Jeremy says EW.. there’s a monster in the bathroom! And she’s worried about p**ping!

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


10pm – 10:25pm In the lounge room – Howard, Andy, Helen, Judd and Spencer are talking and joking around. They talk about swearing. Howard says that’s how he and his family talk to each other when they see each other. Like Hey what’s up b*tch! Howard says that his ex-girlfriend used to hate him swearing. Jessie joins them. They continue to talk about random stuff. Meanwhile in the kitchen – Jeremy is trying to blow bubbles with dish soap. Aaryn comes in to the kitchen and asks who’s nail polish is the red one. Kaitlin says it’s hers. Aaryn says good because someone told he it was Elissa’s and I was scared it was. Kaitlin says I wouldn’t wear that bit*ches nail polish either. Jeremy says EWWW.. there’s a monster in the bathroom! Nick goes to look and says oh.. Jeremy tells Howard there’s a monster in the bathroom. He says and she is worried about pooping.. and she looks like that with a face mask on. Gina starts getting mad about how Big Brother let Elissa bring in a dress like that but took all of her clothes away when she has one that looks just like that. Aaryn tells her to go into the diary room and get them to go through your clothes again. In the kitchen Kaitlin talks to Aaryn about how her last boyfriend used to get super physical with her and throw her around. She says he never like smacked her.. Big Brother cuts the feeds. Jeremy and Nick continue to try and make bubbles.



10:35pm – 10:50pm In the kitchen – Howard gives Aaryn a back massage. At the end he squeezes her shoulders/neck. Aaryn says wow thanks a lot Howard just choked the sh*t out of me. Aaryn then looks at Nick and says Eww!! Kaitlin says he probably got a boner that’s why he had to walk away. Aaryn says ew! Kaitlin asks if he pulled her hair. Aaryn says yeah he pulled my hair. Aaryn says that the icing isn’t ready. Kaitlin says look at how much “gook” came out. McCrae asks “gook”?? Aaryn pretends the icing sugar is semen and spreads it on her lips and chin. Nick says that is so disgusting. Kaitlin says whatever Nick how are you disgusted by that?

TRY Out the Big Brother Live Feeds: FREE TRIAL



10:55pm – 11pm Most of the house guests are in the lounge room talking about movies, actors and other random things. Meanwhile up in the HOH room – Amanda just finished her shower and is talking to Kaitlin about how she shaved her “kooder”. She says it was about time she did it as it was like a wildebeest. Amanda says that she almost though she had her period but didn’t. Kaitlin says maybe she is pregnant. Amanda says with McCrae’s babies! No you have to have $ex to get pregnant.

CBS Interactive Inc.

11pm – 11:35pm McCrae and Amanda are up in the HOH room talking. McCrae asks how many do we have me, you, Judd, Andy, Candice, Helen, Jessie. Amanda says possibly Howard and Spencer. Amanda says that she is counting them on the other side. McCrae says so the other side Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Spencer, Howard, Gina. Amanda and McCrae both laugh about how they have the votes to keep Elissa and vote out Nick. Amanda says that she is already thinking about damage control. McCrae says don’t even worry about it. The talk about how they are going to be so pissed off. McCrae thinks he is going to get punched out. Amanda says so then they will go home. They talk about how they didn’t think we could get Jessie but she just wanted to feel wanted and needed and we aren’t just going to drop her. McCrae says we need to be on top of Elissa to make sure never strays. Amanda agrees. They kiss. Amanda says I think this is really going to work. McCrae says this is going to be the funnest thing ever! This is going to be blood on my hands. Bye Bye mothafu*ker! McCrae says that he wants to get HOH so bad. Amanda says this is our fu*king room! McCrae says don’t say that. Amanda says we didn’t break our allegiance to you, we can still work with you and then keep picking them off. Amanda says that Judd is on her (Jessie) like flies on sh*t. Amanda says that Jessie was so happy about it too. Amanda asks does this turn you on? McCrae says yes! This is going to make great tv. This better work, this could be reason why I go home. McCrae says that he is going to start yelling what the fu*k! What the fu*k! McCrae says we should get Helen to stick to Jessie so that Howard can’t talk to her. McCrae says we could fu*king walk through this game. Andy comes up and Amanda tells Andy to tell Helen to stick to Jessie. McCrae says that he is not going to lose to him (Jeremy), if it’s endurance I will die before I give up. Andy explains his plan of what he will say to Jessie. Andy tells them that Helen told Jessie eveyone’s name that was on board. Amanda asks what?! Why?! Why would she do that!? She is so fu*king stupid! Amanda says it’s fine, it’s already done. They agree they have 6 votes. Kaitlin comes into the HOH room. The conversation ends. Amanda and McCrae leave to play chess. Andy listens to the Spice Girls CD. McCrae says he is going to go eat something. Amanda says she will give him something to eat. She says she has something real nice and fresh. McCrae says that he doesn’t know what that means…

