Andy tells Spencer If Ellissa leaves next week Helen will come after them Bazookas blazing

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


9:18pm Spencer and Andy

Spencer: “Who should I put up next week”
Andy will respect whoever Spencer puts up he understands why Spencer would be targeting Helen. Andy says Helen has never done anything to him to betray his trust so he’s doesn’t want to see her go but he’ll honour Spencers HOH.
Spencer lost a lot of trust and respect for Helen because she was after Howard and him so hardcore. She kept saying how Howard is her friend but she really wanted to chop his head off.

Andy says for what it’s worth Helen told him she’s done coming after Spencer anymore.

Spencer: “this is what I think and this is in complete confidence if Helen fell everyone will try and get Elissa out because Helen is her insulation right now… If Gm or Aaryn win HOH the next week they will try to break up Amanda and McCrae.. This will obviously keep us safe and whoever survives that will come to us”
Spencer knows this is thinking ahead 3 weeks but still it could play out nicely for them.
Andy says if Helen and Elissa go up he would want Elissa to go.
Andy says if Helen left, Elissa would be a chicken with her head cut off but if Elissa leaves Helen’s fire will be lit and she will come after them bazookas blazing.
Spencer thinks if Helen left, Elissa would be rude to everybody and not talk, “She would be just a wreck”
Spencer: “GM wants Elissa out so bad and I think Aaryn feels the same way.. “
Spencer says neither of them can beat Helen in the final 2 he also doesn’t think Helen will be a biter jury member once she has time to think about the game moves she’ll respect whoever gets her out.
Andy doesn’t think McCrae has made many personal connection in the house he might be short on jury votes.
They chat about the MVP vote. Spencer thinks it was America. Andy agrees but think it could also be JUDD.
Spencer says Helen and Elissa have both come to him and said they want Amanda out.. so that makes a lot of sense if America is voting because the brenchel army will nominate Amanda.

They agree Elissa was crazy during the house meeting last month. Andy says she was like the Candice thing where Elissa thought she was coming up on top but she really wasn’t, “It made Aaryn look so good”.
Spencer agrees

Spencer: “Hey did Aaryn piss you off tonight at dinner”
Andy: “oh when she said that’s disgusting.. ya she did”
Spencer: “That pissed me off to.. what a f**** b!tch”
Andy: ‘She justs not use to having to be careful about what she says”
Spencer: “Sorry you had to hear that bullsh!t”
Andy : ‘I really don’t think she’s a bigot but still I don’t like comments like that… insinuating that men being in love is disgusting”
Spencer: “I heard that comment and I was like Bite your tongue b!tch”

Andy: ‘Aaryn is the remnants of the last shitty person that is here.. but I’ve seen so much growth from her but I still get tinges that she’s an a$$hole”

Spencer talking about Jessie being “empty pretty” but her skin is so smooth it’s like “Cream”. During the photo booth pictures Jessie jumped on Spencer’s lap. He explains to Andy that he put his closed hand on her waist out of respect for Jessie and Marilyn.

Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

10:16pm Backyard They are getting ready to play Hot Potatoe. Jessie is telling Amanda about her dream. She was making out with Spencer and could feel his beard


10:30pm Hot potatoes


10:51pm Bedroom Elissa, AManda and McCrea

Elissa: “Aaryn’s been acting really weird.. “
Amanda Thinks this is her have not personality she’s sleeping a lot.
Amanda points out that Aaryn has been really nice to Elissa lately so that might be it.
Elissa agrees thinks perhaps that is what is happening.
Andy joins them (Drink)
They tell him Aaryn has been acting weird she wants to keep Jessie. Andy: “I’ll go talk to her smooth it over it’ll be fine i’m not worried”
Amanda Isn’t worried either.

CBS Interactive Inc.


11:09pm McCrae, Aaryn and Gm
McCrae says he wouldn’t be surprised Candice and JUDD were having s$x in the jury house. If not with Candice then with a handler. Aaryn agrees. GM doesn’t think JUDD would sleep with Candice.

