Big Brother Spoilers POV results “Dude I F***** up”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


Andy Wins the POV

8:27pm Helen, Spencer, McCrae and Helen

Spencer: “Dude I f**** up my back is killing me”
Andy Jessie was pretty awful at that
Helen: ‘Elissa was really good at that”

Helen: “That was intense.. that lady sang at the worst time
Spencer: “She was singing that Annie song.. the sun will come out tomorrow”

Amanda: “I’m the reigning champion of the house now I haven’t won any competition”
Helen: ‘Andy has won two in a row now”


8:38pm Kitchen Power of Veto competition was called “Blood, Bolts and Bandages”

8:43pm Andy: ‘It’s bullshit that the Winner didn’t get as much time to eat candy”


8:45pm Jessie, GM and Aaryn

Jessie says the competition was really hard. Everyone was really close. Aaryn knows it’s really stressful being on the block but she doesn’t think Jessie is going home.

Jessie: “Spencer did very well .. he almost won.. he’s killing it in Vetos”
Aaryn thinks she needs to remind Andy that.
Jessie is going to let Andy enjoy his victory tonight then talk to him tomorrow.
Aaryn: “Four days anything can happen in four days”
Jessie: ‘Thats what scares me.. that was the worst competition ever..”

Aaryn says she would have lost that competition 100%. Jessie says Spencer has 10 years more experience shopping at the grocery store. She thinks in the POV competition thus gives him an advantage.
Jessie: ‘Plus he works at the railroad tracks he see sh!t bundled together every day”
J: “Do you think it’s bad I’m not hanging out with the group right now”
A “no you don’t want to be fake”
J “I’m just scared he’s going to start throwing me under the bus and saying sh!t about me.. making up lies “
A “does he do that “
J “he’s the type of person that would do anything”
A “that is what they are doing .. they’re trying to make him feel comfortable”
Aaryn says she’s pushing for Jessie to stay and she’ll keep doing that throughout the week.
Jessie: ‘Well if you were pushing for me to stay who was pushing for me to leave”
Aaryn says no one was they just told her she’s going up as a pawn. Aaryn mentions that Elissa HATES Spencer. Aaryn tells come Wednesday she needs to start making deals. Jessie needs 3 votes to tie and 4 to stay. Aaryn: ‘You just can’t freak out… you can’t”
Aaryn: ‘I’m going to do my best to get everyone to keep you”
Jessie: “Just say I’m so weak socially I don’t talk to game with people anymore”
Aaryn told Helen that Jessie was not coming after them but Spencer is.

Aaryn tells Jessie she is just the pawn (This is a lie)

Gm rolls in with a giant burp


A look at the POV competition

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Did Aaryn steal Kaitlin’s eyebrows before she was evicted?


Haha kaitlin was known for her eyebrows, it does look like Aaryn is wearing her eyebrows just like her.Sad thing is Kaitlin was a beautiful woman until Jeremy marked his territory then she became disgusting .


Her eyebrows are horrible….looks like quotation marks.


OMFG I am watching her talk to Andy right now, I was JUST about to
post the exact same thing name!
Poor Kait walking around with no eyebrows ='(

Too F’n funny!


Damn the sheep won, I wanted to see the hoodrat GM to sing a rap song to Candice in the jury.


I don’t know if I should be happy or not….

This either means that Helen is getting backdoored (YESYES PLEASE F*CKING YES) or that Jessie is going home (——_____——)


Elissa is going to be backdoored


So agree with you! Either one leaving is fine with me, but I hope he backdoors Helen.


Another boring week… I’d be fine in BB pulled a page out of BBUK’s book. Scrap the season and start over with a brand new cast.

Tellie J

Did that really happen. Wow… so instead of waiting for the players to make a move the network did. Nice!

King Goldy

i just read it. BBUK told the players they were boring and they needed to do something entertaining so the broke into the camera runs and were punished by the 100k prize being taking away. They need to do that to this season. After Jeremy left this season has been a bust. Becuase the House (Amanda & Helen) rules the game. While everyone else are pawn on and off the block.


