Andy does Helen’s facial expression when she impersonated Jigsaw from the movie Saw.

POV Holder: ? Next POV Aug 10th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Spencer & Jessie
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

9:30am – 10:10am Spencer is waiting outside the diary room to go in after Aaryn. Aamanda and McCrae are in the bathroom. Amanda comments that it will take forever to get into the diary room with Aaryn in there and Spencer next. In the kitchen – Amanda starts making breakfast for her and McCrae. McCrae wonders if Andy is up? Amanda says no, probably not. Why am I boring you? McCrae says no, I just want to get this stupid conversation over with.

CBS Interactive Inc.

10:15am Big Brother wakes up the house guests. When the live feeds return – Elissa, Helen and Andy are in the kitchen talking about the wakeup music. Andy keeps talking about wanting to hear the “Christmas Shoes” song. Andy complains about being woken up to go to the diary room. He says that she was so b*tchy to them asking why?! Jessie joins them. While Amanda is in the dairy room, McCrae is concerned about the bacon and whether its done. Helen tells him 4 more minutes. When Amanda comes out she checks it and thinks he wasn’t watching it. McCrae comments that when he ruins the bacon he get beat.

CBS Interactive Inc.


10:40am Andy and Jessie head into the lounge room for a quick conversation where he tells her she is safe. He says that he just wanted to reiterate to her that he has a bigger plan in mind but isn’t telling anyone until he finds out who wins the veto. He lies and tells Jessie that he wants her to stay. Jessie says okay good, well I am definitely going to play to win! They leave the lounge room.


10:50am – 11:15am Andy, McCrae, Spencer and Jessie are in the living room talking and joking around about past events of the house. Andy does Helen’s facial expression when she impersonated Jigsaw from the movie saw. The others leave. Andy and Spencer continue to talk on the couch about random things and wondering when they will get to pick players for the veto competition. Andy asks Spencer what the long term plan of the Moving Company was if they had stayed together. Spencer says they didn’t really have a long term plan. Spencer says other than Nick wanted Judd out and Jeremy wanted Elissa out because he thought he would be MVP if she was gone. Andy and Spencer talk about how they didn’t think he would have been after he yelled at the have nots.


11:30am Helen comes over to talk to Andy on the couch. Helen asks if it’s me and you do you want me to throw it to you? Andy says no, well if you don’t want it. It doesn’t matter either way. They talk about past competitions and then Andy heads up to the HOH room.


11:54am – 12:05pm Andy gets called to the diary room. (Time to pick players for the veto competition.) In the back bedroom – McCrae tells Amanda to stop telling Aaryn’s she’s fat. It makes people paranoid. He tells her not to say that she’s fat. Amanda says that Aaryn knows I am joking and obviously she isn’t fat. It’s just like how Andy jokes with Elissa. McCrae says its just wrong that’s how people get eating disorders. She asks him why he always puts her down. McCrae asks what I am not putting you down, you just shouldn’t say things like that. Amanda gets up and says fine then I am leaving. She leaves and says find someone else to harp on!


12:10pm The live feeds switch to TRIVIA for the house guests to pick Veto Players..

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV: BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Jessie for veto so one of the mean bitches can get out.


OKAY, I am starting to hear things about Candice that make me go hum. Andy are talked about how Candice refused to pay back money that she got for Hurricane Katrina and other things that do not make her look so nice. I mean last night they were talking about how they caught her searching through their drawers looking through their things, and Amanda commented how she took her boots and were wore them without asking and wore her other clothes without asking. I know that Andy commented on how she was so disrespectful and slammed doors and did not clean up after herself when she made messes. Who does crap like that? The racial comments were not warranted, but wow if I had done things like this to my roommates in college they would of biotch slapped me into tomorrow. I mean the girl was not brought up in a barn, but sort of seemed to think she was just entitled to do these things or did she do these things. Does anyone know if she did or was it shown on the show or the feeds?

Pinnocchio Obama

I don’t know the truth of the comments but consider the souce of where they came from. Do you trust Amanda and Andy?


Not sure but it does make me wonder. Why would they make it up when just sitting around and talking? I know the feeds do not catch all that happens, but wonder if anyone saw her taking the other girls things without asking or snooping through their things? Just made me go hmm? I mean they are definitely trying to edit Amanda to look good so who knows. Just made me rethink a lot of what I thought. I was just taught that you respect others things, and if it is true it explains a lot and things make a lot more sense.


Well, if racists and degrading remarks were made towards me, I would have acted the same way if not worse. And for the other house guests to think that shit was tolerable and ended up making deals with them would have made me irate. In my opinion, She handled herself as well as one can in that f*ucked up situation.


She did that before and sorry but that does not in anyway make her actions right. So if someone makes a remark you do not like then you think you are then entitled to go and rob them? Seriously, that is what you think is right?




She was an inconsiderate not nice person and in the real world YES TAKING THINGS THAT ARE NOT YOURS IS CALLED STEALING! Can understand the other girls not liking her at all. Wonder what else she had stuffed in that bag of hers when she went out the door? Did Amanda find her boots yet?

Hello -

Her disrespectful behavior was right off the get… She did not ask…she took. Yes, Gina Marie said unequivocally derogatory racial remarks, but the other girls were straight up pissed about her being a disrespectful bi*ch about their stuff – any girl would feel that way, c’mon. ‘She’s racist, she’s racist’ – no bitch you’re a c**t who thinks you own other peoples’ stuff and if we call you on it you’ll scream racism. Get a grip.

Sir Peanut

All the house has some annoying habits. I remember a comment between Howie and Candace about how they are cleaning up after people. I’ve never seen Spencer clean or Jeremy (until he was on the block) Mccrae Amanda. When was the last time Mccrae showered. Mccranda jumps from the HOH room to different beds the pilot room, getting busy. Jeremy ate too much. Gm eats all the slop balls and wasn’t a have not. Yes, I’ve heard complaints about the noise from Candace and how she borrows things without asking. But, I’ve only heard it from GM. They all have annoying habits. Who doesn’t? Doesn’t excuse that particular brand of hatred.


I think it all stems down form the first night when all the girls were in the bathroom bonding doing their hair, sharing hair extensions and makeup, they all agreed and said feel free to borrow anything at anytime….then because the mean girls decided they no longer liked Candice they decided to take back their offer to share but never told her. They never wanted to use any of her things but could have and I am sure it wouldnt have been a problem. These people make things out of nothing, i dont care if she wore my shirt, slept in the same dang bed every night, was a have not or won HOH they seem to be the ones with the problems that are much bigger than borrowing a tshirt or using someones hairspray.


