Elissa says I hate to get rid of the girls but Jessie is such a flight risk. She is just the most inconsistent person.

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


1:25am Out in the backyard – Amanda, Jessie, McCrae, Elissa and Gina are talking about random things. Amanda says I legitimately have no idea how I am being portrayed. Gina says I am being portrayed as the funny dumb one. Amanda says they get me to talk in a bit*hy way but I say it in a funny way. Big Brother cuts the feeds and when they come back the house guests are talking about how they all thought Howard had the f**king Coup d’etat. Amanda says she stressed herself out for a week about and when she asked her “friend” (someone in production) he did have any idea what it was. As soon as my friend was like “what’s a Coup d’etat?” I was like ah good! Andy says Howard’s master plan was, I am going to form a bunch of weird alliances and try and flip the house last minute. Amanda says I would be a real bit*h when I would talk to Howard. Andy talks about how when he was done with Howard he would do things just to f**K with him. Andy says I am glad that none of the shaddy f**ks are in jury. No offence to Nick, he is a great guy but you have to admit he is a shaddy f**k. Gina agrees and talks about how Nick cried to her one day. She says aw okay this kid is legit. Spencer says yeah I remember that moment that was when he came to me in the storage room talking about how he just pulled the wool over your eyes. Just kidding, I am sorry I am just joking. Gina goes over and farts on Spencer. They talk about after Nick was evicted and Gina started screaming in the kitchen calling them cockroaches. They continue to talk about the other house guests they’ve evicted.

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2:10am – 2:30am Elissa and Jessie are in the hot tub. Jessie talks about how Aaryn came into the room and told her she is still safe after Andy won the veto. Jessie says I don’t think he is going to use it. Elissa that she is just going to wait and see what happens. Jessie says I thought that the plan was to keep me safe and that you would know that?! Elissa say oh yeah it is. Elissa is worried that Aaryn and Jessie talked about her.
CBS Interactive Inc.

Jessie heads inside and pulls McCrae into the lounge room she tells him that Elissa is sketching me out right now. After the veto Aaryn told me I am not the target this week. McCrae tells her to just lay low. They agree that Elissa is sketchy. Jessie heads to the bedroom and has a quick talk with Elissa. Jessie talks about how Andy won’t use it and says that’s what I would do too if I was in his position. You are great girls and if I don’t have you, I don’t have anyone. I would never talk sh*t about you with Aaryn. Elissa says okay and Jessie heads into the other room. Jessie then talks to Amanda about being sketched out by Elissa. Amanda tells Jessie to not worry about it. Who would you put up if you won HOH. Jessie says Ginamarie for sure and the second target would be hard. I made a deal with Aaryn. Amanda asks what deal. Jessie says just that I would keep her safe. Amanda tells Jessie that the plan was to vote out Judd no matter what, you were never going home. Aaryn had no idea until right before. Helen joins them. They talk about how they all think Andy won’t use the veto but that Jessie is safe. Amanda tells Jessie when she moves forward she should do what the house wants and you’ll go farther in the game.
CBS Interactive Inc.

2:40am In the kitchen – Helen, Amanda, Elissa and McCrae talk Jessie. They talk to Elissa about how she was sketching out Jessie. Elissa says that she just heard Jessie throwing my name out there. Amanda says that the last thing Judd told me was get Jessie out. Elissa says you guys decide what is better. Helen says Jessie should go. They talk about how they don’t want Jessie hear to work with Aaryn. Amanda says everyone talk it over and McCrae and I will do what the house wants. Elissa says that at least Spencer was trying to play the game, Jessie just walks around half naked and flirts with the guys. Amanda says she is a waste of space in here.

Elissa and Helen head into the lounge room. Helen says she think Judd whispering Amanda’s ear was just about warning Jessie coming after her. Elissa says which is good for us. I hate to get rid of the girls but she is such a flight risk. It would be fun to play with just girls but she is just all over the place. She is just the most inconsistent person.

3:30am – 3:45am Amanda head to beds. Out in the backyard Gina, Spencer and Andy talk about the pov competition today and other random things and then head to bed.

Use the Big Brother Live Feeds to FLASHBACK to SEE what they can’t show you on TV:

BB15 N!p Sl!ps / N*des

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Repost from previous thread…due to time difference, I am on the East Coast.

Someone question about a conspiracy theory regards to Helen. Helen has no real power she is reigned in by what Amanda and Andy tell her. For example:

Jessie is more of a threat to their alliance then Spencer, so Jessie must go. Helen tows the line….

Next Spencer will become more of threat to their alliance, so Spencer must go. However, that is a ploy to attempt to backdoor Helen….

Next in no particular order to be evicted is Spencer, Gina Marie and Elissa (depends on who wins HOH and POV)

Their alliance(s) consist of:

1. Amanda, McCrae, Andy (the informant or the fly on the wall to all convo’s) and Aaryn (they need her PED induced competitor strength);

2. Amanda, McCrae. Andy (same applies as above) and Helen (see Spencer eviction);

3. Amanda, McCrae, Andy (same applies as above) and Spencer (only to give him a false sense of security);

4. Amanda, McCrae, Andy (same applies as above) and Elissa (only to give her a false sense of security); and,

5. Amanda, McCrae, Andy (same applies as above) and Gina Marie (only to give her a false sense of security).

Notice that Amanda, McCrae and Andy will always have the perceived numbers, so the fourth person(s) on the totem pole is ensured to go along. Once they have removed each 4th person on the totem pole’s key alliance (i.e. Helen/Elissa, Aaryn/Gina Marie and Spencer (all alone fighting to stay in the game), they have in effect minimized that player’s strength in the game.

The real problem is that Helen, Spencer, Elissa, Gina Marie and Aaryn are not capable of sitting down and recognizing together this strategy. They all think they are in a solid F4 deal. So when one of them brings up going after Amanda and/or McCrae, someone shoots it down and says we do not have the numbers or they tell Andy (whose true alliance is to Amanda and McCrae). It is like the “see no evil, speak no evil, and do no evil” paradigm has them paralyzed by fear to act (i.e. flip the damn house).


