Spoilers – Helen and Andy agree to another final 2 “Sorry Elissa Sorry Amanda”

POV Holder: Andy Next POV Aug 17th
POV Used ? POV Ceremony Aug 12th
HOH Winner: ANDY Next HOH: Aug 15th
Original Nominations: Jessie and Spencer
Current Nominations:
Last Evicted Houseguest David, Nick, Jeremy, Kaitlin, Howard, Candice, JUDD
Have Nots Aaryn, Helen , GM, Elissa


7:14pm HOH Helen and Andy

Andy explains Jessie wants Andy, GM, Aaryn, Spencer and herself to go against Helen, McCrae and Elissa.
Helen: “Is she stupid”
Andy: ‘From her standpoint it makes sense… I understand where it’s coming from she doesn’t know we’re all so close”

Helen: ‘Do you think that plan came from Aaryn and Ginamarie”
Andy : “NO”
Andy told Jessie if he takes out Amanda he has 3 people after him but if he takes out Spencer he has zero. Andy mentions how Andy will be getting 5th place if he doesn’t make a big move now. Andy and Helen laugh.
Andy confirms Jessie is going.
Helen: ‘She’s so dangerous..”

Helen says he talked to McCrae and he wants them to get together and talk out their final 3 plan.
Helen: “Ultimately if it’s the three of us I’m taking you”
Andy: ‘DUH SAME SAME I will be taking you and if someone puts you up I will vote out the other person”

Andy: ‘Every move we make has been the perfect move at the perfect time” Andy goes on to say they complement each other perfectly in this game. Andy “We balance each other out”
Helen says it’s very important Amanda does not see them three talking they will have to meet when she’s taking naps.
Andy says if the pawns get HOH and try to break up the couples than “Sorry Elissa sorry Amanda”
Helen agrees. Helen says plan B will be her, Andy and Elissa because they can beat Elissa in all the competitions. Plan A is they need McCrae because they need to get Amanda out, “If someone goes after McCrae fine.. it’s just a stronger hand keeping McCrae.. Elissa is going to get pawned out sadly.. unless she starts winning comps ”
Helen: ‘We’ve taken her far in this game without her doing much”
Andy: “I mean she was crucial for first 3 weeks.. she now this rogue”
Helen: “I love her to death but McCrae is a stronger hand.. my only worry is McCrae will be stronger at the endurance comp”

Elissa joins them Andy says if Amanda wins HOH next week she won’t come after us.
Helen says they’ve kept Amanda in the game for two weeks in a row she wouldn’t put them up.
Helen thinks GM will be America’s favorite player. Elissa and Andy do not think so. Andy thinks she’s being portrayed as super crazy because of the Nick stuff.

Elissa starts talking about Aaryn. Elissa believes that Aaryn influenced GM to say all those things to Candice and the only reason GM wanted Candice out was because of Aaryn..


7:48pm Backyard Spencer and Gm
Spencer says the only thing that could happen was Jessie is trying to talk Andy into some scheme where he uses the POV on her and puts up a target. Spencer is pretty confident he is safe this week.
Specner: “I trust Andy.. I thought it was a little chicken shit that he put me up but at he same time if i stay we’ll put it behind us and move forward”. Spencer then says he knows why GM put him up because she knew he wouldn’t be pissed at her.

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8:20pm Dinner

Talking about TV shows they watched when they were kids.
Amanda was a Rugrats fan
Elissa says she was sheltered and didn’t watch much TV
Andy says his parents didn’t give two sh!ts what he watched.


Big Brother 15 N*de flashback times here

8:30pm Bedroom Amanda and McCrae
Amanda asking if anythings new.. who wants me out
MC says Helen pulled him aside and told him they may need to get Amanda out final 6.
Amanda says they will take out Helen once Aaryn, McCrae or her have power.
McCrae adds that Helen is now saying if Aaryn wins HOH she’s going to try and take him out. Amanda doesn’t think that’s true.
Amanda: “me, you and Andy trump Aaryn “
Amanda thinks Helen will put Amanda up against Elissa if she wins HOH.
MC disagrees says she will put up Amanda and him.
Amanda: ‘Why would she put you up if you are in an alliance”
MC thinks Helen doesn’t want to take any chances that McCrae will vote to keep her.
MC: ‘We have to be real careful now at how loud we talk.. I’ve noticed Helen listening at doors”
Amanda says it’s great Hleen is confiding in McCrae means she thinks their alliance is legit.
Amanda say if she wins HOH she’s putting up Spencer and GM and if the POV is used she’ll want Spencer taken off the block and Helen will go up and be the target.
MC tells her Helen will not put her up if she wins HOH next week “It’s too early”
MC leaves for a bit to use the toilet
Amanda asks if Helen wants her to stay over Aaryn. MC thinks Amanda trumps Aaryn but he’s not 100% certain.
Amanda says she now thinks Helen will put up Elissa before she puts up McCrae and Andy. McCrae isn’t certain.