What happened that season? Was it so boring they just started over? I wish people at CBS read discussion forums like these ones. Something exciting needs to happen. I can’t believe how boring this season is going!

Teri B

I’m a huge fan of BBUK….I’d be interested to know when that happened so that I can watch it!!


I watched one season of BBUK, because I’m a HUGE big brother fan- but I hated it! There’s no strategy whatsoever! The players cannot discuss nominations, and so there’s no TEAM strategy possible. You get penalized for even HINTING to nominate someone.

Teri B

There’s no strategy needed because the public does the voting. For me, it’s all about the relationships/dynamics (yes, including love/hate, etc) and the fun (and sometimes hilarious) tasks they have them do. Plus, even more fun ensues (and sometimes trouble) in the evenings because they let them drink….a LOT.

I never got into Survivor, and I’ve been told that CBS crafted this show after Survivor (forming alliances, etc). I guess that makes me more open to this type of format. It’s really apples and oranges. It’s just more my “cuppa tea” I guess. :))))


The people on this site don’ like team strategy. They call them sheep.


It’s not strategy, it’s appease the house. The house, the house, the house. OMG!

Teri B

I know, right? AARRGGHH!!!


My understanding is he would backdoor GM. He told both Spencer and Jessie they were safe, so to keep that promise he would have to. Really, if he wanted Jessie to go home and he wanted no blood on his hands (his words) why did he bother to win the veto? He could have let someone else open the back door with it. He’d still get to choose. I don’t get it.


fear not the wolves who lead the sheep but the sheep who lead the wolves…follow the busserts




noooooooooooooooooooo why jessie, why didn’t u win.. ugggg


My guess is Jessie sucks at poker?

Amandas Vagina

She stinks at poker but I’m da Bomb!


Reality: Andy keeps the noms the same and Jesse goes home
Fantasy: Andy , on Amanda’s advice since he’s so close to her, takes Jesse off the block and puts up Helen. First to strike.

Tellie J

If he puts up Helen, no one will come after him. Not even Elissa. But this is Andy that we are talking about.


Come now….no one has made a move all season….what makes you think Andy would even in your fantasy? lol


It’s not in Andy’s best interest to get rid of Helen but he’s amanda’s rat so i guess its possible!


Wishful thinking, but they have the votes(mc, amanda, aaryn, gm).

Ians Beer

That’s it??? Andy won POV? Sheesh…I feel so used!


Looks like another boring robotic week for the HG’s…
Jessie will go home unless Andy grows a pair and
backdoors Helen or Demanda… wishful thinking!!!


We can have wishful thinking of who we want to evict…..BUT, we are not Amanda or Helen.

They hold the cards. The nominations will stay the same. predictable.

I crave Pandora’s Box so bad…any twist for that matter. OMG……Why Production? Why must I beg?

Have we not suffered enough with this cast? with this season?

No need

No need to watch the episode of big brother tommorow yawn.Officially he worst big brother ever.

No Need


Jim 64

Well does Andy have the guts to make a big move I doubt it .
So I guess it’s goodbye Jessie .

Tellie J

Every time I get my hopes up, nothing happens. Andy… do right with that Veto. And by do right thing, I mean act like you are trying to win $500,000 and play! You will be the least memorable player next to David if you don’t do this.

Big Brother

Hey at least David made Big Brother history by not spelling a word in the competition. I rather watch a whole DR session of David even though I hate him he justs crack me up than watch this people kissing Amanda ass and Helen sayion you know.


Well now, let’s not forget that Elissa didn’t “officially” spell a word either.. LOL …. Since potroast isn’t 1 word !!!!! I think that’s the hardest I laughed all season.

Geez Louise

Oh great! I wonder if he will use the VETO? The suspence is killing me. (Insert much sarcasm).
Is it just me or does Aaryn and Amanda always have a look on their face that says “I need to be slapped”?


Ok ok Next Week is here ok ok. Time for Andy to make a big move or forever be known as nothing but Amanda’s yappy ankle biting lap dog.

