Helen says it’s too soon to go after Amanda! McCrae said he won’t come after us if we go after her.

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa

CBS Interactive Inc.


12:10pm Up in the HOH room – Helen and Andy discuss getting out Jessie this week. Andy says that I don’t think that Jessie is coming after me but I need to not be selfish and think about how she is coming after McCranda. Helen agrees. Helen says I think it is too soon to go after Amanda. Andy says you’re changing your tune?! Helen says yeah, I did after talking with McCrae and how he won’t come after us if we go after Amanda. Andy tells Helen about how Aaryn told him that she doesn’t want Helen to go anywhere and is not coming after her and won’t. Helen says that is good but she is wanting to get out McCrae over Amanda. That is not good for us. Helen says that the only thing I worry about with taking McCrae to the finals is that he will be great at the first part of the 3 part final HOH, he would be good at the second part and okay at the third part. Andy agrees. Jessie joins them to check in. Jessie says that she was so scared during the POV competition that Spencer was going to win because he was doing so good. Andy says no matter what she is safe this week. I may make the big move that I have been planning or I might take out Spencer this week. Andy says I know that I am the low man on the totem pole, I am not the lowest but I am low on it. Jessie says no matter what you need to win HOH when it gets down to the final 5 or you are out. Andy agrees. He says either I shake up the house now or I wait. Andy says that he is scared of Spencer because if I don’t I know he will be the reason I go home. He has been the only person to fool me. I had the same thing about Nick and Jeremy too. Jessie says that Spencer has been doing really well in competitions but at the same time you don’t want to look back and wish you had made a big move. Jessie is worried that if Andy doesn’t make a big move that she will be going up next week and going home for sure. Andy says if I take out Spencer this week then I go into next week with no enemies as long as you aren’t mad at me for me putting you up. And if I make the big move then I go into next week with at least one enemy. Helen joins them again and they talk about the POV competition.

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12:35pm – 12:57pm They discuss and reassure Jessie that she is not going home and that she is safe. Jessie says I don’t know how I got here to being nominating 3 weeks in a row. It’s disheartening and it makes me feel like I am disposable to the house. Helen says she looks at it like as it gives you an opportunity to build relationships with people. Jessie says if I did win HOH next week I would consult both of you. the conversation turns to talking about how badly Judd wanted Jessie out and how influential Jessie was in providing them with the information they needed to get him out. They talk about the events leading up to the reasons why they couldn’t trust Judd. Jessie comments that Judd was making out with her while he was plotting to get me out. Jessie says that Elissa was pushing for me to kiss Judd and then when I did he was addicted and wanted to make out all the time. Andy comments that he didn’t like the comment Judd made when he side it sounded like you were getting nailed in your sleep. They discuss the Judd/Jessie fight that happened after that incident. Helen asks Jessie about an incident where she was in the havenot room with Candice and came out to see Judd surprised and wonders if he was eavesdropping on their conversation. Helen says that Jessie was in the hall at the time so wonders if she knew Judd was listening in on their conversation. Jessie says that she wasn’t but isn’t sure if Judd was. They talk about how smart Judd is and Helen says at this point if a person comes back she would much rather Jeremy come back than Judd. They all head down stairs. Jessie heads outside and Andy asks Helen how was that, was that convincing? Helen says yeah.


1pm In the kitchen – Andy comments to Helen that everything he wanted to happen has happened. Helen says don’t jinx it. Andy says oh no yeah, thus far any ways. Andy says that loyalty pays off, all the people that have been loyal are still here. Helen and Andy agree that it was so crucial getting Nick out and how he probably doesn’t even realize it. Helen says she still feels bad about Howard’s eviction.


1:35pm – 1:45pm In the kitchen – Helen, Spencer, Elissa, Andy and Amanda are talking about random things and the POV competition last night. Andy says that when he leaves he is going to miss slop balls.


1:50pm – 2pm Andy wakes up McCrae. Gina is also finally awake and in the bathroom.


2pm – 2:15pm Up in the HOH room – Andy talks to Ginamarie. He says that he would never want to jeopardize her position in the game. Ginamarie says that she was scared in the POV competition because Spencer was close to winning it and new that she might go up if that happened. Andy tells her that he was actually thinking of asking an Amanda or McCrae to go up if that happened because he knew they would be safe and didn’t want to put up Gina. Andy asks if we are good now and next week you won’t nominate me? Gina and Andy shake on being good and that she won’t nominate him if she wins HOH. Gina says from day 1, I thought your a$$ was awesome! And if we make it to the end I want to compete with you. I don’t like competing with scrubs. Just like I don’t like to compete in pageants with ugly people, I want to beat pretty people. I may not be the smartest person but .. Andy says he doesn’t like how she says that because she is a smart person and everyone likes her. Gina says I am not here to play footsie with someone I am here to get dirty and win some money! I just can’t wait to see Nick and see if he told the truth and sh*t. McCrae comes up to go to the bathroom. Andy and Gina finish up their conversation. Andy tells her she is good. Gina says she was just a little bit nervous and didn’t know if was going to use it. Andy and Gina hug and head downstairs.


