McCrae “I just have a bad feeling about next week.. she’s getting ready to get rid of me”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

3:10pm Jessie and Andy

Jessie saying they are playing this game with a solid final 4. It’s so obvious Andy needs to give this a serious thought.
Jessie: ‘We have a 4 person alliance in this house with only 9 people in it.. and nobody is going after them”
Jessie says last week her and Helen were talking about getting Amanda out Helen thought it wasn’t the right time they keep getting an opportunity to do something in this game and they never take it.
Jessie: ‘Don’t get me wrong I love Helen .. I love McCrae and Amanda.. but we need to break up this final 4 alliance.. we’re stupid to think they will break up themselves “
Andy: ‘Ya ay aya “
J: ‘I know you think it’s too early but you have the votes.. I will put myself at a huge risk if you take Spencer off and put her (Amanda) up”
J: ‘I really do believe if you don’t we are all f**** doom.. each week that goes by they get more and more powerful”
Andy says the one reason for keeping them together is they will start going after each other soon.
J :I know they are thinking final 4 dude… why wouldn’t they .. cmon”
A: ‘Everything you are saying makes total sense to me but just to play Devils advocate.. If I make this move and Amanda goes I don’t know if Helen and Elissa would be after me”
Jessie tells him is he made this move he would be in a power position in the game.
Jessie explains that she’s talked to Helen before about this and Helen wants to do it but she doesn’t think the timing is right. Jessie adds right after Andy won the POV she asked Helen what is going to happen and she told her “Power move”. Then today when they are all talking up here Helen is pushing for Spencer to go. Jessie says Helen is getting on her nerves she says she wants a HUGE powermove but when it gets down to the nitty gritty Helen will stick with Amanda, McCrae and Elissa

Jessie: “ If you told her the timing is right she would be onboard. “

Andy understands he needs to be careful talking to Helen he doesn’t want it to get back to AManda

J: ‘Aaryn has done so much dirty work for them.. she a strong player she will be on his side and so will everyone else.. I know that all the pawns feel this way.. “
Jessie again tells him there a freaking final 4 in the house they will stick together.. this is a big move and it’s scary, Gm, Spencer, Aaryn and her will all have Andy’s back. Helen and Elissa will most likely to. The only person he has to worry about is McCrae and he will be scrambling.

(Good play Jessie I wish you would have won HOH)


3:39pm HOH Andy and McCrae
Andy says Jessie came up here and gave her a big pitch about a 4 person alliance that is ruling the house leaving 4 players on the outside and Andy in the middle.
Andy: ‘Why the f*** is everyone thinking this”
Andy says Jessie wants me to Backd**r Amanda this week. He confirms that He wants Jessie gone after his conversation with her.
Andy: “she said if Amanda doesn’t go this week she’ll take out Amanda next week.. that just sealed her fate.. and it sucks”
McCrae tells him to just keep saying the target is Spencer and when the votes come in and she goes home she just acts surprised.
Andy: ‘Pull a you week one”
MC: “I don’t know why but I have such a bad feeling.. about everything”
Andy: ‘Even if Spencer is lying about everything he’s not as dangerous as her”
MC: “Ya… this week doesn’t matter. I just have a bad feeling about going into next week.. I have a feeling I am going to be gone next week.. Amanda wants to have the wedding tomorrow.. ”
MC: “I feeling she’s getting ready to get rid of me”
Andy: ‘You think Amanda will cut you… really”
MC: ‘I’m a paranoid freak though”
Andy: “I don’t think she would do it now.. it would show me she’s not loyal”
Andy proposes they use GM to get rid of Elissa by making her think there is a 4 person alliance running the house.
MC says even Helen has been saying she knows Elissa won’t make it far.
They agree to solidify their final 4 with Helen, make up a name and everything. (Helen, Andy, Amanda and McCrae would be their new final 4)
Andy says Helen is on board with them cutting Elissa and forming a final 4. McCrae and Andy both agree every time they talk in the DR they get super paranoid about what is going on in the game.

CBS Interactive Inc.