Elissa is nothing but a huge floater.. She’s so bad in this game


AMANDA said she asked her friend in PRODUCTION ?? ???? What ? Wait friend in production wait ???????? What ????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????????


All the houseguest have been using the work ‘friend’ instead of saying ‘production’, so they don’t get called out for “talking about production”. Relax with the baseless Amanda conspiracy theory. I guess that’s a futile request since facts seem to mean little to you and your cohorts. Oh well, continue then.

Wayward Irish

Players talk to production during their diary sessions. Now breathe…

I say

Yes Amanda, McCrae and Andy are solid. If Aaryn would keep her mouth shut and stop her rude comments America would want her to win. I think she is constantly playing that M&M game in her head. I’m not quite sure why these people cannot see that they can move against AMA, so how much is production helping? Especially with who was the MVP-at least 4 people mentioned that America was the MVP and then it was as if they never contemplated it.
I do have to mention one thing, GM is in for a rude awakening when this game is over…Nick was NOT into her, at all. He pretty much stated that to Julie in his exit interview.
I too have stopped watching the television broadcast and am now getting my info here and twitter. So I will find out here, who production let win.


And it sounds as if production tells each one which “character” they want them to portray, and what to say. Wow no wonder this show is such crap now. It is making total sense.


It is really hard to believe that Elissa knows anything about the game. After how many weeks now she continues to express that she does not feel included in the strategy of “the house”? They toss her a minor bone by trying to explain her role in the POV comp and now she is fully bought in to the plan to get rid of Jess. I am not sure the Brenchel Army would continue to try to save her if given the opportunity. She is proving to be just a number and seems satisfied with that.


This is what I have been saying. She is a monkey.

Hey Now

Wow! Elissa might not know how to play the game, but she is definitely the hottest girl in the house. That pool shot of her in the bikini it hot. She has the best body in the house. Aaryn and Gina may be younger girls but they can’t touch Elissa, and Elissa had kids while maintain a shapely body like that. These girls should be learning yoga from Elissa, because she is doing something right. Amanda doesn’t have a body, its all boobs. I don’t think Amanda has ever seen the inside of a gym.


Body heck yes, facially no. She has had way too much botox.


I seriously was thinking the same thing. she has a fabulous body, epecially for someone with children. you can’t look at her and tell she’s a mom at all. making me begin to rethink my indifference about yoga.


But Andy is really the dumb one because no way would McCrae or Amanda take him to final two, so he best get a final two with someone before his butt is shown the door.


excellent post… even if its brutally from A+M’s perspective…

the House if shifted around slightly has HELEN being more

strategic. Lets define GM + Aaryn as a voting block, and if we

assume ANDY might be talked into backdooring A + M it places

Helen inside a seperate catigory. Helen has to pull Andy out of

the three~way as she keeps Elissa + GM rock solid so that both

Aaryn + Spencer can dovetail into the group’s slipstream to set

up a classic “backdoor” on Amanda & McCrae both. Jessie is to

be either lucky next Thursday or an official JURY member. Helen’s

battle is uphill but i feel Spencer laid in the groundrules when trying

save Howard despite what Candice pulled on them! The battle royal

is between Helen + Amanda, but one of the outcomes sends McCrae

into the top three or the top two. This begs a question… is Amanda

recruited for a “MOLE” like soap opera vixen/bitch on wheels who shall

pull a ‘barney’ and take an obvious tumble 9/10ths into the endzone???


very specifically… is Amanda acting like she’s on the OTHER contestant driven reality TV show
that shows people doing very weird things in confined places, is she being paid money under
the table to escalate all confrontations and sabotage in a general way everyone’s game~play???
if she was REALLY after the prize money, she’d be more low key and less bullying or rude i feel!
i think she is NOT driving towards the prize money, i think instead there is quiet unseen deal where
she gains something elsewhere inside CBS’s vast media empire. I think that EVEN if McCrae marries
her after winning the prize money, she has no guarantee she can sail away with half his nest~egg!
Simon keeps on picking up on how controlling Helen is, and others have gone into her phony facade
too. Helen has actually made few mistakes after she got Nick evicted, and yes… the game has gone
downhill after eviction number 2, and yes… the “superfriends” are an alliance with abundant flaws
but we see threat after threat being deflected often with Andy’s help. Amanda is going to go before
Helen and McCrae. The CBS honchos thought with Brachel + their ‘cat’ people doing zany things that
they had a surefire ratings formula. I think Amanda has a tripwire on her that is the inverse or opposite
from that of Rachel and her brighter better half! i think Amanda agreed to take a tumble so that we can
have a week or two of strategic soap opera angst and uncertaintly for two weeks in the BB endzone!

What's My LIne

Finally someone figured it out. Amanda is really an actress being paid by CBS to be outrageous. You think someone would actually be so cavalier about the holocaust? You think some female would really go on national TV and talk about putting a p###s in her mouth or her mouth over one so freely on TV? You think she would remind us that in high school that she hit the gay guy as a game? You really think because of her man size that she would bully girls like Jessie and Elissa to do her bidding? No, you are not seeing the real Amanda. The real Amanda is ….is….is, wait on second thought. The real Amanda is pretty close to the BB Amanda.


BINGO! its the BigBro game, set and match point!
we see a phony 1930s Hollywood showmance
with a NYC Neil Simon “All in the Family” updating!
ole Archie Bunker never actually was real or alive.
Judd + Jessie flew apart before they could be a
very phony likewise. i think Judd hated taking cues.


I think they are all playing a caricature of someone that BB has put them in. I think they all are hand feed what to say and how to act. It is a soap opera with underpaid actors trying to break into showbiz. It has all been written by a writer and they hire fools to play the parts. It makes sense.


Why do Amanda and MC stay in HOH room so much ? HOWARD was right about AMANDA and Helen they are behind every eviction .

