Amanda asks McCrae to swear on their future babies that he doesn’t know about a guys alliance.

POV Holder: Jeremy Next POV July 13th
POV Used YES POV Ceremony July 8
HOH Winner: Aaryn Next HOH:
MVP: Elissa
Original Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Jeremy (MVP nom)
Current Nominations: Elissa, Helen and Nick (MVP nom)
Last Evicted Houseguest David
Have Nots Helen, Elissa, Candice, and Andy


CBS Interactive Inc.

1am Jeremy, Spencer, Helen, Candice, Elissa, Nick, Judd, Gina and Howard are sitting out on the backyard couch talking about the different cheap wines and other alcoholic drinks they like. Gina talks about how she doesn’t drink. She says that because she was in dancing school and pageants she never got peer pressured into drinking or $ex. Meanwhile in the bathroom – Judd, Amanda, Jessie, McCrae and Elissa are in the bathroom talking about how they are doing goodbye messages tonight. Elissa asks if anyone has figured out the sleeping arrangements. Andy says that he will have the havenot room to himself tonight. Elissa says that she can’t let him do that. Andy says no he wants to instead of sharing with someone. McCrae jokes that Andy could masturbate in havenot room because he will be all alone. Jessie and Candice head to bed. Jessie and Candice sit on the bed and Jessie does a prayer.

Jeremy and Kaitlin are laying in the hammock. Kaitlin talks about an ex-boyfriend she had that she broke up with because she found out he smoked pot. She says that when she broke up with him he went crazy started throwing sh*t. She says that he threw a nights stand at her. She says he had to be restrained and put on suicide watch. Jeremy says that is crazy, do you want me to beat him up? Kaitlin says no.

1:30am Helen and Amanda are in the havenot room talking. Helen tells Amanda that Spencer needs to go. Helen tells Amanda how Spencer tried to throw Amanda under the bus to be nominated. Amanda says that Spencer admitted it to her. Howard joins them and Amanda tells him about how it happened. Helen wondered why and says that Spencer said they need to get Amanda out to get McCrae’s head in the game so that their alliance would be tighter. Helen says hello we need the votes. Howard says wait we are still voting out Nick right. Helen says yes. Helen says that they can’t let Spencer know we are on to him.
Howard says that he doesn’t think Spencer has something with the others that is more Nick. Amanda asks why me? Howard says because he thinks you have something against him. Amanda thinks that its because he and her are lying about voting David out and that it would be less pressure on him if I was gone. Helen talks about how we have the votes with or without him. Helen thinks she has figured it all out and that Nick is a relative of Dan Gheesling. Helen says that she wants to wait and see where the votes lie. If it is 7-4 then we know he voted with us and if its 6-5 then he is against us. Howard says that if there was a guy alliance, how the hell am I not in it?! Amanda says that she knows that McCrae isn’t in a guy alliance either because she would know if he was. Howard says if there is a guy alliance then it would be two or maybe three guys. Howard says that Amanda and Spencer just need to hash it out. Amanda says we have, it’s just the trust will never be there. Helen says we should not be voting each other out. Howard says that he thinks Spencer wants to talk to MCrae without you. Amanda says I do what McCrae tells me to do. Amanda says if he goes after me McCrae will go crazy and go after who votes me out. Helen talks about how Candice is voting with us, she hates Jeremy. Amanda leaves the room. Helen tells Howard that she is worried Nick will win this game, we will never have this opportunity again. Howard tells Helen to worry about right now, not 2 and a half months from now. Howard brings up how Aaryn thinks we have a minority alliance you, me and Candice. Helen asks Howard to figure out if Spencer is working with us. Howard tells her he will, but that she is not going home. You are fine. Howard thinks McCrae is being preyed on by Amanda because she knows he likes domineering women. Howard says we need Amanda right now but down the road we need to get rid of her. Helen agrees.

CBS Interactive Inc.

2am Spencer is out in the backyard playing a game of pool by himself. Meanwhile in the bedroom – Nick, McCrae Judd and Andy talk about food. Nick heads out to the kitchen. Up in the HOH room – Aaryn, Jeremy and Kaitlin are getting ready for bed. Out in the backyard – Howard talks to Spencer about his conversation with Helen. Howard tells Spencer that he needs to talk to Helen tomorrow. Howard says that freaking Amanda is feeding that bullsh*t saying that she is still pissed that you threw her name under the bus. Howard tells Spencer that Amanda thinks he is the one that is on our side trying to flip and go to the other side. Spencer says her and McCrae have already gone to the other side. Howard says right. Howard says I flipped it back on Helen when Amanda left that Amanda is trying to cut a deal to go on the other side. Spencer says that he is waiting till after the live eviction show to talk to Helen. I am going to tell Helen that once Amanda doesn’t trust me at all ..and the reason Amanda doesn’t trust me is because Helen started all this with Amanda. Before Amanda just didn’t like me and after Helen talked to me now she doesn’t trust me. Nick joins them. Spencer says that once the vote turns out and it ain’t just one person – it’s going to be different. Nick leaves. Spencer tells Howard that with MC he trusts Howard the most.
2:15am McCrae and Amanda are in the lounge room talking. Amanda tells him that she got trapped into a conversation with Helen. Amanda says that Helen was bring up how Spencer threw her name out there. Amanda says that she knows she can’t trust Spencer. Amanda says that Howard is full of sh*t, I can tell he is lying. She says that he wasn’t shocked about it so I know he is lying. Amanda says that Howard brought up a guy’s alliance. Do you know anything about that? McCrae says no. Amanda asks him to swear on their future babies. McCrae says yeah. Amanda asks what’s wrong. McCrae says that it sucks to lie to her, I hate that sh*t. Amanda says it’s just a game and we’re all good. Amanda calls Spencer a shaddy mother fu*ker. Andy joins them. Amanda says tells Andy about her conversation with Helen and Howard. She says that Howard kept defending Spencer, that’s how I know he is with Spencer and them. Andy says a part of him wants us to vote for Elissa and let them all vote for Nick and we’ll see what happens.

