Aaryn says I had a dream my friend gave me a huge black d!ldo. Why do I dream about stuff like that!?

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

CBS Interactive Inc.

10:10am – 10:36am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Andy, Helen, Aaryn and Jessie are awake and moving around the house. Aaryn, Andy and Helen talk about how they were told not to sneak in any candy from the competition but that some of the house guests did anyways. In the kitchen Aaryn talks about how she had a dream where her friend Jessie gave her a huge black dildo that had Velcro on it. She has no idea why she dreams about stuff like that and what do you do with the Velcro. Aaryn says that she also has dreams about being on camera and thinking she is sleeping naked where its then all over the internet. Elissa agrees Helen joins them and talks about how at midnight tonight it is the half way point. Aaryn says that before she came into the house she did a lot of research to see what would happen if she did “certain things”. And found if you do anything it is on the internet forever! Jessie asks did they ever catch Britney Haynes (BB12, BB14)? Aayrn says no but there are a ton of camera shots zoomed in on her camel toe. I don’t know which sick camera operator it was but I think it’s Uncle Hunter. Elissa heads back to bed in the havenot room. Jessie finishes making her breakfast. Aayrn puts her bikini on and gets into the hot tub. Helen is doing her morning run in the backyard.

11am Jessie and Aaryn talk about what they will do after the season ends. Aaryn plans to move to LA after its over. She says that its better to think positive about things because if you think negatively then negative things happen to you. Jessie says that before coming here people told her not to come on the show because it could mess up her life. Aaryn says she doesn’t understand how. Aaryn says that when she leaves, she isn’t going to read the negative comments about her. She says that she doesn’t needs any ones approval.
11:15am – 11:25am All four cameras are on Ginamarie sleeping in the havenot room.


11:30am – 11:35am Jessie and Aaryn are on the backyard couch talking about life. Aaryn says that at first she felt bad about why she deserved good things like this but then says that there are enough good things to go around. Jessie starts talking about her dad and why he didn’t want to be around… She starts crying. Big Brother switches all four cameras back to Ginamarie sleeping in the havenot room.

11:40am – 12pm The live feeds switch back to Jessie and Aaryn in the backyard. Aaryn says by the time we get out of here we will have enough money to make a start in LA. Aaryn and Jessie talk about living together and eating ramen noodles if they have to just to make a start. Aaryn compliments Jessie on how she has so much going for her, she graduated from MIT and looks like Jessica Simpson. Aayrn says that famous people have pasts that are a lot worse and they made it. Jessie says that she wants to take a bunch of acting classes and really take a shot at acting. They head inside. Aaryn plans to work out on the elliptical. Andys comes out into the backyard and sets up the weight bench with about 5 pounds on it to do some bench presses. Big Brother switches all four cams to Gina sleeping again…


Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

CBS Interactive Inc.

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You dream about black dick because you wanA ride that white bitch


That is true, nothing wrong with trying out all the flavors.

Funny part is, she’s dreaming about it, when she had one in the house.


Well….Aaryn nominated him (Howard) for eviction and sent him packing. So, what kind of damage control is she trying to do now with this deam BS.


She wanted to keep him, but she had to follow orders.


There’s always a chance on the outside.


She wants Howard

Wanting It

Yep Aaryn wants Howard bad. But she has to get in line for Howard. Amanda wants some Howard first. Amanda, as we all know was nearly raped by Howard. However, Amanda says when she talks to Howard at the finale, she is going to be a total b#$ch to him. Ah Amanda darling, the game is over. You two don’t have to speak ever again. Why are you seeking Howard out to be a …as you say …a b&%$ch to him. Amanda move on, Howard didn’t want you the first time you made a pass, and you are still upset with that rejection.

But you know what would be great Amanda, continue to repeat that rape comment after the game is over. It would be so funny for Howard to take offense of that comment and sue you. Now I would totally watch Court TV over Big Brother over that.

R Kelly

Aaryn, R Kelly wants you to be in his next video. Its titled “I want to pee on you”.




She’s too old.


Aaryn, you really do say the strangest things. Dream, really? Who are you kidding, now?
Where are you going with that?


even if it were a dream, why would she say that out loud on camera….hmm! me thinks the lady doth protest too much.

