Amanda says I’ve had a black pen!$ inside of me, I’m not racist! McCrae says that means you’re not?

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


12:35am Helen, Jessie and Ginamarie are sitting by the hot tub talking. Ginamarie talks about going on like 100 dates with guys over the past couple years but there’s just no spark there. Ginamarie says that it’s not like she is obsessed with the guy. Helen says well if it doesn’t work I want you to send me some photos and I will build an eharmony profile for you. Ginamarie says oh okay, cool. Helen says I want you to be proactive. Gina asks okay, like the acne stuff? Okay! Helen says yeah because literally the last few weddings she has gone to the couples have met online and I am about to be in one in October. If this Nick thing doesn’t work out, if I was single and looking to date I would go online right now. Ginamarie says yeah. Gina talks about one of her ex’s that was a “total f**king loser” who still lived at home with his parents and didn’t care about paying for anything. She says she slept with him the night before coming in here. Helen talks about the type of guy she needs to attract. Gina says maybe I just need an 80 year old who I can take all his money. Helen starts talking about how much Judd lied and how he needed to go. Helen says after Nick left we really got to know you a lot better, just like with Aaryn too. I got to know her and I love her, she is great. People wanted me to hate her and I should have gotten both sides of the story. They talk about Nick and how they didn’t really know who he was. Helen says he knew so much about nutrition and anatomy, maybe he is a doctor for all we know. Gina says hey Nick you wanna marry me now!

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1:30am On the backyard couch – Andy, Spencer, McCrae, Amanda and Jessie are still talking about movies. Andy brings up how when they were talking with Aaryn they wondered what if Big Brother cast David, Nick and Jeremy because they had gay tendencies. Andy says that Aaryn said that’s disgusting! Spencer says they said what if they got in here and Andy turned David and Aaryn said that’s disgusting. Andy says I just got kind of quiet. Amanda asks if she has ever said anything that has offended him? Andy says no, and I don’t think that Aaryn is a bigot that hates gay people but it’s just insensitive. Andy says the only thing that you say is ret*rded, which I don’t love. Amanda says that she doesn’t like saying it either. I have family members that are mentally challenged. It’s not saying the word it’s the intent behind it. Andy says that his cousins are mentally challenged and his parents were always like you never say that word.
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Amanda says you could say the n-word and they’ll f**king call me a JEW! I make fun of myself saying the most asinine things but for me I am the least racist person, I am the least judgemental. Andy says yeah, there has never been a point when I have been like Ah! McCrae says it’s about being sensitive. Spencer says its about being sensitive to other sensitivities. Amanda says everyone knows when I call Andy F*GG*TY ANN ..that they know I am just f**king kidding because I love Andy! I love Andy more than most of the f**king people in this house. If you want to call me a bigot because I call Andy f*gg*ty Ann when I am just kidding around then you can hate me, hate me because I am not a hateful person. I love and Andy and it has nothing to do with that. Spencer says I totally agree and ya’lls relationship is your own deal but you have to be open to the fact that you are seen by millions of people that could form their own opinions of you regardless.

Amanda says that I don’t care because if people are going to watch and be like oh my god she said this. If they want to turn my words into something else into a meaning that I didn’t mean. Spencer says I couldn’t agree more with you however you have got to expect that if you go by the rule of 1% of all the people that watch this and hear some of the things you may say, not you but any of us, at least 1% will have a problem with something. Amanda says the reason why I don’t think people perceive me that way is because look at the way Aaryn said Shaniqua and then look at how on live tv when I called her Shaniqua and called myself racist in front of everybody and nobody says anything about it because they know I am not racist. I am not racist! McCrae laughs and says I don’t know. Amanda says I have had a black pen!s inside of me at one point in my life, I am not racist. McCrae says oh and that means you’re not racist? Amanda says it does mean that I am not racist! If I was racist I would not f**k a black guy.

Andy says no I do understand with you there is a difference. If you had told me that is disgusting I would have been like go f**k yourself Amanda and knew that you were kidding but I don’t think Aaryn was. Amanda says Aaryn is more sheltered than I am. I have lived all over the United States. I was the only Jew in my high school and the Christian’s would tell me I am going to hell. I would be like okay. I guess I am just more worldly and cultured. Spencer says I am Christian but my motto is just be cool with each other. The conversation turns to religion and the creation of life. Andy talk about going to bed because of Veto meeting tomorrow. They joke about the funny things Andy/Spencer could say during the meeting. They then all head inside to go to bed.

