Big Brother Spoilers Amanda to McCrae “Strategically I’m telling you to vote out Helen”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


11:59Am backyard Howard and Candace
Candace tells him that Amanda is saying he’s not going to vote out Nick and it’s causing the group to fall apart. Helen wants Spencer to go to Amanda and confirm with her that he’s voting NIck out this week.
Candace: ‘They think you are with Spencer and Spencer is on the other side of the house”
Howard: “OK”
Candace: “But don’t tell Spencer that.. Amanda made up this big story.. Amanda is going off the loose end”


12:05pm Bedroom Spencer and Howard
Howard relays what is happening to Spencer says Amanda is telling her side that Howard and Spencer are flipping the vote.
Spencer: “Now heres the thing.. she’s voting Elissa out.. she’s just trying to set up her side for next week so she can make me look bad when the votes come out” Spencer adds that Elissa is going home this week.. he’ll come out and they can talk after his shower.


12:06pm Mccrea and Amanda Backyard
Amanda feeling good about the position they are in. She says they’re good with Jeremy And Aaryn plus they have all the people on their side as well, “The odds right now seem to be in our favor.. as far as we know”
Amanda she says this time they won’t look like the vote flipper.
Amanda mentions that Howard doesn’t want to win the HOH because he wants to be seemed as weak. He told amanda he threw the first two competitions.

MC: “i knew it He’s so fu***ng shady”
Amanda says she will put up Spencer.. not sure about Howard.. She thinks it will be spencer and Jessie on the block if she wins HOH. She mentions Candace isn’t a target anymore because Amanda “Has her”
McCrea: ‘Back door Jeremy”
Amanda: “It’s risky.. I have to make sure I have the numbers”
MCCrea: “Then you have to have Jeremy up with someone that will vote for him”
They wonder if they have the numbers to take out Jeremy next week. Amanda wants McCrea to throw the next HOH to her she’s worried he’s coming off too strong. McCrea: “Thats why I think I’m going up for MVP”
Candace joins them Amanda asks her who she would put up if she wins HOH. Candace: “Definitely someone from the other side that’s racist.. I’ll be like Aaryn shaniqua you on the f*** block”
Candace says her and Howard were talking in bed last night and he told her the plan is the same. vote Nick out. Candace wants to know where their heads are at and if they have talked to Spencer.
Amanda says the plan is the same she asks if Candace is close with Spencer
Candace: “I’m close to Spencer a bit.. You know I sleep with Howie” (LOL Candace has been telling everyone around the house that she ‘Slept with Howie” )


12:50pm Pool Amanda and McCrae

Amanda tells him she’s thinking about voting out Helen. By doing so it means she’s not lying to Elissa or Aaryn. She wonders who the house guests will pin the Helen vote on.
Amanda says McCrae isn’t a good liar so he needs to vote Elissa out, he couldn’t vote Helen and say he voted Elissa.
After some vote counting Amanda now saying McCrae should vote out Helen.

Amanda: “Strategically I’m telling you to vote out Helen”


1:02pm Andy and amanda

Amanda tells him she’s been thinking. There is no way that Helen is leaving and she’s worried when McCrea votes out Elissa it will hurt his chances for MVP. She’s thinking that maybe McCrea should vote out Helen.

Amanda says they (Amanda, Andy, Judd) will all vote out Nick and this way they know where Howard and Spencer are at.
Andy isn’t sure about the plan because everyone will know he voted Nick out because there is no way he would vote against Helen. Andy: ‘Helen’s my girl”
Amanda: “Somehow we need to throw a random vote in there”
She 100% doesn’t trust Howard and Spencer. Andy: “Spencer doesn’t talk game with me anymore.. ever” Amanda: “Ya thats the thing”
Andy doesn’t like the idea of tossing in a random vote because if Elissa does go and they take a gamble hope is lost for some of them.

Amanda wonders if they can get Jessie to vote for Helen.


1:21pm Hammock Judd, McCrea, Jeremy, Amanda

Amanda was taking a Xanax to go to sleep and Elissa came up to her and said “Thats not fair do you think they would give me one” Amanda: “i was like.. You’re the one saying we shouldn’t take any pills .. Ya Elissa they are going to give you one of my Xanax’s.. I’m not going to give you one I have like 30 for the whole summer”. (Elissa had said the only reason Aaryn won the HOH was because she takes adderall. Amanda pointed out to Elissa that she also takes adderall)

Amanda mentions Elissa’s excuse for why Jeremy won the POV competition. He won because his arms are longer.