AMANDA talked about gang r@ping and murdering Jessie ?

Pinnocchio Obama

I’m guessing that Jessie’s only hope is to win the veto. I hope she does and Gina flies out on her broom Thursday.


I hope Jessie somehow wins the POV and GinaMarie goes up in her place. To me, either her or Spencer getting evicted would be beautiful! They’re both disgusting!


Sorry to say, but yes she did, as far as the the stuff in the house !!!


Thanks for answering that she did indeed. I now at least understand why the other girls did not like her, and it makes sense. Granted, I think they should of sat down and just tried to discuss it wither her, but maybe they did and she just got too much on the defense.

give me a break

It’s just amazing that you believe Amanda, Aaryn, GM, and Andy are telling the truth about Candice.


It would not be at all hard to find out especially about the Katrina money. A little work is all it would take and as for her taking the things someone on here that I guess watches the feeds already said that it is true she did it. As someone that has had to deal with a hurricane, if she took the money and just used it as they said for her own selfish needs and does not repay it like the rest of us had to do she is a pretty sorry human being. No wonder this country is in such a financial mess when people do not repay their debts. That makes me really angry that she did that after that horrendous hurricane!!!!!


Anybody that takes Aayrin Amanda and GM will win but im willing to bet its going to be them 3 that goes to the end because all 3 of them know the nasty racist shit the other person said but they forgot about all the racist nasty shit that they said out of their own mouth!!!! But I hope it is them 3at the end because cbs will not be able to give the money because if they want to stay on the air they cant because of the big ass backlash that will come for cbs think about it they are already are doing bad with the not being shown on time warner cable the morning show’s are not doing so good and if you have to 2 racist bitches(Aayrin&GN) lose their jobs for what they said and Spencer lost his job for the nasty stuff he said to me the worst part he said was about the kids and Amanda said some nasty racist shit to but because she works for her family reality she haven’t lost her job. But cbs didn’t kick any of them out of the game for racist shit or talking about rape on Jessie and Candice So if cbs was to give any 4of them a check that’s the end of the cbs network because how will they be able to justified doing that when 3 out of lost their job for what they said!!!! Think about it


Wow! The PR firm hired by Aaryn’s parents is on full-tilt on this forum! They are signing in on here pretending to be all different people. Making accusations about Candice and also confirming them so everyone on here can believe Candice was a vile person. They did not do it when she was still in the house because Candice was still on the live feeds.

They are so happy that Candice is in jury and cannot defend herself. They want to make Candice look as nasty as possible to the American public in the hope that she will end up looking worse than Aaryn. Wow! As if what Candice went through at the hands of the little tyrants in the BB house is not enough, they are launching this smear campaign. I shudder to imagine what they have planned when Candice gets out of jury hse.

This is dangerously sickening. What a sorry state of affairs! Soooo sad.


What did Candice ‘go through’? Nothing worse than these other skanks haven’t been doing to each other. Oh yes MATTRESSGATE. All the nasty talk (which is just that – NASTY AND UGLY) – she didn’t know about. So what did she ‘go through’. Please if she was looking to fit in (like most people at the beginning), taking people’s shi** is not one way to do it. ‘Howie do you want a fried sandwich?’ Gawd her voice was enough to send anyone running…


other people have posted that aaryns or amandas pr people are trolling this site.what i do find interesting “name” and also “lola” is that you wait until candice leaves the bb house before you begin your smear campaign.i have been visiting and posting on this site since day one and i do not recall such animosity coming from you 2 is like you both are 2 different people. in previous comments you came across as rational,now you both seem completely irrational.will the real ‘name”please stand up?


What is irrational when you read something that makes you question how people are being portrayed? So sick of BB and CBS making us think one way and then you learn something that makes you think wow. Do not think any of the racial remarks that they said to Candice were right, but on the other hand to find out that Candice was not the all American pie nice girl that BB is showing her to be made me at least understand why the girls did not like her. I am not going to make excuses for Candice’s action anymore than I would for GM or Amanda or the others. Wrong is wrong no matter what way you slice it. If you understand that then you are perhaps the one with the problem.


HI LOLA AND “NAME”!!! Nice to meet Aaryn’s parents.


lola you have not “learned”anything new about candice in the last 24 hours.that being said cbs has not painted anyone with a brush one way or the other.every racist,msygonistic,homophobic,cruel comment has been seen coming directly out of the mouths of these people for the whole world to see.we all have crictical thinking ability if you think borrowing someone clothing w/o permission is equivilant to “shaniqua,nappyhair head,black mamba and “at least my mother wanted me “to an adopted person then yes lola you are irrational at best and disingenous at worst.give it a break,please.also notice i said borrowed because again if she had stolen anything she would have been gone day 1.


No one on hear is making things up and if want to see for yourself go to Joker’s and read. The house guests were all discussing it and last night it was made clearly discussed about Candice taking things and going through other’s personal belongings. I am sure someone can get you the time and date stamp when early in the season they were discussing it and there is probably footage of her doing it. The Katrina loans would be easy to find out and am sure that is on feeds somewhere that she says it to Spencer and Andy or do you not want to accept it when you hear the words out of Candice’s own mouth either?


lola,thank you for completely evading every question i raised in my first post.i never said anything about what candice did or did not do.she was no worse than anybody else in that house yet you choose her to QUESTIONS are related to the fact that,again,there seems to be some trolling going on.also that based upon reading posts by “name” and ‘lola” since day one,they are not consistent with the ranting and raving that you 2 seem to be doing today.”methinks doth protest too much”.


In other words you are saying that you think Candice’s actions are fine with not paying loan’s back. taking someone’s things without asking. going through others belongings? If that is the way you want to look at this situation that is fine, but I was brought up differently and that disrespect works both ways, and they all need to be accountable not just who you want to be accountable for their actions.

Hello -

You can’t be that d**b can you? Do you know that when someone doesn’t put their name in the designated spot, it shows up as “Name says”. I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt because maybe you’re new hear.
For the record, no one in the house treated her badly – in fact she mingled with everyone except Gina. Gina would leave the room because she couldn’t stand her. Other than than everybody talked to her just like they did everyone else, and then smeared them behind their backs. That is sometimes what Big Brother is (the ugly side.) What could anyone possibly get by ‘making up stories about Candice’ . Everything is documented, so all these posts (most) are factual.
Furthermore, the houseguests actually would lose by talking sh** about her knowing she is on the jury so it kind of makes them dumb as**s.
How do you suppose we know about all these facts, ie. Katrina funds, disrespecting peoples’ property: maybe because her mouth was moving when she shared these stories to several different people. It is all on tape.
I consider myself abit of an uber fan so I know what took place, who said what, etc.
I live in Canda and the last thing I would do is take up for any of the remaining houseguests to defend them. All of them are guilty of doing and saying horrible things.
I also am guilty of it, obviously by virtue of the fact that I put down the behaviours going on when I’m far from perfect.

