Big Brother 15 Last Minute Moves Spencer suggests they flip the vote get out Helen

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


10:20AM houseguests waking up.. Elissa and Helen going over last nights airport baggage items. Andy joins them.


10:27Am Bedroom Spencer and Howard

Howard asks Spencer if Nick is going home. Spencer is certain Elissa is going home they do not think McCrae will flip.
Spencer says they need to talk later about Judd and Andy because Amanda has been poisoning their names to him
Howard: “I got Candace believing me.. Helen is sensitive enough for him to get to her”
Howard points out that Amanda isn’t talking to them anymore and neither is Andy and Helen.

Spencer: “Do you think we should tell Andy and Judd to vote Elissa out.. Howard pauses.. Spencer: “You just think about it i’m going to get another hour of sleep” Spencer adds that he’s going to stick onto Andy for most the day.
(10:29:20AM) Spencer: “McCrea told me Amanda is going to vote to take Nick out.. that means he can’t control her.. and they were spooning last night.. I never seen that before it’s TROUBLE”
Howard: “Damn McCrae”


10:30am Storage room Howard and Nick

Nick: “You heard the news we definitely needs Judd and Andy” (To vote Elissa out and Hide the MC numbers)
Howard: “Yup.. Either way Elissa is going home”
Nick and Howard agree that Amanda has already started to infect their side alliances.


10:35am Howard and Amanda Bathroom
Howard: “Everything sound good”
Amanda: “You tell me”
howard says he’s heard she’s trippin about Spencer and trippin about him
He doesn’t know why she doesn’t confront him about it she’s goes behind his back.
Howard: ‘Whoever trips more make me suspicious”

Amanda says she’s going to vote to Evict Nick and they will know when the full votes come out where everyone stands. Howard: “Ok why are you tripping”
Amanda says people put things into other people’s heads, Amanda says it’s not only her. Howard: “The common denominator is you”

Howard says the only reason they have to go around and reconfirm things is there’s people in this house putting sh!t in their heads. Howard: “If you talk to much you give yourself away.”

Howard says there are people in the house that are not trusting him as much now because of Amanda, “I’m talking to you personally right now”
Amanda: “You are giving me too much credit I don’t have the ability to take away trust..”
Howard: “You can prey on weak people in this game with a big heart”

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10:39am Howard and Spencer Bedroom
Howard tells him about his conversation with Amanda. Spencer says that he talked to McCrae and he told him he’s voting Elissa out but Amanda is voting Nick out. Spencer says MCrae is acting like it doesn’t matter as long as they get the votes to evict Elissa but Spencer says it does matter because when the vote comes out 6 to 5 the Moving Company will be exposed. He suspects that is what Amanda wants.
Spencer says Andy or Helen have a good chance to win the competition. Howard thinks so does Candace.

Howard says he’s going to hit Helen hard hit her emotional right before the vote goes down. Spencer says his trust with Helen and Candace is damage howard has a better chance.


10:47AM Storage room Howard, Andy and Helen Howard is tell them that Amanda is preying on McCrae weaknesses she is going to flip the vote on them and vote out Elissa not Nick. Andy keeps telling him that they have the Numbers so he doesn’t have to worry. Howard knows says the vote is simple this week they have the numbers to vote out Nick.
Howard says Amanda never talked game with him and spence for two days. He adds that if Amanda had concerns with their loyalty why didn’t she come to them to hash it out.
(Howard trying to make sure Andy and Helen are good with him for next week by playing along that he’s on their side and Amanda is flipping)


Howard starts the prayer


11:00AM Have nots Spencer and Helen Spencer tells her he thinks Elissa is going home tonight and Amanda is going to be running around telling everyone that Spencer and Howard flipped. Helen isn’t worried because they still have the votes to get Nick out. She explains that their group has the numbers and strength to make it to the end.
Helen: ‘Use the tools in our disposable.. Elissa is a tool.. why would we vote out the twist… And i’m telling you if the twist comes my way and you are not in my alliance I am coming after you”
Spencer: “Absolutely”
Helen: “The twist is going to come to me at this point”
Spencer: “It will”
Helen tells him she doesn’t want to take the chance they have the MVP twist locked with Elissa they should keep it and control it.


11:11Am Storage room Spencer and Jeremy
Spencer says Dude I know you are dead set to get Elissa out this week and it’s nothing against the MC just spitballing.. Helen stands a good chance of winning the HOH and MVP if Elissa goes. Spencer thinks they can get Elissa out next week she’s not as big of a threat right now as Helen. Spencer even suggests getting rid of Amanda sooner than Elissa.
Spencer: “she is going to be coming after you week after week”
Spencer says helen is a huge f**** threat he thinks they should consider getting her out this week.
Spencer: “Jessie is flipping her vote and is taking out Nick”
Jeremy thinks they should stick to the plan and get Elissa out. They have enough votes with Moving Company and the shotgun riders. HE appreciates Spencer coming to him about this but he’s got this on lock.


