. Spencer tells Kaitlin that he will always have her back.


9:10pm – 9:20pm In the storage room – Aaryn and Judd are looking in the fridge. Aaryn finds a beer at the back of the fridge and says hey look!!! Who put that here? Should we drink it?! Judd says yeah, I love you! Aayrn asks who put it there? Judd says probably Nick. Aaryn chugs half the beer and then Judd chugs the second half. They leave the storage room before they’re caught.


9:20pm – 9:25pm Up in the HOH room – Kaitlin tells Judd that she found a beer in the back of the fridge. Was that you? Did you hide it there? Judd says no. Kaitlin asks do you want to drink it tonight? Judd pauses for a minute then says um.. Me and Aaryn found it! We killed that motha-fu*ker already. Kaitlin laughs and calls him an a$$hole. Judd says sorry I didn’t know you knew about it. Don’t get mad at Aaryn it was me.
CBS Interactive Inc.

9:35pm – 9:44pm Judd and Jessie are in the bedroom. Judd says that they will make jury voting out Nick. Judd tells her that he thinks the guys are trying to start a guys alliance and he isn’t in it. Judd says if you aren’t with me you are against me. Judd heads into the lounge room with McCrae. Judd tells him that Jessie is stoked. She is down. We are playing an awesome game. If this works we will make it to jury. Judd says you, me, Amanda and Jessie to the final four.

The house guests are playing a new game that McCrae made up where you you have two corks tied together with a string and you toss it at the swiffer handle to wrap it around.


9:55pm Up in the HOH room – Jeremy and Kaitlin are talking. Kaitlin asks why Aayrn is being such a skank. We don’t even know if we are going to make it to final 3. Jeremy says that he will be there. Jeremy goes to leave. She jokingly tells him to go fu*k himself. Jeremy says I wish I could I have tried for years. Kaitlin tells him he is disgusting. Jeremy leaves. Kaitlin stays to paint her nails. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Elissa is straightening Candices hair.


10pm In the storage room – Nick asks McCrae if they are good. McCrae says yeah, I am just trying to make stuff to not be bored. Meanwhile in the lounge room – Howard, Andy, Spencer and Judd are talking. Helen enters. Andy tells her to join the SFC. Helen asks what the SFC is? Andy says the Shady Fu*k Club. They continue to laugh and joke around.

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Ok seriously CBS needs to take a serious hint with their live episodes editting. Congrats to Britney onher pregnancy, but that was such a waste of air time. When you tell viewers that in the next episode, a past houseguest will return with a surprise, it should be something that will have an effect on the house or something to do with the house. If I wanted to know she was pregnant, I’d rather read it on some website or blog rather than have it take up air time that could show more stuff to people without access to live feed video.
Also, we really don’t need to see a five minute segment on how religious Howard is and NO ONE wants to see the human Jerm and Kaitlin’s makeout sessions. They should’ve devoted more of that time to game talk and other scheming in the house. Geez!!


Speak for yourself. Just like every year they show the segment where th gay guy talks about coming out, it should be fine to show 5 min of how religious howard is.


DTR, don’t trust racism b$tch Aaryn. She really want to go home.

Dis Bitch

Simon and Dawg, would really like to know your opinons on the houseguest, we all talk about our thoughts on them on here but would love to know yours.
Been a loyal fan of this website since BB8! Thanks so much for the constant updates!


Yo… nice to see someone from the old dayz.

If I got into talking about what I thought I wouldn’t get a chance to update the feeds. 🙁 I do like most the cast this year in their own way

Frank's Fart

Howard talking to Spencer just said, “What’s the name of that girl who’s going home?” Spencer, “Elissa.” 100% they’re voting her out. I thought Ellen might have convinced Jesse to vote out Nick. Elen made a great argument for it, and Jesse seems to think it was a better move for her (Jesse’s) game. Elissa has terrible game, she corners people at inappropriate times and get’s desperate, “They’ll come after you next, I can keep you safe!!!”
In a perfect scenario, this could happen, but it’s far from a sure bet:

Evict Nick:

100% to Evict Elissa:
Gina Marie

IMO McCrae and Jesse are wildcards


If they were smart they would hint that Helen is the one onto the all-male alliance, try to influence Spencer and Howard that she is targeting them next week because she thinks she’s safe. Mean girls still voting Elissa and try to swing a McCrae or Jessie for 6th vote.


These people truly are idiotic. How can Howard stand this racism and everything going on with that side. I wish someone would pull everyone together excluding Aaryn, Jeremy, Nick, GM, Spencer and Kaitlin then form a group of 8. Nobody sees it but they can easily get rid of the racists and the ignorant side. 8 vs. 6 until Nick goes home then its 8 vs. 5. And Aaryn can’t play HOH and no matter what happens the 8 have all the power. Elissa or someone on that side will likely win MVP and will control the votes. That side would be done and we would never have to deal with them again. Its honestly the best move for everyone and it would definitely help Howard and McCrae out in the end.