Aaryn's Publicist

Aaryn is just trying to prove she is not a racist. Aaryn is going to be able to use this once she gets out of the house. All the brothers will be thinking differently of her after this comment. Yep, Aaryn just helped herself 100%.


With all the thumbs down it’s obvious people don’t understand sarcasm…..

Lab Experiment

Come on! We know what Aaryn means. She has Jungle Fever! Aaryn might be a racist, but in the bedroom, she is an equal opportunity slut. She wants to sample some dark meat.


That is the Adderall talking or production whispering in her ear LOL!


I think Aaryn would moved to LA so every Los Angeles people will bashed her until she moves again.


I don’t think people see the good of Helen’s gameplay. She builts people up and people think they have a “genuine” relationship with her. I mean look…it worked on Aaryn who said she will NOT put Helen up (who won most comps so far due to Aderall). Amanda is warming up to keeping Helen until final 5. Helen thinks its time to strike Amanda and MC next week and.Andy agrees (did NOT tell Amanda andnMC) Basically Helen already figured Elissa should win HOH so she can put up MC and Amanda. You guys also have to realize they don’t see everything we see…they cant know one’s true intention unless Production tips them off!!!

Mark H

I’ll give Helen credit if she actually goes through with a plan to go after McCranda rather than currently irrelevant players like Jessie/Spencer/GM. Enough talk, someone actually do something. Every week we hope someone will do something to shake things up…and every week it is more of the same, all talk, no action.


The question should be “why do I say things like this?” these people are just disgusting trash. Although Elissa is not a great game player at all, she is more decent than most of these people.


Come on! All we need now is a sex tape to be leaked of Aaryn and she could be the new it girl. Amanda, wants to be the it girl, she keeps reminding us that there is naked pictures of her on the internet. Amanda, unless those nude shots are free of you and I was given some prize for viewing them, I wouldn’t be interested. Amanda has no shape.


My two major problems with BB15 this year besides Aaryn the racist, Amanda the disgusting pig, GM the foul mouth ignorant idiot, Helen the can’t root (spelled correctly) for backstabber, McCrae the wimp, and Andy the two time snake…OMG, that’s nearly everyone. oh yeah and creepy “steal your daughter and hide them in a Cleveland house as a sex slave for 15years” Spencer….oops nearly forgot constant whining Elissa.

1) the houseguests are simply not playing Big Brother. They’re playing Survivor minus the outwit and outplay. they are just focusing on OUTLAST. its okay for one or two people to play it ultra safe….but everyone! now that’s not even a show worth watching….its just so predictable.

2) it seems everyone of the houseguests are big fans of big brother. so its like they have a history of knowing what to expect or what could happen. with so much history of the game it essentially means they are not playing against each other but playing against production. they are intimately aware of how they might be “portrayed” or what curve balls could be thrown at them. hence all the side deals, alliances and conservative play and the much used “I will do what the house wants”.

…might be time to select people who haven’t watched too much Big Brother….it would probably be more fun.

She Didn't Just Say That

Agree, anything would more fun then this bunch. Usually production forces gameplay – I guess they are asleep at the switch.


Nope! Its all about casting. CBS selected these personalities because they thought it would generate higher ratings. These contestants take a battery of psychological and personality tests. So CBS had to of known that they were gathering a bunch of racists, sexists and bullies in the house and thought that was a good idea. You know what, they must be right. Because for all the comments that say this is the worst season ever, everyone on this blog is still watching. TV viewership is up. So for this to be the worst season, CBS is very happy with it. Expect more of this next season. None of you have turned away from this season.


Nope….. we are still watching because it’s too late to stop watching when previous seasons have been a success.

Also, we are hoping for the following:

1. The end of McManda’s showmance.
2. How it goes down between the Helen/Elissa/McCrae/Amanda/Andy
3. GM’s reaction to Nick at finals
4. Everyone’s reaction to find out that America was MVP
5. Who wins this season/who makes it to the final 2

So, yeah…we watch it…the BB episodes and the BBAD. Afterwards, we come here to read about the feeds from Simon and Dawg.
Then, we vent.
We agree with likes
We disagree with dislikes.