Amanda joins them and Andy gets called to the Diary room..
MC fills her in on Jessie trying to get Andy to backd***r Amanda.
Amanda: “So she has to go”
MC: ‘Thats what Andy said.. it just sealed her fate”
Amanda: ‘Ya it’s super easy”
They agree Spencer isn’t easy to trust either but they now know what
Jessie will do ..
McCrae thinking they need a backup plan just incase one of the first four jury members comes back. McCrae thinks there is a good chance it will be either a jury member comeing back for 24 hours or they come back to play the game. If it’s JUDD he’ll come back to F*** sh!t up but McCrae thinks he’ll go after Helen and elissa first.

McCrae gets called in theto the Diary room and Andy joins them (Drink)

Andy: ‘Jessie came in here guns blazing wanting me to put up you.. it makes sense for her because she doesn’t know how close we are”
Andy: ‘She essentially wants me to go against everyone I’m allied with and go with anyone I’m not allied with”

Andy doesn’t want Spencer to win HOH next week. Amanda: ‘He has to go next.. “ she adds that the next HOH will be physical so Spencer Will not be winning it.
Amanda points out that because of Spencer they now have a better idea what GM is thinking about.
Spencer and MCCrae join them and Andy tells Spencer he is safe this week so they should just humour Jessie and let her go through the week.



4:19pm Backyard Aaryn, Amanda and MCCrae

Aaryn is saying she cannot stand Spencer anymore. MC and Amanda agree. Aaryn adds she gets the feeling that Spencer Is not a good person. MC says next week is going to be scary he really needs to win the HOH. Amanda thinks they all need to fight their a$$es off.
Amanda wants Spencer To leave the HOH so they can all go up there and talk.
Aaryn: ‘I’m so over him.. he’s already screwed me over one”
MC leaves. Amanda tells her Jessie went up to Andy and told him to backd**r Amanda so she is going home, “Jessie will be blindsided”

Aaryn: “Damn.. Spencer Is going to put me up if he wins against Elissa”
Amanda: ‘Then she will go home.. I think he’ll put up Helen and Elissa.. he’s not putting you up 100%”

Amanda: “if GM wins HOH next week we have to make a final 3 deal with her”
Amanda says McCrae wants to take Elissa out soon.
Aaryn: ‘I’ll do it”
Amanda: “I’ll do it to”
Aaryn’s major worry is people are going to start targeting her because of all the competition wins.
Jessie joins them


4:35pm HOH Andy and Spencer

Spencer would put up Helen and Elissa if he won HOH. His target would be Helen. He says it’s not personal he’s just really worried about Helen’s ability to win the competitions. They both agree elissa sucks at competitions and is therefore not very dangerous.

Spencer: ‘Who ever wins next week will put up Amanda/McCrae or Helen/Elissa”

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CBS Interactive Inc.

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O god.

When’s since is this a massive team effort. Helen n Amanda have got to goooo

Andy is a rat and can’t play for himself. They are all talking like its early in the game and the time isn’t right for anything major. Wtf ppl get a clue. Who are these morons. Holy faaaaakkk

So lets just be idiots n play together til the end n take all power players to the end … I’m starting to believe Amanda really was predestined to win.

Prognosis Negative

If in doubt, trust the gay guy. Jessie, well its to late now. Andy has sold you out three times and you went to Andy for fourth helping. I am with Judd on this one. You keep wanting to flip the house but you neither are the HOH or a member of an alliance. Now you are definitely out his time around. No POV comp that can save you. Why couldn’t you stay low this week and try to flip the house as HOH. Oh Jessie…..its over.


ANDY just told on Jessie you will all SEE AMANDA in action after it gets back to her ?


Howard said over and over AMANDA AND HELEN needed to be voted out for it to be a level field for all .


Ladies and Gentlemen….the HG continue to be paranoid inside the BB House.

Still… real game play discussed.


Yet you continue to believe that some strategy is going to happen and these players will want to get Amanda and Helen out. That’s not going to happen. Not sure whose more paranoid, BB15 house guests or the people on this blog that keep thinking something is going to change.