In the bedroom – Elissa is talking to Jessie. Elissa wonders who else they would put up if I leave. Elissa says that Nick is working with Jeremy and Spencer. Elissa says that McCrae is so lasered, his mind is so much stronger than his body. Elissa asks if she thinks Judd is 100% on board with voting out Nick. Jessie says that she doesn’t know, I don’t talk to him. Elissa says that the others in the house are mean, I just want a fair chance to play this game. Just because my sister played doesn’t mean I shouldn’t be able to play a fair game. Elissa says that if I go they will be coming after you, Candice and Helen. Elissa says that she doesn’t want to be stuck in jury and doesn’t want to go week 2. They are just going to use you for a vote. Kaitlin thinks that she is over powering you with Jeremy. The reason she is with Jeremy is because she is proving she can have him over you. Elissa says that Kaitlin is with Jeremy even though he is like douche city. Elissa tells Jessie she is going up if she goes home. Elissa says if you do this and we have the votes we can start picking them off like Jeremy, Aaryn, Kaitlin, Gina… Elissa tells Jessie to talk to Judd about getting rid of Nick. This is the perfect opportunity.

2:30am Spencer say that he would like to see Amanda gone and then Judd. He says that then we would have a good grip on the house. Howard thinks Aaryn needs to go. Spencer says that the more I get to know Aaryn, the more I think she is a crazy bit*h! Howard says that she is smart. Howard says that he has a personal issue with Aaryn over the racist comments she has made but that he respects that she said it was taken out of context. Meanwhile in the lounge – Andy talks about wanting win HOH. Andy says that he thinks he can sit Aaryn down and explain to her about the flip floppers. He says that he thinks he is in good with Aaryn. Amanda tells Andy that Aaryn is in deep with Jeremy. Andy says that he feels that Jeremy doesn’t trust him but Aaryn does. Amanda say that Howard is a liar and that he lied on the bible. They talk about how Spencer is a lost cause. Amanda says that if he wins HOH she will be nominated up with Candice. Andy tells Amanda that she would have the votes to stay. Andy says I hope America sees that I genuinely care about Elissa. He says give me that MVP so that I can do her dirty work. McCrae says that he wants Jeremy gone. Andy says if Jeremy wins HOH I will die. Amanda and McCrae head to bed. Amanda tells McCrae that she thinks Spencer, Howard and Jeremy are an alliance. McCrae says that he hopes we win HOH and MVP. Amanda tells McCrae he can’t win HOH. McCrae says that he will take it if he has too. Amanda says that she just want to make it into the jury house him and says that she would be totally okay with that if she can be with him for a few months.

CBS Interactive Inc.

3am Out in the backyard – Howard and Nick are playing pool. Howard says that everything in position. Howard says that there is just one person causing strife, we need to get Elissa out of the house. Howard tells Nick that he is good but that Amanda is making it hard for them. Howard tells Nick to make sure he is good and protected. Howard says that McCrae’s whole thing was worrying about jury house but if we all make jury house then that’s three votes. Nick says that he worries about having two members of the Moving Company on the block at the same time because that hurts our odds. Howard says that when McCrae said he wouldn’t have a problem if Amanda leaves then I was good. Howard says that he would nominate Amanda. Howard asks why Gina is so emotional. Nick says it’s because of the goodbye messages. Nick says that he doesn’t want Amanda to poison Aaryn and then have Aaryn go ape-sh*t the last minute. Howard says that they are working on that. Howard says that by Spencer and him joining up with Aaryn, Kaitlin and Jeremy they will be less likely to believe Amanda. Howard says that Judd stays up and watches every conversations. Howard says Judd isn’t as dumb as people make him out to be.

3:35am – 4:40am In the backyard – Spencer and Judd are talking on the backyard couch. Judd asks Spencer what he thinks about Jessie saying Nick is after them. Spence says it’s bullsh*t. Judd asks Spence who he wants to stay. Spence says he is voting with the group and that he has heard a bunch of sh*t. Judd agrees. Judd tells Spencer that he wanted to talk to Spence because he hasn’t gotten to talk game with him in a while. Spence tells him that he could tell Judd didn’t want to talk game with Jess because he was quiet. Judd says he knows Jessie could change her mind in 10 mins because girls can go back and fourth. Spence tells Judd that he can trust him because he never tells people what he says. Judd says if they keep Elissa then they control the MVP vote and they are safe until jury but if they get rid of her then they might not make it to jury. Spence tells Judd that what concerns him about Judd’s game is that he admitted to evicting David so that if Elissa stays then they will know that Judd voted to keep Elissa and it won’t take long to get the votes together for Judd to leave. Judd tells Spencer that he trusts him the most. Judd says that he gets annoyed when people talk about being bullied about their vote because no one will bully him and says that he won’t stand for it. Spencer and Judd head to bed.


