Andy says that EVERYONE needs to STOP FREAKING THE F**K OUT!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy

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3:15am Elissa, Candice, Helen and Andy are in the havenot room studying the details of what they saw and remember. Meanwhile Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aaryn are up in the HOH room going over what they saw. Aaryn says that she was distracted by a hot dog. Jeremy goes through what he remembers seeing. Aaryn tells them that Nick has already fu*ked up. She says that he can’t remember any of this. In the bathroom – Judd and Jessie are whispering. Judd tells her that doesn’t want to be seen talking to Helen because he doesn’t want anyone to think something is up. Jessie says that they (Jeremy, Kaitlin, Aaryn) didn’t treat her with respect. Helen and Amanda head into the storage room. Helen tells Amanda that Candice was able to repeat the second round of things. She says that she thinks Candice has a photographic memory. Elissa and McCrae are studying in the lounge room. Judd and Spencer are on the couch. In the living room Spencer is talking to Judd. Spencer says that there is something happening that I just can’t put my finger on. Judd says not that I know of. Spencer tells Judd I want you to be 100% honest with me. Judd says he has been. Spencer says that he just feels like something is going on. Judd tells him that nothing is going on. Spencer says that he is just feeling paranoid. Judd says that he is being paranoid. The live feeds switch to TRIVIA.

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CBS Interactive Inc.

4am The live feeds return – Helen and Elissa are in the havenot room studying. Meanwhile Spencer, Andy and Judd are studying in the living room. In the bedroom – Howard and Candice are talking about Amanda and McCrae. Howard says that Amanda is totally domineering McCrae. Candice says that when she was put on the block and went up to the HOH it was Amanda who threatened her. She says that McCrae didn’t even say a word. In the havenot room – Judd, Elissa, Helen, Jessie and Amanda are talking. Amanda tells them that they have to make sure no one gets into Candice’s ear before the vote. Jessie talks about the racist comments Aaryn has said. She says that Candice is sick of it and says that she can’t wait to put Aaryn up on the block. Andy tells Jessie that they are safe every week regardless of HOH because of Elissa will be MVP. Andy says that we have MVP on our side and the person we put up will go.

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5am In the havenot room – Andy is freaking out about how everyone needs to just calm down and vote out Nick. He tells Spencer we have the numbers to keep Elissa. Andy and Spencer quickly go over details of what they saw. In the lounge room – Helen, Elissa, Candice and McCrae are talking. Andy comes in and tells Helen and Elissa not to be so obvious. Andy says that we are voting out Nick, its done! Candice comes into the lounge room and tells them that she doesn’t play in fear. She says that she didn’t like how Amanda told her that she was going to be nominated. Candice says that Howard has been saying the same story since 6 days ago. Candice says that Howard is not voting to keep Nick. I don’t like how Howard is being thrown under the bus. I do not know about Spencer. Candice leaves. Andy tells the others to not worry about it, Candice is voting with us. They tell Amanda not to threaten Candice that she is going up any more. Amanda says that she wasn’t threatening her. Amanda says why is Candice so stupid, I can’t stand stupid people. They continue to study the details for the competition.

5:50am – 6am Spencer and Andy are studying the details. Andy says that he is going to try and get some sleep. Spencer says that he will need to study with Andy tomorrow. Andy says sure. (Andy plans on studying with Spencer but is going to study the wrong information to make sure he doesn’t win the HOH.) Andy tells Spencer that everything is fine we are voting out Nick.CBS Interactive Inc. Andy says that Elissa has to stay and Nick has to go. Spencer says agrees. Andy and Spencer go to sleep. Meanwhile in the havenot room – Elissa and Helen are studying.



6am – 6:20am In the lounge room – McCrae comments on how them up stairs are stupid because they haven’t studied at all. Amanda agrees. They then start studying the details of what they saw. McCrae says that he hopes there is another one just to really mess people up. He says that you can really tell who likes their sleep. Howard and Jeremy both didn’t care about studying and would rather sleep. McCrae says that the people that study the most usually do the best on these competition. McCrae tells Amanda that she can’t threaten Candice. Amanda says that she didn’t. McCrae tells her that she did because Spencer took it as a threat too. McCrae tells her that she needs to be careful what she says. They start studying again. Amanda says that she thinks everyone is focusing on the wrong things. McCrae agrees and says that it’s not going to be about every little detail. It will be What came first, What came before, What came after. Amanda agrees. McCrae says it’s information overload. Amanda agrees. They leave the room to go to bed.
6:20am – 6:35am All the house guests are now in bed trying to sleep.

7am Still sleeping..