Why does Julie Chen keep saying this is the BIGGEST season of big brother ever??? doesn’t she realize this season is the BIGGEST FLOP EVER?????


1000% agree.

I’ve watched every season ever and this is by far the absolute worst. Period.
And I didn’t even mind the 9th season. …

Biggest season by far in numbers… Earlier start date. Other than that Allison can’t shove this season right up her hooha


*** can.

Dang correction


To cast of bb15:

How does it feel to collectively be the worst and most hate cast ever on bb?

Individual level is a diff story.


I think the biggest problem with the season is how weak willed everyone except Amanda & Helen are. No matter who wins HOH, Amanda & Helen decide the nominees. Then everybody “reluctantly” votes however “the house” (the house being Amanda & Helen) tells them to, so all the HOH & POV contests are pointless. Helen & Amanda always decide the order of elimination. I’ve never seen a season before with 2 players and a house full of sheep. I would think the obvious move would be to nominate them both against each other, but the other players (if you can even call them that) are way too intimidated.


I think she meant longest


Because it’s longer and a weekly MVP that did nothing to change the game. CBS will say anything to get/keep viewers.


Sooo sorry that Jessie had to talk to Andy the RAT. I am sure she is going to be evicted next.


Andy you are a spineless dick head, you are heartless. CBS please bring in a twist to save Jessie.


The thing with Jessie is that she does float. Although she wasn’t a mean girl, her game wasn’t strong and she confided in the wrong people.

Even last week, the closest person to her (Judd), was campaigning for her to be out. Sadly, her gameplay will not get her to the final 2 unless she bypass eviction this week and she wins competitions. I know….I know….we want to cheer the underdog on, but….take a good look…..

Who will take Jessie to the final 2 unless she wins competitions? She has to be the one to decide if she gets the power.


The thing is…there are no good people left in the game to “confide” in for Jesse. She is stuck between a rock and a hard place.


Jessie is gone, all the action is going to be in the Jury House real soon. I wonder if Jessie and Judd will make up. Its a perfect horror story. A small town guy is off his meds and is rejected by a big city woman. Yep I have seen this storyline a thousand times on the Life Time Channel. I wonder if Candice goes back in the game, will Andy be the first person she tries to ally with.


She had no choice but to float because she wasn’t liked by the racists nor the super friends. I give her kudos to making it this far despite it all to be fair.


In other words, not sneaky enough. Needed to be more like Andy, Shady Fuck in charge. Funny how the Shadiest Fucks are constantly calling everyone else Shady Fucks. Lol




I agree with you 100% The only rat in the house is ANDY. It breaks your heart to see everyone gang up on Jessie. Amanda is starting to believe her own lies. Amanda’s family must be so disappointed in her. Jessie is the only one willing to make a big move and no one gives her credit for that. no surprise Andy doesn’t have the balls to make a big move, just a safe move. I think Jessie would make a great bachelorette even if its another network.


That’s the thing about pathological liars and narcissists, they live by their own lies. They will never believe the opinions of others that they are racist or a$$holes or in any way bad people. That’s why Amanda, Aaryn, et al, will be just fine when they get out of the house. It sucks that the nice people are the ones who have doubts and believe the internet hate, but, yeah, life sucks sometimes. (I do think Ginamarie is going to have a lot of trouble emotionally when she sees how her life has been even further decimated by her behavior in the house, but it’ll be all, America is wack, yo! I’m a great person! Then later she’ll get drunk and cry and ask Why doesn’t anyone like me??)


Don’t know if you’ve seen the show called “Princesses: Long Island”. It’s a vapid show about Jewish girls late 20s living at home, don’t work and literally cry until they hyperventilate because they;re not married! The series basically follows them around trying to get hitched. Some of the girls are friends with GM (crying until hyperventilating over Nick much?) . Lot’s of backlash on them too. so, she’ll just go back to her bubble in Long Island and they’ll all tell her how great she is and life will continue as usual. Meh.


Andy get a a solid truthful clue, and he debunks it like a good sheep. I can’t wait til his eyes are pried open, but it will be too late and he’ll be in Jury with a stupid look on his face. He could even take out Helen this week, why the fuck would you wait? You have the veto, and numbers to backdoor her, they’re planning to do the same thing next week, so why not now?