Hello -

new *here* (sp)


dumb?do you really want to go there?yes?ok,good.first of all i refer to “name” because whomever that person is “name’is the only way to distinguish him from others and has been posting as name today is clearly one in the same it?i will not address that foolishness about nobody treated candice badly. so secondly,speaking of dumb(your word)you believe that people dont make up lies and that all posts on this site are factual?right.last but not least,you better belive that the hg are dumb to not only talk trash about candice while she was in the bb house,but to continue the abuse when they need her jury vote.dumb on all sorts of different levels.and just fyi,try to be consistent.first you said nobody treated candice badly,then you end by saying all the houseguests did and said horrible things. pick one and stick with it.


LOLA is Amandas sister look it up she is on Facebook she is Amanda sister she is doing damage control . Hey Lola Your sister is a slut and a disgusting human being . Tell everyone about her Amanda boyfriends with a s .


NAME SAYS works for CBS . Hey did AMANDA talk about gang raping and murdering JESSIE ?


All of the HGs all season long have been talking about how inconsiderate BooHoo is. When you’re the one involved in all the fights all season, maybe the problem is you!


Not hating on Candace but watched a lot this year and seen a lot myself, heard the guys talking weeks ago about her being rude, banging doors, going through peoples things etc, one example the nite Aaryn won hoh and the were all hiding upstairs Andy had Amandas Sparkly headband, Candace ask too see it right as Aaryn came up the stairs then kept it for a couple days, the camera made a point to show her using it, then later Amanda was bitchin about her having in her nappy head without asking, sorry but I see that with my eyes, and I f-en hate em all, esp Mcramda, peace !!!


Yes she did. She was wearing Amanda’s slippers a few times (without asking) and Amanda wore them all the time. She was exactly that – entitled and disrespectful. Nothing to do with race IMO. I’m just speculating here but when someone is adopted and not taught manners and people are scared to say anything to her because she may not feel ‘wanted’ or ‘loved’….it makes for a very touchy atmosphere. That’s the impression I got from Candice. Her always talking about being in so much debt? Funny but if anyone lashes out at her or dislikes her behavior it’s (in her ‘chip on the shoulder’ defense can claim they are racist). Gina was definitely out of line. Candice was a bitch who put on a baby voice to seem harmless but all that did was annoy the f**k out of everyone. She just didn’t have many likeable qualities IMHO.

Don't Drink the Kool-Aid

First of all if it was such a big deal of Candice borrowing things without asking why not say something. We have all seen that Amanda is not the type to hold back if she feels she is being “wronged”. They know Candice did nothing wrong so they are finding any excuse to make themselves feel better. I’m sure everyone borrows stuff in that house without asking every single time. Also to suggest that because she was adopted she doesn’t know about asking is just ludicrous. I think that was the stupidest comment I read all day! And if she owed money to the government you better believe they would garnish wages or whatever they need to do. You know they will get their money regardless. People are calling her a gold digger and whatever else…how because she wants a man that has agood job and can support his family?? Umm who doesn’t want that. Some people are just looking for a reason to hate her!!


If you take things without asking it is not called ‘Borrowing” it is called STEALING!!! It is a matter of respect or did you not learn that. I guarantee if some person I did not know went snooping through my personal belongings and took them I would either knock them the f out or they would be telling their story of “borrowing” to the police, and makes sense that she did not repay and that is why she is broke because the US is garnishing her wages. Lost all respect for Candice!


You must be Aaryn or Amanda’s hired Publicist!…


I don’t hate her, liked her and Howard, they just had bad game strategy, and I thing she brought a lil bit of drama on herself, all the racist shit aside, when she had a good game plan it was to little to late. all in all a good women, done a lot with her life and will go far with the rest of it, BB15 was a speed bump she didn’t need !!!




With Candice gone they can say whatever they want as she is not here to defend herself. Think about it…if Candice was supposed to pay back Katrina money and didn’t then the government would attach any earnings and/or income tax from her. So take it with a grain of salt. Remember Candice is on the jury and they don’t want her to have any influence on the people going to the jury.


They did talk about it – from the very first nights. Candice would ‘borrow’ other girls’ stuff and then drop it wherever she felt like around the house. She would use others’ hairbrushes. Yes, they did bring it up a few times. Did you see how she reacted if ‘her name was in your mouth’? – like a straight up ratchet ho. You try dealing with that. Just saying she had a lot of issues that didn’t make it easy. Jealousy – I don’t think so. Every time a chick doesn’t like another chick it’s jealousy – so how do you explain all the Amanda hate – jealousy? Give your head a shake people.


…and while we’re on this topic – Candice’s stories (many sketchy ratchet stories), being mistaken for a prostitute in Africa, etc. and saying that African men are very aggressive. What is any of those other girls said that? That was a generalization she made. Did she meet every African man to make that assessment or is she just scared of big black men? I don’t know – very sketchy chick. Oh – and always talking about some vacation she was on….Hmmmm.


Thanks because then what they said makes total sense now. That is why she is in debt she did pay back the money or attempt to pay it back, and they attached it to her earnings. My sympathy is gone for Candice because she does now just seems to think she is entitled. BTW, I am adopted and my adopted mother taught me manners and respect, and respect for others property, honesty and to repay my debts. Candice has issues!


Apparently they did seize her paycheck to repay the Katrina debt, and that is why she is broke. Hope she keeps on working so I do not end up repaying HER DEBT with my tax dollars!


Just wondering why all the thumbs down? Do you think what she did was right going through their personal property or taking their things without asking? The racial stuff was wrong, but so was Candice!


The thumbs down is because not everyone is falling for these people campaigning to make Candice look bad so they can justify how Aaryn, Amanda and other houseguests treated her. I saw Candice when she met Julie Chen. They did not break her in the house and they will not break her out of it. Most of the posters are either new names or posting under “name”.

The regular posters agreeing with them are the ones who have been hoodwinked into believing the negative propaganda against Candice. It really is not worth it to go through this kind of BS in the house, get a few grand to show (after tax) and have all the consequences of the negative press after the fact affecting your life.

