Waiting for POV “Girl named candy had a big a$$ wanted to go out with a bang but left with no class”

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


3:01pm HOH Elissa, Andy, McCrae, Jessie

Andy points out that Candice was always telling them how poor she was then the next minute she talking about shopping sprees in Miami and Paarai. Jessie says that was during “Her glory days” not any more. Spencer laughs “Her glory days as Miss louisiana”
Andy: “She did compete in Miss USA.. thats a pretty big deal”
Spencer thought they got scholarships.
Andy: “Miss USA you get paid it’s a job Miss America is a scholarship”
Jessie says she probably got 20 thousand for MIss Louisiana. Spencer doesn’t think that’s a lot to be calling it her Glory Days.
Elissa says she told production she’s not doing the show unless they pay her a least 10 thousand a week
McCrea: “You didn’t negotiate your stipend”
Elissa: ‘Ya of course” —Feeds cut—
When the feeds come back they are laughing.. Elissa says somthing like she’s making 10 times what they are she jokes that the twist is also if she gets evicted she gert brought right back into the game. (I’m pretty sure she was joking about the 10 grand a week)
McCrea: “I know Jenncity negotiated her stipend” Feeds cut
When the feeds come back they are talking about Jenn city not really doing anything last year. McCrae says he has trouble remembering her in the game.

3:05pm Cockpit Helen, Aaryn, Amanda and GM
Gm and Aaryn braiding their hair. Just chit chat about random junk.
Helen: ‘I just started high school when you were born Aaryn.. I am old how did I get so old”

3:33pm HOH Amanda, Andy, Spencer and GM

Amanda telling them it’s stupid to get vanity plates on your vehicle because if you ever do something stupid it’s easier for people to remember a name than a license plate number. GM says she has vanity plates they read “HOT247” her car is a “jalopy” Sebring convertible with 209000 miles on it. It cost her 34 thousand new. The transmission, AC and radio had to be replaced.
Amanda says at that point it’s easier to get a new vehicle.

3:42pm Kitchen Elissa and Aaryn

Aaryn says going to jury is scary because if you don’t get along with Candice it’s a living hell. She only wants to hear what she has to say if Candice would take the time to listen to other people there wouldn’t be as much drama.

Elissa: “Those two together it’s going to be like a circus act”
Aaryn: ‘I would be so embarrassed and appalled if I left this house like that.. I would be sick for weeks”
Elissa says she is so excited to play in this competition today. Aaryn wonders if there is any luxury prizes. Aaryn is happy she gets to watch she’s only had one other time to watch a veto.


4:00pm Elissa and McCrae Bedroom Elissa is telling him the time when she went to Hells kitchen with Rachel, Brendon and her mom. They could see and hear Gordon Ramsay but didn’t meet him. She had a alot of fun there was free alcohol and the food was great. McCrae would love it if they all went to a Hell’s Kitchen after Big Brother was over. Elsisa yells out asking if her sister Rachel is watching to hook them up. Hell’s Kitchen Seasons 1-8 Box Set

4:21pm HOH Aaryn and Andy Aaryn says he can call him “A-Pac” from now on.


4:22pm Living Room GM and Aaryn rapping Amanda joins them from the kitchen.
GM: “Yo i’m G-unit in the house i’m going to knit you a blanket.. to stick you 6 feet under.. I got the hunger fore some slop balls just chilling with my UGGS on”
GM: “We got the braids tied tight with my cl!t ring hanging ohh so right ”
Aaryn: “we got the BB bunnies in the house you better keep our names outta your mouth”
Aaryn: “they call me skipper or poopey ..”
Amanda: “My boy Spencer with his beard so red he comes from Arkansas where they’re all inbred”
Amanda: “Andy he’s so cute he loves the mother f**** boys that like fruit.. UGH he may be gay but guess what he’s still here OK”
GM adds the chorus can be “He likes Bananas .. he likes Bananas..” This becomes what you say when rapping and you get stuck everyone seems to be saying it now at some point in their rap.
Amanda: “There was a girl named candy who had a big a$$ she wanted to go out with a bang but she went with no class She liked a boy his name was Howie and guess what he’s gone so a big old wowie”.

Amanda: “GM has corn rows that are sick.. she always pays the homage to that Nick.. That may have left on week 2 but who knows whats she’s going to do.. She going to visit him in Holland New York because we know she is a little bit of a dork.. She’s going to eat him up in one little bite even if he puts up a fight .. she’s going to wet her lips kiss him hard… ”
Aaryn says “He likes Bananas”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds



5:02pm Have nots Spencer and Aaryn
He tells her he’s been nominated 5 times now but he’s still sticking around. Spencer thinks after this things are going to get shaken up in the house. Aaryn agrees but finds it hard to read people.
A: “Can you imagine going to jury with Candice”
S: “She like living with a wild animal.. “
A: “GM is like living with a wild animal too”
S: “ya.. she is isn’t she”

S: “For whats it’s worth I’m not mad at you for putting me up.. I want you in this game seriously”
A: “Every time you go up you’ve never been the target”
S: “I’m still going up.. I speak more on Thursday than Julie does”
A: “I was the target both times I went up”

Specner: I think there is a storm coming next week”
A: “Next week is going to get real.”

Aaryn points out that McCrae/Amanda and Elissa/Helen are together that leaves her, Spencer and GM
Spencer says if they can ride the middle and not be the hammer that strikes the blow, ‘There can be two sides Waring”

A: “Do you want to win HOH”
S: “Ya”
A: “So you don’t mind being that hammer than”
Spencer says he’ll be the hammer to make the big blow.