LMFAO @ Them claiming they need to win, we all know it won’t be Amanda, so the weight is solely on McCrae, and he’s going to choke, and either Elissa or Helen will win HOH, and MAYBE make a move.. Take out Helen this week idiots, no logical reasoning in waiting.


Yep. Andy seems content to finish 3rd behind Amanda/McCrae or Helen/Elissa. That pays zero.


I know right…I can’t believe that he doesn’t realize if he goes final 3 or 4 w/McCrae & Amanda…They’ll choose to take each other in the F2 over him…he really needs to wake up and make a big move while he has a chance and get one of those 2 out. I don’t think Andy will make far it’s just a matter of time.


Off topic question : does anyone know if Nick has responded to gina marie’s obsessive shenanigans?


Yea, he said in a interview with Rachel that he’s flattered by her obsession, I don’t think dude understands how serious it is, but he’ll find out soon enough when Alex Forrest shows up at his parents house, knocked up by someone else claiming she’s pregnant with Nick’s baby.


What’s with all the thumbs down?


the pure stupidity of this season continues. CBS needs to forfeit the grand prize (500K), nobody in the house earned it.


Wish I could give your comment 100 thumbs ups!


If he takes out Helen or Amanda, this week, he’ll have the numbers either way, dude is pathetic if he can’t see that.


Yes he does… to be a BB fan and follow, he sure has no game play or clue of the BB game. Go home Andy.


Since it is all scripted by writers does anyone really think they get the money since it is a bunch of would be actors playing parts or do they just get their pay from actors equity? Now it just reminds me of the rigged game shows of the 40’s or 50’s that caused the huge scandal. Any ideas?


Taking out helen or amanda would be a horrible move for andy. Its what all of america wants but for his game it would be stupid neither of them will go after him until final 3 and he would lose two jury votes. If he wanted to make a big move it would be better for him to go after mccrae or aaryn because their both good at comps and helen and amanda suck.


Respectfully disagree, all in jury would grant the win to Andy because he got the ones out of the house that they all think ran the house. He would win based on game play alone if he got Amanda and Helen and McCrae out of the house. McCrae and think Helen would let Andy win because of his game play only Amanda would take it personal.


Oh McCrae you got a little skank on the hang low and now you’re whipped! Just wait till the season is over and your DD’s are gone home to find out she is jobless!


What is the videobrother link again?


Lets hope for a special power and give it to Jessie or Elissa, they can replace the nominees on the block and put up Amanda and McCray, I am so sick of Andy, AAryn, Helen, Amanda. and McCray. I want a mass eviction, and bring 5 new players in, They think the other people in the house are annoying, Please you 5 look in the mirror for annoying people!!!


Omg, I so wish they would do that. Just give the coup d’état to Jessie so she can put up Amanda and Helen next to eachother. No veto, just vote, and one of those assholes has to go. They did it on Big Brother Canada!!!


Elissa drank the koolaid a while back.


I hope Andy gets caught and evicted next week. He is a total floater and useless. He had a chance to make a big move and show guts, but of course he is only a follow and does whatever he is told. Why does BB even have HOH’s this year, as it has been totally useless… They should give America the Chance to be HOH and elect the people on the block!!!


I agree this is boring as hell right now, but at the end of the day only 2 people can sit in the finals, and these spineless sheep will have no choice but to turn on each other and less a$$holes will leave and the day when these people regret not making a move each other earlier they will feel like morons… aka Andy and Helen.

I also seriously cannot wait until September 18th comes when they get out of the real world and these delusional people see what america thinks of them as a whole.

This Season Blows

Twist: the entire cast is evicted, nobody wins any money, Grodner is fired and the new producer stops rigging the game, goes back to basics, and hires a better casting agency next year.

I can dream, right?


I don’t blame the casting agency. The agency narrows the masses down to a manageable number, using the criteria provided by the producers. The producers make the final selection and determination of who is on the show.


