Big Brother 15 Spoilers – POV Players Picked! Elissa is BORED and wants to SHAKE THINGS UP!

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Spencer & Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

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12:10pm – 12:45pm Big Brother switches the live feeds to TRIVIA for the house guests to pick the players for the Power of Veto Competition.

Veto Players: Andy, Spencer, Jessie, Amanda, Helen, Elissa

POV Host: McCrae

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12:45pm In the storage room – Amanda, McCrae and Spencer are talking. Amanda says that she and Helen are going to try and knock out Jessie if its the knock out competition. The discuss different strategies to beat Jessie. In the lounge room – Helen, Elissa and Andy are talking. They talk about how next week they will make a big move. Andy says that he likes Jessie but that she needs to go this week. Helen says that she and Amanda will work to get to knock Jessie out if its a knock out competition. Elissa talks about how she really thinks they need to get Amanda out. If she is in the end she will win. Andy and Helen tell Elissa that this isn’t the time we need to make sure we don’t give her any indication that we are coming after her. Helen tells Elissa that they can make a big move next week or after that. Elissa tells them that she just gets bored and wants to shake the house up. Amanda joins them and tells them the strategy of folding for every round until they knock Jessie out. Andy says that he really doesn’t want Spencer to win the veto either because I really really don’t want to put up Ginamarie. If I put her up and she wins HOH next week and send me out I will kill myself. They discuss other strategies for the possible veto competition. Andy and Helen leave. Elissa says that she just doesn’t like how she feels she isn’t included in the plans. Amanda says of course you are, with out you it wouldn’t work. Elissa says that she just gets nervous. Amanda talks to Elissa about how to calm down during the competition and how they need to make sure Jessie and Spencer dont win it. Helen joins them and Elissa leaves to go shave. Helen and Amanda talk about the possibility of Ginamarie going up on the block if Jessie or Spencer win the veto. Amanda tells Helen you could give her you baby blanket to reassure her that she isn’t going home. Helen says yeah we could all give her collateral.


1pm – 1:10pm In the rainbow bedroom – Ginamarie tells Aaryn that she would never, never, ever put her up on the block. Gina says think of it this way I would never put up you put like how I would never put up Nick. Aaryn says that she wouldn’t put up her either. Aaryn says its just like how they would never put up each other, we can do the same thing. Gina talks about how she needs a new car. She says her car sucks. She says she hears other people talking about how nice their cars are and its just hard because I really need something better. Aaryn and Gina discuss who they would put up next week. Aaryn says either Jessie or Spencer whoever is left here next week. They talk about who else to put up ..maybe Andy or McCrae. Gina says she promised people she wouldn’t put them up but at some point you have to break that.


1:10pm Helen, Andy and Aaryn talk in the lounge room. Aaryn tells them that Gina knows she will go up if the veto is used and she isn’t upset about it. She says she just really wants to be here for her birthday. Helen tells Aaryn about how they could all put collateral in Gina bag to show her she isn’t going home. They think her birthday is next week or the week after. Andy says after the veto competition we will have a day and a half to figure things out.


1:25pm In the lounge room – Helen promises her that she will not be the one to take Aaryn out. I won’t do it and if I did you can not vote for me in the end. I won’t do that to you not where I am at today. Andy joins them and reiterates that he won’t take her out either. They talk about how much she helped their games. Helen leaves and Aaryn tells him – I am not taking her out of the game! I will not do it, I like Amanda and McCrae but I love that woman! Andy tells her that he is with her and feels the same way. Andy sasy we just need McCrae, Amanda and Helen to go after each other. Andy says that Helen is ready to make a power move. He says he doesn’t know what Amanda and McCrae are thinking yet. Andy says that Helen wanted me to make a big move this week and was mad that I wouldn’t do it. Aaryn wonders if Spencer would f**k Andy over again. He did it once and will do it again. Andy says we just need to stay loyal to Amanda, Helen and McCrae for as long as we can. If Helen wants to gun after them next week there is nothing we can do and they can’t hold it against us. Helen joins them. Andy says that we just need to make sure Jessie or Spencer don’t win the veto. I want this to be the first veto that isn’t used.


1:35pm In the bathroom – Andy talks to Ginamarie and tells her that if one of them (Jessie or Spencer) win the veto then he will need someone to put up. He says that he isn’t sure who that will be yet but that they will be the ultimate pawn. He says they will not go home though. Gina says oh yeah, yeah. Andy leaves the room.