11:26Am Andy and Candace

Andy: “If Nick stays we lose this game” He warns her do not listen to anybody if they come up to her at the last minute of the vote. he trusts her 100% Candace says she’s 100% onboard to vote out Nick and so is Howard but she doesn’t know where Spence is at. Andy says it doesn’t matter as long as she votes out Nick they have the numbers.

( I missed the Spencer Helen conversation and the JEremy Helen conversation if you have flashback the last 2 hours have been non stop game talk )
I also missed short conversation between Andy/Amanda and Andy/Helen all they did is confirm that whatever Spencer, Howard and Jeremy are telling them is not going to sway their vote)
11:30AM Helen talks to Candace tells them about talking to Spencer and Jeremy saying everything they said is BullSh!t they have to vote out Nick


11:27AM Howard and Jeremy Jeremy is bringing up his conversation with Spencer where Spencer was tossing around the idea that they should take Helen out this week. Jeremy says he would rather bne taken out by Helen next week than Elissa because at least Helen is playing the game.
Jermey: “If I win HOH the B**** is going up” (Amanda.. Helen. Both? )

11:44Am Feeds on trivia

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Can’t wait for the feeds later tonight, after the voting.

Big Sister

Remember, they come on at 1 a,m. EST tonight. If Nick goes instead of Elissa, the sound you will hear will be me yelling “Yes!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” I want Helen to win HOH.


I dislike Howard all of a sudden.


Especially if he plans on working w/ Aaryn, Jerkemy, and crew.

Charlie Hustle

Its the petulance behind him wanting his cake and eat it too. Setttle for having the votes to get someone evicted. You’re not necessarily going to have the cover to protect your vote. Maybe you have the wrong target if it is so complicated?


What are the odds McCrae flips?


Simon, did you catch Jeremy telling Howard he is upset with Spencer for suggesting voting out Helen instead of Elissa tonight? See cam1 at 11:27:14.. I SWEAR Jeremy says if he wins HOH he is putting Spencer up? Could the MC crumble today on that front too? Might Howard say screw this and vote out Nick also knowing that the MC votes are so close they may be exposed and considering Jeremy’s attitude Howie might not think it worth it? Just a thought..hahahaha!
King Jeremy the Wicked!


King Jeremy the Wicked! Lol! Nice Pearl Jem reference.


UNLESS (idea taken from Black Fish below) – McCrae votes Helen causing a 5-5-1 split which should cause enough chaos that even if some of the MC is exposed the whole thing won’t be.


This is getting interesting. I think Elissa is going home, but MC will be exposed for sure. The MC members have an interesting choice at the moment: (1) either disassemble their alliance and vote out Nick in order to try to continue to control the MVP twist through Elissa, or stay true to each other and risk having the MVP work against them week after week. It seems from blog comments and online polls that Helen, Candice, Judd, and Andy are all favorited above any of the individual MC members, so the MVP will most likely work against the MC until they can get all of those players out.


First of all – I know the blogs/super fans are super hyped on the Elissa side of the house but I don’t really know how the watcher who doesn’t do the feeds feels about it.

Secondly – Nick also has a good bit of traction even with the superfans and is the ONLY one on the MC side that has any potential votes really (except maybe Howard) whereas Helen/Candace/Andy/Judd will probably split Elissa’s votes.

Those are just some thoughts here and there that I’ve had. Though I actually do think it will probably go to Helen or Candace.


I agree– very suspenseful and exciting week 2. Love this site and that I can keep up with the drama and intrigue!


I have this sickening feeling Nick stays. Jeremy wins HOH and we get another NIGHTMARE of a week because HELEN will be the 3rd voted out. You may give me my thumbs down now.


yeah but I think this is a questions comp, I am thinking Helen or Amanda have a good chance. What great TV that would be….isn’t it funny how you just know someone like Kaitlin won’t win a questions comp lol


Watch Kaitlin win HOH now…haha


Jeremy didn’t study the luggage items, I think it is unlikely that he wins HOH, I’m hoping for a Candace or Helen win.


I don’t know that I want Candice to win HOH. What if Howard convinces her to put up Amanda.


Very funny!!! I love the “give me the thumbs down” remark.!!


helen/elissa/amanda/andy/candice/jessie still have a few hours to see if they can pull this off and keep both elissa and helen. jeremy’s ego is to big and he’s so sure he’s running the house, i don’t think he will ever listen to the mc or agree to vote out helen, but i could be wrong. it’s gonna be a great live show tonight!