11:11pm HOH Amanda and Aaryn

Aaryn says she talks to Jessie all the time but she never told Aaryn the plan to backd** Amanda.
Aaryn knows that Jessie was going home so she offered herself up as a pawn in the case where Jessie wins HOH next week. Jessie wouldn’t tell her who she would put up.

Aaryn: ‘She thinks that me and you are besties” They don’t think Jessie will give Aaryn any information and in 3 days it won’t matter.

Andy and McCrea join them (3am alliance meeting)
They compare notes from the day.
Amanda tells them that Helen told MC they want Amanda out final 6.
MC adds that Helen told him Aaryn is coming after him
MC says Helen may want Aaryn nominated next week
Aaryn: “She said that about me”
Amanda: “Don’t worry she said the same thing about me”
Amanda wants to know if they can get GM to back door helen
Aaryn thinks they can get GM to do anything they just need to offer her a deal and she’ll do it.
Aaryn brings up that Helen wants to solidify her, Amanda, and Aaryns relationship she said MCCrae is in the middle.
Aaryn is really worried about Helen telling people to nominate her. Both Andy and MC tell Aaryn Helen does this to people all the time she’s also told them she will honour the 2 week deal with Aaryn.

Amanda says the worst case is if Helen wins the next HOH or POV.
Aaryn: “if she’s talking like that and I get HOH i’ll backdoor her”
Amanda: “well ya..”
Aaryn still freaking out about Helen targeting her. Amanda explains to Aaryn why she’s safe if she goes up and why McCrae and Andy made the side alliance with Helen. The side alliances are to prevent 2 of them to go up at the same time.
Amanda: “lets say they put up GM and Spencer POV is used and you go up.. it’s you and Spencer we have 3 votes you stay and next week she’s made herself a HUGE target and can’t play for HOH” Amanda adds Aaryn can then win the HOH and get Helen out.

Aaryn isn’t convinced she’s safe. They explain to Aaryn how she is safe and all the side alliances are just in place to make it to final 4.
Amanda: ‘you know how many times i’ve heard Helen wants me out the next week”
Andy “I’ve been cooling that pot for weeks”
Andy “the way Spencer talks he has no idea that Aaryn is allied with me”

They agree GM should stay final 5. Andy and McCrae do not think Spencer will put them up.
They cannot decide who would the best person in the to take final 5. Aaryn and Amanda want GM, Andy and McCrae wants Specner.
Andy says Elissa really sucks at competitions.

McCrea says as long as three of them stay off the block they have the votes to stay, “The 3am has all the votes that you need”
Aaryn: ‘So who would we put up”
Amanda: “I would start with GM and Spencer”
Amanda explains they do not want Helen to win the Veto because she wants to backdoor Helen. If Elissa wins the Veto they will tell her the plan is to backdoor aaryn so Elissa uses it to take GM off the block they put Helen up and vote her out.
Andy: “Oh my God.. i’m so glad i’m not playing in next week’s HOH”

You can re-watch ever second on the feeds using the flashback feature.. It’s just like a DVR and is super easy to use. click this link for a Free Trial —> Subscribe to the Big Brother Live Feeds


11:56pm HOH Helen, Andy and McCrae

Helen wants them to get rid of Aaryn before Elissa. The Reason is Aaryn is such a competition beast and Elissa is shitty at them.
They all share stories about how poorly Elissa does in the competitions. Helen thinks it’s her nerves.. Aaryn thrives under pressure and Elissa crumbles. Helen about Aaryn: She is going to HOH her way through the game”:


12:26AM Backyard Talking about movies for the past 30 minutes. Specner says leather face from Texas chainsaw massacre is the same size as him. “And that dude can run”

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Elmer Fudd is back. GM, please go back to eating and throwing up.

Jessie after dark

Simon for president Jessie after dark photos are much more entertaining then big brother after dark.They have been playing the same game with the ball on after dark for two days!!! “Spin around three times then throw” “Now shoot the person you throw it too” “Do a sexy salsa then throw” Ahhhh!!