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so wait now nick could be voted out is the moving company about to be moved out of the bb house #blindside

QAZ Allison Grodner



gotta vibe that Candace is gonna win HOH

Johnny Conservattive

Can someone tell me how they think the vote will go based on what people are saying in the house? Thanks


Nick leaves: Andy, Candice, Judd, Jessie, Amanda, McCrae
Elissa leaves: GM, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Spencer

although tbh the first 6 seem pretty locked and i could see howard and spencer jumping ship. at this moment, nick is leaving, but it has been REALLY flip floppy


I hope that Howard and Spencer figure out that they do not have the votes to keep Elissa and flip before they vote.


I hope Candice doesn’t believe Howard when he tells her the last minute that the house flipped and she buys it.


McCrae has already prepped folks for the last minute nonsense from Spencer and Howard


McCrae is going to vote with the MC, is he not? Isn’t his alliance with Amanda and the others just for show? So confused!

Johnny Conservative

Women can make men do strange things. I would also bet she is the best looking women he was ever with.


I think McCrae is done with the MC. He hasn’t been talking much with them and he probably felt like the bottom man on the totem pole. Also, he told I forget who (Elissa?) that Howard can’t be trusted AND that Howard is gonna tell certain people that the vote has been flipped to keep Nick


Incredulously doubtful that McCrae would turn on the MC knowing full well he’d be ousted of his betrayal by his beau Amanda.. unless he could possibly get Amanda to keep mum, which seems unlikely for blabbermouth.


He knows he is going to get blasted. But I think that he 1) is done with Jeremy and 2) is beginning to feel most of the MC are sketchy at best.


Doesn’t really matter if MC attacks him or not, the side he is (hopefully) on will have the numbers. I wish these people are strong and have a spine and do the right thing and go after the freaky three. If Kaitlin, Jeremy and Aryan leave the house, it wil be a better show to watch. Jeremy is a vile human being and hearing his voice makes me want to stab my eye out with a fork over and over.


Mom Squad For The Win!

STFU Donnie

We’re watching a very different game:

Votes to evict Elissa: The Moving Company (4), Kaitlin, GM for 6 votes and that’s all that’s needed.
Votes to evict Nick: Candace, Andy, Judd.

Up for grabs: Amanda is most likely with McCrea and is just trying to cover herself and stir trouble on Elissa’s side, but she could pull a fast one, mistakenly thinking she’s the 6th vote for either side, Jessie is a leaf in the wind and Judd, the new powerhouse, thinks way more of himself than everybody else. including Jessie, who strikes me as insecure and immature. She wants to be with the “pretty, popular” people and Judd is the friend who doesn’t know he’s just a friend. Howard and Spencer might shove her to Elissa just to manipulate the numbers for cover.

My prediction is 7-4 Elissa goes…but no matter what Nick has 6 votes.


Nope – McCrae is jumping ship. Amanda always wanted to keep Elissa, as did Judd and Andy. Candice wants the boys gone since she figured out the “boy alliance” and Jessie is following Judd. Jeremy did a lot to damage the MC and Aaryn & Kaitlin alienated Jessie.


Is going to be a close one sorry Nick fans but is going to be a fight till the end I don’t see any one staying by a landslide.


This relitive thing and mvp thing so unfair…why didnt production be fair this season and bring all relitives of vets so we would choose our fav vet reIlitiv for MVP. but they didnt.. so Elissa whos prob staying will get it every week and pick these players off one by one.. shell take bff Helen and Elissa will win the game… plane and simple. HOH doesnt even matter anymore…bb15 u should have gotten idesas from bbcanada..

Charlie Hustle

Agree and disagree. What are the odds that of all of the people who try to get casted for this show, that the sister of a BB and reality TV star, would make the list. Her relationship got her on the show, her relationship might also be her downfall. I can’t imagine another past HG who would influence the opinions of their family member more than RR.


It won’t be her downfall if Production keeps influencing the votes. I’m pretty sure this is going to be my last season of BBUSA because production interferes way too much!

Charlie Hustle

So if Andy, Judd, Jessie, Amanda, Candice, and McCrae or Spencer or Howard do what is arguably in their best interests and Nick is voted out, Production has unfairly influenced the show? Meanwhile, Aryan, Jeremy and by proxy Kaitlyn can lambast Elissa for no obvious reason besides the fact that their treatment of her and others has had at least something to do with her winning MVP and the major divisions in the house. And this doesn’t affect on the outcome.

I could care less who goes home. I see the benefit of both Elissa and Nick being evicted, but there would only be major drama with one eviction…I lead that way.


