Big Brother Spoilers Votes Flipping “I hope you drop the weights on your face you mother f******”

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


10:28am Cam 1-2 Bathroom Judd and Amanda

Judd tells her about the conversation with Jessie last night.. She told him she doesn’t know what to think.. Elissa told her Nick tried to get her put up for MVP it makes her feel like NIck is with them (Aaryn)..
Judd: “she said Makes me feel like I’m on the bottom of the totem poll.. I don’t know what to do”
Judd: “I really didn’t say much”
Amanda: “I think we need to talk to McCrea.. Andy and Howard.. I think that Howard is working with them to”
Amanda tells him about Spencer trying to get her put up for MVP nominee and Howard knew about it.
Judd tells him he saw Howard and Spencer whispering in the corner when they saw Judd they scrambled like they were not wanting to be seem
Judd: ‘If we get HOH we should put Howard up”
Amanda: “And Spencer”


10:56AM Kitchen McCrea, Judd and Amanda McCrea is complaining that Big Brother woke them up so early. Amanda tells him it’s not early it’s 11 o’clock

10:57am McCrea leaves Amanda says her suspicions about Howard are definitely true. Amanda: “I can’t say why.. I just know” Judd says he can’t even look at that f***er (Howard or spencer hard to tell because the water was running)
They move to the Backyard couch to chat, Spencer and Helen are still in the backyard exercising.. Amanda says she wants Elissa to stay so bad. Judd thinks that Helen is going to get MVP if Elissa leaves because her and Elissa are so close. Amanda disagrees says it’ll be Nick or McCrea maybe even Judd.
McCrea joins them.. Amanda tells McCrea that suspicions from yesterday are confirmed (Howard and Spencer are working together). Judd about Howard lifting weights “I hope you drop the weights on your face you mother f****”
Andy joins them. They are talking about getting the votes to save Elissa. Judd says he’s going to work on Jessie. Andy says Candace is a lock.
Amanda says even if they vote out Elissa everyone is on-board to stick together they still have the numbers (Helen, McCrea, Judd, Andy, Amanda)
They call Helen over and Amanda says to her it’s confirmed that Howard and Spencer are not trust worthy. Helen is surprised about Howard. Andy says they need to corner Jessie right before the vote and tell her the house is voting out Nick. Helen: “Promise Jessie that when Elissa wins MVP next week they can guarantee her safety”
Amanda says every time she’s with Aaryn and Jeremy and suggests Howard’s sketchy Jeremy changes the subject or drops the idea outright.
Helen: “Spencer has to go next week.. ”
Amanda: “These people are all fu*** retarded Jeremy has made himself too much of a target”


Howard joins them “For the sake of argument.. everyone is voting Nick out right”
They all agree.
Andy says that with this twist in their favor they control the game. Helen keeps saying: ‘Stay solid until we get to jury”
Howard says he’ll talk to Spencer. He points out to Helen that She’s basing too much of the game on Elissa winning MVP they need to get out there and win HOH this week.
Judd and Howard head to the weights to lift.
Candace joins them crying says she had a dream about something bad happening to her mom.

11:36Am Judd starts running a few comments are made about how fast he runs. (Judd has bragged about how he’s got a chance to win a competition if it’s running based..Judd doesn’t run for very long.. maybe a couple minutes)


11:40am Cockpit Helen and Candace

Helen says she thought the vote was going to be 7-4 to evict Nick but now things have changed. If Spencer flips it will be 6-5 but now everyone is getting suspicious of Spencer and Howard
Candace has been telling howard to stay away from spencer she’s think he’ll listen to her.
Helen is panicking about the group falling apart. she says that Amanda is now going around saying Howard and Spencer have flipped so the votes are now going against Elissa.
Candace is adamant that Howard will not vote out Elissa, she says she’s 100% Howard is voting out Nick.
Helen: “You need to figure out a way to keep Howard’s vote”
Helen doesn’t care if Spencer flips but they cannot have howard flip even the perception that Howard might not vote out Nick is causing the group to break apart. Candace needs to lock Howard.
Helen: “We need to make sure Howard tells all of them that he’s voting out Nick.. everyone is too wishy washy.”
Candace: “he is voting out nick he told me last night in bed” (They were snuggling in bed last night)
Helen if this alliance falls apart this week we’re all goners.. Jeremy is always going to be loyal to Aaryn and Kaitlin”
Candace says they have to get rid of Nick because Jeremy says he’s coming after her and Helen next week and not Elissa.
Helen: “You need to tell Howard that they are all being suspicious and he needs to clear his vote up with the group”
Candace: “For MVP we have to keep her”
Helen: “I Know”


11:56am Storage room Andy and Helen

Helen is starting to wonder if maybe Amanda is trying to sabotage the group. Andy swears Amanda is not bring sup that she was crying last night. Helen: “Sucks that i’m on the block I can’t do all that much” Andy says if only 5 of them vote to keep Elissa it will screw them over they need the majority or nothing.