Dumbass, Nick hasn’t made any racist or derogatory comments, don’t group him with the racists and homophobes in the house. He isn’t even actually apart of that alliance.


No Superman, He just laughs at the racist jokes they tell. That’s not bad at all, right? Check the tapes….. when he is there is is laughing the hardest.


lol @Superman… oooh very defensive about Nick huh? Actually, Dumbass, He HAS said derogatory comments!! So he CAN be grouped in with the other houseguests. Even if it hadnt though, it’s just as bad that he’s sat his ass there giggling or agreeing in many various conversations when other houseguests were using racial slurs, threats & making derogatory comments… basically showing he supports it. To me, by default that means he’s included with the bunch! Silence means its acceptable to him. In MY Opinion…

Everyone has one, so who cares.. deal with it. What is it to you if the commentor above you “grouped Nick in”… grow up.


I’m sure his religious beliefs help him through it. He’s said on multiple occassions that he prays for ppl like that. And in this game he can’t really go all ‘angry black man’ and still expect to win.

He’s there for the money.

Too Threw!

I agree.. I think Howard is trying to play smart by not basing his game on his emotions.

I dont know about anyone else but I have not clue how the votes will go! I am very curious now.


No he can’t be radical but it’s like he’s kissing her butt

Chilltown Fan

They should have brought back Frank for tonight’s episode instead of Britney. I have no doubt Frank will play again, he’s part of the Chilltown legacy.


i’m sticking with my 8-3 vote prediction (against elissa), but who knows at this point? i will be so glad when the hoh comp is over tomorrow night, and we get to start over – this hard gameplay so early is exhausting!

Kaitnin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Who knew you were playing. Are u exhausted? Awwwwwwww


Completely agree. I think it’s a done deal…but I see Howard missing a prime opportunity to help himself, rather than be a nice guy/team player.

If Aaryn is expressing issues with Jeremy/Kaitling, that’s a problematic fracture. The type that Amanda could slide into, which forming the latest fake alliance was meant to insure against…but it’s also an opportunity for Howard. Don’t tell her to play nice (that’s not what she wants to hear anyway), let her vent and agree with her. Become her sounding board, let her spill her guts. Once she’s done, she will fell better. And once she does, you tell her you need her help. A good rule in politics is asking for favors. If the person says no, then you know they’re not somebody to rely on, but if they say yes they become vested in you and you can go back to that well because now that person gets to share in your success. Asking Aaryn for help will draw her close and possibly let him supplant Jeremy in her eyes, since he’s oblivious that she’s jealous of Kaitlin and has the hots for him and says all the wrong things.

Howard tells Aaryn that tomorrow, just before they go to the living room, she needs to pull Helen aside. Arryn tells her that Elissa is leaving and it’s at the hands of those she trusts. Tell her to be apologetic, shed a tear if she can, and tell her she’s sorry but that she has Helen’s back. That she admires the way she stood by her friend and fought. Aaryn promises her that she will protect Helen from Jeremy and Kaitlin moving forward and hopes that Helen will eventually forgive her and do the same. Now Helen will be confident that Nick is leaving, so she won’t likely bite. But Aaryn still needs to say that Amanda made a deal with Jeremy to protect herself and McCrae and she thinks Andy made a deal with Nick, but isn’t sure as Nick won’t talk, but GM said as much. Helen won’t truly trust Aaryn…but she will see her as a source for info and Howard can feed her the disinformation as it serves his goals, especially when she proves prophetic on Elissa’s ouster.

Howard needs to secure himself with Helen and Candace, while making Amanda, McCrea, and Andy question marks. So if the vote goes 8-3, Helen will conclude that Howard, Candace, and either Judd or Jessie (both irrelevant since they can be handled) are with Helen. The mean girl side of the house is under lock and key, it’s the other side that needs some attention as this HOH could be a crap shoot comp that anybody could win. Howard shouldn’t be the one to poison the well (although he can) as it adds suspicion on him. Aaryn helping, helps them both. Then once he’s secure, Howard can fight to protect Spencer arguing that he was the 3rd vote. Helen and Candace won’t buy it, but they won’t target him because of Howard’s protection. And they will protect Howard, should one on their side be HOH. If Howard can make sure it’s not 3 MC on the block, they will have the (5) votes to stay safe…but if he can’t ensure that, he can direct which one goes.