No, my problem lies with McCrae’s vote. He was on board with evicting Elissa until he came out of a diary session. And all of the house guests have been saying that production is trying to help them figure something out about Nick or asking them a lot of questions about why he is so sketchy. That is my problem.


That is something that they have always done. They present various scenarios and suggestions. But, at the end of the day it is the HG’s choice. Remember last year with Ian’s Golden Egg Veto? He told Brit that Production was talking about him not using it – but he did. Free will.


I agree. Savr for a handful of players, this house has royally sucked at this game. No way they managed to unify to vote out nick without production in their ears. This is likely to appease the anti jeremy viewers who aren’t smart enough to understand nick’s game are lumping him in with the mean girls. Whatev bb, cheat all you want to keep elissa in the house. You can’t make her interesting or watchable. Killing nick’s game this early simply assures someone who knows how to play the game won’t win.

Also, riding elissa’s coattails is a pathetic strategy. Andy and helen will never get my vote for mvp.


true without MVP elissa would be gone, but it just goes to show how shitty this cast is that one of the most controversial player’s sister (who isn’t that great or exciting anyway) is getting voted MVP week after week. multiple sites show her to be the fan favorite at the moment, and she can thank racist assholes like aaryn for that.


I think Elissa will win America’s favorite houseguest so Rachel will finally have Elissa winning 25k.


I think many people vote for Elissa right now because she is being needlessly picked on. Once the bullies are out of the house I think the viewers will have the time to actually have favorites and she won’t get all the votes because there will be less people to chose from and more concentrations of votes elsewhere.


Good point, but when will the finally go after the bullies, so we can have decent show to watch?


Not sure if you have noticed but Elissa is also the biggest target in the house. She’s been nominated both weeks.
Say what you want about the advantages but don’t ignore her disadvantages.

VA Vet

Exactly! It’s hard for Elissa to develop strategies when most of the house guests are against her. And not because of anything she have done, but because she is related to Rachael.

If BB had recruited intelligent people for this season, they would have been climbing over each other to have Elissa (and the MVP) on their side until the herd had been sufficiently trimmed down to a controllable size. Instead, their ego’s are such that they think THEY deserve MVP and have to get rid of Elissa so that America will give them the credit they deserve.

Charlie Hustle

Aryan, Kaitlyn talk about what they saw.

K: I saw jeremys ass. I saw his balls. I saw his tonsils. I saw his…

A: I saw black, asian and gay people.

Flip This House

OK Charlie, that was good ……..LMFAO….Aryan’s gonna need the witness protection program after her run on BB…I guess you could play the game ” I See___” with all the HG….Spencer’s would be: ” I see c**ts “


i need a straight shooter, and i still feel like there is a very good chance Nick gets blindsided and sent home.

I can’t believe it will come down to Howard/Jessie’s vote. I just remember that Nick basically shunned her, and as most girls do – they hold grudges. Correct me if I’m wrong, but that could very well be the game changer if he doesn’t put his Dan like charm on her … thoughts? Howard is a snake and I wish these girls would stop being so dick whipped, and get their head in the game! #SMH #teamSimon


I guess I’m the only one that doesn’t understand the “need for a straight shooter”? If anyone of these people were “straight shooters” to everyone it would pigeonhole them into a particular alliance although psychologically it could make their every word trustworthy, in the long wrong, but still highly unlikely. Besides that I agree although singling Howard out was a bit unfair..


you wouldn’t understand straight shooter, if you didn’t watch the season with shelly …. it was just play on words, and that girl was straight shooting. she was also a snake.


I’ll be bad for Elissa leaving because of Aaryn’s idiotic moves. No wonder your racist and also a cheater. I can’t wait to see you get evicted next week so everyone will heavily booed at you.


Anyone can fill me in??? is elissa or nick going?????
I reli hope it will be nick!!!!
the moving company needs to melt down…
Go HELEN!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WIN THAT HOH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Hasn’t BB warned Aaryn about her comments??? She is still making offensive and personal attacks. I wouldn’t mind if she talks trash of someone’s strategy, but personal attacks is NOT part of the game! She needs to be taught some lessons because she is definitely not raised right!


Wait till tonight. I hope Julie Chen will give her a consequence of her racial remarks. She deserve to be punish is either getting her expelled, benched her HoH for entire summer, or even get nominated next week and can’t play the PoV as well. Pray for Aaryn to get justice.


It would be nice to see but I don’t think they’re going to interfere with the game like that. She’ll face the consequences on the other side. That girl is in for a very rude awakening.


That’s not cool, I would love to see Julie Chen give her a consequence. She deserve to be kicked out.


How about this – those that have repeatedly made racist, bigoted, mysoginistic comments will not be eligible to play in this week’s HOH and will be Have Nots for the week – oh, and Jeremy, your Not Have Not is revoked for this week. Deal with it!


