Judd says he can’t wait to move into the HOH room tomorrow. I am Big Brother Royalty!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


5:50pm Nick and Judd are up in the HOH room. Judd says that he doesn’t think Elissa is a super horrible person but he doesn’t see how she could benefit his game. Nick agrees. Judd says that he just doesn’t have conversations with her and she doesn’t try to ask him about anything personal. He says that after he realized that he didn’t feel bad about deciding to vote her out. Judd tells Nick that he is cool as sh*t. Judd asks Nick if can ask him something. Nick says sure. Judd tells him that he should ask Gina out on a Big Brother date inside the house. Nick says that he would but will wait till he gets HOH. Judd tells him that others were talking about it too and even Aaryn offered you her HOH room. He says that they would wait on you and bring you food and stuff. I won’t do any of that but they will. Judd laughs. Nick says na, I will wait till I get HOH. Judd says what if you never get HOH. Nick says I WILL GET HOH. The cameras switch to Amanda and McCrae in the lounge room. Jeremy joins Amanda and McCrae. Jeremy says that one of us four need to win the next HOH. They talk about how Big Brother starting to build it now. Jeremy hopes it’s the spinning one from BB12, or the horse race from BB14. Jeremy says that one was awesome! Andy joins them. Amanda says it better not be a team challenge, that was bullsh*t. Andy asks what would you have done if you were with Elissa. Jeremy says that he would have thrown it. They talk about Jeremy/Aaryn’s strategy for who would take the HOH. Amanda says that it was smart for him to give it to Aaryn because he was still basically HOH and still gets to compete this week. Jeremy says that his mom would have been mad at him if he didn’t give it to Aaryn. Kaitlin joins them. Jeremy jokes that Andy isn’t even gay, he just says he is to get women. Kaitlin asks him if he is the catcher or the pitcher. Andy says catcher.

6:05pm Judd is talking to Jessie in the bedroom. Judd says if I don’t win, you have too. Judd leans in and hugs Jessie. Amanda walks in and asks what they are doing. They say nothing.
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6:10pm Up in the HOH room – Gina, Nick and Aaryn are talking about how everyone is trying to plan a date for them. Gina tells them not to. Nick says he said when we get HOH. Gina says yeah when you or I get it right. Nick says yeah. Gina complains how everyone but Elissa told her that she looked good today. Gina says that she can walk around with booty shorts too and still look better than her. Jeremy and Andy join them in the HOH room. Judd comes up to the HOH and says that he can’t wait to move in here tomorrow. They talk about how the episode was changed to Thursday night. The talk about how the ratings must be up. Gina says we are rocking it, hottest cast in BB history! Kaitlin joins them. Gina complains that BB took 80% of her clothes. Judd says yeah they took my crayon too. They asks him why he had a crayon. Judd says he went to Burger King a few weeks ago. Andy says he is fu*king with you! Judd says that he is Big Brother Royalty! Aaryn asks Kaitlin what is up with her attitude. Kaitlin says that she was joking. Aaryn says okay well its all the time. Kaitlin laughs and says okay. Kaitlin walks out of the HOH room.

6:20pm Kaitlin is in the bedroom talking smack about Aaryn to Jessie. She says that Aaryn keeps making comments to her and attacking her. Kaitlin says we are a team but she is trying to get us to turn against each other. Kaitlin says that Aaryn exaggerates things. Kaitlin says that Aaryn says that people are annoyed because they can’t talk to Jeremy without me around but she hangs out with him more than I do. Kaitlin brings up how Aaryn just told her that she always has an attitude problem. I am just venting to you. Jessie tells Kaitlin that she can hang out with her in the coloured room when ever she wants. Kaitlin says that she hopes Elissa goes home tomorrow. Jessie agrees.


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6:35pm In the lounge – Amanda and McCrae are talking. Amanda says that she wants to stick her tongue down McCrae’s mouth till she suffocates him, then take his dead body and stuff it in her vag!na. (WTF!?) Amanda says wait did I just say that out loud. Amanda tells McCrae to be careful of who he talks to. She tells him that she feels really good about this though. This is a secure thing. There is just no proof that you and I didn’t vote the way that .. you know what I mean. Amanda says even it Jessie votes the way we do .. McCrae says then we are fu*ked. Amanda says they really trust us up there. McCrae says they have no other choice. Andy comes in and tells them that he thinks they are good. Either we will have 6 votes or 8. They talk about how they can’t let Nick get Jessie alone. Andy says that Nick already talked to her. We will just be the last to talk to her right before the vote. Andy tells them that he trusts that and if something happens where it switches last minute he wants them to tell him. Amanda says that they trust him too. Andy says that he can’t wait to find out what is up with Nick. Andy comments that even in the diary room they asks him questions about Nick. He says that they asked him about how he said on day 1 he thought Nick was suspicious.. lets elaborate on that. Andy leaves. McCrae tells Amanda that he is excited about the plan and that if it works out its going to be good. Amanda agrees. Meanwhile Andy goes to the havenot room and tells Helen about how he is going to talk to Jessie before the vote. He says that he will tell her they have 8 votes and will have the MVP on our side to keep her safe.
7pm – 7:10pm In the bedroom – Candice, Howard, Jessie, Judd, Kaitlin, Elissa and Andy are playing a what would you do/rather game. Candice asks what would you do if you were going to have $ex with a girl and her vag!na smelled really bad. Howard says that he would make up an excuse why he couldn’t do it. Judd says he doesn’t smell right any ways. Candice asks Jessie if she had bad $ex with someone would she have another date. Jessie says no way, goodbye. Jeremy joins them. Candice asks Jeremy if she was about to sleep with a girl and her vag!na smelled would he tell her. Jeremy says yes I would tell her. They asks Andy to come up with a question. Andy says that all his questions have to do with flatulence. Judd asks what do flash lights have to do with anything. The others laugh.