2:15pm – 2:40pm Out in the backyard – Spencer and Amanda are talking about POV competition yesterday. He says that was the most stressful he has ever been until Jessie got knocked out. Amanda says explaining that strategy to “my friends” (diary room) was the most difficult thing I have had to try and explain. Amanda brings up how in BBCA they did the same thing by picking the same letter to knock someone out. McCrae, Elissa and Andy join them. Everyone leaves but Spencer and McCrae. McCrae instructs Spencer to get close to Helen and tell her whatever she needs to hear. Hopefully she will convince Elissa too. Spencer says yeah I was going to play pool with her later and just play it cool. McCrae heads inside and Amanda joins Spencer.


2:45pm – 3pm Helen is in the pool putting all the ducks in a row. Elissa is suntanning. Jessie is doing laundry. In the bathroom – Andy and Aaryn discuss how they figure the next HOH will be a knock out. Aaryn says she hopes it isn’t because it makes who you are working with super obvious. Andy says that’s why it’s great I can’t play next week. Aaryn asks if anything is going on. Andy says no nothing super crazy. Andy tells Aaryn that after he talks with everyone else he will talk to her later today. Andy heads outside to the backyard.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:
BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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I thought BB14’s cast was horrible minus the coaches, Frank and Ian but then here comes the BB15 cast minus Elissa, Howard, Judd and Maybe Jessie and McCrae, the house is filled with racists, bigots, homophobes and just downright hateful, disrespectful, rude, stupid people. If CBS wants BB to rebound from these 2 horrible seasons especially this one, they better give the fans the long awaited All Stars season they’ve been wanting for almost 10 years. Former players will not make the same mistakes all these rookie, immature “adult kids” are making. Grodner better wise up before it becomes too late for this show!

just my thoughts

Show is filled with actors playing scripted parts in a poorly written scripted show.


But you still watch. It must be great acting.

Long John Silver

Does anyone know the date of the season finale? I think I have what Aaryn been dreaming about.


So you have velco?

just my thoughts

That is where you are wrong I stopped watching but just come on her to check and see if the acting or the script has gotten any better, but unfortunately same worthless script with the same worthless actors. Keep hoping but don’t see the script changing or the actors getting any better.


That is crazy talk! Categorizing Elissa, Howard, McCrae and Jessie with the likes of FRANK… you’ve got to be kidding me, Frank would have fit very well amongst Aaryn, Gina, Amanda and Spencer. You obviously didn’t watch the live feeds.


Anyone notices how Andy does not let anyone totally hang out in his HOH room, but he was in everyone else’s every week all day. He tells people, on other feeds, that he wants time alone. The nerve. People need to run from him. He is everywhere and in everyone’s business.


Must’ve cost CBS a fortune to hire the entire town of Englewood, TN to pretend Judd is from there. If it is scripted, they damn sure need to hire some new writers.


Why do you think the BB14 newbie cast was so bad?

Compared to BB15, I think I liked nearly all of them, especially:

Jo Jo

Karen S

I regret that I bought the feeds this year. I have completely lost interest in this season.
It has become so predictable and ugly. Being the kind of person who fights against this
“house” type of bigotry, racism and full out mean girls attitude.. I find it disgusting.
My family, who used to follow the show as well… feel the same way.
That would make 3 people who will probably not return as a viewer. Not to mention,
all my friends who watch are completely disenchanted as well.
But, we LOVE Simon and Dawg!

Dr Freud

Karen I can help you on those lonely nights that you watch Big Brother. Please lie down on the couch. Do you ever dream about big black d%&*dos in your dreams. If you do, you may be suffering from the Aaryn affect. Do you ever want to shove model airplanes up your va%*na or strap on a p@%nis and have a go at Candice? If you do, you may be suffering from the Amanda affect. Do you still carry a torch for an imaginary boyfriend that you never dated? If you do, you may be suffering from the Gina affect. Yes watching BB15 is mentally draining. Now for the low price of 9.99$ you can get an additional 5 minutes



Karen S

Dr. Freud, you should try out for Big Brother! I think I would enjoy watching someone with a great sense of humor! lol


I feel bad for Karen…..no chance at a refund.

If only you had a reset button.

Reset Please

I stopped watching BB15, and I am wondering if Big Brother has run its course. I wont say I wont watch it next year, but CBS will have to do a reset on the show and bring it back to REALity tv as opposed to what I watched this season. Next year CBS will have to really sell it to me in their promos leading up to the show that its worth watching, otherwise I am done.