Privy Council

the look you’re referring to I would say is that of a narcissist getting her high. Here’s a great definition from Wikipedia.

“Persons diagnosed with a Narcissistic Personality Disorder are characterized by unwarranted feelings of self-importance. They have a sense of entitlement and demonstrate grandiosity in their beliefs and behavior. They have a strong need for admiration, but lack feelings of empathy for others. These qualities are usually defenses against a deep feeling of inferiority and of being unloved”

It’s worth reading the list of symptoms on the Wiki page to see if you see anyone you know. McCrae needs to read it so he can understand McManda.

William Conder

Well, all these people are lame! Elissa and Helen are my last hopes for this sea.son, but they need to start winning some comps and making moves. The season of Amanda and her minions is old. I want some twists or something in there, and I’ll bet BB ratings plummet if things do not change!


If Andy doesn’t make a big move with the veto, I’m done with watching the show. I’ll check in here of course because you guys are more interesting by far. And lets face it we know more about BB here than people who just watch the show.


andy won pov, so bye-bye jessie!


This season is pretty boring, really.


Oh Goody, now the nominations can stay the same and we can be bored out of mind. This blows!!!

You know

Well Andy you know now is not the time to use the veto, You know making a big move will not be good for our game.We have to all vote with the house because we love each other you know.Amanda has our best interest she is such a nice person you know.


Ok ok you know ok


I wonder if Andy realizes that if he doesn’t make a big move now that will follow him back to Chicago. He will forever be asked WHY!!!!! And that’s mild compared to how the people of Chicago will react.


So you are telling me Andy is from my hometown Chicago? Wow how disappointing…


It gets even better for you !! (or worse depending how you see it)….. Helen is from the Windy City as well… Nooooooo!!!!! Congrats Chicago, you’ve supplied to this years edition of BB a rat & a person who says “I love you” more often than a Barbra Streisand love song,


Awesome, Andy won it. He won’t want to make any changes and we can finally say goodbye to whiny, needy Jessie.

Seriously, how can anyone really like her with all that attention seeking neediness? Who here really thinks she has ANY game at all. If she did she would be one of the 4 or 5 running the place. Every time she says something along the lines of what about me I want to send her straight back into anonymity

If anyone truly likes her tell me why. What is it about her as a person you like? What is it about her game you like? And I mean game, not just she hates Amanda as much as you do or she wants to shake things up now that she sees the handwriting on the wall. If she was stepping into an all new season with an all new cast with her same personality and same game play, what would you like about her? I really want to know.

Tellie J

Jessie may not have ‘game’ per se but she is the only one who had the balls to actively try to kick Amanda out. If it weren’t for Andy the Rat, she probably could have orchestrated something but she just didn’t have the numbers.


It’s not “balls”, it’s desperation. Where was her “balls” earlier in the game when it did’t all come down to Andy? Desperation seems to sum up her entire personality. Who here can’t picture her at home with a tub of haagen daz ice cream crying her eyes out about how unfair it is that there’s just no great guys out there anymore.

The reason I brought this up is I cant believe how many votes she got in the favorite player vote. I attribute any votes for her at all to only being either she hates Amanda as much as the voter or she’s the only hope at the moment for a shake up in the house now that she see’s seen her fate and is reaching for any straw she can. To me neither quality rates a favorite vote. Queen Bee does make a valid point, but I think it’s equally clear there would be no reason at all to be on team Jessie if she hadn’t got herself into such a bad position thanks to her horrible game play.


I like Jesse because yes she’s our only hope for an interesting game coz if she wins she’ll put up Amanda. That’s a good enough reason to like her despite your saying it’s not what you wanna hear, everyone has their reasons and reasons don’t have to be so deep. This is only Big Brother. She doesn’t have to be a great game player for me to like her she just has to be against the people I want out.
Game wise she’s toast and Helen and Amanda are better game players. As for her neediness every houseguests has annoying habits, but that doesn’t get to me. Hope that explains it, but I’m sure other viewers have their reasons why they like her.