Andy joins them (Drink)


5:22pm Andy and Jessie Bedroom

Andy says he’s so glad she’s being cool with her nomination. Andy: ‘All the people that are voting respect me enough to do what I tell them what to do.. you will not go home.. especially with all these pairs it’s so important that you stay here”
Anady: “Trust me I told you you were safe last week and you were this week you are safe also”


CBS Interactive Inc.

5:27pm Jessie and Elissa

Jessie says she’s so glad Helen and Elissa are playing in the veto because they are all on the same page. She mentions how Aaryn and Andy told her she is not the target Andy has another target in mind but Jessie doesn’t know who that is. Elissa says it will be Spencer.

Elissa says she’s stressed a little today it’s nothing to do with the game just thinking about her family.
Aaryn gets called into the Diary room. Elissa says they give Aaryn medicine in the morning and at 5pm .
Jessie: “At least they give it to you in there so they are not stockpiling it”
They both agree it’s a good thing Aaryn isn’t playing if she’s taking her performance enhancing drugs

Elissa tells her if there are prizes in the veto competition she should play for those.
jessie doesn’t think she will she wants the Veto.
Elissa: ‘I will be.. if you are safe hmm ummm hmm just take the prizes” (Elissa seems to me moaning more than usual)

Elissa says seeing GM and Candice during eviction was one of the 10 funniest things she’s ever seen in real life.
Jessie asks if she thinks Candice was wrong with what she said during eviction.
Elissa: ‘I think Candice is a beautiful successful woman, She has a good degree she works with Children.. I think it was funny what she said to them.. these girls are nothing compared to her”
Elissa says GM is ridiculous she still talking about Candice, “Yo Yo Yo Candice is a rat yo yo”

They both agree that GM is disgusting for saying those things about Candice’s mom.

Elissa says Gm was saying racial things about Candice right after she walked out the door. GM was looking at the Memory Wall picture and when it turned Black and White GM said something like now your picture is your colour.

6:00pm McCrae is called to the Diary room Everyone cheers because this could mean the POV competition is about to start. McCrae is taking his time getting to the Diary room.


6:14pm Waiting for McCrae to come out so they can start the POV

6:20pm Trivia POV competition has begun
8:00pm POV comp still going on

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CBS Interactive Inc.

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Ali Amjad

“3:42pm Kitchen Elissa and JUDD ”
Why’re you messing with us SImon? :P


Monkeys like Bananas why would you rap about black people like bananas ?


Relax already. She said”he likes bananas” as a refrain for everyone. Jeez.


Mary mother of Jesus asks Helen should we wait to leave for Egypt that young boys are being killed ? Helen replies Mary you must wait till next week . Mary replies but Jesus is special i cant let my baby die he has things to do . Helen replies we must wait don’t go to Egypt ? 1 week later Helen goes to Mary mother of Jesus and ask where is baby Jesus we can go to Egypt now . Mary says my baby is gone Helen and cries . Mary mother of Jesus asks my baby had a so much to do . Mary in tears says why did you tell us to wait to leave for Egypt Helen ? Helen says because this woman that plays with snakes told me to tell you to wait to leave for Egypt . Mary mother of Jesus says what was this woman name !!! Helen says Amanda .

Yo Brooklyn

Yo! Yo! Its your girl Gina from Brooklyn. Give me a beat. Check one two one two check. I am so happy Gina has another means of employment. I was worried for her after the loss of the beauty pageant job. But I can totally see her working with Jay Z. I can’t wait for her first CD release called Candice.


Thanks Simon for all your hard work. Enjoyed the blog. If Jessie doesn’t win the POV tonight I am checking out. This is enough for me. Catch you next season


NASA to Helen we got one shot to take out a Huge Asteroid head toward Mexico Helen should we take the shot ? Helen replies to Nasa wait till next week ? 1 week later NASA calls Helen to tell her Mexico is gone the rock took out all of Mexico .


CANDACE IS A WILD ANIMAL . She is gone why do they continue to trash her like this why ? Its crazy . Thats the reason she said what she said . I am getting where i dont want to watch anymore or read online big brother anymore ?

Wayward Irish

“Ginamarie is like living with a wild animal too”. She is racist against her own race too! For shame.


NAME, I understand. I don’t know which one is worse….the comments from the HG or folks outside the house that agrees with them.

Like the old saying goes….what you see is usually what you get.


its called jealousy……………. they felt threatened by her because she acted like a woman, and those pigs were raised in a barn


Since when is sleeping 95% of the day and yelling at people the other 5% of the day considered “being a woman”?


I don’t see how anyone would be jealous of someone who slept 95% of the time and took peoples stuff without asking along with yelling at people the other 5% of the time. In my opinion that is not how a TRUE woman acts.

Its Over

I am right there with you. The feeds been a lot about personal hate and the occasional strategy. Way to much ignorance in the house. You read their statements and you wonder whose their inner circle. Because wherever they work or socialize at, I know its not the right place for me.

Low Rider

How does CBS put a happy face on all this hate? They are going to edit this week so hard, that by the time they finish with it. Amanda will be Mother Theresa. Gina will be the happy go lucky woman from Brooklyn whose just waiting for her man to come back to her. This is just so much trash now on the feeds. I don’t want to subsidize this hate on the feeds any longer. I wonder if I can get part of my money back?