Nobody is saying anything about naked Amanda having $e*, giving bl@j@bs, walking around naked. Just obsessed with Candice. So glad she left that house. Sheesh! Candice will get through this. But these people on here and the ones in the house have to live with themselves!

No wonder insomnia is such an epidermic! Ponder that for a while…


For the record-
From the jump Candace was taking peoples shit without asking.
This was way before anyone got into arguements with her about anything.
Like day 3 on feeds Amanda was saying how Candace was wearing her
UGG slippers and never even asked. Amanda did not confront her, she
did not like it but she let it ride.

Why are the people who can admit the truth regardless of who they “like”
labeled as hoodwinked?
But as long as you like who CBS portrayed as “good guys” you can state
anything and it is fact?
That is BS.

BTW- Not defending who you all think are mean girls, I pulled up for
Candace on this forum the night of Matress gate, back then many were blaming
HER (go back and check the posts).
So it is not about any issues I have with her.
But she is not the righter of wrongs you all are giving her credit for.
She did her share of shit in that house too.


original no name…NOT!

Candice is a whore

Did anyone else think that Candice was trolling Amanda in the big fight in the veto competition doing the Shaniqua routine? She was acting like that to bait her into saying something racist. No excuse for Amanda though but Candice is a nasty, vile, fat b*tch. It seems that every season the producers seek out a “strong” black woman who basically is just there to have blackitude and cause trouble. Cheema anyone?


And what about all the trashy white women? Perfect example is Amanda having bloody sex with McCree and then cleaning his penis with her mouth. I think you pinned the name wh*ore on the wrong person!


DANIEL was not like that . Daniel was very respected .


what I notice is they all wear each other things. Julie Chen talked about seeing Judd’s bear shirt on several hg. I think what you are listening to are racist people who didn’t like Candice and trying to put her down to feel good about their actions Remember the “nappy and greasy hair comment Amanda made. I saw it on BBAD. Andy had this headband on and Candice took it off his head and tried it on and Amanda did not like that. MAYBE SHE DID NOT KNOW IT WOULD BE A PROBEM. Why are they saying these things now that she is not there to defend herself. I see the HIRED PUBLIC RELATION GUYS ARE ON THE JOB!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


WHAT PERSON in their right mind does not know it is wrong to take other people’s property without asking????? Hey, if you take someone’s car without asking do you know what it is called. STEALING!!!! You also do not go snooping in other people’s dresser!!!! That is just disgusting and would make me think you were trying to steal from me. Now you are the one that is grasping at straws for trying to defend what she did. It was WRONG!!!!


The reason Amanda said “nappy hair” is because Candice was a have not & did not take a bath for a week. People are commenting now because they just discovered the truth. It’s funny how everyone comments on Amanda getting a good edit but don’t consider that Candice got a GREAT edit.


Ok explain the rape comments and all the hate toward asians .

Oh My

Lets see, you are living in an environment with Aaryn, Gina and Amanda who all hate Candice and you want to fit in. My what would Andy do? The duplicitous Andy now joins in on the Candice bashing. Candice didn’t clean up, oh my! That house looks so much cleaner since Candice is gone. LOL! It seems that Helen is still the only one cleaning up the kitchen every morning. Have you seen the BB bathroom lately? Oh my the kitchen, bathroom and bedrooms look just as messy without Candice in the BB house, maybe Candice wasn’t the only one that might of been a slob, if she ever was.

Candice searching through their stuff. Oh my, I wonder what that could of been about. But we have seen such great pranks in this house. Like the one where Amanda tells everyone, know what will be so funny, hiding Nick’s hat from Gina and put it in Candice’s belongings, or the one where Jessie’s stuff is thrown away after the Nick eviction. Then there is the bed flipping and throwing Candice’s belongings around. There is also Judd searching Howard’s belonging’s. I wonder if Andy is aware of any of this, because he seems to be of the belief that BB house guests respect the personal property of others? Could it be, oh my, that Gina, Aaryn or Amanda were playing one of those great pranks where they either hide or throw your stuff away. Could it be that Candice was looking for stuff and once they showed no respect for hers, she had no respect for theirs?

Ah the Katrina story. So Candice shared that with you Andy, oh my. Whoppers are being sold left and right in BB. I especially like the one Amanda tells about her near rape moment. But lets compare what limited information we do know and Amanda’s telling and retelling of the story:

What we do know: On the morning of the incident, Candice and Howard are making breakfast. Amanda, has been fixated on Howard and remains fixated on Howard even hours before his eviction. Amanda asks McCrae/Andy what is Howard up to. She is told Howard is fixing breakfast. Amanda, whose so frighten of Howard chooses that time to go into the kitchen while Howard is fixing breakfast. Something is whispered in her direction and she smiles and proceeds to eat her breakfast.

Amanda’s telling of the story: She was so frighten about what Howard said to her that she hides in the storage room for two hours after the incident. Amanda says she felt raped. The first mention of feeling rape doesn’t appear until iteration 5 or 6. On iteration 1 – 3 there is no mention of rape and she said she spent hours in the Diary Room after this incident. Oh my, Amanda spends hours in the DR everyday. She is the featured house guest every week. Amanda wants us to associate her being in the DR with something Howard said rather then her normal DR sessions, oh my.

So in my humble opinion Amanda is full of it with this Howard incident. It was an ugly lie but benefited her game. Now the pile on with Andy. Candice didn’t clean up. Was she the only one…if true? Candice didn’t respect the personal property of others ….. was she the only one if true. A slanderous lie is being said about Candice from Andy …..oh my, we all know the gay guy doesn’t lie. In the last immortal words of Howard to Candice, “trust Andy” as Andy runs up to Amanda and reports Jessie’s attempt to save Howard.


WOW, trying to make excuses for Candice’s actions because she has been called out for who she really is. Sorry, she the truth is out about her and nothing she did was excusable. She was not a nice person period.




Sorry to break it to you, but Candice sucked at the game !! Oh my….


name, you seem to be in full hater-ra-zation mode dont believe one word about candice that came out of any hg “mouth”.candice did nothing to deserve the treatment she got in that human being with any self respect would suggest that she brought sheer,unadulterated taunts,racial or otherwise upon is called blaming the victim.the hate is very selective because if just being annoying is all it takes,nobody tops gm. secondly,you have no idea,nor,is it any of your BUSINESS, how much money candice does or does not have.she does not come from a poor family,she has a college education and if she is a miss arkansas(could that be why aaryan hates her?)and gainfully employed dont worry she can pay her bills just fine. and by gainfully employed i dont mean the infamous n$@@!r insurance so popular with certain other houseguests.candice did not steal from anyone because if she did that would have been a legimate reason for eviction and she would have been gone the 1st time she did it. and lastly,why,oh dear god,why,are people still spending so much time in the bb house and you too apparently,talking and thinking no lets call it what is is-obessing over candice.get a life and move on.