11:40pm – 12pm Jessie and Elissa are in bed talking. Jessie brings up the fight between Aaryn and Kaitlin. Elissa says that she thinks it is fake. Jessie asks what are the votes for Nick to stay? Elissa asks GinaMarie, Aaryn, Jeremy, Kaitlin.. Jessie says that Aaryn can’t vote she is HOH. Elissa says oh okay. Jessie says that the votes are going to be close, they are going to know its me. It’s going to come down on me hard. Jessie wonders if there should be at least one ghost vote. Elissa says no I think we should keep it solid. Jessie asks are Howard and Spencer voting Nick out? Elissa says she doesn’t know. Jessie asks what the votes are for her to stay. Jessie says Me, McCrae, Amanda, Candice, Judd and Andy. So we don’t even need Howard and Spencer. Elissa says no. Jessie says she is excited. Elissa and Jessie comment on how Judd is so great and hilarious. Elissa says he is adorable. Do you like him? It seemed like you two have so much chemistry. Jessie says that she is liking him more and more .. and we have similar personalities but I am not even thinking about that right now. Jessie and Elissa go to sleep..



12:32AM McCrea and Amanda

Amanda saying how she wants to be in the HOH room again. McCrea tells her she’s has to get out there and win it, “just rub it in Jeremy’s face”

Amanda: “You’re super anti touching me today”
MC: “No I’m not”
Amanda tells him she’s not hiding anything from him, “I can’t believe we’re almost a month into this thing and you still don’t get that”
McCrea tries to explain to her that outside the house he’s not a very trusting person so when he’s in a game based on deception he’s even less trusting.

Andy comes in asks them if they want to stay up and talk otherwise he’s going to bed early. They tell him

McCrea: “Aaryn is so full of sh!t she said there was two condom boxes.. but when he was in the HOH there was only 1.. She’s a compulsive liar.. why would you make up such an innocuous lie..
Amanda: “She wanted it to look like Kailtin and Jeremy had sex”


1:19 Bathroom Howard and Nick
Nick asks how Andy and Judd are voting. Howard says right now Andy is voting to evict you and Judd is 50/50. Howard tells him either way it’s going to be a landslide because Amanda is voting to evict Elissa.
Howard says the plan is to go in tell Andy and Judd at the last minute that McCrea and Amanda flipped the vote. Nick says that is perfect, “Amanda has to go next week”

1:26Am Judd and Nick
Nick asks him if they are still good

1:35Am HOH Jeremy, Aaryn and Kaitlin
They all agree Jessie and Judd are going to hook up. Kaitlin: “She just wants it to badly”
Jeremy: “She can’t keep it in her pants”
J: “She does not seem 25 to me”
Aaryn: ‘She seems 18”

They start talking about relationships and family plans. Jeremy says he thinks it would be awesome to be a stay at home dad. Aaryn use to want to be a stray at home mom but now she isn’t sure. Conversation drifts to pinterest.

(All feed cams show either sleeping houseguests or houseguests laying in bed trying to sleep. Early night tomorrow is a big day)

1:48AM Alarm sounds waking everyone up. The backdoor opens and there is a Competition to practice.. feeds go to fish


Feeds comes back looks like they were told a series of trivia and stats. Everyone is scrambling to remember what was said. A lock down was called. They think Big Brother will wake them up through out the night and give them more information. They are all thinking this is for tomorrows HOH
Andy: “I have no idea what they are going to ask”


groups of houseguests off in corners studying.