When the show first started, I remember that they used to do EXTENSIVE background checks and psychological evaluations on HGs to ensure there weren’t any maniacs in there. Now it seems they just find people in bars, make them sign a disclaimer and throw them in together to fight to the death.


I blame them! CBS did a terrible job picking this group? I have been wondering if they rushed to pick people because that is what it seems like


DON’T HIRE ACTORS; Go back to getting regular people on the show.

Someone Help Jessie

Yep, Jessie’s goose is cooked. But if she learns this – I still think she can cause some damage – hopefully she’ll go out with guns blazing.


GinaMarie can tell Jessie that her mom loves her because they are like roomies and repeat 70 times.


I wonder what would happen if someone in jury refused to vote for a winner! That would be great to just say nope I’m not voting for someone to win!


Lol. We all understand what you’re saying Jessie. But Andy is a gutless rat snake and Helen maybe the most annoying dumbest BB player ever. Seriously Andy do you think Amanda and McPizza will take you to finals they’ll blindside you… Idiot.


where is the link to the live streaming again? (sorry)


You know this week is going to bad when the first 30 minutes of the episode is about last week.


Hey, is’nt it a coincidence that there is an Amanda Zuckerman who works at Boogie’s Corporation?


WAKE UP PEOPLE! I love reading everyone’s assessments of the power in the house. Amanda and Helen are controlling the house right!
WRONG! The puppet master is Andy. He controls the controllers. He goes to Helen to see what she wants to do, if it’s to his benefit he agrees. He then goes to Amanda/McCrea and does the same. If either of them say we want to backdoor the other side he talks them out of it, tells them it’s too early. He gets no blood or credit, but he gets what he wants. He controls the house (although they don’t know it) and is everyone’s buddy, he’s not a target of anyone, but make no mistake, he is the power in this house. He is manipulating the manipulators. He’s even money to win this game.


I completely agree and don’t understand why having the best social game in the house and being a major player earns him the title of rat. He alone bridges all of the groups in the house. He’s maximizing the use of his social skills, which he had no choice but to do because he’s not in a twosome. I admire the fact that he’s got his finger in every pie and no one is the wiser (yet). Ultimately, I don’t think he’ll win if the couples don’t get broken up.

A lot of people are praising on these boards Jessie because she wants to break up the couples. She’s not being smart about it by being so vocal about it, though. I’m not sure I understand why she’s getting so much credit for this when each couple in the house talks about breaking up the other couple in the house on the regular basis, just not in front of the whole house. Timing and the ability to read the person you’re talking to is everything, and Jessie is really lacking in those areas.


Helen: ” I don’t wanna waste a double eviction on Jesse I want to take out a big fish….. ”

Judd… JUDD a big fish! Oh my frigging lord. No Helen , Amanda is a big fish. Clueless.


I do not know why this feed is saying that Helen said too early to nominate AMMC alliance when the show I am watching now is that Helen telling Andy to put up AMMC alliance.


production probably told her to say those things to appeal to the people who don’t read these boards or watch live feeds and watch only the episodes on television. everyone who doesn’t just watch the episodes knows Helen is spineless and will do whatever Amanda wants her to do. it’s very easy to sit there and tell somebody else to do it. if she was a “power player” and as in control as her delusional ass wishes she was, she would either win HOH or have the power to make Andy make a big move. she has no one but Elissa behind her (she sent everyone else packing), she will never make a move, all she does is ass kiss, she thinks JUDD was a big move, she’s seriously delusional. i’m also curious who she thinks she has behind her asides Elissa that makes her this big “power player” she keeps saying she is. Aryan, GM, McRae, and Andy are all with Amanda. Jessie and Spencer are in no man’s land. she always talks a big game like she did on tonight’s episode but nothing ever comes of it, she backs out or says “it’s too soon” and her ass will be gone either next HOH or the one after that. she’s done.


I agree wit you Helen is delusional She thinks she is so smart but she is afraid of Amanda


Andy – I understand that I need to be careful talking to Helen because I do not want her going back to Amanda.
I almost choked, when I read this. Seriously! The first thing Andy did was run to Amanda and McCrae. I can’t stand the way this little snitch is playing the game. Someone please send this weasel home!