8:10AM Everyone sleeping Candace and Howard getting close

9:00AM sleeping
9:51AM Still sleeping
10:15AM House guests rolling out of bed

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Jeremy's Boat

wtf, Spencer is acting like McCrae flipped. Did I miss something?


Not sure, but we’ll see. The perfect scenario would be for Andy to win HOH, and Helen to win MVP. Nominating Spencer, Nick and Jeremy. With these three nominations it almost guarantees that a Moving Company member would go home. However we have to look at the situation, if Helen were to win the Power of Veto as well, the moving company member who is on the block and feels the most vulnerable, would that person be willing to sell out their alliance for safety? Blowing the cover of the MC that has been under wraps for quite a while? People do tend to blow their alliance’s cover when they feel threatened and vulnerable, I believe if the next week was to happen like this, I would start logging back on to the feeds again, top class scheming and drama, it all depends on whether the members of the Moving Company are 100% sealed that they would take a fall for their team or are willing to kick another down for his own game. They say that they are here to play for the 500K. I want to see them prove it.


Bologna. MC is a bunch of crap. Nick and Germ are out for themselves. THEMSELVES ONLY. Everyone get off the original MC d1ck. Helen!!!! She sees what is going on. Nick is playing everyone. Amanda get yo ass together and get Nick the votes needed to get him out of the house.

Spencer is a conniving idiot. And, Ho9ward…well if you are more “loyal” to the MC than to your own self respect considering Spencer is a racist and Germ is hanging with the racist girls…well then…idk


Damn, I was really hoping you had a quasi-transcript of the conversation between Jeremy, Spencer, and Howard about cocaine use.


speaking of drug use, but is Kaitlin crazy? she said in the beginning to one of the houseguests that she had a hard time getting cleared for the show bc she couldn’t pass her drug tests…did I imagine that? it’s one thing to lie to a guy to make yourself look good, but she already put the truth out there. so, what, she won’t stand for pot but harder drugs are ok? give me a break.


She earlier (a week ago or so) said she smokes pot a lot now. Her landlord even allows her and her roommates to smoke in the apt.. She talked about how she was stoned in front of her 6 year old niece once and the little girl asked her… “are you high?”.

I don’t personally have a problem with pot, just over-doing it probably isn’t a smart idea.


no no no I am not judging pot use at all, to each his own, all I am saying is why is she saying she broke up with a guy over pot if she herself uses some sort of drug (bc she couldn’t pass the drug test). that’s all, it seemed like she was lying or being hypocritical, which again is her prerogative to do, but she already put the opposite information out there in the house. but if she is saying that was then, this is now. ok I missed that on the feeds then.


I’m thinking she wasn’t into pot when she broke up with her bf, but likes it now. lol


She also talks about snorting Aderall

Amandas Vagina

Is this the 5 o’clock free crack giveaway? Cause I want some crack!!!


Did Candace and Howard kissed?

Amandas Vag!na

Nobody get’s between me and Howards disco stick.


please, please say it isn’t so! with all the showmance parter dodging and weaving howie and spence have done this week, why, oh why would howie get involved with candice? to prove his manhood? ’cause he’s horny? to prove his worthiness to god? or to completely blow his game!


I think if anyone is capable of being in a showmance and not having it totally eff their game its howard.


I think everyone who wanted to keep Elissa should vote for her, and they should let the houseguests know, “all it takes is one of you to vote out Nick, and he’s gone. If you don’t want the blood of getting him out on your hands, lie about your vote, but just know- only one of you has to vote him out and he’s gone”.


Cooper — I love this idea. I understand that bullying in the game happens, but people need to realize that it can only go so far. At the end of the day, if they feel that voting out a certain person will help them get to the end, they just need to do it b/c that’s the long-term goal. And if they have to vote and lie, so be it.




I do hope nick goes (not sounding very likely) not because I don’t like him or that I like Elissa, I want him gone because I cannot stand Jeremy, Aaryn, Gina and Kaitlin! If Nick stays this is going to get really boring really fast and the thought of Aaryn staying makes me ill.




gina and amanda are the worst

the disgusting looking pics at the top of this page (top pic and fourth from top pic) shows gina and amanda at their very best


I cannot figure out where the votes are going. Everyone is lying to everyone else. I would really like for Elissa to stay, so the “good guys” stand a fighting chance. This week, we will be able to see what this cast is really made of: folks who are playing the game or folks who think rolling over in fear will get them farthest.


Yeah, it’s a little oll over the place with them in the HOH. I think after this week the lines will be drawn and a little clearer, unless someone in that crew gets HOH again. I think because of the insiders of the MC being in other groups, the lines are a little muddy right now. I can’t remember which season it was but this might be a carbon copy of when the guys went to final 4 and let Britney (it was britney wasn’t it? it was a blonde anyway)) in on the guy alliance at the end.


Any guy (jermeny) that does bathroom self pics and duckface on instagram HAS to have an online dating profile. Your mission today… find Jerm’s dating profile.