I liked having an all new cast after the last several years of having past HGs come back in. I just wish they would stick to casting through cattle calls and stop recruiting. I like to know the people on the show really worked to get there. I am tired of hearing them saying I never watched the show before.

Good Point

I totally agree with you. How do you go on a show and never seen the show before? That must be a plus for CBS. Have you seen the show, then you are rejected. If you have not seen the show and don’t have a clue to play it, that’s the perfect cast member for CBS.


That’s why this years gameplay, or lack of, is so weak. I think the majority of this house weren’t die hard fans. When you to explain how the power of veto works to more than one houseguest, it really sad


Not only they aren’t die hard fans but they all are about the same age and almost all come from the same place I think they had 2 form NY and 6 fromTX


I get so annoyed when I hear an HG say they watched the last season on disc before going in the house and that is the only season they have seen. It may hav been the “prettiest” season but also the most boring and predictable.


Please Please Please…..

Say it’s not so? McCrae actually said to Helen he’d be OK with Amanda going. Surely to god that’s another of douchebag Helens lies. McCrae’s game is 2nd to Andy’s IMO this season. He cannot be that stupid?

Well someone’ is getting exposed either Helen or McCrae. Because you know Opie the tattle tale will take this right back to Amanda.

Question 1- Did McCrae actually say that to Helen throwing Amanda under the bus?

Question 2- Did Helen just flat out lie?

Question 3- Did McCrae say it but Amanda told him to too see Helens reaction, ect?

McCrae either sh*t on his own game or it’s great for McManda to see Helen’s mind set as a lying b*tch. Amanda won’t wait long if Helen lied to Andy!

If anyone knows whether McCrae said this I’d appreciate it.




It was strategy discussed by 3AMs ( Andy Amanda ayran and McRae ) to ensure Helen doesn’t put both McRae and Amanda on the block at the same time. But may also be a side-plan by McCrae to cover all his bases in case they do both get put up at the same time.


Stann777, Amanda/MacCrae/ Andy are attempting to insure loyalty from Helen to negate her supporting anyone that would want to get out Amanda. So, Andy/McCrae are attempting to form a (fake) F3 alliance with Helen. This assertion by McCrae was to endear Helen’s trust, hence thwarting her desire to initiate the first attack. I am unsure wether Amanda is aware of McCrae’s proposal.

helen is clueless

And it worked like a charm. Helen actually had a moment where she considered keeping Jessie around to help evict Amanda. But after her conversation with Mcrae, Helen went back to saying Jessie must go. Clueless and gullible. Helen also believes Aaryn might be a problem because she wants out Mcrae and not Amanda. So I wonder who she thinks is going to help evict Amanda when Helen decides in 4 or 5 weeks that it’s time to get Amanda out. Not sure how she’ll do that from the jury house.

Right Idea

All of a sudden we are getting all these shots of the female house guests in bikinis. I am not complaining. That rear end shot of Jessie was spectacular. Elissa says Jessie has a lot of cellulite. However, I think that’s from a lot of worry and being trapped in that house with Aaryn and company. Elissa, wow, that pool shot was amazing. She has a great body. Helen is ok, you can tell she is in good shape and healthy. Helen just doesn’t do it for me, she is a beautiful woman, just no wow factor when I look at her. Aaryn is starting to put on the pounds. Those tiny bikinis of hers don’t fit anymore. You can tell she gaining weight with those rear end shots of her. She either needs to lose weight or go the full Kim Kardashian route. Gina actually has a great body, but she repulses me. I just can’t get pass the fact she is so hateful. Nope, I don’t want to see more of Amanda in a bikini or less clothing. For some reason Amanda was walking around the house in her purple panties last week. Amanda definitely doesn’t do it for me.

My Top Three

My top three I want to see in bikinis are Jessie, Elissa and Aaryn. More shots of those girls please.

Top Three All ime

My top three of all time is: Janelle is number one, she looked awesome in a bikini. The second one may surprise you. It would be Danielle from BB14, she might of been easily mislead by Dan, but she has a great body. The third choice would be, drum roll ….Elissa,


Actually the best thing about BB14 was Frank , Ian, but most of all Dan. I loved Dan and all his loving backstabbing ways. Also BB13 the best was Shelly backstabbing all time fan fav Jeff. This yr just sucks and really nothing about it is memorable except all the racism. GM is the worst person ever on BB.


Why are they all protecting AMANDA ? Helen just wait till Helen see all the hate filled and racist comments Aaryn , Gina Marie and Amanda have said about her just wait she will be changing her story but its gonna be a long long while before she finds out what they have said about her ?


How can they be so stupid to LET AMANDA control them like this ?


And when they do an All Star…..PLEASE do not choose anyone from this cast!!!