It’s all good. :-)


And yet another house guest points out how fake this show is and how production is telling the “game player” house guest stuff Aayrin 1st with her fake dream comment then she says you know how many famous people have said stuff a lot worst then what we did in they still went on to be famous and I don’t care what negative things they are saying about me when I get out here I want have to read it oh yeah and she told Jessie that she looks like Jessica Simpson GTFO with that yes Jessie is a cute girl But she looks nothing like Jessica Simpson just saying!!!!


I quit watching 2wks ago this season is horrible

Mark H

This is more of “how things worked out” than what was planned or expected. Perfect case in point….GM is not high up in the Helissa or the McCranda alliances. As things have been, she is at best looking at 5th place. She won HOH a week ago with a golden opportunity to shake things up and potentially improve her positioning on one of those sides, or even work with Spencer/Jessie/Candice/Aaryn to form an unlikely new alliance. Instead, she took the boring, predictable, and strategically pointless route of targeting Candice. She had power for a week and ultimately did nothing useful with it. How can BB production be blamed for that? You have two unfortunate scenarios playing out. Too few of the people that would make a move are winning competitions, then, in the rare instance that someone is in power and has incentive to make a move, they are persuaded out of it or are simply too dumb to know what they should do.


“Aaryn plans to move to LA after its over. ”
– She’ll be in for a rude awakening. Even her college doesn’t want her back, but at least she can finish a degree unlike her illiterate friend GM. If you think that’s harsh, try to read her HoH blog. buddytv.com/articles/big-brother/big-brother-15-hoh-blog-ginama-50854.aspx

“Aaryn says that when she leaves, she isn’t going to read the negative comments about her. She says that she doesn’t needs any ones approval.”
– She may not need approval, but what about a job? Good luck avoiding it, because that negativity is coming back to her tenfold. Mommy’s PR person won’t help.


Aaryn: The police arrested me today. They said anything you say may be used against you in the court of law.

I kind of regret saying, “Big black 14″ dildo with velcro”


Thank You “Uncle Hunter”… Someone has to do the dirty work ;P

come on too ridiculous

Production, Uncle Hester, whispering in actor, Aaryn’s, ear once again. Geez it is getting so clear that these fools are noting but character actors hired by CBS and BB.


Is it possible that a race war may start because this Aaryn girl is really crossing lines is she getting paid for the things she says and it is and has caused an uproar outside bb15 does any one know ??? Race war is it possible ???


FYI, Trayvon Martin was a drugged up street thug who violently attacked George Zimmerman.

elissa's lips

Aaryon Nation, are all the racist comments and recent thumbs down from you?? Trying to get your girl nominated as America’s favorite?


Is this Aayrin mammy or GM mammy because only somebody so fucking slow in the head or that gives birth to a very obviously slow in the head child who goes on national television and say some really racist and gay slur shit that going to get them hurt would say some dumb racist shit like that!!! You know you might think your being cute smart and funny but what your actually doing is making life really hard and very dangerous for your daughter by saying some really racist and very untrue stuff about Trayvon Martin a child that was murdered with nothing but a bag of skittles and a can of ice tea so when something happens its on you!!!!!!!!

Black Panther Party of the Big Brother House

I would make Aaryn eat her words…

Dr Freud

Wow, everyone wants a piece of Howard. Now Aaryn is having dreams of big black d&$*os, wondering what it could mean, all the while smiling. Ok Aaryn, we the viewing audience will play along. Oh Aaryn, we have no idea what that could mean. We know David doesn’t have one of those. Hmmm….what could this mean? We do know you asked Howard to train you. Aaryn, are you still doing those exercises that you so badly wanted Howard to show you? Aaryn, you had Howard giving you massages as well, until it became obvious that Candice was the object of his affection. Somehow you and Gina even hated how Candice got her massage from Howard. Hmmm…..oh well, we will keep thinking about it Aaryn and get back with you when we come up with something.


This is true when they first entered the house Gina Marie jumped into Howard’s arms and Howard’s hand did gasp her butt and so yeah if given Aaryn and Gina Marie a chance they would have sex with a black guy.


