Andy says he’s teetering between who to vote out his gut is telling him Spencer

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


9:01pm Spencer and Andy Cockpit
Spencer wants Andy to put him at ease.. He is nervous to death right now. Spencer thinks Helen is mad at him for something he did in the POV and this will jeopardize his votes on Thursday. Spencer says he guessed low on the last question knowing that Andy would guess high. Spencer is glad Andy won so he didn’t have to put anymore blood on his hands.

Andy says people are going to respect him this week Jessie is going home. Andy: “There is no way people can be mad at you for not throwing a veto when you are on the block”
Spencer tried to talk to Helen and Elissa but they gave him a funny look
Andy tells him he’ll go talk to Helen and smooth it all over.


9:08pm HOH Tub Amanda and McCrae
Amanda tells him the house was pissed off he took so long to get to the Diary room so they could start the competition.
They get in a argument.. At one point McCrae says “F** this” and leaves.
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9:12pm Andy and Aaryn
Andy: “right now i’m leaning towards Jessie” Andy isn’t certain though and wants to go over all the options. He wonders if maybe they kept Jessie and used her to take out GM and Elissa.
Aaryn is worried Jessie will put up GM and Amanda, Aaryn thinks Jessie is close to Elissa.
Andy points out if they save Jessie she will be forever loyal to them
Aaryn: ‘Spencer is more likely to go after Helen and Elissa than Amanda and McCrae.. the more I think about it the more I think Spencer staying will benefit us”
Andy: ‘we just need to met every day and compare the reason to keep and evict them”
Andy says his Gut is telling him if he doesn’t get Spencer out of here he will be the reason they are evicted.
Aaryn: “I get that feeling to”

Aaryn says she never really trusts Spencer because he’s lied so much to her in the beginning of the game but with Jessie she tells it like it is.
Andy doesn’t feel good about Spencer even though he’s closer to them than Jessie. He still wants Jessie out he’s just playing devils advocate.

Aaryn: “the longer Jessie is here the more chances she has to putting them up”
Aaryn: “Jessie’s loyalties is to Helen and Elissa first and Spencer’s loyalty is not with Helen and Elissa”

Andy says Aaryn is the only one that knows he’s undecided he’s been telling everyone his target is Jessie..
Andy: ‘I want to keep working both sides” He suspect Helen will put up McCrae and Amanda next week if she wins the HOH. He’s keeping it from Amanda because he doesn’t want her freaking out.

Andy is going to stop pushing and sit back to see what people tell him. Andy is not going to use the Veto. He’ll pull Jessie and Spencer aside and tell them both individually they are safe the other one is the target.


9:28PM bedroom Aaryn and Jessie

Aaryn says she just talked to Andy and he thinks there are more benefits keeping Jessie over Spencer. He doesn’t trust Spencer. Jessie says if she doesn’t win HOH next week she’ll be back on the block. She feels discouraged.

Aaryn: “we’re getting to the point where if nothing happens we’ll keep being pawns.. We have to figure out a big plan that will benefit the pawns”
Aaryn: “I’m a strong player but i’m not in that four…” (Helen/Amanda/McCrae/Elissa/)
Jessie: “Elissa hasn’t done sh!it you should have been in Elissa’s position after what you have done.. “


9:35pm McCrae and Andy

MC pointing out that Jessie was excited he won the POV, “It’s all so perfect” Andy says right now he wants Jessie out but he’s wary of Spencer.
MC: “Amanda is going to push hard for Jessie”
Andy says what is good for their game is good for his game. He thinks Spencer is much better at the game over Jessie.

MC asks him what he wants to do next week.
Andy: “you, Amanda, Helen and Arryn are the only ones I Care about the rest can go”
Aaryn joins them
Andy: ‘Next week I want Elissa or GM to go”
Aaryn says Spencer is a big a$$ liar and he’s good at it. With Jessie you always know what she’s thinking.
Aaryn adds the problem with Jessie is she’s got two new targets every time you talk to her.

Aaryn says he’s going to bed and might not be up until tomorrow.


9:50pm Bathroom Elissa and Amanda Amanda is talking a bit about the fight she had in the bath rub with McCrae. She points out that MC is in a really bad mood and has been for a couple days now. He’s trying to start a fight with her about her being insensitive to people.

They start to talk about the least number competition they win the better because it makes them less of a target. Elissa says it will suck because they eventually need to start taking out superfriends. Elissa: ‘I feel like we haven’t talked game in so long”
Amanda: “I’ve always been on the same page as us 5”

Elissa says she feels like people are always talking about final 4 and she’s not included. Amanda says she has no final 4 deals and never talks about that with Helen, Andy or McCrea. (See image below for Amanda’s facial expression)

Elissa: “Really”
Amanda claims she’s only talked final 5.
Elissa says she left her whole family if she has to sit in the jury house with these people she will go nuts, “I would rather make it to the final 4 then go”


Elissa: “I’m going to go nuts in jury house with them”
Amanda agrees says she feels the same way.
Elissa lists off all the sacrifices she made being on the show. Amanda: ‘I’ve been with you since week one.. ”
(Elissa moaning is rivaling Helen’s “OK you knows”)

Amanda asks her if anyone makes comments about her putting her up. Elissa says no she hasn’t heard anything. Elissa asks the same question.
Amanda: ‘Aaryn will sometimes make a comment.. she doesn’t want to go too far with me.. ” Amanda thinks if Aaryn has to decide between Elissa or Helen she will choose Elissa to go but that is the extent that Aaryn is targeting them.
Elissa: “I think Aaryn is too influential.. she has to go.. she’s borderline as bad as Jessie.. she gets in the zone in those competitions.. ”
Elissa says Aaryn would never have gotten rid of JUDD if she had time to think about it. Amanda points out the jury house is filling up with people that will vote for them and not Aaryn.
Elissa says she’s been traumatized by the people in this house.