Flip This House

the wait is nerve wracking …gonna need some of Amanda’s Xanax … ratings are gonna soar big time tonight !! BTW…big shout out to you Simon & Dawg for the best BB website…I’m gonna live on here the next couple of months lol !


Me to I live on this website all summer. I wish they had a winter BB like they did b4 I am addicted. So Thanks simon and Dawg you do a great job. I hope and Pray That That the MC gets blindsided and Nick gets kick out it will be Awesome I mean Awesome to see the look on their face and also to be exposed LOL


That’s what bbcan is for now 😉


Jeremy said in his pre- interview that his arrogance would be his downfall. It appears he was right. Tonight is going to be epic if Nick goes. This will be better than Dan voting Shane out last year. Danielle just cried a little but GM is unpredictable. She will have a complete melt down.


I’ve been saying this for a few days that Elissa needs to go but within the next few hours I think McCrae has flipped and the remaining members of the MC are going to turn on Jeremy Kaitlin and Aaryn. Those three are dunski. Weaponize the MVP best strategy they had going… If MCrae flips and he doesn’t get MVP this is a travesty.


Helen will probably win HoH & MVP so Jeremy & Aaryn are biggest surprise. Please Helen, put up Aaryn, GinaMarie & Backdoored Jeremy so Aaryn will go home.

BB15 letdown

Do the right thing McCrae!!!! Vote out Nick.


Like Dani in BB13, Jeremy’s playing to rectify some personal vendetta, which, if he watched closely, he would know got Dani evicted a few short weeks later. I do not like Jeremy, however, at one point thought, I conceded that if people keep handing him power and he keeps running with it, then he deserves to win….but his lack of foresight and understanding and this rule by emotion gameplay deserves to get him evicted. It’s frustrating to watch houseguests makes such large mistakes, even the one’s you dislike!!!


sorry meant BB14


“10:27Am Bedroom Spencer and Howard
Howard asks Spencer if Nick is still going home. Spencer is certain she is.”

umm… WHAT?

Johnny (the european one!)

Oh, ok, thanks… 🙂

Phew, with so much uncertainty, this new info just popped a few brain cells of mine! 😉

Sad that Nick is on the block and not someone from the Triangle of Thrust, since he did some pretty impressive Gameplay with the MC infiltrating both sides of the house (which he did not get enough credit for during the CBS Shows)… He might go home because Jeremy seems so keen to make sure everybody including McCrae knows his side is the “a$$hole side” of the house. Jeremy makes ppl feel uncomfortable, and he doesn’t even remotely try to sound like a teammate when he talks to Jessie, Andy or Judd, always using the “WE hope you’re voting with US” line. No wonder they feel better on the other side. Very unfortunate for Nick if McCrae indeed does flip.

From McCrae’s point of view, it seems like the better strategic option to switch since he’d play with his showmance, the Forever-MVP and otherwise less threatening people, instead of being aligned with 4 sketchier, dominating big dudes, knowing that Jeremy has several side-alliances. Plus, his own new F4 with Judd and Jessie must be pretty tempting for him…
Sure, telling Amanda about his MC past might be a rough conversation, but he can downplay it as a “fake alliance, which he didn’t tell her about bc he was afraid she’d run her big mouth” (which she can’t really deny having!). The other MC might even NOT tell the house about the MC and his betrayal since they’d have just as much explaining to do after that… Plus, they couldn’t evict him, even if they tried!
So for McCrae, seems to me like keeping Elissa is the smarter move. Still, I hope for Nick that he stays with MC…
Oh, we’ll have to wait… aaarghhh!

If Nick goes, then it’s because of Jeremy’s terrible social skills and the DR hammering constantly into the HGs to “dig for something”, if not more explicit instructions…

I don’t have an issue with the MVP twist per se, or with Rachel Reilly’s sister being in the house, but both together just don’t work. This IS a contest where the huge mass of Brenchel Army followers blindly cast their vote for Elissa, even if Helen does all her thinking, talking and campaigning for her.


glad you specified the European one! i’m the original!! much love from MISSOURI!!! #teamELISSA


I am nervous about Candice, I can’t believe she thinks
Howard is going to vote for Elissa to stay! Can she really
be that naive? I hope not! As for McCrae, I don’t know
If he votes MC tonight I have a feeling his bed is going to get
pretty lonely bec I think Amanda will figure it out


You know, without a doubt, that they will position McCrae to be the final vote.


go back .. Macrae said if they come up and say they (him and Amanda ) are flipping the vote and voting out Elissa its a lie … Macrae told them (Helen Judd Andy ect) that was spencers and howards plan … I think it is bye bye Nick … would so look good on that smug looking face…lol.. the GOOD side knows they have Elissa and also knows really how pooly the other side treaded them .. cant wait till tonight .. PLEASE let Elissa stay .. if only to tick off the GOONS …LOL


The GOOD side? LOL please their a bunch of parasites leeching off Elissa’s rigged unfair mvp status. If it wasn’t for mvp she would be gone & so would either Helen or Andy. Everyone will always look back at this season & think ” the rigged mvp twist & rachel’s sister”.