I hope nothing screws up the inevitable battle between the super powers Helen/Elissa Vs Amanda/McCrae next week. I’d hate to see another weak move for the 8th week in a row.


I know that’s the one thing I’m looking forward to the war between Helen and Amanda.


Aaryn? You don’t need anyone’s approval? Good luck w/that.


(yawn) well, here we go again, another gripping week of Boring Brother 15. What on Earth will RatBastardAndy do with the VETO? He holds all the power (For Queen Demanda) what ever shall he do, who will go home? Who will RatBastard use the VETO on and who will he backdoor? (JUDD is already out the door) One thing for sure it is a week to early to move against Queen Demanda, okay. Jessie has spoken out loud about the Queen’s tyranny so she should go. Spencer would nominate Queen Demanda or Slug McCrayfish so he must go. But alas, RatBastard wants each t stay and he doesn’t want blood on his hands. But what does the house want? Lets go to the HOH room and ask Her Majesty who Her target is because this is Her HOH as much as it is RatBatardAndy’s. (She is such a saavy player in competitions). OH MY GOD YAWN!!!!


“Andys comes out into the backyard and sets up the weight bench with about 5 pounds on it to do some bench presses.” – That was too funny!

“she graduated from MIT and looks like Jessica Simpson.” – Did Jessie really graduate from MIT? That was a joke right?

BB must be pumping something through the vents in that house. These people are so delusional. Aaryn may be able to get around reading the stuff posted about her on the Internet, but she will not be able to avoid all of the people who have read it. It’s going to smack her in the face one way or another. And she needs for it to. Hopefully she can grow and change her mindset from this experience. I’m wondering how GM can’t afford a decent car but can afford $700 extensions? I don’t know why they expect to find so much fame waiting for them after this game is over. That hasn’t happened for any other BB player. Outside of fans of the game there isn’t much notariety to be had.


Even Dawg has more votes than Gm in the favorite houseguest poll. HaHa


Dawg is AWESOME! :-)


I voted for Dawg!


Be very, very careful how you use the word “beating”. Spencer may get very jealous and GM will track you down when she can’t find Nick ( she will take your remark as an invitation).

Zingbot Fan

Andys comes out into the backyard and sets up the weight bench with about 5 pounds on it to do some bench presses.

Easy there big guy. Don’t over do it.


I’m also tried of the predictability of this season — not that Production has to throw in major game changers, but there should be more consequences for playing a “safe” game & especially for throwing challenges!

I think “Name” mentioned that for POV, the players should be on teams, with the two on the block as a team and if they win, they both go off the block.

Other ideas
If you are the first 3 out of a challenge, you automatically are a have not or are isolated for 24 hours.
Top 3 players get $3,000, $2,000 & $1,000 for any contest.
They should not have games that are completely random.
They should have more team competitions.
They should also shrink the schedule — there is toooo much time between events.
Thurs: Eviction & HOH
Sun: Nominations & Have nots
Wed: POV & replacements

Mark H

Normally there are consequences for playing it safe. Safe players are usually thought of as floaters, and floating has not been a good strategy as far as actually winning the game. Floaters are kept around by better players for as long as they are useful…and are often discarded as pawns as needed. Playing it safe might help you survive to the final five, but it very seldom wins. This week, if Andy truly is loyal to McCranda, he should have targeted Helissa. They are a bigger threat to McCranda’s long game (and therefore his own) than is Jessie. If Andy is loyal to only himself, as he should be, he should have plotted with Jessie, Spencer, and GM to backdoor Helen or Amanda. That’s the kind of move you can sell to the jury if you get that far.