Amanda says Helen is just coming after her but Spencer and GM are coming after both of them. Amanda now thinks they need to keep Helen around for another week. Amanda: “If Ginamarie wins HOH next week we need to convince her to put up Spencer and Elissa”

MC says he’s got to make big moves in this game. MC thinks Elissa is targeting him. Amanda: “But we need her as a pawn.. the options would be GM or Spencer those aren’t big moves though”
MC would keep Spencer before Gm.

Amanda: “We just have to make sure Gm, Spencer or Elissa go up next week”

(They’ve flipped flopped a couple times during this conversation about whether or not they want Helen backd**red)


8:50pm Storage room Helen and Elissa
Helen going on about how dangerous Jessie is, she’s manipulative, sneaky, etc etc.. Helen told Elissa last week to not get close to Jessie because she knew Jessie would do this and turn on them all.
Elissa: “Totally”
Helen: “She’s got to go”
Elissa moans (that means yes)

9:03pm bedroom McCrae and Amanda
McCrae is telling her about his conversation with Andy. He told Andy he didn’t’ trust Amanda as much anymore. Amanda thinks he’s making her look like a idiot to Andy. MC brings up that Andy told him Amanda really likes him. “Ahhhhh”

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woo hoo to the jessie pics at the end of the previous post :)

hope you get coup d’etat power babe

production rigged it

Would be nice but America would have to vote on that, a chance for a Pandora’s Box though. It would be awesome if it was something good and something bad and the something bad (which would be good for us) was that Andy had to change the noms and put up 2 new ones. That’s the only way a big move is gonna be made because despite all the talk nobody is gonna turn on each other. Unless they win HOH, Spencer, GinaMarie, Elissa and Aaryn will be the next 4 out.




Seriously, Elissa is just nuts! Aaryn influence Gina Marie what BS. GM uses the N word and goes after Candice but wow Elissa tries to blame someone else for trying to influence nut case GM. Elissa really must be worried about Aaryn. She definitely is not as bright as Rachel was.

You Know

Simon you need to stop with all of your scheming you know,you are starting to act shady like howard and Judd OK Ok.Everyone in the house loves each other the only power move you are getting next week is Gina Marie walking out the door to her husband Nick Ok.It will be a 7-0 vote to evict her because if everyone does not vote with the house they will be target #1 you know.Great site by the way you and dawg have a great site,it is a lot better than the other bb sites you know.


Simon, IM Not So Sure Your Interpretation Of Elissas Hummms, Ummms, Moans And Groans Are Correct. I Think It’s Her Way Of Being Non Committal. Agreeing Without Actually Doing So Because She Doesn’t Want To Let Whoever Is Talking To Her Know She Doesn’t Agree. Judd Did The Same Thing With His Mumbling. Idk. I Could Be Wrong. Just Can See Bb Casting Total “Dee Ta Dees”.




I can imagine the house is extremely boring for you and Dawg with nothing happening! They call themselves super fans and then say getting Judd out was a power move, confused they are!! Extremely disappointed in Helen, I really thought she would step it up. I was talking to my cousin that never reads spoilers about how she thought the HG were being portrayed. She was surprised about the things that are really going on and may stop watching it, which I believe her because of her life choices to not watch raunchy TV. People that don’t read the feeds will be voting for America’s choice and that sucks because they don’t have all the info on the HG.


The sad thing with that comment is that it’s getting interesting in comparison to the rest of this lame ass season. In seasons past this was the kind of stuff going on in weeks 3 and 4 such a shame that we have to be excited about there finally being some kind of divide in the house. Even though I hated the bullying and stuff going on at the beginning of this season there was actually lines in the sand not just everyone tip toeing around trying to survive. What do you think the odds are that some kind of huge twist is in the works? I think Julie’s comment about jury members being in the game just means they effect it with their votes noones coming back.


