Spencer wants to Flip on The Moving Company “If we jump ship it’ll be better long term”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


12:57pm Storage room Andy and Spencer
Andy: “I feel like people are expressing concerns about Amanda.. she is 100% onboard he’s talked to McCrea and Amanda separately and they are 100% onboard”

Andy: “We have the vast majority even if two rats jump ship we are still good”
Spencer asks about Jessie
Andy says he’s certain they have Jessie Judd, Helen and himself have all worked on her and they have her


12:59AM Spencer and Helen Storage room

Spencer wants to know who was throwing his name under the bus.
Helen says she will tell him after the vote, “I want you to know I am looking out for you”
Spencer: “I know that”
Helen: ‘Otherwise I wouldn’t tell you this.. it’s amazing”
Spencer: “OK.. Absolutely”
Helen: ‘Please trust me”
Spencer: “Helen.. I do”
Helen: “good OK”


1:06pm Have nots Andy and Jessie
Andy: “Just really quickly Spencer and Howard cannot be trusted “
Andy: ‘If Spencer and Howard flip we still have the votes.. Do not listen to anybody right before the vote .. DON’T LISTEN”
Jessie: “We will f**** garutenee us Jury”
Andy says Howard may influence Candace so he wants to make sure Jessie is solid
Andy: ‘We have the MVP and we have the numbers we will evict whoever we want each week.. “ they giggle.
Andy: ‘Amanda, McCrea, Judd and Helen are rock solid”
Andy: ‘This is a game changing move.. I don’t trust Nick as far as i can throw him”
Jessie agrees.. They are both very excited about their super alliance. They start studying the conveyor belt items for the comp later today

1:13pm Helen and Jessie
Helen saying that Spencer is freaking out he was playing both sides and now she’s caught him, “F**** him”
Jessie is worried she’ll be looked as a flip flopper. Helen tells her not to worry because now she’s flipped to their side and has seen the light.


1:16pm Spencer and Howard

Spencer says he’s loyal to Moving Company but is more loyal to Howard at some point they have to cut Jeremy loose he’s too big of a target to protect . Spencer: “If we jump ship.. but you and me stick together I think it’ll be better long term for our game, Nick’s a good guy but right now we do have the numbers to get out any person”
Spencer: “Who do you trust more Helen or Jeremy”
Howard doesn’t answer.
Spencer: “I trust Andy, I trust Judd, I trust Helen we can trust Candace.. we keep Elissa we control the MVP.. I don’t know if the thought has crossed your mind about flipping”
Spencer thinks he can heal the wounds with Helen and they can work with Elissa, Andy, Judd, McCrae, Helen etc etc to get out Jeremy and his 3 girls (Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin)
Spencer: “This game means to much to me dude”
Spencer says they stick with the other side they can get everyone one of Jeremy’s side out until Jury, “Thats 13000 dollars dude.. I’m Moving company till the end but Jeremy put us in a bad spot.. You me and Mccrae can stay loyal to each other”
Spencer says that McCCrae is tighter to Amanda than he is to Moving Company.

(LOL holy crap Moving company is cracking.. )

Nick comes in says he’s put all his trust in Spencer and Howard 100% all his faith is in the moving company.

Nick thinks that the vote will be 7 to evict Elissa. Spencer says to target Judd and Andy for votes.

Nick leaves. Howard says he’s thought about leaving the the Moving Company but he’s not sure He likes the idea of people with a group from the start.
Spencer thinks that this is their best bet.
Spencer thinks him and Spencer will look pretty if they go to Amanda and MCrae and tell them they will vote out Nick.
Spencer: “Are you 50 percent down”
Howard: “I’m 50/50”
Howard: “I’m with you dude..I just don’t know”
Spencer: ‘this is our smartest move to get to Jury”

Spencer is convinced that this is the best thing. Howard isn’t sure doesn’t sound like he wants to flip.
Spencer: ‘Voting Elissa out seems very illogical for my game”
Howard: “talk to Amanda”

Judd joins them asks them what’s up
Spencer: “Right now Nick is going”
Judd: ‘Right now”
Spencer backtracks says they all plan to vote Nick out to keep the MVP under their control
Judd says he feels bad because he straight up lied to Nick..
Howard: “That’s the game”

Judd leaves..
Spencer: “I’m not pussing out of the group this is about our game.. I don’t think this is a bad move for us”
Spencer: ‘If we prove our loyalty today we’re getting to Jury”

(We’ll moving company was fun for the first couple weeks.. ** RIP **)

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The Black Fish

WTF is Spencer doing? I haven’t even seen indication that McCrae was flipping.