2am Helen talks to Jessie in bed about how Judd might hate her for evicting her. My feeling is that he is looking at it as a negative way. I hope he doesn’t but you never know. This is his dream but it is also the dream for 15 other people. He told a lot of lies and got caught. Jessie says maybe he thought he was that good that no one could piece it all together. Helen says I want a fan to win the game and someone who earns it. Jessie says hopefully he will have time to piss and moan about it and then accept responsibility and move forward. If he is still bitter at the finale, that is a long time to hold on to that. Helen says he may be, that’s fine if he wants to blame me but this is a unanimous vote it was more than just me. Helen leaves to goes to bed.
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2:05am – 2:50am Amanda and McCrae in the bed. Amanda wants to have $ex with him and he says no, it’s sleepy time. He says I just want to go to sleep. She asks why and he says because it’s a big day tomorrow. They start making out. She starts giving him a b**w j*b and then makes out with him again. She starts to get something and he says no. It’s sleepy time. She says okay then grabs a condom from the drawer and starts putting it on him. He keeps saying ouch. Amanda then climbs on top of him and he says “Oh my god, I am getting molested.” They then have $ex for literally two minutes and finish (2:08:38am – 2:10:38am). She then whispers about going to the bathroom to flush it. McCrae says no. Amanda says here give it to me. McCrae says no. She goes to do something and he says no. She says oh really, oh really you f**king greedy jerk. Kiss me! She gets on top of him and again and fool around some more. They finish and she says we are getting married tomorrow, are you ready. McCrae MmHmm. Amanda asks are you ready to spend the rest of your life with me? McCrae says yeah. Amanda says I love you. McCrae says I love you too. Amanda says it so weird to think about you and my home life and you are going to be a part of my home life. Amanda tells McCrae that he is one of the only reasons that she wants to fight to be here so bad. McCrae says that’s good you deserve to be here. Amanda says I am super scared when I get out of here, I am going to have a lot of threats. McCrae says just call the police. It’s weird it’s like we’ve been in a coma for 3 months. We don’t know anything that’s happened in the house side world. She says when I get back home I am going to have to deal with someone (boyfriend) harassing me. McCrae says he sounds like a real sh*t head! Amanda says I am ready to start my business, see where the deals are that I left, see where you are. She talks about him moving in with her and her putting him on her lease. She talks about him looking for a job and stuff while she is at work. She says real life is so much more stressful than in here. Amanda says I really think we can make it to the final four. McCrae says if we play our cards right. McCrae says it will be okay I promise. Amanda says as long as you are going to be with me forever and ever, promise? McCrae MmmHmm.


7am All the house guests are still sleeping.

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This is off topic from this post but did anyone notice that during the HOH comp last night that McCrae was making all the noise while playing against Elissa. In the DR he said it was partly to distract her and partly it was habit as that is what he does when he plays video games. He made no noise at all when playing against Amanda and Andy. So I have to wonder, was he lying about it being a habit? I think it was a lie.


It was obvious he was doing it on purpose as some sort of passive aggression. When he was talking to Amanda the other night, he mentioned wanting to get rid of Elissa. And she didn’t yet, but she said something about doing it since Aaryn was on there side and she would want her to go or something to that effect.


I noticed that too! I agree with you; he was trying to throw Elissa. He was quiet as a church mouse when trying to beat Amanda.


Does Amanda really think at all or is she really just beyond stupid. Seriously girl you are a RACIST PIG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

give me a break

Amanda is a liar….during Judd HOH week…she was having a conversation with Candice and told her she never slept with a black guy. Look it up…Candice was laying on the couch and her and McPuss was on the bed….she is so full of sh*t…….


Her friend in production told her that she is being lable racist for her action and now she is trying to turn it around………amanda, aaryn and gm are very racist people period. Helen will be eating her words about getting both side when she review the tape of how they talked about her. I know she is trying to play into their racist ego and saying that candice over acted about the bed flipping, but as a mom she should hae better moral her children will watch this one day if not already….OH yeah gm sleeping with a loser and they want to talk about Candice being a money loving whore BECAUSE SHE HAS STANDARDS!!!!!!!!!!!!.RACIST PIG…..


And Amanda told Kaytlin its was okay to say the N word wonder how she knows she going to have a hard time when she gets out of the house lots of threats did she says form the guy that’s post to be her boyfriend yeah right Amanda you and Ayarin know whats going on I huess The dude that works in production or Alison or whoever else you know that work there told you and Aayrin that’s why yall are trying to say yall are not racist and Candice is trying mix up the words that came out of y’alls on mouth also you know what you was saying the other day when you said the Sanquia thing to Candice that’s why you did the follow up with it and said what now im a racist because you know you got on to aayrin about that so your trying to fix it up to late we out here already seen and listen with our own eye’s and ear’s also production yall are really fucking yourself pretty dam bad!!!


You are right she says She had never slept with a black guy . Amanda is trying to cover up her tracks . She is one nasty disgustfull human being .


Amanda is Disgusting human being . Is there any way one of you could go on her FACEBOOK and find who the boyfriend she keeps talking about . Get his name off the picture and see what he is saying on his twitter he must be going crazy . AMANDA needs mental help she is Fucking crazy and racist . AMANDA is one stupid hate filled human being . What kind of Jews acts this EVIL for no reason she is disgusting . If i did what she did to Mc Crae that would be rape ?


Disgusting! She just force him to have sex.


He doesn’t look like a victim to me. He could have pushed her off him but he just laid there like a dead fish. He didn’t exercise his legitimate self-defense right to premarital conjugal rape, that’s on him. Never seen a guy being so pussy-whipped like McCrae.


Its not disgusting if he doesn’t say no. Wait McCrae did say no. How does that go again? Oh yes, Its not disgusting if he doesn’t fight back. Wait McCrae did fight back. How does it go again? Its not disgusting if McCrae has no marks on him. Wait McCrae does have marks on him. I am confused. Ask Amanda about this rape stuff, because Amanda says she was raped by Howard and Amanda never pushes herself on a guy that doesn’t want it.


I am so bummed with McCrae’s game choices. What happened to his game? Amanda took control of it, did the moron McCrae forget he is playing for 500,000?

It was not

Amanda didn’t force herself on McCrae. She knew McCrae wanted it. If McCrae didn’t want it, he wouldn’t have come to bed in his underwear. He would of been wearing full body armour.