This has been an impossible season to find anybody to like & root for, I could not stand the sight of Jessie from the 1st episode with her “all the girls will be jealous of me, I want a SHowmance” But circumstances change!!!!!! She’s very immature BUT she stood up for herself, stood her ground when she had 3 girls & 1 asshat bashing her the night of the bed flip!!!! She stayed in her bed til it got so bad that JUDD did get her out of there!!!!! She’s young & she’s been on the outs of every group but she’s still there & when Amanda tried to do the fake apology bs the next morning Jessie didn’t’ fall for it & even told her “Oh, come on, You have a panic attack when McCrae in the DR too long Amanda” I loved that she said that back to her, shutting Amanda down, something the rest of em can’t/won’t do except Spencer & then even then he chilled & claimed he was after Candice not Amanda….


Wow Andy was playing a really good social game but he really screwed himself this week he should of just kept losing the only thing these wins will do is give him enemies he didn’t have before. Now helen and amanda are just going to get annoyed he won’t make a big move and there’s no way he will get jessies vote after promising he had big plans and she’s safe. Still think he’s playing a good social game but I don’t see him getting any money.


well this sucks.


Hmm, can someone explain to me how they knew it was the “Hold’em/Fold’em” comp? Amanda was talking about it earlier, did they get a practice thing or something?

Andy's Conscience


Big Brother

Watching Dan’s funeral is more unpredictable than this season and I already watch Dan’s funeral like ten times.

Big Brother

sorry for double posting that it just irritates me how they play the game. The whole cast just make Marcellas seems like the greatest big brother player ever thats how bad they are. The only thing that keeps me watching is seeing Julie interview Amanda, Aaryn, or Gina Marie. She has to interview at least one of them.


I can’t believe a weak link won PoV.


My eyes hurt from rolling them so much this season.


i want elssia to win the next hoh cause i know she make a big move


You think too highly of this gutless monkey bitch. She ain’t done a damn thing up to this point except flap her botox lips and she ain’t got the gumption t do anything now.


Well at least the little sloth can keep his nominations that same so he can rest better at night during his reign. So I guess Jesse is going home barring them changing their minds (or Amanda changing her mind). And she’ll be next in line for the After Eviction Smear and Hate campaign against her. Operation Overkill.
Maybe they should drop a Pandora’s Box in there this week to at least make it a little interesting since I highly doubt Andy is going to backdoor Helen since it really doesn’t benefit his game.


Jessie will go home, ending her quest for 3rd place


Last year, production was always telling the people what to do, what happened ?????? Why isn’t production putting their two cents in this year????? Come on productions, help little Andy out. he can’t find his way out of a opened wet paper sack!!!!


Production is very much involved. Rumor is that Amanda is the predetermined winner of BB. If you listen very closely every time someone wants to evict or put Amanda on the block, some knucklehead always say, that this is not the right time. “This is not the right time”is used more than You know You know. That’s why my final conclusion is that Production keeps influencing the HG’S by telling them that it’s not the right time thus enabling Amanda to advance in the game


Okay, bored again. So I’ll ask a question. For next HOH let’s say it’s between Helen and Amanda. Thumbs up if you want Helen to win , thumbs down if you want Amanda. Who’s likely to make the first strike?


I don’t give a shit, I just want something “unpredictable” to happen, 7 week of weak moves is driving me crazy.

Either one of them bitches can go.

But, let’s be real, you know if Helen wins HOH, she’ll say her famous line of sheep-talk “this isn’t the week to make a move, maybe next week, or the week after”.

I’d rather Elissa win HOH, she’ll make a move.

Tellie J

Because with an Amanda eviction comes a TOTAL MELTDOWN. Amanda will be defeated, ‘Ding dong, the witch is dead’. Andy would be crying his heart out. McCrae will then confess to Aaryn that he wanted to showmance with her all along. Hmmmm… sounds like a more interesting show already. And Helen will be in the DR saying ‘You know… we made a power move… you know. I am the new Janelle, you know.’

I think it will be funny to see Helen in this situation too… because whenever Jessie or Candice tried to confront her about not taking up for them, she became totally defensive and ran to the others and said ‘Candice/Jessie is threatening me’… I think Helen would freak out too. Which would also be fun to watch.