They don’t wanna hear the real, they wanna believe Big Brother is truly fair for everyone…..

Next week someone who’s actually playing the best game will win MVP, while Elissa is still in the house…

Pretend Time is fun.


I think a lot of people who watch this show are sheep, honestly. They love Elissa because she’s Rachel’s sister. Never mind that watching paint dry is more interesting than her gameplay. She doesn’t deserve to be there. Nick does. If Nick goes home, it’s because BB wanted to tend to their herd.


If Nick goes home, Jeremy would be a total idiot if he were to out the MC. He would basically be admitting to Aaryn that he knew about David’s eviction. He would be left without any allies in the game if he outed the MC. I’m interested to see how the votes turn out tonight.


Jeremy may not out the MC but I doubt he has the foresight to realize he would be outing himself. He is emotional that is why he is trying so hard to get Elissa out. If it was strategic he wouldn’t attack her (or her hat) personally.


This is the craziest 2nd eviction I’ve ever seen.


My new prediction is Jeremy gets kicked off for fighting and they all 3 stay this week. seems about as likely as anything else.


Aaryn, I hope you listening that Julie Chen is not a really good mood. She will deal with you with action and give you a consequence.


I use to like Nick, but he thinks he controls a lot of the people. He thinks like he is Dan, but he obviously cant even convince Melissa she was safe. He is like Peter from BB CAN earlier this year. I really would want Nick out so MC could be fully exposed and I wanna see them squirm. They ain’t NO Brigade.


Yea I used to do too and he’s a really smart player, but his DR sessions are starting to annoy me and his social game sucks. Besides it’s smarter for the house to be rid of Nick.

Stretched Out Vag!na

Why are these fools scrambling around like its the end of the game?? jeez, just fuckin get some hack out of that house and move on.

Charlie Hustle

Howard is ruining his game by putting so much effort into it.

The Black Fish

McCrae should vote for Helen. It’s a 5-5-1 split, and Aaryn votes Elissa out. This should cause enough momentary confusion for the MC to seep back into the shadows. McCrae can claim that this is what Amanda told him to do (and she did). This is the least of the MC’s problems though, they or the mean girls really need to win HOH and boot Helen out. After that, it should be a pretty smooth sailing.


I actually think this is the smartest plan. Then he could tell the “mom squad” side that he did what Amanda told him to do and tell the MC that he did it to cover up the Moving Company.


Please let Nick go home. I want to see Arryn’s face when Elissa slips out of the noose again. Then Helen win HOH and nominate her and Jeremy. Elissa wins MVP and nominates Kaitlyn. Then watch them melt down all week, because either Arryn or Jeremy will go home. Can’t wait for Arryn to leave to the biggest audience boos in BB history. Then Julie can inform her that she has been fired from her agency and lost all her modeling contracts, due to her bigoted remarks about blacks, gays, and ASIANS. Let her try to explain herself in front of Julie’s squnity eyes 🙂


This is exactly what is annoying me about this season. People despise Aaryn so much that they are ignoring what a horrible player Elissa is. Yeah, I’m sorry she’s getting bullied by the mean girls in the house, but why does Nick’s game have to suffer for it? Also, Nick going home is going to be an annoyance to Aaryn-nothing more. They aren’t best buddies and he certainly isn’t David. Some people are so desperate to see this girl fall apart on national television-it’s starting to make a lot of Aaryn haters look no better than her. Don’t forget folks, hate is still hate, no matter the context.


Finally!!!!!! Some good game play and the gals have caught on and do not believe the bully MC”s…Go Amanda, I don’t necessarily like her, but she is getting it!!


Is vote out nick : judd jessie candice amanda andy
Vote elissa : Jeremy spencer howard kaitlin gina
With mccrea being the swing???


Moving Company gets exposed tonight. If I were McRae, i’d be inclined to flip my vote to oust Nick. These guys need to realize that in order to keep their alliance safe, they have to sacrifice Nick. If they cannot convince others to vote out Elissa and Nick stays, people will know how the vote went down.


Not much of an alliance if you’re voting out members week 2 though…


Not much of an alliance when you only play for yourself and not as a team member, Jeremy is been bullying everybody in the house even the MC, F**k that!


I really want them to keep Elissa, not because I want her to win the game or deserves it over Nick, I just want to see the blow up that will happen after tonight’s show. Jeremy needs to be humbled, plus Aaryn will be sooooo pissed and only God knows what will come out of her filthy mouth that will cause controversy this week….it’ll make for great TV that’s for sure. Don’t really have a fav yet so I don’t care who wins, I just want to see a bit of BB justice.