Luke Skywalker to Helen i got one shot to take out the DEATH STAR . Do we take the shot now or wait ? Helen replies Luke wait till next week . 1 week later they never get another shot at Death Star and Luke Skywalker and C3PO got shot down ? Luke Skywalker to Helen HAN SOLO has another chance to Blow up the DEATH STAR should he take the shot . Helen replies no Luke we must wait . 4 hours later Luke Skywalker in tears to Helen HAN SOLO is gone his Millineum falcon ship got blown up !!!!!!!!!!! Helen why did you want us to wait ? Helen replies cause AMANDA told me to .


I was disappointed that because of double evictions, Candice didn’t get much interview time. What’s worse is when Julie broached the topic of racism, Candice fluffed it off saying something like “It was bad, but whatever”. Howie taking the high road also didn’t help so the gravity of the issue is lost imo. Essentially BB will say, look the offended parties didn’t complain so no action was necessary bla bla bla and one of these bigots will be laughing all the way to a bank. This show, amongst other things, will end up desensitizing the public and eventually no will bat an eyelid at such comments anymore.


Optomus Prime asks Helen we got 1 shot to take out Meggatron should we take the shot . No we must wait till next week Helen ? Next week comes Megatron has now destroyed EARTH .


Guess GM figured, she acts like a hoodrat might as well complete the look.


Reminds me more of 10 with Dudley Moore years ago.


Except Bo Derek was hot…


Are you seriously comparing Bo Derek to that gutter trash? Go watch the movie again.

Ridiculous, just need to laugh

Some of you seriously need to get a life outside of the computer. The comment was in regard to the braids that Bo Derek wore in 10. It is getting so ridiculous that the only thing to do is laugh now. Get a life people and stop worrying about these people in the house who are probably all actors. Do you not realize that reality on the tube is just fantasy. There is not such thing as Reality it is all scripted with Actors. LOL!!! CBS is laughing hysterically that so many people fall for the “reality” line, and so am I.

Hood Rats Union

Wait a minute now. I take issue with that statement. To call Gina a hoodrat is way to insulting to hoodrats everywhere. Gina says she representing Brooklyn, and not us. Leave us hoodrats out of this. I am going to tell you this one more time, keep our name, hoodrats out your mouth.


I bet Judd is watching at the jury house!!!


You know jury members don’t get to watch the live feeds, each new jury member bring with them a DVD with some of the footage taped for that week. If they actually allowed them to watch the live feeds, it would allow them too much influence on their decision on who to vote for.

helen is smart???

Britain’s Big Brother had a fake double eviction where the evicted players got to listen in on the house guests then come back in the game. I doubt they do that here as the voting is different but it’s food for thought.

Thanks for the Update

Thanks for the info, but right now…right here. BB Canada, BB Britain, BB Australia, any BB is better then what we are watching.


Agree on all counts except BB Can. It was lame and very low production value. So, having said that…anyone on here applying for BB Canada 2? They are accepting applications till September!!!!

I knew who I was two weeks ago

Okay Simon/Dawg, that’s it. I’ve been through rehab – I’ve given up looking at this site everyday. I’ve considered a 12 step program – Please change that drinking game. Andy now looks like Mr. Spock and Mr. Scott can’t save me again.

VA Vet

We need another poll to pass the time away until next Thursday.

How about one for the best OBB blogger between Dawg and Simon?

I knew who I was two weeks ago says

Please, listen to VA Vet. I’m toast if you don’t.


I cant believe how nasty DEMANDA is…
Having sex on live-feeds…
Giving a BJ on a nationwide scale…


Wayward Irish

S$x and bl*wjobs…ewwwie.


Wow Demanda really??? You’re gonna sit up there and talk about big asses and no class?? What a hypocrite she has $ex with McRae on live feeds gives him a BJ and flashes her naked behind on TV and has the nerve to talk about Candice?


Yeah, no one else has ever had sex in the big brother house.


Amanda is doing her own thing. She made it clear. Her house. Her rules. Period.

McCrae obeys.


Yes others did have sex as well in the house, but we were not aware if a bloody BJ was involved. A Man Duh clearly stated she started her period the day before. All the crap they say about Jessie and Candice, yet the live feed reveals the true skank of the house. That is one nasty woman.


How fucking stupid is these bitches Amanda talking about Candice didn’t leave with class but isn’t she the same bitch that less then 24hrs ago got told by McCrea that on a few of his one nightstands he didnt use any protection and Amanda said thats gross you need to go get tested then she tells the world that she got her period then she gets on top of McCrea and let him do some type of squirting inside of her then she ask him for a towel so she can clean her meat wallet up mind you she didn’t use soap & water neither did he then she gives him a blow job. So how can she fix her fucking nasty ass mouth to talk about Candice didn’t have any class!?!?!?!?!


I wouldn’t talk about having a ‘nasty ass mouth’ if I were you….you appear to have one yourself, as do some others who post here.


It’s not what comes out of your mouth that makes it nasty, but what goes in it.



That Fudge


Eyes in the sky

We’re waiting because production is still figuring out how to make sure the right person wins. Love the concept of BB – But hate it when I’m on the losing side of my logic.


Why do I think that GM has more miles on her than her car has??

A sound mind

Thank you, too many people are taking this downtime too serious. Having fun with the characters gives us comic relief!


Ouch!! GM is sooo annoying but I fear she will be suicidal after the show is over and she realizes what a fool she has made herself out to be… Something seems very wrong with that girl. I am embarrassed for her!