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Jeremy's Boat

Helen might have a panic attack when McCrae casts the 6th vote to evict Elissa. She might not be able to compete properly in the HOH.

Jon Snow

Helen for MVP next week, regardless if Elissa stays or not, It will stir things up b/c they will think Elissa again


How will that stir things up? If Elissa stays, then it doesn’t matter if everyone things Elissa has MVP because she and Helen work with each other more than they do with anyone else and would make a joint decision anyways. If Elissa leaves, then no one will think Elissa has MVP again (obviously).


I really think that Elissa is toast. Her group is going to chicken out on the vote and it’ll be a landslide, confusing the whole house.


as much as a crazy Amanda is, Im totally rooting for her. she totally sees through people in ways no one else in the house can.


not sure if serious

based on her actions and comments she has made, amanda is a racist, homophobic, bullying bitch who is cheating on her boyfriend on national tv

you are rooting for that?


MC is getting crazy close to be being figure out. This game is being played really, really hard just two weeks in. If Elissa goes down and one of the MC wins the HOH, this competition could get pretty uncompetitive in a hurry. If (big if) the MC survives the next couple of weeks, things look very bad for the rest of the house. Big moments coming up on BB.


Dear God when Amanda finds out about that worm she’s dating in the house, this is going to be BB10 levels of epic.
I can’t wait. I swear I can’t wait.


it would serve her right for cheating on her boyfriend


Maybe she and her boyfriend have an understanding….she would pick out the most unlikeliest guy to have a showmance at all and latch on to him.
If that is the case then Karma is at work because he is totally scamming her…. and I like it.


I sort of hate these strong day 1 alliances. as if they refuse to break from it, there really isn’t much to watch knowing where the votes are going to really end up.

STFU Donnie

OK…but most every other season without early alliances is equally as boring as the house outcasts get evicted in the first few weeks in pure popularity contests with ZERO suspense in the voting. You’re either just too impatient or mad that the people you like don’t seem to be in a good spot. Either way, just hold on, there will be changes in the game dynamic sooner rather than later.


BB’s facebook page revealed Brittney is the returning houseguest. Nothing on what the purpose is.

VA Vet

Perhaps to get someone in the house that has a sense of humor.


yeah its exactly whats missing, someone with a combination of personality, warmth and good humour


The preview of the POV comp seems like it’s nursery/baby themed and Britney is having a baby soon, so it kind of makes sense.


Ugh, her constant snide remarks about everyone is almost as bad as a non-racist Aaryn


With all these alliances and sub-alliances…I’m getting confused! Are Spencer & Howard with Jeremy and his group or not?!!!


Ok…thanks Simon!


Boggles my mind why Howard/Nick/McCrae would want to keep those disgusting pigs Jeremy/Spencer around…I hate when people get in strong alliances before they know what kind of people they are aligning with!

Grrrr they need to flip the votes and be done w/ the MC – start a new alliance with people who deserve to be in this game.


i agree, for now, but how will they ride the waves of drama over the next day before the vote? there are too many fake alliances, and they may not be able to keep everthing sorted if the boat really starts rockin’.


thats awesome


oh man….. this extra day is putting a hurting on the MC … time to ship out boys, gonna be a tight vote. hope they get the swing vote to keep Elissa, and really start some drama.


yessss, johnny — totally with you on that. i’m really hoping for that one swing vote.


They will need Jessie and McCrea to win. Or Howard needs to take a good look at what is being said in the house and distance himself from the group that is doing all the bullying and name calling. That should be Candice’s argument to him. Does he want to work with people who discriminate?