There is some crazy strategizing going on behind the scenes. It’s pretty interesting.

What I would caution the MC (not that I like them because I want them defeated) is that if they keep making these side alliances, there might come a point where one of the other people gets the HOH and they (MC member) will be forced to choose voting with the MC and exposing/hurting themselves or jumping ship to another alliance for good. This is an individual’s game after all.


This is a very strategy dense season.


There is no more original MC…F Spencer, double F Germ, and well…Howard I would like you to get your head out of your ass because you are probably the only one who still thinks the MC exists…



“Amanda says that she knows that McCrae isn’t in a guy alliance either because she would know if he was.”

too funny

Fleur de Lis

I really wish Helen and Amanda would stop telling Howard and Spencer everything that they are thinking!!

If Elissa leaves this week it is going to be so obvious that the men have an alliance. Fingers crossed that Helen gets HOH and puts up all guys (including the MVP nom). I am so tired of Jeremy’s ugly face….

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

Amanda and Helen aren’t smart enough not to tell Spence or Howie. It would take a small miracle for Helen to win HOH with the guys against her, they would have to leave for her to have a fighting chance.


I disagree. I think Helen and Amanda are the smartest people in the house…(I think Nick knows how to play the game…but he will be EVICTED this week, if my girls get it together!!!) 🙂

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

I see, your sarcasm 😛


from a couple of days ago…

Amanda tells Howard she trusts him. They hug then Amanda leaves. Howard laughs to himself.

thats awesome


Germ is so damn ugly, right? I would screw McCrea any day over him.

La la la

I cant stand Spencer’s fat ass! He needs to go!


I don’t like Spencer either, but I think it’s tacky to call someone Fat A$$. No different than some of the things heard in the house…


Totally disagree. Spencer can do something about his weight. You don’t wash off ethnicity.

VA Vet

And “you can’t fix stupid.”

Credits to Larry please.


outside spence’s overplaying, the mc has really brought the results this week (not that i’m a big mc fan). if the vote is 8-3 or bigger against elissa, they will have really pulled a good one and kept the mc under wraps. for any hg wanting a chance at mvp, elissa’s exit is best (she can thank bb for a second big target on her way out).

amanda, helen and candice have come so close to figuring out mc many times, but the mc has blocked their logic at every turn. it’s going to take gm, kaitlin, judd, or aaryn comparing notes with those three to expose mc at this point, but only before it’s too late. i have a little faith left in andy, but not enough to give him credit for exposing the mc.

Team Elissa

Alhough it may have been CBS that introduced the MVP twist (knowing she would get it) BUT they did say you can keep it a secret. She chose to expose her win. I am Team Elissa all the way but she needs to up her game if she wants to get past week 2. or 3 or 4….

BB fan

Ugh!!! I can’t stand this season! Jeremy is a huge bully which i guess is fine every season has a bully. Aaryn, Ginamarie and somewhat Katlin are big racist, gossipy mean girls which I kinda guess we have had in the past minus all the racist homophobic talk, but there has always been the other side that calls them out and these people don’t. I think that’s my problem, there’s no drama. It’s just bully/mean girls and wimpy, spineless doormats. What fun is that? Everyday it’s a lot of crap said and now others are starting “to say” they don’t like it, but they don’t want to stir the pot. It’s not entertaining to me it’s getting boring, predictable and disgusting. I mean isn’t the point of the game to not be put up so your alliance gets HOH/POV and gets rid of the others, BUT if you are put up you out wit and are clever enough to get others that are against you to not vote you out. Can we say Dan Gheesling!!!!


What drives me crazy is ANDY…everytime someone is trying to whisper and talk game..there he is…last night he was dashing thru the house and would open the doors real fast to see what was going on in that room…he needs to go!!!…he isnt that smart to figure anything out


I find Andy’s uncanny ability to crash every game talk conversation very funny and getting more hilarious by the minute.


Andy enters..


yeah, i agree, it’s been interesting watching his “talk blocking” the past couple of days! he better chill soon, though, before too many start to resent it, and cut him out of the loop more than he already is.


its not possible to be any more fake than andy, scuttling from room to room like a cockroache, fishing for scraps of info, whilst pretending to be elissas best friend so he can steal her mvp votes when she goes


nick staying = boring game very early on in the season. they might as well just have the MC houseguests compete to see who wins and get it over with already…

its too bad there isnt a way to get Aaryn out and re start the game – that way the shows might still be interesting (not just the movie company getting one person out after another until it is just them left) AND the conversation can start to be more about the GAME instead of Aaryn’s politically incorrect statements about EVERYTHING.


Being “politically correct” is unamerican & an attack on free speech & our constitution.


I think that as of right now Elissa’s a goner. I dont think shes been playing the big brother game that well so im not heartbroken over her exit but just a little sad the girls, andy, & judd couldnt get together and figure out that the guys are gonna sweep the house. What I wish would happen after Elissa leaves is that BB will announce to us but not the house guests that there is a big twist, that the next MVP is america and we get to choose one person to go straight on the block. They wont tell the house guests so they will still think its someone in the house picking and the house will run rampant with paranoia. That way BB is more interactive so their viewership will grow, plus it gives us a more direct way to “punish” some of the house guests for saying really inappropriate things in the house and therefore take some of the heat off the show for picking a bunch of jerks. Otherwise i would love to see Helen win HOH because I think she just needs to be in a position of power to figure out all the shady stuff thats been going on.