10:22pm HOH Amanda and McCrae

Amanda about Elissa “Oh my god she is so annoying”
MC: “Is she saying she wants to be on survivor”

Amanda says Elissa is complaining that she left her family to be on the show and doesn’t want to go to jury early.
Mc: “What a piece of shit”
Amanda: “we all left our families”
Amanda adds that Elissa is saying she will walk off the show if she gets to jury.
MC: “Good then America will get her vote”
McCrae predicts that the first 4 jury members will get to compete in a competition with the winner coming back into the game or America will vote one back in. If that is the case McCrae thinks they should get Elissa out soon so she comes back instead of JUDD.
MC: “She (elissa) mentioned Survivor to me before.. You won’t survive one fu*** day on survivor.. “
Amanda: ‘she was saying Survivor is better than this.. what the f***”
MC: ‘She is delusional everything with her is complaining .. She fuc*** whines all the time.. she’s a grown f**** adult and all she does is whines”
They agree that Elissa is trying to make it sound like Gm was more in the wrong than Candice during the eviction where they both feel they were equally responsible. Amanda: ‘Aryn does the same thing”

They start chatting about the fight they had.. Sounds like he pissed off at Elissa. Amanda tells hims him he’s playing an amazing game and if he can’t control his emotion and it ruins his game he’ll look back at this time and regret it.

They both apologize for their part in the fight. McCrae tells her Andy is still wanting to get out Jessie but he’s weighing all his options.

Amanda says if she wins HOH she’ll put up Spencer and GM and backdoor Helen
McCrae: ‘I’ll put up Spencer and GM and backdoor Elissa”
Amanda: “Why she isn’t coming after us”
MC: “Andy might want Helen here.. and Aaryn wants Elissa to go”
Amanda: “That is not smart for out alliance that’s personal things”
Amanda: “Aaryn has no f*** say.. she wouldn’t be here if is wasn’t for us”
Amanda tells him Helen has to go soon and Jessie has to go this week. Amanda claims JUDD told her to get Jessie out as soon as possible. McCrae doesn’t believe it. Amanda asks if Jessie wins HOH who would she put up.
McCrae: ‘Gm and someone else”
A: ‘She won’t put up elissa.. every single person we want gone next week she won’t put up”
Andy joins them (Drink)
Amanda: ‘Specner was supposed to fold.. is he stupid”
McCrea: “Honestly would you ever give up the veto.. cmon”
Amanda: “If I trusted the people that are keeping me here”

10:34pm Playing Hot Potatoes

10:58pm HOH Andy, Amanda and McCrae Andy says he’s very much on board with getting out Jessie he’s just trying to weigh all the options. Amanda goes over all the reasons they need Jessie out this (same thing we’ve heard it all season Jessie is responsible for everything and the most dangerous player in the game ever)
Andy: ‘He (Spencer) scares me more than Jessie”
Amanda:’That is why he needs to go.. it’s all about the order”
Amanda: ‘I do’t trust Aaryn with Jessie, Elissa with Jessie and Gm with Jessie”
Andy: ‘GM and Specner talk game together.. GM does not like Jessie since the beginning of the game”
Amanda: ‘I thought Jessie is the plan and I’m telling you if Jessie wins HOH i’m going up”
Spencer joins them.

Spencer tells them if he won HOH he will not put up Andy, Amanda and McCrae. They asks him who GM would put up. Spencer says GM hates Elissa she will be a target for sure.

Amanda: “what is game talk like with GM”
Spencer: “BRO they’re going to be picking us off one at a time”
Amanda: “She still thinks that”
Andy: “Gm is about 3 weeks behind in game”

They get alcohol Spencer and McCrae leave.

Andy says he wants Jessie out right now but they need to keep an eye out for Spencer. Amanda: “He’s fake as sh!t”

11:41pm drinking and looking at the memory wall

11:53pm Andy says Nick was his type of guy small and cut

They’re going through the memory wall deciding based on the picture who would be dating who..
Spencer joking with GM tells her she could be the lesbian couple with Candice.
GM: “SPENCER go f*** yourself.. I don’t like the dark meat I like the light meat “
Helen would like Nick.
They say based on looks Jessie would be with Jeremy but based on personality she would be with JUDD
Ginamarie says the old her would have gone for Jeremy the new her went for Nick.

12:15AM Playing a counting game where they all close their eyes and count to 20. If two people say the same number they start back at 1.


12:23AM Elissa and McCrae
Elissa: “Do you think they are yelling at her for setting up that whole thing”
Feeds cut

When they come back it’s Helen in the room talking about the Veto. McCrae is saying Spencer told him he wasn’t going to fold and McCrae understand you can’t expect someone on the block to throw a veto. Helen talks about her sticking to the plan. (I think they had a plan going into this competition to ensure Jessie did not win the veto. Spencer didn’t do exactly what he was supposed to. If he had he would have been throwing the POV)

McCrae leaves. Elissa tells Helen how annoyed she’s getting with Ginamarie. GM said 5 things tonight.

12:51AM backyard drinking wine and Random conversations…
We learn Amanda brings a lot of different boyfriends home to family functions.
Andy’s dad is difficult to engage in conversation
Andy’s never brought a boyfriend home to meet his parents.
Andy’s most serious relationship was with a guy that was 6ft7 it was great because he never lost him when they went to the bars.
3 things GM likes about her step dad 1) he know everything 2) he fixes sh!t 3) he takes car of her mom and her


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What appalls me is that Andy and Aaryn know that Jessie isn’t coming after them, but they still want her out anyway. Why? They’re idiots.

helen is smart???

What’s worse is Helen and Elissa wanting Jessie out.

Amanda: the thing that scares me about Jessica staying is that will make Helen stronger
Andy: I know
Later on
Aaryn: if Jessie stays she will go after Mcranda. She would never put up Helissa
Andy: I know

Helen: ok you know we have to go after Amanda soon but it’s too soon now so first Jessie she’s bad for our game ok you know
Elissa: yes Jessie not good pass kool aid

These two need to buy a clue. Everyone sees keeping Jessie is good for Helissa except for Helen and Elissa.

no way

@helen is smart??

Exactly. Who does Helen think is going to help her vote out Amanda?!? Howard said Amanda needed to go, Helen pushed to evict him. Candice said Amanda was too powerful, Helen helped evict her. Jessie has been pushing to evict Amanda going on the last 3 weeks, warning Helen that Amanda was too powerful and she would pick them off one by one so of course Helen wants Jessie gone. Because she doesn’t know who Jessie wants out??? Jessie has been VERY vocal about going after Amanda to the point of being bullied then targeted by Amanda!