What did Candice ‘go through’? Nothing worse than these other skanks haven’t been doing to each other. Oh yes MATTRESSGATE. All the nasty talk (which is just that – NASTY AND UGLY) – she didn’t know about. So what did she ‘go through’. Please if she was looking to fit in (like most people at the beginning), taking people’s shi** is not one way to do it. ‘Howie do you want a fried sandwich?’ Gawd her voice was enough to send anyone running…

Hello -

There is a wise phrase I’ll share with you KISS – Keep It Simple Stupid. Great story but your attempt at overblowing to make a mockery of what really happened? FAIL. Yes, she really did disrespect others’ property (without asking) – others have asked (it is all on tape). She did not pay Katrina money back (story on tape). Keep it simple.


Amanda talked about gang rape on JESSIE and killing Jessie .


Even if those comments about Candice were true, Candice did not deserve the racism. GinaMarie, Aaryn, Kaitlyn, and Amanda could have taken up for themselves, got in her face, and stood up for themselves but they all crossed the line. They all went there. Okay if you did these things to your college roommates, would you deserve to be called “Shaniqua” or asked if “your black side was coming out?” They all knew she was going home yet things were still said to her. McCrae was right when he got mad at Amanda. From the Power Of Veto RESULTS! on Saturday, August 3rd, “In the havenot room – McCrae is pissed for going off on Candice. He says I don’t get it, she is going home you didn’t have to do that! Let her say what she wants to say, you didn’t have to rub salt in the wound.” After that point, they should have just left her alone. I mean it takes two people to argue.


Did you think that if Candice had perhaps apologized might not of gotten so bad. Women are not nice when they feel as if they were disrespected like, agree, or not what Candice did was disrespectful to the other players. Guess Candice feels she was too entitled to not apologize for what she did????


Ok if you don’t like Candice you don’t. But to bring up a slam doors
Looking through drawers, etc. is reaching. My question
Will she loose her Job? Will CBS do a disclaimer before the show?
So Humm! Think about that some.


I find it absolutely hilarious that some people BELIEVE the houseguests’ bios before they come into the show. They can say they are a neurosurgeon or a janitorial specialist – I don’t think the b**ch had a job when she entered the house. She quit. She said it wasn’t her ‘passion’. Anyway I’m sure she’ll get by with her ‘talents’ so she did not need to worry about losing her job cause she didn’t have one. BTW I am not defending the other HG’s but we are talking about one at a time here. CandayBoo as she said. YUCK.


ok name,now i am starting to think you are getting paid for this.if you arent,you sure ought to be!

BB15 Bigots gotta go

these house guest just like to start rumors & bash house guests after they have been evicted.
They have done it to all of them.
I think they are overly concerned about who the Fans will like Best.
So if they Bash HGs then they think we wont like the evicted ones.
We will be their biggest Fans< As I puke in my mouth just thinking of being a Fan of Aryan,GinaMaire, Spencer, McCrea, Andy,AMANDA or Helen For Americas Favorite


100%, the one word that comes to mind when I think of Candice: Entitled!! The racist and harsh comments made to her were disgusting. I did get sick of constantly hearing her say ” I’m a beautiful person, I’m lovely inside and out, I’m a smart person, I’m a strong person”..while crying and secluding herself. She did not handle herself well inside the BB house and I’m not surprised the HGs found her unlikeable, NOT excusing the derogatory remarks as I also think Aaryn and GM were super jealous Candice is a true beauty queen. I mean the things they said to her came from a very ugly place.


1. First of all, its funny you hijacked someone else’s comment. lol

2 W.hen you get aid after being horribly affected by hurricanes, wildfires, winterstorms, etc you aren’t expected to pay it back. It’s AID not a loan.

3. Point me to the video that shows (or even show date and a timestamp) her going through other peoples stuff (like you know the way Judd went crazy and rifled through Howard’s stuff 3 times looking for a mythical coupe de tat)

4. No one cleans up apart from Helen. EVERYONE ELSE leaves a mess. They are all messy! So if you use that against her, use it against everyone including the one who leaves her period stains all over the place.

5. I wouldn’t trust everything you here from their numerous HOH Candice bashing sessions.

6. She may have borrowed. she may have not. You have to wait and hear both sides. These people despise Candice so I wouldn’t put it past them to make-up stuff so that she doesn’t get voted back in.

7. Everyone’s broke in that house except Elissa and Amanda, that’s why most of them had the goal to reach Jury.


There are two types of disaster relief. One is aid and the other is loans. One is free; the other has to be paid back. I assume by reading what others said is that candace applied for a disaster loan after Katrina, as did many people, and was granted one, but yes it is supposed to be paid back. It is borrowing money from the US and is to be paid back in installment payments. Also, if you do not set up a payment plan and are working they will garnish a portion of your earnings until it is paid back. If you stop working, then the American people end up repaying the debt.


I am not a Candice hater at all, I was on her side in the game, but I believe she was probably a nightmare to live with, which is why everyone hated her except elissa bc elissa just seems to have more patience and tolerance but I believe that Candice was probably very inconsiderate, selfish, and messy in the house – she threw her game away for a showmance that never and would never materialize bc she can’t see outside of herself. I don’t know enough about her to know why and of course, she absolutely should not have been subjected to racism or the vile comments GM made to her particularly about her mother, but come on, she didn’t need to soothe her ego and give herself instant gratification by acting that way at the live eviction. she told Julie she defends herself, but really she just engages in more name calling and drama. this is why she was evicted unanimously.

Fingers Cross

I will be pulling for Jessie, but it will be 3 against 1. ManRae pulls Spencer aside and says you are not going home. Andy pulls Jessie aside and says you are not going home. The suspense is building. Who is telling the truth. Its hard to tell. When we last saw both Andy and ManRae were crying over Judd’s eviction. I have never seen guys in BB cry over another guy being evicted. I can understand Andy crying for Judd. Andy thought Judd was hot and liked being with him. ManRae also liked being with Judd, but he has Amanda. Wait, I apologize to ManRae, with Judd leaving that means he has more time with Amanda. Yep I can totally understand the crying now.