I say

They are going after Helen.


im. so. pissed.
ALL these people do is nominate 2 outcasts, and evict one of the outcasts. like NO. how about you play big brother and make some big moves, instead of writing McCrae and Amanda their pay cheque…

I don't even know

The people who would make big moves are leaving one by one, the sad thing is after spencer and Jessie leave Amanda and Mccrae are the only ones who would make a big move. Maybe Elissa also but she has to win something first.


You people!! Can’t you see that Elissa in incapable of making little moves let alone a big move!! She is absolutely clueless!! She is nothing more than Helen’s disposable trained monkey. Hell, if it were not for her skank of a sister she would not be on the show making her ten grand a week. Absolute phoney!!!


If McRae screws Amanda over, it will be THE biggest move in the game since they’re supposedly all married and swapping bodily fluids and such. To be honest, he’ll even be a hero because let’s face it no one likes Amanda at this point.. Except maybe the gen public who don;t watch her true colors on live shows.

If Amanda screws McRae over, it will be a semi-big move, BUT no one will be surprised and it will just confirm to the remaining few she really truly is a horrible, vile person and she won’t win the $$.

There is a company that is taking applications for a one way trip to Mars (no joke look it up), so can’t we just ship all of these fools there and call it BB Mars. Please? Also can someone do a compilation of amanda’s f***ery with the bjs and such so the public sees she’s not the witty strategist they portray on the one hour show. Cheers!


I’m hoping Helen goes next week so I can see this one woman revolution, rock the house moves I keep reading about that Elissa is going to make. If Helen leaves Elissa will self evict.


OR, they can do double evictions from here on in and put the game and us out of our misery faster. If McRae is an actor as per the 2 gingers video, and Amanda knows production, is it possible they knew each other before the show and that’s why they seem to have gotten very close so quickly? Cynical perhaps but I don’t put anything past production anymore…


Thank Goodness Elissa is there to train the monkeys.


They seriously think getting Judd out was a big move!!! laughable


They think it was a big move because they really believed Judd was MVP.

Poor guy….talk about being blindsided….that was pretty painful to watch last week. Felt bad for him.

Wow…that whole episode last week was an explosion. I hope tonight’s episode with Andy’s win is decent.


Im happy that Judd is out of the house because his games sucked ass to he did whatever Amanda and Helen said to if their was going to be a good game play for most of them it would have been when Howard went to them and put it all out their about Amanda&Helen do as I say gang one by one then the next week Jessie after Candice is already up on the block so she couldn’t cast a vote goes in tells them all the same stuff that Howard said then what does Judd say Jessie she is putting it all out their and she is making me see some things and what does Judd dumb ass do so yeah he is out the house where he should be!!!


These fools have convinced themselves that EVERY person evicted was a big move, when in reality they haven’t made a single big move, just sweak moves the house wanted and personal moves.


So anyone AMANDA cant control has to go . Just think how different the show would be if different people had been voted out ? AMANDA is a disgusting HUMAN BEING . Thats it i am not gonna watch anymore i been watching for years . Amanda and this following her like sheep is crazy . Its like they have awarded her the money on day one .


The commenters on here who hate Amanda so much as if she is the antichrist or something are simpletons. You do realize that there are actual terrible people in the world that really do hate people of different races and orientations? People who wish them harm or actively seek to cause it? The people on this show have made some bad jokes, but not one of them wishes to harm anyone. It is a very distinctive difference that you and many other don’t seem to grasp. Also, anyone who contacts families, friends or employers of these houseguest are pathetic and likely have IQs similar to your average Klan member. These trolls harassing people are the only ones causing actual harm during this season. I am sick of the venom and self righteousness in the comment section this season, and you have been a huge contributor to it. If you are such a humanitarian, why don’t you go out help people who have been subjected to real racism and hate crimes. It would be a better use of your time, and might open your eyes to what a waste it is for you to put your energy into continuous nasty comments about some inappropriate jokes on a TV game show.


even having a ‘celebrity’ lottery where all previous and prior BigBro contestants
are names randomly drawn out of a hat at least has a degree of quality control!!!


That would be awesome! It would be like hunger games reaping status! And then we can see Julie Chen dressed up like a Lizard plastered with makeup and a clown wig!


Helen is being ridiculous, you cant keep on postponing the war! You need to act now and not evict anyone who would help get rid of Amanda. She is such a lost cause.

Right now, I wouldn’t mind Spencer winning HOH and nominating both Helen and Amanda so we can have them fight each other.


This season’s a bust. CBS should be proud that this once great show has morphed into a sounding board for racists, homophobes, suspected pedophiles and an uneducated boor capable of deep throathing a 2 foot baguette. Next season there’s going to be different 2 flavors of BB, one involving normal people, the other full of moronic and disgusting degenerates.

However, I’m guessing the one with the disgusting people would blow the other off the charts.