Book Smart

Helen is Book Smart! Helen told Gina that she is smart in the things she wanted to be smart in. So its obvious Gina didn’t want to be smart in reading and writing. However, in counting votes and reading people, Gina wins over Helen. Helen thinks keeping Amanda around keeps the heat off of her. However, Amanda doesn’t feel the same way, its just that she doesn’t want the blood on her hands. Aaryn and Gina have proven to be a force to be reckon with. Aaryn or Gina will win this next HOH. Elissa will then be placed on the block but Helen will be right there as well.

Mark H

I don’t think Helissa really want to vote out Jessie, but are going along with the idea that as long as they aren’t the target, it’s OK. Even if they want McCranda split up, neither of them are on the block. The house NEEDS Spencer or Jessie to win HOH so that we might finally see something a little unpredictable take place, though it looks like Jessie is going home. One or two jurors is probably coming back into the game, so that could shake up the power structure, but we have to wait a couple of weeks for that. I’m just anxious for something interesting to happen. BB constantly uses the tagline “expect the unexpected”…..but nothing unexpected has happened in a month.


Big Brother 14 and Big Brother 15 will be the downfall of the Big Brother franchise ’cause both season SUCK!

Say What

BB14 and BB15 suck? Ah is your TV ok? BB15 sucks I agree with you, but BB14, nah! Sounds like your horse in the race didn’t win in BB14, but BB14 had a lot of strategy and twists.

Mark H

Big Brother 14 was much more entertaining than BB15 has been, so far. There was drama and strategy and twists in BB14. Love or hate Dan Gheesling, you have to admit he is arguably the best BB strategist ever and no matter the odds against him, manages to at least make things interesting. Even if the coaching angle was kind of lame, at least we had people that were fantastic strategically and people that were great in competitions . This year the competitions barely even matter as the house comes together to vote out someone that is perceived to be a threat (mostly to Amanda), whether they’ve won anything or not. The people that should be viewed as threats (Amanda, Helen, McCrae) cruise along. I would give them credit for playing a brilliant social game, except that they really aren’t. All the houseguests know that McCranda and Helissa are in charge and in the way, yet nobody will do anything because it is “too soon”. How did that work out for Judd? Too much fear based play and no bold moves whatsoever. Just very little strategy from most houseguests. Too much hoping to survive and get lucky, and not enough targeting of the actual threats in the house. I almost hope McCranda and Helissa wind up in the final four….nobody else has done anything to deserve to be there. Hopefully someone changes my mind soon.

So What

This BB15 season has never been about strategy. Why do you expect it to change 7 weeks later?

It could be

The nerd girls should of known that they couldn’t beat the mean girls. Mean girls win every time.


Andy is going down as one of the best floaters in BB history or is he really a floater? Andy developed relationships with everyone in the house and they underestimated him. They told him all their secrets and thought he would do their bidding. It looks like Andy is someone you don’t want in the final two, I still don’t think Helen, Candice, or Jessie have figured out don’t trust the gay guy. They will be votes for Andy if he makes it to the final two.


The problem with Andy (and what makes him a floater) is his inability to pull the trigger/pick a side…He hold ALL the power right now and besides his alliance w/ Aaryn he’s bottom on every other alliance….Amanda/McCrae won’t take him Helen/Elissa won’t take him BECAUSE they know he is liked by everyone who will be in jury…He needs to make a power move if he wants to see final 4 because They way I see it Its: Jessie this week, then GM, then Spencer, then Andy who will be heading out of those doors…


The real BB game is back! No more MVP thank god! Now I can say….”it’s a social game”!!! And Andy is the only one playing it and has been all along. Power back in HOH room and going forward Andy has the best position in the house. No one is bringing up king rats name ever. I don’t think he’s floating as much as quietly influencing the other HG’s.

He’ll need to choose a side soon. I think he is very pragmatic and the HOH the week he chooses sides will make the decision for him by whom they target. Thing is he has no confidant thus we aren’t getting a very detailed look at his end game nor how he gets there. Could have been Judd’s spot if he didn’t mess up.

Don’t be surprised either way Amanda or Helen. He surely must realize F3 with McManda is a terrible spot for him. F3 with Hellisa is slightly better as I believe Helen will cut Ellisa loose F3 without blinking an eye. Andy’s best F3 is GM and Spencer. That goes for everyone left. It’s not going to happen unless the pawns actually do get together. Arryn, GM or Spencer win next HOH and choose one side to target. The convo last night seems to suggest Arryn is still with team Amanda in her mind any way. Imagine next week the only way Helen stays is she or Ellisa win HOH or she POV. I really want this game to freaking start.


Eff you, Andy l0l. Lame season!


I miss judd he was the only thing i watched for anymore


I am concern for Judd. It was a total blindside and he didn’t have time to pack. I think his meds are still in the house and we know a Judd without his meds is not a happy Judd. Did you see the little sprint Judd did upon his eviction. CBS had to send him back in. I hope Jeff asks him where he was sprinting to during the interview. I think Judd was actually heading home.


Seriously, in all the previous season of BB has any two players commandeered the HOH room as much as McCrae and Amanda, who have only won HOH once? I am seriously starting to believe the conspiracy theories about Amanda being selected before hand to be awarded the $500,000. And I am definitely not a staunch believer in conspiracy theories.

Has anyone ever that was HOH actually nominated someone without Amanda’s approval? Hell no…she is the shepherdess and the rest are all weakminded sheep.

Also, why is it that when Amanda and McCrae are talking in the HOH room the only voice you hear from downstairs is that of Gina Marie. Damn she is a loud mouth hood rat!

This is definitely a very surreal Big Brother Seriously, in all the previous season of BB has any two players commandeered the HOH room as much as McCrae and Amanda, who have only won HOH once?


I was thinking the same thing about the HOH room while watching After Dark and seeing McCrae pick at some scab or whatever it was on his leg or knee. They have the nerve to judge others, they are both pretty sickening. Too bad they were the only ones with enough sense to keep their head in the game and try to strategize even over personal offenses or dislikes. But it seems like there were too many dysfunctional social dynamics that were formed too fast in the first 3 weeks that have trinkled down to the game now and has made it so anti-climatic. Even the Helen and Elissa alliance was formed out of necessity or default.


Yes he did pick his scab and lick the blood and he said he liked it and Amanda was kinda like eww but then again she bangs when she’s on her rag so what do ya know its a match made in heaven


We read what you had to say the first time, no need to copy and paste your post from previous sections. Ummmm, ok, bye now.

Big Brother Fan

Hellen is controlling the game just as much as Amanda….and if she wasn’t she would be back doored this week. Do you have a conspiracy for Hellen as well?