I thought I was the only one thinking that.

I think they (PROD) should feed her somehow about what is waiting her outside

– She is NOT liked by America
– She lost her job
– Nick does not love her and is maybe gay

I really think that she should be voted out this week and go to jury, try to work things out with Candice in the jury while nobody else is there to “gang up”; all that to be able to restore the rest of the image that she still has…


Nick is not gay i work with him he has a thing for Asian women stop saying that he uses his hands all the time because we were trained in sales . We have sold cars ,security systems everything .


yea right. Nick uses his hands like a rapper. Why? Because he thinks its cool, but he really just looks like a fool. Im in sales to and I don’t know what respectable company would teach you to use your hands like that. He is over-exaggerated! It looks ridiculous and disingenuous. This is why everyone thought he was shady. He was like that in his interviews and you can tel the interviewers are laughing at him inside. He just looks stupid.


FUCK THE B*-TCH GM!!!!! if she does offs herself good the world don’t need somebody like her in it .also if she does offs herself I would feel that the house guest will be safer if she doesn’t get to any of them 1st she brought all this hot mess on her on dam self!!!!!


A-pac? is that supposed to be a Tupac joke?


Aaryn: ‘I would be so embarrassed and appalled if I left this house like that.. I would be sick for weeks”

Girl, you have no idea how embarrassed and appalled you will really be once you leave that damn house. Delusion runs so rampant in this house to the point where it is scary. Amanda thinks she will get called back for all-stars, people are trying to convince GM that she will get America’s Favorite Houseguest, Aaryn thinks she’s Janelle 2.0 and will get America’s Favorite Houseguest, etc. So much delusion. I am counting the days until reality hits, and hits hard.


don’t forget Helen thinking she could try for Miss America (or Universe?)…
she’s married. i didn’t she would be this dumb! all that bachelor degree of hers (not sure whether she has one or not)…for nothing! shame shame shame!


nooooo that was a joke, that had to be a joke. I thought she was saying it like oh it sounds like fun, I should try it!!! but like in a tongue-in-cheek kind of way. aside from the obvious (she is not model/beauty queen), she is an older married mother lol and I think she knows this


It’s MRS. America she wants to try out for, Morons! So who’s the dumba$$.


As much as we may hate it, Amanda getting called back for All-Stars is a strong possibility. Also, Aaryn never said she thought she was Janelle. Helen said she thought Aaryn was like Janelle. Aaryn also never thought she would be America’s fav. She has commented several time that she thinks everyone hates her.


I don’t think so. The Ptb would rather forget this season ever happened but if they get someone it will probably be Nick.


Right. They act like Season 9 never existed, so they better do the same with this one.


“As much as we may hate it, Amanda getting called back for All-Stars is a strong possibility.”

After all of the racist venom she has spewed, CBS would be fools to call her back for another season.

“Aaryn also never thought she would be America’s fav. She has commented several time that she thinks everyone hates her.”

Actually, Aaryn did say that. It was not reported on this blog (at least I don’t think), but on another BB spoiler blog, she stated that after all that she has gone through being labeled a racist, America will probably feel sorry for her and give her $25,000. Stated that Candice mistreated her, and did damage to her name, so she’ll probably get it.

“Also, Aaryn never said she thought she was Janelle. Helen said she thought Aaryn was like Janelle.”

With her ridiculous mindset, more than likely, she believes it.


CBS casts these people, so they’re fools.

But if All-Starts 2 did happen, Amanda would get called back. she would get crushed, because there would actually be HGs with “brains”, Janelle,Rachel, Evel Dick, Dr Will, hell ANYONE would make that bitch cry in a corner, because she has no sheep to control.


Dr Will and Dan are the only 2 ever on this show who had any brains. Their IQs might have even hit triple digits. This bunch is no dumber than the past seasons. For some reason CBS is showing some of the dumb things they say this season compared to other seasons. Remember Jeff’s Gay slurs. It’s their formula, take some people of questionable intellect, questionable emotional stability, mix in some paranoia and wala you have Bib Brother!


Anybody that takes Aayrin Amanda and GM will win but im willing to bet its going to be them 3 that goes to the end because all 3 of them know the nasty racist shit the other person said but they forgot about all the racist nasty shit that they said out of their own mouth!!!! But I hope it is them 3at the end because cbs will not be able to give the money because if they want to stay on the air they cant because of the big ass backlash that will come for cbs think about it they are already are doing bad with the not being shown on time warner cable the morning show’s are not doing so good and if you have to 2 racist bitches(Aayrin&GN) lose their jobs for what they said and Spencer lost his job for the nasty stuff he said to me the worst part he said was about the kids and Amanda said some nasty racist shit to but because she works for her family reality she haven’t lost her job. But cbs didn’t kick any of them out of the game for racist shit or talking about rape on Jessie and Candice So if cbs was to give any 4of them a check that’s the end of the cbs network because how will they be able to justified doing that when 3 out of lost their job for what they said


Would love it if Howard get America’s Fave House guest. Close 2nd between Candy and Elyssa.


LOL Simon, that Jessie pic….you devil, you ;)


Will the POV begin already!!!! I’m bored as hell with such nonsense. And who the hell knows where aaryns head is. She seems like she could do whatever she wants whenever she wants. She plays day by day. Hour by hour. Bored is boring


She sorta has too do that. I mean she has no one so she takes it day by day and got to say got the girl to Jury. So she must be doing something right.