I wasn’t a huge fan of Big Brother Canada while I was watching it (Canadian here), I felt like production went overboard with getting involved and throwing in twists, but I would take BB Canada over this season of BBUS any day. There were no racists, it was a cultural melting pot, the one redneck on there who said he didn’t like “flamboyant gays” was in an alliance with Gary within the second week, and Gary was the one to evict him. At least on BB Canada people were making big moves, whether they were scared or not. Alec went against his showmance, Gary put up “power players”, Julian did as well. Maybe BBUS should ask BBCan for some tips on making a season interesting, because I will never complain about BBCan again. This is the most boring, vile, disgusting season of BBUS ever. The racists and bullies are flying to the top, and on top of that, it’s not even interesting. I’ve heard Andy talk about Gary Glitter a lot this season, so maybe he should take a page out of Gary’s book and grow a pair!! Gary was fighting for first, as were pretty much all of the contestants there, especially the ones that made it to jury stage. All of them were fighting for first and were not just happy with jury, and BBCan is $400,000 less then BBUS!! Like why is Andy fighting for 3rd?? I even heard Elissa say last night she would be happy to be out 3rd or 4th. Ridiculous.


If Helen was the President of the good old USA she would say no wait Korea is not going to attack, wait it is not good for us to attack first, wait, wait next week maybe, wait, wait then Korea attack BOOM, BOOM USA destroyed.


I have to laugh (again) at Helen. She is worried about the first part of the final three part HOH. Jumping the shark much? Haha. Oh Helen, the fun never stops.


Good Lord, CBS needs to pull something out of their A$$es and make this game more interesting surely this isn’t going to end like this. I honestly don’t know who I want to see winning $500k…this is too pat they really need to shake the house up!


I say Helen needs to build “Relationships”, see how she likes being on the block 3 weeks in a row!!!!!

Helen will be walking out of the house still saying “Its to early to get them out”!!!!!!!! If any group needed coaches, its this group of spineless wonders, that think they are the greatest BB players that have ever played the game, the most popular, the world revolves around them, highest ratings ever. They are totally delusional people, sad part, none of them know it

helen is clueless

If Helen helps evict yet another vote against Amanda, I’m rooting for Amanda to win next HOH. It will be worth it to see the look on her face when she’s nominated and see if how she acts. See how “consistent” she acts that week when people are telling her “don’t worry you’re just a pawn”. Mcrae has to be lying about being OK with Amanda going. And if he is ok with Amanda going why wait?? Strike before he changes his mind, do it Thursday.


In that conversation with Andy, Helen is going thru the pros n cons of keeping Jessie. Pro is she knows Jess is willing to go after McRanda (yes she said McRanda) and she wants to do that soon, but it’s still too early to do that, so Jessie has to go.
All I can think to say is ?????? That was Jessie’s only hope, being needed to help oust Amanda. Helen is going to regret this move.

You know

Well you know you wait until the final 3 to take out a big player like Amanda.The final 4 is too soon to take out Amanda it is too risky for my game.Amanda is a nice person anyway why would we evict her anyway ok ok ok.We already got rid of the shady howard and shady Judd they were always scheming.


Whenever I see Amanda, I can’t help but to envision her as “Jabba the Hutt”…Galactic Crime Boss War Lord of the BB15 house. She just sits there like a blob, spewing out orders with her little creature McCrae snickering by her side while the rest of the Bounty Hunters and aliens of the BB House do her bidding….Someone needs to step up and be the Jedi of this house by getting her kicked out!!


I like this analogy. I guess that puts Andy in the role of Boba Fett, her most effective bounty hunter….. maybe in hot pink armor? I can see Jess in a metal bikini on a chain leash. If only Jess could rise up and choke out her nemesis the way Lea did.

Jury House Update

Judd tells Candice that everyone didn’t get his joke. Judd says he always tell women he fakes it. Jessie just didn’t understand it was a joke and overreacted, she’s such a shit starter.


With the exception of Jessie…what a bunch of losers!!!

Save Jessie....

Here’s a thought…..save Jessie and get this game going already.

CryLittleSister (asking for answers)

I am watching some of the After Dark episodes from when Amanda got spray-tanned and something odd really sticks out – how did her colour go immediately back to her own skin colour?
I don’t know much about spray-tanning and how long it lasts but that is rather peculiar..Hmm.
It kind of got me thinking they didn’t actually use the ‘real stuff’ for her punishment.



It was food coloring, not the normal spray tanning solution…Hope that helps


On BBUK this women had the multiple spray tan punishment and she ended up looking like a burnt witch.


Burnt witch…. Too funny!


Well it didn’t immediately turn back, she had the tan for a few days after, but you’re right though it did seem like she had a “muddy” substance on her, that washed off instantly, but I’m guessing that was still the normal tan piled on after so many sprays, so it wasn’t attached to her skin.


She told the HG it was only food coloring, not the real stuff.