That’s why she wants Jessie out. She has no control over who she will put up. And why she wanted Canidce and Howard out too. She is going after all the people she can’t control. And her bullying allows it to happen. This is why she is a better “player” than McCrea. He is liked by more of the houseguest, but she even got him to vote out Judd who was in his final two. He allowed himself to be weakened because he wasn’t wiling to stand up to her. And Andy won’t stand up to her either.


WTF Helen is once again off everyones radar (except Amandas).

I find it odd that no one in that house has a bad thing to say about her,
and all of us watching from the outside can not stand her.
I know no one in the house know she is a snake (we do) but one would think
just her personality would annoy the shit out of them.
They LOVE her. It is kind of scary.
Last night Andy & Aryan were all in with MC and Amanda to backdoor her next week.
Hours later Andy & Aryan were like NO WAY I will vote Helen out.
Again I say….WTF!?

PS- If I worked in Production I would be pushing the HGs in the DR to shitcan Helen.
Can you imagine having to listen to her all day in the house AND also have to endure her DR sessions?


Helen knew how to tap into that ass kissing BS part of her personality to get it to work for her with people like Aaryn and Gina Marie. All she had to do is make them feel good and secure. She started it the minute she got her HOH key. I don’t know her experience in politics but she seems to be using political tactics in there. And it doesn’t hurt that she’s the oldest one left and touts herself as a mom or a nurturing type. When actually she’s just full of it. And like in real life people will vote against their own best interest. And it doesn’t hurt that she likes to be superior and people who wouldn’t have let her get away with that are gone.


I think that Andy is pushing for spencer to go because he knows that Jessie will go and put up a fight against Amanda


This is the most disgusting group of humans I have ever seen.

I seriously hope Elissa can win this thing or else I’m through watching.


Elissa is trash and has no business winning anything. She is as vile and disgusting as Queen Demanda and the sow f@@ker McCrayfish. What has this nasty thing done this whole game except showing America how revolting she is in her DR sessions and clinging to Helen like a trained monkey. This nasty thing should not be handed 500K for any reason. That would be throwing good money away, I’d rather see it burned.


Wish Andy would wake the fuck up and LISTEN to his gut, not do what every fucking HOH have done and that’s do whatever the “house” wants never actually what They(HOH) want, that’s a pathetic way of playing long term, Jessie is probably not going to win HOH even if she did win she isn’t coming after him, the only reason to take her out now is that what Amanda wants, Andy should allow Jessie to play his game and lead him closer to the 500k. But he’ll continue to be a sheep.


What drives me nuts is that he’s actually weighing sending Spencer out because he’s worried about him. Why? Because he might go on a comp run and take you to the end? Because he might win HOH and take the blood of Helen, Amanda, Elissa, McCrea, Aaryn, and GM? Because he has ZERO votes in the jury?

Then you have Helen, Ellisa, Aaryn, and GM who will do what “the house” wants and evict Jessie…who would spend her time targeting Amanda and McCrea and could be disposed of after she succeeds?

Then you have McCrea wanting Elissa out to keep Aaryn and Andy happy…when Helen is the brains and likely wants McCrea out, just like she’s targeted all the guys?

I just wonder when is somebody other than Amanda and Spencer will start playing this game with a strategy to win.


Andy is an idiot he acts like he’s important in the game he’s not! Amanda is just too slack she did have sex and she has announced that she was on her period yuck Candice did feed into the stereotype of being a loud black woman and her outbursts were awful Gina Marie should have never mentioned the stuff about her mom that was a low blow so low like Amanda giving head on the live feeds. White superiority is at the bases of Aaryns subconscious mind. The only person who has carried her self with absolute class is Elissa that’s why she’s a married woman. Helen is so delusional and I honestly think she is submissive to the white Caucasian people in the house I noticed thy she always dismissed Candice and Howard just because she is politically correct doesn’t mean she won’t gravitate to the “superior” race . Jessie may have gone in looking for a guy but It looks like she found God which may be better for her. Judd was an idiot I thought wow that was karma when he got blind sided and voted out he should have listen to Jessie. I saw McRae read the bible hopefully he can find God too. Spencer seems to play ok but he has no real ally which sucks. This season has had me more interested than any other season. I know Elissa doesn’t need the money but I hope she wins it or Jessie some how

Team Fair

Please let me know when Candace has been loud? I must have missed that footage on the live feeds. Because CBS sure did not show the footage of Candace being loud; unless she was defending herself again, Amanda, Aaryn and GM. But, what was I thinking that is the time Candace should just roll over and take the nasty and vile racist comments and just be silent…Again, what was I thinking?! (Oh, yes, please note the sacastism)


Candice was mimicked and talked about because she is half black and yes it must have been hard to keep her cool. But Aaryn and Gina mature have preconceived ideas of how black people act when they ae upset. These ladies flared their nostrils and mocked Candice. Now the fact that these ladies did that to me Candice fed into their taunts and ended up looking bad and confirmed these poor stereotypes that black women get ghetto. Because there are so many stereotypes it was very important for Candice NOT to respond in the way she did she made herself look bad and represented the rest of black women badly too. Candice wasn’t as bad as gm or Aaryn however she could have put those women in their place without being the sassy black chick. I am all for defeneding yourself but she stood up on live tv and called out Ginamarie which lead to the most disgusting comments being hurled at her and both her mothers . She could have gone out with a bang but not at the risk of herself her mothers and black women everywhere.


I see your point but when people have this disgusting subhuman habit to discount you to the color of your skin, it doesn’t matter how good or bad you behave, you’ve gotta fit the stereotype. Look at Howard! These vile girls, who use the n-word repeatedly, were all about their admiration for Howard because guess what? They interpreted his silence as him kowtowing to them and confirming their views of Candice. I don’t blame Candice for leaving the way she did on her eviction night. The only thing I’ve done differently would have been a different choice of words. I think Candice could have gotten back to GM by having a speech of “fancy” words GM could never understand, let alone spell but to each, its own. My point: some people just understand a lethal dose of their own medicine. I also think 500k or any amount of money is worth being disrespected this way. The hell with people who preach self-control 24/7: if someone doesn’t treat me with the minimum of respect because we all bleed red, why should I still see you as my fellow human being?