1:45pm – 2pm Helen and Aaryn talk about how they are super friends. Helen says that Aaryn is the perfect ally with the calm temperament. Andy heads into the HOH room and talks to Jessie and about how Spencer is the target (lie) and that he as bad as it sounds is just using Jessie to get Spencer out. He reassures her that she is safe even if she stays up on the block. He tells her that he has been 100% loyal to people and that’s what people will see this week. He then jokingly tells her to get the f**k out so he can listen to some Madonna. Jessie heads down to visit Gina in the bathroom. She then joins Helen and Aaryn in the lounge and she does a bunch of stretching poses. She then does the splits straddling the lounge bench.

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2:15pm – 2:57pm In the lounge – Aaryn gets in trouble by production for pretending to be a gargoyle. Up in the HOH room – Andy is talking to Amanda. McCrae joins them and Andy tells him that he pulled Helen aside and she trust him. McCrae says as long as everyone stays loyal to the 3AM alliance (Aaryn, Amanda, Andy and McCrae). Andy says that he really doesn’t want to put Gina up. McCrae agrees and says that she will stay loyal. Andy says that he almost wants to call all of us together and ask one of us to go up so that Gina is good with us. McCrae says no way would I do it, I trust you guys.. just someone could take their shot. McCrae says he will give Gina every one of his cigarettes. Andy says I just don’t want Gina to go up because I know she would not put me up next week and I don’t want to ruin that. Andy says we will see after the veto is over. Andy tells them about how he reassured Jessie again that he is just using her and she won’t go home. They talk about how they don’t trust Spencer. Andy says that Jessie is easily readable, when she is mad at someone you know it. Andy says I am going back and forth about getting either Spencer or Jessie out and I trust that whatever I decide everyone will go with that. He says but right now I want Jessie out. They talk about Spencer talking game with Gina. Andy says not to knock Ginamarie too much but I really don’t think she has the mental capacity to be a mastermind player. Andy talks about Spencer being a master manipulator, he tells us what we want to hear. I am not saying I want him out I am just playing devils advocate. He is way smarter than she is but she is way more of a loose cannon. Amanda says that Spencer basically said he wants Helen or Elissa out next week. Andy says oh my god in a couple weeks it is going to turn into an insane blood bath. Andy says that he wants Elissa out soon she just has so much money and has lead a privileged life. Amanda says she wouldn’t win against any of us. Andy says yeah I just don’t even want her at the end with us. Amanda asks do you think the target has shifted off of me now? Andy says well you haven’t been yelling and screaming at people about co*ks in their mouths the last few days. Amanda says yeah all those people have gone. Spencer joins them and talks about how he can still hear them working on the competition in the backyard. Elissa joins them. Andy says McCrae was his third choice of POV host ..he says production asked him to rank his host choices.. He said Amanda, then Elissa, then McCrae. The conversation turns to talking about the double eviction nail POV competition.

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Let’s say the unthinkable happens – Amanda is evicted this week. Does that change the way anybody is feeling about this season?


No, not at all.


It would make McCrea come out from hiding and get his hands dirty. That would be worth watching.


Let’s see…..would that change how I feel about this season? NO!
This cast is not playing a game. I don’t know what show they are on.

There are no plots and no serious gameplay. Just scandals (which, I won’t deny….I find very entertaining).


“This cast is not playing a game. I don’t know what show they are on.”

I feel like most of them would be better cast on The Real World…

give me a break

No because their would be 2 other racist in the house


Actually, yes. For me it would change my feelings towards the season 100%, so long as Elissa (even though I would like for her to win) is evicted not too far behind, because that would lay to rest my paranoia about the show being rigged.


WOW, Elissa gets 10,000 a week for BB. Right there enough reason for her not to win.


Don’t hate the player, hate the game. Elissa was in a strong position to negotiate her compensation CBS wanted someone that everyone would hate and Elissa was available at a price. CBS didn’t have to pay it, they thought it was a great deal. The other cast members had no name recognition and were interchangeable.


absolutely. after the allegations that amanda was predestined to win, I definitely want to see her evicted. she’s running the house from a bed although she’s won no competitions. on one hand, it’s impressive but if she’s friends with a bunch of cbs heads it’s sickening.