Jeremy: “I bet her sister is pissed off because she has such a horrible playing sister”
Amanda: “Ya she’s not very strategic”
Jeremy tells them the only reason Elissa made it this far is because she cut deals with people for mvp safety.
Judd: “Ohh she’s gone tomorrow night so.. “

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because candance, andy and a few others are such total wimps, they continue to “rat” on Amanda or elissa for ever talking against “the other side”. Candace should be eliminated on the spot.


Jeremy “the only reason she’s made it this far”

earth the household, “this far” is not even the second eviction.


Not surprising, some of these people are stuck in the early 1960’s….


If the moving company goes after Amanda too early things will fall apart… This stupid faction won’t make it Jeremy turns on them with like 9 or 10 left when he tries to backstab McCrae I see it.


The MC is over this week. McCrae has to vote out Elissa. Hopefully Helen or Amanda win HOH and Helen for MVP. Bye Elissa… you should have been honest at the beginning or lied to the end.


i dont like jermmy he said if amerca dont mvp vote for him they bulshit well let me tell you something jermmy eat shit cause that what you are you never get my vote in your group want eathier helen or judd or candice will get it in one will win hoh to i bet you if i was their you go up in i tell you to your face hardcore style

Jessies Hungry Beaver

These fools are overthinking and overstrategizing. Its week 2, stick to your crew and vote someone out. Way too early for all this nonsense, get some bodies out of that house first


“I’ll be like Aaryn shaniqua you on the f*** block.”

Lmao @ Candice! I would love for her to say that.


MC is making things too complicated way too early. Just get some people out of that house before you have a million side alliances. Horrific game play for week 2

lol what

I’M SO CONFUSED!!! who’s going home who is the real target I’ve never been so lost watching big brother as I am with this season … UGH

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

All we know is, SOMEONE is going this week… I just want that MVP freed up someone else has a chance at it, you know someone who’s playing the damn game the best aka the true Most Valuable Player, but that’s just the unbiased viewer in me.


I am so confuse right now. Is Amanda voting for Elissa or not? EVERYONE is lying and talking behind each other back. It is so hard trying to discover the truth.


Ugh. Damn near all these girls are looking for men instead of playing the game. Geez. Howard f’d up because Candace is telling everybody and their family pet that they slept in bed together.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

mcCrae is looking more feminine everyday, what is Amanda doing to him?


its MANda and mcpussy

Jeremy's Boat

I thought Amanda was on the keep Elissa bandwagon. WTF?


utterly bizarre overplaying from amanda


very true

and judd please give amanda some of your xanax


If they’re not careful they are going to accidently vote Helen out.


Right Simon that’s why she needs to stay I’d like to see that shitty faction squirm…


You are sooo right…. She is hysterical to watch on the feeds.


shes absolutely desperate fishing for mvp votes, has been all week when she realised she was a target


If only Aaryn would be Havenots next week & get nominate at the same time. It would be justice for who entire world to see Aaryn getting evicted.


Why are you so obsessed with me?!


Who r u? What is your last name?


Personally I hope the MC does not survive. A lot of damage can be done in a BB week. I’m not a fan of Amanda, but I hope she succeeds in breaking the MC up. I hope they’re exposed soon.


Nobody in this house is strategic. They are a bunch of chickens with their heads cut off flip flopping back and forth. Pick a damn game plan and stick to it. And stop being such wimps , don’t know if they got the memo but everyone is coming after everyone anyways at some point so be strong pick an alliance and fight it out!!


With Amanda suggesting the Helen votes to sniff out where Spencer and Howard stand, I smell the end of McRae and Amanda….how does he vote MC now without Amanda knowing….It will be interesting.


its so hard to watch the underdog group come soooooo close to figuring it out then candice come in and ruins everything by ratting out amanda to howard. why are most of the girls in this house so stupid when it comes to the guys. just because you snuggled with howard and then he told you he was voting your way doesnt mean hes telling the truth. youre an idiot. this is the first year i dont have a clear favorite. i like someone one minute, then they go and do something totally stupid the next. i guess without hearing the diaries its gonna be really hard to know whos on what side this season.

Suzy Sunshyne

Can I just say that if I was Candice and I got to sleep with Howard, I would be telling anyone who would listen…lol This house is a bunch of liars and it is too hard to keep up with. I think Elissa will get voted out, but I think some of these guest are professional liars.