*isn’t worth* i/o *is worth*


That is right, black people are not individuals in this country. Blacks always have to represent for every black person in the whole dang country. Please. They have to be good, always composed, speak exact standard mid-west American English, or they are GHETTO Trash or “sassy”. They can never ever complain or fight back because that is just not dignified and makes the race look bad. Everyone gets to be individuals but them. They are judged collectively. Who is Amanda representing? Who is Aaryn representing? No, Yikes, these women don’t represent ALL white women in this country. They don’t even represent themselves very well. You just showed yourself. You don’t understand how prejudice or institutionalized racism works. But, you are in the majority, so it doesn’t matter if you know anything about it. You don’t have to. Whatever Yikes. Candice and Howard because of their individual personalities and not whatever prejudice other house guests brought with them into that house is the sole reason they are gone now. Amanda says the most vile disgusting things I have ever heard come out of any body’s mouth and does gross disgusting things on national tv. But, she did not use the ever present fear of the black man to try to rail road Howard out of the house because he allegedly said something mildly offensive to her. Of course, that didn’t happen. Please, Yikes. Candice did not show the greatest human restraint possible against an ever present racist onslaught everyday for weeks. Oh and then get accused of bringing her eviction on herself by Amanda because she couldn’t get over the in your face racism spewed by Aaryn and GinaMarie. Candice is suppose to work with these people like Helen decided to. As for Candice and her Spencer outburst, she probably should not have done that, but by then she had really lost it , in my opinion. And, that is what happens when people are constantly attacking you, you don’t know friend from foe, just look at Jessie for another example. Not that I believe for one minute Spencer was her friend or on her side. He is better than Aaryn, but that ain’t saying much. But, Candice and Howard are gone and it looks like Jessie is next to go. Helen is going to find out she voted out everyone she could work with to take out and McManda except Aryan Nation and we have all witnessed what Aaryn thinks of Helen. At this point, I hope Aryan Nation wins, just to show America how this country really operates. The good looking racist narcissist blond takes the prize!


“Andy is an idiot he acts like he’s important in the game he’s not!”


Amen to that!! ANDY IS GOING TO BE SOOOO SHOCKED to realize that not only America but also his so-called “Superfriends” thought of him rather lowly. He’s nothing more than an information who-err.

All of the houseguests, even Spencer and Jessie, thinks Andy is a floater. As this week’s HoH holder they STILL see him as a floater. He’s letting others run his HoH and is all to proud to admit it. To be fair though, a few HoHs in this season have been ran by someone other than the actual winner of said HoH.

Candace labeled Andy as a floater/gossiper less than two weeks into the game. She KNEW he was going back and forth between sides — all THREE sides early on. Candace told Helen, Elissa, and Howard that Andy was telling the other sides of the house everything he heard in the have not room from their side. Helen shot her down. Helen and said Andy was “super” loyal to her and her group. Hahahaha.

Andy will not win the money no matter what happens. The entire group sees him as the floating, rumor-mongering, gutless, pathetic weasel that he really is.

His gameplay will get him deep into the game but he’ll never see the big money. No one respects him. They only keep him to use him and it’s been that way the entire game.


I would throw that money in the sewer before I would give one dime to that nasty skank Elissa. She has no class what so ever! This phoney bitch, if she has any touch of class, would have come to the defense of her friend Candice. If not in word then in the DR with her vote. All this nasty horrible thing is is Helen’s trained monkey. She is a bitch who rides on the backs of others, Helen, her disgusting nasty sister of hers and probably her husband”s. She has no game, MAYBE some independent thought in flickers but no gumption to act on it. She can make some of the ugliest botox faces at people. Has she ever stood up to Helen or Amanda…NO! I believe your wish for this thing to win are misguided.


Compared to the other house guests no the only fault Elissa came in to the game with is that she was Rachel’s sister that’s abuloshit reason to hate someone and target them in the game. Elissa hasn’t said or done any of the crap these others have done . I do hope Elissa sees Helen for the dummy she is and cuts her before Helen cuts her and I said jessie or Elissa to win any one else doesn’t deserve it and money shoud never be thrown down the drain


I just watched two back to back episodes of America’s Next Top Model: Guys & Girls
and let me tell you, It was more action and thunder then this whole season of BB.
Big Brother was ALWAYS my Summer’s guilty pleasure but this season has been
nothing short of a bloody root canal!


Mc was a man standing on the edge, on the brink of breakdown. Tears soon poured out as he was overcome with regret.

Andy shows up

Mc: “I just can’t do it again. I don’t want to do this any more. That’s the last time I give Amanda oral sex when she’s on her period.”

Amanda: ” If it tastes like chicken, keep on licking but if it tastes like sh*t….move it up a bit”


Why isn’t Andy playing for his own game?! They should keep Jessie so she could go after Amanda/McCrae. It’s so stupid to not keep her. Especially since she seems like the type when she wins HOH, she’ll do whatever she wants. Amanda just wants Jessie out for her own game. So selfish!!

Get a Clue

And we all know how Amanda feels about people being selfish… They don’t help the agenda of “the house” (aka Amanda). Hypocritical much???

Big Brother Fan

Andy has said a million times that Amanda and McCrae are his two closest allies in the house…….so why would he keep someone who wants them gone? Your argument makes no sense.


He may consider them allies but they will drop him after Helen is evicted.


Andy’s only game is playing the snitch. He brings Amanda information and the she keeps him in the game.


Did anyone else catch Amanda tell Spencer that he would’ve been fucked if Jesse won the veto? It seemed to slide past Spencer, Andy and McCrae. But it should’ve been a huge red flag to Spencer that he is next to go. Wow, these people suck!


Allowing Amanda/McCrae Elissa/Helen to make it this far together is the dumbest move in recent years, it’s like Brigade, except, unfunny, and a whole lot smarter. I guess they’ll see it when they see the tapes after they hand one of them the 500k.


Spencer definitely out next. Then they will go after McCrae to weaken Amanda.

Helen will win BB15.


What would be really funny is that someone should start the rumor that it was McCrae, who won MVP the last two weeks and nominated Amanda.

Spencer should tell Jessie he heard it, then Jessie should tell Elissa and Aaryn, Aaryn tells Gina Marie, Elissa tells Helen, Helen tells Andy, who then scrambles to tell Amanda (without McCrae) and Amanda goes off on McCrae.

Then sit back and watch the sh*t hit the fan.