I’m really against production entering the game, but right now, can production PLEASE enter the game? Can you tailor a competition for Jessie or something, someone who isn’t in the majority?throw them a curve ball, something, cause i’m dying with boredom.


Good be an interesting week, maybe the Boss(Amanda) will order her most loyalist sheep to use the veto and backdoor You Know, Helen, OK.


Could be*


Amanda knows that Andy is somewhat aligned with Helen. She cannot risk asking Andy to backdoor Helen, just in case he goes straight to Helen – rat stylee – to let her know that Amanda wants her out, Amanda could end up being backdoored herself at the hands of Helen.


Wth is going on with Aaryn? I know GM thinks she looks like Xtina with the braids and bandanna, but her and Aaryn both are starting to look like gangbanger girls. I’m waiting for them to outline their lips with eyeliner next.

Andy's #1 Fan-dy

I can’t believe that 25% chose Elissa is your favourite, I understand that Brenchel fans will support her no matter what, but she has done nothing in the house to deserve those votes! The only thing she does in this game is Yoga, and maybe joke about putting people up with MVP. Congratulations on having a sister, Elissa, cause that’s the only reason your on the show! She would never make it if it weren’t for the fact that she’s Rachel’s sister. Some may think, “but hey! she made a strong alliance early on that has kept her safe all this time.” Did she really? She “bonded” with the other mother in the house, Helen because she felt bad for Elissa, she had no idea Helen would have so much control over the game she simply wanted a friend… as for the rest of them (Amanda, McCrae, Andy etc.) were only staying on her good side because she had MVP and they wanted to control her nominations. Now that MVP is no longer, Elissa should be too!

Tiger mom a.k.a Helen

Andy …..Andy …..Andy …..Andy OMG Andy you’re awesome!! OK now do as I say OK now listen……. we need to keep the nomination the same, that way there is no blood on my hands, now if you want to use the veto it’s your HOH! OMG Andy …..Andy …..Andy …..Andy …..Andy you’re a BEAST!!

Get a Clue

Wake up, Jessie! Wake up, and smell the coffee! Your time is nearly up, and Amanda’s plan is to evict YOU! Although this may be too late, try and rally Elissa, Helen, Aaryn, and GM to evict Spencer! Unless Andy’s brain disengages from Amanda’s mind meld, and he begins thinking on his own, that may be your only hope! I can see Helen and Elissa voting out Spencer. They all just need to make a deal with Aaryn and GM… Aaryn wouldn’t mind getting rid of Spencer; she has said so several times. As much as I don’t care for Helen, I would love to see something like this, which could actually make an impact on a game that’s been quite boring thus far.

Get a Clue

… or, ANDY, use the veto to BACKDOOR someone of consequence — Amanda, Helen, McCrae — it doesn’t matter to me. Just do something that will make this season more than the boring, predictable season it’s been up to this point. PLEASE…


There is a reason why Jessie didn’t win… because she sucks. She hasn’t legitimately won anything. Judd won the frog one. And her game is pathetic. She bitched too much and couldn’t just wait for the right time to strike. She was sitting pretty until she got all “gotta get Amanda out” on everyone. And everyone cheering her on so she can lead some crusade to get Amanda out ain’t gonna work, sista. So the season is boring. No offense to the masses, but if you don’t know how the house works while inside it and you believe those who are secretly plotting against you, then trepidation sets in and you just don’t know what your lot in the game is. Jessie realizes that and it is too late. Boohoo to those rooting on Jessie. She was nothing at all in the game. A good person yes and adorable, but dammit, ya just had to wait another week or two before you chose to go all “righteous” and “ya handing them the game”…..McCrea is the true threat cuz Amanda does nothing but bleed everywhere. Take Amanda to the finals because she hasn’t done anything, period. Pun. Enter Andy.


Looks like curtains for Jessie…at least she and Candice can enjoy the supposedly beautiful sequester house, have first dibs on the bedroom(s) and relax for a while before the next person gets there. I’m sure Judd has changed his tune since he’s probably figured out the writing on the wall by now, and realizes he should have listened to Candice.