Does anyone see how Amanda is exactly like GM in the sense she is obsessed and forcing her affections on McRae? I’m not saying that McRae is a completely passive partner, but she’s constantly TELLING him how things are going to go when they leave, constantly looking for reassurance, has a crazy ex like GM, and can not take no for an answer in bed (had it been a male getting on top of a female who just said ‘no’, this would have turned out VERY differently!!! ).

This goof troop needs a serious reality check. The fact that they have SOME awareness (or tip off by production) that they might receive threats on the outside, yet continue to behave the same way is appalling. Maybe there should be mandatory sensitivity training for future house guests before they enter the BB house!


REALLY good idea!


OK, Amanda is living in a fantasy world.

Where the hell did those condoms come from? Were they provided by production?


The was the second time I saw Amanda pushing herself onto McCrae while he keeps saying no. I don’t think he could have pushed her off, first, she’s bigger than he is, and second, she would have just persisted and climbed back on. At one point he is heard saying “OMG, I’m getting molested”. Granted you could say he was joking, but it didn’t look like he was being very responsive to her. I t

I think McCrae is over this “romance” and is in it just because there’s little he can do right now without jeopardizing his game. He’s started to make negative comments to her here and there, and he must see how bossy she is. I doubt he’s moving to Florida with her any time soon.


Amanda’s response to their discussion about how Aaryn offended Andy and Spencer is a clue to how she thinks. “Did I ever say anything to offend you?” She turns everything into how it affects her or how she was perceived. People like that drive me crazy. She constantly does this – she will interject something about herself into the conversation when people are talking about something that has nothing to do with her.


Amanda is talking to America now. We don’t buy it Amanda. She believes it’s the the person who gets hurt by insensitive remarks fault for being hurt, it’s their problem. She says she has thicker skin but when Elissa made a comment about Amanda’s one piece, Amanda was crying because she “has body image issues”. So she gets what it’s like to be hurt by insensitive comments but still thinks it’s OK to use them if it doesn’t bother HER. Of course a couple hours after crying about her body image issues, Amanda
-talking about Howard snuggling Candace- said something like “you can’t snuggle a pig” and “she needs to be harpooned”. She also called Aaryn fat and thought it was OK cuz she was joking. After Mcrae told that wasn’t cool, they argued because he wasn’t sticking up for HER. What a piece of work.

Candid Camera

I agree about her (them) talking to America. Guess the DR went into overdrive – and after seeing this display – I’m hoping the DR is shaking their heads in disbelief – because many of us are. I see little hope and/or salvation for this bunch. Unless the BB Gods step-up to the plate – after Jessie leaves this week and Elissa next, the winner of BB15 may have the title, but will never have my respect.


Exactly! I think her friend Allison Grodner may have tipped her off in DR to try and do some damage control. It’s A-h—s like this group of jerks that made me quit my job.

Dr. Boogie

Why don’t we bring Judd back and have him announce that MVP voted Amanda the past 2 weeks…And that America voted him back in..Why can’t Production see this as a ratings spike?


I thought JUDD did not know that America was MVP. Julie said to both Candice and Judd that since they were going to jury, and that their game was not over, she could not tell them what was happening. I know she told Kaitlin but don’t remember if anyone else knows.


Its a classic move. Highlight the weakness of others to those around you, in order to improve your stature. So indirectly she is telling Andy that he needs to be with her and hate Aaryn. Because Aaryn slighted him.


Not a racist or anti gay but do say my husband does cringe at the thought of the act. A lot of people do because they just cannot wrap their head around it as not what they do when making out.

Hello -

Maybe it’s in Amanda’s contract (special), that if she has sex she will get more money? She looks like an animal in that position under the blanket on top of her small submissive. It’s not sexy in any way.


amanda: the definition of a classy lady.


Hate the Game

Don’t hate the player. Hate the Game. Amanda can only abstain from sex for so long. Can you imagine yourself in that house without sex? Look how long Amanda had to endure without sex once she entered the BB house. She was giving hand jobs to McCrae within 8 hours of entering the house. So that doesn’t count. She was giving him b*&w jobs within 24 hours of entering the house. That doesn’t count. She was dry humping him within 36 hours of entering the house. That doesn’t count. Nope Amanda lasted 48 hours before she had sex with McCrae, that’s a long time. Amanda did really well for holding out so long.

What I don’t get is Amanda comments to Jessie? Comments like: Amanda said Jessie is a slut, Jessie would sleep with any man, Jessie spreads her legs. I am confused. Amanda was the first one to have sex in the house, but Amanda is also the first to call someone a slut. Oh well, she that casts the first stone must be a virgin. I read that somewhere in the bible. I don’t know where. Dan Gheesling of BB can help me find that passage in the bible. Ya’ll don’t think its there in the bible? I swear on the bible that passage is there……….this swearing on the bible is so easy. Dan proved you can falsely swear on a bible and cross and not get struck down.


It is called deflection.


Spencer said it best AMANDA IS THE BIGGEST HOE IN FLORIDA . She is disgusting she is a very ugly person because of how she treats people ? What was the whole point of getting Jeremy out she is worse than Jeremy ?

They All Said What

Newsflash, we don’t care – but they will, come late September. What uneducated idiots.


I guess everyone’s right: Candice is classy. The exchange between her and Ginamarie did wonders for her “classy” candice.

Candice: boo, i have a wonderful life. i’m classy, you’re trashy. you’re 33 (candice you’re 30!); what was your point?

I noticed candice’s twitter count is active and her best friend (i think it’s that overweight model that was on tyra’s america’s next plus-sized model, tacarra) has been tweeting to drum up votes to get candice america’s fav and to get her voted back in the game.