Mekisha Hale

What in the world does this Aaryn say the things she says. To make a remark like that on live camera and later being outside the backyard and saying once she’s outta of BB that Aaryn would read some of the negative comments made about her and doesn’t need anyone’s approval. This Aaryn really doesn’t give a you know what,it doesn’t make any sense that after what she did to Candice and Gina Marie don’t leave her out really please give me a break. That’s why Helen when she had the chance to get out Aaryn when she was a nominee with Kaitlin and could have just evicted her so quickly that’s all she would have been reading all the time. I don’t think since this season is been on that once this Aaryn started showing her displeasure with the ethnic people in the house she went right after Candice and Howard. Making all sort of disgusting comments,acting black which is no such thing specially when she turned over Candice bed then Aaryn tried to interpretation of what a black women would sound while she was talking to Candice. Which by the way Aaryn’s interpretation was the worst and doesn’t even come close to a black woman. Because Aaryn there is no such thing and no one in with some sense wouldn’t even try to even make such an ignorant response. For one thing Aaryn doesn’t have any manners at all. Others who have showed really what a real lady would act would be Elissa and Candice who have shown only but decent way to act and never made comments as such as much as what Aaryn and Gina Marie made towards Candice. Amanda also shows nothing but rudeness and ignorance then being mindful of others,but if you don’t know better you’ll never will understand what that means. For anyone who have been a fan of Big Brother will tell you that never have they’ve seen such vile and terrible and racist people in there life on this show. It’s appalling really,now for Jessie she really has shown guts here of late in the game really sticking to what she believes without being disrespectful but truthful then just being among the women in the group meaning Aaryn and Gina Marie. But Jessie is got something that Aaryn doesn’t have and that’s Jessie really is smart and decent and makes her point across without no doubt. If you just really hear how she speaks she really makes sense while Aaryn makes derogatory comments about views about ethnic people and thinks it’s cute when really it’s stupid and hateful.


Gina Marie? Is that you? How did you get access to a computer? I have no idea what you are rambling on about.


Hey Lashondra oops Loquitia oops Mekisha – hey girl. Great name. Where does your name originate and what does it mean?

Trying not to care, doing a bad job at it....

I sure hope Andy sinks some of his money into a new wardrobe. I’m so sick of seeing him in those extra medium or smedium shirts he’s wearing. Whose little brother did he rob for his wardrobe? It looks like he is walking around in Garanimals clothing line all day everyday. What grown man dresses like that? I hope he doesn’t think he’s making a fashion statement. At least not one that’s supposed to be well received anyway.

And who knew the BB cast get weekly stipends? Do they get to keep what they don’t spend? I never read the spoilers or blogs in past seasons but I’m glad I did this time. Production seems to have a much heavier hand in this game than I originally thought. They shouldn’t be cutting the live feeds when people have paid for them. That’s not fair. After this season of BB I wonder how many more there will be before this franchise is over? I wonder if CBS will even air another season after this one is over? If so, hopefully they’ll screen the HG’s a little better from now on.

Kettle? The pot is calling...

Who are you to judge someone, cut them down, for the clothes they wear? Join the ranks of some of the other posters online who blather on about the HGs being assholes for being catty and rude and prejudice, when they themselves are just as bad…and in some cases, worse. Get real.

Trying not to care, doing a bad job at it....

You mean like how you took the time to respond to my post by insulting/judging me? I guess we can join those ranks together POT!

It’s called having an opinion. And I hate to break it to you but you can’t do shit about it :P


LMFAO!!!!!! 4real Andy does dress like that it makes me think that he hasn’t been laid b4 really look at his haircut how he combs it everything about him seems off from the way he act’s and dress that’s probably why Spencer and Andy be having those lil How You Doing!!!! moments did some of the girls make comments to Spencer about how even they questions sexual preference I really don’t care if he is but it would also explain why Spencer always haves his hand inside his pants because he is getting turned on by Andy dressing like a 4yr lil boy!!!!!! This part is not right here is not a joke so please don’t think im trying to be funny but Andy was standing there when Spencer made that comment about jerking off while looking at lil kids and all 3 of them didn’t see anything wrong with that all just like when Amanda mostly was talking about raping Candice and Jessie and all them up their didn’t see anything with it how fucked up are those people and what worst is CBS for keeping this sick fucks inside the house!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?

give me a break

Aryan Nation is delusional…..the majority of her question is going to be about her racist comments, she won’t be able to ignore that. Her big brother 15 experience will be sum up as “oh she was one of the racist girls”….And she think just being white and blond that she would make it in Hollywood..there are alot of white blonds in Hollywood with more talent and no baggage of being label a racists. Aryan Nation is delusional……moving to an open minded multicultural place like L.A……she is going to have a hard time explaining her racist view….. and the first thing to come up when she googles her name will be about her racist comments…..and her gay comments will not go over well in Hollywood.