He got scared during the conversation with Helen. Helen just outed that whatever way Spencer votes they still have the majority to keep elissa safe and this week’s vote will just guarantee whose side Spencer is and that if in case he is on the other side, he will be targeted by her.


I think it goes a little deeper than that. Spencer knows he has the votes to bounce Elissa…but he’s terrified now that he isn’t safe on both sides and that he’s been found out as a schemer which is his own fault and now he’s panicking, belying all his pseudo-tough guy, hard a** talk. He’s a scared little girl looking to jump wherever he feels safest.

Now when Howard and McCrae talk, if they realize it doesn’t serve their game to jump, then they’ll soothe Nervous Nellie…uh..I mean Spencer and stick to the plan, but sometime tonight Howard, McCrae, and Nick need to get together and start plotting how to position Jeremy and Spencer as fall guys should they end up with 3 MC on the block. Neither one can be relied on when the heat is on.

production rigged it

If even McCrae and Howard don’t flip, it won’t matter as long as Spencer does. If he does they will still have 6 votes to evict Nick.

They will be:

production rigged it

ignore my post, i misread what you were saying.


No problem. Happens to me all the time…both my misreading and people misreading my normally long meandering posts…


I like your meanderings, you give me a different perspective and it makes my guilty pleasure BB more exciting…..so meander on!!

Simon – Dawg, luv you guys so much thanks for all your hard work and dedication to provide this awesome site for all of us to come to and talk about BB.


macrae did flip .. when he and howard and spencer where talking about planting that macrae and Amanda flipped to take out Elissa Macrae told them (Helen Andy ect ) not to believe them … NICK is toast and the rats are now jumping ship …lol


You gotta start reading between the lines. McCrae was feeding disinformation to keep the heat off of him for the final tally and shove it back on Spencer/Howard. Part of their game is to back each other in private, but play their own game in public. Wait for Simon to give us the upcoming Howard/McCrae conversation and will find out if McCrea will flip. This isn’t done yet.


WOW…McCrae wasn’t going to flip – he was going to stay loyal but now Spencer of all people is flipping. BAD move for him in the long run b/c the “mom squad” side already doesn’t trust him.


Also in that “upcoming” McCrae/Spencer conversation – McCrae is totally thrown.


OMG I’m jumping of excitement right now. YEAHHHH BABY. I think Elisa’s game is terrible. She doesn’t add anything to the game but her
Vote and that is all we will see from her (fine by me). I’m happy specer (who I dislike soooo much) is flipping only because I don’t respect a player like Jeremy who
Likes to bully his way around, A for obvious reasons and kailyn who doesnt add anything to the game but entertain jeremy. I want them gone. The drama is going to be epic. I’m loving it…

I didn’t like Amanda week one but she is growing on me. So dorky and funny, smart. What’s not to like about her. 🙂

Jumping like Helen (when she found out alisa got MVP. Wooohoooo
Thank you Helen for telling Ellisa to put nick on the block.


OMG is this really happening? Is Nick really leaving? 😀 I seriously can’t wait to watch the live feeds after the eviction. Aaryn is going to have a bitch fit when Elissa doesn’t leave.


I wish I had the live feeds just so I can see that if that happens. Anyways can’t wait to read about it on OBB!

Amandas Vagina

Not just her Jeremy is going to flip out as well and rage hard.

Los 12

He’s going to throw a hissy fit, tantrum and call everyone out and tell them how he s going to beat everyone of them and it will be hilarious. He’s been in need of a reality check like this.


Here’s to hoping that he does that…then one of the other side wins HOH…that will be the greatest reality check!


As for Jer, the principal doesn’t know what the students are doing!!!!!! ahahahaha


And GM, let’s not forget GM losing it too. I really, REALLY hope the power swings Helen’s way now, she’s earned it! If she gets voted MVP next week, I’d put my money on her winning. Moreover, it shifts the power away from the vilest HGs and hopefully hits them on their way out the door, one by one into the censurous (spelling?) gaze of Ms. Chen.