I wish the MVP twist was that they chose right before eviction and the person chosen by the MVP had no time to campaign or play for veto. That would be interesting to see how that played out instead of the MVP choice being about to get POV and take themselves off the block.


Gee that seems fair! But I guess Riley fans dont give a shit about game fairness they just want their redhead skanks to win no matter how rigged production makes twist for them.


Spencer and Howard = showmance.
They are so afraid of Amanda’s power.
Just imagine how interesting things will be in the house with Spencer, Howard, Nick and McCrea…I can’t believe Jeremy will make it to the end, I am in denial already.


Lmao…I think if I hear the word “like” one more time, I’m going to go insane!!!!


I just wish there was one manipulative schemer in the house. All of the girls are idiots, except Candace and Helen, but they’re both weak physically and are not good at charming people. It would be nice to have someone more cerebral and cunning. Jerm is just a dumb brute with no forethought. Nick THINKS he’s a great manipulator, but people see through his bullshit, if Elissa was not so hated, he would be out the door soon. Howard is trying real hard to play it safe, so it’s tough to gage his acumen.


Agreed about Nick… all this “nick is the best schemer” stuff seemed more valid last week. His comfort got a little too high and his neglect for GM has people questioning his motivations. He was too quiet on a lotta fronts this week where he could have advanced his game. He’s gonna have to seem more “genuine” or he will get put out by an Helen/Arayn alliance


Here’s the thing that I just don’t get: If Amanda, Andy, Helen, etc suspect that there is a secret guys alliance, then the very next logical step is that this alliance can potentially swing the vote however they want and in making that decision they might be most likely to help the side with whom they feel most comfortable. So when you go from talking strategy with one suspect guy (Spencer) and claiming to vote one way, then go to another suspect guy (Jeremy) to talk strategy and claiming to vote the other way, all while talking about your suspicions with EVERYBODY, how do you not realize you’re putting yourself in an untenable position if your suspicions ultimately are confirmed and there is a boys alliance and the suspect guys are all comparing notes? And if you’re telling the suspicious guys who are secretly together, different vote intentions, how do you not realize you’re setting yourself up to be put in Candace’s position last week to take the blame for the vote that the other side will blame for their allies eviction?

I think MC is too controlling, juggling too many balls, trying to plot the game too precisely….but all their mistakes will be covered because everybody that could oppose them just lies to everybody without any sense of a bigger picture. The other HG’s lie to everybody and rat each other out with complete abandon and ZERO strategy, that it will be impossible to pull anybody together to do anything other than scurry to whoever is in HOH, beg and deal to avoid nomination, then vote solely based on survival, rather than strategy. The house is playing so hard, so fast (Since when is a 2nd week eviction a game changer?), but the MC has a strategy, while everybody else is so consumed with saving/evicting Elissa that they don’t seem to get that they still have 13 eviction to go to make it to the final two. In other words, the game is a long way from over and some are giving up the war to win this particular battle through sloppy gameplay.

The MC would be wise to ultimately keep Helen and Candace over Amanda, Andy, Judd, and Jessie because at least with them there is logic and honesty. Helen and Candace are predictable, whereas the rest of the house lies with such abandon that you will never truly know where they stand going into an eviction. Howard would be wise to gather Helen and Candace, convince them that Spencer (who knows he will be on the outs anyway after Elissa is evicted), Amanda, Andy, Judd are completely untrustworthy and attempt to position them as Jeremy has Aaryn and Kaitlin.

STFU Donnie

Your Howard idea makes a ton of sense. Essentially you create mirror sides: Jeremy mirrors Howard, Kaitlin mirrors Candace, Aaryn mirrors Helen, Nick mirrors McCrae, GM mirrors Amanda, and each side can be persuaded to see Spencer as a double agent who feeds disinformation. Let Andy, Judd, Jessie float to power. Next week is either Amanda or Andy, followed by Aaryn or Judd, followed by Jessie. Now that means the next 5 evictions can be fairly controlled and scripted, which means we know it won’t happen that way.

I would suspect in 5 weeks the MVP power will be gone, but maybe not. However, even if we assume the next 5 weeks are boring and predictable, it will set up the last 9 weeks to be utterly fascinating, as now the MC starts thinking who they individually want and don’t want in jury, if not who they want at the very end. After the stragglers are gone, fake alliances will start feeling more real because they become potential jury votes or final opponents. Does Jeremy maybe want a final three of Kaitlin/Nick, since it assures him the final 2? Does Howard want Spencer/Candace/Helen final 4? Does Nick want GM/McCrae final 3? If there is some dissension in the MC how does Spencer respond or is he eventually sacrificed? Without Amanda as an anchor, how good can McCrae become and who might he pull as a side ally, could he want the MC to kill each other, while he goes with Helen to final 2?

I think BB is the same every season. The first month is relatively tame and predictable…and then the real game starts. This year will be no different.


If MC continue to steam roll and sprout lies to all the other house guest this will be a boring BB 15. It is a shame because I am usually reading the post as they appear and didn’t buy the feeds because I get hooked and it becomes my life. I plan on donating the $$ to Dawg and Simon instead. No big moves equals boring house.