I don’t understand how Howard was “the biggest threat in the house” when it was just him but no one is looking at amanda and mccrae as a threat and continue to put getting them out or separating them on the back burner. 2 people are a bigger threat than one. how can anyone really think that going to the end with them, even in a final 4 is a good idea?


Would EVIL DICK or DR. WILL follow Amanda like sheep ? Would Mike Boogie be as dum as these people who could have changed the game by voting out Amanda keep Howard and voted out Candace or Jessie .


Wait if Amanda leaves, does that mean there won’t be a BB house wedding. I thought they Amanda’s family sold the wedding photo rights to TMZ. So I doubt Amanda is leaving this or next week.


Would EVIL DICK or DR WILL stay loyal to AMANDA AND HELEN ?


Helen we got one shot to take out OSAMA BIN LADEN should we take it . Helen replies wait till next week .


Seriously…does America have a reset button for this season? I would like to erase everything I’ve watched so far. Oh Helen! ya know, it’s not the time, ok, it’s too early, ok, ya know we’re gonna have to wait to knock out Amanda, ya know, when she’s in the final 2, ok. This cast is ridiculous and boring!


1960s What would she do ? SECRET SERVICE SNIPER To Helen we got one shot to take out the guy who is about to shoot President John F. Kennedy . Should we take the shot Helen ? Helen replies wait till next week . 1 week later they are at funeral home and the president is dead . Helen i told you we should have shot the guy now the President is gone .


Omg Helen is not as smart as i originally thought she was. Elissa, Jessie, and Spencer FTW. and McCrae too if he could break away from Gollum


Please wake me up when something fun happens! :/ zzzzz


See ya next summer.


Oh Elissa, WE ALL WANT THINGS TO BE SHAKEN UP. Don’t let Helen stop you, she’ll be gone soon anyway.


Elissa is a follower and not a leader. Also everyone that has ever utter those words, once they became HOH they picked on the little guy. I seriously doubt it would be any different with Elissa if she won HOH.


Go Elissa, Jessie, or Spencer. They are the only ones wanting to make a very big move if they have the power to do so. These people are such idiots. Keeping someone for a birthday.


What they need to do is get Aaryn on their side and they all need to play for veto. USe the veto on Jesse and whoever Andy replaces, probably Ginamarie, they need to vote her ass out. And whichever one wins HOH next week needs to put amanda and helen up…if only

General Custer

Not sure what I am supposed to be rooting for. Elissa win POV. The nominations stay the same. Spencer wins, Gina goes up and Jessie gets evicted. The only person I hold out hope for is Jessie, and its going to be tough. Yes Jessie won a POV, but the faker, I mean Judd to the money and gave Jessie the POV. That’s not going to happen this time. So essentially Jessie, has never won a comp and the odds are against her winning this POV.


I am so sick and tired of hearing next week out of Helen’s mouth, last night she was talking like she knew her days were numbered if she didn’t do something about Amanda and McCray, Come morning, and were back to “Next Week”, a box of rocks could play this game better.
I feel bad for Elisa, she see how things are playing out, and all she gets is “Next Week”, she knows she screwed her game by going along with them, but she has no numbers, and it doesn’t matter how many comps you win, sooner or later your number is up and your out of the game. Janelle fell victim to this.


I agree Helens biggest regret will be not listening to Elissa and striking first. I almost hope Amanda gets her out as long as Amanda goes the week after that would be great.


Don’t forget both Howard and Candice warned her as well…ok ok next week ok.

helen is smart???


I feel worse for Jessie. She’s been telling Helen that Amanda needs to go for two weeks now and Helen is actively trying to evict the only person with a track record that proves she is willing to go after Amanda. Maybe Aaryn will keep pushing for Spencer or Gina out and Jessie can convince Helen she will help get Amanda out. If she doesn’t already see it, I highly doubt Helen will ever get it.

helen is smart???

Forgot to add something

Andy is now unsure if he wants Spencer or Jessie. He’d rather keep Jess. Amanda says that will make Helen stronger. Now if only Helen wasn’t too blind and scared to see that herself.