All the MC have handcuffs (Jeremy-Kaitlin/Aaryn, Nick-GM, McCrae-Amanda) except Howard and Spencer, which helps each of them within the MC as they are the closest, but is risky outside it. Howard could have Helen and Candace (and be able to trust them) go to bat for him with Andy, Judd, Jessie, while Aaryn will see Howard as her 2nd guy after Jeremy, which means she’ll back him over the other MC in a vote or HOH deliberation.

Howard just needs to remember this isn’t a team game and an alliance is only good for how far it gets you, not the whole group.


Maybe it was just hopeful hearing on my part, but did anyone hear a teaser on BB tonight mentioning Aaryns departure from the show tomorrow night?


@Shannon.. NO I havent heard this??? When did you hear it? O please I hope she is really going! I truly detest her, she’s a disgrace


not happy with the edit, not happy with big brother refusing to just punish their HG’s. why do they seem so against doing this? punishments can lead to some great TV.

and ENOUGH SEX TALK. if I was in that house, I would have gone all willie on Jeremy by now.


I do not like the season at all!! Spencer and Howard just need to chill sometime. They are playing too hard to soon and I am not enjoying it at all. MC needs to come to light to make good TV. I recorded the show and fast forward through most of it. I am sick of gross sex talk.


I hate to be like this, but If Nick goes, I’m done with BB15, I just can’t force myself to believe that in a span of two days, both Jessie and McCrae have flipped to vote out Nick without production influence.


Wait, isn’t there a deal going on right now about how Helen and Elissa will have Judd, Jessie, McCrae, Amanda, Andy and Candace vote out Nick?


Judd will be the best player in this game (possibly all time) if he can persuade Jessie and a few others to vote to keep Elissa

Chilltown Fan

I thought Judd has played a pretty decent game so far. He needs to win HOH soon though if he has a chance of disrupting the MC.


I don’t see how it’s possible for McCrae to have an epiphany after almost three weeks in the house that he should screw the MC and keep Elissa after all of the work he has invested in them, without production influence.


They are going after Amanda and he wants her to stay. he will stay where the votes are. I wish he would stryy from MC and let everyone know about them, then we would get a good BB15. Howard and Spencer will win just as much as the gals!!!


I think Mccrae will be the one to frog this up tomorrow night

Big Sister

This HOH competition had better not be physical and slanted to benefit Jeremy again!


The comps so far haven’t exactly benefited Jeremy more than anyone else……..

Charlie Hustle

YO, what’s up with the Distrust in the triangle of Lust? Maybe the bikini bottom Crust? The aura of Disgust?


bahahaha! thats funny!

billy bob

i dont know if aaryon is racist, she went to a teck 9 concert,u cant be racist and go to a teck 9 and cypriss hill concert,now im confused,


IF Elissa leaves tomorrow, Judd is new favorite aside from Helen and Andy. Judd is growing on me thanks to Simon posting his mumbling. lol. He is this year’s new powerhouse.


I don’t want Elissa to go just to screw with Jeremy and Aaryn, but it might be the best option. If Elissa stays (most likely over Helen) and doesn’t win HOH, she’ll be the target again. I want a chance for Aaryn to get evicted!


tomorrow night is make or break for MCcrae-he has to make a choice between MC or Amanda!! I think he will pick Amanda..although she still might vote Elissa out… but I hope she doesn’t and stands against the other side of the house! Nick is a great playing setting up moves, but I think his social game sucks.(outside of MC) which makes him the weakest of all the guys. I hope he goes!! make for some fireworks!


yeah, but McCrae does see the big picture. He knows Jeremy has the girls & won’t even talk about putting one of them up. He knows they want Amanda out cause “she’s smart”? She has THEM figured out. I think the light bulb went off when Mc also saw how Jeremy flipped the whole “minorities alliance” comment that Arayn said & told Spencer & Howard that Amanda said it & McCrae was right there! He heard Arayn say it. It takes idiots (S&H) to NOT see that Jeremy is surrounding himself with everyone he can while throwing the rest of MC under the bus. McCrae knows this. I believe he will vote Elisse out but after this he will start really playing & get Jeremy OUT. I can only hope! I hope Amanda wins HOH & shakes things up…Mc wins MVP & POV! YES!!!!!!!!!


mccrae already confirmed he’s not flipping on the mc this is all for show they actually have people watching the season now have to have something for tv


I haven’t really had the time to read everything this past week can someone plz tell me who the midt likely evicted house guest will be as of today…


At this point I only want to see Nick voted out, for the sheer joy of watching the responses from Aryan and Germy. I think he’s a great player, I just want to see Aryan and germy taken down a peg.