2:17AM Nick, Judd, Gina and Jessie Studying..
Judd is saying he wishes they had pen and paper. Jessie mentions that Amanda is using nail polish. Jessie starts talking about her theories about the competition. Nick just walks off leaving Judd in the room. Jessie: “Or I can be invisible” Judd whispers in her ear that Nick would be very good at this game this is why he has to go.

2:25am Bedroom Spencer and Howard
They both agree they are going to head to bed. Spencer: “people are staying up all night studying I think I have it memorized”
Howard: “Candace is helping me”
Spencer says Candace, Amanda, Helen and Andy they are smart as hell they are going to excell at this shit. Howard really doesn’t want to win it, as long as Amanda doesn’t get it he’s cool. Spencer agrees.

2:26pm Howard tells Jessie and Judd that he’s got a photographic memory he’s going to head to bed

2:35pm Feeds back on trivia

2:50AM Feeds back
Andy, Judd and Spencer in the living room. Judd says he’s going to bed. Andy is rattling off all the stats
Sencer: “I wonder if it’s the same each time”
Andy: ” we’ll know when we call us back”
Amanda cruises by asks him what he means. Andy says they are wondering if the stationary items change like the coffee cups.

2:54AM Cockpit McCrae and Judd.
McCrea tells him to keep working on Jessie. Judd says he’s getting really close to her showmance close. (It’s hard to understand but It sounds like Judd wants final 4 with McCrae, Jessie, Judd and Amanda)

2:56am Cockpit Judd and Amanda Judd: “Helen is going to win this I can tell you that for sure”

3:00AM Cockpit McCrea and Elissa
McCrea tells her Howard is not to be trusted. Elissa needs to work on Candace and makle sure she knows why she is voting to keep you. McCrea adds that Howard is going to go to everyone right before the vote and tell them that the vote has been flipped. McCrae tells her they are voting for ellissa to stay no matter what.

(looks like McCrea has tossed the MC 🙁 )

3:12AM here is what they were looking at when the horn blew

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Does anyone else notice how different Nick acts in the house compared to his DRs?


I don’t get how a lot of people here love him… he isn’t playing a bad game but his personality is off-putting.


I’m sure it’s part of his strategy. If the house doesn’t vote him out this week, it may be their biggest mistake because Nick could win it all.


For some reason I’m not digging nick’s DR sections. It’s so obvious he studied Dan before he went into the house.
He wants to be funny and likable but I just see a fake wannabe. I don’t dislike him in the show, but his DR sections are exaggerated and a bit 2 force.


Man I thought I was the only one! He rubs me the wrong way. I’m not sure why, but he’s just not likable. No. Beyond that. He’s UNlikable. Annoying and smug. I’ll be happy to see him go.


Nick is perfectly described as SMUG. Annoyingly so. He hasn’t done shit, but we have a long road ahead of us. Andy, GM, Spencer, Howard, and more are all floaters.


yeah, he’s all charmer in the house, but a snake in the dr – definitely took a course in dan 101. not sure he’s smart enough to pull it off for much longer if he keeps over sharing with the mc crew and avoiding answers to to tough questions( like those from elissa). those are mistakes dan would not have made, or would have at least corrected.


I’m not digging the Nick vibe either. Me thinks he has an inflated head due to starring in the Sailor Moon movie as Tuxedo Mask. If we are lucky, he will be voted off this week.

Kayla J

He is the American version of Peter from BBCAN… without the purple head sash of course 😉

pretty trickster

omg i hated peter! he was the WORST soooo annoying. now his youtube is all recaps with this stupid partner Alec UGHHHHHHHH


wow this is one of the first times I have seen them all together just hanging out and chatting… must be a relief to take a break from the game!! it’s been all scheming and game talk 24/7 this year!

ps-Aaryn frosting= eww


I knew Aaryn would like some crappy music like Spice Girls.

filthy mutt

holy crap I think McCray is gonna flip.

Kayla J

That’ll bethe best move for him because he is at the bottom of the MCalliance


True and yes they would have the majority but i think the other side will win more competitions for one and two theyll come after him first. So he can go to the top of group B but group A will still win more competitions.

Fleur de Lis

My fingers are crossed that he does!!