Awe if only someone had the audacity. But alas, no one has the temerity to be a game changer.

Andy game is terrible

Andy is really not thinking clear. At this point in the game, he should want to keep people who will go after people in his alliance because all 3 or 4 of them can’t win the game. He should want someone there who will do the dirty work he doesn’t want to do or should I say have the balls to do himself. Andy will never take out Amanda, McCrae, or even Helen so keeping Jessie who would put them up is the best thing for his game. He really need to wake up and see that Amanda will not take him to the final 3 because she knows that if he won and made it to the final 2, Andy would win because he is friends with everyone. I am not sure she will even take McCrae to the final 2 either because he would win and she is aware of that. Amanda’s best bet is to take Aaryn, GM, or Jessie, maybe even Spencer. I think Amanda will keep people around who will take out people for her. Amanda mentioned several times before that she think Elissa is the best person to take to the final 3. She is stupid if she think she will win against Elissa in a final competition, she will not. Elissa would get the most votes if she went to the final 2 with anyone. GM and Aaryn don’t like her because she was close to Candice (which is stupid) but everyone else would probably vote for her because she is a good person and she really haven’t betrayed anyone.


I know I will get some thumbs down with my opinion but I will say it like it is…..this season even more than others is WITHOUT A DOUBT RIGGED!!!! I’m sorry but if the BB producers think they can insult my intelligence and have me believe this shit is legit…..then they are as delusional as these houseguest. It’s so obvious that the producers are using just that to try and fool us….they think by making it so obvious that we will dismiss it as being fake….oldest trick in the book! Anyone with even a little bit of common sense can see right through this shit. As commented earlier A Man Duh and McUseless have taken over the HOH room for weeks and yet have not won shit. (Other than McUseless week one gimme HoH). They use that bed more than anyone has. A Man Duh has decided who leaves every week. She has insisted that all showmances must be broken up and destroyed…except one…hers. Has escaped America’s vote 2 weeks in a row. I could keep going but we all get the point.

As for the other house guest well they go right along with everything she wants when she wants it…I know most of them have to see the same things I’ve listed…and know she is being a enormous hypocrite but never questions it. BB edits her shit to make her out like she is a saint….yet had no problem putting a racism disclaimer before the show just to let Aayrn run her mouth but yet the vile things A Man Duh says gets edited. Also notice how Andy is so loyal and rats ever damn houseguest out to her. As to make us think that all her influence is due to a overwhelming amount of insight…please! All the controversial…biggest pieces of shit are left in the game ( maybe not Elissa or Jessie) for ratings sake. Speaking of Elissa I love how they put her in as a smokescreen. The list goes on…

It all boils down to BB producers are just as bad as these houseguest….maybe worse. Now before some jackass says I can just not watch the show if I don’t like it….it’s too late I have done just that weeks ago….I no longer DVR it after it became crystal clear what’s going on. I do enjoy these sites however so I can confirm my suspicions. The only way we can try to discourage BB is by hittin em where it hurts….ratings….I suggest anyone who feels like me do the same. PEACE


Rede4uhaters i couldnt agree with u more! U hit the nail on the head!!! This season is rigged and Amandathe big footed pig is going to win BB15. Did u notice her comment on the live feeds about her talking to her “friend” in production??? What a dumb idiot!!! She gave it away!!! I was wondering how long it would be before her fat mouth let the truth out.


AGREED! Talla is awesome – I met her at a bar a couple weeks ago. She’s hilarious!

Ps Helen sucks.


Simon, lay off Helen already….we know you are afraid of strong, smart women…enough already. Is Helen annoying sometimes?….yes, but they all are!


The most dramatic yet boring BB ever! Someone needs to flip this game inside out and vote Amanda and Helen out!


GM was more in the wrong in the fight between her and Candice! I hate Amanda! I want the order to be Amanda, Helen, Andy, GM, Aary;n! After that i’m pulling for Elissa or Jessie to win! That’s wishful thinking though.


What a bunch of weak assed nerds!!! They need to band together and stomp on Amanda until she bursts!!!


Why isn’t Jessie, Aaryn, Elissa and GM with Helen to, get together and get Macmanda and wonder boy snitch out of this game! No one knows how to think for themselves! What the hell. Common sense people, does that exhisy in that house?? Geez such an abismal deason


Ok ok yes but now’s not the time ok ok. Next week you know ok ok…

the walking dead

I am telling you spencer is the only chance we have of seeing a big move made in the game this season .It is not jessie she will be just like everybody else that is in the house a blind sheep that does what the house wants.


Amanda: ‘Specner was supposed to fold.. is he stupid”
McCrea: “Honestly would you ever give up the veto.. cmon”
Amanda: “If I trusted the people that are keeping me here”

Oh…so that’s why you went around asking people if they’d use veto on you and threatening them if they didn’t…because you trusted the people keeping you here…

production rigged it

Amanda says the jury house is filling up with people that will vote for them. Yeah maybe them but not you bitch. Candice can’t stand you, Judd will find out you wanted to backdoor him and you had a big fight with Jessie earlier in the game plus she will know you’re the reason she got evicted so who exactly is the jury house filling up with again that will vote for you?

Then she tells McCrae that if she wins HOH she will put up Spencer and GinaMarie and backdoor Helen and he says he will put up Spencer and GinaMarie and backdoor Elissa. Amanda says why she isn’t coming after us and he says but Andy will probably want Helen to stay. Amanda says but that isn’t smart for our alliance that is personal. So it’s not personal that she wants Jessie out huh?


“Andy says Nick was his type of guy small and cut”

Hmmm, as if, Nick (if he was gay?) would be remotely interested in Andy. I’m surprised Gina Marie didn’t haul off and slap him. But it is clear that they both are delusional when it comes to men.

Literally, LMAO, after reading that.


Very boring season…Amanda needs to be back doored if she’s not…I’m done watching!! YAWN!!

production rigged it

For someone who is suppose to be a professor, Andy is pretty f*cking dumb. I guess he thinks he can win 2 out of the 3 final 3 HOH’s because that’s the only way he will get to final 2 because obviously Amanda and McCrae are going to take each other and I think Helen and Elissa would too. If he really wanted to win he would keep Jessie and use her, Aaryn and GinaMarie since none of them would put him up and go after McCrae/Amanda and Helen/Elissa. I guess all he care about though is getting McCrae/Amanda to the end and handing McCrae the check.