They used a vegetable based spry that dries on your skin on a temporary bases….it doesn’t stain the skin like tanning products do. That’s why she couldn’t shower for so siix hours after receiving a spray session as it would have washed right off. They had to keep telling her to not wipe at it and it even got on the commode seat when it was still wet….so a couple times she took the blood dryer to her self so it was not wet and sticky.


They all sound like a broken record. WOW


So Helen told McCrae she is coming after Amanda? Hmmmm….

And McCrae says he wouldn’t take it personally? Yeah right…

Then she tells Andy she is gunning for McCrae? Ok, you know….

Say goodbye Helen, you will be leaving next week if you or Elissa do not win HOH….


McCrae in real life is a very ambitious pizzaboy.
Amanda in real life has relatives who hired her.
If Amanda gets backdorred or pitted at McCrae
and has to spend 4 or 5 weeks as a jury member,
and if McCrae cuts a deal with Helen and ends
up top three in his mind’s eye, i think he thinks he
has to win the big prize outright to keep Amanda
in the lifestyle she has become accustomed to!!!!
McCrae so far has done only one big maneuver,
namely the blindsiding one that took Nick down!!!!


McCrae will keep Amanda. He’ll bring home pounds and pounds of uneaten pizza crusts people leave at the restaurant he works at or will work at.


I really think there’s gonna be trouble in paradise once McCranda get out of there… he can’t take how obnoxious and bossy she is. Unless she wins the money, lol. And I wonder if he doesn’t change to fit her requirements (she had told him he needs to get a different kind of job and that she knows people) she might also kick him to the curb. Unless he wins the money… :-D


Not going to happen!!!!! Helen is not going anywhere.


When are these people going to grow up and get a mind of their own! Why do they have to vote on who the “house” (Helen) wants all the time? Isn’t this a game show that they are trying to win? Grow some balls and put up who YOU want HOH!


this is completely random but does anyone else wonder if houseguests that got evicted before jury come on to sites like this and bash/stalk the other houseguests?


I am sure they do. They must be curious about what the viewing public thinks and what was said about them prior to eviction. HELLO NICK, are you out there? Do you have your restraining order in place? Have you had a legal name change? Are you planning plastic surgery? Do you have your flight to Bora Bora booked? If not, get cracking. GM will soon be on the hunt for you.


CryLittleSister, in answer to your question I believe I read on this site that it was food coloring and water that was used for Amanda’s “spray tan”, not real tanner.


I want to see” It’s too soon to make a move on Amanda” Helen get blind sided this week. Andy would gain two new allies, Jesse and Spencer, and a pair of balls as well. Win, Win.

Team jessie

I can’t stand how Helen plays the game I hope she goes to jury spencer has to go this week sorry spencer fans


Probably Hellen will come to her senses when she receives her interview by Julia Chen


* Julie

Mark H

Looks that way. Over the past few seasons, I thought some houseguests had become too eager to make a big move and, therefore, make a name for themselves. This year, I keep waiting for someone to do something. Backdooring Judd was a bit of a surprise, but didn’t do much strategically for anyone.


Helen needs a good conk in the noggin

If Only

I guess there’s always hope – if Jessie realizes she’s being played she could begin to make waves – probably still walk out the door – but she could cause some serious damage between supposed alliances – come on Jessie, throw the script away and start talking.


Save Jessie! Go home creepy Spencer and Amanda the bully!


Not only are these people vile and racists but they have to be the stupidest group of people to ever be cast on Big Brother. They do not have any game play and certainly don’t deserve any money. Where are the big moves? How about moving them all out of the house and start over with some real contestants. What a waste! CBS really!


Did you know pizza deliver boy McRae from Minnesota has acted before?

Do a youtube search for:

Bring Your Own Luck
– Gingers Whiskey
McRae is seen around 28 seconds into it.

Makes you wonder!


They are all actors or have been shown to have relationships with people in the industry. The scripts are being followed but the small talk based around them is improvised

Ian's Squeeky Hammock

I saw that about MC plus I read he is an Auto Tech? Also saw Nick in the show “High Society Sins” on the ID Channel last night (he was creepy!).
Seems like most of the cast are actors/aspiring actors with the exception of maybe Helen (someone posted her pic on another Helen Kim’s IMBD page) and slimeball Spencer. Jeremy posted on his FB that he got offered a movie part.


The poll on this website shows Jessie one of the least unpopular. I suggest we vote her the favorite for the most popular and the $25K in order to p*iss off the girls that are still in the house.


I’ll be happier if Aaryn or Amanda will talk to Julie Chen!!!!


This season is so bad and has become so boring; I guess we have to wait another few weeks to see some action. As I said before the house is doing what they want, from the information THEY have. They don’t see and hear everything we know. I really don’t have one favorite in this cast, how can you they are all over the place. But my gut feeling is that Jessie will go home this week, she can’t be trusted 1 ounce, and she flips all over the place, and she will have a meltdown/pity party later this week. Then I think either GM or Spencer will be the next to go. Elissa is so transparent, when she talks to everyone (a 5th grader could follow her game) she is so fake and has no game.