Julie Chen, when Aaryn gets evicted greet her with a bowl of rice with a black dildo in it.. make it happen!


Lol at the big black dildo. What can you do with that one? Smh. I think if Candace wasn’t in there. Howard may have had a lot EASIER time on a couple of levels since most of the catty stuff was directed towards her anyway. And the comments made he seemed to be able to endure them enough not to react. Or he wasn’t aware of all of them.

And yeah sure she and Jessie are moving to LA together. And I’m guessing Jesse and MIT? Um okay.


Aaryn, I definitely see a future for you in the Adult Entertainment Industry, hence the move to LA. She is definitely exposing her inner “freak” persona in the BB house for all to see. Jessie, with your MIT degree, you should not want to get caught up with this person under any circumstances. Let her move to LA all by herself. Or better yet, let her take the “deep throat” hood rat with her.


Aaryn has jungle fever


Lol Aaryn will end up staying in Texas..she doesn’t realize how many bridges she has already burned in Hollywood


Yes – Aaryn will stay on her family’s ranch, riding the all terrain vehicle on the 15 acres she said they own, avoiding the oil rigs on her property – and because she’ll be diagnosed with PTSD from the backlash of hate from being on BB15, they’ll give her even more meds to keep her focused and happy. The college sorority will take her back with open arms, and if not, the PR person will find a sorority that will just love her. She’ll get her degree in psychology (it’s her world) and she’ll eventually get another modeling contract (those PR folks can work wonders). In a few years, no one will remember her except for the die hard BB fans.


As a black man I’m fed up of all the racial jokes on this website suggesting we have the lives of monkeys and that we live in a prehistoric manner. This is not true. I get out of bed everyday and have breakfast made for me before I go jogging and lift some weights to get some exercise. I then socialise and chat to some others for a bit before actually doing a couple of hours of work each day. I then play pool and watch some TV or maybe even a film before having dinner cooked for me, and then back into my nice bed for the night.

The only problem I have is people can see you through the cell bars


Why don’t you shut up with your nasty comment.


Andy Shows up

Andy: People tell me I’m a weak man. So I after BB I’m going to start working out every day. I’m going to buy some 10 lb weights and a bench press bar. I just don’t know how I’ll get them home.

Butters Mom

Did Aaryn really say Jessie went to MIT? Because Jessie has been saying she went to UT…. all of her t-shirts say UT and both Aaryn and Jessie are from Texas and there should be no confusion about which college Jessie attended as far as Aaryn is concerned.



Howard is Ugly

Sorry but Howard was not a good looking guy. He was just your typical illiterate, buff black guy.


“Aaryn says by the time we get out of here we will have enough money to make a start in LA.”

Girl, forget L.A.! By the time you get out of there, you may need to go into hiding. You aren’t going to become the next Bette Davis, Elizabeth Taylor, etc. When you Google this girl’s name, the first thing to come up is “Aaryn gries is a racist homophobe.” So much hysterical delusion. How can one person be so blind? She is forevermore “the racist bitch from BB15.”

Lisa P.

gm needs to go. I am truly offended regarding her comment about Candace being adopted. gm should be feel shame.


Aaryn, honey you are delusional thinking you will have a career in LA with all that racist talk in the house. She is such a fake, no one is going to forget about your stupid ass mouth!!!!

HAHA B***h

LOL, Aaryn. That’s why she hated Candice so much! She was mad that the black girl could get all the black d**k she wanted, but poor Aaryn can’t because of her KKK upbringing. But wives of the KKK and slave masters were also getting some black d**k on the side. They wanted it, but had to act like they didn’t. Sounds like Aaryn. Her mouth says she doesn’t , but her subconscious is saying she does.


Once you go black……..


Aryan , Jessie , and Amanda just needs to let go of
Their of their prude and hop on that


Aaryn said that cuz she is a racist BEE who secretly want to do a black guy!!!! Lol