I could have sworn the other day I heard GM say that she might get America favorite…at the end..but if you look at the poll she has zero votes. I am so hoping that is a sign of things to come and she is in for a rude awaking.

If she does end up getting AF things are so worng in this world. To me it shoudl be Judd or McCrae…..no not Helen or Elissa…Elissa has doen nothing in this game…and Helen is a fake….hate the way she is buddy buddy with everyone, then behind their back she hates them or wants them out. She needs to go and Elissa needs to right behind her, and then Amanda..this week Jessie first.


I agree 100%, he is too afraid to make the big move. He keeps talking about getting Helen out next week, the week he is not HOH so he does not have the blood on his hands. I hate it when they just sit back and let other players do the hard work….grow a pair…make the move..and play the game.

BB Watcher

Yeah, I’ve worked with people like Helen — they can’t be rehabilitated. I ended up quitting a job just to get away. Hopefully the other HG’s will wise up and get her a$$ out of there before it’s too late.


If you want to talk about someone who hasn’t done anything in the game that is your over-rated, sow f@@cking Slug McCrea. His contribution to this season is destroying his first alliance to get in good with the sow Demanda. Well it has paid off for him he got himself a BJ from her. I agree Elissa should never have been allowed on the show to disgust us with her plastic face but she has done about the same for this game as McCrea. And I hate you for forcing me to defend Helen’s trained monkey.


Andy being scared about putting GM up as a replacement is embarassing. Lost all respect for him. Play the fucking game. Get a little blood on your hands. He’s definately playing a second or third place game.


I hope Aaryn wins haha. Would make the best winner. None of these other clowns deserve it.


If Aaryn hadn’t made the racist comments, then I would agree. But I just can’t. If no one takes Amanda or McCrae out soon, then they deserves to win because Amanda’s good at controlling the HGs, McCrae’s likable and has a shield, and the rest are stupid sheep!

BB Watcher

Agreed… regardless of what is said about Amanda, she’s not nearly as dangerous as Helen. And don’t ask me why, but I just like McCrae. I don’t think he’s hiding behind Amanda … I think he’s pushing her out in front of him so she’ll be a bigger target than him. If the HOH’s and POV’s go right, he could win it.


I agree about McCrae, especially with some of the interactions they’ve had lately. He’s definitely using her to draw a lot of the fire (though I don’t necessarily think that’s all it is, but I hope the boy has enough sense to run far away when they get out of the house).

However, I’m afraid it’s about to start backfiring on him. There have already been several conversations that he needs to go before Amanda because she’s been a little too successful in getting a target on her. They know he’s much more well liked than Amanda is, so they are more confident they could actually win against her vs against McCrae (and they’d most likely be right).




Anybody that takes Aayrin Amanda and GM will win but im willing to bet its going to be them 3 that goes to the end because all 3 of them know the nasty racist shit the other person said but they forgot about all the racist nasty shit that they said out of their own mouth!!!! But I hope it is them 3at the end because cbs will not be able to give the money because if they want to stay on the air they cant because of the big ass backlash that will come for cbs think about it they are already are doing bad with the not being shown on time warner cable the morning show’s are not doing so good and if you have to 2 racist bitches(Aayrin&GN) lose their jobs for what they said and Spencer lost his job for the nasty stuff he said to me the worst part he said was about the kids and Amanda said some nasty racist shit to but because she works for her family reality she haven’t lost her job. But cbs didn’t kick any of them out of the game for racist shit or talking about rape on Jessie and Candice So if cbs was to give any 4of them a check that’s the end of the cbs network because how will they be able to justified doing that when 3 out of lost their job for what they said


Wow! Now that Howard and Candice are out of the house, GM and Aaryn got their hair braided and GM and Amanda are spitting a lame ass freestyle rap. Why not do this in the beginning? (GM, Aaryn, Amanda, Howard and Candice all could have seriously bonded and become life long friends)


Except for the fact that 3 of them don’t like black people…at all…I’m sure they’d have been best friends making lame raps.


They all like Howard especially Amanda; they just did not like Candice.


Yea, I wonder why they didn’t dress hood and rap while Candice and Howard was in the house? I mean seriously, not like they weren’t bad mouthing them while they were in the house, why not start a BB rap group? Howard can bust his funky rhyme with his metaphors that nobody understands, and Candice can jump in with a flow about candyland.

Oh BB gods, please let Jessie win POV so they can send the plastic hoodrat to jury.


lol thats racist.


soooo, I guess GM, Aaryn & Amanda wanted Howard & Candice out cause they want to be black, I can’t wait til they get out & find out BOTH races can’t stand em…

Ridiculous, just need to laugh

LOL, most of America does not know who they are or would they care because most of America has a lot more important things on their minds beside some mindless idiots that are on a dumb show called Big Brother. Most of America thinks that those of us that watch the show and these mindless idiots are the ones that they can’t stand.


I think Spencer won’t win the next HoH. He will be the next to go.


Wow, these losers must be jealous of Candice or something because they can never keep her name out of their mouths. Girl isn’t even in the competition anymore and all they do is talk smack about her.


They are jealous and full of venom and hatred. The jealousy really seethes within them. That has nothing to do with the game, but rather have how you feel about yourself on the inside. Neither of them were secure to begin with.


Just want to mention that Amanda commented once before on how she was jealous of Jessie’s ass; she made it seem like a joke, but you could tell that there was some truth in it. There isn’t any doubt in my mind that Amanda, Aaryn, and GM were/are jealous of Candice’s body shape, in addition to many other things.