I’m beginning to like McCrae less. I think his being in the MC alliance and his showmance with Amanda has gotten to his head. He really has a much better shot at winning with the other side. He has a chance to be one of the swing votes in getting Nick out this week and strengthening the other side of the house. However, if he votes out Elissa, he’s in for a rude awakening. He’ll lose Amanda eventually and realize that he’ll be one of the first one out from his own alliance.


We need a poll, who will McCrae vote to evict?


Prediction time: I think Elissa will go tomorrow night (sadly) and Mccrae will win HOH after this next week MC will get destroyed and fighting will start between Mccrae trying to save Amanda and Jeremy other members of MC


OMG this is weird…. So I have Dish I recorded my local news I was done watching the news so I deleted the news and I was recording Big Brother After Dark so it was already on there after I deleted my news I haven’t watched it yet but guess what they said?? My favorite singer Carrie Underwood the contestants said Carrie Underwood is beautiful and Judd said she is a real good person and they were talking about Sarah Evans (I love her she is from Missouri) and I think what I heard was kellie Pickler im not sure they said her they are quiet but I think they said Kellie Pickler I also LOVE LOVE LOVE Kellie and Helen was asking if Carrie Underwood was on American Idol and the answer is yes and she was also asking if America voted again the answer is yes and Judd was saying something about Carrie was at a concert or something not sure but man man man Carrie is my ALL TIME FAVORITE singer and always will be she is WAY WAY WAY more better than Taylor Swift and also Carrie has more vocal in her than what Taylor has I Hate Taylor though I cant stand her although I will say this I would rather sit here and listen to Taylor’s songs than watch on TMZ and watch Justin Bieber piss in a kitchen and see him do drugs and and smoke pot the problem is he is loosing ALOT of fans my cousin use to like him but now since she saw him doing wrong things she is no longer a fan of Justin Bieber. To me Justin is UGLY and am soooooo freaking glad I was never a fan of his I am telling you Justin is doing wrong wrong wrong things and that ya buddy would/could get ya fired from ya job buddy and if y’all smoke pot or do them drugs that’s gonna kill you some day don’t think its not it will then y’all will regret it till the day you die so don’t even start it because you will regret YOU SUCK JUSTIN BIEBER:)))) And its the truth he does suck:))) You rock Carrie keep up with the talented work that you have done in the past many years. Many years to come Carrie. Good luck to Big Brother with the racists comments that y’all don’t like thank me to I don’t like them eather but hey ITS A GAME SO GET OVER IT woooooohooooooo team Aaryn you got this girl you can win if you don’t im going to be sad but ill see ya at the finale night good luck to Aaryn.


Do you need some meds? WTF does any of that have to do with anything. Sorry if that came off wrong…


She doesn’t even go here.


LMFAO sounds like someone needs some of Aryan’s Adderall


I am still thinking that prodution had a hand on Jeremy and Aaryn cup changing approval as opposed to all of the others following the rules on past HOH competition. CBS benefited from all of the Internet buzz about Aaryn and it is quite odd to me that she got paired up with Jeremy by fate for that competition too. I have always been sure that CBS has a lot more to do with the outcome of BB than they let anyone speculate, and this is no coincidence. They are gambling high this season. They picked a bad batch and are having to do damage control. Has anyone noticed the decrease of racist and bigotry on the BB House? Why have the guests changed in the last few days, if they have no information about what is happening on the ” outside world “? Suspicious? They seem to have been told to tone down or maybe they do have access to news from outside and found out that their jobs and lives were being affected buy their demeanor in the BB House.

I am hoping for a nice clean twist tonight like a double eviction or some Pandora’s Box style of thing. Once the high school obsession with Elissa is over, in case she leaves, the remaining people are quite uninteresting and silly. Judd has been a revelation as funny and smart, Howard has his moments, Candice is waking up to the plots, Andy is good at DR sessions. But the rest is garbage. Not prime time Reality TV material. If Elissa gets out tomorrow, they will probably be sorry. I can see some twist of bringing polemic and interesting trouble making past competitors chance to show back up in this unfortunate casted season of silly vindictive high schoolers and pimps wannabe bigotted guys.


How would implementing a Pandora’s Box right now be a clean twist?


why is anyone even questioning this? its obvious where mcrae will vote. he can easily throw the vote on elisa, screw over Amanda and co, and they won’t know it was him. of course, it will likely be the move that sinks his game.

but will he stick his neck out there, heck, will andy stick his neck out there? no. andy and co made it VERY clear that they are happier to sit back and watch the house of Jeremy, than to lose in a 6-5 type vote. why? because they refuse to draw a line in the sand, and people like andy actually believe themselves when they say stuff like ” Ithink im in really good with everybody”….really andy…really.


I really want the alliance to be exposed. Im sick of them acting like no one else can have an alliance, and sick of the OBVIOUS outcome every week if they remain in the house for just a couple more weeks