Sick of this

What did Aaryn say that upset Andy?


“She insinuated that men being in love is disgusting”


Well after listening to Spencer and Andy talk about women and Spencer claims he is with that girl he talks about it would make me think it was disgusting too if that is how men act when they claim to be.


aaryn’s lesbian dream… totally wish i was there.

Are You Forgetting?

OK…what gives? Is everyone in AND out of the house forgetting the perverted comments about liking to get of one watching 3 &4 year olds? CBS should have jerked his a$$ out as soon as he said that. Just think…this house is full of racists, biggots, sexual skanks (Amanda), and a pedophile!

Are You Forgetting?

Off on …not of one…


I propose a new rule: Since we all make typos and it’s easy for all of us reading them to self-correct those typos through context, I propose people stop correcting them after the fact. Either proofread before you hit submit or just let it stand as is…but don’t take up extra real estate.


I dislike Spencer immensely. BUT…you forget that he was saying this into Macrae’s mike (implying it was MC speaking) as a “joke”. Tasteless, boorish, vulgar, inappropriate, immature, wrong, … YES! but it doesn’t make him a pedophile. These people have all shown just how inappropriate & immature they are over & over (wondering if it’s indicative of what they look for when casting or who tries out).

Chill Town

Ok today Jessie said she was making out with spencer in her dream and Aaryn said her friend gave her a black dildo in her dream…Yep these girls are very horny and yep judd you passed on both of them because he said it would mess up his game HAhahaaaaaa (laughing harder then will and mike boogie)

Roisin Dubh

Andy doesn’t think Aaryn is a bigot? Dude fell down the stupid tree and hit every branch along the way. The net is closing in on Helen and she’s so air-headed so doesn’t even see it. Don’t know why everyone thinks Jessie is ugly. She’s the only person in that house worth slappin a ring on. Is she the most beautiful woman? no, But she is far from the ugliest. Ahandjob looks like something out of sharkweek, GM, not even worth a comment, and Aaryn, has that vindictive look in her eye, weird overbite and has the body of a pre-pubescent boy. Spencer’s gonna be stroking it like a monkey in the bush that stares at the sun. Better hide the lotion HG’s, he going on the marathon. But of course, he’ll be thinking of Marilyn. What a weirdo, naming your stroke hand Marilyn.


kinda sad GM lost her job. She may have trouble finding another with that mouth and tude all yo yo yo’d

Wow where to start Helen is trying hard not to aknowledge the biggotry she sees it I’ve seen that squinched look in her face a couple times already. Andy if he doesnt see it in GM or spencer he’s daft and batty still hard to take him seriously as an adult he dresses so childish. Amanda is ugh so brash but feel she is genuinely not a bad person Dont think Gina means to be so bigotted she is just not very bright, or worldly. Jesse not ugly but damn didnt her mom or grandma ever tell her to suck in the tater belly and stan up straight!!!! Geez not ugly but not pretty either. Amanda isnt bad in face but she looks like eating is her hobby. Elissa if it weren’t for the joker lips cute tush but manly looking torso. arms back ya you get it Aaron is pretty cute but a biggot so small in experience and short a couple empathy bones. perhaps in 5 or 10 years she will grow up some. Helen mom maqterial kinda cute not much in body but sharp mind and thats attractive. I think Kaitlin was pretty and had potential if she had just hung with someone other then Germy, she may have been around long enough to like. Guess Im rooting for Pizza boy or Helen and lastly perhaps maybe Amanda would serve em all right. HA ha ha ha

La la la

Andy wants to bang spencer now! Cannot stand andy!


Andy & Spencer look cute together on the hammock. good to see their showmance blossom in the greatest BB season ever.


Hahaha. The Jolly Red Giant, and the Ginger Hobbit!


What’s with everyone “honouring the HOH” ?
Like “Oh, the HOH wants ____ out this week. So we HAVE to honour his/her HOH and get that person out”

I half want to see Amanda win, because it’s a big slap in the face for everyone else, but I can’t stand her..
Guess I’ll root for Aaryn.