That would be much better, Aaryn will be stunned that Julie Chen will give her a consequence.


i hope my boobs win HOH tonite!


But you are Amanda’s boobs. So her boobs have boobs?


Best comment ever.


Howard is a wimp. If you know and heard someone make derogatory and racist comments and don’t agree with it… Stand up for them and stand up for yourself! Be a man. He doesn’t have to be aggressive but he has to tell Aaryn that its not cool. Thinking of his game is not an excuse. What kind if thinking is it if you keep her and her ignorant alliance around so they could possibly be in the jury and if it comes down to you and a white opponent… She and Team Ignorant will NOT vote for you to win! I’ve loss respect for you Howard. Candice is a smart girl but she is falling for Howard’s I am a good honest Christian man facade. Sad because Helen, Elissa, Judd, Andy & Candace are perfect Alliance that can go final 5. Jeremy needs his ass kicked, Aaryn & GinaMarie needs to have some self awareness and Kaitlin needs to self esteem therapy and Jessie needs to apply for The Real World on MTV. Spencer? He needs his d&€* cut off by a woman.


OMG.. If Nick gets evicted, I cant wait to see the faces of Kaitlin, Aaryn, and Jeremy. Priceless! I’d like to seen Helen get MVP next, but I guess Elissa will get it if she’s still around.


Oh, and I can’t forget delusional love sick GinaMarie… She’s gonna be pissed. awesome.

Charlie Hustle

She’ll take the victimization to an entirely new level. Aryan was pissed after a week, GM hasn’t even gotten a kiss.


I think the people who are voting Elissa (assuming she stays tonight) should all collectively choose someone else in the alliance as MVP. Just to keep it a little fair. I am going to be voting Andy most likely. Maybe Helen. Maybe Candice.


does it really matter if they areall working together? theyll make the decision together!


I’d say Helen since she’s the closest to Elissa plus she’s smart.


I really hope Elissa’s side hold onto power this week!
So tired of seeing Jeremy/Aaryn having such big egos!
Just imagine Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin on the block and if one of them wins veto, Gina Marie’s a replacement!

The Black Fish

Not to dampen anyone’s spirits, but it looks more like McCrae is still on board with the MC, he seems to be planting the seed in everyone’s mind that if the vote flips tomorrow (to vote out Elissa) that it is on Candace.

The Black Fish

and of course Candace’s recent attachment to Howard isn’t helping her case among Amanda, etc.


WOW, then I must say, McCrae is one smart person


except candace isnt seen as a liar….so i dont know how well that would work…seems a little risky for what purpose??? i think he is smart enough to vote with who will likely win the next hoh/mvp….he said it earlier ‘it would be good tv’ he is thinking about that stuff!!! plus MC have told him they would go after his side alliance….see with the brigade they never touched britney and that was a smart move for them they knew they needed to keep lane with them….mcrae is a big big brother fan i do find it hard to believe he wouldn’t recognize all of that and sacrifice it for the team – he also i think is certain he is the odd man out and they see nick as the brains – so where does that leave him??? i think all else aside if mcrae plays his own game he is smartest to flip


mccrae is a whimp he wont go against the mc because he wouldnt go against the house on nominating Elissa. He wanted to keep her but he was to afraid to go against anyone. It wasnt even his idea to keep her last week he just got a lucky draw and the rest did his dirty work.

STFU Donnie

If McCrae was smart he would see that his life raft (Amanda) is taking on water and sinking herself with all her talking. He would tell her “we’re safe and covered on every side, so stop stirring up so much trouble” instead he’s whipped and lets Amanda lead him around, assuming he can just keep telling the MC that she loves him and that will protect her, missing all the obvious hints that their asking him to control her or else.

Or maybe he is a mix of smart and dumb and knows Amanda is a lost cause in the game, so he’s letting her sink herself so he won’t be blamed, then after BB he can relocate to Pizza Hut Miami and live happily ever after


Nooooo!! Say it ain’t so! When Jeremy threatened to abandon the Moving Company should Kaitlin get nominated and voted out, every MC member thought he was way out of line! Considering that Jeremy and the rest of the MC crew continuously approaches McCrae regarding wanting to get rid of his love interest, Amanda, McCrae should realize that his interests are at the bottom of the totem pole as far as Jeremy is concerned and say screw what Jeremy wants!


Wait so Nick’s going home now? God this season is terrible, probably only gonna start watching the last 10 min of every episode just to see what happens.


okayy so its ok that hgs just hand Elissa the check…cuz Elissa will win if not she will get 25k…no matter what… these r the dumbest hgs ever. I would vote out Elissa…


Not if she’s evicted before jury at least that hasn’t happened before. Remember last year how Janelle would get the 25K even though she was evicted before jury but Frank the tank got it instead.



Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Looks like yet another boring week in the house where everyone knows who has the MVP


raclhlissa is the most favorite player already…because of her vet sis..if she stays she will always get bbmvp and choose who to nominate..yes she can go on the block too.but she will not get voted out bcuz the hgs r soo dumb like Helen there playing the game for some one else…not for themselves…


English … do you speak it?


Okay…this is hard because I can’t read McCrae at all (I wish he would talk to the mirror like Dan used to do). I honestly can’t tell who he’s loyal to.

Until this morning I was 95% sure that it would be a 6-5 vote to evict Elissa with McCrae then blaming the random vote on Jessie. With the vote being:
To evict E: GinaMarie, Howard, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Spencer, McCrae
To evict N: Andy, Candice, Judd, Amanda, Jessie
(With Jessie being a “maybe”)

But now I have no clue – I can’t figure out if McCrae is playing one side or the other/who he’s throwing under the bus. He was like the one that came up with the “everyone needs side alliances so we always know what’s going on” thing BUT I don’t really know where his loyalties lie. Now I think the votes are:
To evict E: GM, Howard, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Spencer
To evict N: Andy, Judd, Amanda, Jessie
With Candace being a possible wildcard because of how much she trusts Howard AND I have no clue what McCrae’s thinking.

Anyone have any more solid info on any of this? Or just thoughts in general


I think McCrea will not risk his spot in the MC to save Elissa. He’s nominated her, attempted to backdoor her, and has ZERO reason to trust her.

Beyond that I think there is a very key factor that will also push McCrae to keep Nick beyond him trusting Nick over Elissa as an ally. He might be blinded by Amanda, but McCrae knows the game and knows it’s too early to make a big move with so many in the house and so little coverage. Keep in mind McCrae has been wrapped up in Amanda and has not made connections to really anybody on Elissa’s side, which means he can’t feel certain that he has his finger on everybody’s pulse. He does know the MC does not trust Amanda…so the next step is for McCrae to worry if they trust him, which means he needs to secure it because he might not know all that they know.

So let’s say McCrae wants to get Nick out, turn on MC, and pick a side (even though he doesn’t HAVE to). McCrae has to vote count. He knows with absolute certainty that there are 5 votes to evict Elissa. Can McCrae be as confident in Nick’s votes OR does he have to wonder if maybe Andy or Jessie or Judd (or even Candace through Howard), all of whom have told everybody something different, has made a solid deal either with MC or the mean girls to vote out Elissa. If he considers this even a remote possibility, then he’s risking catastrophe. If just one extra person votes to evict Elissa, she’s gone and if the MC and Mean girls were expecting 7 or 8 votes with McCrae and Amanda, the suspicion will immediately fall on them and Elissa is gone anyway. McCrae also has to know that in this scenario, even if he can convince MC he was the 6th vote and not the floater with the side deal, the MC will know that Amanda went back on her fake deal with Jeremy and Aaryn, can’t be trusted, and has to go.

McCrae both wants and needs Amanda to be safe for his game and I don’t see him as dumb enough to risk all of that for a person who knows he planned to evict her and scumbagged her with a backdoor, until the MVP saved her. McCrae knows he is the low man in Elissa’s alliance, so what’s his incentive to go?


Nicely put Bobsky


Thank you…but I only know enough to piece this together thanks to the hard and dedicated work of you and Dawg and for that I thank you again.


yeah nicely put.


This is exactly why if nick goes, it is simply because production had a hand in it. If they convinced mccrae to so foolishly throw away his game in such a manner, he deserves to be out next week for his betrayal. Ill definitely never vote him for mvp (or helen or andy for that matter…riding elissa’s coattails should not be a strategy of a bb winner).


Thanks so much for that detailed response!

I was thinking some of those things as well but I haven’t really had time to be on the feeds and have mostly been relying on the update websites (BBOnline, Jokers, Morty’s etc) this week for what’s going on – I’ve never wished for a diary room leak so much haha.

I’m glad to know that Nick’s game isn’t dead – I find him to be one of the most interesting players in the house and Elissa to be a bit boring. I don’t dislike her and maybe she even has the potential to be a good gamer but it’s really ruining the MVP twist in my opinion.

Just a personal opinion edition to this – I think if I were BB and wanted to bring on Rachel’s sister I’d try to get a collection of Big Brother relatives and/or close friends and see how long it took everyone to figure it out.