7:10pm – 7:25pm Aaryn, Amanda, and McCrae are in the lounge talking. Aaryn is complaining about how Kaitlin stained her bathing suite bottoms from the medication she is taking. Amanda asks what from her Who-Ha? Aaryn says yeah from the dye in the medication. Amanda asks didn’t she know that was coming out of her vag!na? Aaryn says yeah she just didn’t care I guess. Aaryn leave to go up to the HOH room. McCrae has been building a game for a while now. He tries it out. Amanda tells him that he is such a kid. McCrae says what you wanted me to be ambitious. McCrae says that he is ingenuitious. Amanda asks what is that? McCrae says ingenuity to make something out of nothing, to be creative. Amanda doesn’t believe that its a real word and asks him if he learned that at pizza school. They talk about Big Brother building the HOH competition right now. Amanda wonders what it is. McCrae says that it’s probably another endurance. Amanda asks McCrae if he went to school to study dorkism. McCrae says fuck ya, I major’d in that.



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Candace is a smart player if she wins HOH she just might put a dent in the Moving Company alliance. So either her, Helen or Amanda should win HOH.
Judd I have no idea who he’d target if he won.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Judd, is crackin me up tonight… Powerhouse Mumbles FTW


I noticed that about Judd…you hear him talking but his lips aren’t even moving.


So Moving Company fully plans on sticking together to vote out Elissa right? As sad I am to see her go, I am curious to see who the new MVP would be.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Me too, I’m sure it will be Helen knowing America’s bias against people that are actually playing the “best” game aka Most Valuable Player.. I’m hoping someone who’s playing at least an “average” game also not afraid to go against the grain wins MVP.

Last 2 weeks someone was barely playing a below average game got MVP by default due solely to who they were, and it made the twist a complete joke.

Jeremy's Boat

These people are in for a shock…


Who the MC or Elissa’s crew?


I don’t know what’s going to happen tomorrow!!! I can’t wait for the live eviction! Anyone have any idea how its gonna go?

Jeremy's Boat

Unless something happens, it looks like a 6-5 vote to evict Elissa.


MC has things on lockdown. McCrae, Howard, spencer, Jeremy, Gina Marie and kaitlyn are LOCKED for Nick.

Other side of the house is frantically trying to rally the votes, they think they have the majority, but are unaware that McCrae is a double agent.


Agree 100% – don’t try telling that to the people on Joker’s though. That used to be my favorite site but this season they’ve all turned into delusional crazies who think Elyssa is the Queen of the world and TMC is about to get destroyed. It’s almost funny how hopeful they are.

Just wondering?

How long does everyone think the MC will last before they turn on each other?

Jeremy's Boat

I think Jeremy will be taken out as soon as possible. The mc needs him right now as muscle and his vote, but as the numbers dwindle, Jeremy will become more and more of a liability and a threat. I think the other four won’t turn on each other if Amanda is taken out ASAP.


3-4 weeks from now.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

If Elissa goes 3-4 weeks,If Elissa stays 72 hours

Day Yum Yum

They are DONE!! No more MC!! Mercifully!! I knew it wouldn’t take long for them to turn on one of their own! Nick, look no further than Spencer and McRay-Cray to thank for your eviction! It is hard to believe these people cannot see that Spencer is not trustworthy! It is so obvious! The guy even looks shady! He should be the next to go if these HG’s have any brains! If I were Helen, I would put up Spencer, Jeremy and either McRae or Howard! Mumbles shouldn’t be far behind, even though he is no threat either intellectually or physically! Look up the word “moron” in the dictionary and you will see Mumbles photo!


Wow Amanda! I swear what she said reminds me of something that nut( the blond lady that was obsessed with Dale- John C. Reiley) on the movie Step Brothers. When she said she wanted to roll him up into a ball and shove him in her vagina to be with her forever lol. I swear the girls in this house are SO desperate/ guy crazy. These women need to learn that being clingy/needy is no way to get a guy. Bunch of horn dogs in this house I tell ya! Forget sex I want the damn half a million! Shouldn’t the girls know that almost 95% of the time that it’s bros before hoes in BB?