I don’t get what her overweight model friend administrating her Twitter has to do with anything. You sound bitter and she must have really been on your mind to go investigate her Twitter account probably among others things.


Seriously, we all have our own opinions as to who came off looking like trash during that fight but is it really necessary to describe Candice’s friend as ” that overweight model that was on tyra’s america’s next plus-sized model”? I have to question if you are somehow related to GM or a friend because no one in their right mind could defend the indefensible. Candice referring to GM living with her parents at the age of 33 is a fact. GM implying that Candice’s mother doesn’t like her was below the belt and untrue. Oprah has the footage. GM is racist and jealous and unemployed so it seems someone did come out of this looking like trash and it wasn’t Candice.

Hello -

Number 1: Lies about her being on Oprah to make her look like some kind of star – Lance Armstrong was on Oprah too, Boo.
Number 2 : She was never on Oprah – she was on a show called Searching For.. and she did not need to do that on television but because Candice is a know user and abuser of all she can get from the Amercian Funds that she feels she deserves (without paying it back), she needed to do it so the show paid her. She has been looking at every avenue as a way to become famous.
Number 3: Gina is a bottom feeder. Candice is also a bottom feeder. Sorry Boo. She could have left without not acknowledging ignorance but she lowered herself even further (if that’s possible).
Number 3: Candice spoke about African men being aggressive and scary – is that racist? In my world and most – it absolutely is.

She came off looking like a clown (which she by the way did not comply with the rules of the outfit) and when she was confronted about it (by Spencer, Judd, and Andy, jokingly); she replied ‘shut the fuck up’.
She was ‘playing house’ with ‘Howie’ instead of Big Brother and BTW disrespected several of the girls’ property.


You don’t come across as being terribly credible when you can’t even count to 4 correctly…




I think they both came off trashy during the fight, but I don’t think anyone in this house has any class. I just keep hoping they are all actors!!!!


I have been trying to figure out why so much hate against Candance and Howard…according to what I witnessed, I am not sure how they endured in the house w/o physical violence for as long as they did. Maybe i am missing something, and i am NOT violent person, but some of those houseguest were pretty mean. Did I hear Aryan tell Candance she had her saying the word ‘axe’ instead of ask? Candance is very well spoken, I was like what the heck/

I don’t have live feed, so i may have missed something.

Staten Island Resident

GM lives with her mother and step father in a small run down house on Greely Ave in Staten Island. Look it up on white pages. Her mother is a complainer and is scrappy just like GM, and has posted things on line about contractors she didn’t like and refused to pay for work done on her house. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree. Low class white trash.


The point is Candice has a job and supports herself, in her home. She won crowns and competed nationally in Miss America and Miss Teen.

GM lives with her mother, at 33 no less. I don’t think she ever made it to a national pageant. Candice’s life >>> GM’s life


…AND Candace can speak English.


Yes, when she’s not speaking like a $2 ho. ‘Shut the fuck up’ ‘shady fuck’ – rolling her head and snapping her fingers, etc. Very eloquent indeed.


You would think, right – being a ‘pediatric speech therapist’? *wink wink* Like girl, we’re ALL buying that story boo boo.




Let’s not forget Candice has her Bachelor degree, while GM never finished.


Sorry, but a bachelor’s degree does not equate to class. Look at Mark Zuckerberg no degree and multimillionaire and the guy is humble and pretty classy in my opinion.


Mark is a multi billionaire! He surpassed the millionaires a lo g time ago!!! He did attend the elite at Harvard University. Although he did not recover a degree it sure wasn’t b/c he couldn’t but b/c of his focus on his new project that we all know and love. Lastly, he wasn’t that humble and kind of a jerk!


Billie, read the original comment. I didn’t say it gave her class. I said it was a factor in her having a better life than GM, which she does.

Someone else addressed Mark Z. attending Harvard, so I’ll leave that alone.

Staten Island Resident

Gutter Mouth never finished High School.

Dr. Boogie

Put Candice on any past season and she doesn’t stand a chance. Vote JUDD back in! The man deserves a second shot.


I will join you on the bandwagon for TEAM JUDD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Vote the Mumbler back in!


amanda has absolutely no clue. when she finally sees the montage of all the hateful words that have come out of her mouth, she’ll feel so betrayed, and will probably never get it.

maybe that will distract her from all the video of her riding mccrae under the covers!


Amanda is going to feel bad when she sees the montage of hateful things she said? Why does she needs to see them, she said them? Amanda knows exactly what was said. You can excuse a statement here or there, or a bad joke that wasn’t intending to be mean. However, you take the collective of all her comments and you have a good idea of the personality of that individual. Regret saying it, but Amanda is pretty much a petty, insecure and vulgar person. You showing that montage to Amanda is not going to change Amanda. Amanda will defend every statement she made as either game play or the viewing audience misinterpreted what they saw. Nope, for some season, you think Amanda is going to feel sorry for making all these statements. Not going to happen.


please read my post again. i never said amanda would feel sorry, i said she would never get it, and would feel betrayed. that’s a big difference from feeling sorry about what she said, and would imply she feels empathy, which is becoming more doubtful with each passing day. i don’t think she considers anyone’s feelings other than her own.


I would much rather watch Candice and Judd in the jury house than any of these idiots…


McCrea said NO how many times and he continued?? I would think that was rape!
Se is a pig and is totally clueless about how she is coming across on the show. After the show ends and McCrea goes back to video games and delivering pizza, Amanda will be stacking him… She is obsessed! He better cancel the wedding tomorrow am file for a protective order…


I think it would be hilarious if Mc jilted Amanda at the BB alter. Can you imagine her meltdown???? LOL


Very true. It was rape. It would be interesting to see how America would react if genders were reversed.