Elissa honestly deserves to leave because she doesn’t really have any game. Helen, Andy and Amanda have been playing Elissa’s game for her. But I want her to stay so badly just to tick off Aaryn and Jeremy.


This is so exciting! I can’t wait for the MC to completely fall apart. I can’t stand them. If Nick goes, I’ll be a little disappointed because McCrae and him are the only people I like of the MC, but the look on Jerm, Aryan, Kaitlin, and GM’s faces will more than make up for it. It would be pretty great seeing the underdogs take on all the bullies in the house and pick them off one by one.

Charlie Hustle

I can’t wait until after the HOH comp. I can envision Jer, K, and Aryan standing around slack jawed and looking as obtuse as they appear to be. And let the whining begin.


On top of that it would funny as hell if they were the have nots next week.


Jeremy has the never not pass from the first HOH comp.

I almost forgot about that.


By doing this, Spencer and Howard may have just saved their game, at least in the immediate future. If they don’t flip, MVP Elissa and her floaters have the numbers/power to pick off Jeremy/Aaryn/Kaitlin/Spencer/Howard all in a row. There will be a separation in the house and one side will hold all the power.

It’s still a pretty unfair twist if you’re Jeremy, Aaryn, or Kaitlin (as winning HOH won’t even save them), but at least she’d only be knocking out three other players instead of five as long as the twist exists.


Spencer is committing suicide as his panic shows…he will be the first one the other side drops.

Howard needs to go directly to McCrae by himself (which is why he sent Spencer to Amanda). That conversation will decide everything.


Better to be the first one that side drops than to be on the other side completely. Maybe they’ll have actually eliminated this ridiculous MVP twist by the time that happens that is giving all the power to Elissa’s side.


Helen, Elissa, Andy, Judd, etc will never trust him. They will think he just jumped on to be with the majority and they will always suspect that he’s going to Jeremy and the mean girls, giving info and making deals. He will see 2-3 weeks…but in MC, with their votes and secret alliances, who knows how far. Eliminating Elissa takes the winning vote (with MVP) down to 5 votes. The time to consider flipping would be if Helen’s side wins HOH tonight…not before.

Changing sides doesn’t make sense for Spencer (he’s in jeopardy regardless…but will have only Howard after a flip)…and it makes even less sense for Howard and McCrae as they are both in FANTASTIC positions. They’re cool with each side and have a secret alliance that basically controls the vote. Jumping to a single side doesn’t benefit either


If Spencer and Howard don’t jump now, they’ll be completely exposed and become Elissa’s targets immediately along with Jeremy and the girls. They can stave off eviction this way until the twist ends.


Bobsky, do you work in politics mayhaps? You’re a really good strategist. You must be a great chess player too, seeing all those moves lined up into the future…


Well I went to college for politics and spent a ton of time working on campaigns with the idea of being a consultant for campaign, but I became a little disenchanted with the nepotism and incestuous nature of politics, so I decided to chase better money in finance which is much more a meritocracy, but I do love the strategy involved with taking a group of people and trying to move them in my direction.

I keep waiting for another Dr. Will, who I found so brilliant because he played with no fear. I believe whether it’s BB or life, you can’t win if you’re afraid to lose. Nobody since Will has played with strategy and no fear


This is funny considering Spencer’s overplaying basically exposed the MC in the first place


Well I knew Spencer was in the worst spot (by his own doing) but I didn’t expect him to s**t the bed…the MC may just be on life support after all.


WOOO HOOOOO!!!!!!! Spencer has seen the light! I am dancing around my living room like an idiot watching the feeds! idk, how you guys, Simon & Dawg, do it, watch & type everything going on but thank you sooo much! I have come here for years & this is my 1st years getting the feeds & Spencer is telling Howard to heck with Jeremy!!! SEE, MCCrae didn’t break up MC, Jeremy did it! Got it Locked Down! HAHAHAHAHA Yeah, here’s a lesson to future “weak players” DON’T give in to the bullying! Andy & Helen are fireballs on here! I love it!!!!! In Your Hateful faces Jeremy & Cheerleaders!!!


McCrae did plan to break up the MC, though. It was his idea first.

Los 12

To see Aaryn and Jeremy’s faces tonight will be priceless if Nick goes home!