Both Jessie and Elisa have tried to get Amanda out, Helen keeps shutting them down, along with help from Andy.
After reading the update. I do believe Amanda wants to take Elisa to the end, a guarantee win of the $500,00 for her. Andy and Aaryn think they are going to take out Amanda and McCray, oh I think they have a surprise coming, I don’t think it is going to be that easy to take out those 2.
Aaryn and Andy “I love that woman {Helen}, I am not taking her out, Amanda and McCray will have to do it. What losers!!!


Simon can we ‘drink’ every time Helen says next week? It gets worse when she says next week or the one after lol


sounds like a plan.. Helen is going to be the death of me


I thought Pandora’s box was for prizes & punishments and Dpov & coup de’ tat is what can be used to make changes with the nominations?


you mean “comb de pa” right?


Helen we got one shot to take out Hitler should we take it . No wait wait till next week ?


The only way to shake things up is to put Amanda and McCrae on the block
Pandora’s Box

At this rate…..everything is predictable to say the least.


ginna is a bitch she said to cancice “Atleast my mother lovees me” And candice is adopted

Candice is an idiot.

poor, poor candy….waah


Whatever! If hate is what gets you up in the morning….hate on.

Candice is an idiot.


For real

STOP GM’s mama! Hate is so ugly. Just stay off the boards! You should spend your time trying to figure out how you’ll continue to support your GM.


Worst season ever. After Howards eviction Helen said he was getting too close to Candice, you can’t leave a couple in house. WTF?! Amanda and McRae have been a couple since week 2 and are much closer than any other couple this season.


Not to mention her own “coupledom” with Elissa, they’ve all been doubling up since the beginning.


Not to mention her own “coupledom” with Elissa, they’ve all been doubling up since the beginning.


In my opinion, unless Production steps in, this season will be worst than season 9. It’s not entertaining at all watching a house of puppets voting with the house- I mean Amanda.


I had completely forgotten about season 9, I hated it and the wrong person won.


How come no one is giving Amanda credit for running the house? It is pretty Impressive.


McCrea runs the house. Amanda is his enforcer.


since there is no way for amanda to leave this week, i really hope helen gets backdoored this week. she deserves it because she’s so dumb.

her brain is just cluttered with ‘you knows’ and ‘OKs’


Do you think aaryn would really put up Andy or MC crae? I thought she would go after Elissa

Hello -

I can’t stand to watch Helen anymore (God bless fast forward). The way she poses for a second like a CNN reporter just before saying I vote to evict….is just the most nauseating sh** I have seen since that loser from BBCAN Peter Dickless, I think was his name.


OMG !! hahahha….I thought it was just me that got annoyed with the way she votes! I imitate her and Andy when they’re about to vote all the time! I hate the way he votes too!


I feel if Elissa wins HOH, it won’t matter if the other HGS threatens to burn the HOH room down, she will do what she wants.


BS, Elissa is as gutless and stupid as they come. If she weren’t she wouldn’t be Helen’s monkey. IF she win HOH she will do exactly as she is directed to do by Queen Demanda. You’re a Rachel fan aren’t you? Get a grip!!

I beleive in Rainbows

If Elissa wins HOH, the nominations are not hers. Helen will convince her that its a house decision.

Big Brother

Everyone in this house are cowards. Elissa make a big move and stop talking about it to Andy or Helen because they’re idiots. Who cares if Gina Marie want to stay in the big brother house because its her birthday. If I was in the house and someone told me they wanted to stay in the game because its the person’s birthday I won’t really give a crap. They need to think whats better taking a big threat out the game and winning 500,000 dollars or going to a jury house where you win nothing.

By the way if Gina Marie somehows goes to jury this week lets all ask big brother production to put cameras in the jury house to see the fight between Candice and psycho…I mean racist.

Jim 64



Go Jesse go…

Yeah Right

Run Jessie run…ok! Where is Jessie running to? Does she know the way to the jury house? Because that’s where she is going with a POV loss.


Jessie: I’m gaining so much weight. How do you make 5 pounds of fat look good?
Spencer: Put a nipple on it.

Andy: Two deer walk out of a gay bar. One turns and says to the other, “I can’t believe I just blew thirty bucks in there.”

GM comes into the HOH room with bananas up her ears, cherries and blueberries in his nostrils, and a carrot sticking out of his butt crack. “What’s wrong with me”?
Elissa: “Simple. You have an eating disorder.”