DO you think that if Elissa does leave that they will sequester her and the next evicted houseguest where one will be able to re-enter the game or is is too soon for that too happen?

Johnny (the european one!)

oh, well… they could just give her a 10-minute segment called something like “Elissa – my life AFTER BB” at the end of every CBS show, where she gets to comment on the events in the house and personally address the Brenchel Army to tell them who to vote for MVP.
Would be just as fair…
To answer your question, if the DR’s attempts to save her didn’t work, I’m sure they have a plan B. They always do. :/


This is crunch time for MC moving forward.

Spencer is so concerned with keeping the MC under wraps…but his overplaying is precisely why simple vote manipulation is impossible. He played that card last week and made himself suspicious. Thinking he can go back to the same well is wishful thinking. He played too hard and too fast, exposing himself. But there is a play to help his and Howard’s position, providing Howard is ready to take some risk.

Late today Howard needs to pull Candace aside and tell her Amanda is flipping and trying to blame him. She’s carrying McCrae with her. And the fact that she’s been trashing me and now Helen and Andy aren’t talking game with me, makes me think they’re buying her lies and I’m going to be blamed. He has to tell her he trusts Spencer and they’ve already discarded him and now he’s next. Then he has to say they’re both thinking of voting to keep Nick because he’s offering them safety, while Helen, Elissa and Andy are going to turn on him because of Amanda and he will be the 1st target after Jeremy is gone. Howard has to play up how Helen and Candace are the only ones he trusts and now Helen is dropping him…AND that’s why he’s looking for shelter from the other side and he wants Candace to come with him.

Candace will bite and pull Helen to talk to him. Howard repeats the story, remaining adamant that his vote and Spencer’s vote is irrelevant because Nick has the votes already and Amanda already has their side ready to blame Howard, so why not jump to safety? Now Helen could be arrogant in her confidence and give Howard an ultimatum, but I think she will reel him in nicely. Howard calms down but says that he’s voting out Nick and will talk to Spencer, but if they blame him when he stays, then him and Spencer are free agents.

When the vote breaks 6-5, Howard says it was Jeremy, Kaitlin, GM, Amanda, McCrea, and Jessie. Now Helen and Candace will suspect Spencer, but Howard can tie his loyalty to them with Spencer as a package deal. He will also put suspicion on Amanda (positioning McCrae as manipulated) and Jessie. It’s a divide and conquer strategy. Will Howard still face suspicion? Sure, but he’s going to anyway…Spencer too. There’s an old rule in politics: Hang a lantern on it. This means that when you have a problem/weakness, you draw attention to it yourself. Address it at the very start, so when your opponents try to use it, it’s old news and you’ve already inoculated the audience with your slant. Essentially, Howard needs to bluff with a preemptive strike. The MC is going to be vulnerable going forward, especially depending on this weeks HOH and MVP, so Howard needs to get out in front and take some risk. If it doesn’t work, then he can play up how he was betrayed and a non-entity and there will still be bigger targets than him anyway, so now’s the time to act.


Coming from the guy who’s feeding me lines through his great coverage, I can only say you are far too kind.

Charlie Hustle

Haven’t heard or seen much to suggest Howard is capable of pulling a stunt like this off. He won’t be the only one playing an angle.


I just don’t think MC is smart enough to pull something like this off.

Johnny (the european one!)

Great post and interesting theory… but my impression is that Candice is already over the point of no-return: she feels good with Elissa, Helen and the Brenchel Army-MVP; she hates the “other side” anyway, and she’s already been told that “whoever comes to you in the last moment and tells you to switch your vote, don’t listen!”
So I’m afraid the only reaction Howard would get from Candice would be dropped shoulders, a sigh and a “I’m so disappointed that they were right concerning you”.
Even if she has a crush on him, it would be throwing her game away for her to go to the side where she knows they don’t like her anyway.


WOW, it seems as if the “outcasts” have figured it out and plan to remain strong no matter what ANYONE SAYS!! I hope so. You never know though. Some minds are WEAK!


This is one of the best BB’s yet !! I so love the MVP Twist. If it weren’t for MVP we would have J/K/S/H/A/NMC/GN rule the whole house. Everyone would be “voting with the house” each and every week. It wouldn’t be until the end where it would get somewhat interesting. Only week two and so much is going on. The MVP Twist has made it more interesting and less predictable week after week. GREAT CALL BBUS !!!


The MVP twist makes HOH pointless for 1 side of the house….most unfair shit ever, especially when the same person that don’t deserve it keeps getting it.

Johnny (the european one!)