I don’t think they were at all jealous of Candice’s shape!


So many daily mentions of her “ass” and body; makes one wonder.


They are jealous because Candice is naturally brown so she has glowing skin and the fact that she has won many pagents and she has thick natural hair


Jessie does have a nice booty… I can see why they would be jealous of it.


This is my first time commenting, but s long time reader. Thanks simon and dawg for an awesome site. This is the worst season of big brother these people are delusional. They can get rid of the Ho and her puppy and the moron Helen, but dont realize it. Please get rid of that piece of trash G M. She is in need of some mental help, there is something seriously wrong with her.

Go Jessie and Elissa for the win. They know whats going on!!!!

helen is smart???

I like that Elissa is sticking up for Candice but just lost some respect for her. She is drinking too much of Helen’s kool aid. Helen doesn’t have a clue that she’s evicting votes against Amanda, tells Elissa that Jessie is no good. Now Elissa is trying to trick Jessie into not going for veto. Dumbasses.


Candice will have the last laugh come the finale. Mark my words.

Hello -

Yes – kind of like Topaz…

This Season Blows

Is she planning on wearing her own clothes to the finale, or just digging through the other women’s bags?


HAHAHAHAHAHAHA, they will be in jury together so expect the unexpected and Candice wearing the other girls clothes.


Anybody else remember when Amanda told somebody to take Nicks blue hat the one that GM almost always have Amanda said put the hat inside Candice bag!!!!!


Funny how everyone out here loves Candice and most of the people in the house couldn’t stand her.

Hello -

For the record, as per video footage Candice said on live feeds she didn’t like GinaMarie right away, so it was mutual. This tension built up (add to that GM’s racism), does not make for happy campers.
So to get the story straight – Candice did not like her from the get – she was not even open to her at all. Works both ways.
They both used the words, “I just knew she wasn’t my cup of tea.”.
That is all….


Yes, but its not the first time someone has disliked someone on first impression. I’m sure if Ginamarie wasn’t such a racist, uneducated, ignorant loser she could have changed her mind. But noooope.


First impressions are everything. And I did not like GM from the time she walked into the house. Her attitude showed that she could not play well with others. Her I’m from Nuuw York thing was playing a stereotype that some of my friends did not like at all. I’m from Brooklyn Baby. What was that crap? She came in looking and acting like a clown and the only thing that she has proven is that she is psycho as well. Flipping beds, antagonizing people, her comments only show her to be a person to keep away. The problem is the more you try to keep her away the more she is going to get up in your face because like a 2 year old child she will not be ignored. I know we won’t see it on live TV but I would love to see her reaction to no longer being employed as model. GM is classless and clueless.


GinaMarie can go suck it!


She already has, she’s not the best looking model, so the money there obviously isn’t that good, she got those deep throat kills somewhere.


GinaMarie CanDo more than sucking it. She can deep-throat a baguette ….


The judge says to Spencer, ” You have called yourself the hammer and you’re charged with beating Amanda to death with a hammer.”

A voice at the back of the courtroom yells out, “You bastard!”

The judge says, “Spencer, You’re also charged with beating your Helen to death with a hammer.”

The voice in the back of the courtroom yells out, “You bastard!”

The judge stops and says to the guy in the back of the courtroom, “Sir, I can understand your anger and frustration at this crime. But no more outbursts from you, or I’ll charge you with contempt. Is that understood?”

The guy in the back of the court stands up and says, “I’m sorry, Your Honour, but for ten years, I’ve lived next door to Spencer, and every time I asked to borrow a hammer, he said he didn’t have one.”


Forgot to add my name to the post


We all know it’s you !! You have the market cornered on lame jokes anybody can find on the internet..


OMG!!!! I actually gasped out loud when I read the “rap”. I had to reread it because I was in shock over what those witches were saying. I can’t wait until the blood bath when they return to the real world and find out they are not as entertaining as they think they are. I can’t wait for Julie to confront them.

Gator girl

Julie is a lady, she will not confront them. Just gently question them.
However, I would love for her to pull a bowl of rice from behind her back
And hand it to Aaryn. “I have some rice for you.”


That would be EPIC and worth the price of admission, do they interview HGs on “The Talk”? I can imagine the ladies pouring rice all over GM and Aaryn.

Tellie J



Julie…. Pfff… She will confront Aaryn only because of the comments made about the Asians.

Trust me, Amanda and GM interviews will focus on Mc Crae and Nick.

I disliked the interview with Candice on Thursday night , like if the woman had no right to be mad and was to be ashamed for talking loud instead of laying low like Howard did…..

Candice went out in a bad way (in my honest opinion) she should have not step as low as hoodrat GM but it is not like she was not provoked, she endured their “ways” for almost 90 days. To each their ways. Howard is a passive person, Candice is not and that’s it.

If anything, I can’t wait for when she will interview Helen…..


Only bad comment I read was from Amanda or are you reading something else??

give me a break

These people are suffering from Group Think……except Elissa…when ever she is not comfortable with a conversation she talks about something else, and don’t indulge in the stupidity. I can’t believe Amanda is talking about class….This is the same racist who was up looking for her bloody panties after having sex with McPuss to give him a B.J. on national T.V….Gutter Mouth G.M. is a filthy person who needs to learn how to chew her food, went full obsess STALKER for a guy that said Hello to her, and Aryan Nation who believe in racist idea, but is biting her tongue because she was warn about her racist talk, and is real upset at Candice for being offended by her racist remarks. They should just enjoy this 15min, because Big Brother 15 will go down as the racists season.