I think after this week the MC will be exposed. It seems like half of the house thinks they have the votes to have Elissa stay:

Helen, Andy, Candice, and Amanda all believe the votes will go down something like this:

Candice – EVICT NICK
Jessie – EVICT NICK (if they can convince her)

Spencer – ? (we know he will vote to EVICT ELISSA)
Howard – ? (we know he will vote to EVICT ELISSA)


Even if they lose Spencer and Howard, they still think they have the votes to keep Elissa (6-5). It all comes down to McCrea. If he is swayed by Amanda and betrays the MC, Elissa stays. But it is more likely he will stay loyal to MC and **IF** (very big if) the other houseguests are smart enough to put all the pieces together, they will know that some big alliance is working in the background, and that big alliance would involve McCrea, Spencer, and Howard since they voted to keep Nick. The writing will be on the walls after this week…


7-4 nick stays

STFU Donnie

I can’t decide if McCrae is:

1) So starved of female attention that he’s blinded by infatuation with Amanda
2) Not particularly smart, nor brave
3) Giving Amanda enough rope to hang herself and become completely dependent upon him for survival

I’ve never seen somebody in such a good spot, like Amanda, stir up so much unnecessary s**t in such a short amount of time, which will all blowback on her…while her closest ally seemingly stands back to watch it all happen. I don’t understand why McCrea does not sit her down and say she either chills out and shuts up or he has to distance himself from her so he does not become collateral damage when all her scheming blows up as nobody trusts her. Amanda is digging her grave to the point where she’s likely to take Elissa’s spot as the next friendless target and potentially save Helen/Candace.


It really sucks that the alliance that I can’t stand (Moving Company) is loyal to each other whilst the one I like (Elissa and friends) I don’t even know if everyone is loyal and if they’ll even vote the same.
I must be missing something because I’m not sure where Howard stands. Is he playing them, Helen and friends?


Why in God’s name would they bring Brittney back I couldn’t take her when she was in the house nobody gives two shits about Brittney, bring someone exciting like Dick to tell those racist people to shut the effin up and put them in there places, Certainly it isn’t Brittney, she is worthless. Come on Big Brother get with this game the season is going down the TUBES with the crap that is going down in the house.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Whoa, when did Candice and Howard happen? Thought he was gonna get with Jessie? Well. big booty, is a big booty no matter what the shade… Go Howard



If Elissa Leaves..
JEREMY & HIS FOLLWERS will plan to get CANDICE & HELEN evicted..

Good thing Candice and Helen Kno This:):)

But, OKAY! if ELISSA stays this week..ALL HELL WILL BREAK LOSE..

Which is a good thing because everyone will be A TARGET (IN HIS WORDS)


Andy is to fuckin shady smh..
BUT im kinda starting to give a fck about AmandaNoBynes
But not so much McCrea because is easy to controll smh.


Because they will go after the strong guys (Howard, Spencer UHH, & Jeremy)


Like OMG …Its time for new people to feel the heat of being
On the block, instead of going the easy route….

Either Way if CANDICE or HELEN win mvp they will controll
The nominations…

If CANDICE, HELEN OF JUDD doesnt win MVP this sht is so RIGGED.

Everyone see that he cant make his own choices SMFH.


I hope so because if Jeremy continue to be cocky. He will end up as a main target.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

I’m all for MC eventually imploding with DRAMA, but I also want the other HG to have a fair shot at MVP. With Elissa getting it every week, it’s utterly useless, might as well kill the twist now, it was dead before it started.


It will be sad day for Brenchel fans, but next week would be Aaryn’s nation. I will look forward see her leaving.


It seems pretty clear to me the moving company won’t last. They talk to much game with each other and change there minds to much and don’t really do a good job of keeping their distance from each other. McCrae seems to be the only one doing a good job of those things. If they manage to get through this week keeping Nick, it will only be a week or so before the MC has 4 members. On a side note, Judd’s a little unstable don’t ya think?


EVERYTIME one of these girls get’s wise to the Moving Company, one of the boys just ends up taking her to bed and that’s the end of it.
I can’t believe this.

Now all nick has to do is figure out who is a bigger threat, Jessie or Gina and off to bed they will go.


this is why i like mvp vote for candice or helen or judd why judd thats gooing to be one bad dude soon in he could help out the helen candice amanda but im put my vote for helen tomorow when voting begins


This MC alliance is so boring


I can’t wait for tomorrow to see useless Elvira go home. What is the point of getting unearned power every week and can not do shirt with it.
Moving Company all the way. At least they are playing the Big Brother game, its not their fault if the others are dumb followers.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Yes! Another unbiased observer with common sense here….. It’s pathetic people watching totally dismisses this twist is supposed to be only for Most Valuable Player, aka Who’s Playing the best Game.


Its interesting that the group is switching. At this point if they all do what they say the vote would be 6 to vote out Elissa and 4 to vote out Nick….Jessie is a wildcard but if they can get to her it would be 5 to vote out Nick.