Jeremy is gunna turn into a BEAST after tonight! I don’t think anyone in that house will be safe with him that angry! I can already see things breaking and flying. He seems like he would have a temper!

Charlie Hustle

Kaitlyn has the self esteem to take the abuse thats coming her way.


I’m so pissed off. I think it’s a good move for Howard (not Spencer because nobody other than MC really trusts him) but I guess Nick is gone. To think if evictions were Wednesday instead of the new Thursdays he might have stayed…:(


All these people are too arrogant about the MVP ensuring them to jury. You will think it will last more than anotehr couple of weeks.


I’m not sure how great, though, because the drama will kind of be eliminated after tonight for a while.

If Elissa stays, you’re basically assured of her side destroying the other for the next few weeks. As long as she has MVP and the numbers (why would anybody jump off that gravy train of power?), HOH won’t even matter as the winner won’t be able to get out anybody they want.


I think it will still be entertaining just watching the other side scramble, plus its not gonna be easy to get Jeremy out of the house, he is a strong player, they are gonna have to get lucky with POV to get him out. meanwhile who knows what could happen in the reshuffle, it will be entertaining for the next few weeks just seeing them all reforming alliances. Im hoping someone blows up, probably Jeremy or Ayran, well actually GM is gonna go crazy, its worth Nick leaving just to see those.


HAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!!! I can not wait until tonight!


Praying that spencer and Howard either vote Helen or nick out!!!


Looks like this is the last episode I am watching this season, the rigging is too intense by week 2. Grodner has lost me for auto-renew of live feeds. At least I’m glad I could support OBB.


I agree. This twist makes HOH useless for 1 side of the house that dont get mvp. If this was survivor it would be like having an immunity idol & then america voting a weird twist & the immunity idol being worthless. It’s just really stupid & their doing it for the $1 phone text votes & rigging to whoever they wanna give it to. Worst BB season ever!


And if it was survivor Jerm and Aaryn would of never gotten away with cheating for the HOH in the first place…If Nick does get voted out they deserve it..


Moving company or no moving company Nick is the best player to go for many people’s game. Nick is a smart player getting him out now is a smart move. I feel like Jeremy’s the reason the moving company is failing he’s just too cocky and people don’t like him. Nick and Jeremy need to go to help a lot of the people in that house. The other 3 guys can stay loyal to each other. I actually really like Nick but if I was in there I’d want him out.

Jeremy Says

Shut up Bro! I got this on lock. Everyone will do what I say or I will go after everyone! That’s like one on 10.


I like Nick as well. Sort of reminds me of Dan. It would’ve been interesting to see how things played out with him, but that’s simply me speaking as a viewer. If I was in the house, however, I’d want him gone immediately. Endurance champ, smart, and in an all male alliance w/ his little relationships on the side? No thanks.

Meat Lovers Pizza

I really think Nick did this to himself. I wanted to like him but he made it very difficult with his cocky attitude. He could have EASILY secured Jessie’s vote by just giving her the slightest attention and then would have had the numbers.

I hope Nick does get voted out tonight, not only to see GM’s melt down, but also I’m interested to see how the “other side” regroups. As much as I dislike Aaryn she won’t have the HOH to hide behind and I want to see her scramble. Kaitlyn will fall apart. GM will get emotional crazy and then just plain crazy but she will eventually put on her pageant face and TRY to form bonds (i think she’s two faced enough to go kiss Elissa’s butt). Spencer has burned his bridges but we all know things change quickly in the BB house so we’ll see his game play. Howard has it the best as he is still liked by all (except the racist but who cares what she thinks!)

Favorite players at this point, Helen, Judd and Amanda. 🙂 I was impressed that Candice was on target about the MC but then went and hopped into bed with Howard and REFUSES to hear anything about him. For a smart girl, she’s pretty dumb.


“Emotional crazy, then just plain crazy” = Nice!


WOW just WOW. Please stay Elissa. HAHAHA She’s back bitches and better than ever!


Moving company gone rogue. Geez Jeremy, if you only listen to McCrae, Spencer and Howard suggestion.

Pizza Boy with the Delivery

Spencer may be the biggest idiot I have ever seen!!! This whole season was about floaters will not be able to go far, but if Spencer’s stupid idea goes thru and the MC breaks apart, it only takes one person to win a fluke HOH -> Jeremy goes home. Amanda, McCray, Aryan, Howard, Spencer probably get picked off by floaters because the have numbers!!!