Exactly. NO means NO. Seriously. The entire sex thing was disgusting. The whole post shows how disgusting this amoeba is. I have to throw my hands up. There are no words left.


Amanda is definitely a psychopath. She is insecure, neurotic and dangerous. The things she has said at times about people, ex. Candice, about her falling on the Tweezers and it stabbing her in her throat and her dying, that is not normal behavior. The way she needles away at McCrae about is he gonna be with her forever and ever, promise her? She doesn’t sound like a woman of sound mind, and then she says her current boyfriend is crazy? If she really even has a boyfriend and not one of her victims!! Amanda is the crazy one. If I was McCrae I would run so far in the other direction. She is a nut case. She has no sympathy, no empathy for anyone.


What I find astonishing is she actually thinks she is not racist. But a bigot never thinks they are. Just because your Jewish you can still be racist. I know a lot that are racist. Between the racist remarks, lying, bullying and the forced sex on McCrae, her parents and workplace must be so proud of her. The apple doen’t fall far from the tree. She must be a reflection of her mom and dad.


So, does Amanda really think bragging about having sex with a black dude means something?

Two comments:

1) I think the B!tch lied about what Howard said to her.
2) Candice needs to take Amanda to Candyland.


Where would that be – where all the sistas could jump her? You just admitted that ‘candyland’ isn’t such a nice place. I’m sure you did not mean to but it seems you’re saying there’s a lot of truth to what people are claiming about boo boo – she’s ghetto.


Truly no empathy. The only time I have seen her cry (which has been quite often) is when something affects her negatively.


Blame the parents! No one can turn out this way at 28 or 33 ( GM) if it isn’t for moronic parents who think that cheering on their kids, even when they behave badly, is a testimony of unconditional love.
Amanda said she brought a string of different BF to various family functions. Why would she be embarrassed to fuck a guy on national TV when her dad can watch? She doesn’t know what family means and the said dad, as per an intw with CBS12, is proud of his daughter’s strategy (that was on Aug 3rd)
GM is almost illiterate at 33 and her parents did nothing to prevent that? Once again, it’s called unconditional love. I am not talking about chaining your kid to her bed if she wants to drop out of HS but, at least, I’ll do anything to make sure she can write properly.

uh, no

I watched that CBS interview w Amanda’s dad and it was the first week they were in the house, before all the madness.


Yep. You haven’t heard a peep from Amanda’s dad since. He was all over the place in the beginning but has been pretty silent since. Even took down his twitter account after referring to the people on it as “assholes” because they were making comments about his lovely daughter (although I can understand he is her father and will protect her) but she is truly one of the most horrible people I have ever seen. Amanda, Gina Marie, Aaryn….how do people like this even evolve?! Thank God I am horrified by it. I just have never known people like this. Apparently and unfortunately they must be out there.

They All Said What

Yep, narcissist fit her to a T.


amanda is as crazy and obsessive as gina marie is


It was funny to see the house guests pretend to be Jigsaw from Saw when Jigsaw’s apprentice is right there in the house.


LMFAO!!!!!! Yeah but who is because I really all of them that’s left inside the house really could be it on a side note somebody put a picture up of the bride of chucky and it looks just like Aayrin!!!!


MC pizza car will not be fast enough to escape this chick, and he will find a bunny in a pot of boiling water…….she has fatal attraction written all over her……”I WON’T Be IGNORED MCCREA!!!!!! ” then she BJ him to get him stiff then climb on top… she is nuts. Each Mean girl hated Candice for different reasons, A man duh =she wanted Howard, GM=because of the Ms Louisiana title and Aaryn=Racist

Dr. Boogie

We all look forward to an AMANDA MELTDOWN. Can somebody tell the producers to reveal that America put her for 2 WEEKS? At the same time Judd comes back ready to harpoon America’s Worst HG. This for me is a RESET.

Butters Mom

It looks like Amanda just raped McCray….. poor guy.


Although I am not defending Amanda’s actions and comments I have always seen a difference between her and Aaryns comments. Amanda is a pretty crude and blunt person and when she says potentially hurtful things it does come across as a vulgar person attempting to be funny for shock value sake (however, it is never usually funny). Aaryn, on the other hand, who is young and naive says things in an ignorant way that really is just plain hateful. Amanda and Aaryns personalities really do show their intent. I am not a big fan of Amanda due to her crassness and domineering personality but I do still find it shocking that people dislike her more than Aaryn. The real world always shows time and time again that ignorant hate (Aaryn) is always worse than vulgarity (Amanda).

pot calling kettle

Why it is easy to hate Amanda more than Aaryn here are a few: For ONE: with age you are suppose to gain wisdom which Amanda has Zero amount of. TWO; Amanda works in the public and it is easy to be dumb, stupid and ignorant when in college, but wow once you start working your adolescent brain thinking should end. THREE: Amanda accused Howard of saying things that could affect the rest of his life terribly and has acknowledged on the show she made them up. FOUR: Part of the Aaryn/Candice dislike of one another started with a lie that Spencer started, but what did Candice do to Amanda NOTHING. FOUR: Amanda calls Andy Faggoty Andy and does not get it. There are many others such as Amanda with the constant sex and blow jobs, Aaryn and GM (no excuses) but they were blindsided and their entire alliance got dismantled in three weeks so they were upset because they were lied to, but Amanda whines because she is such a bad player and she can’t win anything, she makes derogatory mean comments about Jews, and Amanda used the N word. Is that enough or do you need more?