Andy's Revenge

Andy is upset with Helen for getting Judd out. Andy informs on Helen and pretends to work with her, but he doesn’t like her. Just like Judd, Andy is a faker! So my guess is if either Spencer or Jessie wins POV, they will choose to take themselves down and Andy puts up Helen. Bang! Helen never saw it coming. Andy’s revenge. Helen is going to find out never get between Andy and his man.


Anybody that takes Aayrin Amanda and GM will win but im willing to bet its going to be them 3 that goes to the end because all 3 of them know the nasty racist shit the other person said but they forgot about all the racist nasty shit that they said out of their own mouth!!!! But I hope it is them 3at the end because cbs will not be able to give the money because if they want to stay on the air they cant because of the big ass backlash that will come for cbs think about it they are already are doing bad with the not being shown on time warner cable the morning show’s are not doing so good and if you have to 2 racist bitches(Aayrin&GN) lose their jobs for what they said and Spencer lost his job for the nasty stuff he said to me the worst part he said was about the kids and Amanda said some nasty racist shit to but because she works for her family reality she haven’t lost her job. But cbs didn’t kick any of them out of the game for racist shit or talking about rape on Jessie and Candice So if cbs was to give any 4of them a check that’s the end of the cbs network because how will they be able to justified doing that when 3 out of 4 lost their job for what they said!!!!!

Geez Louise

All these people suck, so why am I still watching this season?? Please let something happen soon so I can justify my actions!!

Andy's Revenge

Its not to late to subscribe to BB the magazine. It has pictures of some of the greatest moments in BB15. Who can forget Gina’s facial expression when Nick was evicted. It has great interviews, one is with Judd and BB the Magazine asks him whether its still to early to vote out Amanda. It has great articles in their about how to find and keep a man within 24 hours, written by Amanda. Yep, you don’t have to watch BB in order to keep up with BB. Let BB the Magazine be your one source for BB.

Another Day

Thank God they’re awake! The last recap was so funny! Good luck Jessie, you’re going to need a Hail Mary!


Why is the voice in my head telling me to keep watching this season? I have no idea but I thought of this joke.

A guy is at work when he hears a voice in his head.
Quit your job. Sell your house. Take the money, and go to Las Vegas.
He ignores the voice, but it keeps coming back.
Quit your job. Sell your house. Take the money, and go to Las Vegas.
Months go by, and the voice won’t stop.
Quit your job. Sell your house. Take the money, and go to Las Vegas.
Finally the guy can’t take it anymore. He quits his job. He sells his house. He takes all the money and buys a plane ticket to Las Vegas.
The second the plane touches down, he hears the voice in his head:
Go to a casino.
He goes to a casino.
Find the roulette table.
He finds the roulette table.
Put everything on 17 Black.
He puts everything on 17 Black. The dealer spins the wheel. It comes up Red 36. The voice in his head says:


Somebody…Anybody…Please pluck out my eyeballs with a soup spoon cause no matter how raunchy this season of BB is…I just can’t stop watching!


But, if I did, you’d just sit your eye balls in front of the screen, because you can’t get enough. ;p


Never noticed that Andy has pointed ears. Maybe all this time he’s been beamed around the house.


He looks like an elf from Santa’s workshop.

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

He’s a Keebler Elf and will be moving back to his house inside a tree when he leaves BB.


ok, that’s it, had my limit.

after weeks and weeks of reading endless comments how everyone is sooooooooooooooooo upset with the bigoted and bullying comments inside the house, now the same type of comments are being thrown around on the blogs, and there’s no outrage?

guess it’s only bad if you’re mean inside the bb house, or the outrage was just for drama.

Old Timer

Guess you’re new to this playground – you should have seen us go to town on the houseguests last year!


no, i’m not, but just felt the need to call out a little hypocrisy. i’m through venting.

to be honest, a lot of what was said by the hg was blown way out of proportion, but a sizeable chunk of the criticism was valid, and should have been made. i wish people called it out more, for example, in blog comments.

Old Timer

I agree…. the horrid comments made early on (and that have continued) did not impact the houseguests or the game as Julie claimed on The Talk. Production has, and always will be, in control.

Thanks NorthAlabama!

You are so right, lots of hypocrites posting here, and some of the postings are more vile and disgusting and delusional than the HGs have said.


Ginger Hobbit!!!

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Just watching BBAD from last night and Andy is saying he has a TWO AND A HALF HOUR commute to work every day. That makes it slightly less annoying that he calls himself a “professor”. If I had a commute that long, I would have to lie to myself about my credentials as well. You’re an instructor, buddy. Professors don’t teach public speaking.


Jessie will rub their faces that Amanda will be a replacement nominee.

Hello -

I don’t get it – why didn’t the cameras keep rolling for the entire sexual encounter? Do you think it might be protecting Amanda’s reputation (and I use that term veeeerrrrrrry loosely)? On BBCan they kept the camera on Jillian and Emmett for the entire act. Maybe Grodner doesn’t want to watch her girlfriend going down on a guy? More smelling fishy than just Amanda……


I wonder that too, not like we don’t know what’s happening.

Amanda likes to get it on, A LOT. What’s there to hide?

Butters Mom

The camera crew had to go vomit…..


Jessie hang in their girl and win that veto! So we can see what Andy’s masterplan is. Would love to see Gina Marie get evicted and Candice return at the same time. Kaboom….


Oh lord, not Candice – she is the most annoying person in the BB history.


This season is like when you want to look away from something but can’t. I continue to check Simon and Dawg’s work here to see what stupidity can come out of this house!

Aaryn all the Way

Hate to break it to all of you haters but Aaryn is going to make it to the final three with Amanda and McCrae. Guaranteed.

Itty Bitty Britty

Aaryn’s comments and behavior have disgusted me many times over this season, but I have to give it to her for staying alive in the game. The girl was as good as gone and her alliance was decimated. She did what she had to do to gain some trust and is winning comps. BB gave GM the going from the “bottom to the top” edit, but Aaryn is the one who accomplished that. GM will be sent packing much sooner than Aaryn.


I think Aaryn’s still in the house because her mom hired the PR firm, feel sure they have chatted with CBS, right after the firm was hired she turned around, the mystery picture showed up in her hoh to reveal to Amanda they had a mutual friend etc etc etc ,,,, could be wrong, but this entire season has been wrong, so i’m jumping on the band wagon !!!

Butters Mom

3rd place is the WORST place she could get! It just allows her to feel and taste the money at the end and not reach it…. that would be just punishment!