Appears McCrae is actually voting Nick out, this attitude came right after him leaving the DR…this is actually terrible the production changes the game and doesn’t allow the players to play how they want too completely always…always molding it to be a better show, but lowering the actual game part. They’re sacrificing the game part for the show part. And I wasn’t drawn into the show, I was drawn in by the background about the rules and how this game would play out with people.


BB Afterdark was testing my patience with the Jeremy bubble blowing shit. Like OKAY we get that he’s an airhead….show footage of someone else, ANYONE else in the house, for the love of God!!! Production gets on my nerves…

production rigged it

I couldn’t have said it better myself, i was calling them everything but a milk cow. It was like they thought Jermmy and them were the only ones in the house.


I can’t believe it! I didn’t think Aaryn could get any more disgusting, but once again she proves me wrong! That girl is disgusting! And why are the girls always trash talking Ellisa?!? I bet you GM’s dress was 10x more sluttier than what Elissa was wearing… I am sick of her skanky ass! Can’t she see that Nick is NOT into her! If a guy is into a girl he would kiss her… and Nick said he would need a couple of months to kiss! HAHA GM is so blind!


I’m so lost. Is McCrae voting Nick out or BS ing Amanda?


Good question. He is confusing me 2. I’m prayin he votes out nick. More drama baby lol


People talk all the time about how Arryn won’t stop talking about Elissa but every time I read the comments there is someone else who can’t stop talking about Arryn, looks like Carebear just couldn’t go without


Dawg, does Elissa REALLY have the votes or is it just a bunch of B.S.?

Dan G.

This season is so crazy! I can’t really follow all of these alliances. They all lie to each other. So is nick leaving? At this point I have no clue.


Ok this is getting exciting. Is there now a chance Nick will go home, its confusing with all the lies? Is Mcrae really going to vote to keep Elissa or is that BS? Hope its not and this is going to be a great blind sider. Whats your guys read on how the votes will go down?


Big Brother 15 Children’s Edition.


So with Elissa gone this week, I imagine Amanda will go next week, followed by Helen, then Aaryn, then Andy, and finally the real game will start.

It could happen sooner. I thought the whole Jeremy meltdown was instructive. Sooner rather than later, Kaitlin will be up on the block and she may even share it with a member of the MC. It will be interesting to see if Jeremy just lost his cool or if he thinks the MC is his alliance and attempts to strong arm the fellas to save his lady friend. If he does, that will be the week they orchestrate a backdoor and send him bye bye. I can’t tell if he’s really this dumb and cocky or if he just trash talking and understands he’s a long way from the finish line and can’t win everything..


So I thought this was pretty much a done deal – Elissa going home.

Are Amanda and McCrae seriously talking about switching it up and voting out Nick? Or is McCrae leaving Amanda out of the loop and he’ll blame the vote on someone else?


It’s really hard to read McCrae because he doesn’t talk to the other MC members like the other 4. Howard and Spencer always regroup after lying to the other side, so we all know their true allegiance, but idk with McCrae. He’s like the odd one out, so maybe he’ll flip. Who knows. If he’s trying to set up someone for next week, it’s Jessie because he still brings her up as “the one that might flip.”


So obvious Howard likes the racist!
I just don’t get it. Didn’t I read a few post back that he wanted A. gone because of her comments and now
He is messaging her neck and talking to her in the HOH room.

I’m liking the twist and chaos Amanda is creating. I know who I’m voting for MVP next week 😉


Mccrae has to be leading Amanda on or he would have exposed the MC what a douche


Everybody calls Elissa dumb, but it’s actually pretty smart of her to play up the whole ‘Judd and you are such a cute couple’ thing in Jessie’s mind. She knows Jessie wants a man, why not use Judd as a pawn to bring her over? Playing on people’s desires and insecurities can work. Things happen every hour in this house, at this point I wouldn’t be totally shocked if Elissa stayed.


Jessie & Judd? I don’t think Jessie is that desperate!

Jim Freedman

Judd’s the best guy in that house.


Just got back from a small feed break.. trying to catch up looks like tomorrow eviction is going to be eventful


I’m so confused on McCrae after his conversations today. I’m leaning toward him evicting Elissa, but how is he going to explain that to Amanda… blame it on Jessie?