Nah Dog

Wow, you just noticed that? Also you needed Howard to tell you that? Talking about stating the obvious. Yes they are behind every eviction. Next! Wait, you do know Andy informs on everyone to Amanda and Helen? Don’t want you to miss that piece of information, you won’t hear that from Howard. Howard’s last dying words to Candice was trust Andy, as Andy was turning off Howard’s life support.


Amanda & McCrae stay in the HOH room because they can. Amanda feels she is entitled, and no one calls her on it. Last night, only she & McCrae were in HOH, and she got up and picked through Andy’s HOH basket like it was her own, ripping open bags of candy & eating what she wanted. She’s been in that room almost non-stop since the game started, with the exception of when Jeremy was there. His personality overpowered her, and she wouldn’t pull any BS with him.

Jury House Update

Candice told Judd in the Jury House that she thinks Amanda will be the next one voted out. Judd told her its not time to vote out Amanda.


Great Job Soc, I Couldn’t Have Broke This Game Down Any Better. Here’s To Hoping That Spencer, GM, Jessie, Aaryn Or Even Elissa WinsThe Next Hoh And Puts Up Am/MC And One Of Them Goes Home.


Well it’s official the HG’s are going to spend today trying to talk Andy into back dooring someone. I expect Helen will take another run at back dooring McCrae rather than Amanda but it could go either way. Remember Helen suggested putting them up initially when Andy won HOH. I think Andy says no to any Helen suggestion. Now the potential fun is if they target Helen or Ellisa. Amanda, McCrae and lets say Spencer all vote Helen. Ellisa, GM and maybe Arryn vote Jessie Andy decides. If he back doors Helen he’ll vote her out too.

For me I’m simply interested to see whether McManda decide to twist Andy’s arm. Amanda who has had the best feel game wise when it comes to timing better realize that next week for example you’ll need just 3 votes and HOH to get rid of someone. Who ever has Arryn and her comp prowess going forward is going to get very powerful going forward. She wins next HOH plus GM, Helen and Ellisa and McManda are on the outside looking in. Andy will float to Helen and McCrae likely goes up beside Spencer and not GM as Helen will need her vote If it’s all guns blazing it’s Amanda and McCrae up and Spence is just a renom.

I HATE the term “blood on your hands” as it relates to BB. Your suppose to get people evicted it’s the game sheeple! If no one convinces Andy to make a move which is the most likely scenario today then veto won’t be used. Spencer looks safest but neither is completely safe as the sheep haven’t been led to the pen(DR) yet. I truly dislike everything about Helen but she is starting to get the upper hand on timing over Amanda. I think right now Amanda has the votes BUtT keep Jessie over Spence and McManda gets shot in the foot!

Helen absolutely cannot allow GM to go home next week. Her “side” has to win HOH. That may be just Helen and Ellisa by the way! I’m not sure whether Arryn still thinks she is part of Goofy II or not. They don’t seem to bring her into private convos anymore. She is certainly back being talked about as a target. Arryn wins HOH next it’s Spence and a pawn which favours Amanda depending on the pawn Arryn chooses..If it’s McCrae bad for McManda. If it’s Ellisa bad for Helen. If it’s GM versus Spencer bad for us loyal BB fans! The next 24 hours there is a small(very small) chance for some real action. Jessie stays and Spencer goes McMranda is heading into extinction. This weeks eviction can potentially set up Helen controlling the game on votes going forward if Jess stays. Next week we may see fireworks or we get another 7 day nap! I’ve had ENOUGH counting SHEEP in my sleep!!


Jessie is a key person in Elissa’s game right now to get out Amanda, but apparently it’s not as obvious to them as it is to the rest of America. They’re going to $hit themselves when they get backdoored and all Jessie is going to say is “I told you so”.


The reason it’s not obvious to them in the house because this game is so fucking fake come on y’all this shit is so fake think about this whole season at the stuff the house guest has said and done!?!?!?! Yeah told ya CBS needs to be ashamed for this BS!!!!!!!


CBS should be ashamed but they really don’t care about anything but ratings. They laughed about Domestic Violence on The Talk. Disgusting!


waiting for karma, what goes around , comes around for those in power. Also, poor Jessie is brain dead after all the mental abuse she endured.
HGs are making slips that indicate she is getting evicted and she doesn’t get it. We should vote her for america’s favorite


We can’t vote Jessie as America’s favorite……

David is already in the lead.


Nick is now in the lead….courtesy of GM’s constant reminder

Ians Beer

I think a most suitable showmance would be Spencer and GinaMarie…they’re both gross personalities, ugh! I would say pig mouths but that would insult pigs :)


Do all of them have “friends” in production like Amanda? Sounds like a pretty unfair advantage.


Jon, if you are referring to when Amanda references DR as “friends”, this is her and Helen’s code for DR. I assume it is so they don’t get called out for talking about production. However Amanda and Helen have used this phraseology whenever they are attempting to have a line of thought go a particular way. For whatever reason it results in giving them more authority with the other HG’S. Andy has been the only one to challenge this tactic. Helen back’s down, Amanda does not.


WAIT…..does Amanda Have or HAVE NOT a friend in production? I am confused?

Is there a double meaning in the post?

I hope someone can clarify for me.


If you listen to them they are all friends with Production. A bunch of handpicked actors to play parts.


Maybe it’s the same friends that Danielle talked about. Seems like it may be a loose term. But who knows really.


Dear God, is there any hope in this house? This case/game/season is like a train wrech that keeps repeating over and over again. Just when you get a shadow of hope, it goes right out the window…


ho hum


I wonder what Andy’s speech for final 2 will be if he makes it that far. Probably, he will say my biggest move was to befriend everyone and run back to Amanda with the information. Does he think the others will respect that? If he wants to win, he needs to get his hands dirty and make a big move.


If Andy makes it to the final 2, my mouth will drop.

If Aaryn makes it to the final 2, my mouth will drop.

If GM makes it to the final 2, lol…….u know what, let me just stop right there.