Spencer goes down in my book as the dumbest player who decided to play to fast !!
Then if Jeremy wins HOH and finds out the MC flipped, floaters get another week and then Jeremy cannot play in the next HOH…..

Who agrees that this could become a floater season !!!

Charlie Hustle

You can’t say anybody is a floater after one eviction. You can’t say anybody is a floater because a few HGs are heavy handed and overplaying the game two weeks in. Jessie and Judd are the only two that can be considered floaters, but only in the sense that every other player is making multiple and unnecessary moves.


I disagree. The only current floaters IMO are Spencer, Jessie and maybe Candace right now. I think Jessie MAY stay that way but think Candace is in a love haze right now (and frankly, who could blame her?), but will come up with some good strategy in weeks to come.

Flip This House

I want Spencer on the short list to be booted….has Judd been the sleeping giant all along ? I am waiting for EPIC-NESS on BB tonite ! Just to see the look on Germy’s, and Aryan Nation’s faces if they send Nick home ….I think GM is gonna go Jersey Shore on the house lol….. will Germy do a Wille Hantz ???


Sorry, why are we (the royal we) giving the credit to Judd? Getting Nick out was Helen’s and/or Candace’s idea, wasn’t it?


Jeremy is the U.S Tom! LOL


Grenades gonna be flying tonight yo!!


if that happens all I can say is THANK GOODNESS

it has nothing to do with elisa, and EVERYTHING to do with getting rid of this dumb day 1 alliance stuff, and force EVERYONE to scramble. would love it.

Charlie Hustle

These clowns are so weak. I wonder why they didn’t jump ship on day 2. Why would they have formed this allience, the MC, if they don’t have any faith that even when the going gets tough that it could weather the storm. We should jump ship because people might suspect we’re allied with other.


FINALLY an All Girl Alliance, they all have vaginas.


And Helen may be the only one with balls! Good to see one gal taking a stand!


It really is just too bad for Nick! I think he would have been interesting to watch this season and even go all the way. It really should be Jeremy or Aaryn leaving.


sorry judd, HELEN is the powerhouse evidently!


That one talk with Spencer and Helen changed the entire game! i can’t think of any possible way on how he could save himself, if he goes after Elissa people (Amanda/Helen/Andy) who are most likely to win this upcoming HOH will be targeting him and if not he is still not trusted.

If Helen pulls this weeks safety for her and Elissa, she is a real contender this season. It seems everybody ‘trusts’ and likes her.


Helen for MVP! lol


SO GLAD that Nick might go home… something about him is just so douchey it’ll be great if this blindside works.

That said, I feel like the one thing everybody (players, viewers) is taking for granted is assuming that Elissa will win MVP every week. I think a big reason she got MVP for a 2nd time was that she is such a clear underdog, and I actually think that if Nick goes and her side becomes the majority, viewers may swing MVP to another underdog character that could emerge once the playing field is reset (plus now that we are 3 weeks in and viewers have had a chance to get to know the housemates the Reilly name recognition may not longer have as much power). Depending on how things go, the new MVP could maybe Howard or McCrea, which could set the stage for a new iteration of the MC to try to proceed with some semblance of their original plan.


HA! I think it’s the way she did it…smart lady…using those political consultant skills…..she simply she wanted to tell him something ‘after the vote’ tonight…hinting to the importance of how he cast his vote. She was wise not to reveal her real occupation. Sometimes building uncertainty (real or unreal) in an opposing candidate/campaign is worse than the facts themselves…when needing to shift the swing votes.

Big Sister

As they say, “God don’t like ugly!!! This would be so awesome if it happens and it really is looking like it could. I will be doing a happy dance tonight! I CAN’T WAIT TO SEE JEREMY, AARYN, KAITLYN, NICK AND GINA MARIE’S FACES!!!!!!!!! It will also be good to see Spencer eat some humble pie!


the funny thing is elisa who is practically playing alone, was the only person to want to put nick up. she went against the grain, and now it looks quite possible that her move may have not only saved her, but removed the one she wanted out and deemed the biggest threat. nice.


people who thumbs down a specific game related comment, should at least have the balls to explain why.