Helen won’t pull the trigger to get Andy out this week because Amdy is not willing to get any blood on his hands. That is also why McCrea told Amanda not to pressure Andy to put Helen up this week. Whomever wins HOH next better do something. I think Amanda is ready to get Helen out. Not sure if Helen is ready to do the work to get Amanda out unless she can get someone else to do it. She always plays scared. I don’t like Amanda at all and gave all my MVP votes to her. But she is playing a better game than Helen. She is at least trying to keep the people she believes are loyal to her. Helen has been voting out anyone remotely thinking about getting Amanda and McCrea out. That is her fatal flaw and I think she will be the one who will go unless she or Elissa win HOH.


pull the trigger to get “Amanda” out….. sorry


Week one Helen was my favorite you know. Then it went downhill from there ok.
She has been sending home people in her alliance or prospective allies you know
and keeping people loyal to Amanda you know. For that reason you know, if she is
back doored this week, you know I would not feel bad for her ok ok ok


this season made me realize that we need an allstars 2 next season


i agree with you. we need enzo back! or haden. either of them would work for me haha

The Black Fish

Amanda is making some serious mistakes here. Judd was a loyal McManda troop until the end, and getting rid of Helen gets rid of someone who obviously doesn’t want Amanda out anytime soon. Getting Helen out only gets rid of the person who keeps Elissa in check. Elissa might do some damnage then.


Elissa isn’t bored…she’s boring.



I Need Help

Do you think Minny will make GM’s cake?


WAKE UP!!!!People what the hell is wrong with all these people, do something big if its at all possible now, poor Jessie why do they want her gone she at least has won something Amanda hasn’t won shit! Please Big Brother shake the shit out of th house and give HOH to someone that will actually do something! Please I can’t even watch your after dark show anymore its so boring! Still waiting for the unexpected and NOTHING!!!!


It never seems to be the time to get Amanda out. I think the time for them has ran out. This is ridiculous. Elissa is more perceptive than they realize. She is right on about getting Amanda out. I am so sick of Amanda’s mouth and snotty facial expressions.


With these fools, the right time to evict Amanda will probably be when she makes it to final 2.


Elissa, PLEASE win POV and take Jessi off.


Ideally Jessie or Spencer will win POV, Andy would grow some balls and put Amanda up as replacement nominee and the entire house would vote her out (yes even McRae)!

I really wish Andy, Aaryn, Gina Marie, Jessie and Spencer would realize they are on the outside and will never make final 2 the way they are going. If they got together, they could probably get Elissa onboard to vote Amanda out (if POV goes the right way and Andy would break the tie) and run the house the rest of the season. But since it sounds like Jessie is the only one with a pair, doesn’t look like anything exciting will happen because she will probably be going to jury this week.


sadly, its that “nervous” like behavior that has elisa losing every comp.

for her to go on a competition run, she would have to start playing with emotion. Rachel won because Rachel would psych herself up so much that she would just never, ever, ever drop, or throw a comp. Elisa is too worried about how she looks, Rachel didn’t have a problem getting dirty


If you are putting your money on this wh*re……er a……horse then you will lose because this tramp has no game. She is worthless!!


I agree with you that Elissa is afraid at how she is coming across on TV, She is very aware of the cameras, I think it makes her self conscious when she is trying to talk, and then she comes across as a air head. Of course, she has the advantage of seeing how it impacted her sister’s life, {The other night she told how her sister got fired from a very good lab job, and it took her a year to get back on her feet} and she is trying to avoid this, and it is putting to much pressure on her. If she could relax a little, I think she would do better in the comps, she seems to be in very good shape.

its too late to stop watching

I feel like in a way Elissa is playing for America, shes thinking everything we are but doesn’t have the votes to follow through. EVERYONE IS BORED AND EVERYONE NEEDS THINGS TO SHAKE UP. Honestly once Elissa and Jessie get evicted I don’t give a shit who wins. Might as well give the $500,000 to a bucket of slop.


At this point the only reason I keep looking is to see if Elissa or Jessie have done something yet because I feel if
they get an opportunity they will act. If Jessie left this week and Elissa next, it would not matter who wins really


It’s so frustrating when someone is ready to make or even think about making a power move, and Helen just shuts the whole idea down. By saying its too early or even says next week or the week after.

This Season Blows

Translation: production told her “we are rigging this competition for you, we need you to shake up the house.”