So many rude awakenings coming, I cannot wait.


Some feedback, please:

1) Spencer: I’m not sure who he would nominate if he won HOH but maybe Amanda and McC. When Amanda was talking to Spencer, reassuring him he was safe as long as he’s loyal, he’s 100% staying. She told him that she had a hand on every single nomination and who went home. (I’m hoping to see some of Spencer’s DR sessions, his thoughts and moves). Spencer should be thinking at this point that Amanda wanted him and Jessie on the block. Andy earlier told Spencer that Helen wanted him to put up bigger fish but it wasn’t time. Hmm… Andy is a bullshitter. Maybe Spencer’s target shifted from Elissa/Helen to McC/Amanda.

2) Aryn: I have a hard time reading her. She really is a good manipulator. The conversation she had with Andy I thought was a test where his loyalty was really at: McC/Amanda or Helen. Thus, saying Jessie would nom McC/Amanda and Spencer would nominate Helen/Elissa. I think at this point Aryn is the biggest game changer. I think she could manipulate people making plays that best suits her (except McC but all she have to do is manipulate Amanda, thus manipulating McC). I think Andy ultimate loyalty is to Aryn. I think Aryn is the only person who could get Andy to put up McC/Amanda/Helen. I thought Aryn would be more loyal to Amanda/McC but the thing that stays with me is when I read on this blog that Amanda, in front of a large group, said: I called Aryn a racist on a national tv but she still wants to kiss my butthole (or something to that effect), which, btw, says a lot about the kind of person Amanda is. I think Aryn harbors anger from that and she’s just not voicing it because Amanda is so influential.

Elissa: I like her but we’re not seeing the real her. She is so preoccupied about how she’s being portrayed on tv that she comes off unkiltered. Rachel had such hatred and awful things said about her (I didn’t like Rachel but I kind of was rooting for her because of the hate she was getting and being picked for the way she looked and her voice; if she wasn’t white, it would’ve touted as racism). I like to see Elissa win HOH to see who she would put up. I think Aryn will be her target.

Helen: She annoys the heck out of me, but I definitely don’t hate her. In fact, that is such a strong word and would never use it to describe people I don’t know on BB. I guess I’m on the minority: I don’t think Helen could win unless maybe she’s with Gina or Elissa. Helen pretty much has been doing what Amanda wanted except on 2 occasions: Helen’s target during her HOH was different than Amanda’s target; Amanda wanted Howard out but Helen wanted Jeremy out. Judd saided something to that effect while Howard was on the block that Helen f* up and got rid of Jeremy instead of Howard. I also believe Helen was the reason Judd got evicted (but, of course, she couldn’t have done it without Amanda on board).

The whole thing about making it to the jury I always felt it was more about exposure than money. Just like bachelor/bachelorette: they want to make final 4 because then they have a chance to be the next bachelor/bachelorette. I think everyone on BB main goal is to be in the entertainment field and looking it as a gateway to something bigger and better.

How do jury usually vote? This is only my third BB (I watched Jordan and Rachel/Britney). Does anyone just say, yeah, you play the best game but I’m voting for my friend, Elissa? If Aryn makes it to the end, as much as I hate to say it, I would vote for her over anyone since she was able to resurrect herself from her deathbed. I would’ve liked to see McC’s game (not Amanda’s).

I also think that Amanda is not a good player; she just lucked out being in the house with mostly awful players.


It just depends on who is in the jury as to if they pick the winner based on personal or game play. Example last year no one can deny that Dan played the best game hands down but in the jury they picked Ian because they all took it personal, but in the case with Dick they picked on game play so you just do not know.

Nah Dog

Dan’s not the best of BB14!

Not everyone agrees that Dan played the best game. I definitely don’t agree that he played the better game. Now if you want to say who lied the best, then its Dan. If you want to say when the going gets rough, who the first to sell out an alliance, then its Dan. If you want to say who can falsely swear on any religious symbol with a straight face, then Dan’s the best. However, the social part of the game is just as important as any other aspect of the game. For example, when you lie to Shane and have Dani put him on the block. Dan then proceeds to orchestrate his eviction. You might think that’s good game play, but how a person gets evicted heading to the jury house is important and part of the social game. Nah! You can keep thinking Dan is the best, but Ian has the money and title for BB14.


Honestly, hate this comment if you will but I liked Dan in Season 10. I absolutely despised him last season and Ian (towards the end). Dan was very arrogant amongst other things that he kept talking about – he wasn’t the Dan I liked in that first round.


You sound confused Monica. Are you sure some of Dan’s mist didn’t get on you. You hate the comment? Hate what comment, the comment supporting Dan or against Dan in season 14. Something tells me you are really Danielle from season 14. You were really in love with Dan and thought he would leave his wife for you. Danielle even thought they would go on the Amazing Race together. Dani, I could of told you that his wife wasn’t letting you get any closer to Dan.


So we assume Jessie is gone, then the next HOH:

If Spencer, he will nominate Elissa and Helen…maybe GM instead with the goal of backdooring Helen, if that’s Amanda’s preference.
If Aaryn, she will nominate Spencer and Elissa and express no preference telling each that she’s just doing what “the house” wants.
If GM, she will nominate Spencer and McCrea…with Helen pulling the strings to evict McCrea.
If Elissa, she will nominate Spencer and McCrea…with Helen pulling the strings to evict McCrea.
If Helen, she will nominate Spencer and GM, telling everybody her goal is to backdoor McCrea…only to change her mind and say next week, then evict Spencer.
If McCrea, he will nominate Spencer and Elissa, while Amanda will be fighting to get Helen backdoored, McCrea will want Elissa to keep Aaryn and Andy happy..
If Amanda, she will Spencer and Aaryn, with the plan of backdooring Helen

At the end of the day, nobody will have the intelligence/guts to make the nomination necessary to evict Amanda or Helen, which would require them to be put up against a true pawn in Andy, rather than the secondary target that these morons mistakenly call a pawn. Amanda wants Helen out…but she only has 2 votes in McCrea and Spencer. Nobody else wants her out. Helen wants Amanda in the game (and at the end) just without McCrea. The conversation this week will start to turn to anticipation of next week and once that happens, it will start to be clear that next week will likely see Spencer or McCrea heading to jury.