Last night Spencer and Kaitlin swapping their drug stories. Nice one for his employer to play back. Is he cross-eyed?




if i was an hg i would take a dumb person hated by the house to the end like Jeremy or i could win..i would never take Elissa or Helen or Candace they would def win the game against me…but Elissa would beat anyone.. hgs wake up and smell the money…keep Nick.

kickkin Chicken

Bye Bye Nick!!! Stop crying Aaryn ~ oh and Jeremy, what a punk you are….bet this will put a hole in your boat!


The Anti-Defamation League making suggestions:

ADL Letter to Leslie Moonves of CBS Television Network

The Anti-Defamation League was founded in 1913 “to stop the defamation of the Jewish people and to secure justice and fair treatment to all.” Now the nation’s premier civil rights/human relations agency, ADL fights anti-Semitism and all forms of bigotry, defends democratic ideals and protects civil rights for all. A leader in the development of materials, programs and services, ADL builds bridges of communication, understanding and respect among diverse groups, carrying out its mission through a network of 27 Regional and Satellite Offices in the United States and an office in Israel.

Amandas Vag*na

They need to mind their own business I’m running the show up in this beeotch!


Elissa without her make-up is pretty damn hot!

Big Brutha Muthaf**ka, Do U Watch It

I know right? her sister didn’t have the same effect, that’s how she got the nickname BoyGeorge

Amandas Vagina

Not as hot as me especially after my haircut yesterday evening.


McCrae is 100% MC . He is planting all kind of seeds to deflect his vote to Jessie or Candace.
It is delusional to think that McCrae would be so stupid to flip from a solid alliance to a group that is not loyal to him.
HGs will be shock tonight but it will not be the Moving Company.

BB Fan

Honestly if Nick goes home tonight. This will be my last episode. Well ill keep watching but with less intrest. Honestly, the fact that Elissa gets MVP is stupid. Nick deserves that WAY more than Elissa. Nick has actually been working hard for his game. Making the MC, showmance with gina marie. He goes home tonight, then the “game” portion for me is ruined because we then have left racist assholes and what remains of the MC and some floaters uniting. I enjoyed watching Nick play because he reminded me of one of my all time favourites Matt from bb12. It feels like as if Nick is getting robbed of a amazing chance to take this game just because of the fact that production is handing these MVPs to Elissa.



VA Vet


What “game” is there when you have a secret 5 “man” alliance with four horny women clinging to that alliance (Oh yeah, and another horny woman who wants in on the action) making a defacto 10 person alliance with only 15 people in the house.

The only “game” possible under those circumstances is for the 5 outcasts to turn the tables. It will take a lot of “game” to send Nick out the door this week, and very little “game” to string along the women who are obviously thinking with their twat instead of their brains.


So if you’re a basketball, football, or baseball player and you’re on a team that is crushing the competition and you’re one of the 5 top players, arguably the top player, you don’t have a good game?

You think the team that gets outplayed and outmaneuvered on every front, the kind of team that runs the ball when their down 4 touchdowns, stops shooting 3’s when their down 20, and doesn’t pinch hit for the pitcher when their down 6 runs, is the one that has game?

The reason the losing side in BB loses is they don’t see the game, don’t understand other peoples motivations and how to successfully appeal to them, think they’re safe without putting in the work, and in general aren’t any good at the game. Of course since this represents much of the audience, so they love the losers. If they went in the house they would play the same type of losing game. There’s a reason people hate the Yankees, Patriots, and Heat. They win.


I could not have said it better.

VA Vet

“So if you’re a basketball, football, or baseball player and you’re on a team that is crushing the competition and you’re one of the 5 top players, arguably the top player, you don’t have a good game?”

Not if the other team has 5 players that can’t function rationally because they are starry eyed and are mainly concerned with getting you between the sheets.


but that is the loosing teams problem if they cant focus and play the game.

VA Vet

I’ll put my 10 Celtics on the floor against your 5 Heat and beat you every time.

VA Vet

Using your analogy, how much game would it take to monopolize the opposition if you have 10 players to their 5?


EXACTLY VA VET. If the 5 are able to play together and find a way to out smart and out play the 10, they the 5 are MUCH BETTER BY FAR and DESERVE ALL THE ACCOLADES!! Keeping with the basketball analogy, all of america would love the 5 that beat the 10 celtics or heat. The underdogs rising up to win. This is why the Dallas Mavericks beating the heat was enjoyed by ALL but heat fans because they were NOT expected to win. That Championship was talked about way more then the 2 that they won!

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Nothin” but the truth there, but it;s not production giving MVP to Elissa it’s her built in millions strong Brenchel Fans… Even if she wasn’t recognized as Rachel’s sister and targeted by moats of the house, she would’ve still got MVP every week without having to ever earn it.