Simon, no OBB poster ever wanna accept this, but, as usual, AG’s top-secret, late-week power of persuasion in the DR sessions is in full swing. When she needs to, AG can sell ice to an eskimo. AG waits until there’s 48 hours to go until the eviction. Then she hammers away at the swing voters. What vote do you think best helps your game? We think it’s totally obvious that Elissa staying is best for your game. You see that too, right? What’s Nick ever gonna do for you, Jessie? McCrae? Let us help you! Trust us. We’ve seen 15 seasons of this game. We know what’ll work for you. We like you here, Listen to us!

Then, suddenly, a once-landslide vote against Elissa evaporates into thin air. All thanks to DR convos that will never be shown. And OBBers don’t get what happened. What changed? And with good reason. It was “AG The Puppeteer”. Again. Pulling all the strings in the BB house. AG guides swing voters towards her vision of who she wants to see stay and go. AG has “Diamond Power Of Veto” every week. And she uses it liberally. And it’s far stronger than any power any HG ever holds……


i might be the only one….but im totally ok with that idea…which people hate the idea of production changing things…and it is annoying sometimes….HOWEVER…if you think about the premise of big brother, well, it makes sense. Big brother makes the rules, I think George Orwell would be disappointed if there was no influence from ‘big brother’ on the outcomes. They can’t force people to vote or do things a certain way….but they can plant seeds and let them grow!


So true Jim, and that’s why it’s called Big Brother – BB is, and always will be, in control.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

I don’t know, AG couldn’t convince Ian to save Dan last season, Ian was on DickatNite saying production attempted to persuade him to save Dan, and when he told them No, that’s when they came up with the Golden POV comp, and they convinced JenCity to save him. so they do step in when they want to.

Just like season 13, the reactivation of Duo Twist that saved Rachel and Jordon, I knew that was total BS and not planned. Had Jeff not been evicted that week, there would’ve been no PB that week, because Vets were still in power.

Although I wouldn’t put it past prodyu8tion to pull a power out their asses and hand it to Elissa. I’ve grown to expect that over the years.


I think you are right this absolutely happens. My guess though is the conversation goes something like this. McCrae we want you and Amanda to vote out Nick. If you do we’ll guarantee you (or Amanda) HoH this week by giving you the exact questions we’re going to ask. If you breathe one word of this to any houseguest we’ll make sure you get voted out next. Either way – I’m actually glad it’s happening in this instance. Can you imagine what a boring season if the MC was allowed to rule this season and eventually split in favor of Jeremy, Kaitlin and Aryan. That would ruin the entire show for me.


Andy is the fakest, worst player ever.


I like Andy, he is the least fake player in the house!!


just curious, why do you think that?


I really hope nick is out. I hope that howard wakes up and sides with the other side. I hope that all of judds work and helens work, works! otherwise, the season will be predictable and quite boring. Cheers to the underdogs!!!


Oh my gosh, Aaryn… the guy gives you a massage and that’s how you act? Even after Amanda told you to be mindful of yourself? Ooph. And that pic of the frosting… don’t you understand that YOU ARE ON TV?!

Jessie… so now you like Judd. First Jeremy, then NIck and now Judd. Look out, Andy! She’s comin’ for ya next!!! lol.

Moving On Out

WAIT! I can never tell with McCrea, I want him to flip so bad but I like Nick, yes his dr room is forced but he could be a good player, I just hate who he’s aligned with. But if they got him out that is a SMART move, now it all rest on McCrea. TOMORROW IS GOING TO BE SO FREAKING ENTERTAINING!

LOVING THIS SEASON (hate half the cast but at least there all trying to play the game)


if mcrea vote out nick he got my vote for mvp next i be like men you got me well played in i am compative hats off too him if it happens

Ted Marie

First time leaving a comment for me, just got done watching After Dark and didn’t see any signs that Mc & Amanda were legit voting Nick out and just wanted to see if anybody has watched the live feeds and heard anything about who they are really voting out? Thanks! Also, Simon thank u for your awesome work at keeping us BB fans up to date. Appreciate u so much!