One can only hope

Just for today, I hope you’re right.


I wished America could pick the ones on the block and vote the one to evict.. This season has the worst game players…I hope Jesse win veto and if GM goes up she lets Andy have it and calls him out on national tv! Go Jesse!!! Hopefully bit unlikely Amanda goes up and out!!


Judd is loving it at the jury house and goes to the beach everyday.
A jock who’s not so great with women goes to the beach and sees Judd in a speedo with women all over him. The jock gets curious, so he waits until the Judd goes to the showers and approaches him.
“Hey man, I have to ask – what’s your secret to getting the girls?”
“Well, ok, I’ll tell you – but you have to promise not to tell anyone. You have to wear a speedo and then – trust me on this – you have to put a potato the size of your fist in it. Really.”
The jock figures he’s tried everything else, so the next day on his way to the beach, the jock buys a new speedo and a potato the size of his fist. In the locker room, he puts on the speedo and puts the potato in, then he hits the beach.
When he walks around the beach, he notices girls whispering and pointing at him while giggling, but any time he approaches they get disgusted and turn away. Discouraged, he’s about to go home when he sees Judd, so he goes to ask him what he’s doing wrong.
“Hey, what gives? I did everything you said, but the girls keep turning away!”
“Dude, you have to stick the potato in the -FRONT- of your pants.”

bored to death.....

OK….weird comment I know but has anyone else noticed Aaryns eyebrows??? Something very weird is going on there….this season is so boring that I am noticing silly crap like this.


She has mentioned before how her eyebrows are messed up. GM told her to wait until after the show to get them fixed but Elissa has been plucking them. I know very bizarre. What really bothers me more than her eyebrows is her facial expressions. One minute she is smiling and the next instant there is a blank emotionless stare that is really disturbing.


Is it true the Amanda ordered them to let he win the Veto? If it’s true, GODDAMN, can’t win shit on her own even while high on adderall, now she’s expecting others to LET her win… We’ll hell, the sheep just might comply.


I hate to say this, just when you think helen may be backed door the following week, she’ll win HOH. and probably not put up mcmanda but elissa


I would not be surprised. I’ve watched the episode where she turned on Elissa. In fact, Amanda may be wicked, but at least she has loyalty to McCrae–no matter what.

Helen….there is no loyalty. She is playing this game. She lies through her teeth “oh, I can see us being such good friends.”

In her mind, this is probably what she is really thinking:

“I’m a political consultant. You guys are idiots to think I came here to make friends. I’ve said it over and over that I don’t mind getting blood on my hands. I give advice for a living to get campaign money. I will manipulate, slice, and burn to get my $500k. I see all of your agendas.

Amanda: You came in here wanting to stick to a strong male player to build a showmance for your gameplay. Let’s see who backdoors first!

McCrae: The pizzaboy, you had no gameplay from the start and got sucked in by the moving company (that I destroyed) and now you got sucked in by Amanda’s pus$y, bj, and hand jobs (harder to destroy). Whatever.

Elissa: Rachel’s sister. I used you for MVP. I will release you soon.

Aaryn: Cleary, I have to use you because you are good at competitions. You really have no friends so that will be so easy.

GM: Gurl, I will leave you alone. You have mental issues. Go to jury to paint your nails and bring Nick’s mug, hat and bed with you.

Spencer: You still here? Really? How did that happen?

Andy: I keep telling you everything because I trust you sooo much. SUPERFRIENDS (My sidenote: Andy will be Helen’s downfall)

Jessie: Pawn. Clearly, you failed at a showmance. Go take a smoke as I decide what to do with you if you don’t go to jury.”


lol she is bored? imagine how the audience feels watching the same predictable outcome every week for the last 5 weeks

DR Hacker

Helen and Aaryn getting close makes me nauseous! I hope Helen reviews the footage from earlier in the seasons and feels like the idiot she is!


So, Helen, Elissa and Andy are talking about a big move they’re thinking of making…. With Andy the big move will involve ExLax and a lot of sitting on the throne. He’s about as useless as they come, unless you believe running around like a crazed weasel, gathering info for Helen and Amanda is ” playing the game”.

Huge floater whose day of reckoning is nearer than he thinks.