So…Did McCrae figure out that he is the swing vote that both sides are trusting? Votes to Evict Elissa: Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Spencer, Gina Marie (5). Votes to evict Nick: Andy, Jessie, Judd, Candace, Amanda (5). He can still evict Elissa and stay true to both the MC and Amanda’s Crew. There is so much confusion with the Jessie, Judd, Candace, Howard, & Spencer votes that Amanda, Andy and Helen are going to suspect at least one of those 4 of lying way before they would pin it on McCrae especially since Amanda (Who everyone believes is controlling McCrae) is leading the charge to keep Elissa. It would actually be a genius move on McCrae’s part to evict Elissa and should at least put him into MVP consideration from where I sit.


It’s so confusing who’s going this week, I think it’s gonna be close between Nick and Elissa!


Do you think this could happen ?
Amanda, Andy, Judd, Candace, Jessie vote to evict Nick
Kaitlin, Jeremy, Spencer, Howard, and Gina vote to evict Elissa
McCrae votes to evict Helen

VA Vet

With this group of house guests, anything is possible.

Big Dan Fan

If you look back about 2 updates ago, I made that exact suggestion. I fully anticipate someone to vote Helen out to tie the votes at 5, and let Aaryn make the tiebreak vote.

I only wish that someone would get in her ear about Nick being the mastermind behind David’s departure…that would be awesome.


It’d be like Aaryn’s birthday.

Charlie Hustle

One or more votes for Helen has hardly been discussed. Watch out. It could really throw a wrench in the schemers plans.

Big Brutha Muthaf**ka, Do U Watch It

Oh, that would be perfect way to vote, and STILL get Elissa aka Automatic MVP out, and MC stay in the clear

Ian fan 111

this is very confusing currently I really want elissa to stay this week

Jessies Hungry Beaver

Anyone stretched out sweet Jessie yet?


I love Elissa I think she is sweet so far anyways. She is nothing like Rachael. Elissa got attacked and let me repeat attacked just because she is Rachael’s sister. I hope Nick does go home so that I can see the face on the bi***h Aaryn.

Dr. Will Kirby

McCrae is voting out Elissa with the MC, the rest is just silly sidetalk nonsense. If he votes out Nick then he blows up the MC in week 2. The MC is so intent on trying to confuse everyonewith unecessary gaming and side alliance crap that they will implode shortly just prolly not in week 2.


I agree that MC will implode eventually but not 2 weeks into the game. The 5 guys are playing everyone in the house and that is why they have so many haterz.


If everyone thinks about we still have a lot of BB left this summer! This is only the 2nd eviction!!! && I don’t think we have really seen everyones full potential. Everyone is so caught up in Elissa, showmances and everyones personal life that everyone besides Nick knows what’s really going on. I really do want Elissa to stay not only to get under Aaryn and Jeremy’s skin but to prove herself as a player and competitor. I don’t think she will make it far in this game but I would love to see Aaryns butt leave first before her. Luckily I like Nick as well and I think him playing like he is will make this season entertaining. Which is why I have come to terms with Elissa getting evicted.

I wish Jeremy was still on the block! Elissa would have definitely had a chance of staying this week!


The MC is so terrible that after they implode this game is wide open and someone like helen, gina, andy or howard will sleepwalk to final 2.

Nicks Sexuality?

Why is Nick so against even remotely hooking up with any of these quasi decent looking girls that are throwing themself at him??? I mean…what, really? Whats his deal?


ah the moronic societal double standard. A girl sleeps with any guy she wants and she’s a whore. A guy refuses to sleep with just any girl and he must be gay. Girls are always supposed to be prudes, and men are suppose to always be horny. With offense intended, you’re a joke.


It’s kinda sad that Big Brother basically tells houseguests we don’t care about your chances of winning half a million if you’re not going to benefit the show. You’d have to be blind to not see the DR influence. McCrae’s change came directly after being in the DR for an extended period. Point blank, people like Elissa, Nick doesn’t have as much so support, so they basically said fuck Nick, and led McCrae to keep Elissa


I dont think its because they think people like Elissa, I dont think she has anything to do with it, if anything they just dont like Nick’s side of the house because they’ve been such jerks and if Elissa goes home they will be in the majority and probably sweep the house. sending Nick home is the only way for the house to reshuffle and you are going to get A LOT of drama out of it, which is great TV.


Nooooooooo. I don’t want Nick to leave. Not against Elissa but game is just boring when MVP nom goes home every week. Why not just get rid of HOH then???? I can’t stand Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin but love Nick. I can root for Howard or McCrae but that’s about it.