Tellie J

You took the words right out of my mouth.


OMG you are right, I forgot she had her period too. it was too disgusting but this is beyond. mccrae is so nasty and dirty too. blech. that is something you do with someone you love and trust in privacy, not with someone you don’t know and on national television. what is wrong with people. uggghh, seriously I am nauseous.


Aryan Simpleton Nation, GinaMareeks, and Amandumb are setting themselves up to be the next “Jade Goody” and her cronies, Jo and Danielle.


They still can’t stop talking about her. Obviously Candyland had a huge impact on their life…………


Hopefully all that hate towards Candice will eventually cause them to completely lose their minds, landing them in the looney bin.


CBS sequesters Candice, so she can’t go out in the real world, and do more damage to the image of the haters in the house. CBS is also allowing Candice’s haters to rehab their image by continuing to bash her on live feeds without any rebuttal. The haters are trying HARD to damage Candice’s reputation, while rebuilding theirs. What does it say about BB that you can be be given the ‘green light’ to be racist, sexist and/or homophobic to boost ratings? What’s up with the corn rolls and rap act? Just more subliminal racism, or do they want to be wigglers (white while acting black)?


Do you remember a little film called 10 with Bo Derek. The corn rows were all the rage in that film or wow was Bo Derek racist, the director, the producer, Dudley Moore and all of the other actors for stealing the hair do, or since when can only Black people rap. Before you open your mouth to condemn something or someone as being racist THINK!


Yes, I remember. The difference is Bo Derek wasn’t trying to act black while wearing them like these girls are. Derek was actually complimenting a style used by tribes from Africa.

Hello -

I wasn’t going to touch this one but I just couldn’t help myself. The word you incorrectly used is actually WIGGERS and is a play on the word n**ger which is highly offensive.
What is acting black, if you don’t mind me asking?

Hello there

Acting black would be portraying stereotypes abt black people.

Acting white would be portraying stereotypes abt white people.

Acting Asian would be portraying stereotypes abt Asians.

There are stereotypes for every race.


You are right. I didn’t mean to include the ‘L’. If the girls would have just left it at the corn rolls I would not have said anything. But they busted out the rap while wearing them. That’s playing to stereotypes when they don’t normally act that way. Hell, if Ryan Locke can wear grills in his teeth while winning gold medals, maybe I’m wrong.


Sort of think Candice is doing damage to her image all by herself. All these house guests are going to be looking for jobs when they get out and the ones that are going to be explaining the oldest are the ones with the most to lose with jobs, but of course that is only Amanda, Spencer, Andy, Helen because do not think any of the others are gainfully employed. There is going to be enough explaining to do for all of the house guests in trying to spin a story to keep their jobs.


Most everyone in the house is just as bad as the racists there, the homophobes and suspected pedophile (including CBS) for not sticking up for those who were made fun of, mocked, etc. Andy for one should have spoken up but instead chose to remain silent. Most of the houseguests are going to have a lot of explaining to do to family, friends and colleagues.

What are those people thinking and why would CBS put up with all that crap. You would hope that people boycott advertisers on BB15 which is the only way that CBS would see the light. You’d think with all the negative comments here and other sites, someone at CBS would say enough with this cast of degenerates; we need to get the real assholes off the show. But as we all know that by allowing the crap that’s been going on they feel it’s all okay.

Well it’s not……


Have a question. When an hg is in the jury house, are they able to watch what’s going on in the BB house and are they still cut off from all outside contact?

Zingbot Fan

They are cut off dixie.

Linda S.

They do not have any contact as they were in the BB House. In years past, the evicted houseguest would bring a video of what happened in the house but I don’t remember that happening last year.


They are sequestered just like a jury in a high profile trial. They receive no information about the BB house with the one exception. Each player evicted brings a tape supplied by BB and of course the info brought by incoming evicted


what’s on the video tape?


the GM rap – to the tune of the fresh prince

now this is a story all about how
GM got to be resting 6 feet underground
and id like to take a minute just sit right there
ill tell you the story of that bitch with no hair

Staten Island born and raised
on reality TV where she spent most of her days
being stupid racist and acting a fool
thinking everything was fine in her gene pool
when a couple of cells that where up to no good
starting making cancer in her vaginahood
she got one bit of cancer and her doctor got scared
they said “we’re putting you on chemo, say goodbye to your hair”

they told her it was terminal and she shed a tear
thought she’d marry Nick now the end was near
maybe this should be a private affair?
but she thought na forget it put the money right there!

she was, in a magazine maybe 7 or 8
and she yelled to her gang “off to heaven smell ya later”
she looked at the kingdom but she wasnt let in
she was sent downstairs, for being ugly as sin





Especially @ Nick married a bald GM….


I don’t even like Andy but those lyrics about Andy and Spencer. Amanda is a really bad person. Everything that comes out of her mouth is bad…

If that is humor…. It leaves a really sour taste in the mouth.

And about the Candice’s comments… Meh….Same ol’, same ol’….


GM: What do you call a black guy flying a plane?

Elissa: A pilot, you racist f*ck.


A stolen plane ??


I just really dislike the players this season. It has never been so personal & hateful in any past seasons! Please do better next summer. Thanks


Obviously CBS thinks this is great TV. They’re going to model most new shows after this racist, homophobic, pedophile group of degenerates.