Hot Potato on the feeds, they must know that Breaking Bad is on. And that they suck.


Not entirely sure but I think Amanda use to be a dude or something. Strikes me as off-set, abnormal, sexual woman.


How do these types of comments make you any better than the BB HGs?


calm down, its just someones opinion. not stating any vulgar hate. they are only saying what they think


Maybe women just aren’t sexual around you. Zing!


Frankenfart sooo funny love it


Everyone needs to realize they are playing for $500000 not to make friends. The entire point of the game is to make big moves to knock out strong players. If Andy wasn’t brainwashed he would realize that doing what Jessie asked him to do would benefit him A LOT more then simply being Amanda’s puppy.


It is pretty ridiculous. This whole cast seems Completley content settling for 2nd place. Unreal


After reading the last 2 posts, I went to the poll and voted for “No One.”

These HG lie so much, make secret alliances, squeal on each other, than create another secret alliance…..I can’t keep up.

Poor Elissa….that girl probably does need Adderral to win competitions.


I hope I am not the only person here on East Coast time. My response time is so off from everyone else.

I was sleeping.

production rigged it

He’s an idiot the only thing I can figure is that Amanda and McCrae promised him he could have a 3some with them on finale night after he helps them win the 500k. She will get in her dominatrix outfit again and put leashes on them and lead them around like the little lapdogs that they are. Ugh I just made myself sick just thinking about her in that outfit. Excuse me while I go clean myself up.


Thinking more and more Andy is a Production (Allison, Rich) plant to help Amanda win $500,000. He has absolutely no game of his own.

production rigged it

Starting to look more and more like that person who said it was predetermined for Amanda was right. Just like her and Andy have both said more than once everything has went their way every single week, they have pretty much controlled every nomination, renomination and eviction. The only thing they didn’t control was the MVP and after we (America) put Amanda up twice in a row they decided to get rid of it even though I thought Julie said it was going to last all season. Guess they couldn’t take any chances of hell freezing over and somebody actually growing a set and deciding to get rid of her. Poor Jessie tried but she couldn’t do it by herself though.


I don’t think it is rigged I think amanda is very manipulative and she is able to control these weak minded players in the house. Also major twist usually end come jury time I’ve never seen cbs say this will last all season. Plus if it were rigged 1. cbs wouldnt allow amanda to go up because they could just announce whoever they wanted as the mvp nom and 2. they could just as easily control the votes to make sure she is safe….If anything I think cbs would want amanda gone as she has sucked all the surprise and drama out the game


can somebody explain to me why andy wants to go to the final 3 with amanda and mcrea? he has to know neither would take him to the final 2 he would be in a 2 vs 1 battle


I think that the show is rigged to a certain degree. I think that interspersed with hired actors, there are real people. I think that production took the pulse of what captured the public’s imagination, (i.e. headlines), and spotlighted it on the show, namely the Paula Deen racist remarks scandal. I think that Aaryn is an actress. I don’t think GM, Spencer, Helen, Judd, or Andy is. I think the rest of them are. I think that BB is as real as “The Hills” or any housewive franchise. The fact of the matter is that plain old from your neighborhood folks would’nt appeal to the viewing public. They need the not charismatic enough to be a successful actor, the borderline hysteric, (GM); to fulfill their need for drama. I don’t even think that McManda are having sex, I think that’s pretend too.


When did the Paula Dean stuff happen – wasn’t it too recent to effect the casting? I think there might be wannabe actors/actresses in there ( probably a high percentage of those who try out in hopes of increasing their face time etc.), but I’d say at least 1/2 of this cast is not. I disagree with the comment that the “average” person would not be interesting. I think what would be key would be to get a very diverse cast & it would generate interest by the social dynamics of that alone.

Jordan Rules

He is one of the biggest FLOATERS OF ALL TIME!!

production rigged it

You were right Simon I do like no actually love this new post, another great pic of that ASS!!