Arya Stark is a Badass

I hate Amanda/Andy/GinaMarie/Helen/Aaryn and it looks like my favorite, Jessie, will be gone this week so I am trying to come to grips that I have to root for Elissa, Spencer, and McCrae.

I’m also guessing from what Julie said on Thursday that a jury member is going to be able to re-enter the game. I would love to see Amanda and McCrae thinking they have the game sewn up and this twist sends Amanda out the door.


Okay yet another comment made from a house guest that is starting to add up to almost as much as the racist comments. Amanda said I ask one of my friends that works for production if Howard the coup d kra I don’t think don’t know to spell it y’all know what mean the we had Ellisa say to Judd that she is working with production in this is not real in some more wtf stuff she said to him. Ellisa also dyed her hair????? They also the other night they talked about telling The Big Brother people how much money they wanted to paid also on that same note I know about 10 people that made a tap to try out for the show and this people would be great for the show they do crazy stuff in their life time but the nothing that would make them not be a threat to people life but Jermery Katylin Aayrin and GM all said that they wasn’t fan’s of the show like we that watch the show and do blogs like this Jermery mother is the fan in told him to go to some place for it Katylin was stop and ask to be on the show GM said her agent told her about a offer also Ellsia said that Rachael and Porchia was friends and that’s how Rachael got on the show now it makes one really wonder how and why is Ellisa is on the show after on the stuff she said in done and she got the MVP for 2wks back to back but when she was no longer going up on the block like that the MVP became us the viewer also almost forgot Nick is Dan’s cousin and think about almost everybody in that house kept talking about making it to jury why because if they make it jury they prob would het paid a bonus not like in the real game so with all that I think there might was on only 3 or 4 people that was really pick to play the game and the rest works for cbs think about watch and listen to what they say and do also this would explain why this season sucks so fucking bad


It’s funny how the 2 couples controlling the house can now meet out in the open, and these people still can’t see there being used.


Amanda says Aaryn has no f***ing say…… Hmmm I hope Aaryn figures Amanda out and back doors here ass. Then Gm back doors Helen’s asss. I would love to see the rulers of the house get blindsided by their peasants.


I thought that was funny when Amanda said Aaryn has no F***ing say. I dont like Aaryn but no offense. She won 3 HOH’s and should have more of a say than
Amanda who has won ZERO!!! This is what makes this season so annoying. And Helen can’t even see that the people she is voting out should be the people
To keep. If she goes on the block she only has Elissa as a solid vote to stay. The rest are either loyal to the other side or can be swayed to the other side because they are sooooo shady !!!! Again drinking game time. This is the worst season. ( I have to take a drink every time Someone writes that this is the worst cast ever !!


Let’s say you and I are in the game and you’ve won 3 HOH’s. In your first one, I negated your nominations and evicted one of your allies. Then in your next 2, I told you who to nominate and who to evict…both of whom were people who were not targeting you at all and very likely would have helped you advance. When we talk about those people you evicted, you say how they were just trying to use you…completely missing the fact that that’s precisely what I’m doing and you continue to let me, as I milk you for info and control just about everything you do because for whatever reason, you let me.

If I was Amanda and you were Aaryn, why on earth wouldn’t I proclaim that have “no f***ing say”


That’s not surprising Amanda said that, but that’s what the house has created. And that’s on Aaryn if she didn’t use her HOH nominations liked she wanted because she wanted to keep her word and advance herself in the game. She’s a coward just like most of them in the house. Amanda seems to know how to take advantage of people’s weaknesses and use it for the benefit of her own game and let the mob do her dirty work for her. Too bad they let her.


I agree that Amanda senses people’s weakness and uses it to her advantage. She is very street smart. Sort of like a con man who prey on people who believe/trust them. I’m sure in her real estate business, she is good at selling/pushing houses on people to get the commission, she knows what to say to each kind of person. She makes people think she is very knowledgeable and is working in their best interest, all the while, she’s only interested in reaching her own goals.


you must be a peasant in real life or else you wouldn’t want that.


Let the record show that SK owes $20 to the D-bag jar…


So, if Elissa is throwing Jessie under the bus, then Helen must be going up!


Jessie threw herself under the bus. We all know she wants the couple out of the house. But, she is all over the place. Has been since day one. Playing all sides. Looking back….she is a female version of Andy. I didn’t see it until now. At least, he is not flirting with every sperm in the house.

Jessie, I was cheering for you because this cast are puppets, but now, you have to go. I can’t stand your sketchy and all-over-the-place behavior anymore.

Judd was right. You got to go. Go to jury and revive your flirtmance with Judd.


Casting knew exactly what they were doing when they hired these weak minded nimcompoops. Production has them totally brainwashed into not evicting Amanda. If by any chance Amanda falls through the crack and gets evicted, ( I highly doubt if that’s going to happen though).”America” (CBS) will vote her right back in and she will win the game, even though HG’s had already agreed evict the person returning back to the game.


i think your bang on!
the returning player stipulation i think is all for amanda, in case she gets booted. and if she doesnt get the boot the returning jury member will be something dumb like a 24hr return from a pandoras box


Sorry but Elissa is a whiny, moany, pretentious complainer. If she wants more say she should not always capitulate & say whatever you guys think is best. She should quit spending all her time doing yoga and make the effort to get more involved in the game if she wants her opinion heard. And the thought of her on Survivor? Well McManda are right about that – ha ha ha! she wouldn’t last a day. (Go ahead & thumbs down all you Elissa lovers).


At least she isn’t a narcissistic asshole.


Jessie is inconsistent because she won’t play follow the leader. RIP Jessie.