He should charge her with molestation. He clearly said no.

Call It Like It IS

I think it is completely disgusting the way those two behave. They know that their parents and family are most likely watching the live feeds and for her to be giving him a blow job or riding him knowing this is completely alarming. It says a lot about her character as well as his. I always have felt a little sorry for him but I have noticed that sometimes he exhibits some of the same pathetic behaviors she does. Neither of them have any class and rest assured there will be NO RELATIONSHIP between these two once the show is over. For one, I think he is going to be embarrassed by the way she is and will distance himself as much as possible and as fast as possible. I mean damn he already compared her to a previous ex control freak that he dated. Not to mention its pretty evident that he relies on his family for support and I KNOW as a mother of 3 boys myself, there is NO way in hell I would support my son being with scum like her. The best move he could make for his game and his future outside of the BB house would be to turn on her and do it quickly. Then, maybe we would all be so thankful for him cutting her at the throat that we can forgive him for these childish and repulsive antics! I hope that if they do evict Jessie and they allow a player to return to the game that it either be Candice or Jessie. They’re the only two who have stood up for themselves regardless of what everyone else thought. I was not a fan of Jessie for a long time but once she stood up for herself to Amanda I saw her as a completely different person. I think it’s sad the way she is dependent on a man but that just shows she has some serious insecurities and hopefully once this game is over she will work on getting to the root of those issues because she truly is a beautiful girl not to mention she has a hot ass body. I can see why Amanda is so insecure when she sees her by McCrae! LOL!!!


I agree with you 100% and ditto, MC will distance himself from her after BB is over. He already feel like the female in the relationship. It is sad how some women uses their va jay jay to control men, and worse when those men don’t take their manhood back “shut it down”


It also says a lot to me that when Amanda makes derogatory comments, although never acceptable, they are usually to the persons face in an attempt to be funny. For example the Faggety Anne comment made to Andy’s face. Another example was the Shanequa and Howards c*#k in her mouth comment made in the heat of the moment to Candace. Amanda is no doubt crude and says disgusting things but she never really says them out of hate for a race or sexual preference. However, all of Aaryns comments have been made around 2-3 people that are all just bashing people. Those comments during the “bash sessions” were meant to be hateful.


To make the vile comments Amanda has made, there has to be a level of hate and a deep evil. C’mon! Aside from all the vulgar, crass comments-talking about stabbing, raping, torturing people! She is mentally disturbed. No doubt about it.

pot calling kettle

Come on are you seriously trying to excuse the comments Amanda makes because she makes them to their faces? That is perhaps more despicable because she sees the hurt in their eyes but continues with her hate filled tyranny. They were all upset including Aaryn when Amanda went off on Candice during that competition. Amanda is a despicable excuse for a human being, at least some hope with age and once Aaryn gets out of college her brain will kick in and she will understand, but wow that train has passed for Amanda.


Im so over some of you people trying say that Aayrin is young and doesn’t know better but Amanda does because she is 4yrs older then Aayrin so I guess Amanda is young and doesn’t know better but GM does because she is older then Amanda.. I say they all 3 know’s better and knew what the fuck they was saying so yall saying Aayrin so young take that shit and mix it with your crack and somke it and the reason we are still talking about them because they are still inside the house and go out of their way every fucking day to say some racist shit oh yeah all people saying Aayrins young know go roll the show back to what she told David when he was talking about Candice


OK, now I”m thoroughly disgusted. Amanda’s comments were TMI!! Yuck, and I’m African American. Who cares what color penis she had inside her? And the details of her sex session with McCray were totally REPULSIVE!!! I can’t keep my lunch down……….Please vote that skank out………One minute she was crying like a two year old because she sucks at the competitions, and the next few minutes she’s sucking a peepe…….

Aaryn's Ex

Wait! One minute Aaryn’s a racist, then she proves she’s not a racist by dreaming about black d&$&dos and everyone still hates her. Amanda hears about Aaryn dreams and goes one step further. These girls can’t be racist if they are willing to sleep with all colors and any length. It doesn’t matter Blue, Black, Red, and White. Whatever color di&&o you have, Aaryn and Amanda will make it work. Out!


Amanda – “Cultured” ???? To be understated- I think not.

Hello -

I would like to never ever see or hear any one of these ‘cast member’ ever again. Candice most of all because knowing she used this as a launching pad (as she used her adoption story and airing it on another reality show). She will do anything and everything just to be on camera (as if we don’t have enough trash already on television). Most of them think they have some quality that is ‘watchable’. Elissa obviously thinks we love looking at her distorted face with eyelash glue always stuck in her false eyelashes, Helen believes she is the next Julie Chen, etc. I’m hoping Spencer ends up in prison where his ‘peers’ don’t look at pedophilia very admirably. Way to go American dreamers.


Its very telling that you said you don’t ever want to hear the cast again but you said Candice Ellisa and Helen could that be because Candice is a black girl and Helen is a Asian girl and Ellisa is a white girl that stood up and didn’t take part when Aayrin GM and Amand would say racist she about Candice in Ellsia present and Spencer because he was kinda friends with Howard a black man ?????? Yeah you told on your self and Judd had the worst voice inside the house and his game was actually right up their with Jessie but her’s is better then his because she want be a sheep like he was!!!!!!!!


What is disgusting is that McPussy got aroused to be raped by that sweat hog.