I guess GM will be driving that old car for awhile. It’ll be hard to buy a car on unemployment checks.


i can’t believe they sent Judd out. I loved him. He was faithful to the goof troop but they didn’t see it. Most that have left I haven’t cared for (except Judd and Howard) but I am glad Candice is gone. She was crazy and so inconsiderate of everyone. Candice got mad because someone lied to her. Does she know what game she is playing because she thought she knew everything else. She kept talking about how smart she was and had a great memory. (she wasn’t smart) Candice actually thought McCra was the MVP and was putting Amanda up. I really think Candice was just as mean of a girl as Aaryn. GM is the meanest but honestly, I thinks she needs help. I am not being sarcastic, I really hope she can get the help she needs. Eating disorders are a symptom of something much deeper.


I was watching the live feeds yesturday. Jessie was in the kitchen facing the sink and I swear, her ass has grown so much…..she should have a sign on it that says *wide load*. She didnt come into the house with that ass…..lmao


GM and Amanda have the same sign that points to their mouths.


wow! seriously I’m so clueless as to what to expect. this is no game more than a social experiment. so borred , yarn! it would be nice for once if production stop restricting singing and starts calling out the racist for their racist co


I am curious to as to what the political shakers and movers in Chicago think of Helen’s game. She is political analyse afraid to make big moves. She wants to be everyone’s friend, so far has little blood on her hands, at least until the hg get to jury and talk freely among themselves she is bloodless. I really don’t care who wins because whoever does will have to deal with the negative press from the internet forever. Grosses HG ever and I pray next year production will do their due diligence and get deserving and respectful HG.


I can see Helen working on the Anthony Weiner campaign!


Honestly, I don’t blame Amanda for taking advantage of the other HGs’ stupidity. If they are going to do her dirty work she might as well order them around.
I’m really hoping the Jesse or Spencer wins the POV, but I doubt it will shake things up.

Chicken George

Tell the house that America was MVP. America wants to see an Amanda MELTDOWN stat.

lurker001 Fan

Anyone think there’s a chance in hell that Andy is secretly plotting a BIG move once the POV winner is determined???
Maybe convincing the POV holder to take Jess or Spence down and replace them with Am/Mc/Hel to really make a BB name for himself???

Wishful thinking perhaps.

Tellie J

I thought about that as well. But remember… this is Andy we are talking about.


Prediction. Jessie gets POV, but, and I mean a big BUT, the house still votes her out 7-0 because Amanda said so. Andy walks in, Helen says ok then says next week, drink, drink, drink.


Very admirable of Elissa to stand up for Candice and not give in to the trash going on in this house. She walks away. Candice was one of the classiest girls in that house and it’s laughable at how jealous they are of her! That’s what it is….nothing but jealousy. Sad that girls have to be that way. This is really worse than watching any MTV show.

I think production is in complete shock at the fact that they probably had Elissa come into the house being Rachel’s sister to provide entertainment value and ratings, when really she is basically the least entertaining (or controversial is a better word) one in there. (Don’t get me wrong, she’s my favorite and has been from day 1.) But it’s like….I bet they didn’t expect the rest of these idiots to turn out the way they have in there. Looks like the unexpected was on production this year! Lol

Hate is a strong word, but that’s why I have to use it. I hate that I hate these houseguests.


GM is a disgrace to NY”ers such as myself! I was born and raised in NYC! GM and her forced accent makes me sick. She is a pig inside and out. I would love to see her face when she finds out she has been fired from her job because of her derogatory and prejudicial comments she has made! Karma is a bitch!!!


Elissa’s blinders need to come off when it comes to Candice, Candice did bring a good chunk of this upon herself, she totally took her anger out on the wrong person during eviction night.

This Season Blows

Gotta love the Cat People voting down anything negative about Candice! Guess what: your side of the house sucks too!

Rachelissa is a useless floater who’s 100% carried by production, is intensely jealous of other women’s looks, and just like Helen, acts fake to everyone’s face while ripping them a new one behind their back.

Jessie’s game revolves around whining, begging for sympathy, and clinging desperately to any living, breathing man in the house that isn’t already taken.

Candice tried to portray herself as an innocent victim, but in reality, she was just as classless as Demanda and GinaMarie – just replace the racism with a total lack of respect for other people’s property. If the story of her refusing to pay off her debt is true, that makes her look even worse!

Vote me down, Cat People, but it’s all true! Worst cast ever!


Does being a Cat Person involve the use of exclamation points to insult a group of readers who are giving up arrows to something you don’t’ agree with? It should.

The down arrows could be not because Candace is innocent or some see her as victim but because she’s not in the house and they keep on and on and on with the negative and toxic BS like there’s something wrong with them. They can make any sort of accusation and spew out whatever and she’s not there to here it or defend it. If Candace is in the jury house going on and on about Gina Marie and was making songs were she was included as apart of the chorus “for fun” and we could hear it, well she would need to STFU too. But she’s not in the house so that’s the point.

Ridiculous, just need to laugh

LOL bet Candace and Judd are doing that exact same thing. Forget watching the house; I want to see the Jury House.

Hello -

…not to mention (for those claiming she was a ‘lady’) – her constantly calling everybody ‘shady fuck’ in jest when it wasn’t funny to anybody. Cursing like a 2-dollar whore – yes – look at the feeds. What a lady.


It would be nice if they had a longer end show…there’s so much to address this season.