Elissa and Helen are so clueless about who is a vote for them and a vote against Mcranda it’s ridiculous. The whole house is lying to Jessie then bash her for being paranoid and trying in vain to save herself. Helen and Elissa should be protecting Jessie for her vote against Amanda. And Elissa has no room to talk. She made a scumbag move and specifically told Jessie to go for prizes instead of POV because she’s safe. Even Helen told Andy not to do that. Now Elissa is back tracking on that and she can’t understand why Jessie is inconsistent??


Ju double d sonson


So production does either tell them exactly what to say or leads them in a certain direction. I guess production picks what part they want you to play and you play it. These people are nothing but really underpaid actors with production being the director. So disheartening that we are only watching characters playing a part.


First, they’re not actors by any means. They may dream, but never!
Second, they aren’t underpaid. They’re lucky they were selected and should be happy with whatever CBS throws them.

BB15 is a new level of pathetic, but it’s the train wreck you can’t stop watching, hoping for a decent person to make it out of there.


When the above commenter said , it was sad we were all watching characters playing a part. I was thinking if that’s true then what part are we playing as viewers and online bloggers. They can’t change the outcome, and apparently we as MVP could not That’s way I just can’t give them CBS a rating. Lol I just get my info from OBB. Btw did I read Amanda say her friend (production) told her something, then it was cut before she could finish?


We are the fools because we are watching this scripted soap opera and CBS ratings go higher.


Cannot believe that Andy said that he is glad that none of the shaddy f**ks are in jury. What about Helen and Yourself when both are evicted?


LMAO!!!!!!!Ben Says you have that right now we know why half the people in the house take meds because they all are out of there minds we can see by the way they talk about their self they think they are so freaking grand and not the prob when they are lol!!!!!!


WTF!!! Gina is definitely delusional, “I am probably being portrayed as the dumb one!” Yeah you are, but also as the most unstable player in the history of BB!! I have refused to watch this show anymore. I will only come on here and read about it. Due to the fact that everytime I look at GM, I want to storm the house and slap the shit out of her!!! She is the most vile, racist human being I have ever seen. The comment she made about Candice, no matter what Candice did in the house, no one should be subjected to that type of comments. She says she is in her thirty’s but acts like a five year old.

CBS needs to step in and do something, they are allowing this type of behavior. When they do nothing the racists think its okay, so they continue. Ratings should have nothing to do with supporting racism! Pathetic!!!!!


I know five year olds with more maturity than Ginamarie.


Once GM gets evicted, they should install a camera in the jury house so we can watch her and Candice go at it….they both are pathetic.


GM appears to have an unstable personality and seems prone to mood swings, delusion and outbursts. She’s probably one person in that house who should be on meds. She may become a legal liability to CBS and a threat to other houseguests.


andy is turning into a real douche, he is callin out ex players for doig the same thing he is doing, he is the true rat in the house, he is so consumed about sucking on the aMANduh/mcreepy power tit, he would sell his mom out just to stay up their butts


I think that Amanda is playing an awesome game. When I see all of the negative comments about her it makes me think that people dont like her acting like she does simply because she is female. Some of the best players of previous seasons were way worse than Amanda and people loved them. Evil dick was the nastiest, meanest bully around. Didn’t dr will pretend that he had a fatal disease. the one guy that worked with handicapped kids called them little r*tards and there was no public backlash….

On that note does anyone wonder why production would put only black and white fish into the fish tank before even knowing that the season would end up being all about racism and prejudice? The previous seasons never had only black and white fish. So maybe aaryn wax ‘hired’ to play the exact role that they wanted her to play?

This has become a very boring season. I have watched all 14 previous seasons and don’t remember being so bored with every week. The fan discussion about nothing other than racism dragged the show down right from the beginning. Helen has turned the game into a predictable game of who do we keep in the clique running the house and Elissa/MVP was the worst production idea since the mentors….

The only good thing is that gm has finally stopped constantly crying over nick who is obviously gay and would have nothing to do with her outside of the house other than maybe as his hag!


People are hating on A-man-DUH because she is the biggest hypocritical bully of the cast. She threatens people with eviction if they don’t follow her instructions. Add to that the “rumor” that she has been pre-selected to win, that there is a possible “twist” in case she is evicted (house guest returning from jury after miraculous “America” vote), and her vile personality (not going to mention her complete and utter lack of morals), what’s left to like?

You can put lipstick on a pig, but it’s still a pig. (not sure where I’ve heard that before – wink, wink)


Pigs are cute though. The comparison should be actual shit more than an intellegent creature.


Kinda strange that the poll asks “favorite left in the house” but Amanda is the first actual name. You trying to play a fast one on us lol?
How the hell is she not on the bottom in the results.


I don’t think Amanda is playing an awesome game for these reasons:

1. She had sex on national television/internet on the show.
2. She has a friend in production.
3. She dictates.
4. I am beginning to think that Andy was cast to help her game.

Lost my train of thought. Dang….where do I place McCrae?


CBS you cant sell us the Amanda is a good player shit we all know and see whats really going on. To bad you’s fucked up a really good game by rigging it and using racist shit not only against Black people but Asian people also using gay slurs and I don’t want to hear anybody saying Julie is Asian herself because the bitch plays into the shit her own dam self on the talk the knockoff “THE VIEW” show julie tries to be Barbra Walters everyday on it!!! But she always use the Asian stereotypes so cbs is keeping this racist shit going trying to pull in ratings because if you notice they only said the Asian stuff about 3times but the racist black stuff is a everyday thing!!!!!!


If only Andy has a brain to put up Amanda, but he has no guts to do it.