The MVP twist would be cool with an all-new cast, with no ties to celebrities and no Army voting for 1 HG regardless of what they do.
Here, if the toaster was named Reilly, the toaster would get MVP.


Spencer is such a terrible player if he didn’t have a super alliance backing him up he would be in BIG trouble.


What to look forward to tonight . . .

-Julie’s HoH interview with Aaryn. Interesting to see how that goes.
-The vote: I’m going with the 5-5-1 possibility so that the blame shifts to Aaryn for Elissa’s eviction.
-The HoH comp: I have this sneaking suspicion that Candice will win this, but don’t rule out Helen either.
-The live feeds after the live show: BOOM goes the dynamite!


I do think that the best move to keep the moving company from being exposed is for McCrae to vote out Helen. Unless another HG surprises us, he is the swing vote and if he votes out Helen, it will give Aaryn the chance to get the blood on her hands. It would be great to see her leave next week. I also think it would be interesting if Amanda wins the HOH competition, which she might because she seems smart enough. This will really rattle the house! Very exciting episode coming up tonight!!


I gotta disagree. I think that a Helen vote will be a completely transparent move that will reveal to everybody on both sides that something is amiss. At the end of the day, it just doesn’t make sense for the MC to do anything other than secure Nick’s safety and Elissa’s eviction. After that, HOH will decide their next move depending on who wins, but overall the idea will just be to point the finger in so many different directions that it just creates confusion. Nick can play a huge role by going to Helen and saying that everybody except her, Candace, and Howard promised him safety, so he thought he’d get 2 more votes (they just can’t try to protect Spencer too hard…he’s made his bed and he needs to fight out of it). Howard can blame Amanda and her tricking poor McCrae and Jessie, Spencer can blame Andy, Judd, and Jessie. You could even prompt Aaryn to chime in secretly that it was Jessie, Andy, and Amanda.

The MC needs to come to grips with reality. This is a game with far too many variables to control, so stop thinking you can control it. Just play the game, respond to problems, and just make sure there is always 1-2 non-MC on the block no matter what. They need to draw back their objectives so they are easier to accomplish and stop blowing their chances with micromanagement of every single nominee and eviction. They all can’t win the $500K and the quicker they accept this. the better their chances.

Charlie Hustle

Or very differently than the MC is playing it.


This season will be ranked among the most rigged ones in history with EvilDick8AmericanPlayer and CoupDétat Jordan ….Why watching…We already know the scipt by Production…the final3 will probably be Andy Helen Elissa…..HOH has almost no Power this season…it is a popularity contest


The MVP is probably gonna end in a few weeks so anything can happen after that. It’s too early to predict the winner and I hope it’s one of the underdogs that win it.


If Nick goes tonight, this has the potential to ruin the game for the entire summer. As long as Elissa keeps winning MVP (and she will…it’s been made just for her) and maintains the dominant alliance in the house (which will happen once McCrae flips), she’ll be able to pick off one of the remaining five (Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, Aaryn, Kaitlin) every week no matter who wins HOH. There will be little drama at all because she’ll have the votes each week and everyone will continue clinging to her power.

I don’t think production has thought out this twist too well.


I wouldn’t worry too much, MC still has the numbers to get Elissa out, if they were smart they’d put one vote(McCrea) on Helen, so Aaryn sends Elissa home, but most likely it will be a 6-5-0 vote against Elissa. I highly doubt Elissa makes it through tonight, even if it would make for some interesting live feeds if Aaryn gets blind sided again. Either way I hope the MVP twist ends by jury since I agree it pretty much takes away the HOH’s power, which if frankly not the way Big Brother is supposed to work.


Once McCrae flips (which he’s basically done), Elissa has all the power (both a nomination and the numbers). And will have it for the rest of the game as long as the MVP twist is in place.

Johnny (the european one!)

yup, if Elissa stays, there will be 2 POV comps a week: the “comp formerly known as HOH comp” and the “POV comp”.
HOH will only mean personal safety and a nice bed.
That’s why I hope Elissa goes, even if I don’t have a personal problem with her.


I have no problem with Elissa, but if she stays this week, it has the potential to destroy the game and any real drama until the twist is gone. The people that have opposed her stand no chance, which isn’t supposed to be how this game works.


If Nick goes home, then Elissa wins HoH
I hope Aaryan, GinaMarie and Jeremy gets
wild and physical so one of them gets expelled.

Nicks Sexuality?

is Nick scared of these wild, untamed beavers in the house? he cant hook up with gina or jessie? it what universe does this kid get ANY p*ssy?


I guarantee without having ever met you, that he could easily get more than you.


Simon HUH? Jeremy says he would rather bne taken out by Helen next week



HOH Condom Box

did anyone find the second condom box in the HOH or is someone actually having actual intercouse in the house?