I’m still thinking Elissa goes home


maybe….but im thinking that anyone who might have had a swing vote will look at the practice comp and decide to keep elissa BECAUSE they all see helen, andy, candace and maybe amanada as shoe ins to win this-no one from the other side…if i were on the fence and found out the practice was mental and memory I would probably say im going with who is going to have the numbers…no one seems to really be talking to mcrae either from the MC or am I wrong? I don’t have feeds I just haven’t seen a lot of it lately – and the fact that the ‘plan’ is to tell andy and judd something last minute doesn’t seem like the right move to me by the MC – I would think you would be most concerned about Jessie????


hey jessie is breatiful if she come up to me in ask me if i want to talk to her i be like where at in what time i be like they call me allnight men that a real sex women those other sex too but jessie what did they do ask the model agent can they get one their girls for three months men bro i be like if i win hoh in she came up i be like you could sleep here judd get it men wow she is sexy

The Movement

OBB Fans. Lets come together.
We are the best fans online. I read all comments nightly.
I feel we should conduct a vote to decide our MVP. Simon will be the judge.
We all make a case, we all hear everyone out. We vote. will see us we have numbers.

Lets vote.

Online alliance name ( open for suggestions) Team Turmoil
Vote Day and results (Tues) in between the shows and enough time for us to settle our conflicts.


When was that? Thanks


Sorry, replied to wrong one. 🙁 Wondering when the mike vick convo was.


Hope you got the Howard Michael Vick dog fighting convo that happened. That’s really going to start some shit. Howard should be in jail. He’s a fake with his holy roller bs.


It’s not so much that I want Nick to go,because of his gameplay, or that I want Elissa to stay because of her gameplay, but it’s more like I do want to see Aaryn pitch a fit and Jeremy to realize he may not be as “in charge” as he thinks he is…. fingers crossed and wishing on the stars that Elissa stays!


Completely agree!

Eli rules

What the hell just happened! I’m listening to their conversations and then all of a sudden an alarm goes off and we’re cut off. Every strange to and very sketchy!sketchy


I was seconds away from going to bed


This may sound racist, but im asian so its okay!

I hope Helen goes to Asian Beast mode on the HOH competition
if its a quiz challenge!

VA Vet

That’s a great point!!!

When I was in collage there were a few Asian students who were ALL much smarter and brighter than the rest of us.


So tonight’s HOH competition is going to be the Memory Game BB-style.

The Black Fish

I don’t think McCrae’s flipped yet, if he did, he’d be telling Amanda about the MC.


No actually very smart of Mc….he needs to wait on telling her …..she seems a tad impulsive….lil loud…. and could blurt it out or go off on one of the MC…..I totally get why he would not tell her right now…timing is crucial

STFU Donnie

McCrea is still MC. That Elissa conversation was meant to do two things. 1) When Judd and Andy get told the vote flipped, they stick to their plan and don’t join the crowd. This is about vote manipulation and keeping the house split. 2) He’s trying to make sure Helen, Candace, Andy, and Judd think Howard flipped while Howard will say Amanda and McCrae filpped. The MC protect each other in secret, but play their own game in public.


The reason nick doesn’t like any of these girls is that either he isn’t interested or he is just gay.




I guess the the DR (production)got to McRae.
I was rooting for the Can/Hel/Judd/Elissa side anyway.

I cant believe Elissa thought Aryan voted, it just blows my mind she has no clue. Lucky for her she has a smart crew working along side of her.


They only thing that I have a problem with here is that if Nick goes, I will be officially over big brother forever. Because that to me just confirms that production is stepping in.


So let me see if I got this right: If McCrae votes to evict Nick, the house will be divided: Amanda, McCrae, Elissa, Helen, Judd, Jessie, Candice, Andy vs Howard, Spencer, Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, GinaMarie. 8 vs 6

Even if they don’t win HOH, they will be fine because of them will get MVP for SURE. Worst case scenario for them would be one of other 6 winning HOH, 2 of them go up, one of them gets MVP = one of the other 6 go up as the 3rd nominee. In which case they would still have the votes to do whatever they want. These 8 can pretty much guarantee their spot in the F9. It is just a question of doing the maths.