Hi simon and dawg, first I want to start by saying your website is the best one. I’m just curious who do yall believe will be going home tonight. I honestly believe that its going to be Nick, at least I hope. McCrea needs to do the right thing and get rid of Nick. It will be one of the biggest blindsides in bb history. …


it could go any way at this point.


I don’t understand why every time Howard is talking to someone he has to mention how Amanda is manipulating Macrae, and its obvious shes using him. while i think she definitely choose to hook up with him for game reasons I think she actually is attracted to Macrae in some way and I don’t think shes completely manipulating him, I think they both have sway over each other. out of all the showmances in this group (barf) I think those to have the most genuine feelings for each other. Howard just comes off as jealous to me whenever he brings that up. I know hes doing it to separate them cause they are scared that Amanda is gonna find them out, but I think Howard may also be a little pissed that even Macrae hooked up on this show before him. I also think that the way Howard speaks down to Macrae is a big reason why Macrae might flip to the other side and go against the MC on this one. to me its the smartest thing for Macrae to do cause he could potentially still stay with the MC after Nick is voted out because he could say he voted for Elissa to go and cause the other side of the house to turn on themselves. I don’t think Macrae likes the way Jeremy talks and treats him, they hinted at this in last nights diary with him, he also has said a few times he really doesn’t like the way Howard talks to him. Hes probably tired of the whole MC threatening him about Amanda when hes told them time and time again that he would drop her for them. He knows that Nick is a mastermind behind the MC group and is probably thinking, if hes the one who sends him out, which he will be, he will have a huge advantage going into final two. Also, Candice was growing on me because she has been figuring things out about the whole large male alliance but the moment she started sleeping with Howard shes lost all my respect, not because shes all over him now but because shes causing trouble with Amanda when it could only hurt her group. She has no business coming into the room when they are already set on voting Nick out and complaining that they are treating Howard wrongly. Just shut up and vote Nick out, that’s all you have to do, Howard has nothing to do with it because his vote doesn’t matter as long as they have Amanda and Macrae and you are talking shit about Amanda. Hopefully i’m right about Macrae and he goes for Nick, i don’t think he has anything to lose cause if it goes wrong i think he could still manage to claim he voted out Elissa. Especially since Howard has been spending so much time with Candice, all you need is a little doubt.

I miss Britney!!!

Add to that the fact that Jeremy went to each member of the Moving Company and told them straight up, if Kaitlin gets voted out, then he’s out of the Moving Company. McCrae never threatened the MC with abandonment over his girl. Only Jeremy. Yep, they won’t last much longer. McCrae should jump ship and make a big move now.


Either way i feel like this could be the last week of the MC.

If Elissa goes home, it will be vary obvious there is the all male alliance. According to the DR from Candice last night she pretty much knows there is. Maybe Candice is playing Howard for information or to make people think that she doesnt know about the alliance. All in last nights episode she was saying she wanted the guys out.

If Nick goes home, Jeremy will go crazy! He will probably out the alliance!

I feel like it is McCrea’s best interest to vote out Nick. Lets be honest Amanda and McCrea can go far in this game together but the MC wants her out. IT annoys me when the MC says they are or are better than the bragade! They make it obvious buy scheaming and letting other people take each other out for the most part (Branchel drama)


Jeremy, here is my advice……..stop being so bossy. MC alliance has a whole core and you are way out of line. PERIOD!

Absent Minded

I have a feeling. Nick might go home!!! 🙂


Howard, you should stand up for yourself, don’t let Jeremy tell you what to do. Be your own person and stand up for yourself.

yo' momma

Tonight’s show would be better if we got to see the MC implode in week 2. I liked them at first but there plans change to much, they really are not that slick, and there are too many leaders. If McCrae flips and votes out Nick, the MC is down to 3 members and his new alliance would have the numbers.


you are constantly keeping us posted, which is awesome.. but do yall ever sleep? lol! is it like what the say when people have a baby, you have to sleep when the baby sleeps… You sleep when the HG sleep? doesn’t seem fair. But thanks for all you do!


If Elissa goes, Helen will be raged and win HoH & MVP so she will put up Aaryn, GinaMarie & Nick so she can Backdoored Jeremy.


I really want Jeremy to go home, so I guess that means he will at least make it to the final 3.


Anything more annoying than that horrifying, almost manly, hyper aggressive pushy Queen Bee attitude? This house is full of them….amanda, aaryn, kaitlin, elissa, gina. so gross, might as well have c*cks, a few may.

Stupidity offends me

Wow, you’re not sexist at all. Women acting like they are in charge and running the show means they may have male anatomy? Really?