If they were smart, with the knowledge that there is a guy group, they would threaten spencer and howard and say they will out their group and tell aaryn that Nick voted out David last week…even if they just have a feeling about it, they need to make the move and tell it…this will cause all kind of friction …and it needs to be someone like Helen who is more trustworthy than say Candace. People are not using their knowledge to their advantage. I mean doesn’t Amanda know that Aaryn is not liking Kaitlin so much anymore…they need to stir the pot on the other side…I only see Amanda doing it, but it needs to be done more sneakily and NOW. I feel like Amanda is the only one that can really see what we see, she is smart. (probably my favorite)

But at this point, letting go of Elissa may be their smartest option. I personally would vote out Nick because no one should tell them what to do and they shouldn’t feel bullied.


unless jeremy bullies her and sincerely mends fences and starts actually talking game to her…I feel like jessie will vote with them although I still find her a wildcard….in which case mcrae somewhat exposes himself and i think becomes the most vulnerable…not a position you are looking to take on week 3. If i were McRae I would try to convince the rest of the MC to split votes to keep things real and throw off some of the suspicion of boys alliance convincing them that they should still have the votes…then you are making the split vote jessie taking the heat off yourself ESPECIALLY since he has avoided the most suspicion when it comes to the boys alliance. Although – I woudl say it could work for Howard or Spencer either but I don’t think they will flip as easily as McRae who I think is legit torn.

Scenario 1 votes to evict, it doesn’t matter how Jessie votes, but McRae would very likely be exposed:

Jessie – nick or elissa

Kaitlyn – elissa
gina marie-elissa

Scenario 1 votes to evict, the vote now falls on Jessie and McRae doesn’t take the fall-might get a bit of heat from MC – but it won’t be about him, it would be on Amanda:

Jessie – nick or elissa

Kaitlyn – elissa
gina marie-elissa

the only problem is with SO many alliances some people may trust their side alliances too much…and with the MC there is the risk of playing the MC game not your own game.


I just hope whoever gets MVP this week doesn’t tell one of the MC. If Amanda gets it she will do whatever McCrae wants. It sucks that Aaryn is out to get Elissa because she nominated David. If only Elissa told her why she put David up. Of course, the self proclaimed “bunny” would not believe anything Elissa says. If these girls would get past the personal they would easily figure out the boys alliance. Unfortunately, they are too busy thinking about boyfriends instead of the money. I don’t understand why these women always think they need a man to help them get further in the game. They make women look weak and dumb.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

I’ve been watching since BB 10,and I have yet to see a women get through the game without a man’s help.


It happened in a few seasons with Jun and Janelle

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

I agree, it’s sad and pathetic. Another reason there’ won’t ever be a successful all women’s alliance


i think the actual problem is that as the years go by they cast more and more of these girls for showmances and throuh’ ‘recruitment’ instead of picking great female players…they are few and far between but I think that girls could be EXCELLENT at this game. think about it though, they NEVER cast girls who are like actual athletes, their ‘athletic’ girls are always lik fitness or yoga so good at endurance but not an overall threat. Janelle was a huge threat she was good at everythin really and likewise with Jillian in bbcan….they need to cast more irls like that and THEN it would be more interesting!


i hope helen wins hoh in put up nick spencer then she when mvp put up howard then make a deal with nick if he tell her about allins the men have nick will tell her about the moving company then she win veto in take him down in put up jermmy in everybody whould vote him out but two want aryan or kiklan


I’m really hoping that Candice or Helen expose the MC and win hoh,it would bring MAJOR drama.


I wish they would all lie and tell everyone they r voting out nick and then one of the MC try to do like Natalie did on her season where she threw out a vote for someone and had the whole house wondering where that vote came from. That way if they actually all vote to save Elissa and they did that she would stay that would be too funny. Can u imagine the look on that persons face if they did that thinking they had nicks votes secure to stay?


Name, love that plan…..still dreaming of that immediate double eviction…with Helen or Candace as HOH…..and 2 of the MC leaves…….preferably Spencer or the ” drunk with power” Jerm

Just wondering?

Don’t you think if Helen or Candace win HOH they will Target Aaryn?

yellow jacket fan

Here’s how I think the vote will turn out to be:

Candice – EVICT NICK


I think the weak players will cave (unfortunately).

Day Yum Yum

So much for the MC being solid, Simon! Goodbye Nick! And you have nobody except your MC alliance buddies Spencer and McCrae to blame!