It will take a Hail Mary Pass for Spencer to survive much longer


What is up with Howard and Candance – they really cuddling last night/this morning.


These people are playing TOO HARD, TOO FAST!!! I always think its a bad idea for people to start an alliance in the first hour of meeting someone. You know nothing about them or their game play. But in BB and Survivor they ALWAYS DO IT! It very rarely works when it’s established that early. It is always easily discovered amongst thinking people because they aline on the most basic and superficial things… gender and age. The Young and strong never want to align with the older and smarter. They are too stupid to see their strength and value. Its so cliquish. For once i would like to see the marjority of the group be 30 and over or at least 50/50.. It would be a completely different game. These people are so stupid. They can’t think!!! Helen, Elissa are on to the guys thing and Amanda was too until she got McCrea’ed. And he is not a master manipulator. She is just desperate! Even Andy said he came int the game looking out for a strong guy alliance. But he is so scared its crazy. They should just vote for Elissa and even if she goes home, which it looks like she will, they will know about the others. Oh and remember Judd, he was suspicious. This is NOT great game play by anyone yet. it is a bully mentally ruling the flock just like high school. And those that are being bullied, were probably bullied in high school and still have not learned to navigate through that. Not one of these people have anything that resembles a BACKBONE or BRAIN……. except for Helen. I used to love this game because of the strategy. It was like a great game of chess. This season they got the most disgusted ignorant people. They are all over the place with no strategy but to find a man, have a showmance, or to belittle people because of their race or gender. MC thinks they have a good strategy but they will caught caught soon. Well, at least they should…. too many lies to too many people. Ugh, i don’t know if i can make it through the season. My only hope is that now Aaryn knows that people think she has been racist, maybe her racist comments will stop. I can only hope.

BB fan

Well said! and Aaryn’s conversation with Howard was ridiculous. Aaryn says she never ever said anything racist and what she said is just like people making blonde jokes or calling her Barbie.


I really think that Aaryn believes what she said to Howard. I think in Aaryn’s mind she believes that unless you use the N word, which she hasn’t, you are not a racist. She just does not get it that when you make “jokes” about another race or “jokes” about someone’s sexual orientation that in most of America we see that as a racist comment. The girl is so young an stupid and out of the loop in what constitutes racism that it is really sad. She needs to educate herself on what racism is, and I keep hoping that she will have a come to Jesus moment in the house. Howard was actually very sweet to her and even though he is offended by her comments I think he even realizes that she just does not see that her little comments do smack of racism. Howard is so understanding and I wonder if he gets it because he actually works with youth and understands that even a 22 your brain is not fully developed and he is hoping that she has a Come to Jesus moment in the house. Love Howard!


I bet Aaryn will make a public apology for racial & homophobic remarks in entire world. I know Aaryn will ask for forgiveness and they will shunned away. Yeah Aaryn, go apologizes to entire world so they will think your the biggest racist b$tch ever. Beside, you have no modeling job, no college, your college friends will shunned on you, your family will disown you, and even your dream job as a broadcaster will reject you.

Beaver Lips

You are a serious race monger and probably have an issue with it. Check out a psychologist quick.


Awesome comment Cap. Keep em comin’. Never get tired of readin’ ’em.

rice cooking ninja

you have a cap to english translator?


So I keep reading that Aaryn and Jeremy cheated during the HOH comp – Could someone please tell me how?


They were supposed to transfer the BBQ sauce from one cup to the other, but instead they switched cups. I read here, that they received a 3minute penalty, however it was not enough time for the other teams, (mainly Elissa’s team) catch up and win.


I personally think that Helen should go talk to Aaryn about her suspicion of a boy’s alliance. That way, if they can compare notes, it should be obvious that there is a boys alliance, and they could vote out nick. I’m not saying im on Aaryn’s side, but I do want the MC to be exposed.


At this point, I don’t know what to believe until I see some diary room sessions. This ish is crazy.


Here the song of Aaryn would understood racism is wrong

Send “Black Or White” Ringtone to your Cell
“Black Or White”

I Took My Baby
On A Saturday Bang
Boy Is That Girl With You
Yes We’re One And The Same

Now I Believe In Miracles
And A Miracle
Has Happened Tonight

But, If
You’re Thinkin’
About My Baby
It Don’t Matter If You’re
Black Or White

They Print My Message
In The Saturday Sun
I Had To Tell Them
I Ain’t Second To None

And I Told About Equality
And It’s True
Either You’re Wrong
Or You’re Right

But, If
You’re Thinkin’
About My Baby
It Don’t Matter If You’re
Black Or White

I Am Tired Of This Devil
I Am Tired Of This Stuff
I Am Tired Of This Business
So When The
Going Gets Rough
I Ain’t Scared Of
Your Brother
I Ain’t Scared Of No Sheets
I Ain’t Scare Of Nobody
Girl When The
Goin’ Gets Mean

[L. T. B. Rap Performance]
For Gangs, Clubs
And Nations
Causing Grief In
Human Relations
It’s A Turf War
On A Global Scale
I’d Rather Hear Both Sides
Of The Tale
See, It’s Not About Races
Just Places
Where Your Blood
Comes From
Is Where Your Space Is
I’ve Seen The Bright
Get Duller
I’m Not Going To Spend
My Life Being A Color

Don’t Tell Me You Agree With Me
When I Saw You Kicking Dirt In My Eye

But, If
You’re Thinkin’ About My Baby
It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White

I Said If
You’re Thinkin’ Of
Being My Baby
It Don’t Matter If You’re Black Or White

I Said If
You’re Thinkin’ Of
Being My Brother
It Don’t Matter If You’re
Black Or White

Ooh, Ooh
Yea, Yea, Yea Now
Ooh, Ooh
Yea, Yea, Yea Now

It’s Black, It’s White
It’s Tough For You
To Get By
It’s Black , It’s White, Whoo

It’s Black, It’s White
It’s Tough For You
To Get By
It’s Black , It’s White, Whoo
Yeah Aaryn , that song does not apply to you because of hatred racist.