Julie said she wouldn’t be giving game play to the evicted house guests. She did not talk about MVP, America voting, any gameplay in the house, any strageties, etc. I think someone will come back in and it will be someone who made it to jury.






* strategies


You seriously think Andy is a “power player”. The guys a crazed weasel type of floater, ratting on every conversation he’s involved in or overhears. If that’s playing the game then what’s Spencer’s or Jessie’s ranking by you? They’re at least trying to do something.

Andy is a serious floater with visions of himself being a great player.


So Jessie is now the most dangerous player in the game ?


Apparently. She’s trying to find a way to stay. Independent thought that does not follow “the plan” translates to danger. I wish she was able to bend Elissa’s ear to reveal her conversation with Andy…fully. Maybe Elissa would be able to piece some items together and try some independent thought herself.

BB Production

Everyone was complaining every year about big brother bringing back returning players..Everyone was also complaining about production interfering with the game but do you know what big brother gave you this year? A fresh “new” cast and not a lot of interfering from production.Now everyone wants to cry with how bad the season is,it goes to show you that you people do not know what you want no more listening to you,that is it!!!


America doesn’t have a problem with an all new cast, guess you haven’t understood the consensus of the veiwers. We want to see individuals playing this game who come from different worlds but who can respectfully express themselves without any unfair advantages influenced by production!. Lets face it, production still intervenes when they choose to behind the scenes because we all know production has told Aaryn to stop using derogatory language because she is a racist by heart. Can’t erase the truth when its taped for the whole world to see. Production please don’t be upset at the veiwers for expressing their dislike for this season due to the lack of courage in some of the HGs, because you know and i know this season is BORING. FYI, you have a job because of the veiwers and don’t forget that! So if next year we ask to see something entertaining you should listen or we won’t tune in!

Brain's Hurting

Don’t you just love (sarcasm) their predictable planning–too early to get the power players out–get GM & Spencer out next. They have no clue they’re going to need those peoples votes to save their sorry butts. Never mind blood on your hands Andy, save your butt. Save Spencer & Jessie and ask them for longterm support. Vote out Amanda or Helen while you have enough votes to do it!


As it stands now, Amanda’s side does not need those sorry butts to succeed, but Helen’s side does.


yes, so to get Amanda out he needs them.

Uri Dequad

I hope they give the HOH bed to Demanda
after the show…her ass print is permanently
there, not to mention her baby powdered pu$$y!!!


If they give it to her it won’t be because of an imprint it’ll be because they can’t wash the combined power of whore and hippie mixed together off the bed.


Every time I get reminded of Amanda having sex, I keep hearing Janelle’s drunkin rant…”YOUR A F*UCKING WH*RE, YOUR A F*CKING WH*RE”


Really getting tired of hearing the Superfriends call anybody stupid when they’re trying to flip the house. WHAT DO YOU EXPECT THEM TO DO?

On a side note, if there is an evicted houseguest to be voted back, I think I might choose Jessie over Judd because she’ll go after the power, rather than seeing JUDD come back and trash Jessie all day long and fellate McCranda.

love this site forever, hate the forum

Jessie pics are for pervy Spencer types. I will pass.

Thoughts of spencer

No They are not you are wrong,I just love when I am across the room with sunglasses on,so no one can see your eyes and Jessie drops something and has to bend over to pick it up, woo Talk about a good time watching that.Speaking of pictures look at the 4th picture of Elissa at the top in her bikini WooHoo.

production rigged it

Well speaking for all the pervy Spencer types then, I take it you’re not an ASS!! man then huh? Oh well your loss as long as Simon/Dawg keep posting them I’ll keep looking at them.