Consider them ‘internet floaters’.


Elissa isn’t playing alone. She has production on her side (and a whole band of floaters as a result) which often matters more than anything in this game.


The only reason why Elissa will be saved is because Helen, Amanda, and Alison Grodner worked overtime for her while she sat on her hands being a talentless vessel for Brenchel fans to control the game.

Johnny (the european one!)

AMEN to that.


Props to Dan. They can thumb your comments down all they want-but if Elissa were a good player she wouldn’t have been on the block two weeks in a row, and if she were an interesting player to watch the feeds would actually get around to showing it once in awhile…


I said you could thumb Dan down….if you want to thumb me down I can’t stop you…though a comment as to why you find my statement to be in error would help me not to assume you’re just another rabid Rachel fan.

Johnny (the european one!)

I thumbed you both up! 🙂


I hope Aaryn & Jeremy is happy now that somehow you all have to deal with Brenchel fans.

Scotty Piffen

Why would anyone want to keep Elissa? Doesn’t anyone want to win MVP for themselves? McCrae is to hard to read seeing as he doesn’t communicate with the group. According to his DR sessions he is MC all the way but a lot can change day to day. Jeremy has the worst social game I have ever seen. He has no clue what to tell people and what to keep to himself. I just want to see Howard do well and not get dragged through the mud.

Jeremy Says

Shut up Bro! I got this on lock! If everyone doesn’t do what I say, I am coming after everyone! (In other words, the point of the game).


Honestly, I don`t think Elissa will win MVP if she isn`t on the block….she might for another week or so….but i mean people are fans of candice helen and mcrae too right now!


Helen needs to get it. She worked hard this week!


😀 😀 😀 Tonight should be HILARIOUS. FINALLY these dipshits are using their real brains. Cannot wait to see the toddler tyrants and big mouth whore Gina’s faces when Nick gets ousted.


This is crazy! I’ll be waiting to see if Spencer or Howard talk to McCrae before they decide to flip to the other side or not.

If they do flip, it’ll make them on better terms with the other side. However, they both will still be targets, especially for being shady. I think in addition to flipping, they might also need to share the MC alliance with the other side because if they don’t, I’m sure Jeremy will.


I would think the the MVP will only be in play one or two weeks more at this point. Especially if Nick goes home tonight. We all know the twists usually go away after four weeks.


my opinion is diary room asked them to stir the possibility of Nick leaving to get better ratings tonight, build suspense. Nick is staying.


MC Was A Great Idea. I Don’t Like Spencer As A Person But He Is Proving He Has A Brain And The Intestinal Fortitude To Cut And Run. At This Moment I Think He Will Vote Out Nick. **- Sorry About The Caps….., Darn Android


I’m over it, going to sushi.

Johnny (the european one!)

Bon appétit! 🙂
Have a nice evening and a nice summer.

Just briefly check for the result online (here, of course!) when you come back, and if it’s as it seems and Elissa stays, then don’t look back any further and find something beautiful to do during the summer 🙂

Elissa will decide who goes home every week, until BB decides it’s too embarrassing to let this travesty go on and cancel the mvp twist or lie to us about who had the most votes and gives it to… umm… who? aaryn? lol!!!


If production wanted this season to be even close to fair, they’d make it so you couldn’t win MVP back to back weeks, just like you can’t win HOH back to back weeks.

Of course, production does not want this (or any) season to be fair, no surprises there.

Spencer and Howard are so F’ed if they vote out Nick… don’t they understand that the house is eliminating all the strong guys? On top of that NO ONE aside from the MC trusts them. They’re sinking themselves so hard by not getting Elissa out.


I feel like it won’t be a complete blindside. Nick is getting worried. GinaMarie is worried. Aaryn and Kaitlin are sensing that something’s up. Heck, the only one that truly believes Nick is safe is Jeremy, lol.


Production didn’t need to step in to convince the HG to save Elissa, they’re already that stupid…..

Hey Allison, we already know the outcome of the game, cut Elissa the check now.

Johnny (the european one!)

If you saw the live feeds, then you’ll have seen multiple HGs say multiple times that they know “something is up” or “it’s the right thing to evict Nick” “according to the questions the DR asked them”.
Helen, who I really like (next to Nick, odd pairing, I know!), found a nice way of rephrasing this today: “after my conversation WITH GOD, I know we’re right!” she used GOD as an alias for DR in several conversations, which is actually both poetic and so TRUE about the reality in this scripted reality show.