Aw dude… that was even better than your last comment! You really should have your own blog with all these insights.


lol cap it’s obvious you change your name to purrrrkitty to support your own comment & still get more thumbs down 🙂 Captainobvious

rice cooking ninja

please post the lyrics to some Skynrd next.

rice cooking ninja

also, you’re anti-racism, but you’re posting a pedophile’s song lyrics. way to draw the line.


Its funny how people forget about the other racist people who have played the game. You guys are acting a little too sensitive, dont ready or watch the show if you have a problem. Find a hobbie. Janelle made racist remarks, Evel Dick is the biggest racist probably to play the game; in addition to being a crack head. Jordan even called Jessie king fag, why is that ok? Becuase they were popular?


I admit I’m concerned about this season getting a little stale should Nick stay…but anyone who thinks Elissa deserves to stay after the game she has played is kidding themselves. Putting Jeremy up initially was a bad move. Putting Nick up as a replacement was a worse move. She’s a nice girl, but her time in the house is rightfully at an end.


Because of this Mvp twist, it doesnt even matter if one of the outsiders wins hoh because someone from the mc alliance will have mvp and they will control who goes up and goes home. They have 5 votes solid plus the airheads (air head aaryn, skanklyn; coke whore look a like GM). One of those guys 100% is going to win. For some reason every season majority of the women are ditsy. Girls pretty much suck at the game, not all but most.

BB fan

I wish the voting was as simple as 6-5 vote to keep Alissa and Nick goes home:
Judd keep Alissa
Jessie keep Alissa
Candace keep Alissa
Andy keep Alissa
Amanda keep Alissa (and convince McCrea)
McCrea keep Alissa

Spencer keep Nick
Jeremy keep Nick
Howard keep Nick
Katlin keep Nick
Gina keep nick


CBS does not care about these racist stuff people, its about the ratings. If they did care they would have taken away the hoh from Aaryn because she cheated. They know that and are happy. The comp was rigged, obviously there is no random order of the pairs, they decide who to put together.

The production is racist, that’s why they always have 1 or 2 black people, 1 gay, the Jews get the good edits. They are sooooooo racist, its very obvious people. Get it together. The world is racist and most stereotypes are true.


I know right,CBS would love get more ratings than racism & homophobic. If only the head of CBS can wake up and smell the coffee.


Is it about the ratings? Ya think? Wow… yer a frickin scholar. I do love the pointing out that production is racist because they have a mixed household… yeah, cause having a house full of white blonde people wouldn’t be racist and called out. No, No… I take it back… “The world is racist and most stereotypes are true”.. THAT is my quote of the day.


I don’t think it’s quite that simple. When you say, ‘CBS doesn’t care” who exactly are you referring to? Julie Chen is a big part of CBS, and she most definitely cares, she spoke out against Aaryn’s comments just a couple days ago. Chen’s husband owns the network, I’m certain he cares if derogatory comments about his wife’s ethnicity are being made.

Also, have you considered that not every member of CBS are straight white males? The black, asian, gay, and female members of CBS who work closely with Big Brother have likely been very bothered by these comments-which is part of the reason the comments have been aired.

Are they happy that the controversy is drawing attention to the show? Probably, it is their jobs and their livelihood we’re talking about after all. It doesn’t mean they have to be happy that these hateful things are being said, but they can look on the bright side by realizing it’s causing a rise in their slumping ratings.

Look at it this way: A therapist’s job is to help people with mental illnesses. The therapist doesn’t want there to be mental illness in the world, but recognizes that it’s existence allows them to have a career and make a living. These derogatory comments are disgusting, and many people at CBS think so (they are people with thoughts and feelings, just like us), but this is also a rare opportunity to expose the hate and the bigotry so many of us are ready to dismiss as marginal in today’s, “liberal society.” Props to CBS and BB for doing just that.


Nicely stated Nick, CBS isn’t putting words into anyone’s mouth – the cameras and microphones are rolling 24/7 – after all, this is Big Brother – that some of the house guests are spurring hateful and vengeful stuff isn’t up for debate – we just need to call the guests out when it happens… and in the meantime – sit back and watch these idiots implode…


its not about talking about people like you say ddd its about racist suff for example if somebody call you fat or skinny they talking about you but if some body talk about yor color they talk about billons of people thats the point dont take up for racist people in by the way house guest in the past talk about a person but not they color its wrong to make these racist people fill good about them self we all equal in god eyes he love you just like me the same nomater if you black or white


I think CBS production is too busy of ratings than racism & homophobic comment. How dumb & stupid are you? You don’t care about racism & homophobic than ratings. That is so wrong and better yet you care about white people than racism.