Charlie Hustle

What does it say that BB gave Aryan TWO boxes of condoms? They must have anticipated a straight week of freaknik.


I love the fact that when Helen threatened Spencer, he goes around that she should be the next to go. Moving company is now out of business, if I were to be Howard or Spencer I would flipped back to my original alliance so as to assure that their game is covered.


Floating back to Elissa’s MVP power is really the only chance Spencer and Howard have left. Otherwise, they’ll be easily picked off over the next five weeks unless production gets rid of this awful twist. It’s really created a bit of a rigged game.

Johnny (the european one!)

that’s what I fear for Nick: McCrae having a conversation with Howard and Spencer right now, starting with the words “… ok guys, listen…”.


Yeah Jeremy, win that HoH so that you can get rid of weak ones. Dude, you can’t win HoH with Q&A. How dumb & stupid are you? Aaryn will be evicted next week so go crazy & nuts so they will expelled you from the game.


listen to this great theroy if spencer vote out helen in jermmy ,kiklan,howard,gina ,vote out elssia an judd,andy,candice jesse amanda ,vote out nick an if mcare that he want to save both side by vote out helen in dont know about spencer vote thinking he going to vote out elssia then we have helen an elissa saying in jermmy well out the moving company and helen and candice and elssia could just laid back for weeks


The Moving Company is over. It never had a chance. There were too many side alliances. And McCrae is a wussy. Amanda is playing his game. He was sitting pretty and he drew a huge target on his back by flipping.

The Black Fish

Goal #1 for MC next week: Tell Spencer to STFU


So what about the supposed cheating on the HoH comp by Arryn and Jeremy, did that get addressed? Is it going to? Not like BB is a stickler for rules but they usually like to bend them for fan favorites like Elissa right?


Apparently Spencer is even flipping now. Good grief.


I don’t remember in BB history week 2 being so intense, so divided, and so much game talk by everyone. It’s a true no floater Summer!!!


I don’t get why people keep saying the HoH has no power because of the MVP. The MVP is not at all diminishing the HoH’s power. The houseguests that have to vote are! The MVP simple puts up another option for the house to get rid of. But for whatever reason, the house continuously acts as if there are only two people on the block instead of three. If the houseguests really wanted to get rid of Helen this week or Jessie last week, they could have. Instead, THEY chose to go after David and in this case, Nick. To me, the MVP only has as much power as the houseguests give them, and these people continuously give the MVP a ton of power and then complain about the MVP having so much power afterwards. Just like the HGs ignore one of the HoH’s nominations, they could also ignore that MVP nomination since they claim to hate Elissa so much. The issue at hand is that these HoH’s continue to put up weak players, only to be met by the MVP, with a strong player. Who is the house going to vote against now? David, who was excellent at endurance, and has a strong alliance, or Jessie who has no allies? This week who is the house going to vote out? Helen, who is truly only allied with one person, or Nick, who has an army behind him and has mental strength in terms of gameplay, AND who is great at endurance comps? Voting out Nick seems like the best option. To be honest, Elissa has MVP but it would be void if they truly hated her as much as they claim. They call her a “cunt” 20 times over yet these same people sure took advantage of her putting David up, and now Nick. They get to vote out who they want with no consequences. Especially seeing as though the average HG this year is too dumb to count the votes. Aaryn for example hates Elissa and absolutely blames her for David going home not taking into account the fact that he would not have went home if PEOPLE HAD NOT VOTED FOR HIM. A nomination is nothing without the votes to send that person home and these HGs are giving the MVP just that. And then have the nerve to complain about it.


As long as Elissa has MVP (which she will) and the numbers (which she will because everyone is smart enough to float to power), HOH doesn’t matter in the slightest as they won’t be able to get out who they want.

Let’s just say that Jeremy wins HOH and puts up Elissa and Helen again next week. All Elissa has to do is put up Kaitlin and have her “alliance” vote Kaitlin out and Jeremy’s HOH becomes meaningless. This could happen four more times after that if production keeps the MVP twist too. That’s what we’re looking at for the future of this game.