Only Dr. Will Can Save Us Now

Now watching Spencer talking about how he does not tolerate anyone being disrespectful to Marilyn.



Marilyn: “You treat the dog with more respect than you treat me!”

Spencer: “Well, what do you expect? When was the last time you fetched me my slippers? Or licked my balls while I’m wanking?”

Truth be told

HG talking about – Candice was a gold digger and just hooked up with old guys for their money.
Hg talking about how Candice refused to pay money back that she got from the gov’t for aid from Katrina. HG mentions how Candice always talked about going on vacations and spending money, but then talked about how she was in debt.
She be running scams all over the place – ‘really wants her own clothing store’. She’ll get a loan for that and not pay that back too.
Girl left a really bad taste in my mouth. Borrowing other people’s stuff and dropping it all around the house. ‘Keep my name outch yer goddam mouth’.


And she was snooping through the other girl’s dressers and then took their clothes and wore them without asking. She I guess thought she was entitled. Not liking this Candice much and has nothing to do with her color, but her actions. Apparently she is pretty shady in the things she is doing. Not the sweet mistreated woman that CBS and BB would want you to think is she? Sorry, but no excuses for what candice has done and did in the house either.


We need a coup d’etat up in dis bitch .


I actually think both Spencer and Jessie are going to play hard for the veto. Subconsciously, they both know they are being played. I think Helen realized last night she is going to be running into trouble. She should of listened to Elisa and Jessie about getting Amanda out the last 2 weeks. The only thing that could save them, Spencer or Jessie have to come down and GM goes up {Didn’t Amanda volunteer as a pawn last night, too bad she didn’t mean it} Then they need to win HOH. How in the world did Helen forget that Andy was a little weasel???


Did anyone ever tell Helen that Andy was playing her? I know Elissa and Jessie figured out that he was telling information to Amanda/McCrae/Judd/Aaryn/GM last week.


I actually never heard them say anything to her. But to be fair, I can’t blame them, every time they have given their opinion or made an attempt at giving their opinion, Helen has shut them down, brush them away or threatened them with being on their own. This is why, I wish Jessie and Elisa would just come to the conclusion that Helen is a lost cause, and try to bring Spencer in with them. {Spencer may be disgusting but right now they need numbers and a HOH win} Maybe even Aaryn, I don’t think Aaryn is all to happy at being at the bottom of the totem pole.


A day in the big brother House

Andy: Amanda can I sleep in the HOH room please?

Amanda: okay but don’t get too comfortable as McCrae and I will need our room back.

Helen: you are such a good player Andy, you are awesome (jumping up and down).

Gina: ^%^G^RGCYTGHGV&T ….Nick, &^&*^$#%______, Love you Nick! Bam Bam

Elissa: I wonder if I can bend my left foot over my shoulder.

Spencer: Union Pacific rocks!

Jessie: I need to win and put up Amanda

Aaryn: Im a beast in competitions.

Amanda: McCrae where are you? a few seconds later slurp, slurp , pass the water McCrae

McCrae: okay


They are lieing about Candace…..They are just trying to make her look bad because they were all mean and racist towards her. Thinking America will forget how nasty they were by spreading lies…Candace has a career. She probably makes more than anyone in that house. Speech Language Pathologist make a great living. She has a degree and a career and I think they are just haters!!!!


Why would they lie? I think they are telling the truth, and CBS and BB just edited her to look good. Sorry, but a carrer does not mean you are not a snake on the outside.


Just like Amanda getting a wonderful edit, right?


Be interesting if someone leaks this to TMZ and see just how long Candice keeps her job especially the stuff about Katrina and her not paying the money back. WOW!!! BB’s house of cards is starting to fall down on their poor little girls edits of Candice.


If you think about it makes sense as to why she kept saying she was broke. If you did not set up a plan for repaying the Katrina money, they do attach it to your earnings. Just shows how entitled she apparently does think she was and is to do that. She takes money from the the US but wow expects us tax payers to repay it but not her.


Sorry to burst your Candy Love bubble,but in the state is Louisiana it is required to have a Masters degree in order to be a Speech Pathologist. I know because my daughter is one. What they said about Candice and her actions in the house are true. The dislike is based on her and her rotten,entitled personality!


WOW, so Candice lied about that too. I guess Candice’s little house of lies is coming back to bite her where the sun don’t shine. Hope someone leaks all of this to the press so Candice can get exactly what she is due. Not paying the Katrina money back is so shady and underhanded!


That story they couldn’t of made up so I am sure Candice actually told them that. Wow, that makes me mad because I guess my tax dollars were used to get her the money, but she is too sorry to pay back her own darn debt. I guess she expects us the tax payers to pay for her dam recreation.

The Fist of Goodness

OMG Andy! YOU SPINLESS WASTE OF SPACE!!!! The one person you did not want to go home last week was Spencer. So, who do YOU put up for eviction??? Spencer. None of these houseguests have any guts. Great casting CBS.


Amanda & Helen: It’s quite cool that two smart women work together and, essentially, work the house. Their gameplay isn’t always smart: Amanda is over-over-aggressive and Helen is a passive aggressive and somewhat delusional (Simon described it well: HOH-itus).

Amanda has been horrible to Howard, Jessie, Candice, McCrae, Judd.

Helen hasn’t been horrible or crass but she’s been working with racists. There’s a case for not making walls but creating bridges. She’s definitely not playing the game personally but she’s a bit flaky.

Mc: Cute, smart, young. Oddly, the house, Amanda (sex) has helped him grow & mature and become more a man. Sadly, Anaconda is crushing him and about to suck out his soul. I wouldn’t be surprised if she makes the first BB baby, helps him win and then he has to make support payments. I’m still team McCrae but he needs to cut her loose.

Elissa: It’s strange. I’ve come full circle and ok if she wins. She doesn’t deserve it, she’s just one of the least offensive people.

Spencer: He’s laid low. He’s a floater and a creeper.

Jessie: I still laugh at her immaturity: getting mad because she wasn’t asked to the BBQ? But, she has a good heart. She’s just always too late or not invited to the party. She’s being relaxed lately, it might help her.

Aaryn: Mean girl, racist and bigot. Not sure who would hire her. She’s play the best game she could given her MO. Sad thing — she seems like she might be more of a human being, but it’s really just a case of situational ethics.

GM: I’ve stopped having thoughts about her.

Andy: He’s not a floater because he does have strategy and he’s been subtle about his manipulations. He’s just not making big moves. However, if he wins, I’d be ok with this.