I don’t know, but I can’t stop laughing at this comment. I even forwarded it to my hubby at work.
Thanks for the laugh!


Amanda: I’m not racist because: I have a cousin that is black; I have had sex with Puerto Rican guys before; and I have had a black penis in me at some point in my life (I just can’t remember when)….

I am suprised she didn’t say, I’m not racist because I voted for Barack Obama for President….

McCrae, dude, really you should get a complete list of all of her sexual encounters because she appears to be on some sort of mission…


Ok people lets explore Amanduh’s comment, ” I had a black penis in me and that makes me not racist” FACT: many racist white slave owners had sex with black slaves “it was sex”. See how stupid her comment is? Amanduh not only are you a racist but you are a slutty one, you didn’t care who you was screwing as long as you got laid. On camera you didn’t care that MC said no, you made sure he got aroused so you man looking ass could climb on board. Wow really?

pot calling kettle

OMG, I thought that exact same thing. Amanda is a racist bigot pig!!


Amanda is brainless.

Best line of the night. McCrae says it’s about being sensitive. Spencer says its about being sensitive to other sensitivities.
Did they all have a PR class in the DR room. Amanda need to go back for a review class.

Amenda forgot about all the slave owners that had sex with blacks (forced/and not forced) were they racist
Amanda ? Amanda is in for a rude awakening. It maybe sick on my part, but in a crazy way I feel sorry for her.


Lol….. yea, poor guy.


I think it’s pretty obvious by the way they are all talking, that production has given them some inkling of what is being said about them. They just talk about how they are being portrayed too much. They have to know to some extent.


Why do people like Elissa? She does nothing but talk in that baby voice and acts real stupid. I want them to get rid of her.


Her fish lips and stupid facial expressions drive me insane …..!


The main reason I like Ellisa is because she is not saying racist stupid shit and she don’t let the one’s that do try to say racist she around her think that its okay because its not. now dose she have a good game play I say her’s is right up there with GM Judd Spencer Andy and McCrea actually her and McCrea are neck & neck and then some other people like her and they thinks that she is cute and some like her body well I like her body but only thing her arms are a lil to man looking to me and the other people like her just like her because of her sister!!!


Lol McCrae is in the best position right now everybody wants to work with himand he’s getting some I hope he wins or Judd comes back and wins


What position is that? Oh wait, under A-whore-da!!!!


You people kill me yall act like Judd was playing a good game really when??? and where??? Because I remember two people up to Judd about making some big moves and guess what he didn’t do and had he done either one of those to big moves Judd would still be inside the BBhouse now but he isn’t why because Judds game sucked he might be a okay dude but game play nope sorry our man just don’t have the skills!


Ps: I really think Amanda want to get pregnant. I think McCrack knows it. She want the first BB baby.


She probably would love the idea of having the first Big Brother baby however, I can’t imagine what kind of a mother she would be.
She would probably send the kid to live with McCrae and pay him and his parents to raise it for her.




well….I hope CBS decides to just take cameras and follow Amanda and mcrae around for about 6 weeks after big brother. that will be 1000x times more entertaining than the entire season of big brother.


I don’t know what to call Amanda anymore. Maybe just one the biggest turn-offs in Big Brother history. I think she’s very spoiled and selfish, not criminal. Just a monumental turn-off!


Anyone want to take a shot at this, since the word seems to be used so much – what exactly is class? I thought it was an archaic form of distinguishing people. How do you know when someone has it or not?

I'll Try

I think in this day and age, people interchange ‘class with grace’ rather than a separation of the classes. The definition of grace: A characteristic or quality pleasing for its charm or refinement. How you decide to categorize someone is subjective.

Thank you for your 'Try'

Thanks – I’m thoroughly confused by the word and I don’t use it in my conversations for that reason.

derick alaska

McCrae, you are the woman in the relationship. I mean I’m a 23 yr old guy and I do not like pushy girls. I want to be the one that pleases her, and its a MAJOR turn off for a girl to “wear the pants” in a relationship.

Don’t get me wrong, I love a woman who knows what she wants and sets boundaries. That’s something I respect and adore. But a woman that’s has a mouth of a sailor, and the sex drive of a beastly man….sorry dude but that’s just not wife material to me.

Stick with your pizzas bro, they’re hotter than her….literally.


Why didn’t Big Brother intervene over the intercom when Amanda molested McCrae?

Big brother: AMANDA, STOP THAT, NO, Means NO


mccrae is right though, just because you have sex with or are friends with a black person doesn’t mean you are not racist, racism is about perceptions, thoughts, and worldviews about how those concern other races and diverse peoples, not simply about daily interactions….remember, slaveowners had black slaves in their homes, raising their children, some even had sexual relations and children with slaves…..does that mean they weren’t racist?


How wonder if Amanda’s boyfriend would think that he will waiting for McCrae at the finale?


amanda’s behaviour is really disturbing. “it’s not what you say, it’s the intent” um, no, it is what you say that matters!! she is offending so many ppl and doesn’t care. she is really in for it when she gets out of there. and the whole mccrae thing makes me cringe, forcing herself on him on camera. he doesn’t want to do it on camera amanda! you are forcing him to have sex on camera when he’s saying no, it’s like… illegal. :/ just imagine if roles were reversed and this was a girl saying no and a man kept going and had sex with her, big brother would eject them from the house and there would probably be charges… a person like amanda having so much power in this house is really scary. i hope someone does put her up next week and she goes, for mccrae’s benefit.


“Gina talks about one of her ex’s that was a “total f**king loser” who still lived at home with his parents and didn’t care about paying for anything. She says she slept with him the night before coming in here.”