Oh, if you have alliance, it’s absolutely unfair. no doubt about it. I just didnt understand what the huge hoopla was about in regards to the first eviction specifically. Everyone was against Elissa, meanwhile they were all taking advantage of the nomination she put up, all the while trash talking her, her MVP status, and strongly discussed wanting her gone. In this particular situation, they gave Elissa, who even with the MVP had no power, all of the power, and then proceeded to complain about it afterwards. To be honest, if Elissa survives, I really don’t think she’s going to get MVP again in a row. Her fans may be voting for her but I think Production is smart enough to know that them handing it to her week after week is going to look beyond shady on their part and is going to get really old really fast. Those that scream that Elissa’s going to get it the entire season make me laugh only because it’s like, honestly, how likely is that and why in the world would production (even if Elissa really did get the votes), do that? They’ll more than likely hand it to someone within the alliance if anything, not that it really makes a difference seeing as though the alliance will be making a group decision as to who to put up. I’ve seen a large majority rallying around Helen to get it, it seems, but the whole “Amanda against Racism!” agenda they’re pushing makes me feel like she’s going to get it somehow. I do know for certain it will never land in the hands of Aaryn, GM, Jeremy or Kaitlyn. Spencer’s a toss up seeing as though they haven’t portrayed him negatively just yet. People seem to be voting for whoever is against Aryan Nation. I think that this voting situation (last week and this week) just goes to show that MVP, in Elissa’s case, truly doesn’t mean l that much, especially if the MVP holder is a vote away from going home. If people want you gone, then you’re leaving. But like you said, once those alliances start forming (solid ones – not this first day in the house BS) that’s when we’ll begin to see just how unfair this MVP thing is.

Johnny (the european one!)

“I don’t get why people keep saying THE HOH HAS NO POWER BECAUSE OF THE MVP”

You’re right. what should be said is “if there are 2 clear sides in the house, and Rachel Reilly’s sister is the only HG with an Army to vote for her as MVP regardless of how much she actually deserves it, and she’s aligned with (ie weaponized by) the side with the bigger numbers, then THE HOH HAS NO POWER BECAUSE OF THE MVP – besides personal safety for the week and a nice bed.”


I’m trying to get the whole “Rachel’s sister” thing but I don’t think tht explains it at all. I, myself, went into BB15 expecting to hate Elissa’s guts simply because of association. But when I saw Aaryn make that comment about Elissa on the CBS show saying how she was pissed Elissa thought they were dumb and lied, my face was beyond confused and I knew they would instantly be on a mission to vote the woman out of the house for all of the wrong reasons. They were upset that she got on because she was Rachel’s sister but how is that any different from Kaitlyn being found at a bar? or the plethora of other BB contestants being scouted for their looks? The first vote was pure popularity, as would the vote had been if Elissa was not there – something that numerous people outright stated. CBS expected people to vote for MVP based on a sentence. Did they or you really think that’s how people would vote? Absolute not. ot was about either looks, personality, and with Aaryn’s ever flowing racism, and the house’s immense hate towards Elissa, the vote went towards her. If Elissa joined in on the foolery, do you honestly think she would have the votes? If she came in there with Aaryn’s personality, she’d be hated just as much as her sister was. Worse, in fact. With the second vote, the majority of people rallied for Elissa and if you read on any BB blog, you will see people outright state, “A vote for Elissa is a vote against Aaryn” and that’s how a lot of people viewed it. No one likes a racist and the public made sure to get it to Elissa, as that is who the hateful house was against. If Jeremy, GM, Spencer, Aaryn, Kaitlyn, Amanda, McCrae (by association w Amanda), are all saying derogatory things, they immediately become out of the running for MVP. That leaves Howard, Candice, Andy, Nick (who, if voting based on gameplay deserved MVP), Jessie, Helen, and Elissa. Howard is aligned with Spencer which for the most part negated his chance as MVP. Candice appears flip floppy at times. People want to have an idea as to what will be done w the MVP and if they had no assurance that if was going to be used to take down the other side of the house, it wasn’t going to be given to her. Andy is the hugest flip flipper and I can never tell whose side he is truly on as he was doing quite a lot of running back and forth to Aaryn to relay info, which is a no-no at a time when Aaryn’s America’s most hated player. Nick’s alliance to the MC is an alliance with Jeremy and people simply do not want to see that alliance win. Jessie doesn’t even need to be talked about. Quiet floater. Helen would have gotten it but why not just give it to Aaryn’s known nemesis, Elissa. Basically, the first MVP was popularity. This second was pure emotion as the viewers looked at it as a vote against Aaryn. It was a “She won HoH, so what can we do now to mess up her game” situation. But I honestly don’t think the reason was “Well she’s Rachel’s sister.” Someone like Jordan, okay. But Rachel’s relative? Not too sure and I’m not really sold on that reasoning.

Johnny (the european one!)

check out how many “Brenchel Army” there are. Check out how they’re all communicating via Twitter and other social media. Check out how “bonding” the experience seems to be for them to rally and watch this new season with their Idol’s sister “playing” and to have a common “champion” to root for and to vote for.
Then repeat what you just wrote.


TWO cameras on Jeremy JUST SITTING THERE! What the he**!!!!!!!!!! People everywhere & 2 cameras on him…by himself…just sitting there!!!!!!!! I HATE HIM! Get OFF HIM!!!!!!


As of now who will be evicted tonight?


Probably Nick. It’s going to take a miracle to save him.