Elissa is so fake. She is intensely aware of the cameras on her and she is always prissy for them. She talks about gossiping about GM’s eating problem but goes on and on about it when she knows very well that America is listening to the conversation. She says, “oh I’m so concerned for GM” and “Aaryn shouldn’t talk about it to other HG’s” but then Elissa talks about it for 45 minutes straight while people watching live feeds or BBAD see it. Elissa also is Always talking about how much better she is than all the other people in the house. She is offended that we see her associating with people like this that are so beneath her. She has got to be the most conceited person ever on BB. As Helen always says, Elissa HAS TO GO.


I agree Elissa is a Number 1 conceited spoiled mean biotch that thinks anyone else is beneath her skanky self. She was really pretty until she went under the knife to make herself look like Rachel. She has a banging body, but her plastic surgeon did a horrible job on her face.


There is nobody in that house that I would say deserves the money. Ain’t nobody did a huge move, Okay Racist Aaryn did when she totally slammed Judd. I think that was the first shocking thing to happen all season. Jessie really needs to start talking to Aaryn, Helen, Elissa, and GM. Tell them vote to keep her and I will do what you want. Yet don’t let the others know that they are going to save Jessie. That would be another surprise for them to turn on Spencer without Andy, Amanda, or Mccrae approval. This season is borrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrriiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiingggggggggggggg. I think what would be good is Thursday night they have that twist to bring back one person who was evicted with the knowledge that person would be the new HOH. Or let America be the New HOH this week. Say Houseguests there will not be no new HOH competition because America will be the next HOH and everyone is up for eviction including the newest person brought back into the game. Now that would be unexpected. They need to do something to make this exciting.


i would love america to be the hoh!!!


out of control racism, a weak cast, and a lame twist = WORST SEASON OF BB EVER….at this point I really do not care who wins


Totally occur!


Lol the Spencer and Andy bromance. One must hope next week the power couple Mcranda needs to be put on the chopping block. Amanda and McCrae haven’t had the chance to be on the block together campaigning.

Jeff from Victoria

Someone please tell me why Elissa is so liked on this website. I truly do not get it. Am I missing something? She is a total flake.


mostly because she is the least offensive in many ways? she wasn’t liked on here while she was mvp…but its so hard to route for anyone…you at least want to route for her because despite what people think if she ever did get power shed shake things up and do what she wanted not what the house did!

Mark H

Elissa isn’t really that well liked….she is just less repugnant than everyone else. These people think that blindsiding Judd is a huge move and getting rid of Candice makes sense, when everyone that really is a threat cruises to the final 4. It really is like they don’t know how this game is played. I’ve never seen so many people survive so long on social game alone. Helen, Elissa, McCrae, and Amanda have won two HOH’s among them, yet have run the house from day 1.

This Season Blows

Because there’s a ton of Brenchel fans on here who root for her just because she’s Rachel’s sister, as opposed to because of her gameplay (which sucks ass) or personality (which also sucks ass). Then they wonder why the show is declining in quality with worse and worse players – it’s because production has given up on enticing people who enjoy the game in favor of pandering to people like them who only want to see showmances.


Dear Jeff from victoria? Yeah Elissa is sketchy to say least she really doesnt get how to play she keeps saying shes a nice person and she’s praying not to be like “these people” spare me she is sneaky and mean she picks on people in an passive aggressive way like she did to Amanda and to Jesse and tried to with GM but GM doesn’t tak offense “so funny ” she didnt realize Elissa was dissing her. She is catty and mean makes herself feel good by putting down either something the other girls wear or do or say she’s ugly inside and its trying to get out those joker lips while she does yoga. And about that who does that? go in a room filled with people talking and stan in the middle and start doing yoga in front of them I died laughing when she did it in hoh in front of Amanda and Mccrae with handi wrap wrapped on her saying I just need to sweat. Who doea that A normal person would try to be unnoticed in such a get up not be center of attention. Egods woman have you no pride? Or do you really think you look that good? HA HA AHA Im killing myself.