Epic Blindside!…..Moving Company going out of business tonight!

A possible epic blindside is in the making tonight. There’s been blindsides and there have been blinsides. However, never in recorded BB history has an entire alliance been blindsided and kept in the dark. I thought Elissa was down and out, but she may just be the Comeback Kid!

So as it stands the votes in support of Elissa are: Judd, Andy, Candice, Jessie, McCrae, and Amanda. Votes in support of Nick: Jeremy, Katilin, Spencer, Howard, and Gina. So its really 6 vs 5 in favor of Elissa. A possible problem is Amanda getting to cute and trying to throw a vote to Helen, then its 5 vs 5 and Aaryn decides who leaves. No suspense there, Aaryn will send Elissa home in a 5 vs 5 vote.

Chaos will reign in BB and blood will be spilled if Nick gets voted out tonight. In the initial confusion, Jeremy will consider the circle of trust broken and blame the Moving Company. However, the more he outs Moving Company, the more he isolates himself and hurt Spencer and Howard’s game. At first I thought the cause of this senseless hate was Elissa being Rachel sister; However, its now seems the real reason is just pure envy of Elissa. Aaryn and Gina were so overjoyed today at the prospect of evicting Elissa and to have that unexpectedly taken away, these girls might burn the house down tonight. Elissa might require 24 hour security protection from the Mean Girls alliance (Aaryn,Gina,Kaitlin). Aaryn, Gina, and Kaitlin are all taking some form of medication. I think Big Brother will be giving them an extra dosage in order to keep the Mean Girls sedated tonight or put them on sucide watch. Additionally, if they decide to give everyone alcohol after the HOH comp, then its a done deal. The Pizza Boy’s fantasy finally comes true and he shares a very intimate moment with Amanda.

There will be books written about what went wrong with Moving Company. Lets start with the obvious, that being a great idea but bad execution. Jeremy made himself a big target by being so obnoxious early in the game. Therefore, his actions also exposed MC as they tried to come to his defense. Nick might be Dan’s cousin but he made a few fatal errors. When Elissa came to him and offered the deal, he hesitated and didn’t come across as genuine. Dan would of have been able to look Elissa straight in her face and make her beleive that he’s her biggest supporter. Nick also forgot lesson 2, avoid going up on the block at any cost. Its nice to have an alliance but your game comes first. You should of promised anything to stay off the block and deal with the consequences later. Moving Company lost focus, the goal was to move bodies out. It didn’t matter who got evicted, as long as it wasn’t a Moving Company member. Instead, Jeremy wants to protect Kaitlin and demands that Elissa gets voted out. Its only the second eviction, but Jeremy in his delusions of grandeur thinks MC already has that type of pull. Therefore, putting more stress on MC and possible exposure. Why did McCrae flip from Moving Company? Could it had been because of this ridiculous demand by Jeremy? MC is agreeing to protect Katilin but MC is telling McCrae that Amanda must go next week. Love stories will go untold! Especially, the ending of Gina and Nick’s love story will never be known. As Nick walks out the BB door, is this the last time Gina sees him? Will Gina ever go on her date with Nick and share that first kiss. Aha, we might never know. Gina was so protective of Nick. Her fangs came out when she suspected that Jessie might try to get close to Nick. If Elissa was really mean spirited, she might whisper to Gina how all those girls will be following Nick now that he’s back home and you are stuck in the BB house. Gina might self evict after that comment in order to follow Nick out.

The fallout of this vote has so many ramifications. Howard is on the outs with Helen’s alliance and he is definitely not in with the Mean Girls Alliance. Howard will have to double his futile efforts to suck up to Aaryn. Instead of thanking Howard for a back rub, Aaryn jokingly accused him of choking her. Lets tune in tommorow and see if Howard tries giving Aaryn a foot rub next and will that produce better results. Candice might be the real winner of Howard affections. Howard supposedly has a photographic memory, well that’s going to be put to the test. Howard, here is a tip, you might want to use that in this upcoming HOH. Amanda is getting ready to put Moving Company out of business.