CBS air time sucks

Why are they spending half the air time on Sunday what we already know from lat Thursday?


Sunday night’s first half hour was a Monday morning quarterbacking rehash of last Thursday…

the second half had contestants placing small green melons or large cherries on a pretend soda.

Once again Big Brother has been extremely surreal. i admit i did like seeing Judd again, even so…


You should watch to know what Helen really wanted Andy should have done. She thumb down his nominations. She really wanted andy to nominate Amanda and Mccrea. This feed is misleading us on Helen and cannot understand why. Simon must not like Asian.


Seriously? If you’d read all of the recaps, one of Helen’s initial convos with Andy about his nominations was shown on TV tonight where she expressed to Andy’s face (which was cut out on TV) that she thought his noms were the safe move. Then later, after she’d thought about it, she agreed that it was too early to go after MC and Amanda–all covered in the recaps on this site. I believe her confessional on tonight’s show was filmed between those two instances.


Yes seriously, one conversation of Andy with Aryan, he said that Helen told her to nominate AAMC But he said no and Halen got mad him. This is what he told Aryan.

Amanda's Towel

World’s longest eviction recap.


Wow, watching the episode, and Im already up in arms. I never know Candice was adopted…GM is vile! Everybody is crying and all i hear is Amanda’s voice over, “judd was MVP”…..AARRGGHH, she is dead wrong and somehow convinces 6 other people. really!!??


Jessie is my hero this season (even if it is pre-determined to be Amanda’s win).
Besides what the rumours and gossip and fodder for people who don’t watch the feeds, she has not made advances towards all the men in the house at the beginning, she has not lost her integrity, she has not sold her body for votes.
I have admired her the entire season because she has learned and grown as a human being after being taunted and used.
She has shown her humanness in every conversation and has great ability to examine herself..
I pray for a miracle but I know God has ‘bigger fish to fry’ than righting the wrongs on Big Brother 15.


If America gets to vote for someone to come back into the game, I am voting for Judd. His goodbye was more awkward than I thought


Candice warned Judd that if she went he would be next but he wouldn’t listen.


That was tense just to watch on TV. You know the commercial break minutes seemed like hours in the living room as Judd plead for his life. If he wasn’t going to win the whole thing, it’s probably good for Judd that he went out when he did as his likability had begun to nose dive recently.


Just watched JUDD the Idiot go out like a PUSSY!!!!


I know right They could have taken Amanda out but he refused He thought he was in alliance with Amanda I dont understand why everyone keeps saying they feel sorry 4 him He got what he deserved


elisa, who has no strategy, and basically one ally

yes, lets target her.



This game needs to be played like Jack Sparrow plays all sides in the movies..the people in this game are playing this game like they are part of the East India Trading Company…they’re afraid to tick off the powers that be, and so they blindly side with them until they are picked off one by one.


two thumbs up for a brilliantly worded historic analogy…


Gameplay notwithstanding, Aaryn and GM have just got to go. CBS should have kicked them out of the house, and I’d like to think that if I was locked in BB I would have gone to the producers and told them if you don’t kick them out I’m walking out the door.


There is no way to know what kind of a contract they sign before coming into the house. Self evicting could be financially bad for them. Leaving entirely and not going to jury could make them liable for huge sums of money.

Easy for us to take a stand from the sidelines out here.


So from that added footage tonight, the reason Judd got evicted was because Amanda believed he was MVP and convinced Aaryn and Helen that was MVP.

Now that MVP is over, Julie Chen should really tell them all that America was MVP, not Judd, just to add some more guilt to Aaryn’s conscience.


Aaryn made me LOL @Amanda your man has eliminated you. I don’t know why I thought that was so funny.

Jeez Louise

JUDD’s eviction was hard to watch. I really feel bad for him. I hope he gets to come back into the game.

I’m just not sure what to think of Spencer. He’s not likeable enough to root for but he seems to have some decent game moves in mind if he can get a chance to put them in play. This is just the weirdest bunch of people they could have ever come up with to put in that house. The producers need to come up with a new strategy next season. Maybe try putting a bunch of Alpha personalities in the house instead of a house full of Betas.