Did you or Simon cover the 3AM alliance formed last night?
I thought that was a pretty major formation (but Aryan is already
fucking it up by talking to Helen, and Andy seems to be backing off
also). It seemed pretty hardcore though.
I wanted to read a recap, but looked through the updates and did not see it.



We have have missed it


No, you got it covered!
I just found it in the update with Nom. ceremony results…
(was looking in the wrong place, thought it happened later in the

All good =) Thank you!


Great! it’s all a blur to me


I heard that Elissa said she negotiated her stipend and that she wouldn’t do the show unless she got 10k a week. If thats true, then what makes Elissa thinks she is more special than the rest of the houseguests. Not to mention she complain at the beginning about having to put up with the house. It just seems so unfair. Its one thing to get into house because of your sister, but then you are going to negotiated your stipend, BS.

Linda S.

Elissa has every right to negotiate her stipend just like anyone else has that right! CBS probably wanted her to be on the show to give all the Rachel haters something to complain about and all the Brenchel fans to root for…ratings people, ratings!


Well I would respect if Elissa negotiated her stipend and got more. I am usually able to get 8-10 times the amount others get for offering the same service.
Two months ago a friend asked me how I get paid so much more than the average. I said, “I ask for it.” The easiest way to get what you want is to ask for it. People who don’t know how to negotiate what they are worth always get sooo mad at people who know and ask for what they are worth. We all get what we are willing to take.


OMG……I guess Elissa will win PoV again.


I hate how the reason elissa doesnt deserve to win is because she is “privaledged” its not about who needs it the most its about who gets there


I saw Julie Chen’s pic with a RESET button. I believe the article said she came in that morning and found it. OKaaaaaayyyyy. . . . . . . where’s the reset. This house SERIOUSLY need to be shaken up. Helen is really playing the game. She doesnt want to vote Amanda out because she is controlling the rest of the house. If Amanda were gone, the house would scatter and there are still too many there for that to happen. BUT on the otherhand, she’d better not wait too late, I believe Amanda is doing the same thing as there are people she is afraid she cannot control that Helen can control. I believe McCrae was fixin to make a big move, but Judd got voted out. He is playing very well with Amanda as his shield. EVERYONE likes him because Amanda protects him and he does not have to make any unpopular decisions. She dances so much that most do not have a chance to even look his way. Judd made a lot of false alliances, BUT he did not carry tales. As soon as those new alliances were made, he should have rallied his troops for a big move. Ah well, too little too late. Watching BB is like watching a sports team get skunked. Helen and Amanda play so well, that they have run the show. We expect them to run the show and that makes for a BORING season.

Bob barker

I know, I know most of you hate Amanda and Helen but please after Andy’s HOH please vote his cherry ass out!!! Obviously the production pervs have a crush on him because he’s all you see on AD and I’m ready to puke!!!


No pun intended but if you put a bunch of 5th graders in the BB house I have a feeling they would even be smarter than this bunch of junkies . The only 2 people with brains are Jessie and ELISA the rest are just stoners . Hell maybe BB should just offer them all a few water bongs what’s the worst that could happen . Give the house guests a hookah and some sailva trust me if you thought they were screwballs now a few tokes on a hookah will make some of them really see stars . This season can’t get much worse at this rate CBS will be begging for new sponsors because all the ones they have now are pulling out . I sure hope that CBS learned a lesson this season if you put klans people and stoners on national tv your gonna fail . In all the seasons of bb this will go down has the worst ever I would not be surprised. If this is the end of bb because even survivor is better and that says a lot


The only players left with brains are Amanda, McCrea, and Spencer. Elissa occasionally pops off…and then does whatever Helen tells her to do. Jessie started playing a week ago…and only because she finally realized she was in a game, not a manhunt, and realized Aaryn had supplanted her in the pecking order, which left her panicked and running around like a chicken with her head cut off.

I don’t like any of these HG’s at all and think they are all kinds of suck…but at least Amanda, McCrea, and Spencer have been playing to WIN since day 1.

Linda S.

I think CBS wants the BB wedding to be held before they will allow the house guests to think about voting Amanda off


Thats Exactly right…except i really think mccrae wants out

Bored with BB15

I am currently re-watching season, it’s so much more exciting! I like the twist they had putting people who hate each other in the house together. The house looks better, the twists are better, it’s just better. They really need to look back and take notes!!


Season 8 that is!


I want mcrae and Amanda to go home soon! he already won 5k