I read an article a few days ago about Production kept telling Howard not to say or confront the racists in the house about their comments. They told him to be the “Humble Man of God that he is and to not say anything”. Howard has been getting a lot of flack from people because he didn’t stand up for himself. I went to his Twitter account @RealHOverbybb15, and he’s trying to go on speaking engagements and possibly TV Talk Shows to discuss the issue of racism and how he was subjected to racism in the BB House


Kaitlin is way nicer than the women in the House, and i feel nudges past poor Jessie just slightly, who may end up on
the JURY sorta soon, now. Howard aptly has an ethical code he lives by, that and his lousy sense of timing explains
why he is out the door despite being personable!!! Nick had game, Howard & David didn’t. Helen is being logic personified
when having Jeremy evicted. Had Howard erupted on all the idiots, things could have gone physical. He did not have
an easy and neat set of options. The whole incident is like looking at the powerplay dynamics of high school hazing!

It ain't over

What’s up with all this reminiscing from you. Oh Howard was this, Kait was that. Those two are no longer in the house. So what remains is a lot of trash. If you don’t like what you are seeing, I can tell you its not going to get any better.


i voted for DAWG in the poll. each time i start to like a contestant they get evicted.
i am assuming if Helen is never evicted that she wins the game. i sorta think that
McCrae is sorta cute, and looks better after listening to Spencer, but i knew JUDD
was to be whammied when Helen went on a search and destroy mission to collect
votes. I like the ritual in Survivor where the finalists traipse across the countryside
and praise the sporting gameplay of the fallen before burning all their bandannas in
a nifty fire. i keep on thinking this is Helen’s BB game to loose and that she is in total
control. we are seeing the dregs of humanity preening for us, even so, i hope FATE
separates a pizzaboy from the uber~psychic~vampire in his life before he does a total
stupids. when McCrae is the more likable of the 2 virile macho guys, as we await the
betrayal Andy shall pull on either “Dictator” Helen or Beastmaster Amanda, i despair!!!


This season is like…the opposite of season 6, also known as one of the best seasons ever.


Anyone seen all the hype all over the internet about Alison Grodner & Amanda Zuckerman being really good friends?! As well as the game being rigged in Amanda’s favor according to a former CBS employee?? As a BB fan for the past 15 years, I am beyond disappointed with this season, more like disgusted. But to read all the new reports regarding AG, I may just stop watching altogether. This SUCKS. Check out the FB post from “Hailey Jones”- apparently there are a few upcoming twists in Amanda’s favor in the event she gets evicted. Apparently Elissa was chosen to take some of the heat off of Amanda & lead America to think she had a good chance at winning?? The FB post also promises to anonymously post some more info on the day before the finale to solidify her claims.


If there’s any truth to this and Amanda pulls a coup d’état, Pandora’s Box or gets voted back in like Kaysar, I’ll be physically ill!


Totally agree. I know you can’t believe everything you read, but it just seems a little odd how Amanda continuously gets away with everything completely unscathed. She is just as much “racist” as the others who have been blamed for that. She is the biggest bully in the house with Helen coming in a close second. I really hope that Judd has a chance to come back in, but if all these reports are true, the twist will be saved until Amanda is close to eviction or already evicted.


There is also rumors on another site saying that Amanda is actually 38 yrs. old and is married. It also says she owns the real estate company. Wow!!


Is it Thursday yet? CBS might want to consider doing an eviction each episode. Other seasons you would get the feeling who would be leaving due to some big alliance, but here it’s just obvious because the houseguests just want to make Amanda or Helen happy. It’s not that either is good, it’s just that the rest are so weak minded they have no choice but to follow.


“Amanda says everyone talk it over and McCrae and I will do what the house wants. ”

Translation: you do what I tell you to do, and you’re going to like it, sheep.


There are two main points of power in the house with Andy effectively holding the balance of power.


– Andy –


GM, Jessie and Spencer are weak floaters, while Andy could be considered a super floater.

Helen knows that:

(A) Andy will only side with her if she has the numbers
(B) GM will more than likely follow Aaryn in supporting Amanda.
(C) Jessie has been openly hostile to Amanda and wants her out.

Conclusion: There is absolutely no way on this earth that Helen will allow Jessie to be voted out.


Yeah, it’s obvious that this show was and is staged. Amanda’s comments about her people in production pretty much let the cat out of the bag. I think the extreme personalities got out of control. I think that CBS is reveling in the attention as its bringing much needed attention to the network.


Nope, how can you ever forget Adam?


Makes sense and that is why anytime one of them start talking production tells them you cannot talk about production because production is afraid that one of them will slip and let the cat out of the bag just like she did. Nothing more than an extremely poorly written soap opera with extremely underpaid and extremely bad actors. Makes sense because they are paid by actors equity and not all that are on reality shows are paid.

Elissa's Botox

Andy is one of the most spineless and annoying big brother players ever


I am hoping that his cocky revelations of his actions with earlier HG’S give the others not in his true alliance a heads up on where he really stands within the game and they quit equating him as being in the same position as they are.


I hope the next Hoh, Spencer, Elissa, or Jessie if some miracle is still here Thursday wins Hoh. Amanda’s a huge threat in the game.


So much of this show is shady. I mean, who are these people? Amanda, Aaryn, and GM, have auditioned for a variety of reality shows, they will say anything and do anything to curry favor with the powers that be. The main problem with this show is that it’s becoming as phony as WWF, when you’re shooting for that demographic, this is the quality of contestants that you come up with. Also, the real reason that there is such animosity against Candice is twofold; she was recruited for the show, evidently she did’nt have to jump through hoops to get on, and these unoriginal bitches are taking a page out of the Ragan/Britney playbook which consisted of endlessly trashing ad nauseum, Rachel, after she left the house. Anyhow, I hope they have Candice’s two Moms at finale, so they can set that POS GM straight. PS-not dissing WWF fans!


Yep, the casting alone makes this show shady. I think anyone who has been watching this long enough knows that they are capable of casting better. So there had to be some sort of forethought in who the selected.


In the beginning I do not think that the people on the show were actors, but I definitely think they are now and not good actors. In the beginning I do not think jury members were paid and wow now they are paid because they are actors and are paid through actors equity. That is why the show is now so horrible and no one can mention production. I mean just think about it Elissa dyed her hair last week, but wow she has not won HOH and you could not bring hair dye with you in the house. Bad acting and worse writing. Go back to real people and production stop writing the show with predetermined characters.