C’mon Howard, Jeremy, and Judd!!! The move is to talk the girl into taking a shower with you…you don’t ever quit, don’t ever give up…

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Specially if the smell is consequence of some type of condition or STD, a shower will really help, now will it?


Somebody needs a sense of humor…


@Kaitlin’s Sharpie Eyebrows ……….. I LOVE YOUR NAME! lol I’m glad someone noticed that


McCrea is scaring me. He’s voting out Elissa, right?!!


Yes, he knows that there will be a witch hunt for the traitor, so he is covering his bases. He knows better than to betray the MC. Why vote out all the strong guys and your allies? Soon he would be targeted as a showmance.

Gator girl

Judd has me so confused, Andy too. Who are they going to evict?

The Black Fish

I think Judd is on board with keeping Elissa. Andy is on board, but he really is afraid of the vote turning against Elissa and being in the minority. He wants to either have a majority or he wants everyone to vote out Elissa.


Howard really needs to pick somebody to sacrifice with Helen and Candace to try and cover himself. He should try to pin it on Amanda. Tell them you see how she’s up in HOH all the time, talking to Aaryn and Jeremy all the time, and she was chatting up Nick alone. As it stands I think, Jessie is going to flip too (Helen, Candace, and Elissa really missed the chance to draw her in) which means Elissa leaves by an 8-3 vote. Then Howard’s job is to work on Helen and Candace. Get them to think him and Candace were two so who was the third? Make Judd and Andy fight over who turned.

i'm tall

i know if they ever remake dick tracy they should cast judd as “mumbles” this guy is funny as hell. either he is some sort of idiot savant or he is doing a great acting dumb. lol.




is the eviction tonight?


ahhhh…. why type of a medicine with a dye in it is coming out of Kaitlin’s vagina? What happen to her? Did it happen in the house. Is this from Jeremy?


She has a urinary tract infection. The over counter meds change color of urine as infection leaves your body. But it doesn’t just leak out. Really gross but I’m guessing Kaitlin must pee in the pool. Only way it could be staining the bathing suit


That’s ratchet.


Judd is a okay guy. He probably win America’s favorite houseguest.


This is fantastic! Last week Aryan’s side of the house was blind-sided with David’s eviction and now the other side of the house will be shocked by Elissa’s eviction! I hope the MC is around for a while longer for the soul purpose of the utter chaos they cause in the house.


Simon, you think having Britney on the show was a hint to the hg that there is an all male alliance? Or to much of a stretch…


When is brit on the show?


I’m praying for racist b$tch to be evicted next week and GinaMarie as follow,

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

“The talk about how the ratings must be up. Gina says we are rocking it, hottest cast in BB history!”



Tonites episode…..anyone else think aaryn is trying to imitate Danielle donato? Danielle’s favorite word was “shocker”. That is all aaryn nation ever says.


Simon is it true what they are sayingg??????? Are the feeds available for Canadians???!!! I just heard about it on Tumblr…


The power needs to flip for next week!! It’s time for aaryn to play the nominated victim. And Jeremy is the worlds biggest ass I can’t wait to see him go!! I am sad to see Elissa go but honestly I can’t listen to her voice any longer. Her poor husband!!


I finally realized who it was that Jeremy reminded me of – Shrek!


He looks like Buddy Revel from 3oclock high (80s movie) ….. I am dating myself

Kaitlin's Sharpie Eyebrows

Tottaly. Those ears… Wow.


Meds that makes dye come out of you’re v@gin@ wtf


I have made up who is my fav…its Judd….he actually has a very funny sense of humor….team judd!!!!


Maybe I’m hopefully hearing things, but did anyone else hear a reference towards Aaryn going home tomorrow night (on the previews)?


Flashlights!! LOL!! Judd cracks me up.


Omg a good strategy for helen to do if she really wants elissa to stay is to rock the boat and creat friction in the house in order to split da vote to evict btwn her and elissa! Tat would put helen at risk, but its worth a shot. i thnk its a good move because her creating friction could throw the votes off….leaving nick w/the most eviction votes. Obviously helen & elissa are not freggin ballsy enough to try the last ditch effort to get da house to split up the votes btwn helen & elissa, while helen side stick to voting nick out. Helen need to show tat she jus a big threat as elissa to throw a vote or two her way…geeeshe these girls got noooo gane. There are 3 noms and so far these dumbbbb people are Playing as if theres only two noms. Sure no one wants to waste a vote, but helen and elissa should giv it a shot otherwise elissa is a goner!


Totally off subject, but y can u say fuck but u sensor Back Doored, Ass, piss, & everything else??? Confusing?!?!?!?!


oh well looks like Elissa is staying MCcrea decided to vote againt his alliance no one but the brigade was a true alliance….dumb fucks


bbmvp every week Elissa this show will be so oring knowing she gets every week…lets hand her the 500k now…


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