I absolutely cannot stand Helen. She will not let up on the whole Judd was lying crap. I can’t wait for the truth to come out at the final. Hopefully they will show a clip of the ‘Grasshopper’ alliance meeting to prove that Judd was not scheming and lying at all. They all owe him a major apology.


Yea they do owe Judd an apology for that… also because he wasn’t the freaking MVP

Jordan Rules

That is when the MVP vote actually worked. At the start it was just a popularity contest and then she told everyone. It was worthless. When America wised up and started to vote for people who deserved to go it worked. It created Paranoia in the house and was fun to watch. I laugh when they all think it was Judd. It is fun to watch the rats scramble.


Would Amanda have a complete melt down if McCrea got backdoored?


I hate Amanda, but if she goes before McCrae it’s going to be the same old boring shit. At least if McCrae goes there’s almost a guaranteed Amanda freakout.


So sick of their bullshit, the following week is going to be boring. GM and spencer will be on the block if they don’t win HOH

Mark H

And even if GM wins HOH she will either be manipulated by Mcranda or Helen, or make another dumb personal move like she did last week targeting Candice. I really wish someone with a little intelligence or game had been given GM’s spot in the beginning. I have no idea what she brings to the table.


She leads a mean game of simon sez

Castle in da skiii

Helen is going home next week !!


No way, Helen is too smart for it. Either Spencer leave next week or GinaMarie!!!!


Have been watching this years Boring Brother? Helen is the poster child for stupid. Her not thinking the time is ripe for a “BIG MOVE” is asinine. The time for a big move is when the opportunity presents itself. America gave this idiot not one but two golden opportunities to win the game. But there always seems to be next week for this spineless worm of a woman.


How in the world could Production even pull off a Pandora’s box. The HOH room has now been a common room used by anyone. It’s no longer a room of privilege.


I think they should do the final votes this season in crayon (you know, to make the HG feel more comfortable). How can people who don’t know how to play the game of BB judge others on how well THEY played? Ironic…. I think the jury will still try to give the money to Amanda….even if she’s evicted!!! LOL


Been re-watching Season 10. Now those people knew how to make big moves. They also knew how to stand up for themselves. Those girls are crazy but fun to watch. On a side note, Aaryn has been talking about a professional hockey player that she used to date and I just found out it was Jordie Benn who plays for the Dallas Stars. His brother Jamie Benn has played with the Stars for years. Dallas is my son’s favorite team so that is the only reason I know this. Someone texted Jordie the other night and told him that Aaryn was talking about him on BB. I’m sure he’s glad he is out of that relationship.


Was he her ex fiance that she caught cheating on her? If he is glad she got rid of him because he would not be worth any woman’s time! He really is someone for to look up to NOT!

Hello -

I hate Helen probably more than I have ever disliked anyone ever on Big Brother of past seasons – she is the phoniest, worst. I wish the jury could see the diary room (only done once before and it ruined Daniel Reyes).
I hate Andy the rat.
That is all – for now.
Amanda conspiracy theories continue to thrive…..

Hello -

One more thing about Helen – watching her eat is absolutely disgusting (with her mouth open and food falling out).


That’s because she has to be ready to spit it out & put her 2 cents at any time :)


Helen is waiting for BB16 to “make a BIG move”.


I think Helen needs to wait the opportunity of make big moves.


Still think that Demanda will allow both of her pets into final three then jettison McCrayfish to the jury to inject her power and intimidation to those who may have thought that they were safe from her nastiness. Enough of the jurors will be disgusted by RatBastardAndy”s backstabbing and deceit that they vote for Demanda to win. Two votes against…..Candice and Jessie, some people never learn.


Snoozers!!! ZZZZZ……… These nuts are putting me to sleep…………Jesse and Spencer should just sit on the block and not go to bed……..who else will they nominate when those two go home?????


Ugh at Spencer always looking as though he’s grabbing himself & making creeper a$$ comments.