This is going to be one of the more down to the wire votes. So the plan is each side is telling people at the last min this and that person flipped wow wonder who will believe what. I’m leaning towards mccrae is going to vote Elissa out but make the others believe he’s not but idk either way it’s gonna have a bunch of pissed off people on one side.


Please please please McCrae flip on MC. I want to see that drama go down.

Thanks again Simon for feed updates BBCAN and now my first BBUS , umm do you ever sleep?


yes you guys are amazing. thank you so much

Charlie Hustle

How in just a a post or two has the MC gone from lock solid to “tossed”? The talk in the house hasn’t changed one bit. McCrae is saying the same stuff. It’s funny they have Howard and Spencers last minute game plan. So easy to combat.

Charlie Hustle

The MVP makes Jeremy’s gameplay of “if you don’t do what I say, you’re all in trouble!” moot. Even if he wins HOH, he won’t win MVP, one of his targets likely will and will have the numbers, they simply put up and vote off one of his triangle of thrust mates.


I bet the next HoH has to do with Photograph memory. I would love to see Judd win this one so he can to put up Aaryn & Kaitlyn on the block while Helen wins the MVP so she will put up Nick or Backdoored Jeremy. That way, either Jeremy getting evicted or Aaryn’s nation. I hope Aaryn getting evicted.


I don’t think Nick is like Dan all that much. Only in some of dans gameplay maybe. Dan acted interested in people and asked them questions all the time. Nick doesn’t really do that.

STFU Donnie

If I’m McCrae:

I’m part of a secret alliance with 2 athletic guys and 2 schemers who nobody trusts and everybody fears, I’ve got a lady friend “who so loves me”, and with Elissa (who I tried to backdoor 7 days ago…do you think she might want me gone after Jeremy?) gone, the house gets closer to balance where the MC becomes the finger on the scale, picking off everybody else.

But some think my covering my trail is me giving all that up, ensuring the MC and the mean girls know I flipped since they all so don’t trust Amanda AT ALL. And I’m going to keep Elissa, whose radar I surely am on, and in exchange go on the radar of 6 people (3 of whom are strong) in order to align with the other 6: Elissa (who I planned to evict a week ago), Helen (who wields the MVP like a weapon), Candace (who is nice but keeps doing the girls vs boys angle), Andy (Who bounces all over the place telling everybody everything), Judd (who speaks a dialect nobody understands), and Jessie (who just needs a boyfriend).

If McCrae flips (he’s not) then he becomes a candidate for dumbest player ever, as he gives up a cat bird’s seat in order to side with people who have no real strategy, nor cohesion. giving up a secret alliance filled with bigger targets and the true number advantage (keeping Nick is 8 people under MC control; 4 MC + the mean girls + Amanda….keeping Elissa is 7 people under no control: Elissa, Helen, Candace, Andy, Judd, Jessie + Amanda) all because Amanda is in a drug induced mania, turning the house upside down with no purpose at all.


I don’t understand why the girls are such a threat to these “guys” especially to the king lizard Jeremy. lol.


Oh and btw, I am SO sick of the word ‘SKETCHY’ already. Do these people have a thesaurus in there that they can find other words to use? What was the word last year? “douchebag?” UGH. Somebody slap me.


Douchebag had a two year run this year it’s sketchy … can’t remember bb12 grenade was used a lot


man, if McCrea already flips on the MC, that’ll completely dissolve them – definitely might make them one of the worst alliances yet after only two weeks of being in the house.
I still think they’ll send Elissa home, but it’ll be interesting if Nick ends up getting voted out.

what I don’t understand is why no one tried to form an alliance with Elissa when they realized she originally had the MVP? if you’re working with someone who is almost guaranteed a nomination each week, why would you not want to be in their ear and working for your best interest?


McCrae is a rebel and lives to go against the established rules. Jeremy “pulling rank” is in the back of his mind. He doesn’t like to be told what to do… as HOH when the MC told him to let the nominations stand he made his own choice and put up Elissa. When the vote comes i think he will do what he thinks will benefit his game. Right now I think he will vote Elissa out but I was surprised when he pulled Candice and put up Elissa.

The point someone made about the premise of Orwell’s book is a good one. Big Brother is always watching and always stepping in to exert their power.


cannot wait for MANda and mcpussy to be evicted, they are both vile individuals and i loathe them