Hmmm, he was a “total f**king loser” and you still “slept with him the night before coming in here.”

Well, GM, it says more about you as a person than it does him! That you would put out for a “total f**king loser”.


I wonder if they did it in her parent’s basement or his parent’s basement….


It’s really impossible to like any of these people…they are all pretty disgusting…i just don’t remember anybody be quite so raunchy as these…


Scamanda (thanks BB prod) is this years danielle murphy


A bomb could be dropped on this house and I’d think the world would be a better place.

Pinnocchio Obama

What I would really love to see is McCrae voting out Amanda.

Hello -

….notice the words she used ‘I’ve had a black pe*(s inside of me’, does not mean it was consensual. She may have raped that guy too – like poor McEmbryo.


Amanda you are a racist bully and your intent is always to hurt people e.g. Jessie and Candice.

Isn’t that rape? If someone says no, they don’t want to have sex but are still forced to, isn’t that rape?


“Gina talks about one of her ex’s that was a “total f**king loser” who still lived at home with his parents and didn’t care about paying for anything.”
-Ahem, pot meet kettle. You have so much in common! LOL Yet, she still slept with him the night before going in the house. No guy in his right mind would pick her on eHarmony or any other site.


Amanda is the girl you bed, not the girl you wed. She is in for a serious awakening…soon. The girls in the house, minus one…are using sex as a weapon, some of the men are gone now, so they flounder…Gina..girl, be quiet. Helen….get real, do you want your boys treating folks with such fake ness…I can’t even say anymore…this cast is disgusting…mccrea…ugh..I have no more works, y’all make me sick


Why isn’t anyone stepping in about Amanda? It’s time for the producers or someone at CBS to do SOMETHING.

If a guy had done what Amanda did to McCrae, something would have been done. This makes me sick, and while I decided long ago this season not to watch another season of Big Brother, this garbage is actually making me rethink watching anything on CBS in general.

Finally, I wish somebody would point out that you can’t say you’re the least judgmental person about YOURSELF. It’s too convenient and challenges anyone to disagree. McCrae needs to lead the troupe to get her out, and he needs to make it to final 2 so he doesn’t’ have to be alone with her anymore. If CBS won’t help him, they should band together to make it happen.


Karen, I understand how you feel. But I need to be able to see NCIS, Under the Dome, Person of Interest and The Big Bang Theory. Also Tennis and Football. I just won’t be watching BB on CBS, will come and get the unfilter varnish truth from Simon and Dawg!!!


After I thought about it, it is unfair to “punish” other shows that are in no way affiliated with BB. There are some truly gifted writers that are unfortunately aired on CBS. Thanks for the additional thought. :)


i really hope spencer wins HOH next week. i’m not a spencer fan, but i feel that if he’s HOH, he will make sure either amanda or helen are put up and one of them goes home. at least this is what i HOPE he would do. once jessie leaves, he’s pretty much the only hope to get one of them out sooner than final 5. unless aaryn decides to turn, which is looking like a possibility. but as much as helen annoys me, i’d rather amanda go home, but i doubt aaryn would go against amanda. *sigh* i’m just so BORED of this. every week is so predictable what’s going to happen, and when it’s not predictable, something’s ridiculous happens (ie: judd eviction) why can’t these people do something interesting instead of just going the safe route EVERY WEEK! “Doing what the house wants” is not a viable strategy every single week. at some point or another, you have to do what you need to do.
i also think it’s kind of ironic that the reason they’re going after jessie is because she has a “new” target every time they talk to her, when her only target has really been amanda for the last two and a half weeks (as everyone else’s should be also) yet helen and amanda have new people they go after and find reasons to go after every other conversations. they’re such hypocrites. and now they’re getting rid of another person who shouldn’t be going home. just ridiculous.


So, they’re not bigots, just insensitive? OK, I can accept that.

But Amanda is a rapist… look what she did to that poor pizza boy, he’ll be scared for life, he’ll never go near another cougar again ROLMFAO


Poor McCrae. That no back-boned dweeb has got himself in a real mess with that over sized swine.

Would love to see BB do follow up as the 16 guests return to their families and home towns!!
God help Spencer and his Marilyn.
Helen will lose face and forced to move to Gary.
Arryn finds a lesbian Longhorn lover.
Amanda will be selling time shares to Haitians.
Gina will be locked up forever in her family’s basement with just a black vibrator.
Andy will join the priesthood.
McCrae will mange a nail salon.
Jessie will become a professional wrestler.
Elissa will be a greeter at Kroger’s.


Why did amanda want to take his rubber? Im thinking to give herself a baby lol she seems manipulative like that. He told her 5 times he dont want her to take the rubber. … (a smart boy NEVER lets a girl get the rubber and dispose of it. A SMART guy does it himself to MAKE SURE it is disposed of lol)


Is it me or did McRae just get raped on live reality show??? That there is funny as hell!!!!! He said “no” and she still continued. That woman has no class whatsoever. Parents must be proud of A-whore-da. Please evict that tramp from the BB House, like last week!!!!!


Poor Amanda! She’s not used to getting this much attention, so she’s playing it for all it’s worth. I’m sure she’s used to being in “one-way negative” relationships. The guys dog her out and she loves it! (because she’s starving for attention). She saw how much attention Aaryn was getting at the beginning of the show and she had to have it, and got it!


Why are they sitting around talking about their racial comments? Has production prompted them to address it somehow? I think they are definitely trying to rationalize their behavior — plain and simple.