Amanda breakdown

Waaaah Amanda crying to Mccrae because she wanted to win HoH she is mad he did not throw it Wahhh


The trouble with throwing that game is that there would have been no way to do it without it being very obvious. That game is hard because it is a combination of luck and coordination


Well guys, every year there’s that something that everyone complains about. We all wanted an all newbie cast, and we got it. Perhaps it WAS a good thing that they kept bringing back veterans..


New drinking game comment, “It’s to early.”

Conspiracy theory:
Anyone notice that Amanda has said what the upcoming comps are, she new the last POV, and said this up coming HOH is endurance. Don’t remember if she said any of the others previous, but I find it odd she said it like she knew it. Saw it on the feeds and she was confidant about it.


If Amanda every does win an HOH will the letter she gets be from her husband or from his attorney?


Umm she’s actually not married. Oh wait, that was a joke. Ok. Umm Ha


after watching tonights show it is official with me .. every word out of HELL`S mouth is that of a French fish (POISON) .. I had to walk away I couldn’t listen to that LIAR and BS person for another second… would love to see her butt out the door next week as Judd walks back in … she is pure SNAKE


I feel like I just cheated on Simon/Dawg: I went to another site and it said that they’re asking GinaMarie how to make pretzels, and she says she once saw Famous Anus once make them.
Very much needed comic relief.
You are still my Number 1 site.


I love everyone here sucking Jessie’s d*ck. She doesn’t do anything. At all people. She just loses comps, or Judd takes 5gs and bequeaths a veto to her. She wants to get rid of Amanda and McCrea soooo bad, yet its always too bad….get over it girl. Why not Helen?? Or Elissa?? Or aaryn whose a beast in comps. Boohoo to Amanda??? Helen overplays all the time too. She thinks she can cheerlead her way into peoples ideas and thoughts and its gonna bite you girl. Jessie needs to get her obsession with Amanda over for Christ’s sake. Helen also needs to understand that liars get lied to because they are liars.


hey my opinon i think candice should come back cause the way she was trated was wrong in if i do get to vote for who comes back i voting for her in i really want elssia to win hoh this week cause i do belive she make a big move in this game


Andy needs to start thinking about himself. When it gets down to it, Amanda and McCrae will have no problem cutting him.

Judd Fan

Production please tells HGs that America voted Amanda the last 2 Weeks. Before the wedding PLEASE. Bring Judd Back!


I dont want Judd back. He treated Jessie horribly and he didn’t listen to people who warned him that he will be backdoored. If he comes back, he will still be Amada’s lapdog and wont do anything else except get rid of Jessie (If she is still there) and Elissa (who has no power). Snoozeworthy.


I dont get how they keep saying on tonight’s show getting Judd was a huge move? ??? Getting Amanda or McCrea would be a big move. I guess this really shows they don’t know what a big move is.


Coup de tat for Jessie!!!! Get this game going!!!! (Just in case CBS trolling this site because I know they do).


Coup De Ville at least – this girl needs a new car.


These HGs are dumb as bags of rocks! The pawn players are going wait until they are all used by the Black Queen Amanda to take out everyone else. Mark my words, Amanda is going to be sitting next to the Red Queen aka Aryan Nation at the end for that money. Amanda doesn’t want to be sitting next to McCrae, Helen, or Andy. She wants McCrae to think they are going to get married at the end of this and remember all that good undercover loving she been dispensing for his vote. She will dare everyone else to vote for the racist narcissist entitled blond chick. LOL. BB15 is going to be so funny at the end. Too bad, it will take six more weeks for this to happen. The Pawns in the house are gonna wait until they can’t do nothing to save themselves. Only thing that is happening now is watching in what order all these people get taken out by Amanda.


Im hoping there is a new twist soon. That allows america to vote a jury member back into the game. If this does happen it should happen somewhere between the final 6-5 . If this plays out as I predict then Candice or (if evicted) Jessie should come back.