Other than last season I think that the game has been filled with spineless players. No one wants to make big moves. Best season ever was BB7 All stars. Chill town knew how to play the game. Let’s get back to that Big Brother.



Mc – Aaah! …At last! I can hardly wait!
Amanda – Do you want me to leave?
Mc – No! Don’t even think about it.
Amanda – Do you love me?
Mc – Of course! Always have and always will!
Amanda – Have you ever cheated on me?
Mc- No! Why are you even asking?
Amanda – Will you kiss me?
Mc – Every chance I get!
Amanda – Will you hit me?
Mc – Hell no! Are you crazy?!
Amanda – Can I trust you?
Mc – Yes.
Amanda- Darling!

AFTER BB: read from bottom to top.


Best thing I’ve read on hear in days…roflmao..too funny lurker001!!!


another joke anyone can find on the internet….. getting old dude..

So What

True, but it’s more entertaining than what’s going on in the house.


I can’t figure out why they all are protecting Amanda? They just want to get out the people that would put up Amanda. They just need to end this season and hand Amanda the cash. And, why is Amanda and Mcrae always in the HOH? Are they that scared of her? This season is extremely boring. Nobody will do anything on their own. Always have to consult the “house” before doing anything….what gives?


They are all drones.


HELEN!!! WTF!!! Lets just wait until the finale and then say that it is time to get A-whore-da out of the game!! If it wasn’t for GM, Helen would be the one I would storm the house and slap the shit out of. I am against violence towards women, just she needs to get slapped and get her head out of her three points of contact!!!

Andy, take Jessie off and put Helen up. Maybe that would wake her up, but I doubt it!!!!


there isn’t even a Rachel, who I didn’t really like much, but still would root for because I wasn’t a big fan of the rest of them

now this year? there isn’t even a nice person left who I like. its all….its like a cast made up of that one person each season who sucks(adam comes to mind from recent seasons, the RAAAAAAAR rocker guy). its basically a house of adam’s.


I I i dan’t dan’t knooow whas goen oon.


IMO, Helen played her best “game” when she was on the block. she was pushy and smart and she fought…..i feel she will be put on the block again and will go into warrior mode again and say whatever it takes to survive. she will make the game interesting if she gets put up soon. next week, a power player will go out.


Just for the pure humour of it. If this was “allstars 2” who if anyway could actually play. Remembering that the others have seen this season.

Amanda- unless Grodner write the script she is out 1st 4 weeks.
Helen- would be everyones pawn for a few weeks. Niether she nor Amanda make jury.
Jessie- not allstar material but trying to play BB in this house must be so frustrating.
Spencer- he’s a pig for sure. But he understands better than most BB this season.
Andy- without his stealth rat ability he makes jury on social game and switches it up to pure floater. I definitely don’t see him as a floater this season.
Judd- if only he hadn’t bragged about getting Kaitlyn out. His layed back southern charm works in a BB house otherwise.
GM- NEVER and I mean NEVER
Arryn- forget the racism she has some skills including comp competitiveness. I wonder if she wasn’t a racist piece of trash would she be 1 of the 3 most liked in the house. She definitely has BB game IMO.
Ellisa- if not for the MVP twist I think she’d be looked at differently. Carry Rachel baggage cannot be easy in the house. I think she is generally a decent person outside BB. Which makes her pretty weak inside the house. Unless and I repeat UNLESS she has been tanking comps to keep a low profile her game is not allstar worthy. Those lulu lemon yoga pants certainly are allstar worthy.
Candace- will never know if she could play as the racist thing derailed any semblance of game. Not an allstar in my book

McCrae- I admit he’s become my favorite. It was about this point last season I became a Wee Ian fan. I like almost everything with MC. He puts Amanda in her place and no one does. His social game is second to Andy but if he wasn’t spending so much time with Amanda I think he’d own the house. Only Arryn has expressed real interest in McCrae evicted before Amanda. She is a huge target and he’s standing directly behind her. Add to it how often when people talk about getting Amanda out they add they can still; “work” with McCrae. I’m about 95% on board the McCrae train at the moment and it’s all aboard. Leaving the station shortly! I really hope I’m not going to get disappointed this season.


I feel bad for McCrae. He wanted to play BB but this wasn’t the season for it. If the hg were smart, which I know they aren’t, they wouldn’t take MC to the final 2 because he would win over everybody.


MC is well liked, good at comps, thrown every alliance under the bus, yet he is still not a target.