That… makes… absolutely no sense whatsoever. Yeah, that’s cool though cap… anyone who disagrees with your nonsensical rants must be a racist… and stupid… and an idiot… and white. How old did you say you were again?


Lol Cap…looks like you got yourself a stalker!!


Don’t worry I got something for purrrrkittty


The MC is so close to being exposed


Agreed. You think they are going to dump Jeremy? There’s so many deals going on but the one that gets me is how they are now talking about cornering Jessie last minute to vote Nick out. New alliance developing?


you are so right, simon, but with only a day left, will mc survive this weeks vote before they’re outed? this next day just might be interesting…

Jeremy's Boat

Helen and Amanda’s problem is that they can figure out all the pieces, but can’t seem to put it together. They know that Howard and Spencer are disloyal, they know that for some reason Howard-Spencer-McCrae are reluctant to vote out Nick, and they know that Nick is one shady mofo. the furthest I’ve seen them come though is concluding that Howard-Spencer have defected to the Aryan Nation. You just want to shake these people.


Nick better stay!!

Oh Kaitlyn is a crack head druggie? How naive of me (I was wondering WTF was wrong with her). weirdo.


I am team Dawg all the way this season! The only worthwhile player in the game! Down with the bozo’s and all hail Team Dawg!

VA Vet

How dare you leave out Simon?

Simon % Dawg—final two!


I have a feeling this is not the end for Elissa………maybe she gets back in with Pandora’s box. This season started with more than normal players right that’s we there is a MVP? CBS may have something up their sleeve.


I agree, Calalili – I think CBS isn’t going to let Elissa go that easily. Not sure how they’ll pull it off, but they’re either giving strong direction to the HG via the DR sessions, or they’ll put some sort of twist in place to keep her. There are just too many Elissa fans out there to lose if she goes. Who is the “special guest” they mentioned that will visit the house? I only heard it mentioned after the show the other night, and in a promo commercial to watch the show tonight. Does anyone have any insight on this?


I heard its Brittany


That GinaMarie screenshot…..absolutely priceless!


yikes…its fright night

Jeremy's Boat

Spencer needs to STFU and go ahead and move to the Mean Girls side. Spencer is causing distrust with the outcast group, and they are even beginning to distrust Howard. The MC needs to keep Spencer and Jeremy, who are both hated on the Aaryn side of the house. Leave Howard and McCrae to be emissaries to the Helen-Andy group.


if I was the MC, I would gladly pull in Amanda, who could EASILY get information from the other side, over keeping nick. nick scares me. a lot. and production likes him, HG’s comment on his DR sessions and their frequency. I just think they are INSANE to get rid of a girl who has ZERO friends in house, instead of a guy who is PAIRED UP with gina marie. why the heck are people not noticing the pairs like they did with Rachel?


if i was MC i would get rid of amanda quickly because its highly likely she will cause major problems – if they want to bring a girl in I would bring in Jess as she is the fittest girl with a good chance in endurance hoh comps and would be loyal and wouldnt cause problems like the mean loudmouth girls


Hey guys, here is Aaryn comments:
Strategy for winning “Big Brother”: “I think I will go into the game with the same mentality I go into life: only focusing on myself and what I need to do to make it through, but I’m sure there will be moments of weakness where I second guess myself. I will use my Psychology training as best as I can and try to be strategic.
What are you afraid of? People with evil or absent minds that hurt or deceive others.”
You think it related to racist. I bet she will lose another job.

Big Brutha Muthafucka, Do U Watch It

“Gina talks about how she doesn’t drink. She says that because she was in dancing school and pageants she never got peer pressured into drinking or $ex.”

I smell bullshit


Why do you think GM doesn’t drink? It could be as simple as her not wanting to lose control (I do see the irony in this statement) or maybe she’s had an issue in the past with drinking. I think GM has a resemblance/personality style similar to Kathy Lee Gifford: a little loud, over the top, the laugh, etc. (note: I’m not slamming Kathy Lee!). I don’t like Nick, but he’s doing a good job of keeping her at arms length while keeping her support.


Simon —

It’s time like these … We need a Shelly! Agree? 🙂


we need someone to talk straight


i would enjoy seeing Andrew from bb canada in this usa season – he would rip into most of these house guests

“you are all vile individuals and i loathe you, totes brutes”


I had a dream . . . a dream that Howard called everyone together and said I cannot stand here any more and turn a blind eye to all these racist, sexist, homophobic comments any longer. He calls them all out – Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jeremy, Kaitlyn, and Spencer. He then reveals his former alliance the MC, exposes them, and declares that it was Nick who came up with the plan. Then the rest of the season let good vs. evil duke it out.


I simply love Elissa, she’s just so kind hearted and nice. I wish she had more time in the house. :'(


Elissa may not be as nasty as some of the others but hey she certainly is not nice. Calling someone a whore and then swearing to Nick that she would not put him up and then doing it does not equate to a nice person. It makes her a liar and a mean girl too!!! She also needs to grow up.


Billie what are you talking about? She put up nick cause nick is an idiot and didn’t tell her what she wanted to hear. Idk y people think nick is so good. He’s a moron. He wants to be like will and Dan but is nowhere near their level of genius.


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