Mccrae is getting bored of Amanda.

I love it.


McCrea is getting afraid of Amanda…big difference.


This is a season of Kathys and Libras.


OMG — Anaconda w/body issues is “teasing” (ragging?) on Aaryn for being fat. She is such a hypocrite. I’m glad Mc called her on it.


McCrae looks like he’s lying in the fetal position thinking ‘I feel so dirty’.


That’s how all men feel, when powerful women force themselves on them. Amanda is McCrae;’s “sugar momma” he has to do what she says.

With her, even if neither wins the game, he’ll never have to deliver Pizza’s again.

Bring back Frank

I wish someone would go Willie Hantz style on Andy, waste of air. Team Spencer!


McCrae is right. Amanda shouldn’t go around calling people fat, even when they aren’t. That IS how eating disorders get started. Those with eating disorders usually at a healthy weight.


It’s actually quite amusing since Amanda isn’t what you would call ”skinny” , did anyone see her stomach flabs during her spray tan sessions?

This Season Blows

Candice sounds worse and worse with each new fact revealed about her. She’s clearly not the weak victim she was portrayed to be.


really mean of Amanda to say that to aaryn. honestly, aaryn is so weak, that I sort of think she may have not been as attractive in high school. seems to cut her deep


It looks like the Aaryn Nation PR trolls are trolling the blog again.

As Elissa said last night when they were trashing Candice, “I don’t think it is fair to be talking about Candice like that, when she is not her to defend herself”. They all stopped immediately….

Damn, Candice has been really busy with winning Louisana’s Miss Teen pagent, then winning the Louisana’ Miss Usa pagent. Then attending and graduation Xavier University (now we all know how it takes to payoff student loans), then she became a New Orleans Saints Cheerleader. Found her biological mother, who gave her up for adoption. Decided to relocate to Houston, Texas and became a member of the Houston Texans cheerleader squad and is currently a Pediatric Speech Therapist in Houston.

As the trolls would say, Oh by the way she received government aid for Hurricane Katrina and refused to pay it back. Hmmm, actually anyone who received aide as a result of the hurricane was NOT expected to pay it back. That’s way its called aide and not a fricken loan.

Now she is a gold digger, dating old men for money. Really, the women has been surrounded by NFL players who makes miillions of dollars. In addition, to the notoriety she has gotten as being a contestant iin the Miss USA pagent. I don’t think she is suffering from lack of male attention.

As for cleaniness in the damn house, the only one who cleans it regularly appears to be Helen and no one else. They all are a bunch of slobs.

Only person, I have seen on the feeds going through peoples stuff is Judd, when he was looking through Howard’s things to try and find proof that he, Howard, was MVP.

Candice is an idiot.

anyone who doesn’t worship miss louisiana/cheerleader is a racist. right?


UM sorry but being Miss USA LA is not something to be proud of in case you forgot about the teen who had drugs in her purse, did not pay when she went to a restaurant and the police arrested her and then she posed nude or least us not forget the classy Miss USA such as the Miss USA and Teen that used drugs or Rima who got caught being intoxicated and got a DUI or who owns that skank pageant system and wanted them to pose nude. So if you are using that as an example of her being upright and hones BS because USA winners are no prizes. BTW, some Katrina money was a LOAN and that was what she was talking about and YES IT IS EXPECTED TO BE PAID BACK and only REAL LOSERS do no do it because it affects all of the people that need the money in the next hurricane and tax payers if the losers quit their jobs in order to not pay it back. Also taking others things with asking in the real world is called STEALING or guess Candice just thought she was entitled to do that like she was entitled not to pay back Katrina loan money.

BTW, did you know in Louisiana you need a MASTERS to be a speech therapist so guess that is another LIE that Miss Candice made up.

This girl is one piece of work, and hope her rear is called on the carpet to the press for it and just so you know it has nothing to do with her skin color but her LIES and DISRESPECTFUL ACTIONS!!!

BTW, really like Howard!


Thank you Sociology for that. Aaryn’s shady PR troll’s are so obvious I can’t believe people on here are falling for it.
Candice was in a class of her own in there and that is why they despised her. The only person Ieft I can relate to in real life is Elissa.
I don’t care that she is into surgery. I care that she is a real person with feelings and that is why she gravitated towards Candice because
they both recognized that they are women of substance.

People find Elissa boring because she is not full of juvenile drama, does not curse like a sailor, etc and will live the BB hse with dignity.
I am so glad Candice had her for a friend. Candice will recover from this and will have the support of many people when she gets out of jury.
The PR trolls recognize this and are trying to make it such that the bad press will be on Candice but not everyone can be easily bamboozled!


This random Candice bashing is really suspect


Not really when you consider what CBS is trying to make her look like in editing. Think it is eye opening as to what type of a person Candice really is and it is not what BB and CBS are trying to edit her to be. Her lies and her talks with Spencer and Andy are coming back to haunt her. Guess she forgot the cameras were on or that the house guests would talk after she left so perhaps Candice should of kept her mouth shut too. I just hope that she gets called out for it too. She is no better than the rest of this cast and maybe a little worse since she is cheating us if we end up paying her debt because she doesn’t.


And Amanda’s editing, WOW!!! Who the fuck hired you?


Well the truth always finds a way to come out and Candice’s just hit the fan. She is getting her just rewards for what she has done and no sympathy going her way any longer.

give me a break

The people bashing Candice are known liars and racists…..So their strategy is to lie about her life. What they don’t understand is their is video evidence of them being racists and liars, there is video evidence of judd saying he goes through Howard stuff. Candice only spoke to Howard and Elissa and most of the time she stayed in bed. I doubt Candice had heartfelt conversation with Aaryn, GM, and Amanda…..theses are the same people that talk about being scared and not safe with Howard in the house because he might raped somebody……..these three racists will only be know for that……especially when there is video evidence….


The stuff about Candice not paying Katrina money back, I’ll take with a grain of salt, like the lie about Howard sexually harassing Amanda.

The stuff about Howard was obviously a lie, but if the stuff about Candice is true, and we see some proof, shame on her.


you didnt really just say “why would they lie “.besides it being just about the only official rule in a game that basically does not have rules…all these people do iS lie.

Big Sister

Have you conveniently “forgotten” how Judd, on more than one occasion, went through Howards stuff. Amanda hasn’t a leg to stand on criticizing anyone for anything after the way she has behaved. And, lastly, they are all slobs! I have never seen a BB house look as much like a pig sty as this one.