He knows they can’t really trust Jessie or Spencer so why would he get rid of the one that he knows is gunning for Amanda instead of him. With Spencer he doesn’t really know and he already said his gut is telling him to get rid of Spencer. Here is a piece of advice listen to your gut DUMBASS!!


Andy doesn’t have a vote – he does. however hold POV and can remove either nominee thereby saving one. That’s what he should do – remove Jessie and shake things up… but we all know that’s just wishful thinking…

DR Hacker

Has Big Brother been picked up for a 16th season yet? Because this group of HGs might be the reason why the show gets canceled! They are SO boring and useless. Andy has a perfect chance to make a power move and evict either Helen or Amanda/McCrae and distinguish himself. We (America) are the only ones that can save this season; we need a Pandora’s Box that allows us to vote out a HGs instead of the BS MVP vote that the HGs just ignored the golden opportunity we gave to vote out Amanda. Please let us save the game!


The truth of this season is: the producers knew Amanda. They hoped she would be the new “Rachel”. They hedged their bets convincing Elissa to come on board (just in case) but did not expect the fallout that is “A man da”.
They are scrambling as I write to figure out what to do with this fuck fest they created. On top of the monumental disastrous casting with the “Nazi Brigade”, the shit storm of outrage from the public and the Time Warner cluster fuck with CBS. You don’t think execs aren’t sitting right now in a board room trying to salvage this season. I suspect they’re bleeding sponsors and someones’ head s’about to go..”plop”.

CBS is sooo lucky Survivor is still the only decent original “Reality” show on Network TV.

Here’s the truly sick part…they are trying to find a way to get past and “USE” all the racial and Pedophile shit that has been the soul (I use use the term loosely but for the effect) of this season. I will go as far to say that if CBS or the producers..uhhem, could get away with it, Candace, Howard and Helen would be tarred, feathered and then lynched on live TV in the BB Backyard and they would air it cause you know “This is Big Brother and Expect The Unexpected”…..

Oh, was that too real for you…?


I do believe that if Elissa wins HOH she is going to have a one woman revolution, Several times today she has mentioned that she is being kept out of the loop on what is going on in her so called alliance. Elissa is not quite as stupid as everyone thinks she is. If she could get over the cameras, and her worrying about ruining her reputation she might be able to win something. {I do believe she said if she ever won HOH she is going to sleep by herself, or maybe with Helen, it would be refreshing to see Amanda and McCray shut out of the HOH room}
Also, Jessie mentioning that Elissa only won one veto comp. was pretty shabby on Jessie’s part, considering she only has won one comp, herself. Jessie needs to realize that this remark is going to get back to Elissa, and this is no way to stay in the game.


Elissa will nominate safe like Gina and Spencer or do what Helen tells her to do, nothing more.


I agree with ya Ladybug. If Elissa gets an HoH win she will and I would bet the farm on this, she will rock the house. She is not afraid of anyone or anything…has nothing to loose and the game to win!! She is tired, as you stated of being held out of the loop in her so called alliance and she is well aware of being used by them all. I think she would put up Amanda and GM….not Aaryn as Aaryn might just join her…at least in evicting GM. I would love to see her win HoH just to hear her tell Amanda to get the hell out of her bed and go loose her panties somewhere else…lmao!!

no way

Elissa will ask Helen if it’s ok. Helen will ask Andy. Andy will ask Amanda. FYI, putting up Amanda with GM and keeping Aaryn to help get rid of GM, is NOT “shaking up the house”. Amanda would rally the troops and GM would go, leaving the house status quo. Shaking up the house is putting up Mcranda together like Jessie wants to do.

Roisin Dubh

Very interesting season. I never seen so many cowards with HOH power. What’s going on here? It gets more bizzare and pathetic at the same time. How does that happen?


Yes – that is the question every day. Just how has Amanda ‘narrowly escaped’ eviction when America clearly and loudly hates her? If they do and the HG’s don’t, something’s wrong in Denmark. Is Grodner Danish?
Anyways, I cancelled my live feeds weeks ago and if Amanda wins, it won’t be because she played a good game. There’s much more going on.
My intelligence is not for sale.
:) Peace


At this point, I am starting to think this is an insult to actual sheep.


Remember the old game Lemmings?

Mark H

Indeed….if I can’t sleep tonight, instead of counting sheep, I will count spineless Big Brother 15 houseguests. Andy….Aaryn…GM…Judd…Elissa….

Now, I’m sure they’d all make a move “at the right time”….problem is, time is running out while they evict people like Candice and Jessie, who haven’t shown themselves to have the long game to actually compete at the end.


Ok, they have alcohol. I like when this happens. Come on, somebody (Amanda) do or say something to start some shit! Fight fight! Lol At least we’d have an interesting 10 minutes.

Keri Helen

Why yes, Elissa, Aaryn does get into the zone during competitions. You could too if you just hop into the adderall queue.

Butters Mom

I wish Andy would stop wearing girls shorts so he doesnt have to adjust himself everytime he jumps or stands or sits or squats or bends over or throws a potato. gag


Ok folks,

Here is my best attempt for saving this season. The next twist needs to be that the first four evicted Jury members get to compete in a challenge to re-enter the game. I would prefer it be a vote by America stating which player they want to return to the game. (JUDD) As a perk of re-entering the game, this player is automatically Head of Household for the week.

I think the first four Jury members will be:
Candice – would have to win a challenge to return. If she did she would put up Amanda and McCrea. Depending on veto, Amanda would be out of there. Her best shot to win is to go to the final with Jesse 5-4 or GM 9-0

Judd – would have to win a challenge to return. Will put up Amanda vs. McCrea, or Amanda vs. Helen. Depending on veto. Amanda is gone. His best shot of winning is wide open, Judd will beat Jesse by 5-4 or 6-3. Judd will beat Spencer by 9-0. Judd beats Aaryn 5-4, Judd will beat Elisa by 6-3. Judd will beat Amanda by 5-4 or more. Judd will beat GM by 9-0. Judd needs to stay away from Helen, Andy, and McCrea.

Jesse – I don’t think she has a shot in hell of returning to this game once she is out, but if she were to win she would put up Amanda and McCrea. Amanda gone. Jesse best option is to try and beat GM 9-0.

Elisa- If she was to reenter the game she would put up Amanda and Andy. Amanda is gone. She could beat GM 9-0.
I say that JUDD re-enters the game.