Nah. She’s not Spencer’s demographic…too old.


tonight is the halfway point so here’s my first official rant of the season. First, thankyou Simon & Dawg without OBB this season would be a bore. Second, this isn’t the worst season ever not event the worst cast…mindless sheep maybe but not the worst. Soooo much hate for Helen and AManda but really who else should win the $$$. These two are like China and Russia (no pun intended), two huge super powers who know they have to take each other out but choose to coexist because of mutually assured destruction. This is Big Brother folks where Lying, Deception, Backstabbing, and Manipulation are the rules of the game…that puts Helen and AManda at 1a & 1b respectively. If they take each other out too soon you’ll have Andy and Elissa in the final 2. Seriously think about it, since Evel Dick BB8 then Dan BB10 when was the last time the person who won actually played the best game, its rare to even have the best player in final 3!!! Last and probably least, adderall or not Aaryn is a comp beast. However, comp beasts don’t win this game ask Janelle, Danielle Donato, more recently Frank and Shane. If you’re not playing the game you’re winning comps and Aaryn wins comps, while Helen and AManda have been playing the game since day 1. Unless Judd comes back, nobody else that’s left has earned a spot in the finals. I look forward to seeing how the rest of this season plays out


I want to comment, but *it’s too early*


I want to quit but its soon gotta wait till Jessie is gone.


So are Amanda & McCrae legit? I can’t seem to follow what’s truth vs. lies! I thought he was being honest about the girl back home, but he went back and told Amanda the convo he had with Andy, plus he was certainly looking at her with care and warmth.


What did you think? The kid isn’t thinking with his head… scratch that: actually he’s (pun intended). Simply pathetic, SMH!


Jessie can’t leave , she has a great body, Simon please show Jessie in every thread before she goes on thurs.


On a side note, powder is not suggested in lady parts…that ensures a yeast infection! Sorry, I know it’s gross, but true.

coup d'etat my butt

The funny thing about Jessie is she would probably not know how to use the damn coup. Twists suck. Big ones still did suck. Andy knows his shit. He may win. Did I just type that? No way. Andy wins by being everyone’s friend…champ. barf.


Andy is the worst! Andy needs to go!!!


I would love to see Hellen voted out like Judd, since she was so stupid to get rid of people who would have assisted her.


I always get excited when I hear Andy talking strategy…and then he goes and squeals on the person who’s idea it was!!!

production rigged it

Ok let me get this straight Helen has changed her mind again and says it’s too early to go after Amanda (I’m so shocked). Then she says it’s because McCrae said that when they do go after Amanda is is cool with it. Ok if he is cool with it then why wouldn’t you take the opportunity to get rid of her now then. It would make no sense for Jessie to come after you if you got Andy to save her and backdoor Amanda. I swear she gets dumber by the minute, I don’t get the live feeds has the been hanging around GinaMarie alot? She also mentioned before that she thought GinaMarie would win America’s Favorite Player which just proves my point on how dumb she really is. When Amanda strikes first and takes her out she will be telling Julie that it’s too soon to take Amanda out and Julie will have to remind her that she’s been evicted and won’t have the chance to get rid of Amanda now.

Roisin Dubh

Julie’s gonna turn the knife and grill her about being buddy buddy with Aaryn and she won’t get it until she sees what they said about her.


I think that just says someone in production just cant stand her.


Yes, but McRae just told Amanduh that Helen is gunning for her, yet she wants to put up Spenser and GM or Spenser and Elissa. Remember how she flipped out hearing that Jessie was trying to get her out? Jessie doesn’t even have much power, Helen does so what is it with these two waiting for another week? Do they have inside info on a twist in a weeks time? Is this what qualifies as strategy these days ugh.

Oh and Aaryn is NOT even close to being the player that Janelle was.


If you don’t want something to be a secret tell Andy the rat / snitch/ informer.


is jessie gone for good? can some1 explain y? im confused because why would they evict her over their other options?

Roisin Dubh

What kind of scheme is keychain coming up with? Is he starting to play Andy? Ahandjob? Both if them? Or is he just shagged out and confused about Thursday? I wanna think that he’s trying to play them against each other but who knows? All I know is Helen is now a major target and I hope they take her out. That’ll be fun to watch. I’ll even record it and play it a half speed so I can enjoy it even longer. Helllen, You-ve Beeen e-vic-ted from the big brrrother houssse. Andy’s got her so fooled it’s just pathetic. Still a lot of time to backdoor that chick, one word from a ahandjob and her Chihuahua pulls the old switcheroo.


What is your problem with Helen? Everytime you attack someone it is always Helen. There are other houseguest who are not doing anything and throwing nasty, degrading, mean comments and those are the ones that you like to stay? Comments on houseguest strategies and moves because this is just a game.