Moving Company is trying to do too much way to soon and its gonna be their downfall.

big brother

the cast flip and flop alot. Is the vote going to be like this
vote to evict Nick
Vote to evict Elissa
Gina Marie
I don’t know where Macrae gonna vote. Is he going to be loyal to Amanda or the Moving Company.


i would hope this is how the votes go and macrae would see the wisdom and vote out nick. unfortunately hes probably gonna vote out elissa, he cant seem to lie to people convincingly but he should realize out of the group of guys in the MC that hes gonna be a target, no one in the MC is gonna want to take macrae to final two cause he’s likeable. He should jump ship now and blame his vote on howard or spencer to make them targets for next week. Im not sure how jessie will vote either, they dont show her in the diary room that much unless shes talking about what boy to stalk next. so i dont really know whats going on in her brain, although i think since nick jilted her she may vote him out for that reason alone. whoever talks to her last will most likely get her vote.


Danielle Reyes from BB3 is so right. The MC is a horrible alliance. They have themselves twisted up in so many lies they are going to eventually reveal themselves. First of all remember Spencer “weaponize MVP” “weaponize” weaponize”. How many times did he say that. Its week two and two people from his alliance were put up by Ellissa. How did that happen? So much for using her strategically Lol Ian Terry (bb14) was on RHAP making fun of MC. He mentioned how this week their move to get out Elissa is purely personal. They are letting the village idiot Jeremy run their vote this week. It’s week two and most houseguests are like 70% sure the boys are working together. Really you idiots? Two weeks and your being figured out. I can’t stand the MC. It dumb douchebags and assholes. The only likeable person in it is Howard and he is being dragged down by the village idiots. When Elissa goes home Howard and Spencers votes will be revealed. As you can tell im fired up. LOL have a good one everybody


Simon, I just post three comments and still waiting for your moderation.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Simon do you believe if Amanda leaves next week the MC will go to the end? Nobody else is smart enough to figure it out? I McCray on the outs with the MC if Amanda does not leave next week? Who do you think is positioned well and poorly?

Thanks!! This week is ridiculous !!!!!!!!!


can someone please explain to me why jeremy is still in the MC alliance? why would you want to work with someone that much? plus, all this strategizing and it’s only the second week is really annoying. it’s just the beginning, and they focus way too much on the game! i mean seriously, final 2 deals on day like 15 or something?! they should just relax and enjoy themselves a bit.


in 26 hours if they don’t fuck up 14 players will have a chance at MVP, fuck up, and we’ll have yet ANOTHER week of Let’s get out Rachel’s sister…… aka a repeat of the last 2 weeks, which would be boring as hell…


that would be brutal – another 7 days of elissa and mvp

When is BB16?

If McCrae voted out Helen..Elissa would definately be gone


I bet on Thursday that it would be surprise for Aaryn that Julie will deal with her consequence. Please Julie, punished Aaryn for racial remarks. I begging you, do the right thing and punish Aaryn by take away her HoH competition.


out of the MC i only like nick and howard


I have changed my mind wanting Candice for HOH, she’s as dum as those other girls, got to “sleep” with “Howie” & she’s brain damaged. Amanda for HOH for sure this week, I’m can’t even start to wrap my mind around who’s voting for who, I just want someone in HOH to get rid Jeremy or Aaryn…hopefully Jeremy first! McCrae is all over Jeremys bs since he lied & claimed Amanda was the one that came up with the “minorities allinace” when it was Jeremys cheerleader Arayn that said it. Mc sees that Spencer don’t want to hear anything against his hero Jeremy. McCrae ain’t as whopped as they think. I believe after eviction McCrae is gonna take this game back & do things his way, I know he was nervous with his 1st HOH & everything was brand new but now he knows them better & maybe “Howie” will follow Mc since he knows deep down Jeremy is not 100% with the beloved MC…don’t he know that? can’t he see through Jeremy or is he as whooped as Spencer & those stupid girls???


I wish I could give you more than one thumb up!!! I can’t believe that she was the first one to get it figured out, and now she is mesmerized by a couple (ok. more than that) ,muscles! They are making women look dumb! To all you young fellas out there that do not know, we are NOT really that dumb! LOL!




Totally hate Jeremy. What a bully. Grow up!


Why are these people allowed to wig out on Adderall and Xanax? That seems counteractive to having a clear head and being able to strategize and remember things.

shannon maddix

elisa wont go home cbs will make sure of that