The rest.

Amanda – Amanda needs to hope people are more pissed at Helen then at her because she is the BIG fish that someone has to take a shot at, but it has to be against McCrea. I can’t wait to hear her campaign against him to stay. She will go as far as create a fight with him to attempt to keep herself in the game. Amanda beats everyone or NO ONE. If she answers questions saying that yes, she was conniving, untruthful, backstabbing and that was part of her game. Say I didn’t win anything because all of you could be persuaded to do what she wanted. I controlled everything and you all let me do it all the way to the end. Her best shot of winning is taking Aaryn 5-4, GM 9-0.

Spencer- If he makes it to the end it would be a miracle. He would only be in the final two if someone dragged him along, completely in the dark week to week, and use him to try and win. Spencer could win if he is dragged to the end against Amanda. He will beat GM 9-0

Helen – will have to piss a lot of people off on her way to the final chair, but the question is will they still vote for her after they find themselves booted. Her best chance to win is against Amanda at 7-2. She beats Andy by 5-4. She beats GM 9-0,

GM – Will not win this game.

Andy- is playing too many sides in this game and that house of cards always folds. He is in trouble. He can beat Aaryn 8-1, GM 9-0, Spencer 9-0 (or 5-4 if people are pissed).

Aaryn – Has bounced back huge and is a beast right now. She will have her hand in getting someone big out pretty soon and has a shot to get all the way to the end. She can beat GM 9-0, Spencer 5-4,

McCrea – Is in a pretty good spot right now if he can withstand the Amanda campaigning against him and not get voted out by this A-man-eater. He will have a good chunk of game without her looming over him and be free to make deals to get himself to the end. He can beat almost everyone if he finishes strong.

McCrea wins Big Brother.


Spencer and McCrae will be the next two out. Helen ultimately wins.


Jessie knows she got a nice derriere, she keeps showing it off to the cameras.

Wish I was in that house, have a showmance with the booty, Final 2.

Just a thought

I like your idea Jem….give the have’s (Andy, Amanda, McCrea, Spencer, And Jessie) just enough alcohol that they start saying what is really on their minds and what their plans really are, and let the Have nots listen. It could be very entertaining and might wake some of them up so maybe someone will make a move. Please let something happen soon. Or maybe they would get so drunk that they would all walk out the front door and Helen locks it as she waves in excitement. At least then…it would probably still be boring, but we would make forward movement. I don’t know…I’m just thinking out loud. Something needs to happen real soon


I really dislike McCranda … when they were bashing Elissa for missing her family… ugh.. someone slap them
“we all left our families” Elissa is a mom! you twat! being away from your kid is hard, and what did Amanda left behind?? a boyfriend that she cheated with McCrae??? nasty b!tch

just older

That was my thought exactly. Of course it’s hard for everyone to be away from their families and their lives but when you are a mom – especially to younger children – it’s very difficult to not be with them for that long.


This is one week I really wish Helen would “shape someone’s game”. – Get Amanda out.


Since Andy teaches public speaking, I’m going to publicly speak to him. If you keep with your plan this week then you can officially kiss your chance of winning goodbye. You will be known ad one of the biggest dumbasses in this season and you deserve to lose! I just wish I could be there when you watch this season and see how you f$@k up your game!


HoHITUS has hit Andy too I see….and why in the world does he think he is doing the right thing with voting out Jess is beyond me. I am not too to d of her myself but for goodness sakes Andy…what the hell you waiting for….talking about now i s not the time to make a big move. Aaryn did, either by choice or force..she still made a big move. Andy thinks he’s in good for a final 2/3 with each side but I think lil dandy Andy may be in for a surprise!! There all gonna wait around to make a big move when BB is gonna throw a twist in the mix that is gonna prohibit that from happening so easily. Amanada’s Bang Box should have been put up this week with Helen, and should either have won veto then throw Mac up in their spot and evict Mac. Then Amanda would have been crippled and let her and Helen try fight it out to get the votes to stay!! If Amanda had been evicted over Mac then Helen would have easily overcame Mac. BTW…other than try and keep Amanda’s mouth shut…except when filled with his manhood (skunk) what has he done??


People can we PLEASE stop commenting on the recent Mc and Amanda sex stuff! I get the image out of my head and innocently start reading another comment and BAM! right back in my face more and more gross each time. I fear I will need to put a bucket next to my computer to keep on reading.


Chalk another eviction up to Queen Amanda. Jessie is not coming after Andy, Aaryn, Helen nor Ellissa. Yet, they still want her out? Last night all except Aaryn were on backyard couches joking around and Jessie said, that Elissa liked to look at herself in the mirror. So, Elissa stomps inside, gathers Helen, Amanda & MCCree and goes on a half hour diatribe about how Jessie…Can’t be trusted and has to go home. Everyone agrees of course and, Saint Helen jumps right on the bandwagon with Amanda laughing in the next room with McCree about Helen, Elissa wanting to vote out their own ally.

What game are these people playing? I am still waiting for BB15!!!


I see where Andy and Aaryn are coming from. They seem to be closer to Mcranda and know Jessie would target them. Andy is waffling either cuz he thinks he can control Jessie or he’s rethinking his loyalty to Mcranda. Helen and Elissa are just clueless in this game. If they help evict someone who OBVIOUSLY wants to get Amanda out then I can’t wait to see their faces next week when they’re both nominated next week.

Ms Taz

Worst bb ever.
Amanda and Helen control Andy and Elissa and Mc. If some one with half a brain can win next weeks HOH they should put up the power couple and watch the madness unfold.


I really think Pizza Boy is done w/ Amanda. He got what he wanted some A$$ now he is over it, I see him get more feed up everyday. He doesn’t want to cpme out and tell her leave me alone I dont want to be bothered w/ you anymore because he know Amanda is crazy and it will affect his game lol I find this so damn funny thats what she gets.


lol SIMON & DAwG Who’s Andrew are you guys throwing in new House guest LMAO you guys must be sleepy ( I believe you were looking to spell Spencer)

Hello -

I am watching some of the After Dark episodes from when Amanda got spray-tanned and something odd really sticks out – how did her colour go immediately back to her own skin colour?
I don’t know much about spray-tanning and how long it lasts but that is rather peculiar..Hmm.
It kind of got me thinking they didn’t actually use the ‘real stuff’ for her punishment.