The question every day that defies human intellect and sound thinking – just how has Amanda ‘narrowly escaped’ eviction when America clearly and loudly hates her? If they do and the HG’s don’t, something’s wrong with the picture, no?
I cancelled my live feeds weeks ago. if Amanda wins, it won’t be because she played a good game. There’s much more going on.
My intelligence is not for sale.
Even a 6-year-old would be asking, ‘Mommy, why haven’t they evicted her yet – she’s been primed and ready two times?’ Mom must just shake her head and answer ‘It’s called fraud, dear – life is not fair.’
I wonder what Dr. Will would think of this season…….


This has been the worst HOH ever. Wake me up on Thursday night.


Did anyone else notice Helen the pathetic a** kisser when Andy and a few others were in the cockpit room….she CHEERED, “Andy you’re America’s HOH !!!!”……I wanted to vomit.


Wonder if Amanda’s mother tunes in the live feeds when her lovely daughter has McCrae banging her under the covers or straddling him or giving him a BJ….she is one skanky girl!!


Julie Chen “Helen you have been evicted from the Big Brother house!”

Helen” Ok ok ok you know it’s too soon to evict Amanda you know ok. Maybe next week is the week ok you know!”


Hey Dawg need your opinion. It seems Howlers Den says they’ve researched Amanda and say she’s not 28 but 38 and she’s married. They say they got all sorts of info from Linkedin as well as other places. I don’t know the site and normally wouldn’t believe that CBS/BB wouldn’t misrepresent such things but this season has me questioning everything.

Can you please do a little research and confirm or deny? Please?


I’m not getting excited about that post.

People are getting carried away with this season I’ve just been focusing on the feeds and the game play going on.


Just reading up on it all. Supposedly someone hired investigators to dig up dirt on anyone in the BB house who they thought were racist. They found a lot of info on Amanda and say her married name is Amanda Jane Klarsfeld. They have posted info such as address, phone #s and even voting registration info on her. They say she is 38 and married WOW!!! If this is true its a bombshell


I’m think the claim she is 38 and her real name is Amanda Jane Klarsfeld is false .. she could be married though dunno


Not that I think it’s real but if you think she may be married than you think her name may be Amanda Klarsfeld because thats her reported husbands last name. Just food for thought on the subject.

As much as I hate Amanda, I don’t put much faith in that post.


Well, then, I hope she is not served Divorce Papers on Finale! LOL!


Intelius.com has Amanda Zuckerman at age 38 and went to an acting school.


such a sad bunch of people this season..Hateful and racist..Did they even interview these people before choosing them? Helen, Amanda, Aaryn. So fake. GM is almost as bad.


Helen is not a racist, Aaryn said those things over a month ago. Amanda and GM are still hardcore assholes.

give me a break

Just because Aryan Nation said racist sh*t in July and no racists sh*t in August does not exonerate her from her past behavior. She was warn and that is the only reason she is not saying anything racists. When Amanda makes racists comments in front of Aryan Nation…she laughs and agree with her. She enjoys race base bashing….is she was not racist she would tell Handjob and Gutter Mouth to Stop saying sh*t like that. But what she does is laugh and cheer on the racial bashing of Candice and Howard.


I heard a rumor that Aaryn has got an acting gig after BB. She is going to play the earlier years of Hillary Clinton in the new NBC movie. GM is still trying to get the part of Hillary in her 30’s. Helen said she wants that part too but may not have the time being in the Miss America contest. Spencer said he wants to play Bill during the White House years


And Amanda will play Monica Lewinsky…..

A Star is Born

Well, she can supply an audition tape.


No matter what, Amanda will not win the finale if she makes it there. Too many people know how she is. So its smart to take her to the final two so that the other person wins. If she pulls a Jordan and suddenly wins comps at the end, then there is a discussion. but being loyal is being loyal. No matter how you look at it. Gm has done nothing. Remember, there are only a few people who seem to always think about the game. Helen, Amanda and McCrea. Helen at least has human qualities. McCrea can put Amanda in her place, then she gets all whiny and defensive. So its a boring season…..so what? The public loves chaos at times, and predictable is just that. If I was in the house, I would do the same thing. The second you make a move against someone, then others will respect it, then assume you will do it again, which puts you on the block and out the door. The moving company and its dissolution made this season what it is. Blame it. Not production. Not sheep. Not rats.


I just have to say: If Aaryn didn’t make those comments several weeks ago in the game, she would be my absolute favorite. I hope she comes out of this a better person though. Just sharing what I think at the moment is all.

by the way......

So last night….BBAD. its on conversations. Or hot potato or some bullshit….it cuts to the HOH room for 3 seconds with McCrea and amanda , and she asks him with a shit eating grin (a wha?????) “So you like the taste of blood?” Then immediate commercial break……really?!…Really?!…..REALLY?!?!??!!?


If Spencer stays, I hope he can win HOH, because he would surely bust the power people (and he knows who they are) up.

Andy is a weasel. He’s also hard to look it.

But What If

I’ll get a lot of thumbs down on this one – but I think if Elissa wins the next HOH (I know, slim chance) she would shake things up – with some help from her “friends”