Spencer, will be left on an island alone. No one trusts Spencer.

If Jeremy blows up and is left with only the Mean Girls alliance, then he has a very difficult path to the final two. The Mean Girls will be even more fixated on Ellisa and will do anything to get her out. Making his moves less strategic and more personal.

Shouts out to Jessie, finally a strong woman. When asked by Elissa concerning Jessie’s relationship with Judd. Jessie replied that she isn’t even thinking about that right now. Jessie is more focused on her game then her dating life in BB. Her attitude is refreshing!

Biff Tannen

I’ve been away for a bit, but my god this has been the longest two weeks I’ve ever watched of BB. My head is spinning trying to figure out who is with whom. The lack of BBAD has really put a damper on my ability to keep up with everything. But I still love this season–we’re headed for a major meltdown from someone soon!


I don’t understand why people are saying that Nick is a great player ……… it may have been an expectation as his demeanor in the beginning was somewhat like Dan’s but he proved to not be so smart. He didn’t handle E very well the other night. He basically told her he wouldn’t throw the POV and admitted that he would use it. What a moron!!! If he would have played his cards right I think there was a chance that he would have not been put on the block. He is depending on everyone for his safety and not doing anything to ensure it. I don’t get after dark until 2:00 a.m. maybe I will just have to stay up this morning and tune. SO LOVE THIS SEASON!!! The MVP Twist was genius ………. otherwise J would be running the house and I cannot stand to watch him and the mean girls. It will be even more interesting when more are voted out … this season of strategists are outstanding.

Johnny (the european one!)

Nick made a deal with Elissa that if he threw the POV comp, he’d be safe for 2 weeks.
After the POV was over, Elissa asked him if he’d vote against her, which would have been another deal.
Elissa didn’t honor the deal.

The Black Fish

If Spencer and Howard flip, I can see Jeremy winning HOH and cutting a deal with Helen to get Spencer out.


I’m done warching.


I can’t believe I’m saying this, but if nick leaves and it looks like he is, I will be rooting for Jeremy. He’s gonna go all hurricane howie and it will be interesting. Even though he’s a major tool. Spencer is a shady f***


I feel like a girl will win itll be like season 6, all the men being picked off I don’t see a girl going til week 4, im so happy that elissa stays. Amanda for the win!!!


I swear being HOH means absolutely nothing anymore besides safety. This twist fucking sucks.


I bet Helen’s husband will beat the crap of Jeremy for disliking towards women. If I was him I better run for their life.


Is Spencer really that foolish? Does he think he can just take Howard drop his alliance of five like that? Like Jeremy will just smile and tip his cap to them? They or McCrae back out now, Jeremy is blowing the whistle on them, and they all become the next targets.

Kaitlyn, Aaryn, and Gina Marie might even be able to blend back into the house until jury. Howard, Spencer, McCrae, and Jeremy (in reverse order) will be gone back to back to back to back.

Alice in Wonderland

Regardless of how spencer votes….he’s screwed. No one trusts him now. But I predict spencer will be back with the MC before the vote tonight.

Elissa sucks

America, PLEASE vote for the person playing the best game right now, instead of handing that dumb bimbo the ridiculous MVP power every week. This is stupid, and turning into the Rachel/Elissa show. All the do is threaten everyone with it and use it to completely waste the hoh. Might as well just let Elissa decide who she wants to go home every week until she wins her 500k she doesn’t need… Dumbest twist ever.



Brenchel fans weren’t satisfied when Grodner gifted Rachel 500k by saving her week after week. Biggest joke winner of BB ever. Now they want to see Rachel’s talentless, brainless, uninteresting sister win as well.

If Rachel was in this season she’d be puking her guts out… all these floaters will control the house hanging onto this BS power.

McRae = Ian 2.0 ...for the win

Week one, I understood Elissa getting MVP, because we didn’t know any of them, and it essentially was a popularity contest. Week 2 …I have now come to the conclusion that Rachel’s followers are the only ones showing up to vote for MVP. I have read several sources saying that ratings are way down, for many reasons, from the insane racial and gay slurs, to the Elissa tailored power of MVP, but for whatever reason, it must only be the die hard Rachel fans voting because there is NO self respecting BB fan that could honestly say she is playing the best game. Leave it to Rachel fans to turn the integrity of the game into a joke.