I’m even starting to miss Jeremy now… At least we could have counted on him to blow up and make some sort of big move. At least the house wouldn’t be stagnant. Maybe they were smart to get Jeremy and Nick out in the beginning, bc all that’s left now are sheep.


i never realized elissa moans. like, (not to sound weird) what does the moan sound like….like shes super upset? i think its funny that youve identified a routine trait of hers. NOW im going to look for it every episode!


yeah its terrible its more of a whine than a moan, then she speaks at half speed too. I don’t know whats worst, the way Elissa talks or Rachel’s voice??


It is like she has respiratory problems.


yay! lets backdoor everyone! its the smart move….not. be straight forward with one target and if that fails then you backdoor a second target but they dont get that idea…ever

For Seriously?

Helen is officially stupid. She seems to actually believe in this final 3 alliance with mcrae and andy. I know we have the benefit of see all, but come on, how can you possibly believe that mcrae is suddenly going to dump amanda at 5 or 6 and be loyal to them. It’s just shockingly stupid.


I think Elissa moans because she’s tired of hearing Helen talk and just agrees. It’s obvious now that they disagree with each other more and more. Elissa just doesn’t want to say anything to upset her. She is her only ally in the house as of now. I would have headaches constantly listening to that broad all day. Lol


Which one?

production rigged it

Well Jessie just got out of bed and reminded everybody of the best thing left in this game, her MAGNIFICENT ASS!! in those bikini bottoms. WHOA!!

:I amanda is kinda annoying

i really don’t like Amanda..kinda makes me not like MC because of it…


Ha,Ha, they are playing SimonSays: Simon says: SOMEBODY IN THIS BLOODY HOUSE MAKE A MOVE WORTHY OF THE 500K! This is the craziest season because making it to jury makes them all celebrate like they won something. Why wouldn’t Helen and Elissa want to go home to see their children rather than play out the season in jury house? Love that McCrae might eventually take down Amanda.That might make this whole season worth watching…


Blah blah blah….ok ok……blah blah blah……you know…..ok…..blah blah blah….ok you know…..blah blah blah…..ok!!!!


Get GM out before it’s too late! !!!

Get this over with

Funny when you look at the dinner pic above you have the power couple, the alleged power couple which equals your final 4 alliance and 2 of the 4 minons together eating. Yes Aaryn is a minion as she has let everyone dictate her play as HOH like every good scared hoe does. Her reply has always been, “they will put me up if I don’t do it.”

Gee let’s look at what will probably happen the next couple of weeks.

Jessie out this week. She would be great for the show but she is a huge threat and an HOH next week by her if she stays ko’s Amanda, Helen or McCrae. Since that won’t happen…. Spencer and GM go up. Spencer out. GM and Elissa go up. Elissa out. GM and Aaryn go up. Aaryn out.

The numbers are against the minions as 2 of the 3 Spencer, GM and Elissa will always go up each week and they will get picked off. If one happens to win POV ,Aaryn needs to be careful as she is the biggest threat and open to being backdoored. I see that happening after Jessie and Spencer get ko’d where Aaryn may be the next one to go.

The big 4 will sacrifice Aaryn and leave a minion onboard just to vote out the minion a week later. The minons don’t win to many competitions so after this many weeks I’m betting the chalk the rest of the way out to the final 4 of McRae, Amanada, Helen and Andy.


Stoolie the Toad is the flotsam and jetsam of the Big Brother house. He’s basically pitting the three Titans (McCrae, Amanda and Helen) against each other by telling each of them that the other wants them out. I think his plan is to sit back and watch the carnage as they both work to have the other evicted. Why not? Stoolie stays safely under the radar while he practices the “Don’t shoot me. I’m only the messenger” method of staying in the house. It just might take him to the finals unless SOMEONE catches wise to his scheme.


I wish that Andy would take off Jessie and put up Amanda, Spencer gets evicted over her then all hell breaks loose. Andy, Helen, Elissa, McCrae, And Amanda will all go at each other.


Helen is actually calling someone “dumb?” And jesse is the dangerous one like, Candice,Judd and Howard before her??? Dangerous for this house means you have a mind of your own……..We’ll see how DUMB Helen is when she walks out the door……..I can’t wait!!!!


I hope GM goes to the jury house with Candace……..let’s set up cameras and put in a boxing ring and let those two go at it…………Candace should still be mad about the mother remark………GM is all mouth….. someone needs to pull out those ratty, cheap extensions…….remember when Candace was actually comforting her when Nick left??? Nice payback GM………