It’s sad it appears a group of otherwise intelligent people have no clue how to play this game. I know being in the house confined like they are messes with their minds, but never realized it makes you clueless to those who are playing you. I liked Helen, but given the fact her brain is too numb to realize she screwed up by not evicting Amanda last week, then she deserves to be ‘blindsided’ next week because she played the game stupidly. I previously was a Helen fan, but if this week plays out like it is boringly expected, then I WANT Helen to pay the price for being stupid.


Andy has said this week over and over that he wants no blood on his hands. Nominations will stay the same and its another boring week.

Bye Jessie, now you move on to the jury house and deal with either your weight gain or pregnancy


I’m going to defend Andy…it’s hard, but I’m going to try.

So he keeps the nominations the same and Jessie goes to jury. Now look at the house. He knows that next week, Amanda/McCrea vs Helen/Elissa starts. As they go up, he can influence the vote, while telling each side on the block that they are helpless and don’t want either to go. He’s covered strongly on both sides. Now if he is smart, Andy will try very hard to make sure the first victim is Elissa, since Helen is more pliable and more apt to play the game, especially when she sees the numbers against her for the 1st time since her glory days of Nick’s eviction. He then needs to shift the target to Aaryn. If he can get her out next (it should worry him that both Amanda and Helen are so certain of Aaryn, which means she’s playing well). From there he should convince everybody of an easy week and sending GM to the jury or work to see McCrea be evicted, then he sees himself in a final 4 where each player (Amanda, Helen, and Spencer) will want him at the end…and be in a position where potentially, he is the strongest player in competitions. If he makes the late comp run plus his personal popularity and under the radar gameplay then he can sit in that final chair with strong arguments against each of these players…at least in his mind.


Thank You Simon & Dawg for watching the feeds & um, I’m sorry…..I’ve been catching up on here & going back on my feeds & I swear this is the biggest bunch of cowards I’ve ever watched play BB…. usually there’s a couple scared to death to do anything but this bunch? every one of em are scared stupid! they’re down to 6 voting & it’s still not time to do anything? JUDD was a huge move??? OH how I pray Aaryn, GM, Spencer or Jessie, whoever survives this week team up & really make a MOVE! Andy is a waste of HOH! I feel like screaming every time I hear, “I don’t want to get any blood on my hands” & I guess Spencer, Aaryn & whoever survives this week are just gonna keep doing whatever Amanda tells em to do…I wonder what CBS would do if millions just didn’t bother watching Wednesday & Thursday? I mean all we have to do is listen to Amanda right after the HOH comp to find out what’s gonna happen the rest of the week… It’s like DR calls em in & tells em “Now go out there & do some game talking & look serious doing it. We gotta make the live feeders think something might happen” I have tried so hard to get behind someone in this game, I really have, but I can’t & the fact I can’t stand most of the ones left, their antics aren’t entertaining at all…McCrae don’t do anything but lay around or sleep…JUDD did go around & doing silly stuff that wasn’t hurting or bashing anybody & was funny but noooo, Helen & Amanda couldn’t stand the thought of us watching that!…


This could be good news.

Andy is letting Mc and Amanda use the HOH bath tub

With Amanda having her period this could be a blood-bath


Andy pulls Jessie and nominates Helen…good move.
Andy pulls Jessie and nominates Amanda…super move.
Andy with all the power does nothing…total freakin’ waste.

Wishful thinking

This is going to be funny if Helen gets put up and leaves…especially since she said it was too soon for Amanda to leave. Then we’ll hear her complain how everyone in the house are sheep!

Tiger mom a.k.a Helen

Whoa……wait just a minute here people? My lil’ Andy will never backdoor me, who do you think is the one running this show?, and who is the one first there when my lil’ snifflin’ ginger is having a moment?…..that’s right, tiger mom ‘a.k.a Helen is!


Andy PUKE!!!!

weighing in

People keep saying this is the worst BB ever…

I’m sorry, but Season 9 was soooo much worse. Ughh.