Can Andy be evicted next, PLEASE? Let’s see what happens when the red-haired rat isn’t around to carry tales to Mcranda.


Can they all be evicted next and this lame season over with


I think that they made it a nine person jury to keep Candice away from the public as long as possible. They know that there would be a hot bed of attention in her and her experience in the house. There were many comments made (and still being made) that Candice doesn’t know about. I don’t see her lying down in regards to the comments and they know that. CBS as a whole has bad ratings and this attention is greatly needed. They want to ride this boat as long as they can. Seriously, this show should have been shut down when Spenser and Amanda made those awful remarks about harming Jessie.


They made it a 9 person jury when it looked as if A-man-DUH was actually going to be evicted. This would make it possible to have ‘America’ vote and bring her back in. The fact that no one would actually vote her back in wouldn’t matter. It’s pretty transparent actually.

As for HG comments, they are under contract. I’m sure there is a clause prohibiting them from speaking negatively about BB. Rachels’ interview of Nick regarding GM is a glaring example.


this may sound like an oxymoron, but if CBS really wants charismatic, brainy people given to elegant put~downs & subtle nuances,
my advice would be to go to a SCIENCE FICTION and/or hobbyist convention and puck out 16 neurotic gifted nerds from the greater
unwashed. they found 5 “show biz” wannabees with this group, whose deeper ambition in the end~zone is a secure ten or twenty
year stint inside the media mega~empire. it seems 9/10ths of the group wanted the JURY money badly almost over the prize money.
it begs a question as to whether the people who corporately “headhunt” and vet things picked up on the latent racism that went to
blatent on both Candice and Howard. The live streaming has alternated boredom and gossip by its very nature but CBS wanted to
egg on all confrontations! even though posting boards are given to hyperbole this group has been vomitable and given to excess!!!!

Ex Fan

CBS is training the viewers to have “group think” like most Americans. Group think is why our country is going to the dogs. The house is an example of how a group has no independence, self reliance and minds of their own. This is how our nation’s leaders want all of us to be like. Think of it as a training ground for the viewers who will vote idiots into political office each time. Follow mindlessly peons!!


I wish more people would realize this. Maybe our country wouldn’t go down the tube if people would just think for themselves instead of following the loudest “bully”.

Ex Fan

So, sit down, shut up and obey peons!! You have no say in the matter, just keep voting the same congress critters to HOH every few years and you will be safe!!

derick alaksa

Is it me or is Aaryn starting to look like Eddie Monster?


after andy’s hard work tattling and backstabbing to reach the final two, he’ll freak out when evicted before that time


Well the evidence in regards to the Amanda thing seems pretty incriminating. Even I have to admit that to me it seems more then plausible however if they are going to pre determine one then they have pre determined most if not all. So now we have to ask ourselves do we stop watching cause it’s nothing but a scam or do we realize that we are watching nothing but a glorified soap opera and no longer invest so much time in the “actors” as that’s all that they are. Which btw also means the rasism and overly sexually charged season has also been scripted as have the villains. So no longer can Candice and Howard be made to look like innocent parties to horrible reality show ( they were paid actors in a scripted environment ) and no longer can Amanda be dubbed the ” Evil Red Queen” , she is just an actress doing what she is told… Hmmmm definetly something to think about.


BB15 Wait til next week edition


when CBS’s “impromptu” chaotic BigBro is way more scripted
than NBC’s clever faux~reality Siberia… indeed, i must agree…


I stopped because if I want to watch a soap opera there are better on other networks, and just now just checking the spoilers. Bad acting, bad writing and bad production. Do not think any of it is reality any longer and all just poor writing with horrible acting makes it laughable. CBS you had me for a while but this year has shown me it is an ill thought up soap opera but a shame you did not get better actors to play the parts because all of the people are really bad actors, and now the secret is out that reality no way!


If McCrae is content seeing Spencer voted out of the game this week then he’s even more of a doped up idiot as he already comes across.


First, I’m a bit confused with all the “shady” and “sketchy” comments being thrown around in the house. “Shady” I can understand if someone is implying that a person is being underhanded. But “sketchy”? Apparently, it’s the new slang or at least it is in that house. It seems that “sketchy” is used very often amongst the houseguests to describe someone else’s behavior or tactics. They use it as an all encompassing word.

This entire season (and it’s legitimacy) is “sketchy” as far as I’m concerned. Nothing Big Brother production has done thus far has led anyone to believe that the show isn’t rigged for The Red Queen in the final outcome. And, yes, I do believe The Red Queen has a “friend” in production.

Now that Stoolie the Toad locked up the POV vote, tonight is actually the first time a player can make a MAJOR move. Stoolie can take Spencer down and put Helen up in his place. She’d be backdoored and out of the house. With Helen gone, Elissa, sadly, would flounder without anyone telling her how to vote. She would probably seek refuge with The Red Queen and McCrae (who would be telling her how Helen secretly talked about getting rid of her); but eventually even they wouldn’t need her. They already have Aaryn, Spencer, Stoolie the Toad and GinaMarie thinking they’re in an alliance with them. I think they would seek to get rid of Jessie first since she’s a wild card and then evict Elissa. Of course, that is assuming Spencer doesn’t try to raise his own private army again against The Red Queen and attempt (emphasis on “attempt”) to evict her. He could do that if he was able to get Jessie, Aaryn, GinaMarie and Elissa (assuming she’s still there) to form an alliance with him. I honestly don’t think McCrae is anybody’s target. He’s kept a very low profile and he really hasn’t pissed off a lot of people. If he should be on the block, McCrae is very capable of winning a POV to save himself.

We’ll see what happens over this coming week; but I’m hoping for a “surprise” shakeup on Thursday night.


My husband says in the end he would gain more respect for a big back door move not this wissy stuff.


They are calling themselves the Octopus alliance

Mc, Aaryn, Helen, GM

8 legs and spineless